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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 21, 2017 2:00am-3:01am AST

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want to win east meets the women who cross the world for love and state to change a community. at this time on al-jazeera. tensions are high. little has changed and new village officials are struggling to demonstrate goodwill . among morial is trying for a calm much he sacrificed his life the political. drive a wedge between the village and. crack just part three of a six part series filmed over five years. china's democracy experiment at this time on al jazeera. zero.
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this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. moments of hope in mexico city as the search for survivors continues off to choose days of course. iran's president tells the united nations that his country won't violate its nuclear deal with the west and slums on all fronts threats as ignorant and hateful. hurricane maria leaves the entire island of puerto rico without power. on the streets of basra alone another show of strength by supporters of council on independence. three days of mourning have been declared in mexico where more than two hundred
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people have died off the deadliest quake to hit the country in thirty years rescuers continue to comb through the. looking for survivors sometimes pausing to listen for voices the earthquake can choose they were censored about one hundred twenty kilometers south east of mexico city now mexico's president and rick opinionators says at least forty four buildings including homes schools as well as office buildings have collapsed. now one of the places damage was the enric a rep simon school the primary school in a southern mexico city emergency crews are on the scene right now trying to reach survivors and these girls have been speaking about how they escaped from the building as it fell. i was doing my homework and i thought someone was kicking my chair i turned around and no one was there then the teacher said it was a quake and she took us out of the classroom part of the building fell down dust was covering everything and i couldn't see my english teacher helped me get down
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the stairs because it was shaking so much is going to. hurt when we started to come down everything started crumbling including the secondary school part of the building a friend told me there was a hole in the wall so we kept going down. firefighters found the bodies of at least twenty two children and two adults at the school another thirty peoples as well as twelve adults are still missing and reports are from mexico city. in mexico city a desperate search to save lives continued through the night and into the morning. these used to be a school but the magnitude seven point one quake reduced to rubble bodies have been recovered the children and teachers are missing thousands of volunteers have taken here today in mexico city in various sites where it is prolapse and also in another frost right there was a place yesterday they came with rakes and shovels in which every two hours they
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could find we're here to say they said they're not going anywhere until they find more people alive the quake struck at lunchtime on tuesday causing fisons to run to safety tehran to the station captured in the moments afterwards people are say is the wreckage across the capital dozens of buildings have collapsed the extent of the. now clear homes destroyed apartments and businesses but only damaged two million people without electricity and the nation again in mourning after another major earthquake shook the country a month for lies a down and is marcus warned not to light up because of gas leaks outside the capital many of the tangency does report white spirit damage and deaths the epicenter of the quake was imperious state about one hundred twenty kilometers from the capital more than a dozen where cleaned it was going to point that you're going to well there are
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fifty five total deaths reported but we want to cross check our data to see if there are more dead people sixteen of them are from who specifically what did they make some people had taken part in the rooms on the any bestiary of another devastating earthquake in haiti two years ago then one thousandth of september will now be a day of remembrance not just for one but for two the sisters and rescuers for you have a number of families mourning the dead will rice. mexico city. i speak to alan fischer now who's life for us in mexico city so allan just give us an update on the situation there as a try to get people out of the rubble. let me tell you that the entire country is focused on this school at the moment we all know the story it was hit by the earthquake a number of people were trapped local scene maybe as many as thirty people are trapped in the building twenty five died twenty one children four adults now
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a few hours ago rescuers were in the debris looking for those who were reported missing they saw the hind of a young girl the show to her and said can you hear is do you recognize as the chin moved her hand very slightly then sent in a rescue dog to check that she was alive that was the case and since that time they have moving steadily through the debris is a case really essentially of peeling an onion in a way they've got to work through the layers make sure that anything step they take doesn't cause the problem father into the debris what we've been told in the last twenty minutes is that the rescuers have phoned the girl but there may also be three other children in that area as well what we're not sure of is whether or not those children are alive no this must be a terrible thing for the family they know that there may be other children being flown but at this stage they have no indication whether those children are alive or dead and there may be many families who are waiting for news to find out if their loved ones their little ones are in that building and so they have this whole for
