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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 18, 2017 2:00am-3:01am AST

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a secret construction project concerns about the country's growing. with its neighbors in order to give the indians big. so what lies behind india's nuclear. power investigates at this time. this is. this is the news hour live from doha the next sixty minutes cautious optimism as palestinian president mahmoud abbas welcomes
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a reconciliation offer by rival group hamas. the u.n. chief joins opposition to a kurdish referendum in iraq and tonic a terrorist says it could divert focus from the war against. and maternal mortality is on the rise why new mothers are dying at a higher rate in the u.s. than anywhere else in the western world. and in sports smash and grab a huge crash title contender sebastian vettel out of the singapore grand prix will be here with that story. we begin with the latest on the reconciliation efforts between rival palestinian groups hamas and fatah palestinian authority president one of us as well. can get
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offered by hamas to set up a unity government in gaza hamas which ruled gaza for ten years has agreed to dismantle the administrative committee that runs the strip as well as hold elections now is seen as a major breakthrough towards resolving a long and bitter dispute but as hari forces reports the real challenge lies in its implementation. the pressure has been mounting on hamas the results of ten years of israeli and egyptian blockade have been intensified this year by rival palestinian faction facts are the facts are leader palestinian president mahmoud abbas has cut salary payments and electricity supplies attempting to pressurise hamas into giving up its sole control of gaza hamas turned to egypt which pushed the palestinian reconciliation. we responded to these efforts and made a brave decision to dissolve the administrative committee and now there are no excuses for. a bass has one choice only to respond positively to achieve
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the palestinian national unity. that dream was riven by gunfire in two thousand and seven when hamas prevailed in street battles and the political division between gaza and the occupied west bank began repeated attempts to reconcile have collapsed this time factor says it's ready to send its officials to gaza that plans are in place for the unity government to get to work it's now a matter of details. we now look positively on this but we need clarifications and the clarifications should come from the guarantor and the mediator which is egypt some of those who potentially have the most to gain from any deal between hamas and fatah and the hundreds of thousands of gazans who live in refugee camps like this one but over ten years of separation economic blockade they become used to being let down. they certainly borne the brunt of the palestinian authorities recent pressure tactics for hours electricity a day has become the norm this on top of
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a crippled economy which is left and his four sons among so many others in gaza without jobs. reconciliation could solve the power problem it could solve the water problem the markets are empty because people have no money no regular salaries people live without being able to plan. there remains much to resolve such as who has ultimate control over the armed wing of hamas what happens to the tens of thousands of hamas employees who till now have been working in a parallel administration to the palestinian authority is in the details and once. they sit down together and try to figure out the issue of future palestinian resistance in gaza the issue of how last forty five forty three thousand employees and. minor issues that might be a big problem other issues loom not least tell mahmoud abbas handles relations with the u.s. and israel both of which describe hamas as
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a terrorist group gazans though more interested in decision could make any time now to lift the recent restrictions and make their lives a little better. al-jazeera gaza. so how did we get here until two thousand and six when what abbas's fatah party was in charge of the palestinian territories in gaza and the west bank which is occupied by israel than hamas speech fatah and elections in gaza weakening the palestinian authority the two parties couldn't agree on how to ship power then the following year hamas took over gaza after a war with fatah and also repeated attempts of reconciliation the two sides finally reached an understanding to create an interim government in twenty eleven but that agreement was never and forced now since march last year hamas has run gaza on dirt in there an administrative committee which is seen as a rival government to the fatah dominated palestinian authority in the west bank
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but pressure has been mounting on hamas until earlier this year the un has said that humanitarian conditions in the territory are deteriorating further and faster than previously for cost and it concluded that the enclave is effectively unlivable for its two million people that speak to you he is a middle east analyst and contributed to the plus nine seventeen magazine he joins us live now from los angeles sommer thank you so much for being with al-jazeera so we've seen numerous agreements this goes back to two thousand and two thousand and seven and efforts for reconciliation how is this one different to previous ones. well i think you're right to point out that this is not anything new and if if anything can be said about the announcement today it's it comes in the wake of several political developments a put both hamas and fatah house under increasing pressure in the case of hamas of
