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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 19, 2017 6:00am-6:33am AST

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right. as international pressure mounts mean mas leader aung sang suu kyi prepares to address the country over the range of crisis. hello i'm daryn jordan this is al-jazeera lawyer from doha coming up the u.s. president donald trump calls the reforms to the u.n. after he attends his first general assembly. caribbean islands prepare for yet
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another hurricane as countably five maria makes landfall. and u.s. backed kurdish forces say they're ready to fight syrian government troops if they enter that territory. i mean miles de facto leader and sang suchi is shortly due to make her first public speech on the violence in rakhine state she's come under widespread criticism for failing to condemn what the u.n. is calling the ethnic cleansing of range of muslims the u.s. has also called on me and ma to end military operations against the ranger and allow access for humanitarian support we'll take you to a news conference live when it happens but first scott had a looks back at the issue. when on songs to cheese party the national league for democracy enjoyed a sweeping victory in two thousand and fifteen selection it was welcomed as a new chapter in myanmar's history a more democratic one after fifty years of government control by the military. but
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just over a year in office on song suchi is facing serious international criticism over the army's violent crackdown on the muslim writing a minority in rakhine state for the most part she's remained silent. this latest violence began after a hint of fighters who want to taunt me attacked multiple myanmar police post in an army base on august twenty fifth. since then four hundred thousand rohingya have fled across the border into bangladesh amnesty international called it a scorched earth policy by the army dozens of writing of villages were burned to the ground. on song suchi called some of the media coverage of fake news and that there was an iceberg of misinformation. to take. disillusioned by her recent actions some international observers feel she's not the same leader she was when fighting for democracy she entered essentially an informal compact
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whether she realizes or not when she asked for the world community to use your freedom and promote ours someone who believed in human dignity and the importance of every person and i think that now has been a real major letdown for the world community that perhaps she's not the person they thought she was perhaps you know she's we're negative on this compact. a united states state department officials expected to attend televised address to the nation on tuesday the u.s. has called for more access to the conflict area for humanitarian workers and the press on sunday suit she is skipping the world's largest annual diplomatic gathering this week the united nations general assembly she says because of pressing issues at home many are eagerly anticipating her speech hoping she'll finally break her silence and fully address the rang a crisis but don't expect her to call them ring go that's a term the government does not recognize it's got hodler al-jazeera. aid workers
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say the ranger crisis at the bangladesh border is one of the biggest humanitarian crises in the world. reports now from to do it in southeast bangladesh. a month after renewed violence began in myanmar's rockin state of rohingya are making the journey to the border with bangladesh every day they're escaping ethnic cleansing by the myanmar military. i think. we were six people in our family now there's just three of us left they killed my father one of the girls and my husband . this man is a volunteer with the regional cycling center. he's one of. the i guess. this is a disaster it's a manmade disaster what's happening in myanmar is inhumane and we are proud that bangladeshis are showing their humanity but the volunteers are being overwhelmed every time a food truck arrives. these are some of the clothes that refugees had been leaving
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behind after being given new ones by relief workers but residents here have been getting upset about this they say that the situation is out of control. aid workers say they are struggling to scale up operations quickly enough they want more help to take care of health issues provide shelter and other basic needs i think international donors have to step up to the plate and that is not just the traditional donors of the united states europe but also nontraditional donors in particular countries in the middle east and countries in the region in southeast asia and. those on the ground say this is now a global crisis and needs a sustained global response until that happens these refugees will have to make do with what little comes their way meyer's al-jazeera bangladesh. well from a humanitarian crisis the range of face all reported time of
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a child is in cox's bazar in bangladesh just in the border with me in my time there so just bring us up to date with the situation on the ground because we're hearing reports of infectious diseases and starvation among some of the range of refugees. yes there are reports of measles spreading among the children the units are reported there are about two hundred thousand children among the refugees and the buying of this government just yesterday reported that there's about seventy thousand pregnant woman among this four hundred seventy thousand refugees the government has started a vaccination program for polio and measles but just as a report are we a full cycle all this camps in the border areas in cockspur. them most of the serious thing is that a lot of these people who really don't have shelter some of them are actually sitting by the roadside begging for relief people and volunteers coming across from the country very unorganized on discipling they have all the good intention
