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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 21, 2017 3:00am-3:34am AST

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too often on the streets. are victims but a new force is at play. female police officers are combative sexual assault and domestic abuse. but changing society is a challenge and so is life behind the badge. at this time on a. balance of hope in mexico city as a search for survivors continues after tuesday's earthquake.
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i know that i'm headed home as this is al jazeera live from doha or so coming up there as president tells the united nations that his country won't have violate its nuclear deal with the west and slams donald trump's threats as ignorant and hateful . hurricane maria loses strength as it makes his way across the caribbean but the worst may not be over yet plus. a show of strength for supporters of council and autonomy as spain's prime minister calls on leaders not to go ahead with an independence vote. three days of mourning have been declared in mexico or at least two hundred thirty people have died after the deadliest. quake to hit the country in thirty years
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rescuers continue to comb through the wreckage looking for survivors and sometimes even pausing to listen for voices the earthquake on tuesday was centered about one hundred twenty kilometers southeast of mexico city and mexico's president and pena nieto says that at least forty four buildings including homes schools and office buildings have collapsed now firefighters found the bodies of at least twenty two children and two adults at the school another thirty pupils and twelve others still remain missing and reports are from mexico city. in mexico city a desperate search to save lives continued through the night and into the morning. these used to be a school but the magnitude seven point one quake reduced to rubble bodies have been recovered the children and teachers are missing thousands of volunteers have taken a sense here today in mexico city in various sites where it is prolapse and also in
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another front right thank you for a sense that if they came with rakes and shovels in which every two hours they could find we're here to say they said they're not going anywhere until they find more people alive the quake struck at lunchtime on tuesday course in five thousand to run to safety to tehran to the station captured in the moments afterwards people are say is the wreckage across the capital dozens of buildings have collapsed the extent of the. now clear homes destroyed apartments and businesses but only damaged two million people without electricity and the nation again in mourning after another major earthquake shook the country a month for lies a down on his marcus warned not to light up because of gas leaks outside the capital many of the tangency it is report white spray damage and it is the epicenter of the quake was imperious state about one hundred twenty kilometers from
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the capital more than a dozen where killed but it's going to point that you're going to well there are fifty five total deaths reported but we want to cross check our data to see if there are more dead people sixteen of them are from home specifically the day you make some people that taking part in on the any bestiary of another devastating earthquake in haiti two years ago then one thousandth of september will now be a day of remembrance not just for one but for two the sisters and rescuers for you have a number of families mourning the dead will rice. mexico city. let's go live now to alan fischer who's in mexico city for us allan give us an update on that situation where they're trying to rescue children from the rubble of that collapsed school. while the whole of mexico is watching this scene at the moment where the lights are and the yellow huts you can see they have been working in the debris of the school for hours know there's been
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a lot more activity particularly in the last thirty to forty minutes we're hearing heavy cutting gear being used as well which is different and unusual essentially we know that the school collapsed during the earthquake yesterday there were twenty five people dead in that building twenty one children four adults the since then rescue teams have been in the debris trying to find someone else and a number of children have been pulled out alive shaken upset but alive and then of several hours ago the rescue personnel locally as the malls went in to their bree saw the harvey young girl made contact she waved very faintly but waved so acknowledge that she had hair of them they then sent a dog in to check that she was alive that then confirmed that was the case and slowly they have been burying their way into the debris to get closer to or know what has transpired in the last hour or so is that we have found that the rescuers
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believe that in the space around her there are three more children we don't know if they're boys or girls but we know that they're looking for the parents here because many of the parents are being kept away at a safe place where they can watch the news on television and they've been looking for those pierrots know that this must be a real heartache for these parents because at this stage we still don't know whether the three other children if they're alive or dead if there are three other children or if there are more and we don't even know if they've been able to identify those children so when their appearance waiting to find out if their children have survived they may be given hope that yeah we've found someone in the wreckage but they don't know whether or not they me still be alive so this is an operation and at some point you may suddenly wonder why my voice calls quite you will hear a whistle soon. there will be a quick shout behinds will go up that is the sign for everyone nearby to go quite that is too low rescuers to have a conversation in the rubble or perhaps to hear if if they're scratching or some
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sort of noise coming from the other really what they have got to do know is essentially build a base around the young girl that they know is there they can just go and start pooling their bre and recchi joe what they've got to do is build a platform make sure that that is secure and then they can start to try and extract her from the deborah and also take the chance to look to see if the three other children of their if they are alive and how they will get them out can also tell you that in the last twenty minutes or so we've seen bottles of oxygen as well as plasma being taken to the scene that many people would suggest is a good saying like the rest of mexico like the rest of the world at the moment we can only stand here wait and watch. in mexico city thank you allan. iran's president hassan rouhani has promised that there will be no changes to the
