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tv   Inside Story 2017 Ep 259  Al Jazeera  September 18, 2017 3:32am-4:01am AST

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twenty fifth but the kurdistan regional government says there's no chance the votes will be delayed a convoy of eighteen turkish ahmed vehicles have arrived at a border crossing in syria and they're moving into opposition controlled areas inside syria to create so-called escalations zones or broken up talks in the catholic capital this week the area near the border crossing around it live has been held by rebels since twenty thirteen heavy monsoon rains involve that i should add to the misery of hundreds of thousands of russian just stuck in makeshift camps the refugees are living in conditions and almost eight metres of rain fell in just twenty four hours with more rain expected over the next two days. and the u.k. is terror threat level has been lowered from critical to severe it was raised to the highest level off to friday's bomb attack on the london underground train that injured thirty people detectives are questioning a twenty one year old and also an eighteen year old who remain in custody police
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searched another three properties in sorry and west london on sunday. up next is inside story about. the nobel peace prize the winner of one of the world's most prestigious awards is often controversial the one nine hundred ninety one recipient aung san suu kyi is being criticized for ignoring the plight of the hinge a minority in me and as this year's nominees announced the other questionable winners from the past this is inside story.
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welcome to the program in doha i'm adrian finnegan it's anyone's guess as to who will win this year's nobel peace prize no less than three hundred eighteen people and organizations and nominated and the announcements to you on october sixth but on the nations are supposed to be secret but on the list are expected to be the white helmet search and rescue in syria pope francis and donald trump previous winners have been controversial including trump's predecessor barack obama vietnam war diplomats and former u.s. secretary of state henry kissinger and now. reports. a nobel peace prize winner silence on the military crackdown of the rohingya in myanmar. is under international pressure as hundreds of thousands of the long
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persecuted raheen just steamed into bangladesh they told her refix stories their villages burned women raped and children killed. landmines another danger as they crossed the border united nations secretary general caused a crisis a textbook example of ethnic cleansing do you believe this is ethnic cleansing well i would answer your question with another question when one third of the growing a population of the country can you find a better word to describe it. as on some churchy is urged to take strong stands on behalf of the rohingya critics are asking whether her peace prize can be revoked the nobel committee in norway is no stranger to controversy or pressure throughout the prices hundred sixteen year history many winners have been accused of not deserving the honor in two thousand and twelve the european union received the prize for helping transform europe from a continent of war into
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a continent of peace during one of the worst financial crisis. iraq obama was chosen for what was described as extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between people but that nomination came just twelve days after he was inaugurated as u.s. presidents. in one thousand nine hundred seventy three former u.s. secretary of state henry kissinger was seen as the most controversial for winning a prize for peace work in south vietnam well north vietnam invaded south vietnam just two years later kissinger was also accused of war crimes for his alleged role in america's secret bombing of cambodia between one thousand nine hundred sixty nine and one nine hundred seventy five. it's often debated who's worth of the one million dollar prize even its founder was a controversial figure alfred nobel made his fortune after inventing dynamite and other powerful explosives but his thoughts that's not what he wanted to be
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remembered for finance but l.g. . so what did alfred nobel hope that his legacy would be able when he died in eighteen ninety six his will said the entire remaining estate should be used to endow prizes to those who during the preceding year shall have conferred the greatest benefit to mankind or to fellow nobel laureates urging on sound suchi to help or hinder our use of zion who won three years ago for her girls' education campaign against the taliban wrote recently on twitter over the last several years i have repeatedly condemned this tragic and shameful treatment i'm still waiting for my fellow nobel laureate aung san suu kyi to do the same the world is waiting and the injured muslims are waiting desmond tutu who won the prize in one thousand nine hundred four for helping to end apartheid in south africa wrote an open letter to suchi if the political price of your ascension to the highest office in myanmar is your silence the price is surely too steep for my church leaders said. so let's
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bring in our guests for today's discussion joining us from the norwegian capital oslo is frederick have a mell author of nobel peace prize what nobel really wanted from bexhill on sea in the u.k. journalist ro hand just secular who specializes on the nobel peace prize awards and from chicago as eem ibraheem senior fellow at the center for global policy to start with you and i want to get too bogged down with aung san suu kyi in this program or to concentrate more on the nobel peace prizes. in their totality but in her nobel lecture on center suchi said wherever suffering is ignored there will be the seeds of conflict the suffering degrades and in bitterness and in rages what then is we make of her silence over the treatment of the hinges should her peace prize be revoked. well the new bill the club of the nobel laureates is the most exclusive club and the world and unlike the other nobel prizes you know the prize for physics
