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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 17, 2017 5:00am-6:01am AST

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with a big breaking news story account be chaotic and frantic behind the scenes. people shouting instructions and. provide the best most curious today's information as quickly as you can. it's when you come on. to realize you've witnessed history in the making. and this is a news live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes we're live from
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bangladesh is border with me and mara where the government has announced tougher restrictions on refugees. at least thirty six refugees from burundi are killed by troops in the democratic republic of congo. and iraq's prime minister says that he's prepared to use a military force if a planned referendum on kurdish independence tons violent. and sports sebastian vettel claims pole position for sunday's singapore grand prix. to begin in bangladesh where the government has just recently announced tough restrictions on the movement of refugees crossing over from man maher how the government. setting up new camps to house more than four hundred thousand refugees . these who have fled ethnic violence in rakhine state according to state media
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there are also body from using public transport and also looking for accommodation outside of these cramped refugee camps now bangladesh's prime minister sheikh hasina is traveling to the un general assembly to ask for more help to deal with the crisis and the un has warned that about sixty percent of those who have fled are children and they're facing severe health conditions they speak now to tunbridge hard very who joins us live now from cox's bazaar so tarver just give us a sense of this high number of people that are arriving there right now what are the conditions like. well conditions are still very distraught and there's a chaotic situation in the relief operation and the government coming under criticism for our organizing the relief distribution system the access road to the refugee camps plus that with relief trucks movements it almost takes something that
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would take an one hour it takes about three hours to reach there now we have seen police checkpoints and different access on transit point within this district so they're owing a movement a rest click that cistern inspector general for the door said that they're going as won't be allowed to take shelter for with their families friends or current and within bangladesh some growing as were detained in other parts of the country some of them managed to go there they have been brought back to the camps as in your approach you say that the police ordered an issue that we're all going as has to be within the confines. although most of them are located within the camp area now. in the shop or area in tech now bought up refugees are still trickling down not as in mass exodus like in the initial stage but this crisis is far from over unless there is a diplomatic pressure on me on my dissolution doesn't since to appear to be at least finishing because the man my daughter we went to the border area yesterday
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and bangor this border got told us that me and my wrist laying mines all across the fence area. sooty has requested the government to fund four more border fencing what appears like they want to literally throw away all their owing us into bangladesh on the fence about with mining the area that means the joining us won't be able to go back most of them don't have any kind of citizenship paper on any kind of valid documents to go back so this is a situation where bangladesh will have to handle down the road with at least the millions of refugees stuck here with no future to go back to me i'm very critical situation indeed. and time to just tell us more about these new camps that people would ensure thirty's hoping to build and within ten days how realistic that situation. well very well look at what they say that lesson paper and statement that two thousand acres of land forest land designated
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to shelter x. number of refugees but we haven't seen in ground and reality of that as i mentioned just minutes ago that there's very chaotic situation in there there's no organized post to distribute relief international organization doing at best what they can but they're also not very active in the sense of there just isn't there enough relief or mobile emergency clinic centers to help these refugees they're still scattered within the roads when you go to those relief areas you'll see growing our standing in the roads and the local volunteers are coming in hundreds of trucks sewing. clothes and everything it's totally a chaotic scene just like they're running yesterday at least three rowing guys were killed in a stampede two women two children and a woman were killed during a stampede hundred and at least a hundred rangers were killed while trying to cross the border by boat since august
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twenty ninth the situation is still far from over it is still a very crisis situation down on the ground in a refugee camp area. thank you so much live for us in. our pool submerged last week that mean mars ami was planting land mines targeting rain just flowing across the border to pound that ash and since then several explosions have been reported and among those dead and injured are a number of bangladeshi citizens who live at the very edge of the border marsa tara posts from southeast bangladesh on the bangladesh side of the knopf river a rustic like shattered by events in a foreign land mama caution remembers his younger brother was when he bought his first. so when the animal wandered off his brother went to find it. suddenly i heard this huge explosion and i saw people come running they
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were running away from something i went to see what happened and saw some people carrying him he was in pieces. brother had chased the cow over the poorest border into myanmar and stepped on a landmine he lost a leg and is in hospital fighting for his life just behind me beyond that dirt path is the enough river border between me and maher in bangladesh just a few thousand feet away from the home of mohammad hussian over there you can see several cows crossing back and forth between the river as they graze the myanmar army has been accused of planting the mines to stop growing your refugees fleeing what the united nations has called ethnic cleansing about half a million rohingya are estimated to have entered bangladesh in the past month some of them are fighting back and this bangladeshi man witnessed a strange sight a little to well. i was walking along here when i saw wearing