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throwing relief on the road sometime there's a stampede at least one two children and a woman got him this is a very graphic said gratian on the ground you can see the weather really bad it's a very good climate prone area so the camps are muddy area with a lot of slash water on the ground mothers with in fans with barely a tarpaulin shit on the top couple of bombay poles that's all they're living under so the diseases like cholera dysentery is a serious threat the aid workers are stretched to the limit they have all the good intention and they're working very hard they cannot get to all of their location because they do not have the manpower of that resource all the pledges made by different world leaders on the countries i'm just not getting bangladesh and the places are very disorganized narrow roads with modest relief trucks trying to come in volunteers coming in there's always a traffic jam all these need to be organized and centralized danglers government ok that they're going to mobilize the army to centrally distribute this relief but
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sorry go ahead you know saying time of it so you're describing the very difficult situation for the aid agencies i mean what i need is actually getting through. what we know that at least two plane landed last week with the tent material but that barely going to made about two thousand shelters you know this shelters what we see are just very basic there's a lot like times that are weather proof you know the children are exposed to these bad weather rain so the threat of pneumonia and on the ground despite all the effort what is required to deal with this year number of people on the ground is a lot more aid i mean people have pledged a lot more aid the leaders have said we're going to send x. amount of money and goods but they're not reaching bangladesh this has to come very soon and unless that come this threat of starvation and disease is a very real threat right now that is something bangladesh just isn't adequately prepared to cope with it needs all the international help it can right now an army
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is one area they can mobilize because they are highly trained in ok mr management not just in bangladesh has been serving in the united nation as a quick responder that could elevate the problem at least temporarily. and cultures bizarre to be thank you with a range of prices also came up for discussion on the sidelines of the u.n. general assembly mike hanna is at the u.n. for us now mike so the u.k. we understand hosted this meeting of foreign dignitaries over the issue of me in ma tell us what came out of that meeting. well a very interesting meeting hosted by the u.k. foreign secretary along with the u.s. ambassador to the united nations also present were senior leaders in particular some military attaches and they were told in no uncertain terms by both the u.k. foreign secretary and the u.n. ambassador that the military must stop its operations within my own bar in burma
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that humanitarian relief must be allowed to go through immediately this was significant because it's asserts which in the u.k. and u.s. position from dealing with the situation in my own mind burma as a humanitarian one it's now looking at it as a result of military action so a ramping up of pressure on the leadership to start taking some action to help or to prevent the ongoing flood of refugees out of my arm are the rigging gears attempting to find some form of safety in the wake of what all reports indicate the military action. we know that president donald trump will be giving a much anticipated speech to the u.n. general assembly on tuesday what are we expecting him to say mike. well it will be his first address since becoming president to the united nations general assembly we did hear from him in the course of the day talking at
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a you when reform program along with the u.n. secretary general and certainly he was a very calm president trump and he was making very clear that he wanted to work with the u.n. to make it a far more efficient organization we'll see whether this can turn continues in the hours ahead we do understand from a senior administration official that he will be talking very tough on the issue of north korea this one of the crises facing the united states the issue of iran is also likely to come up the trump administration making very clear it sees iran as an ungoverned threat the administration official says said then as you well know may also be mentioned in the course of the speech there was a meeting of a latin american leaders with president trump in the course of the sea evening and the trump administration itself has described the leader of venezuela as a dictator so there are many things that will be explored but the key issue is what
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is the tone of the speech is this a president trump looking for global unity is it a president trump seeking confrontation we'll know in the next few hours coming mike thank you well the u.s. president will deliver that speech as michael saying on tuesday he made his debut at the u.n. on monday donald trump says the world body is not living up to its potential he blamed bureaucracy and mismanagement but promised to help reform the global body our diplomatic editor james bays reports from new york. diplomats will wary about this transfer strip to the united nations as president. trump has railed against the u.n. many times in the past suggesting it's inefficient and bloated at times this transactional america first president would seem to question the entire international system that's existed since the un was set up at the end of world war two ahead of the meeting there was some unease about what this unpredictable
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president might say but he only seemed concerned about how the microphones worked his read the and so. when trump finally spoke there would have been a big sigh of relief felt across the united nations he now seems to be a fan of the organization and. mr secretary general of the united states and the member states presenter support this great reform vision we pledge to be partners in your work and i am confident that if we work together and champion truly bold reforms the united nations will emerge as a stronger more effective more just and greater force for peace and harmony in the world so instead of declaring war on the u.n. trump seems already to be declaring a victory this turnabout it seems the result of an unlikely partnership between the
