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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 17, 2017 6:00am-6:34am AST

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i remember the first time i walked into the newsroom and it felt like being in the general assembly of the united nations has the so many nationalities. just different places but it's all that gives the bank of the us the ability to identify the. other side of the world but we can understand what it's like to have a different perspective and i think that is a strength for al-jazeera. we're live from bangladesh's border with myanmar where the government has announced tough restrictions on refugees. and welcome to al-jazeera live from my headquarters and with me there's
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a problem also ahead. at least thirty six refugees from burundi a killed by troops in the democratic republic of congo. iraq's prime minister says he's prepared to use military plans referendum on kurdish independence turns violent. against a controversial amnesty law and to see why it's being called a setback to democracy. will begin in the days where the government has announced tough restrictions on the movement of one hundred refugees crossing over from myanmar the bangladeshi government is setting up a new camps to house the more than four hundred thousand refugees who fled ethnic violence in iraq and state according to state media the hinge also barred from using public transport and looking for accommodation outside these cramped refugee camps bangladeshis promised to shake
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a scene as travelling to the united nations general assembly to ask for more help to deal with the crisis the u.n. has warned about sixty percent of those who fled children and they are facing severe health concerns that we're going to get more on this now with our correspondent on the child and he's joining us from cox's a bizarre why is the government imposing these restrictions on the. well i think part of the reason there's always been the strategy they don't want their anger spreading across the country the government early on had a strategy to mobilize all their angles and put them in an isolated remote island this is still in the cards what the police made out a statement that no bangladeshi should rent out romes our nation to rowing we have seen checkpoints all across the cox but the area where political checking public transport for going got going in other parts of the country that has been reports
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of some growing up actually going in other districts of the country now the statements say that knowing us can go in freely to other parts of the country and that they shouldn't take shelter within friends that granted are family members within any part of the country i think they want to separate them in one area control the situation they have already started the biometric registration process we have seen that with our own eyes we have actually reported on that in the long run i don't know what they're going to do whether they can actually settle i mean isolated island because by or they should still want to allow on this idea that a lot of this going out or most of them actually go back to me on my that doesn't teams of decades from the myanmar side that mainly spoke to the border guards yesterday and they said to me on the border guards told us bangladeshi brother gets rather that they may i'm out on me is very active they've been setting up land mines so those are going out who have crossed over cannot go on the other side in the end once although ingles on this side many most of them actually don't have any
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documents to prove their own language because the dialects and physical look of ruling out and bangladeshis in the broad areas are almost identical you cannot distinguish so the myanmar government all this can said these are buying where they should the not growing as we won't take them back the rest is on the diplomatic front so far everything has been a talk and brinkmanship we haven't seen the volume of aid that should be sent. it's very meager aid agencies both locally and working very hard in the camps but there's just not an adequate aids or emergency response teams to take care of the number of running out who are there we have reports of medical spreading out among the children in my report yes that i showed you the medical hospitals are very inadequate for the number of running up patients admitted to their people in the floor to situation is very much in crisis and. crossing from the water is still taking place not in big numbers but every night
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a small group of writing out are still crossing into bangladesh the movement has been restricted because of the exuberant price that both men are asking from their own in some cases the coast guard are preventing the local boat men to ferry this people so overall the federation is still very critical and tense and volatile in the ground candy thank you very much for that that sunday's child the joining us live from cox is bizarre and bond with a. well as a member of him is a senior fellow at the center for global policy he says bang they should belong has the resources to build enough hollands for the veggies at the border. well the latest numbers from the united nations and decay that over four hundred one throws in people have no cross the border over the last couple of weeks that's approximately eight hundred those in every single day or one throws in a water system to norway that bangladesh can absorb those kinds of numbers particularly in the fact that bangladesh was already hosting four hundred thousand is going to few g.'s so they're essentially have
