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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 19, 2017 7:00pm-7:33pm AST

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the world's primary cocaine producing nation. is at the forefront of the war on drugs we're talking about serious organized crime as a country where reaching a critical point while some have made fortunes many others have suffered at the hands of this multi-billion dollar industry both of whom of this business will go on forever it will not change almost global policy is the who are the winners and losers of this illicit trade snow of the andes this time. we will have no choice but to totally destroy north korea. unprecedented language from the u.s. president in his debut speech at the u.n. .
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there i've had a staple and this is al jazeera live from london also coming up. i'm scott either a neighbor or myanmar on song suchi delivered her first speech dedicated to the situation for the revenge of the many feel she didn't go far enough also ahead syrian warplanes bombed three hospitals in profits as rebels launch an offensive against government held areas plus. course on camera students in south africa turned to mobile phones to protect themselves from abuse by teaches. us president donald trump has threatened to totally destroy north korea in a highly combative debut speech to the u.n. general assembly using unprecedented language he warned that the u.s.
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would be forced to confront kim jong un if he continued what trump said was reckless pursuit of nuclear weapons describing north korea as a deprived regime he said it showed contempt for other nations and the well being of its own people no nation on earth has an interest in seeing this band of criminals arm itself with nuclear weapons and most the united states has great strength and patients but if it is forced to defend itself or its allies we will have no choice but to turn only destroy north korea rocket man is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime. the united states is ready willing and able but hopefully this will not be necessary that's what the united nations is all about that's what the united nations is
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for let's see how they do automatic at a subject spaces at the united nations headquarters in new york and is joining us live right now so james we were expecting some tough language from president trump but this was something else wasn't it. i think it's something that we've never heard in the u.n. general assembly and this is the seventy second year of the high level week of the general assembly we certainly never heard such language from a u.s. president but i'm not sure despite some very provocative and bombastic speeches over the years we've ever heard it from any world leader a threat to totally destroy another u.n. member state there is concern among diplomats i can tell you about this sort of talk it's very hard they say now for president trump to back down and certainly in the past we've not seen north korea and kim willing to back down at any stage and
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it's ramping up the rhetoric and the danger some would say certainly the secretary general of the united nations in his speech and he spoke about ninety minutes before trump said fahri talk fear lead to fatal misunderstanding. yeah i'm james it was quite extraordinary i listening into that speech i guess the key question now is where does that leave the issue of north korea and crucially how worried is south korea going to be by this provocative language. well we're going to hear of course from the south koreans and from the japanese as the hours go by and the different speakers from different countries take the podium but yes if you were to totally destroy north korea remember seoul is pretty close to north korea and i think they'll be deeply worried about the possible casualties that they could be in their country japan is clearly in missile range because the
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missiles have been flying over them so they'll be worried where it goes next is the u.n. security council which is having a meeting on thursday interesting that that meeting is being called by the u.s. mission not just called about north korea but call about non proliferation because the u.s. very keen on. to bring in the subject of iran in this meeting and president trip was very firm on iran too in his speech i think basically closing the door to him staying in the iran deal james at the u.n. plenty more from james in coming out and i'm thanking. well president trump also described iran as a rogue state and a murderous regime he said the u.s. couldn't abide by nick we meant it to provide a cover for the construction of a nuclear program rather than use its resources to improve iranian lives its oil profits go to fund hezbollah and other terrorists that kill innocent
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muslims and attack their peaceful arab and israeli neighbors this well which rightly belongs to iran's people also goes to shore up the charlotte assad's dictatorship fuel yemen civil war and undermine peace throughout the entire middle east we cannot let a murderous regime continue these destabilizing activities while building dangerous missiles and we cannot abide by an agreement if it provides cover for the eventual construction of a nuclear program. with me now the studio is our senior political analyst moment bashara to listen into that speech with us full of amazement i'm sure marwan what was actually said as regards iran. we all knew that he wasn't
