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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 18, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm AST

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truck can drive itself and right now this child is being treated by a doctor from six thousand miles away this is science fiction and cisco networks are making it happen. because when everything is securely connected anything is possible and there's never been a better time to change the way. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm sam he's a dad this is the news hour live from coming up in the next sixty minutes facing
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starvation and disease now general says the rangar muslims themselves not the blame for the crisis. tough talk on north korea as military chiefs from twenty nine countries meet in the south korean capital. suppose i should say at long last mr president here is. donald trump the winner of sorts of the emmy award says t.v.'s best known artist the president. i'm joined again with the latest sports news including. the truth myself and. everything a. around the world in eighty days a british cyclist is set to complete a record breaking journey. mainmast top general is blaming the rangar for the violence that sparked the refugee crisis. accuse the minority group of trying to build
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a stronghold in state he says the military is only targeting groups in action by me and miles leader aung san suu kyi has been criticized around the world she was supposed to be addressing the un general assembly on tuesday instead she'll give a televised speech in her own country by prime minister sheikh hasina will take the opportunity at the u.n. though she'll demand more help to deal with the crisis hundreds of thousands of wrangle muslims have fled the country to escape what the u.n. says is ethnic cleansing time to challenge reports from bangladesh's cox's bazaar region. i mean technology between me and mine and bangladesh border you can see the myanmar border right behind me now on sunday the top me on my military man posted on facebook comments. population and media to unite what he calls on their own issue he also blamed this current crisis on what he termed as extremist groups
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actually what he's referring to is insurgents group they also say this. extremist group is trying to put a hole in the rock and state. this comes across when thousands of me on my right to refuse are crossing into bangladesh the condition in the refugee. infectious diseases are spreading people are starving the children are the most critical condition aid that is coming is inadequate although the best effort and intention is there but the mobilization and the flow of aid is just not adequate into this camp the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley was warned north korea will be destroyed if it continues what she calls its reckless behavior and forces the united states and its allies to defend themselves against an attack the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson says a military response may be needed to contain north korea after another missile was fired over japan on friday if our diplomatic efforts fail though our military
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option we will be the only one laughs so all of this is backed up by a very strong and resolute military option but be clear we seek a peaceful solution to this. meanwhile the united states has flown to b. one b. bombers and a number of fighter jets over the korean peninsula as part of joint military drills with south korea the bombers flew from the island of us territory in the pacific ocean jets departed from an air base in japan and were met by south korean planes sold in washington regularly conduct military drills on the peninsula north korea describes them as provocative and thomas is in seoul and joins us now live from there so i understand of course andrew there's been a lot of discussions going on at the summit there the asia pacific gathering i guess north korea must be at the top of the agenda there it certainly is this is
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a meeting that happens every two years it gathers all the military heads from countries around the asia pacific region twenty nine different countries all meet and talk about issues in their region and of course north korea is absolutely dominating the one here in seoul for the next three days now the keynote speeches were given on monday morning banking moon the former u.n. secretary general gave the main speech he's not known as a war monger by any stretch but even he said in his speech that nobody wants war but when the chips are down his words then we have to use all necessary measures you mentioned those war games as well u.s. and south korean planes in the skies over south korea in a show of force trying to show the north koreans that they will not be provoked into rash actions that they are ready for the north koreans and indeed china and russia to holding naval exercises at the moment in the seas off the korean peninsula all different countries trying to show that they are ready for whatever comes now amongst all of this of course is south korea a country where they are worried of course about the threat to the from the north
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militarily but they're also threatened economically to some extent i've been looking at the drop in numbers of tourists coming to south korea here's my report. with tensions on the korean peninsula building south korea on monday hosted a conference of military leaders from across asia pacific giving the keynote address was a former south korean minister who's also head to the united nations i'd like to remind north korea that no single nation has or survived is a fate against you now you are sitting united international community in the course of history. in the south rising tensions are having an economic impact at an hour from seoul it's easy to see into the demilitarized zone the d.m.z. and beyond that the mountains of north korea the lookout has long been a tourist site people can even take a train from here just inside the d.m.z.
