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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 20, 2017 10:00pm-10:33pm AST

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u.s. citizens here men want. one and the same join us i was never a file. before. is a dialogue tweet us with hash tag a.j. stream and one of your pitches might make that show join the global conversation. this time on al-jazeera. iran's president hassan rouhani issues his own warning regarding its nuclear deal with the west and slams donald trump's speech at the u.n. as hateful and absurd.
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this is al jazeera live from london also coming up. buildings flattened like pancakes in mexico a massive earthquake kills two hundred seventeen people among them twenty two children crushed inside a school. and maria slams into puerto rico at least a million people are without power. and offices raided thirteen arrested spain's crackdown on catalonia as plans to hold a vote on independence is met with defiance. iran's president has told a noted nations that his country will not break the nuclear deal brokered in twenty fifteen between tehran and six major powers. honey added that iran would respond decisively and resolutely to any violation you subscribe just present donald trump speech on tuesday as ignorant absurd and hateful rhetoric. i declare before you
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that iran will not be the first country to violate the agreement but it will respond decisively and resolutely to a violation by any party it will be a great pity if this agreement were to be destroyed by rogue newcomers to the world of politics the world would have lost a great opportunity but such unfortunate behavior will never impede iran's course of progress and advancement by violating its international commitments the new u.s. administration only destroyed its own credibility and undermined international confidence in negotiating with it. i'm diplomatic editor james bases at united nations headquarters in new york so president clearly furious about speech still lines coming out throughout the afternoon. yes because he's been giving a news conference that's just ended actually my colleague mike hanna has just been to that news conference by president rouhani so we playing some sound from that in the coming hours. furious but that's not what he wanted to project you heard that
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jab the president trump there are a couple of jabs in the speech but the overall tone of the speech was not very aggressive and that the word that was used more than any other by the iranian leader was moderation so what i think he's trying to do here is show a contrast between him and president trump i'm prepared to stick with the iran deal it's him who doesn't want to stay with the iran deal necessarily showing or trying to show that the radical one is the u.s. and what about other diplomats who want to get the fallout will be from that from the president chant sessions over iran and. i think it creates some difficulties for the close allies of the united states what are they going to do on this because most of them support the iran deal and staying in the iran deal the so-called p five plus one that negotiated with iran that's the five permanent members of the
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security council and germany they did negotiations over two years until that deal in the summer of twenty fifteen well all of those six countries that negotiated with iran are apart from the u.s. so the other five they all still support staying in the deal and i think this difference of opinion between allies on what to do is going to come out into the open in the next twenty four hours not in the general assembly but in the meeting of the security council has been called by the u.s. to discuss nonproliferation so they can talk about north korea and they can talk about iran and its. really clear from some of the comments particularly from the french president that they could be very public to say they don't agree with donald trump and they think the deal should stick and iran's president also has said that he can use a deal can't be changed or renegotiated so presumably there isn't a kind of there in the plan b. from his perspective. from his perspective known as a difficulty here for the u.s. because what happened in twenty fifteen is those six countries they go see it with
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iran got that deal after hours and hours and hours of painstaking negotiations that took place not just in vienna we took place in geneva and here in new york as reporters followed them all around the world for that and what the six countries decided at the end of it after they got the deal with iran is that they come straight back here in new york and endorse it all in the security council resolution so i'm sure the u.s. of a do pull out will say there's been a breach but if the other countries don't say there is a breach then it might actually be the u.s. that soon violation of a u.n. security council resolution in effect international law. thank you very much indeed . palestinian president mahmoud abbas says he's certain the u.s. is committed to reaching peace in the middle east after holding talks with u.s. president leaders measure the sidelines of the general assembly in new york of us as the meeting shows chum's dedication to achieve a two state solution between israel and palestine ousting the president has also
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called on the u.n. to pursue efforts to bring an end to israeli occupation within a set time frame. despite all international efforts israel continues to breach its commitments and obstruct if its by continuing to build settlements everywhere everywhere there is no place left for the state of palestine and this is not acceptable for us all for you you have the responsibility israel also rejects the two state solution and this poses a real threat to both peoples the israelis and palestinians alike. rescuers in mexico desperately scrambling through rubble searching for some of a seven point one magnitude earthquake killed at least two hundred seventeen people the quake struck the problem area of mexico at one fourteen p.m. local time on tuesday at