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a man with something in his hand what it was he said. the developments across the border have caught many villagers here of guard once a setting that provided a scenic view for mahmoud hashem the mountains of myanmar are now a source of dread mars atar dizzy or brew bangladesh the united nations has called for an investigation into the killing of thirty six or indian refugees this is by soldiers in the democratic republic of congo al jazeera is welcome what has covered the story of byrne these refugees extensively and he reports from across the border in uganda. they came here to the democratic republic of congo for safety u.n. says refugees died following a protest demonstrators clashed with soldiers and dozens were killed and injured. we were informed that the leaders around here they would not let the refugees stay
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here and even get into the camp as the only option was to go back to britain where we are afraid could be killed. the u.n. says the demonstration was against the expulsion of two poor indian refugees they live among host communities in the eastern town of come in. as an administrator i cannot accept the brothers and sisters die here in congress as you know the story is very clear that these people will cooperate with them even today we continue to cooperate with them. during these political crisis began in april twenty fifth and president p.f. and to indeed they launched his bid for a third term in office opposition and rights groups say it was illegal and unconstitutional what started with street protests in the capital later became violent conflict across the country. the government accused of extradition killings and torture to silence critics things it denies. four hundred thousand people left
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the country because of the violence most of them live in camps like this one in tanzania both government agents and armed opposition have been accused of operating within the camp. well forty thousand refugees are in congo where the incident took place the circumstances are not clear we have heard about it just after it happened yesterday a scene was and. is also has gone to the place also to treat the many injured including very severely injured their circumstances we heard that there was a confrontation with the forces and shooting on twitter the rooney's minister about external relations called for clarification about what happened but for those who already lost loved ones the answers will come too late. malcolm webb. uganda iraq's prime minister says that he's prepared to use military force if
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a planned referendum on cut issue independence turns violent the kurds in iraq have come under increasing pressure to call off the vote scheduled for september twenty fifth from western powers as well as united states imran khan reports now from erbil. iraqi prime minister hydrilla body reacted with strong words the kurdish part of its decision to hold an independence referendum on september twenty fifth if you challenge the constitution and if you challenge the board cuts off you are on the border of the region and there will not be this is a public invitation to the countries in the region to violate iraq the borders well which is but again justification. of bodies were to admit with a mixture of defiance and anger in the kurdish region of northern iraq the president of the kurdistan regional government masoud barzani spike at a rally north of erbil in the city of the old. rejected our partnership not us
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if you have a look at the iraqi constitution it says the commitment to this constitution keeps the free unity of iraq we decided to live with baghdad but they didn't accept our partnership now they have to accept we will be good neighbors if they want to accept our partnership we won't be their servants. one source of tension is the disputed territory of kirkuk which the kurds say belongs to them but is also claimed by iraq the kurds have been clear that the referendum will take place in kirkuk and have sent troops to the city but the local iraqi militia says any ballot box will be seen as an act of aggression the international community also reacted brett mcgurk who is the u.s. special representative. said that this referendum would not be supported by the u.s. and the iraqis and the kurds needed to get together and concentrate on the fight against and that's. why the british foreign office. across the kurdish region flags
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have been waving and nationalism amongst this distinct ethnic group is the fever pitch ordinary kurds and their leaders see this referendum as their meant a chance for self-determination and their own nation state something they've been striving for for centuries however some parties say the time is not now but they may back the popular movement that seems to be on track to hold the referendum despite the objections of iraq the united states and opposition across the region. which is a. political demonstrations in favor of an independent. say they're keeping an open mind about whether more people are involved in friday's
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bomb attack on an underground train that. the searching a home in southwest. man in the departure area. have been deployed to protect key sites across the u.k. and a high visibility of police presence from the capital and. a day after the attack on a london underground train police raid a home in the suburb of sunbury police call this a precautionary measure after the arrested an eighteen year old man in the port of dover where passenger ferries to france operate they called that a significant developments in the search for the person or people who planted the device and we've got the full rights of the counterterrorist police network we've got our colleagues in the intelligence agencies and government helping in every way they possibly can and we're making some very considerable progress you would have
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seen the announcement of and i rest there on in relation to this and so we will continue to work as hard as we can to make sure that we reduce the threats in this country. that we know exactly who it was who did this whether there's anybody else involved and just try to reduce the risk of possible fast as we possibly can police have again appealed for information and images that might help them and despite the arrest the threat level stated critical following a meeting of the government's emergency cabinet it means an attack could be imminent an indication police believe they could be suspects or possibly materials related to friday's rush hour bombings still at large the heightened threat level announced on friday night means hundreds of armed police are being replaced by military personnel so they can be deployed on the streets and on public transport across the u.k. and while the metropolitan police are urging people to carry on as normal they are also reminding them to stay vigilant based on previous attacks those measures are