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a very ambitious and in many respects unless they plan to use two hundred two thousand acres of land to build these fourteen those in homes along with even half those in the trees one of the purposes of this ambitious plan is to ensure that they will hinge i do not leave those camps what we have at the moment are enjoyed a few g.'s trying to melt into the population and what bangladesh has an official policy isn't in one thousand nine hundred to grant nor will he enjoyed it could you status because we want all of those who enjoy to one team sooner or later to be repatriated back to myanmar we're going to move on to other news now in the united nations has called for an investigation into the killing of thirty six seventy and refugees by soldiers in the democratic republic of congo our correspondent malcolm webb has covered the story of burundi's refugees extensively and he reports from across the border and uganda they came here to the democratic republic of congo to save the u.n. says refugees died following
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a protest. demonstrators clashed with soldiers and dozens were killed and injured. we were informed that the leaders around here they would not let the refugees stay here and even get into the campus the only option was to go back to britain where we are afraid could be killed. the un says the demonstration was against the expulsion of two poor indian refugees they live among host communities in the eastern town of come in. as an administrator i cannot accept that the brothers and sisters die here in congress as you know the story is very clear that these people will cooperate with them even today we continue to cooperate with them. during these political crisis began in april twenty fifth and president indeed i launched his bid for a third term in office opposition and rights groups say it was illegal and unconstitutional what started with street protests in the capital later became
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violent conflict across the country. the government accused of actually did issue killings and torture to silence critics things it denies four hundred thousand people left the country because of the violence most of them live in camps like this one in tanzania both government agents and armed opposition have been accused of operating within the camps about forty thousand refugees are in congo where the incident took place this circumstance is not clear we have heard about it just after it happened yesterday. seen what. had gone to the place of. the many injured including very early in this circumstance we heard that there was a confrontation with the armed forces. on twitter the rooney's minister of accidental relations called for clarification about what happened but for those who already lost loved ones the answers will come too late. malcolm webb out to zero
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uganda. jason stearns is the director of the convent of that new york university's center for international cooperation he says there's a better political pep talk to consider it must be said on the issue of whether these people were refugees or not most of them were not living in a refugee camp they were staying in host communities most of the people apparently were of the ethnic group. many tutsi. now have gone over towards the opposition although it's a mixed picture and burundi. and so it's possible that some of those refugees felt that they were being targeted by the earning government didn't want to go back and at the congolese government then collaborated with burning down safe back in general in the past several years the congolese government has been a friend of the government in fact as guernsey's of the president has come under increased international criticism of the congo as one of its one of its remaining
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allies in that and so it's interesting that this is happening at the moment in the eastern congo there have been accusations in fact that some of the people who carried out the killings were not going to leave but actually u.n. soldiers dressed up and called police uniforms and so as i said it's a confusing situation but a very great while. now iraq's prime minister says he's prepared to use military force of a planned referendum on kurdish independence violent the kurds in iraq have come under increasing pressure from regional policy and the u.s. to call off the vote on the twenty fifth of september and non-con reports from. the iraqi prime minister hydrilla body reacted with strong words the kurdish parliament's decision to hold an independence referendum on september twenty fifth if you challenge because. if you challenge the borders off you know on the border of the region then there will not be this is a public invitation to the countries in the region to violate iraqi borders which
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is very dangerous escalation. of bodies were to admit with a mixture of defiance and anger in the kurdish region of northern iraq the president of the kurdistan regional government masoud barzani spike at a rally north of erbil in the city of. rejected our partnership. if you have a look at the iraqi constitution it says the commitment to this constitution keeps the free unity of iraq we decided to live with baghdad but they didn't accept our partnership now they have to accept we will be good neighbors if they want except our partnership we won't be their servants. one source of tension is the disputed territory of kirkuk which the kurds say belongs to them but is also claimed by iraq the kurds have been clear that the referendum will take place in kirkuk and have sent troops to the city but the local iraqi militia says any ballot box will be seen as an act of aggression the international community also reacted brett mcgurk
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who is the u.s. special representative to the coalition said that this referendum would not be supported by the u.s. and the iraqis and the kurds needed to get together and concentrate on the fight against and that's also a view echoed by the british foreign office. across the kurdish region flags have been waving and nationalism amongst this distinct ethnic group is the fever pitch ordinary kurds and their leaders see this referendum as then migrant a chance for self-determination and their own nation state something they've been striving for centuries however some parties say the time is not now but they may back the popular movement that seems to be on track to hold the referendum despite the objections of iraq the united states and opposition across the region. that appeal. after a devastating attack by. trying to save the lives of.