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us ambassador nikki haley and the u.n. secretary general who like the president took up his post in january and tonio good terrorists is a canny political operator who knows how all this needs to be presented someone recently asked what keeps me up at night and my answer was simple bureaucracy. fragmented structures byzantine procedures and endless red tape at the beginning of the year in washington d.c. i spoke with a senior white house official who said it was the administration's intent to gut the united nations that hasn't happened so for now the u.n. may feel it's dodged the bullet but this is an issue that will be revisited and it's possible down the line the president may feel that the changes that will be made are not bold enough the president will be staying in new york for most of the week he gives his long formal address to the u.n. on choose day as well as holding meetings with other world leaders with north korea
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high on the agenda james spays al-jazeera of the united nations well in new york the u.s. president also warned his venezuelan counterpart of further action unless he restores democracy to the nation he accused president nicolas maduro of inflicting terrible misery and suffering on his people his corrupt regime destroyed a thriving nation by imposing a failed ideology that has produced poverty and despair everywhere it has been tried to make matters worse magaro has defied his own people stealing power from their elected representatives to preserve his disastrous rule. the venezuelan people are starving the united states has taken important steps to hold the regime accountable we are prepared to take further action if the government of venezuela persist on a path to imposing authoritarian rule on the venezuelan people.
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and trump met with israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu they discuss the still middle east process as well as the iran nuclear deal u.n. correspondent robin jordan has the latest. as you'd expect donald trump and benjamin netanyahu were very happy to see each other on monday on the sidelines of the u.n. general assembly both men agreed that in their view the iran nuclear deal was a bad deal and should be renegotiated and at the very least that iran can't be trusted to hold up its end of the deal as for the trumpet ministrations efforts to try to broker peace between the israelis and the palestinians the president had this to say. with the capability. and frankly i think we have to. think the palestinians would like to see it and i could tell you that the ministration would like to see it so will work in jail rather than just see what happens. it's likely that both men will try to touch on the issue of
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the iran nuclear deal during their addresses to the u.n. general assembly on tuesday it's also very likely that they will try to talk about the mideast peace process but their first concern is international peace and security namely that of israel and so of course expect repaid it references to iran in both men's addresses. will break here not as hero when we come back kurdish leaders in iraq valid to hold an independence referendum despite a supreme court order suspending the first and angry scenes in haiti where unions are opposing unpopular new taxes morn. hello again look at weather conditions across the americas this time hurrican jose
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which is running very close to new england of the next few days and weather makes landfall or not so still a very slight possibility all along the coast is going to be very rough we're going to see a lot of surf and some dangerous rip currents of it all possible stay clear so there is the threat from jose there is that frontal system towards the so mid atlantic region there's another area of low pressure across the northwestern areas with some snow really into the rockies so calgary very taste of autumn there twelve degrees no further towards the north and then as we had a on through into wednesday dry conditions for many parts of the eastern seaboard but maybe a threat of some cloud from that system for new york so we head down into the caribbean the main concern is going to be development of hurrican maria which is likely to be a category three system as it hits dominica and indeed the northern part of the leeward islands and it's going to run across puerto rico and on into wards the on of hispania there so at least a category three storm devastating winds are possible cuba still looking driver
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hoping this storm system will curve away and maybe only interact slightly with the bahamas have a still a system which watching very closely. with . documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera.
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welcome back a quick reminder of the top stories here al-jazeera. used to make a first public speech on the violence in rakhine state a former political prisoner has come under widespread criticism from world leaders for failing to condemn the ethnic cleansing against rangers mr. president donald trump has made his debut at the united nations reinforcing his criticism of the global organization addressing world leaders he said the u.s. would help with reforming the u.n. to make it stronger. and troubles also want his venezuelan counterpart to further action unless he was stores democracy he accused president maduro of inflicting terrible misery and suffering on his people and called on other leaders for increased pressure. let's get more now on our top story the pending addressed by man miles de facto leader sujit let's talk to james gomez he's the amnesty international regional director for southeast asia he joins us live from bangkok.