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unlikely to last more than a few days but the debate over how to stop such random attacks in the future will surely go on much longer nadine barber al jazeera london. now more than seven hundred mayors from across the catalonia region of northeast spain have protested in barcelona and support of the planned independence referendum vertical tensions in spain are increasing as the proposed october voting date comes closer the catherine government plans to go ahead with it despite the central government's warnings of legal prosecution call panel reports from barcelona. we will vote they chant a vote to break away from the rest of spain good people should they threaten their more go see. catalonia brandishing their staffs of office
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echo their supporters. more than seven hundred mayors gathered in barcelona state prosecutors are threatening to arrest them if they permit the independence referendum to be held in their towns the central government has declared the ballot illegal didn't think that fills the real dr cell is the central government regime we live under right now this regime simply did not do enough to erase the author terry and legacy of the franco dictatorship catalan regional police guarded the mayor's during saturday's protest. within days the same police could get orders to detain them. every week that i was threatening to remove mayors just to frighten us today's demonstration is to show we were not. the cloud is firmly behind them. many of those here today say they will not hesitate to take the streets once again if forth ortiz try to make good on their threats and arrest any
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of catalonia. some of what we are peaceful we are not violent but there provoking us catalonia is spain's wealthiest region bigger than belgium with an economy larger than greece or portugal it has its own language and culture you know the others i know we want to divorce from spain will be good neighbors but each one on their own patch you know the problem is spain doesn't that divorce and plans for the breakup turning into an increasingly bitter fight. barcelona spain. soldiers from the u.s. backed syrian opposition forces have been killed in sci. in syria it's not clear who carried out the strikes the syrian defense forces fighters have been trying to drive out i saw from that area with the help of u.s. warplanes some of in java it has. more than seventy five thousand people who need
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humanitarian aid in syria's oil rich there is or the city has been under control since two thousand and fourteen now u.s. backed fighters and syrian government forces are pushing out ice and from the city which is used as the gateway between iraq and syria. life was tough for us sixty percent of the people fled. only the elderly and the disabled were left behind we had to leave because the treatment of the difficulties there worsened. isis territory has significantly shrunk in the last few months but many areas. long the iraqi syrian border including the countryside remain under its control the mainly kurdish syrian defense forces also supported by local fighters who form that there is door military council the latest push towards the city began last week commanders say they have been able to make rapid progress against isis and take in large parts of the countryside autonomous after our troops managed to advance more
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than sixty seven kilometers towards we liberated many areas and after that we moved toward the city and the industrial area with full control of the industrial area and now our forces have cut the main road to her soccer from there us or. these advances bring the u.s. back fighters a few kilometers from the eastern bank of the euphrates river much feared russian backed syrian regime forces have been making gains against isis an advisor to president assad says government forces will confront all who stand in the way even u.s. backed troops airstrikes on saturday killed as the a fighters on the front line in there is or it wasn't clear whether the strike was carried out by syrian a russian jets attacks like this highlight the complexity of the battlefield in syria looking forces are doing most of the fighting but they are backed by many world powers including turkey iran russia and the united states. but it's syrian civilians who are suffering the most. according to the syrian observatory for human
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rights at least eight hundred people have been killed in just the last few months. on the job aid. they seventy four people have died to join three months of trench of rain in the air the u.n. says more than eleven thousand homes have also been destroyed in the country's capital niamey that's one of the hardest hit areas and a twenty thousand people have been displaced which often faces food shortages and drought is now facing further insecurity after the floods destroyed crops and cattle. so barber is a former prime minister morgan tsvangirai has been airlifted to south africa for medical treatment the opposition leader recently confirmed that he had been diagnosed with colon cancer however his party the democratic move the movement for democratic change says that the treatment is a routine procedure trying here i will be president robert mugabe's main opponent
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in zimbabwe's twenty eighteen general election. the kingdom in northern nigeria is still trying to recover three years after a devastating attack by boko haram the people of the core kingdom fare that they may lose their unesco world heritage status after fighting destroyed four or five hundred year old buildings as well as artifacts. from one daraa mountains of northeastern nigeria is a state. the kinda core is high in the mandara mountains which straddle the border between nigeria and cameroon more than one hundred gunmen attacked this village almost three years ago when boko haram controlled matter of adamawa state in northeastern nigeria. like his relatives who lived here centuries ago. is a blacksmith he was home sleeping when the ambush began. i
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was lying on my bed where i heard screaming everyone ran away when they came when i returned after going to. houses so we started putting out the phone the people of a still feeling the effects of that to talk these are the gallery that held important artifacts that were you centuries ago traditional clothes carrying beds and other household items war on display boko haram fighters burned everything that was in here. so-called kingdom is a unesco world heritage site villages can't afford to have their home lose its historic value and its u.n. status. they recently started repairing what was destroyed along with experts from the national commission of museums and monuments here they're working on a section of the king's palace this is if you want to decide what other people decide. so. most.