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hello again we're seeing some fairly lifea showers over parts of north america at the moment is the system you can see the showers that are sparking down further towards the south and gradually this hoax system is pushing its way eastward so we could see some very large outbreaks of rain maybe some large hail as well as this system gradually edges its way eastwards but eventually as we head through into monday will start to break up and instead that eastern side should have a fairly pleasant day new york they're getting to twenty four degrees which is seventy five in fahrenheit still across parts of the plains there are likely to be a few more rather hefty downpours during the day and further west well it's turning cooler now for some of us here snow gathering over parts of western canada i mean
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further towards the south and you can see this blog here that's all storm ho say that's continuing to disintegrate and not affect land too much but it is gathering these clouds a bit further south a force in the dominican republic and haiti and for the eastern parts of cuba we are seeing a few more showers that perhaps we'd like for this was the west and largely fine and dry but across in the far western part of our map for baja california there is another school more approaching us here for this was the south and the rains that are over parts of south america are gradually easing but it's not all now in ascension will get to twenty four. on counting the cost how apple's i phone economics make it the most profitable company in the world. how the j. trade is influencing the crisis in myanmar. plus one hundred days of the gulf crisis we'll look at how cost of the economy is very. counting the cost at this
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time on i just did a. good to have you with us on al jazeera these are our top stories. tracked in the movement of the hands of refugees by preventing them from leaving its border areas that set up camps to house nearly half a million people who fled violence from neighboring myanmar. the united nations has called for an investigation into the killing of thirty six million refugees in the democratic republic of congo fighting between refugees and diaz hatred for
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a group stormed the jail in come on you were in the east of the country and iraq's prime minister says he is prepared to use military force of a planned referendum on kurdish independence turns violent he's described the voters and legal and unconstitutional. now there have been protests intern is he against a controversial law granting amnesty to public officials accused of corruption before the two thousand and eleven spring protesters say it's a setback for democracy but reports. the protest through central cheesiness was mostly by young people who say the amnesty law passed by parliament on wednesday is rewinding the revolution that took place nearly seven years ago. the law gives amnesty to thousands of people who served in the government of former president. or here to say no to the amnesty law we will not forgive without accountability. to musial was where the
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so-called arab spring began when mohammed who is easy a fruit and vegetable seller set himself on fire after a dispute with local authorities. it led to protests which spread across the country with tens of thousands demonstrating against corruption and unemployment ben ali fled tunisia and went into exile in twenty fourteen parliament passed a new can. and held for a parliamentary and presidential elections all that progress say critics is now under threat. we consider that this shameful law is only pretty great. and his allies with russia because they had to revise the constitution to revise the political regime and also to deal a hard blow to our revolution the government says the amnesty law allows experienced businessmen and former banally officials to once again play
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a role in public life analysts say it's a risky strategy instead of actually encouraging investment. this law discourages investment because it sends a signal that the top of the state is green lighting corruption. the embassy has been the subject of months of demonstrations which will likely continue protesters say they cannot forgive people who they call the enemies of the revolution victoria gate and the al-jazeera. government has lifted a ban on muslim women marrying muslim men president says he recommended the change saying to his he needs to modernize muslim men were now to marry an on muslim woman but not the other way around the law changes angered a muslim clerics who consider marriage rules unquestionable. on what. tennessee and legal system is based. now soldiers from the u.s.
