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tv   Reclaiming The Empire  Al Jazeera  September 17, 2017 9:00am-10:01am AST

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in particular the sick spots. by. china's democracy experiment at this time. the philippines is asia's largest catholic nation priests are treated like gods but the church has a dark secret when used investigate sexual misconduct inside the most powerful institution in the philippines at this time on al-jazeera. the headlines on al-jazeera bangladesh as restricting the movement of the hands of refugees by preventing them from leaving britain areas that set up camps to house almost half a million people who fled violence and neighboring myanma conveyed a child who has more from cox is bizarre. bangladesh authorities in
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a new move is restricted movement of rowing as across the country police checkpoints have been set up in different junction and access road from the course of a very so that during us going to move to the other parts of the country many of the rowing guys were actually moving in some other district that been brought back to the camps bang other shows a long term strategy of actually registering them with biometrics and confine them in a particular area it also has a strategy i am very controversial strategy i would say in a car to move them to a isolated island which is prone to cycle on and all the major natural disaster and now in the long run bangladesh and diplomatic front would want to pressure me on my to take back this throwing us but on the other side of the broader the man my government would probably risk them moving back because they have already started mining the area and fencing those places most of their own thing as look and talk like bangladesh is in the border areas you cannot distinguish them that don't have documents to prove that they were going as you crossed over
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a very precarious situation for both sides now unless the diplomatic move which is so far been talk and brinkmanship is able to put that kind of pressure on me on my chances most of the roaming guys will remain a stateless people in this side of the border in bangladesh the united nations has called for an investigation into the killing of thirty six burundian by soldiers in the democratic republic of congo the fighting between refugees and. jailed and coming you into and the east of the country the u.n. says at least one hundred people wounded in the violence. palestinian political group hamas has agreed to hold talks with viable fatha about holding a general election the two factions last held elections in two thousand and six which hamas won and briefly formed a government they also expected to discuss dissolve in the gaza and ministers of committee both sides were involved in the conflict in two thousand and seven which led to fatah rule in the occupied west bank and hamas ruling gaza. iraq's prime
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minister says he is prepared to use military force if a planned referendum on kurdish independence turns violent he says the vote is illegal and unconstitutional kurds in iraq have come under increasing pressure from regional powers and the u.s. to cancel the vote now voting is underway in the pakistani city of lahore for a parliamentary byelection former prime minister now i should use wife called so i'm sure as the frontrunner for the seat the vote is seen as a test of support for hamas should be fair and has p.m. l.n. party and has political heartland the seat was vacated in july after she was disqualified and dismissed from office by the supreme court over corruption allegations. u.k. police say they're investigating whether more people were involved in friday's bomb attack on a london underground train that injured thirty people a house in a town southwest of london was searched after the arrest of an eighteen year old man at the southern port of dover. more than thirty protesters have been arrested
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in the u.s. city of st louis following the acquittal of a white former police officer of the shooting of a black man this was the scene on saturday as police fired tear gas at demonstrators are after the verdict jason stokley was cleared of first degree murder in the two thousand and eleven shooting death of anthony lamar smith the u.s. department of justice says it will not open a new civil rights investigation into the cakes. cuban government has released a video of what it says was looting in the wake of harken chose people carrying goods like raman cigars from a government owned store they got into the store through a broken windows caused by a tidal surge during the storm at least ten people died in cuba when anna devastated parts of the island last week. the tennessean government has lifted a ban on muslim women mowing the lawn muslim men president. said see recommended the change saying to his young is to modernize muslim men were allowed to marry non
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muslim women but not the other way round those are the headlines on al-jazeera in search of putin's russia is up next.