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he's come under growing criticism for failing to condemn the violence against the rangers so why do you think she's making the speech today that. well i mean it's centrally a statement. to the memories people so i think she wants to lay out. her position visibly her support base in me in mind also bearing in mind the fact that the military is watching her every move so this is one reason another reason is also to respond to the global criticism. over her silence not speaking up for the rowing communities so i think these two things will weigh heavily in terms of you know the actual content of the speech you know later today and it is quite extraordinary isn't it because the criticism against her has been quite vociferously that she's failed to use have political and indeed her moral
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authority to stop the violence against the rangers. yeah and that's precisely the point you know because i think there is an important moral position to speak up you know for the ethnic minority and a lot of ethnic minorities in the in my case one of them and she has failed to speak up for them now she could be you know slightly excuse in terms of you know delivering on the larger democratic goals and transition in myanmar because that's a big job and it takes quite a few years and almost you know a lot of work in terms of making that transition but this is a specific issue and we have over four hundred thousand people who have literally been pushed out across the border to bangladesh. both the united nations and the body that you work for amnesty international have called orating
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a crisis ethnic cleansing i mean this of course is a very strong terminology so does it work in bringing the world's attention to the crisis. well i mean the term ethnic cleansing has been used because there has been a systematic approach in creating those kinds of condition to push the community for the use of violence and persecution against. the community we are receiving information you know young boys and men have disappeared and this requires further investigation on amnesty's pond they have been severely discriminated in terms of access to school. medical facilities they have been interned in i.d.p. camps and we have seen as the last few weeks. also been systematic burning of. villages almost making it impossible for them to come back
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as a result of it you know there has to be conditions of push that led to you know four hundred thousand people fleeing the country let me get a final thought from you james gomez i mean does an sang suit she's failing to speak just on the line how powerful the myanmar military actually remains i mean they still pull the political strings that they. absolutely if you speak to members of n l d or members of the civilian government you know they are always anxious about the military i mean there is a high level of self-censorship in terms of not just the rowing issues but political issues and democratic transition in general because they are monk that civilian court in government is really. the military therefore you know the it's important that we are noticing you know. general being on yeah and you
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know coming out of the shadows to actually start to collating widow across social media publicly the role the military's playing so-called to contain the terrorist elements in rakhine state so therefore the military is right there in the center james gummer's thank you for talking to us hurricane maria has made landfall in the caribbean island of domany been upgraded now to a category five storm with winds reaching more than two hundred fifty kilometers an hour don easterbrook reports as communities prepare for the worst. hurricane maria barreled towards the eastern caribbean islands packing two hundred sixty kilometer per hour winds it intensified to a rare category five hurricane with dominica in its path hurricane warnings were posted for dominica guadalupe st kitts and martin eek he doing a home to trust the storm when you know. that's something the city coming. down from you know not too bad you know we end this thing you know this storm is heading
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towards many of the islands that were devastated a little more than a week ago by hurricane earl on the u.s. virgin islands residents emptied store shelves waited in long lines for fuel loaded up on plywood and began preparing their homes for another possible disaster where. they went from the. if you like that because you. did you feel when you didn't want to take them down will be. there when you want to proceed because maria is on a track that would put it over the u.s. territory of puerto rico by wednesday and could be the most powerful hurricane to hit the island in eighty five years diane estabrook al-jazeera will not come on to some us about kurdish forces in syria say they're ready to fight government troops if they enter their territory syrian regime forces crossed the euphrates river one in settling a pocket of i still find as and down resort regime troops have been fighting isis
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on the west side of the river while the s.d.f. back in the group on the eastern side. is also say one of their positions was attacked on sunday by russian aircraft supporting the regime and its release this footage purporting to be the aftermath of the attack. one man's been killed when shots of a pro kurdish independence event in care cook local authorities are investigating the incident kurdish leaders of vowed to hold an independence referendum despite a ruling by iran's supreme court to suspend it polls open on september twenty fifth in the three provinces in the oil rich kurdish region the government of baghdad regional neighbors iran and turkey and the u.s. have all called for the vote to be delayed they say could create instability which would help isolate. well transport strike a tax increases a shutdown most of haiti the government says the money raised will be used to improve public services but with more than half the population living out of the poverty line they can afford it the torah getting reports. rush hour in port au
