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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 17, 2017 10:00pm-10:34pm AST

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to overcome rival political impulses within her own country and abroad she's played a pivotal role in balancing western interests with those of putin's russia and increasingly confrontational turkey and the present. and heritage policy traditions but she's maintained a very pro european policy and a sense that germany should talk to both east and west and try to find a peaceful solution when possible one of her biggest achievements is in balancing germany's national budget but the austerity measures that benefited europe's largest exporter have crippled others for many greeks she's a symbol of a divided europe however for those unnerved by donald trump's america first policy she's seen as the last defender of liberal western values and together with her allies she's wage war on euro skepticism and the hope of reinvigorating belief in the e.u. a union central to germany's place in the world the parka al-jazeera flooded
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coming up very shortly. time for a break point is going to show you what badminton player did. we all have stories. some that enrich our memories. others that define our futures. in a breathtaking new season al-jazeera staff members open their hearts and invite us into that extraordinary lives al-jazeera correspondent coming soon in the next episode of science in a golden age i'll be exploring the contributions made by scholars join the medieval islamic period in the field of medicine. science tend to be
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a good subject to bring different people from all over the world together the heart is such a magical and the more i learn about them the more i respect that science in a golden age with professor jim miller at this time on a. welcome back time now for us with peter. mary ann thank you very much lewis hamilton has extended he's leading formula one's drivers' championship standings with a victory at the singapore grand prix on sunday but there was drama for ferrari who
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suffered in a race they were expected to dominate on ascensions reports. to dissolve the ferrari at the start of the singapore grand prix a wet marina bay street circuit made way to this. both ferrari the out of the race they were expected to dominate. the best in vettel collided with teammate kimmie reichen in and right both not to stop and stop a good average of the over. the crash causing the face he caught to come out on to the track which ended up being sent out a total of three times during the race due to a series of incidents. but what of lewis hamilton depart started fifth on the grid and managed to clean if kate from the carnage he managed to slot into fast place and that's where he stayed eventually crossing the line ahead of red bulls daniel ricardo who finished in second place for the third year in a row hamilton's miss avies teammate valtteri bottas completed the podium c.s.a.
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we struggled and we are and we had no idea what was in happens there but the thing is we just try to stay focused and try to get ahead obviously it was very fortunate with the prize the beginning so yeah i can be very grateful we were disappointed obviously to miss out on a win but i still going to be pretty grateful and happy with another podium and i think there's more things here than last year and there was more than the year before so it's getting better and thanks for the win is the sixtieth of hamilton's career and it means he now has a twenty eight point lead in the championship standing. tatiana sanchez al-jazeera . france have reached the davis camp a final where they'll face belgium joe will fritz on the beat do san lie of each in the reverse singles on sunday after losing the opening set sixty something back to take the second sixteen he went on to seal the final two sets france winning three one. australia in
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a curious battle balancing what could have been the decisive reverse singles time against belgium's david golf and of the twenty two year old was able to take he's team through to the final golf and won the match in four sets that was before steve darcy's won the deciding rubber in three sets against jordan thomson to send the belgians through. majesty united of joy in their local rival city at the top of the english premier league table united overcame everton in the late kick off on sunday . open the scoring less than five minutes into the game but the goals didn't stop there three more including a penalty which anthony marcial converted successfully in the dying minutes gave man united a four no win meanwhile champions chelsea hosted arsenal in a london derby at stamford bridge in the early kick off that game ended in the mill when he played this type of war of game a. massive game and you know very well that anything can happen. i think we tried to win both teams played to do with two good chance of chances to
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discard and. you know i think. they finally got a good look over in spain rail madrid are looking to kick start their league campaign they have a win to draw so far and are already seven points behind league leaders barcelona and now they've just kicked off against saucier dad earlier they were away wins for . servia while the last poll must be to athletic bilbao one zero for the only home win of the day today. boxing fans were calling it the biggest fight of the year but they was no winner from the bout between soul of arias and get out of the love can which ended in controversy the pay for two a draw in the middleweight world championship clash in las vegas for belts were on the line but one of the three judges schools was heavily in favor of mexican alvarez and has been criticized by both professional boxers and fans they were boos
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when the decision was announced in the end landed more punches overall and remains unbeaten in his career a rematch could also be on the cards i saw computer and on top archers. it's all reaction people reaction you know. before does the darkness and this terrible form is terrible just. this is not correct you know it is very bad for sport. and no i didn't base it on the score card i wasn't looking at points round by round but what i am sure of after the fight was that i won i have no doubt about it in my mind now i know nordquist has won the year's fourth and final women's major the evian championship on a dramatic final day norco start of the day five strokes behind the leader but carded two eagles in a six under sixty six to finish at nine under american brittany ultimate emulated
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the swede on sunday to also finish line and in really difficult conditions it was not the first time with or interfered after thursday's first round was cancelled the other two players headed for a playoff and nordquist sank a four foot putt for a bogey five on the soaked eighteenth hole where the one hundred second ranked ultimo carded a six and that meant the swede would win her first major since two thousand and nine which is also the last time a european one a women's major. major league baseball winning streak may have ended after twenty two games but the cleveland indians have bounced straight back they beat the kansas city royals eight four on saturday and the laser results saw cleveland clinch the american league central title for the second straight season the indians were beaten by the chicago cubs in last year's world series and this is the first time since one thousand nine hundred nine that they've won consecutive division titles.