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a fan of the deal he said so in the campaign he said so after he moved into the white house is indicating now that he's going to be pulling away from that deal is the deal dead as far as he's concerned well he's certainly keeps upping the ante and he certainly keeps. escalating the rhetoric the statements the clear ations and sometimes the policies towards iran so come next month i mean it's not very long from now we will know what exactly do i think there is a couple of issues with that one he seems to talk about as if this is an american iranian deal it's not this is an international deal with iran and there is a u.n. security council resolution to go along so even if the u.s. pulls out of those i mean that the rest of the countries will pull out second already the french president the russian president's have told and the german chancellor have told trump not to do any such thing because they are not about to pull out of the deal but it seems like the he is not talking to the russians and the germans and the french assumes that he's talking about
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a know if you've noticed. even the u.n. t.v. camera seems to go to prime minister netanyahu as if president trump have a one time one one man audience and that is the israeli prime minister seems like he's simply having the you know bombast number of two two two. two to the liking of the israeli prime minister of course this certainly is music to the israeli prime minister netanyahu because if you remember there was a huge spat between him and and former president barack obama about the nuclear deal so i think now we have an axes of netanyahu trump against the did and i think it seems this is the language that seems to be working in washington well it's interesting that you point out that he looked like he was speaking to the prime minister netanyahu there is honey as you mentioned israel in not what forty five minute speech was in relation to iran he didn't talk about his well in any other
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way shape or form including in connection with palestine why this is exactly where some of those topics issues themes where there is zero american movement or there is an unpopular american stand so there's no talk about their agenda there's no talk about palestine there's no talk about the peace process there is no talk about climate change there's certainly no talk about poverty in and so on so forth more about patriotism so there's lots of things missing from the speech because i think the speech is meant to as i said has meant more of a bravado and almost at times sadistic towards countries like iran north korea standing fundamentalists and so on so forth so in so many ways i think this speech is still out of the round a similar speech we heard the 1980's by bill clinton about the axis of evil this is an axis of evil speech except then it was iraq iran. i'm sorry george w.
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bush. except that was iran iraq and north korea this time around it's iran north korea and islamic fundamentalists all right good to have your thoughts thanks so much thank you. well after weeks of condemnation mammals leader has finally made her first national speech on the vine is against her hand to muslims in her country over the past three weeks more than four hundred thousand ranger have escaped on rests which was sparked by a military crackdown and a kind states spotlight reports now from capitol hill after intense pressure on song suchi finally address the real hinge or refugee crisis but in here most anticipated speech since becoming myanmar's leader she avoided criticizing the actions of the military something the u.n.
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calls textbook ethnic cleansing. it is not the intention of the government to apportion blame to gauge responsibility we condemn all human rights and for violence we are committed to the restoration of stability and rule of law throughout the states her address lacked the specifics on how to end or even the unfolding revenger refugee crisis on her country's border with bangladesh nor did she offer definitive explanations of what took place in rakhine state over the last four weeks. we want to find out why this exodus is happening we would like to talk to those who have fled as well as to those who have stayed i think it is. that the great majority of muslims in the rakhine state have not joined the exodus but over four hundred ten thousand have fled and
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two hundred ten muslim villages were burned down according to human rights watch but she chose to focus on the villages that were not attacked more than fifty percent of the villages all muslims are intact. as they were before the attacks took place. and we would like to know why this is what i think we have to work too much not just looking at the problems but also looking at the areas where there are no problems she asked for international assistance on the situation and pledged access to some of the areas impacted from the latest violence but the some of the speech fell well short saying it didn't properly address the immediacy of the crisis and that her speech might lead to further condemnation of how she's handling the situation when you say the international community n.g.o.s and others and just the general. individuals i think there's some level
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of outright they wanted more they wanted. a direct if not apology some kind of acknowledgement of the enormity the scale of human misery we've seen a few weeks but some diplomats who attended the speech said it was a good start there's a first step i think that there was a good speech a good. message those international community because i'm sure that further steps will follow on song suchi repeated the phrase peace and harmony many times in her speech but if there's no progress of relief for those suffering in refugee camps who fled from her country the situation could get a lot worse and that idea of peace and harmony might become even farther away scot al-jazeera neighbor dog or enjoy her escape to bangladesh or having to deal with heavy flooding rain over the past few days has flooded fields where some of those fleeing mammal have set up shelters. has more.