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i'm andrea cross of a filmmaker and journalist and i've spent the past year traveling my country trying to understand. the soviet union was almost as large as the russian empire which spanned three continents in the nineteenth century. today's russia has lost many of the territories the towers conquered and the soviets regain but some are still part of russia. this is a no swedish finnish town of baber the soviet union invaded in one nine hundred thirty nine and finally and next this part of them in nineteen forty four. russia remains the largest country on earth even they only the ten most populous. it's still extremely diverse with about one hundred languages spoken by some hundred and fifty ethnicities. the former soviet republics are now independent states. yet
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russia still holds sway economically and culturally in some parts of the former empire bordering on the russian federation. this is the famous gorky park muscovites are out celebrating the twenty fifth anniversary of the russian federation when the soviet union collapsed and russia's new life again. the mood is cheerful no sense of crisis in the air and these are average people representative of the great majority of the multi ethnic russian life.
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if you just get. the thoughts and in that way at. the. top five that they count the kitchen. like. that that. we're proud that would make others fear us in a song that might not sound serious but many russians actually do mean it quit dangerous it where. and this bullish sentiment is deeply rooted in until we take in
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fact shared by russia's christian establishment. ek i. eat it eat. father. is another spokesman for the russian orthodox church which lent spiritual justification to the power of the russian state. there through. the shoot was moved to spread lead to sure. who is who reason. who is in the full story. your suv was group of a new group we were it where you see them was to produce ocean new proust was the reason commission's crew are getting these sure in the summer breeze sure the slow
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draw school room was suitable for new barrios or. school work more with some new school new park soon well to be a new building near to soon as possible to which the computer world was observed we will reserve it more open to sort of loose ability to sue would be the authorities are those to whom we were so true to listen. it was the birth of those words the system was blue we should lose that sort of flew so those two are those we resume or this is it the new or our new village we were you with welcome us rightly it was a looser it was a subroutine we were little schools it was islam is considered a circus it was those kids who have to show who are the rules. early because the worst in this of course which killed luke or both musically it is a little susie there's louis who is really good in the blue certain.
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part of several it says peace is not something to be defended at all cost the russian orthodox church supports the state and its political and even its military objectors in response to the perceived external pressures on russia there's precious seem to have two main origins the west with its support for the ukraine and what russia perceives as a threat from radical islam. it's . just past six o'clock eight i think the morning. mosque and muslims are gathering for the festive. just.
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seen a big mosque is a small. compared to frank. i have right to show three. i said i want to see what i'm going to like when i get to either he thought. i was there if she. was there already here the lovely nurse oblivious of us to live in europe which. was there all day was the most complete human part was a. part of some of the most searing it's not just us. you're going to the point of saying my thesis is
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a lot and i mean your life is in the middle already by forcing yourself or the way you've been sitting here and there by citizens for months i guess. you're right there was a you come off number of things to mr is right simplistic this. is good news for the you know my space give someone your book i want to hear you say i'm on my own for one. i set off to the north caucasus where dozens of small muslim nations try to co-exist with russia. one of them the russian autonomous republic of
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dagestan is it so home to some thirty distinct ethnicities. there bent in ancient city in southern dagestan once had an arabic name. the gateway. is through this city bordering on today's azerbaijan that islam started to spread into what is now russian as early as the seventh century. and millenium later russia now and powerful empire conquered august on after a long and brutal war. caucasian muslim culture survived in the russian empire listserv each union and putin's russia mixing with some customs from russia's know.
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at the nineteenth century to my mosque. told me about the legendary leader of dug a stone. who fought the russians but then made peace with the tough. what was the story. which. is just. spoke when they go. and. i was very encouraged to hear. young muslim from their bent be so positive about our coexistence in the russian federation especially because i know that many ethnic russians are prejudiced against a muslim compadres from the caucasus. on
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the second day of either lafitte or i was honored to be invited to a mountainous village known for its long tradition of silversmithing. the regime. i'm going. alibek could tire himself a silversmith took me to his cousin's house with a large extended family have gathered for a lavish celebration. try something more good in other words that some choice i would or those that others who thought this was a woman who were the only. sure to love him because i wouldn't give the world. really nothing no. william for the suit no the for for this was in your tone you talk of jokes while other single this
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is the. almost. the whole summer it is the third for the bulls might in the park. this was. good order to be. more of a must to you what is most to you when you're just over the news because most are serious if this is the fiscal issues. or fortunes that your. sister brought to shore supported. ones you don't own the world in a quarter of the for your mother was a question for the first year but in the stands by this altered her skills in this country think for what you want.