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the time being that their children may be there and could possibly be alive but i could change in an instant and they could find out that these children are dead we're speaking in quite tones because you me see there is no one moving at the moment that is because from the people deep inside the rubble there has been a message passed through to the outside. to stop all noise that lets them communicate with the people in the rubble also lets them here for other noises they can then show to ask the others if they can hear them if they recognize the voices so that's why you will occasionally see this saying going up which means everyone around here has to be quiet which is why i'm being quite know a number of our. have been called as well and on the radio they've asked the ambulances in the nearby area not to assume their sirens because that is causing a vibration in the debris so the really working their way painstakingly through what is left of this school hoping that there may be a small victory in
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a place where there have been many losses in the past twenty four hours but what a horrible feeling it must be for the families to think there could be good news but there might not be at the end it must be a terrible terrible thing to go through yeah really very painful time for the parents of these toddler that are still missing and what kind of technical help is needed right now to remove some of these very heavy concrete slabs. or dinner just in the last twenty minutes or so we've heard heavy cutting gear being used in the debris and that we haven't had for. at least the two hours i've been here that it really is just a case of sheer brute strength of moving little bits and big bits of rubble taking it away from the area. that century means passing it down a chain and moving it away and then is that these specialist teams that have been
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created in mexico over the last two years since the last big earthquake hit mexico city in the been a number of big get quick since then but they have a team no known locally as malls people who are trained to go into incredibly small spaces and find people and that is how this young girl was discovered the mall's world there in the debris and we think the girl may be in a space certainly no bigger than thirty centimeters by thirty centimeters that is tiny but she is ignore lived two doors rescuers that. she's there she can hear them she is she can hear their voices know what condition she's in we have no idea but certainly we have seen over the last couple of hours just oxygen being taken in to the side. but also things like plasma making sure that people who are working there have what they can to give immediate relief to anyone who's stuck in the rubble and everyone here i've noticed numerous people numerous people and makes calls a very religious country with numerous people saying little silent prayers
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obviously hoping that first of all the girl who was spotted very early on. is safe and can be taken out of the rubble and will be fine but also that if there are three other children and they are that the operation to create some sort of foundation to be able to move them out as well the children are in a condition where if they're taken to hospital they can be treated and can really broken cover rather than passing the news to three more families that they have funerals to to arrange. alan thank you so much monitoring those developments and mexico city. iran's president hassan rouhani has promised that there will be no changes to the nuclear deal between to holland and world powers and his speech to the u.n. general assembly he rejected comments by u.s.
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president donald trump calling them ignorant and hateful rhetoric on tuesday trump accused iran of sponsoring terrorism and destabilizing the region the u.s. president criticized the twenty fifteen deal which saw iran curb its nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief ronnie said that iran would respond decisively if the u.s. moved to scrap the agreement that's governor her seven out to mike hanna who's live for us u.n. headquarters in new york hi mike so does it seem as if many of these leaders find themselves more in agreement with president rouhani as opposed to president trump. well indeed that's very clear the vast majority of u.n. members are in full support of their twenty fifteen iran nuclear deal president rouhani has addressed to the general assembly was temperate and measured apart from his criticism of president trump in a pointed reference to president trump's saw dance in saudi arabia he made
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a plea for moderation saying that moderation is the synergy of ideas not the dancing of swords all of this against the background of president thrum threatening to unilaterally withdraw from their nuclear deal and on that issue this is what president rouhani had to say. i declare before you that iran will not be the first country to violate the agreement but it will respond decisively and resolutely to a violation by any party it will be a great pity if this agreement were to be destroyed by rogue newcomers to the world of politics the world would have lost a great opportunity but such unfortunate behavior will never impede iran's course of progress and advancement by violating its international commitments the new u.s. administration only destroyed its own credibility and undermined international confidence in negotiating with it. so might was going to happen and what will be
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the way or the reaction if the u.s. does pull out of this deal. well let's just put all of this into a context the deal itself is a multilateral agreement it was signed by the five permanent members of the security council along with germany it was indorsed by the security council as a full on resolution theoretically no signatory can unilaterally withdraw from this particular agreement so there may be ramifications for the us within the security council should it unilaterally decide to do so president rouhani has made very clear that iran has a number of options should it happen he says he would wait to see the response of the rest of the signatories to the deal all of whom have recommitted themselves to disagree meant he made very clear though and this is an important point that iran has not in the past and will not in the future resort to any form of armed nuclear development he says this is against every ethic of the iranian republic he made
