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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 18, 2017 6:00am-6:34am AST

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in the next episode of science in a golden age more in the contributions made by scholars join the medieval islamic period in the field of medicine. to be a good subject to bring people from all over the world together. like a magical. about. science in a golden age with professor at this time. top general blamed for the violence that's displaced hundreds of thousands of people. welcome to al-jazeera live from my headquarters in doha with me elizabeth purana also ahead cautious optimism as palestinian president mahmoud abbas welcomes of
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reconciliation offer by vive of hamas. the cost of conflict south sudanese women allege widespread rape by government troops and opposition forces plus. protests of the race relations in the u.s. city of st louis turned violent for a third night. myanmar's top general is blaming the revenge for the violence that sparked the country's refugee crisis hundreds of thousands of people have fled to neighboring to escape ethnic cleansing targeting the one hundred muslims in a post on has verified facebook gentlemen. urge people and the media and myanmar to not to unite over the issue has comments come as the country's military is a. used of deliberately targeting civilians but let's get more on this now with our
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correspondent children he is joining us live from cox's bazar near bangladesh's border with really strong words from the top general than really what's he been saying. what he's been saying the bottom line is this community to unite against. the range of issues and that the bengali extremists are actually trying to make a foothold in the me and my state you know and he record to ninety three collection then countered with what here they're quite as bengali extremists essentially they are growing jackson missed now the fact remains a nine hundred forty seven constitution does recognize one just as where one of the ethnic groups on myanmar that was changed in the made by the military junker now this is appears to be a concerted strategy by the myanmar government of the military itself to drive out their own angles and then claim that most of the rohingya that nothing but bengali
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settlers who have several in the our country are or are kind problems which is rare for two hours now although it's a systematic process how far down the road what it appears that if this continues the influx of growing the refugees coming into bangladesh and not able to go back to the border areas and then stands as mines all across they will they don't have documents to go back to prove their role in just citizens from myanmar state bangladesh is registering them with the biometric registration process in the end if this continues this area which is to programmatically perfect for insurgency the very well a potential set of insurgency growing in the strategically important location bothering with india bangladesh and on the not even closer to china now generals have been refining but ethnic bengalis list is not the first time it has happened before how about this facebook post particularly on sunday appears to be a strategy rather than just
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a ad hoc basis posting because he is one of the top general in the me and my army will have to see if there are some more information come out related to do it within the government people in the me and my government in next few days to see if this is a concerted strategy or. it was a personal opinion of the generals itself while the strategy so far in driving hundreds of thousands of the hanjour out of iraq i'm seems to be working they are amassed on the border with bangladesh what is the situation for them right now than they look at the bangladesh government has recently announced that they won't actually be able to leave the camps. well i'm of the government made it clear as far as insurgency goes very want to allow any kind of foothold in bangladesh and it will deal with any kind of extreme and it went so far in the beginning of this crisis that offered to me on my own proposal saying that we'll come to have a combined operation to root out any kind of insurgency but they just continue to
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do bad weather within the last two days the burning of the border guard said the pace was slow there's not many people coming because it's very risky to write in vote in this bad cloudy and stormy weather un just say the. recent statement that the influx of refugees by the end of the year very well could reach into one point one million what barnardo's government needs to do is really be more proactive in its diplomatic maneuvering specially china and india pressure on me on my to defuse this crisis because it is china and india we have a lot of commercial and business interests but people literally in the right kind state china is building a pipeline india has proposed the connectivity with the major i'm state that india has also proposed but i did see both in the states so it is obvious this regional power is a considerable influence for me and my to influence them to diffuse this crisis unless this is the fields obviously this pattern of practice is coming back at some
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point there. will be. community in the end it will be totally clear and it is obvious that it is an ethnic cleansing no. thank you very much for that for now that. is live from frank you are going to move on to other news now palestinian authority president mahmoud abbas has welcomed an offer by hamas to set up a unity government in gaza hamas israel gaza for ten years to dismantle the administrative committee that runs the strip and hold elections seen as a major breakthrough towards resolving the long and. that is how far reports the real challenge lies and its implementation. the pressure has been mounting on hamas the results of ten years of israeli and egyptian blockade have been intensified this year by rival palestinian faction facts are the facts are leader palestinian president mahmoud abbas has cut salary payments and electricity supplies attempting