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back syrian opposition forces have been killed an airstrike and they are there as well or it's not clear who carried out the strikes so when defense force fighters have been trying to drive i saw out of the area with the help of u.s. warplanes asama bin jhaveri it has more. more than seventy five thousand people who need humanitarian aid in syria's oil rich daters or the city has been under control since two thousand and fourteen now u.s. backed fighters and syrian government forces are pushing out eisen from the city which is used as the gateway between iraq and syria. life was tough for us sixty percent of the people fled. only the elderly and the disabled were left behind we had to leave because the treatment of the difficulties there worsened. isis territory has significantly shrunk in the last few months but many areas along the iraqi syrian border including the countryside remain under its control the mainly kurdish syrian defense forces also supported by local fighters who form that
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there's your military council the latest push towards the city began last week commanders say they have been able to make rapid progress against isis and take in large parts of the countryside what i know myself and our troops managed to advance more than sixty seven kilometers towards we liberated many areas and after that we moved toward the city and the industrial area with full control of the industrial area and now our forces have cut the main road to her saka from there us or. these advances bring the u.s. back fight is a few kilometers from the eastern bank of the euphrates river much feared russian backed syrian regime forces have been making gains against isis. an advisor to president assad says government forces will confront all who stand in the way even u.s. backed troops air strikes on saturday killed as the a fight is on the front line in there is or it wasn't clear whether the strike was carried out by syrian a russian jets attacks like this highlight the complexity of the battlefield in syria local forces are doing most of the fighting but they are backed by many world
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powers including turkey iran russia and the united states. but it's syrian civilians who are suffering the most. according to the syrian observatory for human rights at least eight hundred people have been killed in just the last few months. from the job aid. place in malaysia said they were arrested seven boys suspected of starting a fire at a school which killed twenty three people on thursday the suspects aged between eleven and eighteen were detained after officers obtained c.c.t.v. footage from a neighboring building most of those who died were students boarding at the school on the outskirts of kuala lumpur the five block the only exit to the dollar train leaving those inside trapped. now u.k. police say they're investigating whether more people were involved in fires bomb attack on a london underground train that injured thirty people in southwest london were searched after the arrest of an eighteen year old man in the departure area of the
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southern port of diver military personnel have been deployed to protect case sites across the u.k. now the other reports. a day after the attack on a london underground train police raided a home in the suburb of sunbury police call this a precautionary measure after they arrested an eighteen year old man in the port of dover where passenger ferries to france operate they call that a significant developments in the search for the person or people who planted the device and we've got the full rights of the camps terrorist network we've got our colleagues in the intelligence agencies and government help. i think in every way they possibly can now we're making some very considerable progress he will have seen the announcement of and i rest here on in relation to this and so we will continue to work as hard as we can to make sure that we reduce the threats in this country i'm glad we know exactly who it was who did this whether there's anybody
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else involved and just try to reduce the risk of possible sources we possibly can police have again appealed for information and images that might help them and despite the arrest the threat level stated critical following a meeting of the government's emergency cabinet it means an attack could be imminent an indication police believe they could be suspects or possibly materials related to friday's rush hour bombings still at large the heightened threat level announced on friday night means hundreds of armed police are being replaced by military personnel so they can be deployed on the streets and on public transport across the u.k. and while the metropolitan police are urging people to carry on as normal they are also reminding them to stay vigilant based on previous attacks those measures are unlikely to last more than a few days but the debate over how to stop such random attacks in the future will surely go on much longer nadine barber al jazeera london. now cuba's government has
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released video of what it says is looting in the wake of harken erma the video appears to show people carrying goods like rum and cigars from a government owned store that had catered to tourists they got into the store through broken windows calls why a tidal surge during the storm. at least fifty four people have died during three months of torrential rain and the share the u.n. says more than eleven thousand homes have also been destroyed in the country's capital a one of the hardest hit areas nearly twenty thousand people have been displaced and the share which often faces food shortages and droughts is now facing further and security after the floods destroyed crops and cattle now a kingdom in northern nigeria is still trying to recover three years after a devastating attack by book the people of so called kingdom fear they may lose their unesco world heritage status after five years destroyed five hundred year old buildings and artifacts catherine sawyer reports from the man dar mountains of
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northeastern nigeria as part of our state. the kingdom of core is high in the mountains which straddle the border between nigeria and cameroon more than one hundred gunmen attacked this village almost three years ago when boko haram controlled matter of adamawa state in northeastern nigeria. like his relatives who live here centuries ago. is a blacksmith he was home sleeping when the ambush began. i was lying on my bed where i heard screaming everyone ran away when they came when i returned after grade left i found i had burned houses so we started putting out the phone that people of color are still feeling the effects of that attack. these are the gallery that held important artifacts away you centuries ago traditional clothes carrying beds and other household items were on display boko haram fighters
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burned everything that was in here. kingdom is a unesco world heritage site villages can't afford to have their home lose its historic value and its u.n. status. they recently started repairing what was destroyed along with experts from the national commission of museums and monuments here they are working on a section of the king's palace this is if you want to decide what other people decide cannot be altered. so live or have the most so. at the poles and the people in another part of the village the king heads a security meeting every member of the community is welcome to attend he says it wasn't only this heritage site which was destroyed. so many things. yet been constructed churches were burned some
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wells were contaminated so we have to travel to just to fetch water. our own fighters haven't been back since their attack but vigilantes are always on the lookout they may have less sophisticated weapons than. they say there won't be quote unprepared or let their heritage be destroyed again catherine saw al-jazeera so quote condone and not is to nigeria. to elysian our gynecologists are trying to reach birth attendants teach birth attendants modern day practices to help save the lives of thousands of mothers and their newborn babies the world health organization estimates that one in the asian woman dies every hour while giving birth from pregnancy related complications and a second report from our series on maternal mortality step vasant trials to peter in our che province to look at efforts to move away from traditional methods. city
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and nurse mother died when she was giving birth three years ago so jani had a history of complicated birth and high blood pressure the birth attendant in the village insisted she could deliver the baby the baby girl died along with her mother hours after being rushed to hospital young life. i have told my relative don't ever let your wife give birth at a local clinic go straight to the hospital because disburse don't know what they are doing and don't have the right equipment. five million children are born in indonesia every year many of them at home around six thousand four hundred women and seventy thousand babies died during birth lack of professional medical care is one of the main reasons many indonesians used traditional birth attendants such as fatima who rely on rituals and have no formal medical training didn't.