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very clear that this is a separate issue from enrichment which is something iran could look to should the deal fall apart because of the u.s. withdrawal and that is continuing to in richardson two degrees far higher than it is permitted to in terms of that deal that is in place at the moment the meeting of the joint comprehensive plan of action that is the p five members plus germany plus the iranian foreign minister are meeting at present first time incidentally that the u.s. secretary of state will meet the iranian foreign minister they will be discussing their nuclear deal we'll see what happens in the hours ahead. and mike we know that a man in my car spoke about the nuclear deal and he did say that they were going to add and some pillows to address the u.s. can sense what were they. well there have been several suggestions by britain and france that they could be some tinkering with the deal to try and
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meet some of specific u.s. objections in particular what is called the sun stood close to the deal that everything after ten years falls away and iran can basically do what it wants but counterbalanced against this president rouhani statement that you cannot take one piece of brick out of this deal without the whole structure falling apart you made very clear that iran would not accept changing the deal in any way of saying that months of negotiation had gone into what it was and you cannot change one part of it without the whole deal falling apart ok mike hanna live for us in new york thank you. and plenty more ahead on the news hour including kenya's supreme court criticizes election officials for refusing to give details of last month's presidential vote. and thousands of the henge of muslims who escape persecution in me and maher are now facing a new threat in bangladesh. and reebok support trade in the oscar winning movie
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or raging bull has died joe will have the chip reach to the form in the middle of the weight champion jake la motta. warning that harkin maria could regain strength in the next twenty four hours after it was downgraded to a category two storm on wednesday it was a category four system when it hit puerto rico where thousands of people had to be moved to storm shelters seven people have died across the caribbean and gallagher is in puerto rico capital san juan. puerto rico's southeast coast was the first to feel the effects of hurricane maria but the entire country is now dealing with one of the most powerful storms to ever bear down on this island with winds of two hundred fifty kilometers per hour heavy rains and tidal surges these conditions are
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expected to last for hours puerto rico has long been spared from a direct hit as hurricanes tend to veer either south or north of the island the last direct hit from a category four hurricane was decades ago and officials are preparing for the worst at least a million people are already without power puerto rico's ailing electricity grid is still recovering from hurricane erma this time power could be out for months the nearby u.s. virgin islands also took a direct hit with many residents leaving before maria arrived. figure out where i was going to stay in puerto rico and i think a lot of people were in the same boat i mean you had everybody leaving from the d.d.i. people leaving from the u.s. we i. but i'm going to be in miami how widespread flooding is now a concern as are mudslides in the islands mountainous regions it's the storm surges could reach three meters here in san juan we've been getting battered by hurricane force winds for hours and rain is pouring in but if you look down on the street you
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can see the kind of damage that's been done windows have been blown out roos ripped off debris all over the place and if you think these are the conditions here in the capital where buildings are moderately well built the picture on the southeast coast where the storm made landfall and in the rural areas could be potentially a lot worse as hurricane maria continues its destructive path across puerto rico the recovery in this u.s. territory already dealing with so many challenges could be a long one and gallacher al-jazeera san juan puerto rico. hurricane maria is now heading towards the dominican republic where. is now live for us in point a connoisseur gave just give us a sense of the situation there right now. hurricane maria is fantastic over i've. got to go somewhere and that place is right here.
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in the dominican republic in the far eastern. country here this is a city of about fifty thousand people it's mostly a tourism resort and i can tell you there is no tourism going on right now this is a city that is completely down as we've seen in the condition here. rapidly just in the last hour or so and tell you that i think five or six thousand tourists at any vacuum waiting to the capital center of the lingo and right now this is pretty much a city that is completely. as they're waiting for this hurricane rita to hit here in the next few hours ok. thank you so much safe safe. now the un's libya envoy has announced a new push to break the political deadlock in the troubled north african state. it's an action plan to mend a failed twenty fifteen peace deal the u.n. backed government of national courts that deal has never fully established itself
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and tripoli in libya has three competing governments aligned with groups the country has been rocked by violence since formally was toppled six years ago. within a year from now we must reach the final stages of this process these are effort and on for that option of the constitution and then within the framework of the constitution the election of a president and a parliament henceforth clearly marking the end of the transition this process in all its stages is indeed meant to prepare the proper conditions for a free and fair elections which will actually libya into institutional and political normalcy that is much to be done and this plan is certainly ambitious however if the libyan people can come together in the spirit of compromise and together right in new common national narrative this plan is achievable the