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to pressurise hamas into giving up its sole control of gaza hamas turned to egypt which pushed the palestinian reconciliation. we responded to these efforts and made a brave decision to dissolve the administrative committee and now there are no excuses for a bass and a bass has one choice only to respond positively to achieve the palestinian dream of national unity. that dream was riven by gunfire in two thousand and seven when hamas prevailed in street battles and the political division between gaza and the occupied west bank began repeated attempts to reconcile have collapsed this time fatah says it's ready to send its officials to gaza that plans are in place for the unity government to get to work its no matter of details. we now look positively on this but we need clarifications and the clarifications should come from the guarantor and the mediator which is egypt some of those who potentially
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have the most to gain from any deal between hamas and fatah and the hundreds of thousands of gazans who live in refugee camps like this one but over ten years of separation economic blockade they become used to being let down. they certainly borne the brunt of the palestinian authorities recent pressure tactics for hours electricity a day has become the norm this on top of a crippled economy which is left and his four sons among so many others in gaza without jobs. reconciliation could solve the power problem it could solve the water problem the markets are empty because people. no money no regular salaries people live without being able to plan. there remains much to resolve such as who has ultimate control over the armed wing of hamas what happens to the tens of thousands of hamas employees who till now have been working in a parallel administration to the palestinian authority is in the details and the
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ones. who sit down together and try to figure out the issue of future palestinian under systems in gaza the issue of how last forty five forty three thousand employees and. other minor issues that might be a big problem other issues loom not least how mahmoud abbas handles relations with the u.s. and israel both of which describe as a terrorist group gazans though are more interested in decision could make any time now to lift the recent restrictions and make their lives a little better. al-jazeera gaza now human rights groups say thousands of women have been raped and sexually assaulted during the four year civil war and south sudan they blame the abuses on president salva kiir the government troops and opposition forces loyal to form of vice president. many civilians have fled to seek safety in neighboring uganda from where malcolm webb reports. florence walked through the bush with two days in fast food on the sandals to get to the face divis
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refugee camp in uganda he told us that was after five government soldiers gang raped her along with four other women change their name and hadn't have faith. my husband was following a short distance behind us when he came and found these men and me he told them to stop they grabbed him immediately and killed him with a night. we had many similar stories from the people in the camps men tortured or killed and women gang raped by government soldiers who told them all ethnic groups other than there should leave south sudan people in this tent and all arrived within the last couple of days there waiting to be registered the u.n. says more than a million of arrived here in uganda since the conflict began health workers here say they think there are very many among them who survived sexual violence but i think just a fraction of them are coming forwards. in recent weeks opposition troops of
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government forces near the border with uganda but ever since the conflict began in twenty thirteen rights groups say sexual violence has been a widely used weapon by both sides. in this the international says thousands of women girls and some men are victims a u.n. report last year said seventy percent of women in the camps around the capital juba have been raped the spokesman for the government forces told us soldiers who rape a punished and he question what we've been told in the camps. those claims to know for sure. without someone coming forward daughter to. be made in the revenue comes out. being told to say weird things about this family opposition forces have been accused of sexual violence too but the majority of allegations have been of sexual violence by government soldiers. can stop the war crimes prosecutor he's worked on
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tribunals for many conflicts he investigated south sudan's conflict for the u.n. he says the sexual violence is the worst he's ever known it such a high level of incidents widespread. being going on for a substantial period of time not as isolated incidents. you know one can only one can only conclude that work crimes involving sexual violence are taking place like in the camps mary not her real name says she wants justice but doesn't expect it she says she was raped by three soldiers they found her fleeing with her husband killed him and threw her baby in a bush. they tied up blindfold on my face they took all my possessions and stripped me three of them were all on me after i grabbed my baby and left i was naked now i have nothing. malcolm
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webb al-jazeera west nile uganda. now the u.n. secretary general antonio tazz has warned that the planned kurdish independence referendum could to track from the need to defeat i sold iraq iran and turkey opposed holden demonstrators marched through the streets of istanbul on sunday in protest iran's government has threatened to end all border and security arrangements with the kurdish regional authority in milton iraq if the vote goes ahead. of his following the story from and. this might be the first explicit statement coming out of iran but certainly there have been several warnings by the iranian government over the past few months relations actually between tehran and the kurdish authorities have been strained for quite a while now at the bottom line iran sees this as a threat to its own national security in the sense that iran has a sizable kurdish population several iranian kurdish opposition parties are based