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or chemistry when you discover a particular particle like the higgs or a strand of protein with only a small number of those clues of people can really appreciate the magnitude of that discovery the nobel peace prize has always been very controversial and san suu kyi was awarded her prize you know after fifteen years of house asked after men sacrifice that she undertook as my understanding that the nobel committee only award the prizes for past achievements not for cotton or future achievements for and so in that case i believe she is very deserving of the prize however we've also noticed in an unprecedented situation and which we have all a dozen others will be a lot of criticizing her for her lack of an action on the role in your ethnic cleansing that's going on in our country and it's not the fact that she has any significant power in the country she doesn't control the military but our complete indifference to the suffering of the rule in georgia you know we have
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a situation in which over four hundred nine thousand people have been ethnically and from their villages and myanmar driven over the border and the most recent estimate estimate actually and tickets are over one million of the ruin joe will be ethnically cleansed by the end of the year this is unprecedented and for hard then to turn around and say well this no ethnic cleansing going on in this country and this no this is all just a big iceberg of misinformation and state news and i think this is very difficult for many people who are who are very strong supporters of our people like myself to actually absorb. rowhani just second what do you make of what you just heard there is a sensor chaired a deserving recipient of the nobel peace prize i think she's a deserving with sippin peace prize when she got it that's what twenty six years ago but also that can but weak looking happen and we can politic twenty six is a monster and country is completely transformed so it's
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a political situation that's not to excuse. response or lack of it i think that she she should definitely step up not only on behalf of. the indices but all of the people. i thought holden simply is of better intent in these patients fuchsia than they're actually getting. for heaven now i welcome your thoughts on aung san suu kyi but what i ask you if you think peace prize recipients who later violate the principles for which they were recognized should have their awards revoked or rescinded to the nobel committee retain responsibility for the prizes that it awards and hold recipients to the highest standards in the future life as well as on airing past achievements i think they committee a sec i'm pleased they are right in their not going into the. later. emission
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chief of. the n.c. that would be an impossible situation i agree that many should have their prices revoked and variances in particular dr kissinger but. this is not the practice but you started out with silly wait a minute they question whether the. issue of birth the of the price that depends because this is a legal instrument it also has to be treated like that has to be interpreted in the. i.b.o. interpretation is to try and the intention of the just state or when he. made the testament in this case what went on in the mind of the nobel in november eighteenth i'm depriving you signed the bill and there can be no question that he had a certain special idea of what he wanted to. reward not he did not
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write her eyes for peace she spent a price for the champions of peace when he said that he had in mind those wrecking for a completely different rule and order where the current. cooperate instead of i'm sorry cease military alliances and their military poverty games the only security for men trying and also the only way to prosperity east to do cooperates. to. develop international law and institutions to. reduce unfriendly balazs armaments ok set some instead of all you're saying that the nobel committee as far as you are concerned isn't accurately on a ring no bells which it's a date the nobel peace prize hasn't existed so it is a completely benign reaching parliament and in the region politicians have to it's
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from they have betrayed the trust of the treadmill below its far dictates or for almost a century. as a neighbor him given the controversy that often surrounds it why do you think the nobel peace prize is is such a big deal. well known as the most exclusive club in the what do you know to be a nobel laureate and it's always going to run into controversy i think your guest is great in that if the committee actually had a mechanism by which to revoke the praise after it anybody behavior they'll be no end to hawking prizes you know this is something that i don't think has it's feasible or practical you know prizes are given prostitute meant i think the only exception to that issue is probably president obama who seems to have received just price for some play not being president george bush you know he didn't actually hog much past its past achievement in much much significance. but this idea that
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prizes should be toward god because of controversy the century i think every single nobel wrote this appeal it would be under some sort of scrutiny and some sort reportage protests continuously and we would never see an end to it secular what's wrong then with the way in which the nobel committee is choosing recipients is it too political. to digital perhaps it's to do private not transparent enough when the best we understand it's a group of. extremely well informed and distinguished. with some with supported by some others but it's not a process that seems to be open to any kind of. internal review or internal improvement i mean it's a process that seems by the sound of things but you've got some kind of what form