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international community has a decisive part to play in this together we can support the libyans by uniting got out of the single process one where libya leads and we all assessed. now the u.s. says it strongly opposes the planned independence referendum by iraqi kurds and state department is urging iraqi kurdish leaders to engage in negotiations with the baghdad government instead of going ahead with the vote on monday the president of the kurdish region of northern iraq however vows to press ahead with a vote on september twenty fifth that as hoda abdel-hamid reports from penned when many kurds are worried about the consequences of this referendum. on the streets of silliman a year it's business as usual here there are no signs of the historic referendum is just a few days away. many believe it will be called off for the last hour others like shotgun there would be a worried about the consequences even though she plans to say yes because i want my
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country to be. a name is enough for me in so many because we don't trust what will happen after there in front of our future is invisible we really don't know nothing next year we don't know what next month will happen tomorrow what. opposition to a vote now is strong gets eliminated the main drive is coming from president. and his party and here they have little foothold. his political opponents believe that the timing is wrong we don't have a strong. economy going for a structure we don't have national institutions we are fighting corruption unity among the kurds. and we need to build that trust between citizens and the authority so people will be ready to sacrifice their life again. many in this part of the kurdish region feared a referendum will lead to more conflict there's also
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a certain level of anxiety because of threats from neighboring countries mainly turkey and iran and those are mostly felt along the border areas where some wonder where diverse soon things will change iran is the second trading partner of the kurdish region after turkey. but lately it has warned that it will close down its border crossing this would have an impact in places like beijing only five kilometers away from the border and. more don't have a reason guys products come from iran and several of his relatives live there. he worries for his business but coming from an older generation he's willing to take the risk. but across the street twenty three year old healthy is still hoping the vote will be postponed and. have an impact on people here if you close the border
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they will have nothing to do for a living like trade and people's lives if i lose my job would have to sit in a cafe with other jobless people doing nothing. to dream of an independent kurdistan state is one shared by everyone here it has never been so close but many fear that by pushing further now that dream will become out of reach once again but at the. now al-jazeera journalist mahmud hussein's detention has been extended for another forty five days by gyptian authorities he's already been held for two hundred seventy four days the gyptian national was arrested in december while visiting his family and he's accused of broadcasting false news to spread chaos and accusation hussein and al jazeera strongly deny al-jazeera demands his immediate release. ran to refugees who have scaped violence from me and maher and fled to bangladesh
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and are having to deal with heavy flooding their days of rain have flooded rice fields where thousands of people have put up makeshift shelters but there is some relief a new u.n. camp has been set up and it's got much waterproof tents there sort of a charge a has more now from. this is the newly allocated forest land given by the government to shelter the newly arrived refugees this is a place where we also fusspot of some of the newly arrived whether production time provided by the u.n. h.c.r. this is what is badly needed in this camp even some of the own camp don't have this sort of town because this refugee shelter have only made out of bamboo sticks and polished and shit which is bad for the family to live inside considering the bad weather rain and inundation by flood water what's needed is this out of town to protect the families from their environment the real threat now is disease what the
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u.n. itself how the donation she should do is a built proper shelter for those roughly g.'s who are sitting in this open spaces there's also a more buy toilet here which is a good sign but we see only one not too many if this comes good have mobile toilet and weather production things could drastically improve for the refugees in terms of disease exposure and exposure to the environment not to hunger marley is a state of the u.k. based organization whistler made and he says visited me in march a kind state and says that situation is catastrophic. at this moment in time you know living on whatever little bit of russians that we were able to provide previously distributions that was over and over. for so whatever that was provided over the last two or three months is really having to make people are living in very very precarious situation the escalation of conflict from august twenty fifth to now is having
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a devastating impact on the lives of many that i have witnessed and saw people living in camps and i was managed i managed to get into the state. way which is the central part of the state in which our office is mostly made been working for the last five years. just to do work there so it's providing humanitarian aid assistance unfortunately having to be scaled down because of the security situation that's under way at the moment so we're not able to function normally but we did manage to get some access humanitarian aid assistance i participated distribution myself on behalf of the organization to five hundred families that were living in the camps and villages in iran this conditions i saw a head on al jazeera traveling by plane can make you sick and you study find the people who. are found to suffer from chronic illnesses. and gulf