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hundreds of recent refences f. taken shelter in this camp you can see the condition of this camp it rained here last night there's a need deep water woman with children stranded here and a lot of this people don't know where to go there is no presence of international n.g.o.s government organization or local n.g.o.s to take them in any other shelter some of them are standing by the roadside asking for help a lot of this kids are actually got a high fever i want of the lady told me how giles got lungs problem which possible is a name only they don't have any relief whatever may have their god is washed away by this water. in other chemicals and i don't have any money i'm staying here with three little children in need we even took shelter on the road site. the aid agencies are warning the. starvation spread of diseases like cholera dysentery missiles there's already reports of missiles spreading within this community the
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local and international n.g.o.s presence on the ground cannot cope with this disaster alone neither can the bangladesh government. orso heads all the program syria's government denies claims that it's as strikes targeted three hospitals in rebel held areas. and on occasions that britain's weapons industry is comforting from the destruction of a mystery in yemen civil war. hello there we think plenty of rain across the southeast in parts of asia at the moment you can see it on the satellite picture is the system here really has developed over the past few hours and it's giving us some very very lively downpours shanghai is expecting more of those showers as we head through the day on wednesday and then even as we head into thursday the showers break up elsewhere but shanghai they're
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going to cling on so shanghai if you wait for the next couple of days if we had elsewhere across towards india there's been a lot of rain here over the last day or so as well mostly out of this belt here across the central region to the north of that it's largely falling and dry for now but we all sing a system developed within that rain that's going to gradually push its way northward as we head through the next day or so so that will throw some showers towards new delhi as we had three thursday and the end of the week for the south looks like it should be a little bit dry ambroid a force in shenoy on thursday night here in doha no massive change for us really the winds are still feeding in from the east bringing in a vacuum a day or so still feeling hot and humid not quite as hot as it has been so our temperatures generally around thirty nine or forty degrees at the moment for the south of course a little bit more cloud around the south coast of oman gives us a little bit of drizzle but a former at times and thirty one is a top temperature in salalah.
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a new village committee has been elected and is grappling with the obvious tosca sustaining a community but residents of this chinese village of burning. and have one concern inside. the reclamation of. democracy is complicated. hard to have a six part series on their window but five years. china's democracy experiment at this time on mount isa eric. welcome back i don't mind at the top stories here on al-jazeera donald trump has
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launched a blistering attack on north korea on his debut speech to the u.n. general assembly warning the country could be destroyed if america or its allies were threatened militarily. trump also took a swipe at iran calling it an economically depleted a rogue state whose chief export is violence he hinted at repealing the iran nuclear deal. as those who have violated the rights of a hinge of muslims will be held accountable but she rejected accusations of ethnic cleansing by the army. syrian government strikes have hit three hospitals in the province activists say they were all struck within an hour killing civilians and emergency workers syrian military sources deny targeting the hospital saying only rebel convoys on positions have been hit jamal al child reports from neighboring beirut. syrians witnessed some of the
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most intensive. by governments and russian warplanes for several weeks on tuesday morning three hospitals and true schools were bombed north of aleppo city as regime forces inflicted more death and destruction in their bid to defeat opponents of president bashar assad. and. we thought there's nothing we were working on her diverse strike but we didn't think that it was targeting us. earlier rebel fighters made a push from the leap towards the northern countryside of aleppo province in a bid to take back from government forces who have recaptured it in the past few months this escalation in fighting comes just days after the latest round of talks and stands capital stana where russian iranian and turkish negotiators continue to push for what they've described as the escalation zones across syria while the northern end up with problems isn't included in your standard deal traddles bombardment of civilian areas suggests this seven year long war is far from being
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over for those fighting assad and his russian and iranian allies there is no end until the regime is toppled from. beirut the children's charity says the british weapons industry has sold eight billion dollars worth of arms to saudi arabia during two and a half years of war in yemen that is much higher than previous estimates but then watch our organization says the british government minimal tax from the arms sales and in fact spends more than it earns in tax on humanitarian aid in yemen so the whole look the devastating impact the war is having especially on children. since saudi arabia first began bombing yemen in two thousand and fifteen one point one million children have been displaced by the fighting their homes and schools destroyed more than thirteen hundred have been killed mostly by weapons sold to saudi arabia by the united kingdom that's despite the u.k. arms sales rules which say that if there is clear risk that weapons might be used