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but it's hard to see how it's actually with one could be stupid what do you feel right about about whether the nobel committee is accurately honoring nobels wishes or not. well you actually look. through the past the sheer diversity of prize winners. over the over the last decade many questions and they are there are plenty of examples of. peace plans given i mean think of the kano treaty in and the beyond east treaties pact in nineteen twenty. seeded second world war. quite clearly a pointless exercise in retrospect but whether people were talking about treaty organization of diplomats or individuals i think that prize works best when it highlights the work of individuals that you supply you mentioned and
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people like johnson certainly. telecom. from yemen who were in the wars these are people who generally inspirational down in the past and i think that's probably for me anyway closer to their wishes than the intentions of. nobel understanding. there and people like obama's frederick have about. do you think that the committee realizes or at least internally accept that that it sometimes gets it wrong that in his memoir the non-voting former secretary of the committee get a lot of stat said that he regrets in particular barack obama's award in two thousand and nine as it failed to achieve what the committee hoped it would do you think there is a recognition at least with privately among among the committee that they sometimes do get it wrong. they have been given through my books.
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and ten years ago very clear analysis of what their price was intended to achieve all these discussion went through that was more or less right on by there they are in the spirit on the bailiff's entropy they have. very clear information that that departure is the idea that nobel had in eight hundred ninety five which is more relevant and urgent today then and it's time before. they have chosen to complete the need to neglect and obstruct a new discussion of the idea on the bill and i can very villain to stand by the do that because if they did so they would have to realize that most of the prices have been for other purposes than the wrong nobody had in mind and that can go on for three hundred years and really do nothing for important to change.
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more fundamental circumstances and that was nobel had a very specific idea and they don't want to hear of it that the committee is composed of people who had a very different approach and thinking although one nobel had in mind and i they try to keep this whole procedure secret on their verdict in secrecy and. when then we found out that there is no way to have a discussion as long as they hide behind the secrecy we have read in all published all the known in them in nations that are in keeping with the intention of the bill so but it's also the control over media if some strong betsy and the fact that their process is no longer secret is also a secret but then they want can find the actual character candidates for this
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year two thousand and seventeen thirty four persons on the nobel will dot org on the overbid site the nobel peace prize watch bedside there you have those who are relevant and well if i click on it those. this version should be discussed as he should the nobel do you agree that the nobel committee should be much more transparent in how it actually comes to choose that the recipients of the peace prize or not don't if you should be completely transparent terms of what's mechanism they're actually using who are the recipients and what should you know we offer actually measuring you know the peace price the recipients achievements you know the mechanism by which it actually measuring it should be clearly it should be clearly stated so that people can actually see for themselves whether these people are deserving or not so it's to us to avoid controversy in a future i think the difficulty with the prize with many people who have received
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it particularly and san suu kyi is that she has no transitioned from being a peace campaigner to a politician and she has no making her critical calculations according to the sacrifices that she has made you know she is no in a position in which she has been and sacrificed a concert to build a moat to get to and she is unwilling to give that up. to speak up for the engine minority being poor security and our country so it's a purely a political calculation and this is something that the nobel committee could not possibly foreseen right hand the nobel committee overlooks many many people whose whose actions appear to fit with without alfred nobel's true intentions why why is that said and and can can they can they do anything about it is that is there any comeback. well i think you know it to be honest you know it is then weighs a little at the oscars you know the films that we know happening in the films that
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don't lend don't want happening and the moonlight didn't get well for some the other films but i think that the. the i think to go back to the idea of the process being more one being more transparent i think also might help do you mean is it the mool that prohibits. given a billboard to post mystery i think that. there are very many people who and this goes back to the idea of the of the of the work meaning and down meant that if you took the memory of somebody and looked at the work of somebody who passed away maybe that year and create and use that endowment to fund an endowment to continue that person's work i think that might be a little bit more a little bit more constructive use of the of the award and to be absolutely honest with the juice the amount the chances of a person changing a feeding fighter at twenty six later to six years later into somebody perhaps when
