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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 20, 2017 7:00pm-7:33pm AST

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deep in southern india a secret construction project to spark concerns about the country's growing nuclear capacity if you're saying that to be a enlarging option if you know amid fears of an escalating arms race with its neighbors elisabeth's a lot of nuclear the the indians may claim that it is a dead end for china but it's favs india's fault when it is a member bush that is the so what lies behind india's nuclear vigil people in power investigates at this time on al-jazeera. iran says it's ready to respond decisively of president trump scraps a nuclear deal which didn't two thousand and fifteen.
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hello i'm maryam namazie in london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up searching for survivors rescue workers dig through the rubble of a school after an earthquake kills more than two hundred people in mexico. protest in barcelona after police in spain arrest a regional minister ahead of an independence referendum in catalonia. police used tear gas outside kenya's supremum court as it delivers its full judgment for a knowledge in last month's presidential election. iran's president has an rouhani told the united nations that his country would not break the nuclear deal brokered and broken in two thousand and fifteen between tehran and the six major powers but he added that iran would respond decisively and resolutely to any violation he also described u.s. president donald trump speech on tuesday as ignorant absurd and hateful rhetoric. i
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declare before you that iran will not be the first country to violate the agreement but it will respond decisively and resolutely to a violation by any party it will be a great pity if this agreement were to be destroyed by rogue newcomers to the world of politics the world would have lost a great opportunity but such unfortunate behavior will never impede iran's course of progress and advancement by violating its international commitments the new u.s. administration only destroyed its own credibility and undermined its national confidence in negotiating with it. our diplomatic editor james bays at the united nations headquarters in new york and joins us live now i mean i suppose you're always going to hear a decisive response from the iranian president of transport yesterday but he also attempted to do it in a somewhat measured way. yes i think he was deliberately trying to contrast himself with that speech from president trump because the speech from president
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trump was not just about iran it threaten to. another member states of the united nations if they didn't back down on their nuclear program north korea as you say he said that was ignorant absurd and hateful rhetoric which wasn't fit to be heard in the general assembly of the united nations and the words he mentioned despite getting those attacks on donald trump in there the world he mentioned repeatedly in his speech was moderation i think he's trying to show the other nations that he is the moderate one and donald trump is the one with the radical views it's interesting that this time around the iranians really getting to speak after those that normally attack iran the u.s. always speaks early but normally in the general assembly in recent years we've had the israeli prime minister coming well after the iranians we know how israel will respond because benjamin netanyahu has said it before when he's talked about
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president rouhani has called him a sheep in wolf's clothing and i'm sure that will be with a response from the israelis and i'm sure we can expect something pretty similar coming from the trumpet ministration i think it puts a difficult position though for for the u.s. is key allies what are they going to do now because many of them are supportive of the iran deal mariam let me just tell you our president mark rolle said what we have to do is keep the twenty fifteen agreement because it's a good one with strong more monitoring of the current situation. and so what can we conclude. then from that does it highlight president trump's isolation on the world stage when it comes to the iran deal is there a genuine fear that this could cause some sort of instability even if just through provoking iran. well certainly the iranians are saying they will respond if there is
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a violation of the agreement we don't know and he hasn't indicated what their response is but he said in previous interviews that there are a variety of options they are not necessarily of course military options there are all sorts of things iran could try to diplomatically and it was interesting to note that he reminded us in that speech that the iran deal yes was done with the so-called p five plus one that's the five permanent members of the security council and germany negotiating with iran in vienna but after it was done they came straight back here to new york and they passed security council resolution twenty two thirty one and it's an interesting prospect ahead that if the u.s. were to say that it's pulling out of this deal are they in violation of that resolution are they in violation of international law and a very difficult decision there i think for some of their key allies around the security council i can tell you privately some of those allies of the u.s.