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i believe is sincere in saying that there's no conflict between his darkest tiny identity and his russian citizenship. i wonder if everyone in this small but ethnically complex republic has as happy about the coexistence of their culture with the russian state. twice since the fall of communism twenty five years ago russia has mounted brutal military campaigns in chechnya dagestan immediate neighbor and a fellow muslim nation in the caucasus. dug a star has its own chechen minority since putin defeated independence fighters in chechnya and installed a pro russian veto that pockets of resistance to moscow rule on may be active in
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dagestan. also skittish time. and you can use. hired you know either doing what sort. of shoes you have to. come to. their homes and you know or. for money you know. that. you have. things been ignoring of them. for fish for six or more celebrity mug a man who was in the armed resistance or as they say in the forest for a year agreed to talk to me. is in the movie is the person but the most is the one that is not in their first person. make that
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a student who lived through it i miss you more when you brought in so much is there when i was a medic of the post now there's a partial but the we were there the principle you think just let us see on the perfect business systems or criminal stems are the people we would get up most as idea of going to visit who does a really good mood we could at the most ok in the story that was a first just doesn't have to look so americans let us hear them and then we're going to do like i'm doing enough things a business of stone or this thought it was just on. and there's no time in the us just almost relying on them but this film then you must remind on the more of a bust i mean what is the core of this cause i think of us from each of us but you're watching those who actually us physically did this disappear but i dreamed in the first room where i'm sitting there to be sure that the building should have
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been so you know that it astonished that to their nation to do they could go on with another where you're going. through what we wanted to do they could go to another year and they were still at the truck of the rebels and you it doesn't. mean it's going to. move to the same thing with you but it could be the people are going to show you this because it has to spinsterhood been it's not you know tissue issue it's in the. shuffle more from brad who i don't want. or need a commercial more than a hundred dollar book oh i don't know. any i'm going to get one that. was the first thing will come up that's for sure that i don't. want to get the pretty much the so don't get them. so she is based on earth exhibit a.
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which movie did that's who she was on there for the first do additional. the same crooked thing with the porch lesson is to me is that it's right but i just thought of seeming a look at yeah if you look at this tonight if you don't like this don't get the destroy it just missed the good read. this notion that this thing is no stalk them or launch ok sure those things. are the good it is being used but just getting there's no bigger standing that wisdom and i could think of doing it for thirty i would it could give the organ the global good. goodies through which we can use for building new could there are true then. shame to the poor that the boy is no. i still us but legally. he chooses who lives not my youth.
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never got up but they mind their thoughts their bullshit is so almost a slump to get worse. merely measures that you're. going over go out of this way simmias civil discussion soil noxious to smug ways we need bush for going to the potential solution for. what would have been spitting out almost total. he could suggest that this could go on with just this. could become used to. work and it's because of the that's it remember isn't. just the will just. which it isn't. company which is the cause to ensure the cause and the origin to kill us lesser than if so just look at the photo. we're trying to get through to the village of gary the home of douglas town's
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nineteenth century leader. and today the epicenter of tensions between muslims and federal forces and august on. the recent leader of muslim resistance michael madsen a man of also known as the caucasus probably spawn is from here as well. we're stopped at the checkpoint the guard identifies as journalists and we're not allowed through. this. so we're told just missing from the embassy federal security service. which was that if it was. my you mean yes you might make
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a home when. i mean yes you might last a lot less than that without the flu fine and i'm one of the numbers i'm pretty sophism first of words so they're showing you almost little by surprise. that it. was. that it was you as it was. and. said oh i'm not allowed to go through diligent gary because it's dangerous i might be kidnapped by some salafist. terrorists according to the f.b.i. office i've just been talking.
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with might be able to. carry me on my last. checkpoint. for better or worse i don't pay attention to the at this peace warning i wonder if a safety is the real reason for keeping us journalists away.