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a magnitude of seven point one and depth of just fifty one kilometers its impact has been felt further than just that area including in mexico and well hack a city and. state hundreds of buildings collapsed in and around the capital mexico city among them a school where firefighters found the bodies of at least twenty two children and two adults one another thirty people and twelve adults remain missing don't control had report. in mexico city a desperate search to save lives this used to be a school reduced to rubble by the magnitude seven point one quake bodies have been recovered but children and teachers are missing trapped inside and. it was chaos i arrived just after the quake my kids go to school in the next treat and i saw the school i panicked and iran and iran for my children. rescuers worked through the night to find survivors this woman in red leaving after being asked to identify
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a body as well as. it's a school in the south of the city a private school where a significant part of the building collapsed unfortunately small children from year one year two of primary school some from the secondary school have died the tremor struck at lunchtime on choose them. causing thousands to run to safety. but terror and devastation captured in the moments afterwards. with wreckage all around the cross the capital dozens of buildings have collapsed and the full scale of the disaster is becoming clear with homes destroyed businesses badly damaged and two million mexicans are left without electricity. it's the second major quake in mexico this month and experts warn of possible aftershocks for days or even weeks to come. outside the capital many other towns and cities report widespread damage the epicenter of the quake was about one hundred twenty kilometers away in
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pointless state task this is the moment the ground shook. the. other communities are badly hit into a juggler at least a dozen people were killed. well there are fifty five total death reported but we want to cross check our data to see if there are more dead people sixteen of them from just last pacifically. earlier in the day in mexico city some people are taking part in earthquake drills marking the anniversary of another devastating tremor which killed thousands in one thousand nine hundred five. the nineteenth of september or now be a day of remembrance for not just one but two disasters the rest was fear the number of families mourning the dead. don't control. and get more now from. mexico city right behind this about hundreds of people actually trying to rescue
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some people that were trapped on a building that collapsed yesterday right up to be a quake that was i think the story office building where around two hundred people were a family then managed to evacuate right after the quake but around forty people and i counted. we've got the i'm here at the police. trying to. under the rubble with twenty six people there that people. this is the people's house and finalize the case of a woman that. was exactly where she was passed on that information to the rescue teams and they found her so this is still hope for some of the ones trapped there difficult for the families awaiting. some of them to slip out in the open today they were wrapped in blankets they had the babies. when we
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spoke to a couple waiting to hear from. someone who is waiting to hear from him. and this is only one type you make because you think there's many other around forty four buildings collapsing as we know from all of this where you can and how we could all use some of them we have cracked protection have told everyone to stay inside if they can see that it is not safe. dozens of refugees who spent years in australian prison camps have finally been given the news they've been dreaming of their being resettled in the united states but around two thousand others will be left behind while government leaders decide their fate some place being sent back home to afghanistan south sudan and other countries in conflict zones. report from sydney finally some good news at least for fifty refugees who spent four years in limbo there will be about twenty five from both madison our route will be going to
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the united states and i just want to thank again president trump. for continuing with that arrangement the a straining government struck a deal with the united states to resettle up to one thousand two hundred and fifty of the refugees sent to minus island and the route the deal agreed with barack obama has been in doubt after his successor donald trump described it as dumb astray the leaders have always insisted that asylum seekers arriving by boat would never be resettled in this trade and now the government has announced only a fraction of the refugee total will find a new home in the us this is huge for them however we've still have over two thousand people who are in an extremely dangerous situation who have been suffering through this sound certainty for years and years and we need to have a solution for everyone who has been taken off shore through this process refugees
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or naru have told al-jazeera that those chosen for resettlement will be told on thursday while a small number on mannus arland were told on wednesday for the vast majority though the waiting game continues. the refugees on minus island in northern pup in new guinea are running out of time to find a place to resettle it's been announced that the center there will shut down next month but many of the refugees don't want to stay in papua new guinea saying it's unsafe following several attacks on them i've been told that they can return to the countries they fled from like iran south sudan and me in march so it appears the doubt and uncertainty will go on yahoo mohammed al jazeera sydney. still to come on
