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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 19, 2017 8:00pm-8:34pm AST

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he's freedom and justice it's not something that we can just enjoy in our own corner. and if we don't stand up for those values then all of us will be affected and today more than ever before our common. good is. our security our security is their security and. you know it we cannot have on the one hand. the mult one that one can't that's multilateral not the comp that's unilateral in its approach is the wrong approach so together with all of you i wish for all of us to believe in a strong and responsible multilateralism it. is the responsibility of our generation as a whole what we need and distinguish delegates you don't want to see one must
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display courage the courage to hear those voices we must. ask acknowledge their stories and at all times we must. balance our interests our values our safety and security is the common good of our planet and our generation faces no other choice because we must speak up today and we must speak up for our common future thank you. the french president emanuel mark wrong speaking there at the u.n. general assembly in new york he began his speech by talking about the forgotten voices around the world and he ended his speech again talking about those who have no voice he said it was the duty of france to speak up for those who have no voice as he mentioned the conflict in syria he also talked about the military operations in miramar saying they must cease the law must be established to tackle what could be characterized as ethnic cleansing and the latter part of his address he was very
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concerned about can multilateralism survive he said we can only address the world's challenges through multilateralism not through survival of the fittest. let's just remind you of the main news this hour u.s. president donald trump has threatened to totally destroy north korea in a highly combative debut speech to the u.n. general assembly using president of language he warned that the u.s. would be forced to confront kim jong un if he continued what transpired was reckless pursuit of nuclear weapons describing north korea as a deprived regime he said it showed contempt for other nations and the well being of its own people no nation on earth has an interest in seeing this band of criminals armored serve with nuclear weapons and missiles the united states has great strength and patients but if it is forced to defend itself or its our
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lives we will have no choice but to turn only destroy north korea. rocket man is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime the united states is ready willing and able but hopefully this will not be necessary that's what the united nations is all about that's what the united nations is for let's see how they do let's go to our u.n. correspondent also in jordan she's been monitoring all day speeches on joins us live from the u.n. headquarters in new york i think it's fair to say isn't it rolls that everyone heard that speech was pretty stunned by what he said. people are very stunned u.s. president donald trump said during his first remarks before the u.n. general assembly it's not unusual for presidents from many countries to make deadly
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threats against other countries but you have never seen it happen at the united nations which was founded really on the rubble of world war two in an effort to never see war happen again to try to make peace the predominant state around the world and so to address the world's leaders in this particular venue and to make such a direct threat to north korea one was just shocking. even said it was inappropriate including the swedish foreign minister. and there are analysts who are suggesting already that this may hearten the resolve of kim jong un to continue developing its nuclear weapons program rather than comply with the whole raft of united nations security council sanctions that have been imposed including two new sets of sanctions in the past five to six weeks it was certainly provocative and one must wonder how south korea and japan in that region are going to feel about
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such a provocative speech being made about kim jong un. well it could be argued felicity that on the one hand the united states is reiterating its commitment to defend its allies in the region but on the other hand as we heard from the secretary general and no one wants to actually see a war with north korea because of the potential fallout is talking a massive humanitarian crisis as well as really a crisis of political will you would be looking at severe economic devastation in a region that has been quite powerful law globally and. you would see. really a community trying to deal with hundreds of thousands if not millions of refugees coming in from north korea perhaps into china to a lesser extent into russia which does have
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a border with north korea on its north the russia south western flank and you would have a real question of whether the efforts to engage in diplomacy have once and for all been obliterated to use a word as a first way of dealing with a crisis one of the things which defenders of the iran nuclear deal have argued is that it is diplomacy that has a right to run into compliance with international sanctions and with a global desire to prison acquire nuclear weapons part of the security how it. was told in life that the united nations just last headline met briefly to new york i think more from her later thank you. well president troubles i described iran as a rogue state and a murderous regime he said the u.s. couldn't abide by an agreement if it provided cover for the construction of a nuclear program rather than use its resources to improve iranian lives