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after a few detours we managed to get through to the village of framing me which like gary has been subjected to several so-called anti-terrorist operation. the army and security forces are looking for seventeen resistance fighters including their leader. a year later the villagers are still grieving for what they feel is barbaric oppression. i thought so mr bush enjoy existence and you. know what unsubtle missed a book that's in class. but i took a look mr johnny and when no one is until about butch get you to do so and the woman i knew would cut in the islamic because at that moment it took a moment to napoleon on your watch the squid still. just had to miss it so on purpose suppose it's a pleasure to hear the pub but. not
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supplying is still the. woods of those the special who could even them down by god with. being able to do that's opinion that's a pretty big star scam out there don't become a good one then there are three general that would either have the skills that you think if you that they should really go on that i know that would be doing well that's a. good sign i mean as if i didn't. know it's taking the time you could only think you would on dollars or what it. was because that was a very long time as you are paying. a lot of money with us for the still photos. just that so mysteriously it was. yeah.
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it was actually better me near is the near quota kind of. person to their. wealth or their. a survivor of the genocide people. suffering. in the woods of the victims of the srebrenica massacre. to rest in giving peace to the victims' families if i could just find if i could bury him. at this time on al-jazeera. a deadly attack destroyed her family and left her. time.
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to become our family. that would touch the hearts of the people around her ever. this time. of the headlines. the movement of refugees by preventing them from leaving its border areas as set up. a million people have fled violence and. promised.
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to deal with the crisis the united nations has called for an investigation into the killing of thirty six. of the democratic republic of congo fighting between refugees and troops. in the east of the country. palestinian political group hamas has agreed to hold talks with the bible about holding a general election the two factions last held elections in two thousand and six which hamas won and briefly formed a government both sides were involved in a conflict in two thousand and seven which led to one in the occupied west bank and hamas governing gaza voting is underway in the pakistani city of lahore for a parliamentary election former prime minister now watch the daves wife also i'm sure he is the frontrunner for the seat the vote is seen as a test of support for now why should a fan has p.m.s. and party and has a political heartland the seat was the cagers in july after the floods disqualified
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and dismissed from office by the supreme court over corruption allegations. iraq's prime minister says he is prepared to use military force if a planned referendum on a kurdish independence turns violent he says the voters in legal and unconstitutional kurds in iraq have come under increasing pressure from regional powers and with us to call off the vote u.k. police say they're investigating whether more people were involved in five days bomb attack on a london underground train that injured for thirty people a house in a town southwest of london was searched on after the arrest of an eighteen year old man at the southern port of dover the terror threat level in the u.k. remains at critical with police on high alert for another attack. the tennessean government has lifted a ban on muslim women marrying at non muslim men president of the said c recommended the change saying to new zealand needs to modernize muslim men were allowed to marry non muslim woman but not the other way round. as the headlines on
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al-jazeera in search of persons russia continues next. children's lives numbskull accomplish by at poachers but if you're so dumb as we step they did what you said much that i missed certainly the. church to my stomach a bit my list i'm training for. this year. well it. just got mutual absolutely let us try and you can be just one. yes imo if he didn't say i would know that. he is lying on the side of my family in a book but that's just bullshit on your school because they deem them
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a cousin plus i'm just little who they are and of some of us cousin i am not converted to some of the queer we did to as a coach as a customer to us because of them if i knew of course that he did lie to us being my . know and tumble just. the sort of thing you know but when you paid to build a story to lead this nation could not afford it not could not in that super dome of mankind and. not of this equipment of what would be an electrical did not state of the father but through me just to disappear if no weapon america could be sure come come i'm always sure i got nothing to cover another bush had to do it for you on your nails and i didn't hold back obama voted safely arning and i shot him and i thought no one told us but the woman he got the best in the world. the bloodletting .