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course what you have is the complete closure or near complete closure of the border crossing the less than five percent movement between gaza and the west bank through the arrows crossing as compared to fifteen years ago and the israeli withdrawal and then as far as mahmoud abbas is concerned it is of course the situation in syria and the increasing indications that any revolution that might have existed five years ago is now about to come to an end and hafez assad will once again resume power of the entire country so this changes the calculus in terms of both mahmoud abbas and fatah and hamas the other thing that must be said here is. about three months ago when essentially turned off the electricity in gaza to four hours a day that your correspondents spoke of is unprecedented in the ten years of the closure of the gaza strip and that is a direct result of mahmoud abbas and the fatah how thora the refusing to pay the
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bill for the electricity that the israel israeli power company was supplying to gaza so all of those pressures combined have made this announcement inevitable the question however is as your correspondent said that the details which are of course the devil in all cases yes you've given us the geopolitical changes in the region that is obviously created this opportunity for president abbas but in practical terms how would this reflect the reality on the ground i know that you've already touched on this the two million population of palestinian people living gaza and clearly don't have the basic needs to just live life moment so practically speaking how would they be able to implement a decent leadership. there are two things that need to help number one the european union actually drew up a plan around the time of the israeli troop draw in two thousand and five to put the rough border crossing between gaza and egypt under international protection or
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international administration one so far as to actually purchase the equipment that would be placed there at the rafah border crossing that would allow for both the movement of people and goods both of which are absolutely essential to gaza being able to reclaim something of the dignity that it had prior to the closure that plan needs to be put back into effect needs to be re re constituted and looked at by the international community the second thing is there had been talk and this was talk that was actually endorsed by israeli officials of opening up the gaza port and this is something that i think is actually more practical than than people might realize given the political situation the plans for that have already been drawn up they have been endorsed by some segments of the israeli government and if those were to be reconstituted it could signify a way to bring gaza back from the brink that the united nations has repeatedly
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pointed to. thank you so much for your time you know the u.n. secretary general antonio terra's has warned that the planned independence referendum would detract from the need to defeat iraq iran and turkey oppose the poll and them straight his march through the streets of istanbul on sunday in protest iran's government has threatened to end all border and security arrangements with the kurdish regional authority in the living iraq if the vote goes ahead hoda abdel-hamid has more in erbil which is the kurdish region in northern iraq she says iran is worried about how the kurds living in its territory would react to a referendum in neighboring iraq. this might be the first explicit statement coming out of iran but certainly there have been several warnings by the iranian government over the past few months relations actually between tehran and the
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kurdish authorities have been strained for quite a while now at the bottom line iran sees this as a threat to its own national security in the sense that iran has a sizable kurdish population several iranian kurdish opposition parties are based here in northern iraq and iran fears that this referendum even though nonbinding if it goes ahead might to pull the aspirations of the iranian kurds just those are exactly the same fears that turkey has for example now the mood here remains the find over the past few days president and he has held rallies and he has said very bluntly that the referendum will go ahead because the alternative put forward by the international community may need the u.s. to u.k. and the u.n. is actually not clear enough is not is not binding enough in the sense that. it.
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is us to postpone this referendum until after the iraqi general elections are to be held in two thousand and eighteen but i think it would be would like to get a assurance guarantees from baghdad that after that it will go ahead with this referendum. cole the plan for the kurdish referendum on independence in northern iraq and national security iraq has called the vote scheduled for september twenty fifth playing with fire and. capitol hill. the iraqi prime minister hydrilla body reacted with strong words to the kurdish part of his decision to hold an independence referendum on september twenty fifth if you challenge the constitution and if you challenge the border so far on the border of the region then there will not be this is a public and began to the countries in the region to violate iraq because there is
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one which is very dangerous escalation. of bodies were to are met with a mixture of defiance and anger in the kurdish region of northern iraq the president of the kurdistan regional government masoud barzani spoke at a rally north of erbil in the city of the. rejected our partnership. if you have a look at the iraqi constitution it says the commitment to this constitution keeps the free unity of iraq we decided to live with baghdad but they didn't accept our partnership they have to accept we will be good neighbors if they want to accept our partnership we won't be their servants turkey's president also voiced his concerns referring to his country's national security so. we will have a meeting with the iraqi prime minister mr a body in the united states and from what we can see our goal is the same our goal is not dividing iraq but now the northern iraqi authority is taking a step towards the separation of iraq. one source of tension is the disputed