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the program we check out a new way to pay a to u.k. supermarket. and we'll be live in barcelona where supporters of independence for catalonia out in full force. hello there we've been seeing a fair amount of severe weather across europe recently it's this area of cloud we're now watching it's given us a lot of snow over the alps and some very heavy downpours too with the whole thing is slowly spiraling its way towards the east as it does so it is breaking up a little bit so hopefully a little bit less in the way of very intense rains as we head through thursday but still one or two spots along need to be rather lively ahead of that system it's been very hot recently but the whole weather is being chased out now twenty one
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degrees will be the maximum temperature there in bucharest that's a bit of a drop towards the west though is cooler than that and we're looking at a top temperature of twenty one degrees in paris and that's despite seeing quite a bit of sunshine the next system is piling in from the atlantic there and for some of us across the british isles it will be rather wet and that gradually civils out as it makes its way further east and then another system well as we head through friday so generally in the northwest pretty wet at the moment is one system after another across the other side of the mediterranean you could still see the winds there filtering a little bit further southward so along the north coast of egypt generally following drawing a not too hot for the west it's also becoming a little bit cooler so we'll see the temperatures there in tunis get to that she one degrees as we head into friday and outages will get to twenty nine. germany is very and helps west stunning scenery play host to europe's
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latest arrivals. separate in origin. they share a common roof and together dream of a german future. welcome to germany favored loft a witness documentary at this time on ounces zero. and one of the top stories when i was there there on the president has done rouhani has told the u.n. general assembly that his nation will not break the nuclear deal brokered in twenty fifteen it will respond decisively and resolutely to any violation. basename
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president mahmoud abbas is also just the assembly point on the un to bring an end to the israeli occupation of the state of palestine within a set time frame. rescuers in mexico are searching through collapsed buildings to find survivors a magnitude seven point one earthquake which is killed at least two hundred seventeen people twenty two of them children. hurrican maria has made landfall in the u.s. or ship question rico in the caribbean it's one of the strongest hearkens ever to hit the island the kind of grief or storm is packing winds of two hundred fifty kilometers per hour with officials warning of catastrophic damage and again reports from san juan. puerto rico's southeast coast was the first to feel the effects of hurricane maria but the entire country is now dealing with one of the most powerful storms to ever bear down on this island with winds of two hundred fifty kilometers per hour heavy rains and tidal surges these conditions are expected to last for hours puerto rico has long been spared from
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a direct hit as hurricanes tend to veer either south or north of the island the last direct hit from a category four hurricane was decades ago and officials are preparing for the worst at least a million people are already without power puerto rico's ailing electricity grid is still recovering from hurricane erma this time power could be out for months the nearby u.s. virgin islands also took a direct hit with many residents leaving before maria arrived. figure out where i was going to stay in puerto rico and i think a lot of people were in the same boat i mean you had everybody leaving from the the b.v.i. people leaving from the u.s. we i. but i'm going to be in miami how widespread flooding is now a concern as are mudslides in the islands mountainous regions it's the storm surges could reach three meters here in san juan we've been getting battered by hurricane force winds for hours and rain is pouring in but if you look down on the street you can see the kind of damage that's been done windows have been blown out roofs
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ripped off debris all over the place and if you think these are the conditions here in the capital where buildings are moderately well built the picture on the southeast coast where the storm made landfall and in the rural areas could be potentially a lot worse as hurricane maria continues its destructive path across puerto rico the recovery in this u.s. territory already dealing with so many challenges could be a long one to get across to zero san juan puerto rico. and we're joined now from san juan what's it like where you are now. well lauren things have calmed down considerably since first light when we were almost in the eye of this. storm but there's been a fair amount of damage here in the capitol windows blown out roofs peeled off some localized flooding but i'm beginning to see some pictures coming in on social media because thankfully we are somehow still connected to the internet of streets filling up with water particularly in the mountainous regions where there are lots of concerns about mudslides the buildings there are not very well constructed they