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not just that but it is very true that that. would result in thinking you'll see like. i mean if if the only. person that i am. this one village tankers are considered in the country should not i mean those at the ms go just on i'm going to go to the guys on time when you get down and you don't sneak you read it's official said to which you can use official over the. films to me to review. when you are gone william is going to talk and able to let you read. the graph paper for now what's up. i missed it and that was on you. and yours alone accordingly i mean
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a crew of my brats and you are still. the sun will be on you go and you really itself will be. in that because it will be nice to be needed she said. detroit in the awful lot of ok i just. said it indicated in. my faith and i have to tell. you is i believe this myth and i would hope that it just has to be picked. on. but is that genuine there are chilling out there. but fanciful and yet considered some of the time. but that is predicted that is bigger than your nation i guess the . school press in the tread would. start
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a new. shit or gentle is. a familiar to me yet. notice to me no but i was for this up a little good for cisco i'll never forget i said at this. today in dagestan russian citizens of different cultures a free to follow their traditions and just. yet what is freedom for some is a moral challenge for others. that freedom may be seen as an imposition by bullies especially in regions once added to the empire by force.
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brutal occupiers for some he read defenders from others in mainland russia because he's settling evokes a sentiment of fervent loyalty and even poetry. veteran fans like this one in the west in siberia if you need a guild i'm sorry. can you sing. you know the soon coming. this morning. what do you have a good morning to. you. in the.
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city you know. in. oh. well that's she's now he'll. join me. in the center of it in board russia's third largest city as a monument to the local soldiers the fellow in the wars and conflicts witnessed by current generations of russian guns done the trick is done chechnya. and now they don't but in the eastern ukraine where russian volunteers fight alongside pro russian locals who want independence from the pro western ukraine.
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the west accuses the russian government of supporting these volunteers and possibly even of direct military involvement. i waiting to meet like him are you female a special forces officer from your getting back to trains and sends volunteer fighters to the east and ukraine. everything that's. civil war supposable up on here i don't know i mean you can you could you just honestly thought. well you know it's a slum have shots of those children you day walk with them usable those earlier so through it is just was a bit awards and might. be the. just go area when you're because early so the ship but you know what almost a year's leave with us to. persevere though in a girl
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a little earlier. words in a more significant. yes donors will over does it worsen are you serious in the nurse know. who could be in over the whole of over that she said. just of a person you're a c.v. joints or so years the. weight. but there is an idea that in this. year you could get there and in the go work here when you know about our. family merely being out of sammy dory when his lovely where money is the apartment there was a major operation watching a serious case i use torture of any stand between valid. stone you know the bullet misses new year americans. were americans to the new body is there to move a new policy if it is your money generators can last and bring it. and you move
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them to some guns it doesn't as good as in there's a subway. usually. doesn't it wasn't as good as in the subway you've been in your search your car more than still years. in the ceiling if you were g.t.a. . and they were you in a you wished for a shilling in greenland and glasgow vesty by gerrard a chance of the rowers oh my lear three that was the breast surgeon us knew. since in the blood. moon those. we russians are good at interpret our wars as purely defensive when that becomes difficult to argue with claim that an act of aggression was the soviet not strictly russian initiative. the air raids in
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syria of course are the first probably russian military operation for a long time. and i wonder how long will take before new names will be added to this monument. the conflict with the ukraine has dominated russia's political life for year and a half. russian the west accuse each other interfering in the fray. over a million refugees have already crossed into russia from the eastern ukraine. in an office where ukrainian refugees are helped with registration in russia i look for someone prepared to tell me their story. victoria kolesnikov it is a small entrepreneur from the dawn boss despite the difficulties of life as a refugee she's full of energy and has already found a job as
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a sales assistant when she becomes a russian citizen her career chances should improve. i was invited to victoria and sergey kolesnik of the new flat. just do not start in the void that you walked out on the white circle unless there is a crazy or what nasa qataris. last time said not national have ever seen the crane only need it now. give it the economy going after you got a little more. business it's just me was mostly. mutiny and a whole bunch of porch the first thing you. do if you're in the most polluted in the. music scene. is going to come from. musical printing to cook some of.