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nuclear deal between to han and world powers and his speech to the u.n. general assembly he rejected u.s. president trump said accusations that iran sponsored terrorism calling the claim ignorant and hateful rhetoric i can't reports now from the u.n. the iranian president arrives to address the general assembly well aware that president trumps tridents criticism of the iran nuclear deal is rejected by the majority of u.n. members i gather you have awful with us that. it would be a great pity if this agreement were to be destroyed by rogue newcomers to the world of politics the world will have lost a great opportunity by violating its international commitments the new u.s. administration only destroys its own credibility and undermines confidence in negotiating with it or accepting its word of promise. other signatories to the deal have cautioned president trump against unilaterally withdrawing from it said the closest one is it is needed this is an agreement that the us pushed for i think
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it's the best possible agreement president truman considers that this is not the perfect agreement but i don't understand what the alternative is israel is part of the minority that has expressed support for president trump stated position as is saudi arabia we have said repeatedly that we expect the agreement to result in iran cannot ever be able to acquire a nuclear capability tended to iran that this could be. iran will be able to buy. it was a letter with this agreement we don't believe that iran is doing so iran he iran has never sought nuclear weapons will never be and right now it's not the argument right now is against enrichment not a nuclear bomb we must work together and confront together those who threaten us with chaos turmoil and terror
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discords of our planet today is a small group of rogue regimes that violate every principle on which the united nations is based in equating iran with north korea president trump has raised yet another question he is unable to answer how could north korea except his disarmament for recognition in good faith if he pulls out of a commitment made to iran by the u.s. government back in two thousand and fifteen when our president trump appears to be conducting diplomacy along the lines of a reality show teasing the audience with the phrase frequently used in recent days . there's of the. i've decided he says again i've decided i'll let you know what the decision is. now the e.u. has been hosting a meeting at the un on the iran nuclear deal that speak to mike hanna who's fly for us at u.n. headquarters in new york so mike we have some lines coming through the use foreign
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affairs chief fredricka marina he has been speaking and she said that the iran meeting has been frank open and an in-depth discussion what more do you know. well indeed yes it was in fact meeting of the joint commission plan of action that is the five permanent members of the security council plus germany along with the iranian foreign minister the j c o p is of course the body that monitors this nuclear deal on behalf of the security council and there we heard from the chair of the commission the e.u. foreign policy chief for the rica marini who made very clear that all the members of the commission agree that iran is in full compliance with the deal she says that the latest report they received from the international atomic energy agency which monitors the deal on the part of the commission was ten days ago
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certifying iranian compliance with that deal she was asked specifically whether the u.s. agrees that iran is in compliance with the deal she said a very short yes so that is the position of the the body that is supervising this deal she also reminded everybody that this is not a unilateral deal between the u.s. and iran it is in fact a multilateral deal and even more than that it is the basis of a security council resolution there is no mechanism within the agreement for any party to pull out of the deal unilaterally so that is a situation regardless of what the president may or may not decide on whether or not to certify the deal in coming weeks as far as the body monitoring it is concerned iran is in full compliance the deal is working well ok mike hanna life arthur in new york thank you. now hurricane maria has been downgraded to a catch
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a grease two storm but not before leaving widespread damage it hit puerto rico as a category four causing widespread flooding and also tidal surges the entire island is now without power the governor has declared a curfew and gallagher has more details from the capital san juan. puerto rico's southeast coast was the first to feel the effects of hurricane maria but the entire country is now dealing with the aftermath of one of the most powerful storms to ever hit this island with winds of two hundred fifty kilometers per hour puerto rico was pounded for most of wednesday in san juan hurricane force winds ripped off roofs and blew out windows power has now been lost across the entire island puerto rico's ailing electricity grid is still recovering from hurricane erma it could be months before it's restored and puerto rico on the sun one that we knew yesterday is no longer there so we have to reconstruct rebuild re-invented we have to be
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ricin and we have to push on. with our bodies with our hearts and with our so puerto rico has long been spared from a direct hit as hurricanes tend to veer either south or north of the island the last direct hit from a category four hurricane was decades ago the nearby u.s. virgin islands also took a direct hit with many residents leaving before marie arrived. figure out where i was going to stay in puerto rico and i think a lot of people were in the same boat i mean you had everybody leaving from the d.d.i. people leaving from the u.s. . but i'm going to be in miami that widespread flooding is now a concern as are mudslides in the islands mountainous regions the governor of puerto rico is now put a curfew in place as a rescue or recovery operation is launched with little communication it's hard to assess the damage but it may be this island's coastal communities and rural communities that took the worst of the damage as hurricane maria leads