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territory of kirkuk which the kurds say belongs to them but is also claimed by iraq the kurds have been clear that the referendum will take place in cook and have sent troops to the city but the local iraqi shia led militia says any ballot box will be seen as an act of aggression. the international community also reacted the u.s. special representative to the anti eisel coalition said that the u.s. would not support any kurdish referendum and in fact said that the iraqis and the kurds should get together and concentrate on the fight against and that's also a view echoed by the british foreign office across the kurdish region flags have been waving and nationalism amongst this distinct ethnic group is the fever pitch ordinary kurds and their leaders see this referendum as their moment a chance for self-determination and their own nation state something they've been striving for the navy a century however some party saying time is not now but they may back the popular
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movement that seems to be on track to hold the referendum despite the objections of iraq the united states and opposition across the region imran khan how does it appear. now earlier we spoke to buy a home on she is the representative of the kurdistan regional government mission in the us she says there's no chance of the kurdish independence vote being delayed. president barzani has been clear that so far we haven't had an off or let's say an alternative that is as good as or better than having a referendum it is the right of people like the right of peoples around the world to have self-determination let's hear what the people of code to stan have to say why use the world so afraid to hear the fois of five to seven million people let's hear what they want to say first of all we are committed to defeating isis
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fighting isis and the successor of isis whether it's al qaida or another formation we will continue to fight isis america didn't ask us to fight isis we fought isis our pitch monica fought isis of course where extremely grateful for all the assistance we are getting to fight isis but it is our fight and we will continue there is no destruction second we have not said we will unilaterally declare independence we have said we will have a referendum so that the will of the people of kurdistan can be expressed this will give to ship the mandate to negotiate with the fact that we are heading towards negotiations i don't know why that is so scary for everyone we want to talk to baghdad we want to be partners and good neighbors to iraq we have given our best shots to be part of iraq i'm sure you know in your view is no the top dog history
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of the people of kurdistan and iraq under saddam we had chemical bombardment. and followed genocide and so on off to two thousand and three we saw this is our opportunity to be part of a iraq a partnership a federal and democratic iraq that is what we signed up for that is what the constitution of iraq sets out we did our best we can have a top best shot but. from baghdad is a reversal of those promises undermining of the constitution fifty five articles of the constitution have been violated the disputed. areas. despite. how much should we negotiate with. and our head of the news hour including a war crimes prosecutor describes the sexual violence committed by both sides in
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salsa don civil war as the worst he's ever seen. and a major. force as it signed a new deal with the u.k. to buy typhoon fighter jets. france thought all through through to the davis cup final he told. up against. the heavy monsoon rains in bangladesh have added to the misery of hundreds of thousands of stuck in makeshift camps there fiji's a living and light conditions almost eight centimeters of rain fell in twenty four hours and more rain is expected over the next two days there are also severe shortages of food and fresh drinking water. from cox is bizarre. every day what you see over here private relief agencies trying to get relief to
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growing a refugee every day like. the red cross work and the local agencies everybody is working very hard but. the. children run across with this private trucks trying to deliver. three people died in the stampede one woman and children at the same time bangladesh government in a controversial move have told the police to arrest the movement of the rowing us across the country. and all the junction. to the other parts of the country charges have started the biometric registration process that started several days ago they want to register each and every rowing guys who have fled from me to bangladesh so they can keep an account where they are who they are and they want to confine them would in the. areas they don't want them to move around the country they wonder
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eventually able to send them back to me and this is a proof to show that these are me on my rock he's going are refugees who have crossed over to bangladesh and the mayor in marseilles i don't want. them fencing all across the border in this drawing the refugees will be stateless people stuck between the two countries. signed a deal with the u.k. of i twenty four fighter jets the sale of the typhoon aircraft was a great and a bilateral meeting in doha qatar has been ramping up its spending on military equipment the start of the g.c.c. crisis in early june and in the past three months it has signed a deal with the us to purchase f. fifteen jets and another one with seven navy vessels. foreign minister says that the international community is not doing enough to combat what he calls terrorism muhammad been called on wealthiest to do more he was speaking at an event in new york organized by the u.s. think tank the brookings institution. terrorism.