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cause of the battles and the people in another part of the village the king heads a security meeting every member of the community is welcome to attend he says it wasn't only this heritage site which was destroyed well. constructed churches were. contaminated so we have to travel to. churches. fighters haven't been back since their talk about vigilantism are always on the lookout they may have less sophisticated weapons than. they say there won't be quote i'm prepared or let the heritage be destroyed again catherine saw al-jazeera . in northeast nigeria. i had. a march against
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a controversial amnesty law. why they say it's a setback for democracy. and sport victory for new zealand oldest rugby rivals. why the sky not in the rain. forest coast of the italian riviera. and are that the remains of all storm books story continue to disintegrate at the moment though they're still giving us some fairly lively showers over parts of vietnam so heavy rains here and a few more have to showers throughout the day on sunday but then eventually as we head into monday they should be more in the way of sunshine and those showers should have eased elsewhere and will be plenty of sunshine up here in shanghai thirty two degrees will be our maximum temperature now
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a bit further towards the south and here there's also a lot of sunshine but plenty of showers in between as well say throughout many parts of the philippines and down through borneo lots of hefty downpours during the day but for us in java and across into bali it should be more or less dry in the northwestern part of our map though the rains here look for more active and for some of us there is likely to be a bit of flooding as we head through the next few days the rains of that heavy as we head across towards india where we've got some fairly persistent outbreaks of rain in the east and also along the western coast and those are likely to stick around as we head through the next day or say further north there will also be some showers here but generally they're a little bit more broken here so there will be more sunshine coming through in between those showers and then as you head up towards the northwest the skies clear and for most of us it will be drawing throughout the day so for us in new delhi the temperature will be around thirty six thirty seven and not quite the whole force in karachi. the weather sponsored by cats race. along europe's baltic borders tensions are increasing as nato strengthens us defenses and
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russia gears up for war games of its own of course we'll weren't really worried about unpredictability of russia we have to be prepared and we have to react if needed but will the conflict rehearsals ever translate into the real thing as they say if you don't want a war prepare for a war people in power reports the stonier going on a bear hunt at this time. if you turn your back on the fire. this would be collateral damage. that. might. be an overreaction. at the operational cost. by contrast.
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watch al-jazeera top stories bangladesh is restricting the movement of refugees are preventing them from leaving its border areas it has also set up camps to house almost hof a million people who are fed violence on the neighboring me and i. say casinos traveling to the un general assembly to demand more international help to deal with the crisis. and the un has called for an investigation into the killing of. her and in. refugees by soldiers in the democratic republic of congo fighting between refugees and d r c troops broke out ofter a group stormed a jail in come on in the east of the country the u.n.