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and despite the tensions some visitors are still coming for me my tickets were booked when advanced so i had to make it and we kept checking the news just to make sure that everything's kind of ok my sister was very white and this is actually getting married next week and she was very worried that something was going to happen to me and i would be able to make it back say is that she was quite. a large military presence here and so many civilians that the four and five into like take care of the u.s. citizens and let us know if something was about to go down but visitor numbers to south korea overrule the down forty percent fewer came in july compared with the same month a year ago on sunday most raw eats at the funfair which strangely is part of the engine site when they are empty the latest heightened tension is only weeks out when really it's too well yet to judge the impact of violence on tourism here so far the missing tourists are exploring more like politics and. chinese tourists
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are the ones almost entirely absent in march china angered by south korea's deployment of the fat anti missile system banned its citizens from taking package tours to south korea but. last year about half of the seventeen million tories to south korea were from china but this year chinese tourists are down by seventy percent that spink felt here it's hurting my business sales are roughly a third down in the longer this concern about next year's winter olympics in pyongyang ticket sales so far poor the international olympic committee said last week there is no plan b. . the to move the games if tensions escalate but they can't make the spectators come south korea's defense ministry on monday said it believes the north was ready for a new nuclear test if it comes that will only heighten the tension and dissuade more tourists from visiting south korea so it's interesting they mention the possibility
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of a new nuclear test in the south koreans of the defense ministry there then think any of this sort of increased rhetoric is is working is having an impact on the north koreans or it's very hard to tell isn't it i mean the south koreans are watching these sites very carefully they have satellite imagery of them this was a briefing given by the defense ministry to the national assembly here in south korea as well as saying that they believe that a new nuclear test might come they believe the site is ready they also said that in their opinion the development of an intercontinental ballistic missile by north korea is in its final stage their words now if a new test what a come what couldn't be more provocative than coming this week the week of the u.n. general assembly president moon of south korea is on his way to new york right now he'll meet face to face with donald trump and of course prime minister are they and other world leaders over the course of the week and interestingly to north korea's foreign minister will be in new york he'll be giving his speech on friday. thanks
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so much and thomas now donald trump's due to make his debut at the annual u.n. general assembly in new york from iran to north korea the u.s. president will have plenty to talk about as our washington editor james bays reports in a development of this every year when world leaders gather in new york in september they listen carefully to the words of the most powerful person on earth but for the first time since the u.n. was created at the end of the second world war the u.s. president will address them from this podium is someone who at times has appeared to question the multilateral order of the united nations represents. diplomats are wary of what president trump will say in his nine months in office he's already attended nato g. seven and g. twenty summits on the global stage he's appeared at times uncertain his actions
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unpredictable donald trump does not perform well a big international summits when he attended a nato summit he actually managed to physically push another leader out of the way and his advisors must hope that he will be back here because this is his last chance to really convince other world leaders that he is someone they can do business with and not just a nativist who wants to be you went over to china as usual global leaders face a whole host of challenges among them an ongoing humanitarian emergency with the exodus of the rohingya in myanmar then there's the wars in syria in iraq yemen and libya as well as the future of the iran nuclear deal but this year at the top of the agenda another nuclear state north korea it is a particularly pressing issue because of the provocative timing of the latest missile test which took place just days ago the number of launches the number of
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tests is much greater even in this year and than it's been over the last decades so this is a very immediate very immediate question and yes i think it will be the top question here in this week at the u.n. this is not just the first general assembly week for the new u.s. president and tony terrorists became u.n. secretary general at the start of the year he plans a program of modernization and streamlining president trump is also planning to hold a meeting on u.n. reform but some diplomats fear that may simply be an attempt to further slash the organizations budget. zira at the united nations. the wife of pakistan's former prime minister nawaz sharif has clinched this parliamentary seat . in the by election in the hole the seat became vacant and the supreme court removed the houseman from office because of corruption allegations from on high
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that has more from the whole. it's another big. hole or go home to ditch any family and political for trade however the rain. had not come with a large margin why should you avoid able to do it when he fought on that came. and became the prime minister of the country there are problems for the family because he is very thing and. again came being investigated by the national accountability bureau. qualified by that supreme court for life and it. could be that. difficult a dime to get on the political situation it bordered i. had scored a weak three ended by election and it didn't. really become the prime
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minister in the general election. roman catholic priest has made his first public appearance after being held hostage for four months by fighters linked to iceland the southern philippines father. was rescued in city on saturday when the army stormed the fighters control center inside the mosque. has more from manila. father was presented by the top leadership of the thin libyan military here at the headquarters in manila he was not allowed to take in questions from journalists but he issued a short statement he says that he is grateful to be alive and he is asking for everyone to pray for him he was taken on day one from a cathedral in malawi city in the southern philippines he's the most high profiled on their mouths
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a group according to the philippine military his rescue means that the siege is almost over. and. the more more than eighty people have been killed and more than two hundred thousand people now displaced the philippine military admits it is one of the toughest battles it has ever fought in recent years made even more complicated by the situation of hostages still more than forty hostages now are still under mouth is controlled and it remains to be seen whether they will be as lucky as father cheap going to a military operation is closing and whether they will survive and be able to tell their stories too. plenty more still ahead on the news hour including the recall of