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and here i'd like to say that the violence. has a lot. and creation terrorist organizations and there's a national. the world in general hasn't you know nuff. facing this terrorism phenomena and i feel sorry to say that the. spirits sufferings. the more that's not the community is not. these problems out it's a national community has dropped necessary to fight this phenomena because it's a threat against the end of. the country and it's a threat to the human rights. and wasn't jordan has more from that forum and new
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york. this is the thirteenth annual u.s. islamic world tour and this year's theme is trying to target efforts to confront biotech stringer's and or to. the keynote speaker the qatari foreign minister on the international community to do much more to combat the reasons why people might be attracted to groups such as or to hide the harm of al dura when out he said that this is a case of bad company and combating the truth and prejudice especially in government houses and he told the international community particularly the u.s. to redouble their efforts to take away the core reasons why people might be attracted to. extremist ideology. in order to try to. government. once again. between the israelis and the palestinians it's more important to. us in that area
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because that's a key reason why people are attracted to extremist groups. people here during his keynote address. issues on going problems in international peace and security will continue. the president. on the head of the country's human rights commission. he was a paedophile. about the killing. and the ongoing violent crackdown on drugs the human rights commission has repeatedly clashed with the president of a his war on drugs and last week. the commission's budget.
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and human rights groups say thousands of women have been raped and sexually assaulted during the four year war and south sudan they banned the abuses on government troops are president salva kiir and opposition forces loyal to former vice president bashar and many civilians have fled to seek safety in neighboring uganda from where reports. florence walked through the bush for two days in south sudan these sandals to get to the safety of this refugee camp in uganda she told us that was after five government soldiers gang raped her along with four other women who changed her name and hidden her face. my husband was following a short distance behind us when he came and found these men on me he told them to stop they grabbed him immediately and killed him with the night.
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we had many similar stories from the people in the camps men tortured or killed and women gang raped by government soldiers he told them all ethnic groups other than there should leave south sudan people in this tent it will arrive within the last couple of days there waiting to be registered the u.n. says more than a million of arrived here in uganda since the conflict began health workers here say they think there are very many among them who survived sexual violence but i think just a fraction of them are coming forwards. in recent weeks opposition troops of government forces near the border with uganda but ever since the conflict began in twenty thirteen rights groups say sexual violence has been a widely used weapon by both sides. and if the international says thousands of women girls and some men are victims a u.n. report last year said seventy percent of women in the camps around the capital juba have been raped the spokesman for the government forces told us soldiers who rape
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a punished and he question what we've been told in the camps. those claims to know for sure. whether someone coming forward thought that these are claims that are being made in the revenue coming out. being told to say we have things about this family opposition forces have been accused of sexual violence to the majority of allegations the pain of sexual violence by government soldiers can scott a war crimes prosecutor who's worked on tribunals for many conflicts he investigated south sudan's conflict for the u.n. he says the sexual violence is the worst he's ever known it's at such a high level of incidents widespread. being going on for a substantial period of time not as isolated incidents. you know one can only. work crimes involving sexual violence are taking place. in the camps mary not her real name says she wants justice but doesn't expect it she says she was raped by
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three soldiers they found her fleeing with her husband killed him and threw her baby in a bush. they tied up blindfold on my face they took all my positions and stripped me three of them were all on me after i grabbed my baby and left i was naked now i have not. malcolm where al-jazeera west nile uganda. forehead al-jazeera conservationists and indeed administered kashmir to restore what was once the biggest freshwater lake. angle a mouthful gets an ultimatum from a potential coalition partner just a week from germany's a general election. europe has its fast when there is a major winner since two thousand and nine seats albeit to tell you how she did it
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and. how low we still have jose driving its way across the atlantic western side of the atlantic still seeing some other life the way in is pushing some very heavy seas in across the eastern seaboard of the u.s. into that eastern side of kind of the ice a position of the storm at the moment a keen northeast wind coming in his eye some dangerous rip tides dangerous currents coming in coming inland and here we do still have a little bit of wet weather just around the midwest that will continue to just not its way a little further east which as we go on through the course of choose the next is to choose the new england still feeling the effects of jose and i do marathons also fitting those effects as well so some very brisk winds coming through thankfully main system should stay offshore but some very very windy weather coming through
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meanwhile some wet windy and some wintry weather up towards the northwest particularly across the mountain states where we could see some snow but let's push back down into the caribbean we're very concerned about another another hurricane making its way towards the lesser antilles you can just see massive cloud just pushing into the eastern side of the picture here making its way across the the leeward stand this is horrific and maria that will push across the lee was eventually easing towards puerto rico. a deadly attack destroyed her family and left her badly wounded. time to california and little girl's journey of love.