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its oil profits go to fund hezbollah and other terrorists that kill innocent muslims and attack their peaceful arab and israeli neighbors this well which rightly belongs to iran's people also goes to shore up the shah rahman assad's dictatorship fuel yemen's civil war and undermine peace throughout the entire middle east we cannot let. a murderous regime continue these destabilizing activities while building dangerous missiles and we cannot abide by an agreement if it provides cover for the eventual construction of a nuclear program well i'm joined now by our senior political analyst mauling
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bashara here in the studio in london. is president trump signaling that he will now back away from the iran deal no he doesn't support he talked about it being the worst deal in history is he willing though to pull the u.s. out of it certainly is just taken another step away from the iran nuclear deal but you know you never know with because i get the feeling that the way he tweets and the way he speaks of course is you know typical trump but i'm not sure how much of it is bombast how much of it is bravado and proving that he's not impotent and how much is it is actionable policies that he will actually take because. did he just open two fronts two war fronts one with north korea and one with iran or is he just escalating rhetoric in order to get to some sort of a better deal with iran like better deal on climate change and better deal with
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north korea where north korea will no longer nuclear eyes especially weaponize its nuclear program i think these are the big questions but certainly the rhetoric is by itself aggravating the situation with the iranians and with north korea when you look at the tone of the whole speech it was all about patrick is and he did use the word america first in there as he did during his inauguration yet very much about nationalist people looking after their own people independent sovereign states this is not what we've heard from the u.s. presidents in the last certainly not obama even bush and certainly clinton certainly not since the cold war actually you know i hate to complicate this for our viewers around the world but this sounds to me like the virtue of selfishness by iran whereby you know economic and social systems are best served when every one of us is very selfish i think just basically transported this doctrine to international relations saying if every country in the world is petrea they can
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solve it and we will all be very happy. i think the answer came not from a not from me you it came from president of france mark carreau who also for the first time addresses the united nations and he basically referred to something called wardley compactly it isn't he said that the person in syria and the person were hanjour and the person and so on so far are all part of one word leaked. a patriot if you will or t.v. nation hold of some sort he spoke about both the lateralus as he spoke about refugees and terrorism as political problems he spoke about climate change and the need for multilateralism and why despite the fact he respects the american position he will not allow anyone to backtrack on the paris agreement on climate change the same thing on iran he said that iran deal as a solid deal yes we might have issues with iran but the nuclear deal is
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a solid deal so i think the answer to much of what the president said about various issues in terms of america first in terms of north korea in terms of iran in terms of refugees terrorism and in terms of american wall around the world i think the answer came from the french president a classic european answer a classic european contrast in terms of how europe sees the world to that of donald j. trump all right good to get your thoughts more from you in the coming hours as that u.n. general assembly continues thank you thank you. after weeks of condemnation mammals they to understand see she has finally made her first national speech on the violence against range of muslims in her country over the past three weeks more than four hundred thousand range have a scant unrest which was sparked by a military crackdown in rakhine state it's got home to report south for me i'm off
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capitol hill. after intense pressure on song suchi finally addressed the russian general refugee crisis but in her most anticipated speech since becoming myanmar's leader she avoided criticizing the actions of the military something the u.n. calls textbook ethnic cleansing. it is not the intention of the government to apportion blame to gauge responsibility we condemn all human rights and violence we are committed to the restoration of stability and rule of law throughout the states her address lacked the specifics on how to end or even the unfolding revenger refugee crisis on her country's border with bangladesh nor did she offer definitive explanations of what took place in rakhine state over the last four weeks. we want to find out why this exodus
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is happening we would like to talk to those who have fled as well as to those who have stayed i think it is very little known that the great majority of muslims in the rakhine state have not joined the exodus but over four hundred ten thousand have fled and two hundred ten muslim villages were burned down according to human rights watch but she chose to focus on the villages that were not attacked more than fifty percent of the villages of muslims are intact. as they were before the attacks took place. and we would like to know why this is what i think we have to work too much not just looking at the problems but also looking at the areas where they are no problems she asked for international assistance on the situation and pledged access to some of the areas impacted from the latest violence but the some of the speech fell well short saying it didn't