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we use hot stones and charcoal so the body recovers after giving birth and a belly will strength so the mother will get her figure back also her body will get stronger and she won't have to use contraception but obstetricians strongly warn against the practice which they say increases the risks of internal bleeding one of the main reasons for maternity death. your doctor. is training local midwives so they can replace traditional birth attendants and use modern medical knowledge instead. it is very difficult because this has been happening for generations but with the help of community leaders we are trying to change their beliefs and practices were useful and they are to train them traditional midwives still have a lot of influence in indonesia especially in remote areas like here in our having
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the living babies from general. actions of families instead of banning what they regard as their dangerous practices government is using the local knowledge and training them doctors say not only traditional birth attendants lack proper training midwives are also still insufficiently trained their education needs to be improved nationwide so mothers and their babies have a much higher chance of surviving childbirth steadfast and al-jazeera b.d. archie and just a reminder now that you can always keep up to date with all the news on our website that's at al-jazeera dot com. hello again i'm elizabeth pronto and harbor the headlines are now just a euro bond with the nation's restructuring the movement of the hands of refugees by preventing them from leaving its border areas and set up camp and so how's nearly half a million people who fled violence in neighboring myanmar promised to shake
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a cigarette is traveling to the u.n. general assembly to ask for more international help to deal with the crisis. the united nations has called for an investigation into the killing of thirty six burundian refugees by soldiers in the democratic republic of congo fighting between refugees and troops broke out after a group stormed a jail in come on you're all in the east of the country the u.n. says at least one hundred were wounded in the violence iraq's prime minister says he was prepared to use military force of a planned referendum on kurdish independence turns violent he's called a vote illegal and unconstitutional kurds in iraq have come under increasing pressure from regional powers and the u.s. to call off the vote. u.k. police said they keeping an open mind about whether more people were involved in friday's bomb attack on a london underground train that injured thirty people there searching a home and the south west of london to arresting and eighteen year old man in the
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southern port of dover the terror threat level in the u.k. remains at critical with police on high alert for another attack at least twelve people have been killed by a saudi led coalition air strike in yemen smarted province local sources so very call was hit by the strike about one hundred fifty kilometers northeast of the capital sana'a those killed include four children. the two new zealand government has lifted a ban on muslim women marrying non muslim men president of asian guy the subsea recommend of the change saying to his unis to modernize muslim men were allowed to marry non muslim woman but not the other way round. at least fifty four people have died during three months of trench of rain in the share the un says more than eleven thousand homes have been destroyed in the country's capital one of the hardest hit areas nearly twenty thousand people have been displaced which often faces food shortages and droughts is now facing further and security officer the
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floods destroyed crops and cattle those are the headlines on al-jazeera counting the cost is coming up next. with every. alarm hasn't seeker this is counting the cost on al-jazeera your weekly look at the world of business and economics this week i phone. will look at how apple's i phone economics made it the most profitable company in the world. also this week me and mark how the jade trade land grabs and vested interests are playing a part.


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