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says at least one hundred people were wounded in the violence. u.k. police say that they keeping an open mind about whether more people were involved in friday's bomb attack on a london underground train that injured thirty people there such in a home southwest of london ofter arresting an eighteen year old man in the southern port of dover the terror threat level in the u.k. remains at critical with police on high alert for another attack. now there have been protests in tennessee against a controversial amnesty to public officials accused of corruption before the twenty eleven arab spring protests a say is a setback for democracy but target. the protest through central china's was mostly by young people who say the amnesty law passed by a column until wednesday is rewinding the revolution that took place nearly seven
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years ago. below gives amnesty to thousands of people who served in the government of former president. all here to say no to the amnesty law we will not forgive without accountability. to his ear was where the so-called arab spring began when mohammed who is easy a fruit and vegetable seller set himself on fire after a dispute with local authorities. it led to protests which spread across the country with tens of thousands demonstrating against corruption and unemployment ben ali fled and went into exile in twenty fourteen parliament passed a new constitution and held for a parliamentary and presidential elections all that progress a critics is now under threat. we consider that this shameful law is only proved too great. by the simpson and his allies with russia because they
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had to revise the constitution to revise the political regime and also to deal a whole blow to all revolution. the government says the amnesty law allows experienced businessmen and former ben ali officials to once again play a role in public life. protesters say it forgives people who they call the enemies of the revolution victoria gates and be out. the speech you want to mocks she's a research on tennessee and oxford university but she joins us phone from new york where she's currently attending a forum on u.s. summit relations monica good to have you with us on al-jazeera what do you make of this little granting amnesty to public officials and businessmen well it's very important and it's a huge symbolic blow to the values behind to museums revolution especially justice
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and equality of all citizens under the law it's important because tunisia was the birthplace of the arab spring and it's become in the past years the very first arab country to ever be an actual democracy this is an arab democracy but those democratic gains are under threat because at the same time there's been a comeback of old regime forces and critics see this reconciliation law really as an amnesty for corrupt officials who served under the old regime and as part of a broader process of undermining the democratic transition and restoring the old regime impunity in tunisia all on that what do you think the leadership of president assad see hope to accomplish by appointing these various vend early era officials as ministers of finance and education. well it's quite clear the people who. was supported by in the last election were tied
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to the old regime they were officials under the old regime and they were corrupt business people with ties to the old regime these were the primary backers of a subsidy and his party needs to know this in fact president assad himself served under the administrations of both past two dictators before the revolution so by proposing this law two years ago which remains the only law the president subsidies office has proposed to date the main intention behind this law is really to pay back those people who brought him and his party to victory in the twenty fourteen elections ok now monica the presidency has defended the stores saying that it's needed to protect the economy and also free up the energies of the government how much greater sickly do you think this will actually impact economic growth. well to be honest with you in the past two years i have not read or heard
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a single cogent argument in defense of this law that really stands up to scrutiny it's the very first law in tunisia since the revolution that the government has ramrodded through over and above unanimous criticism from civil society and from transitional justice experts transparency international all anti-corruption groups domestically and internationally. instead of actually encouraging investment in tunisia this law discourages investment because it sends a signal that the top of the state in tunisia is greenlighting corruption and tunisia has struggled a lot with corruption it's made a lot of democratic progress but remember this was a police state under ben ali and remains largely controlled by shaped by the put the old police state and mafia networks associated to it so to make people want to invest their money in tunisia you have to send the opposite signal which is that
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tunisia is clearly fighting corruption fighting impunity this law does not do that is there a possibility for this to be of a tunnel at this point. there's a there's a slim chance there are a number of opposition m.p.'s in parliament who abstained from the vote of two hundred seventeen m.p.'s only one hundred seventeen voted for it a huge number were absent and there abstention was a vote of protest in the in a big way and civil society is very much against it so tunisia has very young not sent democratic institutions like courts cetera we'll see whether they stand up to old regime impunity ok monica monica thank you so much for your time. now police in malaysia say that they've arrested seven boys suspected of starting a fire at a school which killed twenty three people of the day the suspects aged between
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eleven and eighteen were detained after officers obtained c.c.t.v. footage from a neighboring building most of those who died were students boarding at the school on the outskirts of kuala lumpur the fire blocked only the exit to the dormitory leaving those inside trapped. as the final week of campaigning in germany's general election ahead of the vote on september twenty fourth chancellor angela merkel and her rival martin schultz have been campaigning down that came without a merkel rally in the northern town of bins. in rallies across germany angle america's message has been one of continuity urging voters to consider her record as chancellor of this country over the past four years indeed over the past twelve years and saying that germany cannot risk a change of government a change of policy a change of agenda from her agenda to those of her rivals here in beenz her message was very clear she spoke about the refugee crisis she spoke about the debt crisis