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properly address the immediacy of the crisis and that her speech might lead to further condemnation of how she's handling the situation when you say the international community n.g.o.s and others and just the general. individuals i think there's some level of outright they wanted they wanted. a direct if not apology some kind of acknowledgement of the enormity the scale of human misery we've seen a few weeks but some diplomats who attended the speech said it was a good start there's a first step i think that there was a good speech or a. message those international community i'm sure that further steps will follow on song suchi repeated the phrase peace and harmony many times in her speech but if there's no progress of relief for those suffering in refugee camps who fled from her country the situation could get
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a lot worse and that idea of peace and harmony might become even farther away scot al-jazeera neighbor door. to bangladesh and now having to deal with heavy flooding tarantula rain over the past few days has flooded fields where some of those fleeing memo have set up a shelter on the child. hundreds of recent references f. taken shelter in this camp you can see the condition of this camp it rained here last night there's a need deep water woman with children stranded here and a lot of this people don't know where to go there is no presence of international n.g.o.s government organization or local n.g.o.s to take them in any other shelter some of them are standing by the roadside asking for help a lot of this kids are actually got a high fever i want to the lady told me how long's problem which possible is a name onya they don't have any relief whatever may have their god is washed away by this what are they getting at. i don't have any money i'm staying here with
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three little children in need we even took shelter on the roadside. the aid agencies are warning the real threat is the starvation spread of diseases like cholera dysentery missiles there's already reports of missiles spreading within this community the local and international n.g.o.s presence on the ground cannot cope with this disaster alone neither can the bangladesh government so heads on the program syria's government denies claims that it's targeted three hospitals it but . a free private the race is on to win votes ahead of sunday's election. with we're. with.
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the weather is generally quite quiet across the middle east region at the moment it's just in the far eastern parts of there's a little bit of cloud there bringing a few showers around the mountains but away from that it's fine and dry the winds are beginning to feed down from the north now so the temperatures are easing for us our multi you know high that around twenty four twenty five over the next few days but still pretty hot in tashkent well way up at the hall too for us in q a we're expecting a top temperature of around forty four on thursday but not that hot in beirut quite a keen wind coming in from the sea there as well the further towards the south and here in doha no massive change policy is still going to stay hot and humid and hot temperatures around thirty nine or forty degrees at the moment of course it's always cooler than that insula here with a bit more cloud thirty one degrees will be maximum maybe thirty two as we head into this day down to was the southern parts of africa and there's been a fair amount of unsettled weather recently the latest area of cloud that is trying to move away now so there's more in the way of drawing weather around been the temperatures there for getting
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a little bit high up to twenty two we've also seen some cloud make its way across cape town but that is clearing away towards the north there for wednesday so with a bit more in the way of sunshine i think we'll get to around twenty two the fall in all the possible amount that we all see one of two of those showers coming. with.
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well again i remind at the top stories on al-jazeera donald trump has launched a blistering attack on north korea in his speech to the u.n. general assembly point the country could be destroyed if america or its allies were threatened militarily. troubles that a swipe at iran calling it an economically depleted rogue state. is violent he hinted at pulling out of the iran nuclear deal. she says those who violates the rights of a hinge of muslims will be held accountable but she rejected accusations of ethnic cleansing by the army. syrian government forces have hit three hospitals in a province activists say they were all struck within an hour killing civilians and
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emergency workers syrian military sources deny targeting the hospital saying only rebel convoys positions were hit the syrian government campaign was in response to a military push by rebel groups led by. reports from neighboring beirut. syrians witnessed some of the most intense of airstrikes by governments and russian warplanes for several weeks on tuesday morning three hospitals and truth schools were north of aleppo city as regime forces inflicted more death and destruction in their bid to defeat opponents of president bashar assad. we thought we were working on her diverse strike but we didn't think that it was targeting us . earlier rebel. fighters made a push from the group towards the northern countryside of aleppo province in a bid to take back from government forces who have recaptured it in the past few
