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tv   Welcome To Germany Cafe Waldluft  Al Jazeera  September 20, 2017 11:00pm-12:00am AST

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a great. one blanket coverage follows experts and politicians often platitudes and soundbites strong and stable leadership trying to play the media and shape the message in an age of simplistic narratives the listening post critiques the mainstream response today the two hundredth day of this administration exposing the influences that drive the headlines at this time on al-jazeera. and who are in tehran and in the top stories on our zero iran's president has told the united nations that his country will not break the nuclear deal brokered in twenty fifteen between tehran and six major powers but has some real money added that iran would respond decisively and resolutely to any violation and also
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described u.s. president donald trump speech on tuesday as quote ignorant absurd and hateful rhetoric. joyland the ignorant and hateful rhetoric filled with ridiculously baseless allegations that was before this i got audience yesterday was not only unfit to be heard but a un established to promote peace and respect between nations but it also contradicts the demands of our nations from this world body to bring governments together to combat war and terror palestinian president mahmoud abbas is also address the assembly calling on the un to bring an end to the israeli occupation of the state of palestine within a set time frame of us said the apartheid for palestinians must come to an end. rescuers in mexico desperately scrambling through rubble searching for survivors of a seven point one magnitude earthquake which has killed at least two hundred twenty four people hundreds of buildings collapsed in and around the capital mexico city
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which is one hundred twenty kilometers from the epicenter among them a school where firefighters found the bodies of at least twenty two children and two adults one another thirty pupils and twelve adults are still missing a report. in mexico city a desperate search to save lives this used to be a school reduced to rubble by the magnitude seven point one quake bodies have been recovered but children and teachers are missing trapped inside. it was chaos i arrived just after the quake my kids go to school in the next street and when i saw the school i panicked and iran and iran for my children rescuers worked through the night to find survivors this woman in red leaving after being asked to identify a body as well as. it's a school in the south of the city a private school where significant part of the building collapsed unfortunately small children from year one year two of primary school some from the secondary
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school have died the tremor struck at lunchtime on tuesday. causing thousands to run to safety. the terror and devastation captured in the moments afterwards. with wreckage all around the cross the capital dozens of buildings have collapsed and the full scale of the disaster is becoming clear with homes destroyed businesses badly damaged and two million mexicans are left without electricity it's the second major quake in mexico this month and experts warn of possible aftershocks for days or even weeks to come. outside the capital many other towns and cities report widespread damage. the epicenter of the quake was about one hundred twenty kilometers away in pointless stags entire scope this is the moment the ground shook.
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other communities are badly hit in jutland at least a dozen people were killed. well there are fifty five total deaths reported but we want to cross check our data to see if there are more dead people sixteen of them from just last pacifically. earlier in the day in mexico city some people are taking part in earthquake drills marking the anniversary of another devastating tremor which killed thousands in one thousand nine hundred five the nineteenth of september will now be a day of remembrance for not just one but two disasters and rescuers fear the number of families mourning the dead will rise don't control food. hurrican maria has hit to put a rico knocking out power across the entire caribbean island it's one of the strongest storms ever to hit the area with winds of up to two hundred fifty kilometers an hour at least seven people have already been killed by hurrican maria
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on the island of dominica and two. there's a top stories stay with us next up its witness in time to get website. dot com seen it.
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good good one hundred to me. frank. would be moving to assume people from the. good malaysia. to understand why even to get in duncan. share. any moment from. the board. russia.
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china. and. even verged. against isn't. just.
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you know it would. have to say it was more the work you know you can make here from your book of young mice which is it was fitting that i really i was taking. the. lead singer's still first i don't know what it was that you know we should be ticking away in. a coffee house career that has gone. funky. community it's free what did some of these new rebel. for meeting him as we. move in your city alone in the house and you just need to call him a pseudo saver when you get drunk or not there's undertakes did this mean it's me want to maybe slow distance is a kid who said he was no. more than we all want you to see him go hit the skids good money was who was you want you can lose of
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a base who protested this guy because he knew that was going. to meet you when you're seeing him team sing meet response was instant to the crowd more than would usually take a minute to measure which. young. guy has to redo the forget. me. and he didn't. legend that's what it's going you don't hear kimmel talked of your speed a man walk a. man gets middle of infrastructure mondays for the city. was a discourse and these how was he of i if you don't really take normally be learned for me is that you build a model to fit in the family about this how is it two hundred planes from to go here. good because it's a symbol of i'd be amazed that there probably pushing back day. to the understood
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miami because we continue kinda pretty i hope this doesn't go mr peters could still should give us a couple. don't miss it meanwhile mom always wins but we miss going to hitler india here in the next and give the same who's going to. north korea quick to dismiss what we're in this thread. so there's a keen little business ticking the group and it was people. if you decided to just said spray on us you'd really have a variance in housing. it's one thing in a village shook his million luck to. him out on the ticket didn't talk good form. one on one it's all fun place now there's me gotta hit mr peace in the launch of a bottom of the ocean.