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politics mixes in the sporting arena coming up with joe. hello there more about the hurricane maria in a minute but first of all let's just look at how you say oh say still with us meandering off that eastern coast they're throwing a lot of cloud along the eastern parts of canada and the northeastern parts of the u.s. as well and those fairly dangerous rip currents along this coastline two systems not going anywhere in a great hurry really sticking around as we head through the day on thursday elsewhere because the one weather system gradually edge its way east with that easing as it does say but another one is forming over the rockies and that's going to bring us some fairly heavy snow during the day on friday further south of course this is all storm maria has a well defined eye indicating that it's a very organized system there as it made its way towards puerto rico it's now going
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to work its way towards the northwest it looks like it is just about going to miss the turks and caicos islands as the eye of the storeroom is it is covering quite a huge area so the turks and caicos islands are still going to see very heavy rain could well give us flooding and a likely to see a dangerous storm surge as well as the system gradually creeps its way northward further south of course in south america generally it's quite quiet still very hot in asuncion up to thirty seven degrees that's a bit of a contrast to what's going on in bourne as henri's will only be at fifty. the with. let's talk about. now. right now. right now it's happening so fast. you can barely keep up with it. right now we've got clowns protecting reiners. on mobile technology finding clean water not
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tomorrow not five years in the future. now. in a disaster the internet can be restored by a truck. in a mine this truck can drive itself and right now this child is being treated by a doctor from six thousand miles away this is science not fiction and cisco networks are making it happen now. because when everything is securely connected anything is possible and there's never been a better time to change the way. with
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. one of our top stories this hour three days of mourning have been declared in mexico where more than two hundred people have died off to the quake to hit the country in the. mexican president enrique pena nieto says. have collapsed. the strongest. and ripping groups at least nine people were killed across the caribbean. iran's president hassan rouhani says there will be no changes to the nuclear deal between tehran and. comments by u.s. president donald trump calling them ignorant and take full rhetoric let's bring in
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stephen mcenery his the executive director of the project on middle east he joins us live now from washington d.c. stephen good to have you with us so when it comes to the position on iran do you think vince national community is in a better position on dealing with the nuclear issue than it was a week ago. frankly it's not entirely clear i think president's president trump speech yesterday called the number of people off guard i think prior to yesterday the general can conventional wisdom was that the deal was likely to remain in place and perhaps solidified despite the trouble ministrations skepticism after the speech i think people are less certain. president trump speech seemed to suggest a more belligerent term tone towards iran and toward the deal so we'll see where i think we're all now waiting to see comments from secretary of state tillerson later this evening and see if he can add some clarity now the words chosen by hasan rouhani will cleverly cleverly selected really he took quite
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a moderate tone throughout the overall speech what do you make of what he had to say. i think frankly is peaches it was not so not very surprising i mean you have to expect you know negative reaction from iranian from the iranian government and frankly in this particular case and i think he's not alone i mean there was a lot of criticism coming from from other world leaders as well of the tone of the speech yesterday but as you say rouhani criticism was was it was a bit clever and not so poorly received now there is resistance from many of these e.u. partners that we took part in this deal the. p five plus one. and you know we were you know that there's already investment taking place they want by but mainly from european countries so how much pressure with this apply on president trying to stick with this deal. well the reality is that if the deal word. were to be brought to an end in one way or another. there's no
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way that you'd see the full return to the level of international sanctions that iran was under previously and the reality is that the leverage of the europeans have economically with the sanctions on iran is far greater than the united states has so i think it is there's no returning to the status quo that existed before the deal and as you as you describe a lot of the new economic ties and investment coming from europe. likely would dampen the fact of any unilateral move by the united states could this still survive without the u.s. . not likely no i mean the deal could not could not survive as currently structured without without the u.s. being on board however it's possible that you know there could be some kind of other arrangement or informal or arrangement that could be reached you know iran would certainly not want to discourage investment that it has seen from europe from
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from leaving and it would hope to be able to maintain that and that would that could perhaps induce you know good behavior from from their own hands on the nuclear program even if the formal deal were not in place ok and shifting psyche even domestically the hardliners in iran never want to this still to happen so a lot is at stake with the full force and rouhani right now that's right i mean certainly rouhani and his allies domestically were those who pushed this deal as you describe a lot of the hardliners would be happy to see president trump or the united states scrap the deal and they would feel vindicated by that and it would certainly weaken rouhani and other moderate voices within within the iranian regime ok stephen the canary thank you so much for your time thank you for having. now supporters