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friends of the u.s. say they thought president trumps comments here twenty four hours ago were unhelpful one diplomat telling me why would you want to provoke two similar tiniest nuclear crises thanks very much james bays at the united nations. rescuers in mexico desperately scrambling for rubble searching for survivors of a seven point one magnitude earthquake which has killed at least two hundred seventeen people under the buildings collapsed in and around the capital mexico city which. one hundred twenty kilometers from the epicenter among them firefighters found the bodies all at least twenty two children and two adults while another thirty pupils and twelve adults remain missing duncan crawford reports. in mexico city a desperate search to save lives this used to be a school reduced to rubble by the magnitude seven point one quake bodies have been
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recovered but children and teachers are missing trapped inside and then. it was chaos i arrived just after the quake my kids go to school in the next street and when i saw the school i panicked and iran and iran for my children rescuers worked through the night to find survivors this woman in red leaving after being asked to identify a body as well as. it's a school in the south of the city a private school where a significant part of the building collapsed unfortunately small children from year one year two of primary school some from the secondary school have died the tremor struck at lunchtime on tuesday. causing thousands to run to safety. the terror and devastation captured in the moments afterwards. with wreckage all around the cross the capital dozens of buildings have collapsed and the full scale of the disaster is becoming clear with homes destroyed businesses badly damaged and two
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million mexicans are left without electricity. it's the second major quake in mexico this month and experts warn of possible aftershocks for days or even weeks to come. outside the capital many other towns and cities report widespread damage. the epicenter of the quake was about a hundred and twenty kilometers away in point. in time this is the moment the ground shook. other communities are badly hit and at least a dozen people were killed. fifty five total deaths reported but we want to cross check our data to see if there are more dead people sixteen of them from joe just less specific a little. earlier in the day in mexico city some people are taking part in
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earthquake drills marking the anniversary of another devastating tremor which killed thousands in one thousand nine hundred five the nineteenth of september will now be a remembrance for not just one but two disasters and rescuers fear the number of families mourning the dead will rise. joins us live now from mexico city can you tell us about rescue efforts trying to find people still trapped under the rubble. marian i don't know how much you can see from where you are but right behind this about one hundred people actually trying to rescue some people that were trapped on a building that collapsed right up to be a quake that was i think the story office building where around two hundred people were. managed with right up to the quake but this time around forty people and i
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counted. with got the i mean here are the police. teams the specialized craig trying his the reason people command under the rubble the twenty six people that they have that keep getting updated twenty six people ready to eat and fine and alive it was the case of a woman that managed to run. she was. passed on that information to the rescue teams and they found her so this is the one up there. for the families the way they've been waiting for almost twenty to twenty one hours. some of them is let out in the open air wrapped in blankets they had babies. waiting to hear from. someone who's waiting to hear from him. this is all you want you make because you think there's many other around forty
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four buildings collapsing as we know from all this. and having some of them we have cracked protection have told everyone not to even try they can see that it is not. one of the cases mariam. of the few feet where they are. already. working and trying to as many people as they can indeed well thank you very much for updating us on the work of emergency crews and volunteers indeed a great deal going on behind you keeping us updated on all the latest from mexico city moving on in catalonia as president is accusing spain's government of suspending the region's autonomy it follows the arrest of a junior minister and twelve others in a raid on catalan government offices supporters of an independence referendum right
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now on the streets of barcelona thousands of gathered outside the ministry of finance capital and say they will go ahead with a vote on october first despite the central government declaring it illegal spain's prime minister is defending the arrests. the government is fulfilling its obligation and i have to say that we will continue to do so until the end i think we are acting with. after the things we have seen during the last few days in catalonia a call panel joins us live now from boston a call while people there so angry. since early this morning thousands of kaplan's probably independent support has been flooding out on the streets of downtown los alone to protest of a series of raids by spanish security forces on the offices of the castle and regional government one of those offices just behind us is the office of the kaplan budget and finance ministry and asked the working day is coming to an end many