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prince and the new money busy streets have been replaced by protesters and burning tires the transport strike called by the unions meant most people couldn't get to work. instead students confronted police he pushed them back with tear gas. stations are struggling to cope with poverty natural disasters disease and corruption at the same time foreign aid on which the country is dependent is decreasing haitians say the tax increases couldn't have come at a worse time i support the strike one hundred percent because the situation is tough for us the world bank says haiti is the poorest country in the americas and one of the poorest in the world its already weak economy was devastated by an earthquake in twenty ten and it struggled to recover ever since unemployment is high in the region of forty percent and tough the population don't have enough food to eat the government wants to raise money to invest in haiti's failing public
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services but critics say tax hikes on fuel alcohol and cigarettes will push many struggling families to breaking point. we don't want the budget measures to take effect we don't want. the tax increases have led to some of the worst violence since president juvenile movies took office earlier this year but many haitians feeling they have nothing left to lose victoria. or the irish budget airline ryan as a parent for more than twenty three million dollars in compensation payments for a series of planned flight cancellations run as counting between forty and fifty flights a day between now and the end of next month. but a backlog of stuff leave is also to blame only seventy percent of the airlines flights arriving on time. a massive battery search team as a merchant eight months of isolation on a remote high wind volcano the crew was living off mostly frozen dried food and vegetables which they grew and nasa will use this data to study the ability of how
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to cope with stress and isolation of a two year mission to mars the university of hawaii is going to be giving nasa sensual information about how you take individual astronaut and how you put them together in a crew but also how you support them over these long duration missions we need to send humans out because it's important for the future of the species i think is actually really important to get off if you look back at the geological record it is just full of mass extinction all the news of course on our website there it is on your screen the address al jazeera dot com that's an al-jazeera dot com. a quick recap of the top stories here the fact a leader has to make her first public speech on the violence in rakhine state the former political prisoner has come under widespread criticism from world leaders for failing to condemn the ethnic cleansing against range of muslims and we'll be
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back live with that address when it happens u.s. president donald trump has made his debut at the united nations reversing his criticism of the global organization addressing world leaders he said the u.s. would help with reforming the u.n. to make it stronger and more effective. one in new york the us president also warned his venezuelan counterpart of further action unless he restores democracy to the nation he accused president nicolas maduro of inflicting terrible misery and suffering on his people. this corrupt regime destroyed a thriving nation by imposing a failed ideology that has produced poverty and despair everywhere it has been tried to make matters worse. as defied his own people stealing power from their elected representatives to preserve his disastrous rule. the venezuelan people are starving the united states has taken important steps to hold the regime accountable we are prepared to take further action if the government of
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venezuela persist on a path to imposing authoritarian rule on the venezuelan people hurricane maria has made landfall in the caribbean island of bimini it's been upgraded now to a category five storm with winds reaching more than two hundred fifty kilometers an hour it's on a path towards many of the islands wrecked by hurricane hitting st martin the british virgin islands and on towards puerto rico the dominican republic and haiti come on to some u.s. backed kurdish forces in syria say they're ready to fight government troops if they enter their territory syrian regime forces crossed to the eastern side of the euphrates river today arizona on monday that's an area claimed by the s.d.f. where its troops battling eisel one man's been killed when shots fired during a pro kurdish independence event in quetta cook kurdish leaders have vowed to hold an independence referendum later this month well let's
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cross live now to me and ma where the country's de facto leader unsung suchi is about to address the range of prices in rakhine state let's listen in to what he has to say with members of the international community the challenges that a country is now facing and the steps that we are taking to overcome. this yeah i think should not be able to travel to do you all could imagine. well not only voted for the national mood morrisey. in the nation's atlantic city. in fact. the task of carrying out three responsibility.


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