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are very vulnerable communities and also on the coastlines of course hurricane maria hit on the southeast coast there are problems with tidal surges of up to two meters but you know this is just passing the eye of the storm has just left the northern coast of puerto rico in the last few minutes so as the hours go by we get beginning to get a clearer picture of what's going on here but i can tell you that now the entire island of puerto rico is without power three and a half million people have no access to where like tricity and repairing that remember this is a very degraded power grid it's actually hugely in debt and most of the power plants are forty four years old and haven't been invested in it may take months for people to get their power back so they're dealing with not only potentially losing their homes dealing with repairing their homes are going to have no air conditioning the going to have no access to power and that is a deep concern but as i said the picture is still emerging as the hours go by and
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in terms of power for the impacted in this particular case i had to have it possibly going to hit areas where it was you already been hit by hurricanes. i mean it already did the u.s. virgin islands domany care was potentially almost wiped out ninety percent of all buildings in dominique are now gone but as the hurricane now tracks away from puerto rico in the north westerly direction the turks and caicos are once again in the crosshairs it's still a category four still sustaining winds of around two hundred fifty kilometers an hour or so even as puerto rico. to clean up and assess the damage that's been done here which is potentially catastrophic those other places of dealing with even worse scenarios still the storm is heading out towards at. the moment that truck doesn't get anywhere near the u.s. east coast at the moment it looks like it's going to make a right. into the atlantic and hopefully up there somewhere but we are clearly not
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out of the woods yet and again i thank you very much indeed. captain his president is accusing spain's government of suspending the region's autonomy and follows the arrest of a junior minister and twelve others in a raid on cattle and government offices supporters of an independence referendum on the streets of boston lonna thousands have gathered outside the ministry of finance that runs a value to go ahead with the botox over the first despite the central government declaring it illegal copenhagen's us live from boston it's a cow why are people so angry. with just to bring up to speed right now the spanish prime minister mariano rajoy is on national t.v. calling on the capital and regional government and pro independence supporters tech cancel their planned referendum on independence on october the first quite clearly though here as you can see thousands of independence supporters have not got that
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message many of them have been here since nine o'clock this morning they've been after more than twelve hours as the workday ended thousands more crime down the streets they are angry because early this morning that the least national police raided the offices the project finance offices of the catalonia regional government police also laid out an industrial warehouse and seized more than ten million dollars but the central government is staging an operation to try and shut down this referendum to stop it happening at all. i'm throwing the pen and supporters are turning out and saying this is not. just one kind of force you decide this is another group opposing the pending supporters who are for why don't the sunni who have marched to another part of fossilised not to join the main body
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of the protest yeah ok and swelling the ranks off the movement while i was on the street the protesters are not going home they are not forcing the spanish prime minister marianna lahore's message you know to be addressed tonight that there referendum is on democratic they're sending a message that they want to hold a referendum and they want to break away from spying to become an independent which probably laura and you mentioned there who are as you say who don't want to listen to that corey's just made two to cancel referendum is the situation likely to escalate you think on the ground the old problemi passion running so hard on both sides right you can hear the people here sean we will vote we will vote they want to be able to vote in the october first referendum but the government the central government has drawn
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a line in the sand and said no we will not accept what they call an illegal referendum and as we saw with the raids this morning the central government is sending its security forces to try and stop the organizational that referendum that will inflame passions here on the street and it is very difficult to say what is going to happen opted out of some protests to say let's stay peaceful let's protect democracy with a small island with flowers but others are on standby here they are ready to face off with the police and try and brought them with these grassroots mobilized nations to stop police moving in and carrying out. anymore roasts lauren. really is a kind of a strange situation isn't it in that there's no real into media at this stage between the two size could anything bring the sides together to kind of come to some kind of compromise. or you're absolutely right there is no in to me jury under the spanish constitution regions like catalonia have devolved powers
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and so they do have a lot of responsibility for their own affairs but there is no middleman between central government and regional government. nobody from the european union for example thank you very much and that is the coast guard thank you thank you thank you very much we're now listening to you and many of them now describing. the general thank. you. thank you thank you very much indeed live in boston of course. supreme court has blamed the electoral commission press decision to now last month's presidential election and police used tear gas to disperse rival groups of protesters who'd come out in support of and against the government the court judges say the electoral commission refused to allow them to scrutinize their computer servers which opposition leader said were hacked president who cannot his