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that would touch the hearts of the people around her forever i was excited when i saw the situation. on al-jazeera wild at this time. continents across the. correspondence.
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from one of our top stories. president mahmoud abbas has welcomed an offer by hamas to set up a unity government in gaza hamas which has ruled gaza for ten years has agreed to dismantle the administrative committee that runs a strip and hold elections. and u.n. secretary general has warned that the kurdish independence referendum would detract from the need to defeat a representative from the regional government says there's no chance of the votes being delayed. and heavy rains in bangladesh have added to the misery of hundreds of thousands of refugees in makeshift camps. described as ethnic cleansing in neighboring me and mine. now the u.k.'s threats. on terror has been lowered from critical to severe it was raised to the highest
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level off to friday's bomb attack on a london underground train that injured thirty people. three properties in sorry and west london on sunday and placed to specs in custody a twenty one year old man was attained in the west london suburb of hounslow a night and early an eighteen year old man was arrested at the port of dover the main ferry link to france following the attack. last friday the police have made good progress with what is an operation the joint terrorist analysis center which reviews the threat that the u.k. have decided to lower that from critical to severe now. that attack is highly likely so i would urge everybody to continue to be vigilant but not to. baba has more from outside scotland yard in london. well police are not saying much
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about this latest arrest we do know the counter terrorism officers of the met police arrested a twenty one year old man around shortly before midnight local time on saturday and that was in the hounslow which is southwest of where i am in central london it's also very near to sunbury on thames that's a suburb where armed police carried out a raid on a residential property on saturday and they also evacuated scores of people from around that area telling some local residents they had just one or two minutes to get out of their homes scaring quite a lot of people and the speculation amongst those residents was that they could have been looking for explosives police have made it clear that that raid came as a result of the arrest early on saturday in dover of an eighteen year old man now we don't know much about him either but that was also on the terrorism act that man
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like the twenty one year old who's been arrested was taken to a south london police station police are keeping tight lipped they're still appealing to the public for information and for video images of the incident at parsons green tube station which might help them now on friday president trump put out a tweet saying that the people who put the device in the train were known in the sights of the metropolitan police prime minister to resume a suggested that was unhelpful britain's interior minister has now done the same so they're clearly suggesting that people should not speculate until we know a bit more about the investigation and the u.s. ambassador to the united nations has warned north korea it will be destroyed if it continues its reckless behavior and forces the u.s. senate allies to defend themselves against an attack the comments follow u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson admitting
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a military response may be the only option to containing north korea another ballistic missile was fired over japan on friday clinton says he favors a peaceful solution but it might not be possible. if our diplomatic efforts fail though our military option we will be the only one left so all of this is backed up by a very strong and resolute military option but be clear we seek a peaceful solution to this and kuwait has a given north korea's ambassador a month to leave the gulf state and says it will downgrade its a fanatic presence and pyongyang the move could potentially limited north korea's ability to foreign exchange from workers it sends to the gulf nation and the u.s. and asian nations have increased pressure on their allies to cut ties as north korea continues to conduct nuclear and ballistic missile launches japan has been scrambling to address the increasing threat from north korea as well off to pyongyang launched missiles over its territory twice in just over two weeks but
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many in japan are concerned that an issue festering for decades is being forgotten and that's a free to all of the japanese citizens abducted by north korean agents of a bride has more details from tokyo. the north korean abduction issue is a highly emotive one here in japan even forty years after they took place this was a bizarre series of abductions often from deserted beaches in northern japan by north korean special forces of any body they happened to come across people who were then taken back to north korea to help in their spy training program basically teaching north korean spies how to speak better japanese now it was only fifteen years ago that the then north korea kim jong il finally admitted that yes this policy had been taking place he apologized for it and subsequently a handful of japanese citizens and sometimes dependents children born in captivity