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in europe and the threats that germany and europe faces from what she considers the dangers of terrorism and she also spoke about the economy here in germany and why the vote for the c.d.u. was the only vote that could secure germany's economic future about their phones yes i'm all of those when it's going well for us we are more likely to avoid leaving future debts to our grandchildren and children so de are better able to control their own futures for that reason it's important not to create new debt in the next four years. beenz is part of angular merkel's home state indeed this is her individual constituency so when she was asking for people's votes here it was a direct personal appeal vote for me she said the point she also made was that although the opinion polls suggest that her party is cruising towards victory voters should not take that for granted complacency was the enemy she said every
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vote counts and that therefore every vote given to the c.d.u. would strengthen her hand in a future government if the opinion polls are correct and as i say she is heading towards what might be considered to be a handsome victory and some analysts now say the question is not whether she will get elected as chancellor it's whether she will get to choose the party that she would prefer to govern in a coalition after september the twenty fourth. now after twelve years in power and the american lawyers are ready one of germany's longest serving chancellors and on september twenty fourth voters will decide whether she's done enough to warrant a fourth term in office and outcome opinion polls indicate that it's quite likely as we head into the last week of campaigning and if barca takes a look at merkel's leadership and the predecessors that terrorized to power. a global called wave history when she became germany's first female chancellor. forty eight years earlier with german city still in ruins after the defeat of the nazi
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regime the country's first post-war chancellor konrad adenauer signed the treaty of rome that led to the creation of the european union european integration was designed to contain germany's power it would turn the country into the most powerful economy in europe your chance falling from the second world war and continuing with angela merkel have had this trend where they want to protect german interests through the vehicle of the e.u. and focus on trade and also on kind of democratic liberal principles that you see most become the beacon of germany so-called economic miracle began under chancellor ludwig erhard he forged ties with the us a soviet russia tightened its grip on communist east germany. later chancellor's willy brandt and helmut schmidt trying to improve ties with east germany in the soviet union while supporting nato and the european community. as
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the cold war thought the burning wall dividing west and east germany. merkel entered politics later joining the christian democrats she seemed became chancellor helmut kohl protege a woman and former east german she symbolized a new united country in two thousand and five she won a narrow victory over gary hart schroeder becoming chancellor of a grand coalition during her twelve years in office angela merkel has drawn some key lessons from her previous cessna's she's remain flexible during the refugee crisis an open door policy has allowed the country to bolster its plummeting population and in the same way the previous transfers have tried to balance both eastern and western powers so she has struggled to overcome rival political impulses within her own country and abroad she has played a pivotal role in balancing western interests with those of putin's russia and increasingly confrontational turkey and the present and heritage policy traditions
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but she's maintained a very pro european policy and a sense that germany should talk to both east and west and try to find a peaceful solution when possible one of her biggest achievements is in balancing germany's national budget but the austerity measures that benefited europe's largest exporter have crippled others for many greeks she's a symbol of a divided europe however for those unnerved by donald trump's america first policy she's seen as the last defender of liberal western values and together with her allies she's wage war on euro skepticism and the hope of reinvigorating belief in the e.u. a union central to germany's place in the world the parka al-jazeera london. cuba's government has released a video of what it says is looting in the wake of hurricane. the video shows people
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carrying goods such as rum and cigars from a government owned store which have catered to tourists they got into the store through broken windows caused by a tidal surge during the storm ok ten people have died in cuba when hurricane devastated parts of the island last week thousands more have lost their homes julie collier has more. the night hurricane body in the town baker richard job is kept making bread and through the storm became too strong to continue within hours your mother destroyed his bakery and with it the only livelihood he's ever known. we have to start slowly rebuilding now first i have to fix the oven which is the main part of the bakery now comes a lot of work and sacrifice so that we can start over. others lost even more. a few blocks away us money shows us where his house used to be the only thing to salvage before the ruthless away with fridge in
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a washing machine. is overwhelmed by the power of the storm the strongest on record to form in the atlantic thousands of homes here lost their roofs and several hundred collapsed entirely people fear their lives will never fully recovered from the impact of this vast storm and given cuba's already struggling economy there are potentially more serious problems ahead and every day without doubt the tourism industry in this area is vital for the economy of the province and of the whole country there are already specialized teams working to start recovering and repairing and we hope to be ready to face the tourist high season very soon as we do every year how quickly the local economy and body and is able to get back on its feet will depend largely on what happens here this road leads back to one of the most important tourist centers in cuba a range of pleas that dot the northern coast of the island no one except officials has been allowed back there since the whole area was evacuated before the storm hit