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two and a half million general motors cars in china head of elections in germany the clamor for a global leadership role that many germans worry about a throwback to the past. and its board houston's baseball team gives the city a reason to cheer be here to tell you why. now the social media platform snap chat has blocked al-jazeera content in saudi arabia snap chat says it was asked by saudi authorities to remove the cut off on the channel because it violated local laws saudi arabia has about eight million snap chat users one of the largest in the world carter has been embroiled in a diplomatic dispute with saudi arabia and other three arab states since early june and they cut ties with. and is head of incubation and innovation
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research and al-jazeera joins us here live on set good to have you with us so this pretty unprecedented isn't it definitely you know i'm definitely shocked because. this shut us down in saudi arabia and that is based on this saudi government request. what is interesting is that the snap chat is. a u.s. based company publicly traded and it stands for freedom expression and funny enough i mean that should be i mean they're treating it as if right definitely. privilege what do you make of that chat line which is hey we have to a by local laws in saudi arabia says you're violating the. and that's interesting right so if they are treating it like an every other the same way then the free flow of information is now in question is in jeopardy do you think other countries might join in you know the thing only i mean the president i
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mean. other countries such as china have tried with google and google you know what we're going to stand by the freedom expression and we're out of here so i mean what does that say when you talk to them why why did they buckle when google started going with so we're still looking into it further through our legal department but their initial response was they are following this all you local law i'm not trying to say what law specifically that is can people get around this they can go around it through v.p.n. and stuff but at the same time we are working on a contingency plan to ensure all high quality content is also available on other platforms it's a big blow is into. digital content losing saudi market perhaps others might follow definitely but again we're working on having our content also available elsewhere soul the audience can have the right contacts so they can make the best knowledge of what's happening so you know i'm curious to know what are you saying to snap
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chat what do you do i'm urging them to review the decision they have made again they're the one who have invited us to be one of the scusa partners publishers for the region because they understand the audience we bring into the mix and with this move they're definitely not allowing our audience on snapchat to be able to see our content saudi arabia though right so we're in the still see what's going on in other could expand to other countries and this is something that. we are trying to work with snapshot see how we can contain this and revise the decision that made thanks so much more right thank you. by the end of this week angela merkel could become german chancellor for a fourth term many countries are uncertain about the direction of the u.s. under president trump increasingly looking to germany to provide stable global
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leadership germans remain wary of backing up their economic and political power with military spending lawrence lee reports deep in the forest west of berlin nato is wargaming again one of its members has been attacked there are casualties and all the other states have joined in to help tend to the wounded the exercise is called vigorous warrior which hardly invokes the sort of fire and fury rhetoric of donald trump we are hosed we are the nation for this exercise and of course we want to do it perfect we want to be a very good cause and i think we achieved that story but we are not alone there are twenty five other nations and they all. was in this exercise the generals watching come from twenty five nato allies and other invited states they know where germany's red lines have always been on the battlefield this is
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where germany feels most comfortable helping out medical excellence logistical support that's all fine but when it comes to things like attacking other countries invading other countries killing people there is no appetite that at all this is heidelberg a perfect example of liberal educated germany where merkel support is guaranteed by the wealthy middle aged and middle class no doubt many take pride in the global admiration for the chancellor but asked them should germany back it up now with a more aggressive military position. i think germany and the rest of the world should be disarming i believe germany's doing enough for nato we shouldn't be spending any more. it's a no brainer why germans don't like to be seen invading other countries the nazi scar has never healed when they pushed it like wrongly calling in an american air strike in afghanistan nearly ten years ago which mistakenly killed dozens of civilians there was
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a national shockwave and the defense minister resigns the sort of political guilt trip that doesn't happen in the u.s. or u.k. nor is the most powerful country in europe impressed with how its neighbors have prosecuted wars in places like libya if we go in with military force it needs to be backed up and flamed by civilian measures as well so that is diplomatic there is civil in crisis mode and there is also the idea of so what happens afterwards how do we rebuild a country which has not been necessarily the prime objective by recent interventions by other european countries u.s. president trump demands germany spend far more on defense merkel's opponents on the left say that would make her an american stooge in a fragile world germany is looking for other solutions than war or italy al-jazeera in germany. i bring you some news just coming into us here that iraq supreme court has ordered the suspension of an independence referendum in the autonomous region
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of kurdistan that's according to a court statement as you may know the k r g the regional kurdish government in northern iraq announced that it does plan to hold a referendum on independence that has provoked a lot of protest of strongly worded statements from baghdad from some of iraq's neighboring countries to turkey and iran expressing concern and now we've got the iraqi supreme court saying it's basically not legal for the k r g to hold that referendum we'll bring you more details on this is soon as we can get it. now today is celebrating its national independence day amid increasing tensions with neighboring bolivia it's gone to the international court of justice demanding chile be obliged to negotiate an outlets in the pacific ocean al-jazeera as the syrian human has more on the territorial disputes from the chill a and desert town of oh yeah way. this is the at that gamma the world's driest desert.