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thousands more kaplan's all flocking here on to the streets we believe the police investigate is still inside that building now what the protesters here are being shouting they've been chanting we will bow to signal of their determination that this prime referendum on the independence spoke to the first will go ahead they're also chanting we want the chance to decide for ourselves another indication they will not back down from that referendum what we know from the interior minister and also from the civil guard units all the police forces is that the raids on public offices were designed to break up efforts to war going on as the referendum from october the first we know as well in another right in another outside basilan a ten million ballot papers have been seized again parts of the central government efforts to disrupt this referendum entirely so things like going to escalate
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further. all right now passions are running a very high the problem independent supporters have been working now for months and months that how the sights are set on holding a referendum so that they can break away from spying so passions are running high that the spanish government has also been taking. very strong measures to try and crush or efforts to organize this referendum right now though within the crowd you will see people carrying flowers they say you go out here to protest peacefully they say that they will defeat what they call a totalitarian actions of the spanish government with smiles and democracy but in a location about ten minutes walk from here outside another political office says there are spanish while. there tension is rising it is not clear that things will stay calm and i am watching developments for us from barcelona thank you. for
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you on the program invincible just days until the german general election we look at why the chancellor is main challenger isn't gaining ground. the film picked his best picture of the year in israel is denounced by the country's culture minister i will tell you why. some rather wet weather across eastern parts of china recently see there's a lot of cloud draped right down towards the southwest then continue to make its way south which in the east with hong kong will see some rain when i speak. into friday temperatures around thirty three thirty four degrees dry weather coming up towards shanghai but that. still too far away meanwhile
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a very thick cloud some very heavy rain recently in eastern areas of india and also over towards the west mumbai see the terrific amount of rainfall two hundred seventy six millimeters of rain in twenty four hours that's led to major flooding in parts travel disruption the system has now please to say but still some rain around. at present and some rain in the forecast there have been flooding across parts of the roadways the roads and also has caused some disruption to travel as i said things quiet down though the rate is still in place there pushing across into central and northern parts of india pushing little further east with the north which as we go on through friday even new delhi could see some wet weather by this stage it will affect the temperatures highs here of around twenty six degrees celsius on friday.
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documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera. are watching al-jazeera the top stories iran's president has told the u.n. general assembly that his nation will not break the nuclear deal but will respond
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decisively and resolutely to any violation. rescuers in mexico are searching through collapsed buildings to find survivors of a magnitude seven point one earthquake which has killed at least two hundred seventeen people twenty of them children and supporters of independence of catalonia are out on the streets of. following a raid on government offices and. now at other stories we're following kenya's supreme court has blamed the electoral commission for its decision to a no last month's presidential election but he's used tear gas to disperse wyvil groups of protesters who come out in support and against the government the court judges say the electoral commission refused to allow them to scrutinize their computer which opposition leader said one hacked president. reelection was unknown to earlier this month and a we want to schedule next month stephanie decker is in nairobi and has more now on the court's decision. one flight will bring you more from stephanie
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a bit later on but now we move to tens of thousands have been left homeless off the months of severe floods residents in miami of criticized authorities saying with building efforts in the flood stricken area have been slow school year begins next month meaning those who are using the buildings for shelter will need to find new places to stay at least fifty six people have died in flooding since the rainy season began in june ranger refugees who escaped violence from man marne fled to bonn bangladesh now having to also deal with heavy flooding their days of rain of flooded rice paddy fields with thousands present makeshift shelters there is some relief a new u.n. camp has been set up and it's got much needed water proof tents and the challenge really has more from coaxes bizarre this is the newly allocated forest land given by the government to shelter the newly arrived rowing jet refugees this is a place where we also for a spot of some of the newly arrived whether production time provided by the un