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in fact as you can see the road there is still closed but reports point very serious damage in the tourism infrastructure there. are now the most urgent needs include securing you know food the agricultural sector was also hit hard prompting fears of food shortages in the months ahead. you made a scene though says he wants some two thousand of a car goes nearly his entire crop. across the province hundreds of thousands of head years have been damaged or destroyed. the government has begun the recovery effort and locals say they have done what they can to. be was just a matter of doing what we would be doing we have nothing no solution has to come from the government. but a week gone many body in are still without power and running water and the outlook in the small town is grim. most have little choice but to wait for the state to reach them. in cuba. still ahead all the
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sports including what sports could cause brain damage in children we'll hear from the doctor who on covered the long term effects of concussion and n.f.l. players. and monday put it well on. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west
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africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to from dry river beds like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country haven't truly been able to escape the floor. the. latest provocations from north korea has that the cold for stronger ties between the u.s. and japan thousands of japanese visited the u.s. you know cotto at base and rub a bride is also that. opening the doors for
5:47 am
a so-called friendship festival for many this event is one of the clearest signs of the alliance between japan and the u.s. especially given the heightened tensions with north korea when something exists for a long time we tend to forget about it and take it for granted it's not until we need it that we understand how important it is and i think that might be occurring right now people are remembering the importance of the purpose and strength of the u.s. japan alliance for most visitors it's a reminder of u.s. protection a day off to another missile was fired over japanese territory with people living beneath its flight path powerless to do anything about it so this name out of the music i think it was very selfish act like not korea would zoom in you know what that you know it is in japan you can't do much of. because i was so worried it would change hands and i don't feel safe. japan's prime minister shinzo
5:48 am
a. full implementation of tougher u.n. sanctions while working more closely with the u.s. but not everyone in japan is happy with closer ties to washington critics. say that inconsistency is in the u.s. policy towards north korea have increased the risk of confrontation and japan's close alliance with the u.s. might mean it being dragged into a conflict whether it likes it or not given the potential consequences for japan many believe it's never been more important to be working closely with the u.s. as it weighs up potential military options macbride al jazeera tokyo kind of college just in indonesia trying to teach birth attendants and modern day practices this is to help save the lives of thousands of mothers and their newborn babies the world health organization estimates that one indonesian woman dies every hour well
5:49 am
given birth or from pregnancy complications and the second reported our series on maternal mortality fasten travels to pity in a province look at efforts to move away from traditional methods. city and nurse mother died when she was given birth three years ago so jani had a history of complicated birth and high blood pressure the birth attendant in the village insisted she could deliver the baby the baby girl died along with her mother hours after being rushed to hospital young life. i have told my relative don't ever let your wife give birth at a local clinic go straight to the hospital because this bird don't know what they are doing and don't have the right equipment. more than five million children are born in indonesia every year many of them at home around six thousand four hundred
5:50 am
women and seventy thousand babies died during birth lack of professional medical care is one of the main reasons many indonesians used traditional birth attendants such as fatima who rely on rituals and have no formal medical training didn't. we use hot stones and charcoal so the body recovers after giving birth and a belly will strength so the mother will get her figure back also her body will get stronger and she won't have to use contraception but obstetricians strongly warn against the practice which they say increases the risks of internal bleeding one of the main reasons for maternity death. your doctor. is training local midwives so they can replace traditional birth attendants and use modern medical knowledge instead. it is very difficult because this has been happening for generations but with the help of community leaders we are trying to change their
5:51 am
beliefs and practices were useful and they are to train them traditional midwives still have a lot of influence in indonesia especially in remote areas like here in our have been the living babies from general. since our families instead of banning what they regard as their dangerous practices government is using the local knowledge and training them doctors say not only traditional birth attendants lack proper training midwives are also still insufficiently trained their education needs to be improved nationwide so mothers and their babies have a much higher chance of surviving childbirth step klassen al-jazeera beady eye chain and in the third and final part of our series we travel to the u.s. city of chicago where maternal mortality is also on the rise it's time for sports now his peter thank you very much barcelona continued a one hundred percent winning start of the spanish league
5:52 am