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the other countries the government is there is covering it every time i see his lead on the. i'm not pushing to blow up a couple well you surprise me if you please just i'm not. going to give you. know that. i know it don't go there oh no it's true yeah i just got the videos from you could i knew you can i could double to personal use your term but well we did hear that the right number. of a piece which should have been a minute or shane used to make them you do constrain you when you business me but he didn't give much too much non-black as a bright you missed your own off to dinner because she's just some witchery going to stay at you that would do you good to talk again shallow water to work on their boards. real estate and then you must of just. like. all the programs where you. want. out of them up
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there somehow don't remember anything when you start your post really horrible on you watching. problem. for me when i was with them you when you go with them when you can do you can be rebuilt you know with the new bush people that nobody you know yet what the i'll tell you i'm here. which is about this new year if you put it has been you a few have been you when you look over my shoulder i see the national convention coming into play here for just a moment you speak english there it is you have it done by hand you've been here all yesterday and even if you think are you sure you're ok so in a row do you think your worst when you think as you who was a chimp through these are two of them with you both i'm proud of me because. i need
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a crisis now that the knievel calls the yelling one utilized is not is the time when you. when you say there's any one of these misname leslie but she them somebody new soul that you will understand you think you should get your own. works. for you might you are not what i knew or done boston that you since you were done by us when you push away what we. should have done was three or four then yes i do know that of the middle may do well there's a push them then they have to push and you see but i guess the one results of our meeting the most in your. own chance of by just looking and listening in because they're sure there's going to a different north because in fact what you thought is was that the young use of muslims because that's the then there are the. frontal assault you know. this is
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from what i thought of for postals movie. was a. problem. oh it did not be today is a very special day the life of a college meet a family that you. missed but you didn't mean you. should the just. one thing must be said. they have an appointment at the local police station to become no more no less citizens of russia. some of us have traveled the world and have seen more comfortable places than central russia. some long to leave put in is russia for the west.
9:49 am
and the would think of what these are very late still longer stuff dos so what you're. asking is make my list of those who are the core of the russian passport means hope and the challenge of athens that the late winner was telegraphed. tension and violence continue in the ukraine. conflicting accounts of what's happening there i mean it's hard for me to form a clear picture of the conflict. i hear of someone who has recently returned from fighting for dumbass. it feels unsafe to me to
9:50 am
ponder dorothy since he no longer shares the government's version oh. event to be a great. question because we're sick as a goodwill store meaningful to you what will. the group one thing in bilbo's of sitting here. with. your should post just it's almost not by the oh that's it nick i just thought i was fit thanks to all those cute dumb beaut or so little skill or silly given. where you're going to pull the news to put out the. accuser's uterus lansky but then you. know who is she is just doing. good and she. resists was good restoration will struggle to.
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get over the solution to a stroller but it was more when they can see any other home with all of us wish they built them think you might be the only do you know about the good will they doing. things with to the singular. focus of your whole of we will the police ritual cuckold us to the meeting point on those reborn as the cloak of good morning is for middle door pushing out of your thoughts of the world the news not put on you the world's. good the more you have to pull the usual slaves she'll up the bill of a quote of the which she took as the mulching and you're going to hear if you will get it if you close up of the blue with his initial thoughts to show you. where it is but there's still hope for both m g of you being on mars the desert is for the most alone for the middle of the city budget on top of all of you hooked over the us you want us all for your bullshit us but we should look on the nose of the ships
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bullshit from critics who would wish to. some bootleg museum some would you. rather see janja legion though she chose some bushes just messed with almost all but some lost interest in this young gleaming in their utility bill just think that's a bush with actually eighteen years have been you're blowing your sleep but it's going to the bushel that i'm sure. you've been opposing since library door been opened but it's still with us michael moore numb to be sneezed at them sliced can see of choices for me what we are you know looking nice in your book at the moment is still a little stiff likely chip or the thumb or think usually bit of the cushion for a moment though residuum would move business from u.s.s. cole to bush it was a duty even my own belittling of them took me aboard of the beautiful and all over
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the long slim build according to what either of nuclear needle. or. at that morse. should. what use go for the ball just going to do what i'm not good left in the office for mostly to do duty and also between us through what course but i think that a signature if you're into the course is good or just.