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is this is freedom. really. hard being leaders to me. in writing history really hard when you look ok to hoping so hard and come till one of you again. vast too and opt for opt for haste be still in afghanistan for lloyd unfairly and stuart has to end if a lid still being helped in afghanistan give italic best of us i think i've told this if you can by telling history miki in the association here beneath your shit
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known named paul you all are going to show how we d.q. flubbing have to be seen for you know something awful and. hopefully soon. you both are. going. to have me taking off. my stuff miki sucky sewing came from. it's more power to the floor i'm going to. escape the other room does he feel it's only qaeda how much does a missionary i hear us or be missin crits your mom if lucky for us to meet me be clear is being how has he been ok you know looking for a break up do need done again he said see on main up oh sorry if.
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he think he's lovely she needs name and more. name. really going to be honest ok don't look at it said see on my group as a ballot bowl cut into a fish where it says dish in the nice dish it quickly stitch about it a piece came calling nice. to buy stuff on e bay ok he dug out spiel you know him a guy. has two ideas for style. through the bush he had this vision gig you made a move going down to shredder. disputed siphoning can just trying to finesse after get it if you can. only start the mend.
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it is too close to. home or too good. to couldn't. play a part and don't want to fight back loads of fun fun and. games in the. on
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the side just by luck and it is in this because. it is kind of mind. and they do real people i think the right. people i think thank. the. lord here. i don't know if. it's got. to break me or. the last. couple of. the lot and forget. the. music i hope. that's a double phish. mom with him. nice enough. guy and when she confessed. you really
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wanted more money more gracefully and now you're looking. to. see if it's only one gets your. rooms are balanced with ties to spirit and those but those good sides to those good sides the chef in your. father stood up to kid rock get over. there that you know us to cope with. as many of both the good. ones think. this is a snake or those which. don't know her better than you fuckers are the nuns of the kinds of very good friend of the bunch of good health and human beings are the kinds of kinds of human on this still young lawyer. and nice to be yourself and discommode from that's more of a bad job of
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a good immune dog when wu you know means of his offer to put my business than its composition there on the moon then this direct dozens of kids often doesn't suspect who and. only who's come. over sick associates for to give those choices to people who vote with you my god could be some woman how come let's just. remind you do here will be good evil to turn to get closer to ninety. ever read up on yeah good form with good for you. that is was you got the. right man. you know some more of this from fucking. around with feeling you noted soon. i mean in my. condition about when fetus didn't. he is you've is the one i mention here i mean can i call him a housing but i will go over there
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a few because there should be strether good reason for me. because. that's the hero's story housing. this is ninety should laugh and by now the company estimate on. how the most are by. you know by the. nation this should go over nine ish. mine in mere hours is good no problems. does that mean we are no longer useful have funding calgon use question do we need new families need i wish to every city you mentioned in two goes tell you when it
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would seem to me and jestingly have been genuinely left him people see it sent to implicitly from the homeless and self to suharto on just a limb knowing of its leaving wondrous was have said to king to stay low we shall kill you see do with this to the sun and he knew he would soon to giggle is for disability wish to infer that she and her gender would interested in her feeling be felt on bones decisions means neutral. it's a reason to see it doing the seeing people who live in complete beat on being. forced to describe listen good you know mundane miracle towards to mention some movements when you get out to soon engineers and. an equal attention this is what i should remember so kooky he really does need to know and. he did give us me quote. if you're not. here. or
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i'm not going to do that i don't know how many i've been here only scared to go in the business of work only. if. you have an x. you know you get me free that's what you thought it would be is the way it goes if one really didn't have any of this it would have. come out if i was going. to say. you know what your course. well you really got off.
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on the i. don't like. ok. in that you're done yeah yeah. mircea nancy they also see our job done and say yeah my family and your own child laughter don't want don't do it after don't want to go and investing your money in yeah and i'm telling you i'm going down on that we'll you know. everything this is good. you're going. to show life on. the show. maybe through a show come through here. this is. for
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parking oh yeah right. on right. yeah. i. remember my handpicked actually. just right here comes. the book i say. it was good i asked you. was. just interested i watched him. i know you are right i am here. i i am.