a season on saturday they overcame her tougher two one for a fourth straight win but they had to do with the hard way god who scored the first goal to put herself in front in the second half so far is equalized that status not lewis before power leno netted the winner elsewhere in spain valencia and live on through drew one one in the local derby real betis defeated deportivo la coruna two one and atletico madrid ran out one of the winners against mullingar that was in the late kick off over in the english premier league table toppers manchester city handed out a six no hiding to what food the visitors were aided by a sergio ag├╝ero hattrick gabriel jesu snicker last autumn andy and rhyme sterling also found the back of the net to complete the route for pep guardiola as team. they are really good especially. where it is completely just a champions league game away. three years later and four away again in one for will
5:53 am
be able to. relate to a manager surely a season who know how good he works in the early match former england manager roy hodgson began his crystal palace career with a one nil home loss to southampton liverpool drew one one with burnley newcastle moved into the top four with a win over stoke and taught them were held little at home by swans in europe and south america had matches in their continental club competitions earlier in the week on saturday and sunday it's africa's turn for the champions league quarter final first legs eight times winners are actually of egypt were held to two at home by two museums esperance in borg but in the early match mozambique's affair of rio berra scored late to secure a one one draw against us same of algeria new zealand have recorded their biggest ever rugby victory over traditional rival south africa in auckland the all blacks
5:54 am
training eight tries to crush the springboks fifty seven million this rugby championship game seven different new zealanders cross the trial and well name momus go to school twice the all blacks recorded their previous biggest win against the south africans in their previous encounter and of lost just once to the box in the last six years. there was a big win for australia as well although not quite as overwhelming they trailed argentina at half time in canberra but ended around two tries from israel folau and six overall helped the australians to a forty five twenty victory. friday was concretion awareness day in the united states the campaign has been trying to get teammates to speak up and report symptoms to a coach or trainer a brain injury is an issue that continues to plague some of the country's elite sportsman dr bennett amala who discovered chronic traumatic encephalopathy or c.t.e. in top n.f.l. players says allowing children to play contact sports is child abuse. knowing what
5:55 am
we know today there was no justifiable reason whatsoever that a child under the age of eighteen under the age of eighteen should play any of the high impact high contact sport divac six football rugby ice hockey mixed martial arts boxing and wrestling when you fled these gangs there's no question about it there is a one hundred percent risk exposure to brain damage which sometimes good money first twenty thirty forty years later their money for us with symptoms like diminish an intelligence source side out turns psychiatry decided criminal behavior violent tendencies. in our bullet into our teen high levels of education a greater risk to drop out of high school greater risk to drop out of college good
5:56 am
to risk to engage in addictive behavior drug abuse alcoholism which is not about concussions is about repeated blows to be had weight without concussions without a helmet in soccer if you're not is many times run to children go for their body he adds so there should not be any eddings and suck on below age of eighteen and even if you watch soccer soccer is a high dexterity sport diving wired's high levels of visual special coordination children don't have such capacity so out soccer our street played today nor heard him before the age of eighteen any child under the age of twelve should not play soccer as we played today they should play less dribble soccer and less contact soccer on today our brains become sufficiently devil loves to play soccer. ferrari
5:57 am
sebastian vettel will start sunday's singapore grand prix in pole position vettel was fastest in saturday's qualifying at the marina bay street circuit he's miss a rival and current championship leader lewis hamilton struggled on the day qualifying in first the result gives vettel a good chance to retake their top spot in the standings red bulls next for stepan came in second. france have taken the lead in the davis cup semifinal against serbia. and the nickel armor who beat for the prey universe. in the doubles on saturday to take a two one leave the reverse singles begin on sunday when joe wilfred songs are well aimed to wrap up the match for the fringe. thailand's moriya git-r. new gun is the leader with one round ago at the fourth and final women's major of the year the every on championship town a gun carded three under par sixty eight on saturday she hit five birdies and three bogeys to move to nine under over all the time has yet to win
5:58 am
a major although her younger sister maria is a major champion herself south korea's so young park was the overnight leader she shot for birdies on the day to slip down to four. and that's all the sport for me more coming up again later. thanks for watching al-jazeera i'm him on his own is up next with elizabeth. a new level of luxury has arrived. an experience that will transform the way you treat. our impeccable service remains but now comes the breaking heat is a. ritual you share with business clients. the altar for the sea
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the finest. weather conducting business sharing a special journey with wires bringing you the things to. the feeling that. you're trying so much to. sanctuary in the sky. should you say to say. this to us. because only we're going places together. in the next episode of science in a golden age i'll be exploring the contributions made by scholars join the medieval islamic period in the field of medicine. science tend to be a good subject to bring different people from all over the world together with hawkins such like a magical and the more i learn about that the more i respect that science in a golden age with professor jim mcnerney at this time.
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i remember the first time i walked into the newsroom and it felt like being in the general assembly of the united nations with the silly nationality of. the places but it's one that gives us gives us the ability to identify with. the fight world but we can understand what it's like to have a different perspective and i think that is a strength for al-jazeera. we're live from bond the border with the government has announced tough restrictions on refugees.


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