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bonded out of ski first hand account of his war experiences may be troubling for the man of the street. many of my fellow russians prefer a more simplistic view of the world and its politics. we've got a bill merged north of them where there is a. need and i'm sure there is if i knew. i could ask the question of more than either of us we would neither of them would know that your members are in the midst. of a given kind of. go at the national. oil there was no one else but i said there is a new good us the new one of them almost one of. the grants and of course local thresher. much corporal way he could say i didn't know then you are one of the ones who was the most generous. i think. i see that was one that.
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the military show is one of the favorite pastimes for ordinary russians. i test one of the latest rifles from the famous kalashnikov company that i want in the world. despite western sanctions russia remains the second largest arms exporter in the world it has the world's best and largest fleet of tanks and the most sophisticated anti-aircraft defenses but those second american might on many counts russia is a formidable military force and an extremely proud one at the same time it sees itself as a benign power that uses force only in defense it will never admit to being an empire it's in numerable nations are supposed to be equal and happy to be part of
9:56 am
a great country someone i met here alan hussey of from a city in the north caucuses express that view with astounding directness. that us is good. to me option that's good that's not a you made it out that i'm going to talk to the guy to tell you live i'm not sure if i will meet a guy that is on my or your broke the news. that few of your reward would you like i usually don't worry does it is the one. i'm not on you don't they never join you would really cause them to was more does did other person a deal or nasty in the middle of you number one that voted no media and. such because that curated praise for our multi ethnic state doesn't tell the whole story. in the next film of the series will deal with the culture of overlooking the darker pages of our history. as for the future it seems
9:57 am
likely that the next generation will share uncritically proud view of their homeland that prevails today. russian filmmaker andrina christophe explores happy russia impacts the very values of the nation the russians are famous for their cultural legacy but can traditional and conservative be the source of stagnation and authoritarian growth why this is the assume aided by the police today she's ukraine says homosexuality is the significance of it put into the russian elite is that she is like a feature who controls the cobra in such a putin's russia at this time on al-jazeera.
9:58 am
hello there the weather is generally quite quiet across many parts of the middle east at the moment we do have a few showers in the far eastern part of our map and some of those over the mountains are giving us a little bit of snow now but away from there it's largely fine and dry still fairly warm forcing kabbalist twenty seven and not quite as hot as it has been in kuwait so forty one degrees where we are maximum for the eastern coast of the mediterranean we're looking at a top temperature in beirut of around twenty nine degrees and no major change as we head through monday either even further towards the south is a major change here in doha either where the winds still feeding him from the east so still bringing in that very humid air so staying sticky with a top temperature of around thirty nine or forty degrees it's not quite that hoped for since a lot lower we've got more of a breeze coming in off the sea here and thirty degrees will be our maximum temperature here as we head through into monday too as we head down towards the
9:59 am
southern parts of africa ok we're seeing a fair amount of cloud in the far southern parts over the past few days that's now gradually edging its way eastwards it looks like it'll be over durban there on sunday making things rather gray and ensuring it's not quite as warm as it might be so our maximum temperature on sunday of seventeen degrees that's a little bit lower than we're expecting in cape town where the sunshine should help us over twenty possibly twenty one degrees antananarivo will be up at thirty. facing the realities of the airspace that they have built does not belong to them it belongs to the international community getting to the heart of the matter they can understand how the chinese leadership approach you as an enemy of the state here the story on the top to how to see at this time.
10:00 am
and for your. own counting the cost how apple's i phone economics make it the most profitable company in the world. how the jay trade is influencing the prices in myanmar. plus one hundred days of the gulf crisis we look at how the economy is very. counting the cost at this time. says it is dissolving its government and gaza shaking up the palestinian political landscape. ever shall carry this out there live from doha also coming up. as the head.


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