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of an independence referendum in catalonia are currently on the streets of barcelona after a raid on the region's government offices by state police learn as president is accusing spain's government of suspending the region's autonomy castle and say that they will go ahead with a vote on october first despite the central government to carry it illegal at least twelve people have been arrested in. government offices a raid which the spanish prime minister defends. the government is fulfilling its obligation and i have to say that we will continue to do so until the end i think we are acting with proportionality after the things we have seen during the last few days in catalonia. and paul call pinhole has more now from the rally in barcelona. thousands of independence supporters have not gotten that message many of them of been here since nine o'clock this morning they've been here for more than twelve oz as the workday ended thousands more from going to the
2:37 am
streets they are angry because early this morning. police national police a way that the officers the project finance offices of the catalonian regional government police also raided an industrial warehouse and seized more than ten million followers i was the central government is staging an operation to try and shut down this referendum to stop it happening i told her independent supporters are turning out and saying this is not what i just want to kind of force you to decide this is another group opposing the painted supporters who are for why don't the sunni. day of march to another part of fossilized not to join the main body of the protest yeah. again swelling the ranks off the movement while i was on the streets the protesters are not going out they are not far spanish prime minister
2:38 am
marianna lahore's message you know to be addressed tonight that they're referendum is on democratic they're sending a message that they want to hold the referendum and they want to break away from spying to become an independent republic. or brazil supreme court has issued a second round of corruption charges against president michel tema but the lower house of congress will have final say on any trial of the sitting president last month congress blocked a previous round of charges saying that terror from a court supreme court trial could have ousted him from office. now kenya's supreme court has blamed the electoral commission for its ascension to a presidential election the court judges say that the electoral commission refused to allow them to scrutinize its computer service which opposition leader said were hacked a present reelection was an earlier this month and
2:39 am
a rerun is scheduled for october so. these are unprecedented times in kenya there's been atmosphere of uncertainty ever since supreme court judges to know the results of last month's presidential election. after twenty days of speculation and accusations since the result was an old kenyans were finally given specific details about why. this court's order. to seventeen.
2:40 am
lives with. the petition claims that the i.a.e.a. base says i too system was infiltrated and compromised supreme court judges blame the electoral body in charge of the elections the i.e.c. outside the courts opposition supporters demanded the a.b.c. the horns echoing the message of opposition leader raila odinga he says he will take part in the election mr changes in the organization which runs it. a small stand off ensued and a handful of supporters of president who can yell to turned up police used tear gas to end it as the day went on the police presence increased security has been tighter around the supreme court they cordoned off some of that but despite still at large crowds mazda for mayor most of them are supporters of the opposition and writing on the police are not taking any chances and they've come out on horseback
2:41 am
something that you don't usually see very often in the. water cannon the free courts still going on hours and hours now getting into the details of what exactly went wrong and all the action a long list of technical irregularities and questionable explanations both with the tally forms and the multi million electronic voting system from the. a.b.c. it's been a blimp in the chairman. and the head of the bridge. so it's been. great. nobody seems to. be going to see is organizing what they're calling a fresh election between ryan and. currently planned for tobin seventeen but the french company in charge of the electronic voting system says it will be ready by then the i.v.c. is set to meet with both sides to decide what next election could be delayed but
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according to the constitution it must be held by a tube or the thirty first whether everyone is ready or not stephanie decker al-jazeera nairobi. dozens of refugees from australia's controversial detention centers are to be resettled in the us within weeks they've been held in remote camps on the pacific islands of no rule and monis the plan is part of a refugee swap deal put together by former us president barack obama and in return australia will begin resettling several dozen central american refugees from camps in costa rica now across the world children are subjected to gender stereotypes about what it means to be a man and what it means to be a woman now global study has found that the notion that men should be strong and women should be weak is imposed on children before they reach adolescence and this has important implications for countries trying to address issues such as you
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suicide teenage pregnancy as well as hiv positive page reports now from johannesburg. drops her son off at crazy before she goes to school she can't explain why she didn't put what she knew about save six into practice being pregnant at the age of sixteen it's not a political thing it's not like a life is falling apart but then something because you know more behaving the way you are behaving you know more younger anymore. her boyfriend helps when he can but the main burden is on her it's the kind of gender stereotype research is a warning about in the global early adolescence study researches interviewed hundreds of young people in fifteen countries and found that regardless of where you live the ages of ten to fourteen have a key years to address gender stereotypes otherwise they become cemented increasing the risks of a wide range of health issues including depression hiv child marriage teen