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were released back to japan that according to the north korea was the end of the matter but for many people here in japan like these this pressure group and other support groups they've often believed that many more people have been held in north korea that north korea has not accepted responsibility for and they're pressing for those people to be released now the concern for these campaign is that with the current standoff with north korea over its nuclear development program the issue of the abductions is being lost well prime minister shinzo they came along here to tell these people that he for one has not forgotten. even if north korea keeps threatening our country we'll never forget about the abducted families from japan. goes to the u.n. general assembly where he says he'll be taking up the abduction issue it's also a session where he will be having
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a very important meeting with his south korean counterparts and with presidents from of the united states a session that will be dominated by the question how collectively do they deal with north korea a session that could have very far reaching consequences now germany's liberal f.t.v. party has ruled out joining a post-election coalition with chancellor angela merkel she supports france's plan to further integrate the e.u. the eurozone economies now merkel spent sunday on soaring questions from chantal from children in berlin and polls indicate that a christian democrat party is almost certain to retain power and next sunday's election but is not expected to win enough to govern alone the f.t.p. is usually seen as a natural coalition partner but has taken a hard line on france's plans to overhaul the eurozone now after twelve years in power merkel is already one of germany's longest serving chances and he takes
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a look at merkel's leadership and the predecessors that shaped terrorized to power . angela merkel made history when she became germany's first female chancellor. forty eight years earlier with german city still in ruins after the defeat of the nazi regime the country's first post-war chancellor conrad adenauer signed the treaty of rome that led to the creation of the european union european integration was designed to contain germany's power it would turn the country into the most powerful economy in europe your chance falling from the second world war and continuing with angle americal have had this trend where they want to protect german interests through the vehicle of the e.u. and focus on trade and also on kind of democratic liberal principles that you almost become the beacon of germany so-called economic miracle began under chancellor ludwig erhard he forged ties with the us
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a soviet russia tightened its grip on communist east germany. later chancellors willy brandt and helmut schmidt try to improve ties with east germany in the soviet union while supporting nato and the european community. as the cold war thought the burning wall dividing west and east germany. merkel entered politics later joining the christian democrats she seemed became chancellor helmut kohl protege a woman and former east german she symbolized a new united country in two thousand and five she won a narrow victory over gary hart schroeder becoming chancellor of a grand coalition during her twelve years in office angela merkel has drawn some key lessons from her previous s. and she's remain flexible during the refugee crisis an open door policy has allowed the country to bolster its plummeting population and in the same way the previous
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transfers have tried to balance both eastern and western powers so she has struggled to overcome rival political impulses within her own country and abroad she has played a pivotal role in balancing western interests with those of putin's russia and increasingly confrontational turkey and the present. and heritage policy traditions but she's maintained a very pro european policy and a sense that germany should talk to both east and west and try to find a peaceful solution when possible one of her biggest achievements is in balancing germany's national budget but the austerity measures that benefited europe's largest exporter have crippled others for many greeks she's a symbol of a divided europe however for those unnerved by donald trump's america first policy she's seen as the last defender of liberal western values and together with her allies she's wage war on euro skepticism and the hope of reinvigorating belief in
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the e.u. a union central to germany's place in the world the parka al-jazeera london. four u.s. tourists have been attacked with acid in the french city of masi police arrested a forty one year old woman in connection with the attack at the same child's train station all four women are receiving medical treatment two of them have suffered facial injuries. and several caribbean islands that were devastated by hurricane and now preparing to face a possible second major storm the u.s. national hurricane center upgraded tropical storm maria to a category one hurricane it's currently heading for the leeward islands where it could make landfall by monday night. but the number of deaths of new mothers is on the rise in the united states and the rate is now the highest there than any other major industrialized country john hendren is in chicago to
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find out why in the final part of our series on maternal mortality. fermat local and the joy of childbirth lasted a day as their daughter madeline took her first breaths his wife liz died hours later of a pulmonary embolism the sudden blockage in her lung made her one of more than seven hundred women in the u.s. who die each year during or shortly after childbirth the two things that are guaranteed to every single one of us are birth and death that's it there's nothing else that's guaranteed right and so i experience both of those things in twenty seven hours it's an increasingly common story in the united states even as maternal mortality falls elsewhere around the globe more american mothers die in the first year of their child's life than in any other industrialized nation a study published in the lancet medical journal says the u.s. ranks forty six in the world in terms of maternal mortality with twenty six women for each hundred thousand live births that's more than three times the rate of