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one hundred thirty years ago destroyed barren expanse was part of bolivia. and nearly thirty seven hundred meters above sea level the tiny desert town of oh yeah we're proudly celebrates chile's national independence holiday with a military parade. just five hundred meters from the bolivian border it's meant to underscore that all this is now the chilean territory the two neighbors don't have diplomatic ties and relations are at their worst since bolivia lost the eighteen eighty four war of the pacific but close to its only access to the pacific ocean. playing pick the libyan minerals for the now heavy import of making your nest and but after some poor hundred kilometers south of here killing. it and it also gives it a court order to the chilean port of id but one of the libyans that's not accorded
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. it was libya's president evo morales has made sovereign access to the pacific his number one priority he's brought chile before the international court of justice in the hague to try to force it to negotiate chile's foreign minister tells us what alice is dreaming is century and a half later or most is they want to research or learn territory. they weren't. saren territory and that is unacceptable of course we're living in a twenty first century is one of them but bolivian cysts it will never give up its claims not just to a pacific order but now also to this small atacama desert river the seilala chile is countersuing bolivia after morales accused of stealing the water that flows through both countries the mayor of chile's last desert outpost insists the feuding isn't impacting daily life and the whole of the end of one of us as you know it
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might take another hundred years before the two governments reach agreement but the communities on both sides of the border work together they existed long before the division. we crossed into the even smaller bolivian community of iowa there we met valentino mcdonnell who sells soft drinks to the border guards like most bolivians she too has a dream and whenever we haven't seen the ocean we don't have an ocean in bolivia where it is. but it's no laughing matter with the libya's president now calling for all citizens to join a militia to defend the country's sovereignty chile is standing more firm than ever leaving little reason to expect an end to the longest running territorial conflict in the americas. you see in human i'll just cedar or yeah when chile. now a local elections being held in a province of southern nepal after
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a twenty year wait leaders from the mid actually community there say the new constitution ignores their rights and at least fifty people died during protests two years ago the region has also been badly hit by recent floods sabinus trustor reports from separate r.t. district. preparations are almost complete a local election is finally happening here after a twenty year old wait. elections are like festivals in the park and there is much excitement but not to man villagers in my now carry one hundred seventy two families who lost their homes in the floods last month are taking refuge on this strip of road most are from what nepalis called the low cost community daytime temperatures soar to thirty eight degrees celsius here and these tarpaulin sheets are no relief government officials tell us to move back to our houses but we don't have a house said one man was over the other in our houses are destroyed by the powerful get all the relief we are left with very little in the. schools are closed and
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children have fallen ill many are mollari villages complained that the local leaders failed to visit them during the floods everyone here says they are going to exercise their democratic rights and vote but they also say they do not trust the local politicians because they were abandoned by them during their hour of need so as not to be seen as influencing voters the government stopped all relief for the past few leaves the only visitors to these villagers are polluters sions asking for their votes beneath the pond it showed us her home destroyed by floods got out have taken a loan of five thousand dollars to build a house but nothing is left politicians say they would do this once we vote for them but what is the guarantee they will deliver. her farmland has been swept away and crops destroyed besides just the immediate need for food villagers here say
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they need flood protection systems to save them in the future they hope the local election will address their needs but also fear they will be forgotten again once they have voted so we measure al-jazeera supped their district in the southern plains of nepal. well in a few moments we'll have all the weather but still ahead here on al-jazeera the island nation of some battles a fast food culture that makes many of its children obese. and harvey is gone but it's left behind tons of debris we'll have more on the massive cleanup operation and dog day topping german football over there poland so calling for a replay and winds. from dusky sunset so it's proving savannah. to sunrise atop an asian metropolis. hello there one storm is easing and another one is