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h.c.r. this is what is badly needed in this guy even some of the ok i'm going to have this sort of because this refugee shelter of the only made out of bamboo sticks and politan ship which is bad for the family to live inside considering the bad weather rain and inundation by flood water what's needed is this out of town to protect the families from their environment the real threat now is disease what the un they'd say are the donor agencies should do is a build proper shelter for does refugees who are sitting in this open spaces there's also a more wide toilet here which is a good sign but we see only one not too many if this comes good out mobile toilet and whether production things could drastically improve for the refugees in terms of disease exposure and exposure to the environment. arcane area has made landfall on the u.s. territory of puerto rico in the caribbean it's one of the strongest hurricanes ever to hit the island it toppled trees ripped roofs off homes and flipped cars category
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four storm slammed into the island southeast coast winds of up to two hundred fifty kilometers an hour rare has already lashed other parts of the caribbean killing seven on the island of dominica. the kurdish region of northern iraq is pushing ahead with an independence referendum next monday despite pressure to call it off president massoud barzani is remaining defiant insisting the plans will go ahead but it's hard to abdel-hamid reports from pendry and many kurds are also worried about what about the consequences. on the streets of silliman a year it's business as usual here there are no signs of the historic referendum is just a few days away. many believe it will be called off for the last hour there's like should be are worried about the consequences even though she plans to say yes because i want my country to. name is enough for me. because we don't
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trust what will happen after their front door our future is invisible we really don't know not next year we don't know what. happens tomorrow what. opposition to vote now is strong gets eliminated yet the main drive is coming from president. and his party and here they have little foothold. his political opponents believe that the timing is wrong we don't have a strong. economy going for a structure we don't have national institutions we are fighting corruption unity among the kurds. and we need to build that trust between citizens and the authority so people will be ready to sacrifice their life again. many in this part of the kurdish region fear the referendum will only lead to more conflict there's
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also a certain level of anxiety because of threats from neighboring countries mainly turkey and iran and those are mostly felt along the border areas where some wonder where diverse soon things will change iran is the second trading partner of the kurdish region after turkey. but lately it has warned that it will close down its border crossing this would have an impact in places like beijing only five kilometers away from the border and. more don't have a reason guys products come from iran and several of his relatives live there. he worries for his business but coming from an older generation he's willing to take the risk. but across the street twenty three year old healthy is still hoping the vote will be postponed and. definitely have an impact on people here if you close the borders they will have nothing to do for
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a living trade people's lives if i lose my job would have to sit in a cafe with other jobless people doing nothing. dream of an independent kurdistan state is one shared by everyone here it has never been so close but many fear that by pushing further now that dream will become out of reach once again but at that how many in the world in iraq. is just a few days to go before what to expect is be accountable when for german chancellor angela merkel in the general election a main challenger is facing mounting criticism for his campaign social democrat martin shields appears to be stuck with around twenty percent support according to opinion polls and has been unable to make any headway against michael oren say is in karlsruhe in southwest germany and examines how voters viewing the candidates week after week martin schultz has been working the crowds no lack of passion and
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little vs belief in a fair germany and a fair europe the crowd waved flags calling for quality jobs and pay a europe that works together. boy germany better germany he says we can do this trouble is that's exactly what i'm going to michael says is he different enough to go to. the big throne and. it's like you know. sometimes i feel like they're like a. married couple. they're just too good for the good and different but still spoke for forty five minutes without notes fluent and driven in another country he might be seen as really exciting but here he can't get anywhere. robin film is an extremely accomplished. native european parliament is respected right across the european sense a lack of the time when many german voters are. sure about i'm going to give my
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precisely. merkel's apparence invincibility is based on her capacity to outflank when a right wing politician says she wants to take in a million refugees how can the left subjects travel around germany and you can see how in this election merkel has managed to find a way of appealing to voters from different constituencies take climate change deep in the black forest villages have been allowed by government to own the wind turbines and sell the electricity from them and the solar panels back to the national grid for profits. the consequence is the traditional left wing greens run local government in coalition with the conservative c.d.u. merkel has taken the green idea and used it to her advantage the greens are often a consulate if they want to or to keep things more than they don't want