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equipment for years can be part and parcel of professional sport but it's how you deal with them that counts take a look at how one badminton player at the korean open coped to when he realized he'd smashed he's a record in the middle of a rally china's wearing that yield you left partner one pain to do the work when he ran to his bench to get a spare he made it back on to court just in time to make a return despite that the pair went on to do this today. and will leave it there more support again later yeah those are some quick lewis thank you peter now a lake in indiana mr kashmir used to be the largest in asia one hundred years ago since then it's shrunk in half and it's called with silt and a smith went to see where the latest cleanup campaign is working its water chestnuts season on the lake at the foothills of the himalayas. but the waters are getting harder to navigate all around as a growing mounds of silt this boy is jumping off one of them and it's because of
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these willow trees. but the water was very clear here it was blue so pondar tells me as we walk over what was once a lake it was a forestry worker in the one nine hundred fifty s. hired by the government to plant willows to later harvest for firewood. landed hundreds of thousands of trees but it was a mistake this has just brought destruction to. my heart that i'm responsible for planting. the willows choking the lake. in one thousand eleven will last surface area was two hundred sixteen square kilometers it's now half that. well are supposed to be a natural flood barrier for the city of srinagar downstream. but the lakes defenses failed with severe consequences in twenty fourteen inundating the city more than three hundred people were killed if you look at the data over there and bear in mind is including the meat you can see there defeat can see of the extreme events
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including the precipitation cloudburst floods is increasing so whenever we will have this type of flooding so the little bit goes up with this massive sedimentation is not able to absorb all the floodwaters and that will if there does not take care of that will again lead to the you know massive inundation of the city in a good city. a small section of clear water is the only evidence that anything has been done recently to clean the lake now in recent years there have been attempts to restore well our lake but they have always ended up costing between tens to hundreds of millions of dollars of has never been enough money so this latest project aims to try and persuade private contractors to dredge the water and take part payment of willow trees in return but they're only going to start with one square kilometer we are getting demanded special from public from god would do
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under to get as early as possible it is one. gives an idea how people are concerned and it will be taken for. the contractor will get two years to d. silt and up root the willow from there one square kilometer if the scheme works the government will extend it it'll take decades to finish perhaps not enough time to beat the next extreme weather event bernard smith al-jazeera. and the kashmir valley. that's it for me and for this news hour but my colleagues who touch in will be with you very shortly with a full bus never used to say without is there. a
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new level of luxury has arrived. an experience that will transform the way we treat . our impeccable service remote. but none comes breaking. business plans. the culture for the city the forest. whether conducting business sharing especially with. the best of. the church that. someone. somewhere. centuries in the sky. reducing. us to.