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months this escalation in fighting comes just days after the latest round of talks in cousin stands capital stana where russian iranian and turkish negotiators continue to push for what they've described as the escalation zones across syria while the northern iraq war problems isn't included in your standard deal traddles bombardment of civilian areas suggests this seven year long war is far from being over for those fighting assad and his russian and iranian allies there is no end until the regime is toppled from. beirut a u.k. based human rights organization is calling on egypt to provide necessary medical treatment for detained al jazeera journalist mark went to say he's been in prison for almost nine months accused of broadcasting false news to spread chaos something he and al jazeera strongly deny he needs to be transferred for specialized treatment on his broken arm. now schoolchildren in south africa using their mobile
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phones to court attacks in class by some teachers the video shared on social media are increasing pressure on government leaders to improve student safety as tanya page reports from johannesburg. a teacher has found lashing out at a student at face secondary school and cousin in a town. named teacher has been suspended and a space in criminal charges pending an investigation for allegedly turning or not one but two teenage girls the girls who can't be named to protect their identity of both being offered counseling by the department of education mobile phone video first shown on social media a week ago is the latest example of corporal punishment twenty years after it was banned in south africa's classrooms. it's not an isolated incident almost half of
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six thousand pupils who took part in a national survey say baird been hit by a teacher to be father says we are always afraid that he may do something wrong the teacher will lose it and just beat us up we don't cry because when you cry the teacher hits you again and so you would have to be brave and cry on the inside serious misconduct by teachers has an even more disturbing side extend into allegations of sexual abuse and even rape at one school three men including the principal are suspended from work and facing criminal charges over the suspected gang rape of a student part of the attack was found on a mobile phone at another school three teachers are suspended over sexual harassment allegations the minister of basic education says she's angry and embarrassed but that she can't and force mandatory vetting of teachers to check with or they have a history of violence before they step into a classroom without the agreement of stakeholders including parents and teachers
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unions a conduit up in the morning. we just first have to agree on principle if we did it then we have to follow the process about how to deal with issues that affect people. but that could be leaving children probable to teachers who experienced the brutality of apartheid but haven't been taught how to control their anger you need people who lead in situations such as the schools people who are emotional intelligence who have dealt with their own dream relationship with authority with violence and know the history of violence so you can just look at the teachers and not look at their history otherwise instead of being a safe place some students fear going to class tinier page out to zero south africa . now as the german general election campaign enters its final phase angle of merkel's christian democrats have a commanding opinion polling over their main rivals the social democrats but the
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race for the smaller parties to finish in third place is proving to be much close that i was there as dominic cain is a green party rally in the southwestern city of freiburg and joins me live now so tell us a little bit about the green party's main policy in this campaign dominic. philistine the lead cans of one of the two lead candidates to me is at a rally here in freiburg organise been speaking to green party supporters green party members and proposed considering voting for the party for the best part of the last forty five minutes or so the point to make is that the green party governs in this state but obviously they want to play a much larger role federally the policies that been telling people about here are the ones that he's been it's been hammering home in all sorts of events and slogans in in all sorts of election literature for the past few weeks which is effectively greater climate protection to to change transport policy to make it to make the emissions carbon emissions in this country lower and also talking about perhaps
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liberalizing to a certain extent the education policies that the german government has been implementing for the past four years and remember that's a grand coalition government doing christian democrats in the social democrats the greens themselves have not been in government well for the past twelve years they haven't been in government for the last twelve years so why they matter now. well because the point to make here is the german electoral system is based on proportional representation what that basically means is that no one party is like you to get a majority of its own and therefore needs to find coalition partners now if we accept for a second the opinion polls which suggest that angle america is heading towards leading the largest party when the votes are counted for then the green party good play a much greater because the latest opinion poll out today suggests they're on about eight eight and a half percent and so if they can get to ten percent perhaps eleven percent all of a sudden then angle america will very much be thinking what could i do