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neighboring canada due to the longstanding inability for women to access free or low cost health care in the united states women in the united states tend to enter pregnancy much sicker than counterparts in other developing nations so women enter pregnancy with medical issues such as obesity diabetes hypertension kidney problems the list goes on and on the problem here is growing the u.s. is one of just thirteen countries where the rate is worse than it was fifteen years ago. illinois is about average among american states when it comes to maternal mortality in two thousand and seven five point eight mothers died for every hundred thousand live births according to a group called the march of dimes by two thousand and sixteen according to another study that number had nearly tripled to sixteen for black women in the u.s. it's far worse one reason the stress of being black in america stressing out about
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not having a job or money coming to the father either is not around or not in their lives the family members left behind never get the chance to offer that support is more american mothers die in the year after childbirth infant mortality in the u.s. is at its lowest level in history researchers say the two facts might well be related just six percent of the money the u.s. government gives to states to lower mortality birth is devoted to mothers john hendren al jazeera chicago. that china has relocated one of shanghai its most popular tourist attractions in a unique operation the entirety of the ancient buddhist a ufo temple has been moved thirty eight meters and raised me to hi there we location was conducted for security reasons two million people visit the temple every year now the without fresh water lake in india in minutes of kasmir used to
2:46 am
be one of asia's largest since then it struck to hof its size and is clogged with silt but especially when to see if the latest clean up campaign is working. it's water chestnuts season on the lake at the foothills of the himalayas. but the waters are getting harder to navigate all around as a growing mounds of silt this boy is jumping off one of the. and it's because of these willow trees. but the water was very clear here it was blue so panda tells me as we walk over what was once a lake it was a forestry worker in the one nine hundred fifty s. hired by the government to plant willows to later harvest for firewood. landed hundreds of thousands of trees but it was a mistake this has just brought destruction to the lake my heart that i'm responsible for planting. the willows choking the lake.
2:47 am
in one thousand eleven will last surface area was two hundred sixteen square kilometers it's now half that. well are supposed to be a natural flood barrier for the city of srinagar downstream. but the lakes defenses failed with severe consequences in twenty fourteen inundating the city more than three hundred people were killed if you look at the data over there and bear in mind is including the meat you can see there the preconceived extreme events including the precipitation cloudburst floods is increasing so whenever we will have this type of a flood in so little because our produce masses sedimentation is not able to absorb the flood waters and that will if there does not taken care of that will again lead to the you know massive inundation of the city in a good city. a small section of clear water is the only evidence that anything has been done recently to clean the lake and recent years there have been attempts to
2:48 am
restore like but they have always ended up costing between tens to hundreds of millions of dollars of has never been enough money so this latest project aims to try and persuade private contractors to dredge the water. and take part payment of willow trees in return but they're only going to start with one square kilometer we are getting tremendous pressure from public from god would undertake it as early as possible it is one who gives an idea how people are concerned and it will be. the contractor will get two years to de silt and up root the willow from their one square kilometer if the scheme works the government will extend it it'll take decades to finish perhaps not enough time to beat the next extreme weather event burnet smith al-jazeera. and the kashmir valley and coming up on al-jazeera are all the sports including time for break tell us how you want this quick thinking
2:49 am
badminton player did when. he had a smashed up rocket. from the icy mountain steps of mongolia to the flooded lowlands of south america. the high stakes series returns. following the daring journey of ordinary people from around the globe who take extraordinary risks to work in a living. risking it all coming soon on al-jazeera. in the next episode of science in a golden age exploring the contributions made by scholars join the medieval islamic period in the field of medicine. science tend to be a good subject to bring different people from all over to work together.
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the more about. science in a golden age with professor at this time. now the stars of the soul of the screen on taking to the red carpet on sunday for the annual emmy awards and this is on his ongoing political sketch show such as saturday night live and even come as the late show are leaving the nominations saturday night life has ended twenty two nominations and here are just some of its most. moments. i just. said that with.