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pregnancy even suicide across the world most six education and life skills classes begin at fifteen years and older but this research say is that too late and that has important implications to how governments fund and when they introduce education meant to break down gender stereotypes. and six the study adds to a body of evidence that's prompted south africa's government to suggest next year it will lower the age at which a six education starts that's welcome news to writers at the girls talk with site a forum for gender issues a guy would come to you and when he gets to you he's the one who teaches you things about six you as a one going in the like a deer caught in his light you know if we teach young women from an early age of this is your body you need to own your body this is what happens when you having six and you know you can also contribute you can also say no you can you know things can go your way in
2:45 am
a necessarily his way but changing stereotypes is an enormous challenge reverdy earlier age and every answer. so whether it's the religious institutions you returned the schools you attend your family's every institution is kind of reinforcing these very gendered stereotypes boosie hopes to teach her son that boys and girls are equal she's trying to sit a good example by continuing her education well though she may always be the only full time parent in his life tanya page i'll just zero johannesburg. now supermarkets in the u.k. has become the first retailer in the world to allow customers to pay five times using vein mapping technology the system is called finger play and it works by using a small and faired scanner to detect unique patterns in the veins of a person's fingertips that information is then linked to the user's bank account the makers say it will revolutionize the way we shop. now people who fly regularly
2:46 am
may be at risk of breathing contaminated air that's according to a new study by the world health organization and u.k. based airline easyjet is trying to find out new air filtering systems but denies it's because crew and passengers are at risk caroline with their own expense. if you get on a plane nearly any commercial flight events allow you to breathe normally the air pumped into the cabin includes bleed air that's being sucked in by the engines then compressed and finally circulated with the existing air inside the aircraft but sometimes that bleed air is contaminated remnants of engine fuel or liquids that schools instance on major airlines including one in may when cabin crew became ill from the fumes what a study published in the public health journal says a low level leakage into the aircraft could be a problem particularly for pilots and crew who fly regularly a co-author of the report of four pilot herself with a master's degree in airline safety said more than one in ten of the pilots she
2:47 am
studied to flew the be a one for six aircraft suffered chronic illnesses such as cancer your logical problems were fatal this problem is related to any across using bleeding is supplied off the engine but that aircraft had a lot more problems and the effects that they were getting were identical consistent with what we would expect and what we've seen over and over again with exposure to these particular substances this is being going on five decades six decades in fact and the symptoms they were complaining about then at the same ones now. easyjet has just announced trials of a new air filtration system that denies a connection to so-called aero toxic syndrome the airline says it wants to identify and reduce incidents of unusual smells and fumes in the cabin these events can have short term effects on health and lead to flight disruption but it continues this has no links with the study whether any form of long term illness occurs in airline
2:48 am
crew due to exposures to cabin as well early this year the european aviation safety agency also said in-flight measurements have been conducted on a number of commercial flights offer defining adequate and reliable air contaminants measurements methods for cockpit and passenger cabin air is the results show that cabin cockpit air quality is similar or better than what's observed in normal indoor environments no occupational exposure limits and guidelines exceed it. well despite the reassurances all the people in the airline industry particularly those who've become ill once more thorough research based on two thousand and fifty numbers hoff a million airline crew could be exposed to the few danger and so could three and a half billion passengers who fly every year still ahead an al-jazeera how this possible dog tied into a smashing outfit details coming up of joe it's all. with
2:49 am
2:50 am
. have a sport that his joe thanks very much christiane and i'll do his return to round madrid after serving a five game suspension hasn't gone according to plan for him or his team made his comeback to leader for the first time this season off to shoving a referee and up to israel bettis he came close but in the dying moments it was bettis he scored to inflict a one no loss on royal they now sit seventh in the standings. holders manchester united have got the defense of the english league cup title off to a winning start marcus rushed at school twice against non-league side burton albion
2:51 am
just healing god and he also got on the scoresheet in the full one victory. jake la motta the boxer from new york's bronx neighborhood whose life was the subject of an oscar winning film raging bull has died the motto was the world middleweight champion in the late one nine hundred forty s. and defended his title twice before losing it to sugar ray robinson in their sixth fight sanchez looks back at his life. with. jake la motta was widely regarded as one of the toughest boxes to have an end to the ring not only could he dish out a beating but he could take one as well. a wild middleweight champion best remembered for fighting sugar ray robinson six times he was a violent man outside the ring to a womanizer
2:52 am
a confessed rapist an actor and the stand up comedian in the mater's life story read like a movie script. and. like taking. it lead to martin scorsese and robert de niro's pretrial of him in an oscar winning movie and raging both. born in new york's bronx area in one thousand nine hundred twenty two the mater took up boxing after being rejected by the u.s. military because of a medical condition. his rough style won him the nickname the bronx and made him one of the most famous fighters of the one nine hundred forty s. and fifty's when boxing was one of america's most popular sports but with his fame came attention from the mob he later admitted intentionally losing a fight at the request of the mafia and was suspended from the sport.