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in violation of international humanitarian law well then they should not be supplied warchild says the sales are not only unethical but also a false economy the argument for in favor of a trade with the arabia that it's very important to the u.k. economy. that may be the case may generate huge amounts of profit for arms companies and terms of what the british government of getting out of it are actually making a loss if you think that we're only making thirteen million pounds in corporation tax year compared to spending one hundred thirty nine million pounds in aid trying to fix the damage that's weapons of the kind but with the record of doing that damage including displacement and dwindling food supplies which mean that three million children are in urgent need of treatment for malnutrition while sixty thousand others a sick from the world's worst outbreak of cholera. a u.k. based human rights organization is calling on egypt to provide necessary medical
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treatment for the detained elders there a journalist markman hussein he's been imprisoned for almost nine months accused of broadcasting false news to spread chaos something he and al-jazeera strongly deny needs to be transferred to specialized treatment or his broken arm. tensions are rising on the periphery of iraq's kurdish region ahead of a vote on kurdish independence on the twenty fifth of september the town of to screw martin in saladin province is where kurdish control ends and iraqi control begins its population is a mix of kurds and turkmen shia paramilitary groups and kurdish peshmerga have fought there before the shia turkmen rejects the referendum and have been making renewed threats military commanders are concerned that tensions might lead to violence. random but since the referendum was announced by the presidency of the kurdistan region we have been seeing the parties including the arabs in. making threats that if the kurds hold
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a referendum they will attack our forces we are fully prepared to react to any unwanted incident but we will not initiate anything but we will try our best to avoid war but if it happens and if it comes to our doors that. these areas are part of being governorates and the governor has completely rejected the referendum the city council here including the arabs and the turkmen are also rejected they didn't even vote on it therefore we are rejecting the referendum here in this city and coke and other disputed areas in fact we don't want to held in kurdistan either school children in south africa using their mobile phones to record attacks in class by some teachers video shared on social media are increasing pressure on government leaders to improve student safety a song a page reports from johannesburg. a teacher is found lashing out at a student at face secondary school and causing an attack in. teachers
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being suspended and displacing criminal charges pending an investigation for allegedly turning on not one but two teenage girls the girls who can't be named to protect their identity have both been offered counseling by the department of education about phone video first shown on social media a week ago is the latest example of corporal punishment twenty years after it was banned and south africa's classrooms. it's not an isolated incident or most half of six thousand pupils who took part in a national survey said they had been hit by a teacher. always a for. that he may do something wrong the teacher will lose it and just beat us or we don't cry because when you cry the teacher hits you again and so you would have to be brave and cry on the inside serious misconduct by teachers has an even more
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disturbing side extend into allegations of sexual abuse and even rape at one school three men including the principal are suspended from work and facing criminal charges over the suspected gang rape of a student part of the attack was found on a mobile phone at another school three teachers are suspended over sexual harassment allegations the minister of basic education says she's angry and embarrassed but that she can't and force mandatory vetting of teachers to check with or they have a history of violence before they step into a classroom without the agreement of stakeholders including parents and teachers unions a conduit cup in the. us first have to agree on we did it then we have to follow the process about how to deal with issues that affect people. but that could be leaving children probable to teachers who
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experienced the brutality of apartheid but haven't been taught how to control their anger you need people who lead in situations such as the schools people who are emotional intelligence will do good with their own relationship with authority with violence and the history of violence so you can just look for teachers and not look at their history otherwise instead of being a safe place some students fear going to class tiny or page out as they are south africa. the french firm which was due to supply kenya with an electronic voting system for the election rerun says it won't be ready in time august results which reelected president her kenyatta was declared void by the supreme court after allegations of voting irregularities o.t. morpho which also provided that equipment says the. system is being left untouched in case it's needed for evidence in the investigation kenyatta and his rival ron or dinka a campaigning for the planned rerun to take place next month. let's take you back