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here in northern iraq and iran fears that this referendum even though nonbinding if it goes ahead might bull aspirations of the iranian kurds just those are exactly the same fears that turkey has for example now the mood here remains defiant over the past few days president masoud barzani has held rallies and he has said very bluntly that the referendum will go ahead because the alternative put forward by the international community mainly the u.s. the u.k. and the u.n. is actually not clear enough is not is not binding enough in the sense that. it. is to postpone this referendum until after the iraqi general elections are to be held in two thousand and eighteen but i think it would be would like to get
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a assurance guarantees from baghdad that after that it will go. had with this referendum now at least ten iraqi soldiers have been killed in an isolated hack in the country's west that happened near the jordanian border and province two car bombs exploded at a military barracks near the city of by a large number of isis fighters are believed to have been killed by iraqi military air support following the attack. a convoy of eighty turkish armored vehicles as arrived at a crossing on the border with syria moving into opposition controlled areas and side syria to create so-called deescalation zones zones were broken it talks and because our capital this week the area near it has been held by rebels and stude thousand and thirteen. still ahead on the bulletin military representatives from twenty nine countries me to solve to discuss their response to north korea we'll take you live and as chinese calibrates of independence day we report on a remote desert town top in a territorial dispute with bully via. holloway
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still have jose driving its way across the atlantic western side of the atlantic still seeing some rather lively wayne is pushing some very heavy seas in across the eastern seaboard of the u.s. into that eastern side of kind of the nasa position of the storm at the moment a keen northeast wind coming in his eye some dangerous rip tides dangerous currents coming in coming inland and here we do still have a little bit of wet weather just around the midwest that will continue to just not its way a little further a switch as we go on through the course of choose day notice to choose the new england still feeling the effects of jose and i do marathons all safe in those effects as well so some very brisk winds coming through thankfully main system should stay offshore but some very very windy weather coming through meanwhile some
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wet windy and some wintry weather up towards the northwest particularly across the mountain states where we could see some snow but that's pushed back down into the caribbean very concerned about another another hurricane making its way towards the lesser antilles you can just see massive cloud just pushing into the eastern side of the picture here making its way across the the leeward stand this is horrific and maria that will push across the lee was eventually easing towards puerto rico. a new village committee has been elected and is grappling with the tosca sustaining . residents of this chinese village. and one concern inside. the reclamation of. democracy is complicated. to have
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a six part series. china's democracy experiment at this time. it's good to have you with us on al-jazeera these are our top stories top general is a play in the head for the violence that's on the country's refugee crisis hundreds of thousands of people have fled to neighboring validation to escape ethnic cleansing targeting the one hundred muslims palestinian authority president mahmoud abbas has welcomed an offer by hamas to set up a unity government in gaza hamas has ruled gaza for ten years as agreed to
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dismantle the administrative committee that runs the strip and to hold elections. human rights groups say thousands of women have been raped and sexually assaulted during south sudan's four year war they blame the alleged abuses on president sell the kids troops and authorization loyal to the former vice president react much on . the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. that he has warned north korea will be destroyed if it continues its reckless behavior and forces the united states and its allies to defend themselves against an attack meanwhile u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson has said a military response may be the only option to contain north korea after another misawa. fada japan on friday. if our diplomatic efforts fail though our military option we will be the only one left so all of this is backed up by a very strong and resolute military option but be clear we shake a peaceful solution to this. now military chiefs of staff from twenty nine
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countries amazing and solid wall of korea isn't officially on the agenda the south to use the event to bolster support for action to curb regional tensions a three star chinese general is heading his country's delegation it's the first visit to south korea by a high level chinese military official and more than a year well let's get more on this now we're joined by our correspondent andrew thomas he's live for us in seoul plenty on the agenda at this meeting andrew. the really is i mean this is a meeting that happens every two years it wasn't specifically called in response to the north korean crisis but of course north korea will dominate these talks between the military top brass from twenty nine different countries across the asia pacific region including as you say china that significance of course because china has been very unhappy with south korea for hosting the u.s. fired missile defense system the fact that they are sending a three star general to this conference shows how the rest of the world is united against north korea now some strong words from rex tillerson we saw but also at