2:53 am
but when i realized that i couldn't possibly when. i said i was really fox. after retiring from the ring in one thousand nine hundred fifty four he went on to add to their from films and toward as a stand up comedian he married seven times and had four daughters and two sons out of one hundred six professional fights he won eighty three but he lost his fight with pneumonia on tuesday in florida at the age of ninety five. as he and a sanchez looking back on the life of jake la motta their all his life as you heard was immortalized in the scorsese film raging bull when actor robert de niro who played a mater led the tributes as he released
2:54 am
a statement saying rest in peace champ while foremost six time world champion roy jones jr tweeted r.i.p. jake la motta you will be missed by a great number of fans and loved ones god bless the family. got to be a macarthur has won her first match since becoming world tennis number one the reigning wimbledon champion beat puerto rico's monica point six four six love to advance to the quarter finals of the pan pacific open in japan last week topped the rankings for the first time becoming the second woman from spain to achieve the feat after four time grand slam winner and just sanchez because in one thousand nine hundred ninety five. also through his former world number one angelica she's come from a breakdown in the first set to beats that kaner in straight sets and reaches the quarterfinals kerber will play well number four only the pisk over for a place in the semi's. cycling now and chris froome missed out on winning the world
2:55 am
road championship individual time trial for him who has already won both the tour de france and walters vanya this year could only manage a third place finish in norway earning bronze he finished one minute and twenty one seconds behind winner tom dumont of the netherlands added the gold medal to his euro. victory in marriage. that we've often heard the saying that sports and politics shouldn't mix but rivalries are being played out of the asian indoor and martial arts games taking place in turkmenistan a sale malik reports from ask about saudi arabia and cats how well jill for a question metals just horses are important symbols in the culture of turkmenistan home to one of the oldest breeds in the world the akhil techie and it's fitting that horses are center stage in one of the most intriguing contests to ask about two thousand and seventeen showjumping riders from gulf rivals qatar and saudi
2:56 am
arabia are they for it to dominate the event they're competing while their countries remain in a bitter political dispute. blockade a cut of land sea and links to qatar the political tensions between qatar and saudi arabia have had a real impact on sport but there's real hope that these games in this horse loving nation of turkmenistan kind of a real impact on peace and cooperation that's certainly the view of how modality of from qatar who competed in last year's olympic games in rio de janeiro. where more like the brothers me and. others and me always wish them good luck can you save and restore we can foster and breed peace for sure. still our brothers and never change and we will never change. qatar has got the better of saudi rival recently multisport events winning the gold medal in the team event at the two thousand and fourteen asian games in south korea but also bettered them in last year's olympics but r t a believes another of our bridles could cause
2:57 am
an upset. they have a strong riders and strong horses they have two of their best riders. have really good horses that ever with that jump there's great anticipation among turkmen ahead of the first showjumping medal event on thursday and for them there's only one winner. so he'll malick al-jazeera. now his top eight basketball clubs are taking part in a new international tournament called the super eight in macau full time japanese champion jets face china's lions in their opening game on wednesday but some of the best asian talent on the court the game will be remembered for this in the third quarter cheever's tony gaffney went high for a slam dunk but he came up short shattered the run the backboard it took more than forty minutes to replace that glass the break played into the jets hands as they
2:58 am
won eighty nine to eighty two. both teams looked a little tired so i figured i'd give everybody a rest. and that's all your support for now i have more feel later on you can find much more on our website. including all the updates on the un general assembly news that when it.
2:59 am
it. was. we all will have stories. some that enrich our memories. others that define our futures. in a breathtaking new season al-jazeera staff members open their hearts and invite us into that extraordinary lives al-jazeera correspondent coming soon.
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too often on the streets of. our victims but a new force is at play. female police officers are combative sexual assault and domestic abuse. but changing society is a challenge and so is life behind the badge for india. at this time. of hope and mexico city as a search for survivors continues after tuesday's earthquake.


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