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still pulling itself together that's first of all check on the one that's fizzling out as this one so already has in japan now it's running its way towards the northeast away from a so things for japan are easing after we saw over two hundred millimeters of rain so certainly there was a fair amount of flooding the other storm that is pulling itself together is in the caribbean very close to the leeward islands also following quite a similar path to not the same one though this at the moment where about two hundred twenty kilometers to the south of where i was and it looks like the storm is going to run its way towards the northwest now it's not a particularly intense storm at the moment it's the equiv it's a category one storm but it is strengthening very readily and so by the time it reaches puerto rico we're expecting it to be a completely different beast altogether so for the leeward islands and we're looking at a storm probably a category three because it strengthening so quickly before puerto rico we're
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expecting sustained winds of around two hundred twenty kilometers per hour and that is a category four now as well as seeing some very very strong and damaging winds the storm is also going to bring some heavy rain if anything looks like more rain than we saw from could be up to five hundred millimeters in places. the weather sponsored by cats on a race. with its economy stagnant mexico's president says implemented drastic and controversial energy reforms mexico's oil opened by the mexican people for seventy five he is is being sold to private international companies. and as with the country's agricultural sector it's exposed to exploitation by profit driven multinational corporations crude harvest at this time on al-jazeera. without knowledge would these be migrants.
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that this or that term damage. could this mean for asian toss. all this over the option. and that is by contrast. you're watching out to syria time to recap our top stories now iraq's supreme court has ordered the suspension of next week's referendum on kurdish independence the vote planned for september the twenty fifth is fiercely opposed by iraq iran and
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turkey. commander in chief of me and my forces is blaming the remainder for violence that sparked the refugee crisis and says his forces are only targeting groups the un says and ethnically cleansing the civilians. chiefs of staff from twenty nine countries a meeting in the south korean capital seoul the former un secretary general ban ki moon told them no one wants war with north korea but necessary measures including military options may be required. general motors has announced the recall of more than two and a half million vehicles in china over concerns about airbags made by japanese giant cutter the faulty airbags can improperly inflate and rupture potentially firing shrapnel pieces at the driver and passengers the defect has been linked to several deaths and scores of injuries around the world. brown joins us now live from
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beijing so what else is g.m. saying. well g.m. basically said it had to take this decision really as a precaution now you recall that last week volkswagen another major foreign car manufacturer here in china announced that it was withdrawing recalling some five million vehicles that have also been fitted with this same airbag now this airbag is manufactured by a japanese company called to carter a company that's now actually bankrupt and there's concern that with its deflator zz that when this airbag comes under too much pressure it simply explodes now worldwide there have reportedly been sixteen literally sixteen deaths and around about one hundred eighty injuries so far no deaths here in china or any injuries that have been reported but this is going to be a very big hit for both general motors and volkswagen because this is such
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a very very important market but this was obviously a situation that they felt was serious enough to warrant a recall recalls of course are not unheard of here in china but it's rare for a recall to happen on this scale all right thanks so much. let's get more now on the story we're telling about iraq and the order to suspend next week's referendum on kurdish independence joins us live from arab deal the capital of the kurdish autonomous region in northern iraq first of all any reaction there from the k r g authorities. no so far there has been no reaction but however distant order is quite significant in the sense that according to the iraqi constitution the one that actually passed participated in writing back in two thousand and five well defendable supreme court is the mechanism you go through to solve any kind of ethnical regional political dispute in this country
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so this is actually a binding. order by this court for the kurds we haven't heard from them yet but i'm pretty sure that in the next few hours we will hear some reaction from the regional government and all the authorities in baghdad outlining what practical steps they might take if the k r g goes ahead with this. no really i mean we've heard that from prime minister a body that if need be he will use military force but he didn't really explain how or what with exactly a trigger to use of military force what we see had to moment is basically do you rocky parliament now the federal supreme court trying to use all the legal magen is that exist in this country and saying look your referendum is against actually the constitution you have signed and you have helped write back in two thousand and