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much less and. deserving of an award for it has had on the decision to you fredricka about he agree with that well i have considered that question and i have a solution to this which i will launch in my coming book but you're not going to let us enter into were just just a hint of what might be in the research that for the readers ok well we'll look forward to that as he may bring him here there's no other award to which so much honor and important is on the nobel committee does not represent a truly global organization is it time do you think for someone like the united nations to come up with a new truly global peace a war that comes with with much less controversy and a more true transparency. i think any award of this kind of nature i just told her that it comes from individuals appointed by the norwegian parliament or the united
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nations or elsewhere will comment to immense controversy simply because on each say there's going to be different people who are who have very different tepper titian's of their individual i don't think you can find a single will be nor yet two people everybody can agree with united mostly as highly deserving you know some of the some of the people are disappearance of the nobel peace prize have been hugely controversial and my understanding in one nine hundred ninety four a nobel committee member actually designed over the prize been giving to yasser arafat and went on record calling him the best so this is always going to be under you know huge scrutiny and people who have been who are being victims and conflicts and. other ethnic cleansing i respect of what that pierson's achievements for me have it may have come to an it at the end you know there always be controversy surrounding it all right when i put that question to as if i saw right hand shaking his head and frederick nodding in agreement right hand you disagree with that.
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should i come in here i mean a second read it will come to you just a moment let me hear let me hear from from ron i think what i was shaking my head. about was the idea of the united nations being involved i can't think of anything more likely to politicize the entire process than have the united nations in world and you seen the way that the chinese reacted to. that. law is that they've yet to show that we're actually to the same case when americans will do in britain's and anybody involved in the ok but what about the principle is that there should be some some global peace award that isn't run by the nobel committee that. no i don't who would you replace it with i mean it would be and would be a different selection. in every joint men in a different room discussing this instead of ten today i think that the the the
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question is is was formed nobel peace prize poses as it is now well in trying to explain that's going to be better if it's all right fredricka for mel. yeah i think it is where these all these problems a bit did disappear if the no reach nobel committee started to it take an interest in what nobel actually wanted on maybe. the prices maybe given on that basis for this idea it would be embraced by the whole virt their whole point of the price to understand it is that. alfred nobel he wrecked and lived all over the word and he had the global perspective not over what was good for each separate country but what was the best solution for the world as a whole and there are people in the world today who are going across all local all barriers all differences in the religion political system and all kinds of race
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and belief that are the n.g.o.s who are working around the u.n. system and. trying to drum out their common interest of humanity and once you take that perspective of the nobel peace prize it will be very possible for all citizens of this we're joined to stand and this is the way to security and prosperity all right gentlemen that we must end it many thanks indeed for being with us for half a mile in oslo raw and joyous occur as in bexhill and from chicago seem abraham thank you for watching the program difficult you can see inside story again at any time just by going to the website at al-jazeera dot com for further discussion join us facebook page on facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter handle at a take inside story from eight adrian for the good of the whole team here in doha
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thanks for watching once again by phone. a new village come a two has been enacted and is grappling with the oddest tosca sustaining a community but the residents of this chinese village have grown in the house and have want to consign inside. the reclamation of that last. democracy is complicated and hard to have a six part series of them die but five yes we kind of china's democracy experiment
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at this tiny amount is an area. we all have stories. some that enrich our memories. others that define our futures. in a breathtaking new season al-jazeera stuff members open their hearts and invite us into that extraordinary lives al-jazeera correspondent coming soon with its economy stagnant mexico's president implemented drastic and controversial energy reforms mexico's oil oh and by the mexican people for seventy five he is is being sold to private international companies. and as with the country's agricultural sector it's exposed to exploitation by profit driven multinational corporations crude harvest at this time on al-jazeera.
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well. hello i'm heading home and top stories here on al-jazeera palestinian authority president mahmoud abbas has welcomed an office by hamas to set up a unity government in gaza hamas which has ruled gaza for ten years has a great to dismantle the administrative committee that runs the strip as well as
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hold elections seen as a major breakthrough.


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