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cars are always going places together. facing reality the air space that they have built does not belong to them it belongs to the international community getting to the heart of the matter they can understand how the chinese leadership approach you as an enemy of the state hear their story on talk to how to see at this time. on counting the cost how apple's i phone economics make it the most profitable company in the world. how the j. trade is influencing the prices in myanmar. one hundred days of the gulf crisis we look at how the economy is very. counting the cost at this time on a. promise agrees to elections in gaza and talks with in
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a major breakthrough between the two. hello i'm and this is al jazeera live from london also coming up iran threatens aboard a shutdown as pressure mounts on kurds in northern iraq not to hold a referendum on independence. a war crimes prosecutor says the levels of sexual violence committed by both sides in south sudan's civil war are the worst. and conservationists battle to save what was once asia's biggest freshwater lake. hamas has signaled it's ready to end a longstanding feud with palestinian rival fatah the group which has ruled gaza for ten years has agreed to dismantle their minister to committee that runs the strip
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and hold elections which controls the occupied west bank. has welcomed but asked for clarification from gaza. the pressure has been mounting on hamas the results of ten years of israeli and egyptian blockade have been intensified this year by rival palestinian faction fatah the fatah leader palestinian president mahmoud abbas has cut salary payments and electricity supplies attempting to pressurise hamas into giving up its sole control of gaza hamas turned to egypt which pushed the palestinian reconciliation. we responded to these efforts and made a brave decision to dissolve the administrative committee and now there are no excuses for. a bass has one choice only to respond positively to achieve the palestinian dream of national unity. that dream was written by gunfire in two
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thousand and seven when hamas prevailed in street battles and the political division between gaza and the occupied west bank began repeated attempts to reconcile have collapsed this time for tar says it's ready to send its officials to gaza that plans are in place for the unity government to get to work its no matter of details. we now look positively on this but we need clarifications and the clarifications should come from the guarantor and the mediator which is egypt some of those who potentially have the most to gain from any deal between hamas and fatah and the hundreds of thousands of gazans who live in refugee camps like this one but over ten years of separation and economic blockade they become used to being let down. they certainly borne the brunt of the palestinian authorities recent pressure tactics for hours electricity a day has become the norm this on top of a crippled economy which is left and his four sons among so many others in gaza without jobs. reconciliation could solve the power problem
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it could solve the water problem the markets are empty. because people have no money no regular salaries people live without being able to plan. their remains much to resolve such as who has ultimate control over the armed wing of hamas what happens to the tens of thousands of hamas employees who to now have been working in a parallel administration to the palestinian authority is in the details and the ones both hamas and fatah sit down together and try to figure out the issue of future palestinian the systems in gaza are the issue of how last forty five forty three thousand employees and. other minor issues that might be a big problem other issues loom not least on mahmoud abbas handles relations with the u.s. and israel both of which describe him as a terrorist group gazans though they're more interested in decision could make any time now to lift the recent restrictions and make their lives
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a little better original said al-jazeera gaza so how did we get here well hamas took over gaza in two thousand and seven after a war with fatah the fighting followed parliamentary elections which hamas won the two parties couldn't agree on how to share power though the conflict weakened the palestinian authority leaving it only in charge of palestinian territories in the west bank which is occupied by israel since march last year hamas has wrangles or under and administrative committee which is seen as a rival government to the fattah dominated palestinian authority in the west bank and as you know you've been hearing how mass now says it's dissolved this administration to allow a unity government led by mahmoud abbas to assume responsibility in gaza hamas has also agreed to hold general elections. and the binds the two with the palestinian president mahmoud abbas says elections are important for a future unified government. we are very optimistic but we would like to see that
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first step takes place we are ready the consensus government is here and it can travel quickly. after a long and long period of saying and not doing the only thing is that step which might take place tomorrow i mean it is not talking about weeks we're talking about something that could happen very very soon once it happens once the consensus government a government that hamas had accepted every one of its ministers been chaperoned by egypt also once this government starts ruling gaza and the west bank and start developing problems. canonically start solving the economic problems of the gazans and that that first step will set real optimism for the second step which is the elections a step that we have called for for
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a very long time and now from us except that legislative and presidential elections will bring back our elective democracy and will bring back more support from the people to a unified government. in baghdad ash the government has announced a controversial arrest richmond's on the movement of a hinge of refugees crossing over from. it setting up new camps to how is the more than four hundred thousand refugees who have fled ethnic violence in iraq and states according to say media the revenger are barred from using public transport and looking for accommodation outside these cramped refugee camps and the national .


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