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five now the kurds at this stage are in a very delicate position especially president barzani if he is to turn around and to tell the people here well we're going to postpone this referendum he needs something in return and at this point you have to remember that the background to all of this is really sour relations between erbil and baghdad for some time now even though there has been this military cooperation in the fight against isis but i think if there is some way that the kurds can get maybe guarantees that they won't get their full share out of the national budget that the salaries of the peshmerga would be paid by baghdad and that is some sort of guarantee that this referendum that everybody wants really puts both specially the u.s. till after the iraqi national elections due to be held next year he needs to have some sort of guarantee that he can turn around and tell to the kurdish people until that is not set in stone and at the moment all the messages we're getting out of
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the kurds is that the all the during a day of solution so far i'm not satisfying enough he needs to march on with this referendum but i guess people probably there are used to the fact that there's been sour relations with baghdad for a while but now you've got an ally like turkey coming out against this and they would like iran also against this and wonder how that's impacting the mood of the people there are they still pro this idea of holding an independent voters. well what you do hear from people here is so when is the good time to hold this referendum i think most of the people will also have expected that turkey and iran would come out against this referendum simply because they have sizable population and they are afraid also that the referendum here with both national aspirations across the borders in turkey and in iran so i think this is something they expected . they probably there is this appointment that washington that learned that the
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u.n. is against this referendum many people here would tell you well we did all we had to do ever since the fall of saddam hussein back in two thousand and three we have been the same region we are the ones who who took in all the displaced people during the several wars that have been going on december or in mosul around the country he said we have been the one stable region so why can't we get that referendum now you have to also say that within here you have a small amount of people maybe there's no significant there's not an indicative poll but you have people who are speaking against the river and not because they don't want it but they say that maybe now is not the perfect timing for dad that maybe it should be postponed for a little bit until actually what's happening in this country is settle a little bit better all right and we're just hearing as we wrap up here are saying that now the iraqi prime minister either labadee is calling for the suspension of
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that planned independence first on september the twenty fifth bring you more details of course as we get them. third night of protests have been held in the u.s. city of st louis after a former police officer was white was acquitted of the murder of a black man victoria gay from the reports. the protests in st louis said the friday's divisive verdict ended in violence for a third night with police ordering demonstrators to disperse. more than a thousand people had marched through the city determined to make their point peacefully. yes. they're upset over the killing of a black man by a white a hossa almost six years ago and smith fled from police in december twentieth levon after an alleged drug deal outside a fast food restaurant shortly after the chase began officer jason stokely was
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filmed saying this. smith was shot five times during the trial prosecutors allege don't lead planted a gun in smith's car after he shot him it took four years the stockley to be charged with murder but a missouri state judge found stokley not guilty saying the prosecution had failed to prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt the verdict led to days of protests some of them violent we will continue to ensure our citizens first amendment rights are protected however. we will not tolerate valan violence in citizens police officers or damage to property federal prosecutors have rejected calls for a new civil rights investigation but protesters say they won't give up on that fight for justice victoria gates and be i'll just say. hurrican harvey is long gone but the storm left behind millions of metric tons of debris getting rid of it is
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top priority for the city of houston and a major public health concern too. has more from texas on the effort to clean up the streets. it's a beautiful day for an ugly job and the trash collectors are out in force in houston working to clear away the rotting smelly reminders of hurricane harvey regular visitors there's a new snow getting cleaned up. it would mean only those who are doing johnny in haley say this load will be just the first to come out of their flood damaged home and they're delighted to see city crews at work be able to get that debris out here right now is a good sign it's a huge job of course trash haulers expect to move more than six point one million cubic meters of garbage or enough to fill one of the world's biggest football stadiums one and a half times and that is just for the city of houston. residents are being urged to separate their garbage to make recycling easier setting aside electronic components
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like television sets for instance but most of these piles include all kinds of unsorted material and the city says that's ok too the point now is to move the track if we can get them separated get them pushed or that are most likely. set up we'll but right now if they're mixed in their trailers under a piece of carpet they were going to pick it up use and residents just glad to see the debris that's been growing mold in the hot texas sun all the way land stench is going to be a big relief in. just get it out now and then one but as the trash is removed outside it's clear there's still plenty of misery left behind city officials say this job to take three to four months i want to offer al-jazeera houston now the island nation of summer in the pacific ocean is one of the world's highest rates of obesity imported fast food is favored over natural local produce but campaigns