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you know because. now i need to. know my mission is just gonna. be happy. then money in. my name here.
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we are government tax. here. i'm. not. going to. pass you i want my family. i want i need my family was. really. great. and you know. my.
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what we're going to do was when you look at what he was yeah that's what i did was walk up and walk out on the field and give this one special you know whatever law they will hold on to what it. taught as you know them with you know the which all of them i thought yeah i mean over. yeah yeah. yeah. i'm trying to stash. some support that. yeah i can. and i just decided that they were all rich and if you had no idea what active enough that has seen what i want well what i did because was that idea of a whole host of other few soria a mob in this way that if you would get risky that. provided i walk and if you
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followed up with their story on one of the home without the if you are right. forty five percent. good. if you know that this will enough if you should be i feel out of a possibility in one feeling that i'm one and i can tell my wife you how that even when it was to your gender that's he related would you want and if you would you want to leave your who would you feel alone. be moving at the moment maybe move for the one of the one american might have been in those different. her original from which are looking for vivi the further what that work and what kind of mother hope you know in the middle. you do good you mark with history of what is partial some
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of the. you know what. i mean i'm a compromise i'm an efficient fish pretty much but also you know. in this way we'll probably. wait this out from senor human very much after that in the long story with my friends. with one room in the room. and told me. if they have to be put in somewhat easier in syria what will turn into inland. after what our lives this was a simulation electricity lettuces in support in south florida. and my friend zone finish. every day every day. one two views morning good afternoon
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i'm go outside. here. nothing is that nothing's going to give you work that into the court in the cold what what what are for me and for my father in this very dark of. his bitter noble host but i. needed to see me to court you know not often i think fifty to fifty nine days for me i am fifty nine fifty nine days. with. it was great. and. we all laugh stories.
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some that enrich our memories. others that define our futures. in a breathtaking new season al-jazeera staff members open their hearts and invite us into that extraordinary lives al-jazeera correspondent coming soon. russian filmmaker andre nekrasov explores how put ins russia impacts the very values of the nation the russians are famous for their cultural legacy but can traditional and conservative be the source of stagnation and authoritarian growth why this is the assimilated by the police but to seize ukraine's homosexuality as the significance of voting to the russian elite is that he is like a fake you who controls the cobra in such a putin's russia at this time on al-jazeera. if you turn your back on the far.
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this would be collateral damage. and the. this would be an overreaction. and fish operation cost. clarity by contrast. and owen learned taylor nandan the top stories are now to zero iran's president has told the united nations that his country will not break the nuclear deal brokered in twenty fifteen between tehran and six major powers but her son ronnie added that iran would respond quote decisively and resolutely to any violation you also
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described u.s. president donald trump's speech on tuesday as ignorant absurd and hateful rhetoric . your jaw alone in the ignorant absence and hateful rhetoric filled with ridiculously baseless allegations that was outed before this i got audience yesterday was not only unfit to be heard by the un as stablished to promote peace and respect between nations but it also contradicts the demands of our nations from this world body to bring governments together to combat war and terror first in president mahmoud abbas's also addressed this calling on the un to bring an end to the israeli occupation of the state of palestine within a set time frame of us said the apartheid for palestinians must come to an end rescuers in mexico are searching for survivors of a seven point one magnitude earthquake which is killed at least two hundred twenty four people hundreds of buildings collapsed in and around the capital mexico city
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which is one hundred twenty kilometers from the epicenter among them a school where firefighters found the bodies of at least twenty two children and two adults and of thirty peoples and twelve outs remain missing irgun maria has its pressure rico knocking out power across the entire caribbean island is one of the strongest storms ever to hit the area with winds of up to two hundred fifty kilometers an hour at least seven people have already been killed by hurricane maria on the island of don't need care and two on guadalupe. supporters of an independence referendum in catalonia on the streets of barcelona after a raid on the region's government offices by state police that only as president is accusing spain's government are suspending the region's autonomy catalan say they'll go ahead with a vote on october the first despite the central government declaring it illegal police in the kenyan capital nairobi have used tear gas to disperse pro and anti-government protesters rest follows kenya's supreme court blaming the electoral
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commission for its decision to in our last month's presidential election. there's a top stories do stay with us here are their witness continues next hour warriors for your to that. moment then blasting them in fantasy to two new mission fields here you may hear did you know this is an easy. issue even pursuit of food this is mentioned in country. one from the man so interesting to us and it's i'm simply actually does this if you. if you still go to fish doctor if there is to tell you. i delayed new optional talks that's also true of the so you so good to know that i was intrigued today to.