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reelection was an old earlier this month and it is should yield next month. some of the details of the supreme court is giving quite interested really in our group were taken all day for the detailed report finally giving kenyon details of what went wrong in the election one of those is that the final form of the form called thirty four three this is the result of an entire process this is the one final form that are now who the winner is who is the president well there are things that that form lacked security features more two more things like that and therefore they could not authenticate if they could not. you know verify it's a kind of occasion so i think anything is more symbolic than that the fact that these elections have gone the way they are that the course has been thinking that the i.e.c. electoral commission which infiltrated they don't say what that means going on about the fact that he refused to open a service to investigation the question they had nothing to hide why didn't they
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open. these things really putting a big question mark to the conduct of the electoral commission i think what is interesting now is what recommendation of the supreme court is going to go because of course with the election commission haven't changed. the election there are forty days under the constitution in which the election need to take place whether they're ready or not. a supermarket in the u.k. has become the first retailer in the world to allow customers to pay for items using vein mapping technology to make us say the new biometric system will revolutionize the way we shop i went to check it out. it's cool. it works by using a small infrared scanner to detect unique patterns of the veins in the first the spigot tips the information is then linked to a customer. is being used for the first time in the supermarket to university
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in west london where large numbers of students are eagerly registering their details if there's an easier method of a paying and it can reduce queue times and can speed things up but i'm not having to wait to a.t.m. machines are. going to carry. cash then that's a win win from both a student perspective but also from from a university perspective fingerprint recognition technology is already widely things on mobile phones. to hiking a simple smear left on a device like this can be easily. but star left the british firm behind this reader device to polish it with a japanese tech giant hitachi claims of fame technology carol because. you can't copy it like you can with a fingerprint it is much much more secure and in fact the numbers we're told are one in three billion of a chance that anybody is going to be able to have the same thing about so it's
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pretty secure and it also requires the finger of the person attached to be alive scanners are already used to access some high security buildings there are now plans to use the technology in many more shops as well as places that require membership like gyms or night clubs and even football grounds another step all finger to be precise towards consigning cards and cash to history before. london and any time with the live stories we're covering the website address that is. dot com. top stories are now to syria iran as president hassan rouhani has told the u.n. general assembly that his nation will not break the nuclear deal brokered in twenty
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fifteen but will respond quote decisively and resolutely to any violation added his nation is unmoved by threats or intimidation in response to the attack on iran his speech on tuesday. the ignorant and hateful rhetoric filled with ridiculously baseless allegations that was before they got audience yesterday was not only unfit to be heard but a un established to promote peace and respect between nations but it also contradicts the demands of our nations from this world body to bring governments together to combat war and terror. honesty and president mahmoud abbas's also addressed this embley calling on the un to bring an end to the israeli occupation of a state of palestine within a set time frame about said the apartheid for palestinians must come to an end. rescuers in mexico are searching for survivors of a seven point one magnitude earthquake which is killed at least two hundred
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seventeen people hundreds of buildings collapsed in and around the capital mexico city which is one hundred twenty kilometers from the epicenter among them a school where firefighters found the bodies of at least twenty two children and two adults one of thirty pupils and twelve outs remain missing american maria has made landfall in the u.s. territory of puerto rico in the caribbean it's one of the strongest storms ever to hit the island with winds of up to two hundred fifty kilometers an hour at least nine people have already been killed by maria on the island of dominica and. supporters of an independence referendum in catalonia on the streets of barcelona after a raid on the region's government offices by state police at a news president is accusing spain's government of suspending the region's autonomy and spain's prime minister just on called on the catalonia need is to cancel the ban referendum as he put it recently kenyan capital nairobi of used tear gas to disperse pro and anti-government protesters on rest follows kenya's supreme court
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blaming the electoral commission for its decision to a last month's presidential election. your top stories the stream is up next on more news for you out of that box watching. hi emily to be. welcome to the stream live on al-jazeera and now you to move over marvel there's a slew of african comic book creators showing the world what an african superhero looks like.


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