1:44 pm
underway to change that reports from here chef john is on his morning rounds at his main fish market and the daily catch is plenty the twenty four year old advocates eighteen locally sourced food healthily the celebrity chef whips up samoan cuisine in new and inventive ways on television so i was millionaire about the food you know plantation and a fish so i'm trying to cave in people like. to eat to eat like ok next up use of chemical ample cooking and i. know all of it is a calling up here you need to use that you know. chef john is part of a growing movement battling against a fast food culture that prizes unhealthy imported meals and the fresh local produce in remote areas and across the capital some zero is rich with edible
1:45 pm
vegetation and tropical fruits the inspiration for an education campaign encouraging samoans to search for healthy options. it's more than what we need but we have to go out a little exercise as a family go out and collect them come and cook it together eat and your budget will be less you want to spend too much money buying this important stuff process with a lot of high salt and we don't need that everywhere you go in samoa you can find fresh food is even here in the capital after you can find it on the side of the streets and in front of people's houses that's why health experts say there's no excuse for half the population to be obese about ninety percent of people here to be overweight the number of people with non-communicable or chronic diseases feelings of always hospitals is on the rise they're being treated for problems like diabetes hypertension and cancer well i think this is the one of the country with
1:46 pm
the highest prevalence of diabetes and obesity worldwide about eighty percent roughly eighty percent of all properly all of these burden come from long communicable disease in some or so abide by any account this is the biggest problem highlighting the work of young stars like chef john is not only critical to making locally sourced produce more appealing could be vital to saving lives yarber mohammed al jazeera r.p.s. and more. well still ahead on al-jazeera for three months off to the world taekwondo championships in salt north korea holding their own version of the event joe have all the details in school.
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well the emmy awards are all about television entertainment this year the spotlight was in political satire from dramas to comedies us politics played a major role got to love has how diane has more oh. it's the best of the small screen with all the big names. political satire but most of it focusing on president donald trump took center stage on like the presidency and his go to the winner of the popular vote. in an unexpected twist former white house press secretary sean spicer rocked himself and the president he referenced his first media conference where he defended the crowd size that tromso moderation . there are already here. to where i am nice
1:49 pm
period both in person and around the world melissa mccarthy was just meters away she won an emmy for her in person nation of spicer at last week's creative arts ceremony i'd like to begin with the president's schedule political comedy mark the style of saturday night live this season the most watched in twenty years you know boy the media is saying nice things and no one is talking about rush alec baldwin who impersonates trump on the show jokingly shared his award for best supporting actor with the president i suppose i should say at long last mr president here is your enemy. on the same team kate mckinnon known for her resemblance to hillary clinton once of porting actress in a comedy series thank you to hillary clinton. for your grace politics is also at the heart of veep which won best comedy series but it was about more than just laughs the entertainment industry has used the political divide to address bigger
1:50 pm
issues like race and inequality for the third year in a row this is the most diverse group of nominees in emmy history. the handmaid's tale based on a religious dictatorship taking over america was named outstanding drama series. but political satire won the night whether it's life imitating art or the other way around cocktail opus with a young al-jazeera. it's been no laughing matter for one japanese by jazz it's tell us about the absolutely sammy has been intense a british cyclist is set to become the first man to ride around the world in eighty days month by month is due to ride into paris later after a twenty nine thousand kilometer journey at his home and has. a trial and i'm just now going six o'clock in the morning and i've done about three hours already and it's a beautiful day it's a feat that few people could even contemplate let alone achieve but on monday mark
1:51 pm
beaumont will be completing a remarkable journey. good morning all. it's day. and night. on july two he launched off from paris in a bid to cycle around the world in eighty days inspired by the classic book published by french writer jules verne in eight hundred seventy three first from us to europe russia julia all the way to beijing in china then it's called small still asia after that across north america from anchorage to halifax and the final stage will be lisbon through madrid and all the way over the pier in east palo it's a total of eighteen thousand miles across the globe but naturally the epic journey hasn't been without a totals i think this morning. i think struggling with the three.