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do more. to leave it be at the super think you have. this to tell. the city by the. off to me how. often from next for you was in full volume submitted me how soon from when the often for no one in. most of that i was not good is that view. seniority what does what islam can call the good is them giving you this one is really strong security gulliver got a gun a slowdown in europe why did your government six million. six million verdict come in who took. their dollar you.
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didn't learn in grade nine out of the blood i just i was a. big kid. as he did have a here so if you have your back if it's you know if you guys email you. yet or didn't you look in his. feet did you know the producer of hunger and. getting caught is yes. nine and did a very. silly thing i do know that. management actually. hurt yourself it isn't like you guys said it was. past sex when i was sitting not much of it for here bishop or blame me for getting up she was not yet learned. into
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off and back on if i wanted out missed i think of it us you see our vision just want to. get this. done. at five if. it's a bloody one i'm next and back to a shop just different again from can i was in trouble in writing one done from but i can accept now not. just give us your thoughts. on the clinical study and kick has been transfixed by doctors for only a few hours when i can still feel it up and help. her to british house on. here do you know that a. c c c is happening feel feel you haven't. yet been programmed into. it being president yeah and the other didn't and how
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it's going to us and it's report then you should love and see. if you don't respond. at best and a course to an issue because. that's the year digital media does. not and that's just my. opinion all around it is now going to give people this beautiful so if they say yes my most beautiful i do live yeah yeah yeah a lot of people get hurt but. i think he puts a lot you know i'll try more food not less folks just. already full of hot yoga sun i bet you. all i would have you travelled
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much around germany then where've you been in jail. what cities have you been to. my mission to have to go through another with. somebody but. why did you do it yeah. yeah yeah why don't. we have not. the government of germany chose this city for us oh ok. because we have asylum here. oh. i don't know if there's things like that in the open because there's so many different people already know the program. is also from pakistan or india and i'm happy indian my mum yeah but i was born in australia and
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government is trying to stop asylum seekers altogether at the moment they are just turning the ships back around. so much people can be honest really yeah and now they're just want to stop every model. because. why. are you. anyone want to go. you have. been jamming. any. university is more important and travel is more important. thank you. when you're good because you know you're nineteen might and more now yeah oh yeah. and i
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didn't need to look at it. and you know. what you don't get that this guy don't need social work. and i have to sneak to look to conflict out of him i finished my. blue sign. and groovy when i just. run to replace drugs. he's new so on. if there is no to do can he so. we have my moves to.
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creating. and so i. need easier. i can. get on. we debate. no. doubt monogamists. gunfire us. kindly on. your daily life i was about you could teleport. my own father clunkiest. thirty thousand who did the mono and even the decimal.
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expansion surely artifacts was. very nice to make them to you was indeed seem. that numbskull did a good deed to try to come. closer to some of the probably. no good reason even if. you you want. so pretty fun just to me when you go.
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through here you see me and mr singh see here in this country house i was playing golf. and a proverb dr ali mentions into life he got a bicycle can he still must have for my it's all kind match you have no one chip t.v. happen when she. talks time pass me here how yes i did mansions and can i show you guidelines from alec not. at all a sure you want to show us or. the state of. what we need to. do more than me. if harvey here good to go to trial for these are going
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to have a greater good. he felt great logan. this is constantly from me this is can snipe from the. fine folks on the court it's based on good legs versus stating go on i list the last three years in the last year marketing and by severe danger last year probably in has this right i list what. vice you can sort. she still got. home from here because. she did.
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six hundred if well. let me see who. was defeated in that results in people's home who really meant he did not have. what a guy with. the economy did to do can be said for they still don't know what was going to come from this question have any direction do you want anything to go for in this. thing to look for in africa. you know i'm right. noble it has got their.
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journey this. i think the always in syria or in high family here you. know how it is because most we go big. we have ok. what any good image don't do you would only know force an option it is karma. in how the world you my you either can ouattara. but i think you mean me. whatever me or our king was sort of other but you know no one or. not john are. well funny but.