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this conference early monday morning but secularly from banki moon a former south korean politician a former u.n. secretary general of course and he said in his opening speech at the conference that we should be ready to face any eventuality as including military options to address the north korean problem nobody wants war he says but when the chips are down unfortunately we have to take all necessary measures and he reminds north korea that no single nation has survived its fate against the unanimously united international community in the course of world history some pretty strong words there from ban ki moon no coincidence as well that on monday korean time first thing the defense ministry said that it was still watching north korea and it was looking at the nuclear site the pooncarie nuclear site where the previous nuclear test happened and they say that that site is being prepared for another one they believe and they say strong words these that they are confident north korea is in the final stages of intercontinental ballistic missile development so all of this
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tension building here tension building and strong words as we've been saying and meanwhile interesting words coming from u.s. president donald trump about kim jong il and. on twitter yeah the president's favorite way of conducting diplomacy he said overnight sunday into monday korean time i spoke with president moon of south korea last night asked him how rocket man is doing long gas lines forming in north korea too bad now rocket man of course tongue in cheek by the president there reference to the david bowie song i'm not remotely meant seriously but this is a sign of how twitter can be misinterpreted here in north korea people didn't necessarily get the sarcasm and certainly early in the media and on social media people were saying what is donald trump trying to suggest our president is chummy with kim jong un this is a ridiculous thing to suggest of course he wasn't suggesting that but nuance is
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lost on twitter and as for the long gas lines for me president trump of course means queues at petrol stations but that wasn't how it was interpreted even translated in the korean media early on people thought that meant a gas pipeline from the south to the north there was in the gas pipeline they were saying that's the last thing they would do again people very angry that trump is suggesting that they got it wrong but it shows how twitter can be misinterpreted and how don't trump has got to be a bit careful when he sends out things like this absolutely andrew thank you very much for that now that's andrew thomas joining us live from seoul thank you well let's go to the u.s. now where protests in the city of st louis protests rather have turned violent for a third night following the acquittal of a white former police officer over the shooting of a black man at least forty seven people have been arrested since friday but tory gave him the reports. of the protests in st louis said the friday's divisive verdict ended in violence for a third night with police ordering demonstrators to disperse. earlier
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more than a thousand people had marched through the city determined to make their point peacefully. they're upset over the killing of a black man. and by a white a hustler almost six years ago and today lamar smith fled from police in december twentieth levon after an alleged drug dealer outside a fast food restaurant shortly after the chase began of his adjacent stokely was filmed saying this. smith was shot five times during the trial prosecutors alleged ottley planted a gun in smith's car after he shot him it took four years the stockley to be charged with murder but a missouri state judge found stokley not guilty saying the prosecution had failed to prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt the verdict led to days of protests some of them violent we will
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continue our citizens first amendment rights are protected however we will not tolerate violence. or damage to property federal prosecutors have rejected calls for a new civil rights investigation but protesters say they won't give up on their fight for justice victoria gates m.b. i'll just say right. now the u.s. government is considering closing its recently reopened embassy in cuba after diplomats continue to experience mysterious health problems about twenty staff have suffered maal traumatic brain injury permanent hearing loss half a suspected sonic attacks the embassy resumed operations in two thousand and fifteen after diplomatic relations with cuba were reestablished. the u.k.'s terror threat level has been lowered from critical to severe it was raised to the highest level after fighters bomb attack on a london underground train that injured thirty people police raided in italy and
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west london on sunday night in connection with the attack earlier they searched two properties further south and sari detectives are continuing to question a twenty one and eighteen year old who were arrested on saturday. the wife of pakistan's alpha problem. and so now washer dave has won has parliamentary seat the country's supreme court disqualified him in july over corruption allegations council now i should have won the election securing the seat for the eastern city of lahore she defeated the rival party's candidate in absentia. now chile has held rating of national independence day amid increasing tensions with neighboring bolivia it's gone to the international court of justice demanding chile be obliged to negotiate an outlet to the pacific ocean near san newman has more on the territorial disappeared from the chilean desert town of oh yeah way. this is the at that gamma the world's driest desert. one hundred thirty years ago