1:52 pm
seconds or so. i think for seven and. six that date labor only for just over four hours jerry or enchanted the my time my big shock damage total devote time total to call has been documenting the trip along with the support crew with twice daily updates on the social media channels. i started a twenty seven and for the. chinese border to open the start of history and it was tougher than i expected the need twenty nine thousand kilometer journeys never actually been completed in eighty days the record is one hundred twenty three beaumont will completed in seventy nine once he crosses the finish line in paris home an al-jazeera. sebastian vettel and his ferrari team will be wondering what they need to do to stay in the race for the formula one championship after a disastrous singapore grand prix now despite leading for most of the season vettel
1:53 pm
now trails lewis hamilton by twenty eight points all to he and his team crashed in sunday's race tatiana sanchez reports. to dissolve the ferrari at the start of the singapore grand prix a wet marina bay street circuit made way for a bit. both ferrari's out of the race they were expected to dominate. the best in vettel collided with teammate kimmie reichen in and right both much stuck in a stop good average over. the crash causing the face he caught to come out on to the track which ended up being sent out a total of three times during the race due to a series of incidents. but what of lewis hamilton depart started fifth on the grid and managed a clean escape from the conic he managed to slot into fast place and that's where he stayed eventually crossing the line ahead of red bulls daniel ricardo who
1:54 pm
finished in second place for the third year in a row hamilton's miss avies teammate about to read but has completed the podium. we struggled and we are and we had no idea what is going to happen is a big thing as we just try to stay focused and try to get ahead obviously was very fortunate with the prize the beginning so yeah i can be very grateful disappointed obviously to miss out on a win but i still going to be pretty grateful and happy with another podium and i think there's more this year than last year and there was more than the year before so it's getting better and thankfully the wind is the sixtieth of hamilton's career and it means he now has a twenty eight point lead in the championship standing. on the sanchez al-jazeera. now just a few weeks after hurricane harvey swept through the city the houston astros have finally given their supporters a big reason to celebrate veteran pitcher justin verlander was marking his home debut for the astros after being traded from detroit he struck out ten of the
1:55 pm
seattle mariners batters over the first seven innings and his side went on for a seven one victory securing the american league west division they are off to the playoffs and were clearly enjoying the moments between when indians held a celebration of their own having secured the american league central title they recently what went on a twenty two game winning streak and beat the kansas city royals three to two in ohio on sunday. controversy in germany has been does lead to now cologne one one of their match against leaders but dortmund replayed dorman defend socrates pastor populus for first part time initially the referee spotted a foul on the cologne keeper but that home was overruled by the video referee but it turned out the video ref actually got it wrong cologne went on to receive a five nil crashing and put on a plate over that dome seno says protesting that kind of a loss is the strong attitude of
1:56 pm
a bad. slovenia champions of european basketball for the first time they beat serbia in the euro basket final in istanbul on sunday slovenia captain gorringe wreckage who plays for miami heat in the n.b.a. had thirty five point seven rebounds and three assists this was the first time the euro basket final has been contested by two teams from the former yugoslavia slovenia beating the olympic silver medalist ninety three to ninety eight australian gold for mark leishman a scored one of the biggest wins of his career and put himself on track for the richest prize in the game leishman lead from the first round to finish five strokes clear of nearest rivals rickie fowler and justin rose and b.m.w. championship on sunday the victory is the second of two thousand and seventeen and as it was a fed ex cup playoffs vent it means leishman will go into next week's top championship seeded only the top five players get to play for ten million dollars bonus prize in atlanta. how much so i said why for the first half and join you in the top five and
1:57 pm
. you know with with a sitting here it's nice to have the trophies and be in that top five and really you know if i have another good weight next week and i was not one of them now the largest sports event ever to be held in turkmenistan has got underway the opening ceremony of the asian indoor and martial arts games took place in ask about on sunday over six thousand athletes from sixty four countries are taking part in a mix of olympic sports and traditional martial arts or. for the next two weeks just three months ago south korea hosted the world's taekwondo championships now the northern neighbors holding their own version of the event sunday saw an opening ceremony in pyongyang for the championships which are run by the international taekwondo federation the i.c.'s headquarters are in north korea and it's a separate organization to the taekwondo federation which is based in seoul all the south korean events so one hundred seventeen countries take part this one was still a big event sixty nine countries from austria to ganda will compete over the coming
1:58 pm
days south korea's demonstration team had been considering a visit to the championship but that has not gone ahead and that for now i'll have more feeling than later. well that's it for this news hour will be back with more of the day's news that's coming up with my colleague mashal in just a minute or two so don't get too far.
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oh. and your level of a militia get they to do it is surely surely true that they too may may get a very. busy day but if you if you look at believe sure it. meets you don't go to the show. but but. but. the name or feel it's something you just get out to is that i did a. russian
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filmmaker under a necker self continues his journey across his homeland to discover what life is like under putin during his travels he meets christians and muslims patriots and separatists i thought the locals in the southeast were on our side when i arrived i don't do something completely different someone to leave russia but for others the russian passport means hope and the challenge of happens in search of putin's russia at this time on all jazeera. iraq's supreme court orders the suspension of next week's edition of pendants referendum. and we shall carry this is al jazeera lifetime toha also coming up north korea
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