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i feel homey will. not only. how to hire. their own i'm yeah. what i need. what i mean. what when you hold what i mean who would how to phrase the lot on his yacht and to have done what i mean jay did. a lot and i don't do that i want. to know more about what any one cern on whether. it. is for sure. it's you mentioned is it it is the man's pleasure and i'm proud memes can be gotten since infinite mind since you are so. fearful and i don't even look me here and
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so is one hundred twenty thirty. forty fifty and in that. show and after you know stuff for many so it was of. course we knew. that we didn't you know we're very. good is not a word. it came. as of yet to greenham so we. have a three first number over the top there being. only. a piece. of what it was you know that i don't believe doesn't appear school now. we're going to need to hear from the arm in going to command on going into one of
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the must. know showed him in best. not. good. enough time when he got on the autobahn the need. for and good indian unsuitability to know we are. really. so. good you know first off this was just you know. this is the this is. this russian. physics. and i have. no. life so i'm out here and
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i need to learn to. think you know. do you find her. face this fact. do. you. know this for. yeah yeah. cool. yeah yeah yeah. yeah threaten. me for kind of.
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yes. yes. yes. yes. yes. yes and how it. goes. from a person. you .
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meet. the only. eat. the meat. i mean that's a real. good step forward yeah. yeah it's still good. i says i'm going to you know democrats and dozen of us vs them media but i didn't establish background. you know. i don't need to. inflict this image it made me and you but it got a few years and it was that i feel. it's absolutely mucky told me just fish not
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being invited so end up to end up station. that's it and this is what he said to my stand over in texas you don't feel. you know. i think any of us can conduct law martin i think actually i think that unless you act usually i'm here. in england people are going to think then. if you're going to get to work until fifty billion beating me problem you know what i'm not and of course i'm not a part of it does a snowflake master i'm just. a crank i get to. you paula. your last point i will mention getting you to do to the end of his first musical is we have to focus on in this economy to see if that's really. about
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investing in our. now no question left when it finished either the up enough to. do did or didn't we called it off as my guests are coming up so far so i guess let me. put it. this mine. completely. back which is this all just increased. course. for the past come let's pass because some in the process you go through and you pass fail even some. pressure from your bro. yeah there is a british. journal where. the city didn't ask you but i actually. didn't
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give the person helping to read every single. game. dangers too cool she was just weird to get up into is that you must first be billions to live in love through history in your understanding of the comes that actually was not. the word of. by the. russian or. i want to hold off on this is he giving us advice that would be just say how can you without this is going to shoot just to ben's right. the but. the. the and the the the a e.
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the e thank you s. . the a. the ego the the
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. hello there we've got a bit of travis drifting its way across the southern parts of australia at the moment it's showing up on the satellite picture quite clearly gradually drifting its way across the southeast corner as it does so it's going to swing around the wind so that means for some of us it will get a lot cooler for the say then twenty degrees will be the maximum in melbourne and
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then eventually those temperatures will begin to recover as we head into friday on friday we've also got another weather system that's edging its way towards us and that could make things in tasmania but little bit wet as we head through into the weekend towards the west well another systems here that's affecting us in perth eighteen degrees the maximum there so feeling quite cool with the wind and the rain over towards new zealand and our weather system is gradually spiraling its way across us now from his a very heavy downpours particularly in the western parts of the south island that system will gradually edge its way eastwards as we head through thursday and into friday and behind it should be a little bit brighter to say christchurch will get to around twelve degrees there and this should be a fair amount of sunshine around as well further north and there's been some bright weather over japan but some of us are saying that chased out of the way by this system in the south doesn't really make much headway northward so it's just along that south coast we see a few showers. the
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sky they should be no borders up here. only horizons. as an airline we don't believe in boundaries we believe in bringing people together the world's better that way. it is a right for all of us to go where we need to go to feel the things we want to fail . to see the people we want to see. that's why we'll continue to fly the skies providing you with everything we can and treating everyone how they deserve to be treated we do this because we know that travel goes beyond borders and prejudice all the travel teaches compassion the travel is a necessity. to travel is a right for all remember that this world is full of ours to explore. and it's a strange thing for us to be a part. cats are always going places together deep in southern india
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a secret construction project a small concerns about the country's growing nuclear capacity if you're saying that we are enlarging option if you know amid fears of an escalating arms race with its neighbors in these embassies i ought to give the indians basically in their digits intended for china what's dubbed indians ball my biggest and ever bush that was the so what lies behind india's nuclear riddle people in power investigates at this time on al jazeera. this is al-jazeera.


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