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destroyed barren expanse was part of bolivia. and nearly thirty seven hundred meters above sea level the tiny desert town of oh yeah we're proudly celebrates chile's national independence holiday with a military parade. just five hundred meters from the bolivian border it's meant to underscore that all this is now the chilean territory the two neighbors don't have diplomatic ties and relations are at their worst since bolivia lost the eighteen eighty four war of the pacific but cost it's only access to the pacific ocean. plain cake with libyan minerals but the now have the importance of making your own earth and above africa from poor hundred kilometers south of here to libya free passage and it also gives it a corridor to the chilean port of id but one of the libyans that's not recorded on
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it was libya's president evo morales has made sovereign access to the pacific his number one priority he's brought chile before the international court of justice in the hague to try to force it to negotiate chile's foreign minister tells us more analysis is dreaming is century and a half later or most is they want to research or learn thirds or. they want. saren territory and that is unacceptable of course we're living there twenty first century is one of them but bolivian sists it will never give up its claims not just to a pacific corridor but now also to this small atacama desert river the seilala chile is countersuing bolivia after morales accused of stealing the water that flows through both countries the mayor of chile's last desert outpost insists the feuding isn't impacting daily life of the whole the whole year of one of us as. it might
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take another hundred years before the two governments reach agreement but the communities on both sides of the border work together they existed long before the divisions. we crossed into the even smaller bolivian community of iowa there we met valentino mcdonald who sells soft drinks to the border guards like most bolivians she too has a dream and whenever we haven't seen the ocean we don't have an ocean in bolivia where if it is. but it's no laughing matter with the libya's president now calling for all citizens to join a militia to defend the country's sovereignty chile is standing more firm than ever leaving little reason to expect an end to the longest running territorial conflict in the americas. you see in human i'll just cedar or yeah way chile. now in one of her first public appearances since being released from prison chelsea manning has told a conference in the end target that she isn't an american traitor the former u.s.
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army intelligence analyst says she made an ethical decision when she leaked three quarters of a million classified military documents to wiki leaks she was convicted in two thousand and thirteen and released after serving seven years of a thirty five year sentence that was reduced by former president barack obama. several caribbean islands that were devastated by howard and are preparing to face a possible second major storm the u.s. national hurricane center upgrade a tropical storm or vary it to a category one hurricane and is currently heading for the leeward islands where it could make landfall by monday night. know again i will have a problem and doha with the headlines on al-jazeera now must top general is blaming the hunger for the violence that sparked the country's refugee crisis hundreds of
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thousands of a hand to have fled to neighboring bangladesh to escape ethnic cleansing and imposed on his verified facebook account gentlemen laying people and the media and myanmar to unite over their head. now hamas which is raul garza for ten years says it's willing to end its feud with both sides have agreed to talk about hold of the general election fight that controls the occupied west bank human rights groups say thousands of women have been raped and sexually assaulted during the four year war and south sudan they blamed the abuses on government troops of president salva care and opposition forces loyal to form what vice president react much of. widespread. being going on for a substantial period of time not as isolated incidents. you know one can only one can only conclude that work crimes involving sexual violence are taking place. protests over race relations in the u.s. city of st louis have turned violent for a third myatt police arrested at least forty seven people in the past two days the
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protests followed the acquittal of a white former police officer of the shooting of a black man in two thousand and eleven u.n. secretary general antonio terror's has warned that the planned kurdish independence referendum would detract from the need to defeat eisel iraq iran and turkey all oppose the polls for the twenty fifth of september the kurdistan regional government says there's no chance the vote will be delayed. the u.k.'s terror threat level has been lowered from critical to severe it was raised to the highest level after five days a bomb attack on a london underground train that injured thirty people police raided and three in west london on sunday night in connection with the attack earlier they searched two properties through the south and sari detectives are continuing to question a twenty one and eighteen year old who were arrested on saturday and military chiefs of staff from twenty nine countries are meeting in the seoul while north korea isn't officially on the agenda the south hopes to use the event to bolster
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support for action to curb regional tension work on is coming up next. the philippines is asia's largest catholic nation priests are treated like gods but the church has a dark secret one used investigate sexual misconduct inside the most powerful institution in the philippines at this time on al-jazeera. tens of thousands of demonstrations erupt across china each year driven by anger over corruption and the illegal sale of communal land most protests fail to make an impact but in two thousand and eleven one village defied the odds. to cancer villages rose up demanding the return of their land calling for their leaders to step down to decades of corruption.


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