2:51 am
jordan six was confirmed with the media things and no one is talking about. going to different just fifty nine tomahawk missiles going. oh the people just let me you know just give me the hammer and nails and let me fix it all. really i think that you've heard enough in here let's get out of here you go ahead and i have one more trick. a bartender keep him coming. i'd like to begin with the president's schedule three p.m. the president travels going to meet with the leader from central asia the president the boy. was. also back up to moderate. time for sport now has pizza. thank you very much lewis hamilton has extended his lead in for me the ones driving with
2:52 am
a victory at the singapore grand prix on sunday but there was drama for ferrari who suffered in a race that were expected to dominate. his reports. to dissolve the ferrari at the start of the singapore grand prix a wet marina bay street sakit made way to vent. both ferrari's out of the race they were expected to dominate. the best in vettel collided with teammate kimmie reichen in and right both much to stop and stop a good average. of the crash causing the face he caught to come out on to the track which ended up being sent out a total of three times during the race due to a series of incidents. but what of lewis hamilton depart started fifth on the grid and managed to clean escape from the carnage he managed to slot into fast place and that's where he stayed eventually crossing the line ahead of red bulls daniel
2:53 am
ricardo who finished in second place for the third year in a row hamilton's the fading teammate valtteri bottas completed the podium there we struggled and we are and we had no idea what was in happens there but the thing is we just try to stay focused and try to get ahead of the scene was very fortunate with the prize at the beginning so yeah i can be very grateful all over disappointed obviously to miss out on a win but i still going to be pretty grateful and happy with another podium and i think there's more of these here than last year and there was more than the year before so it's getting better and thankfully the win is the sixtieth of hamilton's career and it means he now has a twenty eight point lead in the championship standing. tatiana sanchez al-jazeera . tennis now in france have reached the davis cup final where they'll face belgium joe wilford peter do sam ally of each in the reverse singles on sunday after be using the opening set six two song came back to take the second six two he went on
2:54 am
to seal the final two sets france winning three one. steve darcy's a belgian one the deciding rather in three sets against australia jordan thompson darcy's wrapping up a match six four seven five six two the same and the belgians three. majesty united have joined their local rivals city at the top of the english premier league table united overcame everton in the late kick off on sunday and tony of the lens opened the scoring less than five minutes into the game but the goals did not stop there three more including a penalty which anthony marcial converted successfully in the dying minutes gave man united four nil win meanwhile champions chelsea hosted arsenal in a london derby at stamford bridge in the early kick off their game ended nil nil when you play this type of game a. massive game and you know very well that anything can happen.
2:55 am
i think we tried to win both teams trained to do when to created chances chances to score and. i think. in the final i would do. virtually. total intensity with two teams went really for it it was a bank loan moving picture and we responded well. in domains where we were questioned you know like when the team shows what kind of response or i feel like. it's a deserved point and we should be more freedom maybe less inhibition we could really want this game over in spain real madrid appear to have kick start their leg a campaign were after winning three draws from their first three games they have won three one away at a rail saucier that they're still four points behind league leaders barcelona very
2:56 am
early and they were away when the soviet a.o. and severe well last pole must be to athletic bilbao one though. african champions league holders sundowns of south africa have taken a step closer towards the season's semifinals on sunday they defeated we blank one zero in the quarter final first lake in the other match tripoli of libya drew nil nil against to near zero while do so how at a neutral venue in egypt slovenia are the european basketball champions after a closely fought victory in the euro bosket final against serbia on sunday in istanbul basketball is a big sport in the balkans and this was the first time the eurobasket final was being contested by two teams from the former yugoslavia in the end it was the slovenians who triumphed captain goran drag a true place for the miami heat in the n.b.a. scored thirty five points seven rebounds and three assists ninety three eighty five miles to school. and an old course has won the year's firth and
2:57 am
final women's major the every on championship on a dramatic final day nor to start of the day five strokes behind the leader but carded two eagles in a six under sixty six to finish nine under american brittany ultimate emulated the swede on sunday to also finish a nine and a in really difficult conditions it was not the first time whether interfered after thursday's first round was cancelled the two players headed for a playoff nordquist sank a four foot putt for a bogey five on the soaked eighteenth hole well the one hundred second rank to also mark out of the six this is the swedes first major since two thousand and nine which is also the last time a european one a women's major. equipment failures can be part and parcel of professional sport but it's how you deal with them that counts take a look at how one badminton player at the korean open coped when he realized he'd smashed his records in the middle of a rally in china is wearing you know you left partner. to do the work while you ran
2:58 am
to his bench to get a spare he paid it back up to call just in time to make a return despite that. the pe went on to news today indonesia of us. and that's all the sport for me more coming up again later. thanks for watching the back and i meant more news. let's talk about now. right now. right now it's happening so fast. you can barely keep up with it. right now we've
2:59 am
got clouds protecting. on mobile technology finding clean water not tomorrow not five years in the future. now. in a disaster the internet can be restored by a truck. in a mine this truck can drive itself and right now this child is being treated by a doctor from six thousand miles away this is science fiction and cisco networks are making it happen now. because when everything is securely connected anything is possible and there's never been a better time to change the way. cautious
3:00 am
optimism as palestinian president mahmoud abbas balkans a reconciliation off by the rival group hamas. that. this is not a zero.


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