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now to the un general assembly and the french president emanuel. doesn't end in a sudanese secretary general of the united nations' distinguished delegates to sing which has stayed on of government. if it is my privilege here today to take the floor before you see if you did what i know to whom i owe that privilege you did what i thought i owed that privilege to all of those who just over seventy years ago rose up against the barbaric regime that had seized my country from its i owe it to those nations that heard our cry of resistance and who from america africa and asia sent their sons and daughters to our aid. you know they did not all know very much about france but they knew that were france to be defeated this would also be the defeat for the ideals stuff they shared with us of which they were proud and for which they were ready to give their lives they knew
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that their freedom and their values depended upon the freedom of other women and of other men who lived thousands of kilometers away from them. i also know that privilege to those who once the war had ended there to take the path of reconciliation and to build a new international order those who like it would make us understood that human rights lay at the heart of international legitimacy those who tried to the guilty gave succor to the victims made amends for the wrongs those who believed thought the values of this war had floated had to be restored values of tolerance of freedom of humanity those values that lay at the heart of the united nations. not because those were fine values but because they were justified they help the worst day and i don't if i say that all of that it's not just to talk to you about
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history but today. you know good when i hear our colleagues you talking about the world stop existence today they forget about the history that is behind us they talk about our current interests and then they talk about what will be determinative for our lives so whereas my country today holds a somewhat unique position in the world order of nations this means that we also all with debts a debt to all of those who have no voice and i myself know that it is the duty of france to speak up for those who have no voice. because speaking for those who have no voice means speaking for all of us. today and in the future. and it is those who have no voice that i would wish to convey to you again i spoke to donna a citizen of the left part and i would like to bring to you. his voice to you she
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lived under the terror of bombing. and the militias she lived in refugee camps and syrian people has not suffered enough for the international community not to now acknowledge its collective. computing savior and it must ask itself about its methods beginning to build it in the general and just keep the peace it's urgent for us to move towards a political settlement as the in the security council are trying to do it with its resolutions twenty two fifty four from two thousand and fifteen and france. lay at the heart of that initiative and we are putting together a road map for syria and i would like for all of the p five to work together with us the start of formality can be useful but it is not enough and the recent
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days have been thrown light on the challenges we face we need to give ourselves the resources we need to begin negotiations because the solution will be political not a military solution it's in the interest of all of us to move in that direction first and foremost in the interest of syria. i have already stated what our true red lines are firstly france will be unwavering against the use of chemical weapons and the perpetrators of the attack of the fourth of april must be brought to international justice this must never happen again. and then we have also the absolute need. we want to ensure access to care and to health care for all to enable people. never kill facilities you know to provide care to people francis made this one of the we'll make this one of the priorities of our chairmanship of the security council we must act for peace and security in syria
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and we must also act against islamic terrorism. but we must fight against terrorism in syria in iraq that is what we're doing we are. acting for the for the benefit of all those who have perished over the past months because jihadist terrorism has hit our countries. across all continents regardless of religion and we must protect ourselves by joining forces security must become our first priority. and that this lies at the heart of the initiatives that france has come up with against the use of the internet for terrorist purposes and against the financing of terrorism in two thousand and eighteen it's for this reason that i will be organizing a conference on this specific topic and i call for all of you to become involved in the good it's also the purpose of the military action that we are undertaking as
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part of the coalition in syria and iraq and our fight against terrorism is a military fight but it is also an educational fight a cultural fight and a moral fight you know and it takes the form of our action in the middle east and in africa but also in asia. and it must bring all of us together you know i heard also the voice of. a school charging go if you want i would like to bring to you the voice of was here today. he grew up in mali and haunted by indiscriminate attacks and his only dream was to go to school to be able to go to school without risking his life inside held we're all.


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