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a deal with the greens and the point to make is in this state it's governed by a green party prime minister in coalition with the christian democrats so that's why you have this sense that perhaps. if he can infuse enough people in his party to get enough people to turn out to vote green well that there might possibly be some green element in the government that emerges after sunday's election. but john mccain reporting there from right back next topic. tensions are rising on the periphery of iraq's kurdish region ahead of a vote on kurdish independence on september the twenty fifth the town of cromartie in saladin province is where kurdish control ends and iraqi control begins its population is a mix of kurds and turkmen share paramilitary groups and kurdish peshmerga have fought there before shia turkmen rejects the referendum and have been making new threats and the trick moderates are concerned that tensions mights lead to violence
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. since the referendum was announced by the presidency of the kurdistan region we've been seeing the parties including the arabs in the hostile xabi making threats that if the kurds hold the referendum they will attack our forces were fully prepared to react to any unwanted incident but we will not initiate anything we will try our best to avoid war but if it happens if it comes to our doors that sit. these areas apart or subletting governorates and the governor of solid dana has completely rejected the referendum the city council here including the arabs and the turkmen also rejected they didn't even vote on it therefore we are rejecting the referendum here in this city in kirkuk another disputed areas in fact we don't want to held in kurdistan either at least one person has been killed as islanders in the caribbean face a category five hurricane for the second time in
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a month with a cleanup still happening after hurricane irma hurrican maria has intensified again and has now gathered speed to around two hundred sixty kilometers an hour this is the french island of guadalupe which was hit by an area overnight neighboring dominick of received damage the prime minister described as mind boggling area is now heading northwest towards the virgin islands and puerto rico. the french firm which was due to supply kenya with an electronic voting system for the election rerun says it won't be ready in time or result which reelected president a hurricane yet it was declared void by the supreme court after allegations of voting irregularities. which also provided that equipment says the system is being left untouched in case it's needed for evidence in the investigation kenyatta and his rival run or campaigning for the planned rerun to take place next month. spain's prosecutor has summoned mare's in the region of catalonia accused of
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supporting next month's band independence referendum marks all sana is one of several mayors who've been questioned and seven hundred have offered to host polling stations for the referendum which is just for october the first the prosecutor is threatening the mayor's with charges of civil disobedience abuse of office and misuse of public funds. divers off the coast of belgium have discovered the wreck of a first world war german submarine that sign car round one hundred years ago the well preserved u. boat is believed to be one of the german navy flotilla that sailed out of occupy belgium between one nine hundred fifteen and one nine hundred eighty to attack allied shipping officials won't reveal its exact location as the bodies of the twenty three crewmembers could still be inside ninety three german submarines based in belgium in world war one side more than two and a half thousand ships but at a high cost seventy of them were lost at sea.
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and reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera donald trump has launched a blistering attack on north korea during his debut speech to the u.n. general assembly u.s. president says the regime in pyongyang could be destroyed if america or its allies with threatens militarily his words for warning from the u.n. secretary general not to inflame international tensions with strong rhetoric the united states has great strength and patience but if it is forced to defend itself words our we will have no choice but to turn only destroy north korea. rocket man. is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime the united states is ready willing and able but hopefully this will not be notices that's what the united
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nations is all about that's what the united nations is for let's see how they do or trample so took a swipe at iran calling it an economically depleted rogue state exports is violence he hinted at pulling out of the iran nuclear deal. me a mass leader aung san suu kyi has attempted to rebut criticism over her country's treatment of revenge of muslims she says rights violators will be held to account but refused to blame army. syrian government airstrikes have hit three hospitals in italy a province activists say they were all struck within an hour of each other the strikes also targeted a medical center and premises used by rescue services in rebel held it live civilians and emergency workers were killed syrian military sources denied targeting hospitals saying only rebel convoys and positions have been hit. tensions
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are rising on the periphery of iraq's kurdish region ahead of a vote on kurdish independence on september twenty fifth the town of martin sullivan provinces where kurdish control ends and iraqi control begins kurdish peshmerga and shia power of military groups have fought there for well concerns that tensions there might lead to more violence. and the latest headlines here on al-jazeera more from me in twenty five minutes next though it's inside story of why . censoring social media saudi arabia or to snap chat the band edges it up should social media companies vow down to any country's political agenda and who decides
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where to draw the line between freedom of expression and.


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