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sister i was so back to the rally one of your supporters here just said to me that you're so close to merkel you might as well be married what would you say today that you didn't listen to a speech. one of my supporter said this to you it was perhaps speaking with you're not listening to my speech and that's the reason why you think that there is there is a difference between your local because people say you're too close or she's taken your ground. i mean america is not taking my ground i'm going to america is repeating what i'm suggesting they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery in that case at least not in schultz can take some consolation but his opponent has figured out how to please very many people most of the time and that's very rare lawrence leigh al-jazeera cultural. a new israeli film the painting life in the army has been denounced by the country's culture minister but the criticism hasn't prevented foxtrot winning best picture at israel's annual movie awards the film has
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already won international acclaim and is now tipped for oscar success harry force it reports. it's the biggest night of the year for the israeli film industry the off year awards but this year showbiz is being edged out by politics some real mousers film foxtrot has attracted glowing reviews abroad and at home it won the jury prize at the venice festival and is nominated for thirteen israeli officers but israel's culture minister has launched a bitter campaign against it accusing mao's of anti israel slander. or create the faux will of the form love love to the place love to the positive who will love the city and of course you don't wish foxtrot examines israel's relationship to its army charting a couple's grief when told a soldier's son is dead but he is sometimes surrealist spin on life at an isolated checkpoint and crucially depicting a killing and a cover up the victims a group of palestinian civilians. in response rego this
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threatening to change the rules on government film funding not invited to the awards instead she addressed foxtrot's director live on facebook and the mickey mickey saying you know israel you know the israeli army and you know how moral it is look what a paradise of established in a dark middle east and you dare to present israeli soldiers killing arabs at a checkpoint and then burying them and you call this horrendous lie and metaphor for all the ire that we reget is directing it foxtrot it's far from the only artistic endeavor that she has a problem with israel's culture minister is taking aim at targets across the cultural landscape and the thing that she deems to be anti israeli. among them a place staged two years ago by one of israel's highest profile palestinian. theatres parallel time told the true story of a palestinian prisoner killing an israeli guard but that they don't give you the budget that the officers palestinian talent was celebrated first starts. as was
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foxtrot winning eight awards including best film automatically making it the israeli standard bearer for next year's academy awards are a force at al-jazeera ashdod israel. recap of the headlines for you now iran's president has any has told the u.n. general assembly that his nation will not write the nuclear deal but will respond decisively and resolutely to any violation ronnie added his nation is unmoved by threats or intimidation in response to donald trump's attack on iran in his speech on tuesday. yarded joyland the ignorant and hateful rhetoric filled with ridiculously baseless allegations that was outed before this i got audience yesterday was not only unfit to be heard by the un as to promote peace and respect between nations but it also contradicts the demands of our nations from
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this world body to bring governments together to combat war and terror rescuers in mexico are searching for survivors of a seven point one magnitude quake which has killed at least two hundred seventeen people hundreds of buildings collapsed in and around the capital mexico city which is one hundred twenty kilometers from the epicenter among them a school where firefighters found the bodies of at least twenty two children and two adults while another thirty pupils and twelve adults remain missing. supporters of an independence referendum in catalonia are on the streets of basra lonna off to a raid on the region's government offices by state police catalonia president is accusing spain's government of suspending the region's autonomy gasland say they will go ahead with the vote on october first despite the central government declaring it illegal. at least in the kenyan capital nairobi of use tear gas to disperse pro and anti-government protesters the unrest follows kenya's supreme
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court blaming the electoral commission for its decision to a now last month's presidential election a court judges say the electoral commission refused to allow them to scrutinize that computer which the opposition says were hacked. tens of thousands of people have been left homeless in the months of severe floods residents and mammy have criticized authorities saying we're building efforts in the flood stricken area have been slow at least fifty six people have died in flooding since the rainy season began in june we're up to date with all of our top stories our coverage of the u.n. general assembly continues in an explosion in about twenty five minutes time witness is coming up next though do you say without jazeera.
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