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a path of destruction across puerto rico the recovery in this u.s. territory already dealing with so many challenges could be a long one and gallacher al-jazeera san juan puerto rico. the hurricane maria is heading to the dominican republic is live for us in print to kind of it's ok but how the situation now so hey we can see the rains of picking up. yeah the situation has deteriorated rapidly in the last hour or so as you might expect as hurricane maria gets closer here to the dominican republic and it's going to hit very much right where we're at one point the con at a resort city in the far eastern part of the country this is a city of about fifty thousand people mostly a resort town we can tell you there are about five to six thousand tourists that were evacuated from here right now for the con at this hour is completely shut down as you might imagine as people brace for this storm i also want to bring you up to
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date on down the nikkei that's an island nation that was badly hit by hurricane rita on monday and i can tell you we've heard very little from there and that's because all communications have been cut off from that island nation both cell phone towers that has fallen landline towers there's no internet on the island as well in fact the prime minister was unheard from for several hours and just got out of the country we're just now in the last few hours starting to hear some of the first still pictures and that is a country that is completely devastated we don't know exactly the total death toll right now or thinking is right now it's under ten people but there have been really mildred you have personnel that have been able to get into dominique as well as yet the prime minister says the country is comes he destroyed we're hearing that it's many years ninety percent of all the buildings on the island were badly damaged so
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it's a very very desperate situation there on that country that has about seventy five thousand people we actually were trying to get there on wednesday but could not actually even get a flight anywhere near there because they've all been cancelled because of this storm hurricane agreeable we're keeping a very close eye on the nikkei as well because a. from firsthand reporting on how the situation is there how bad it is and primarily how the people are coping. in puts a kind of thank you so much stay safe. and forget about a credit card welcome to. leave your wallet at home. and a new threats.
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to. hello there heavy downpours have been falling across parts of southeastern china recently and it's all we know out of this weather system here some of us have seen over one hundred millimeters of rain from this one area of cloud and that is now slowly beginning to break up still for some of us we can expect some fairly lively downpours on thursday particularly around shanghai but even here should begin to dry up as we head into friday throughout the southeast there's still a fair amount of moisture in the atmosphere here so we can expect one or two showers around home coleman talking of showers there's always plenty of them across the southeast in parts of asia no exception at the moment plenty of them through the philippines down through borneo and into somalia to the north of that also plenty of wet weather is to the south where the sunshine is and it looks like even
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that sunshine is going to be nibbled away as we head through the next few days a job at the moment absolutely following for thursday but more in the way of cloud in the western parts there for friday and they may just be one or two showers over towards mumbai it's been incredibly well hair over the last day or so that has caused quite a few problems but now that system is easing instead we're seeing the energy transferred little bit further towards the east that's where the area of low pressure is developing and that's going to throw a few showers further north there for friday and we'll see some in new delhi. the weather sponsored by. decided to break with tradition and trying to sail competitively not that we want to present a positive image. for them it's about more than just racing yes. and also very talented. around the world showing everybody. people are. meets the first female sailing crew in the.
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sailing star at this time on al-jazeera. the. top stories this hour three days of mourning have been declared in mexico or at least two hundred people have died after the earthquake to hit the country in thirty years mexican president enrique pena nieto says more than forty buildings have collapsed. hurricane maria has been downgraded to a category two storm but it's still the strongest to his puerto rico knocking out power and a ripping off roads at least seven people have been killed as the storm crossed the
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caribbean. they were president hassan rouhani says they will be no changes to the nuclear deal between and world powers and his speech to the u.n. general assembly he rejected comments by u.s. president donald trump calling them ignorant and hateful rhetoric. spain's police have raided regional government offices and arrested a public officials in barcelona the central government is stepping up its pressure on the wealthy northeast region of catalonia which plans to hold a referendum on independence referendum next month call penhall reporter from barcelona. the backlash on the streets after a wave of police raids. pro independence activists massed outside catalan betul government offices in barcelona moments after spanish security forces stormed in. police detained public officials in an
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operation aimed at blocking the independence referendum planned for october the first the spanish government is the ballot illegal. democracy must be defended with smiles and flowers when not violent all we want to do is vote and vote in peace outside the capital and finance department thousands chanted for the right to vote. when. it's very important to be outside our catalan institutions to defend them and all the people who believe in democracy in a separate raid police say they confiscated almost ten million referendum ballot papers spanish prime minister mariano rajoy defended wednesday's grades at a rest stop. the government is fulfilling its obligation and i have to say that we will continue to do so until the end i think we are acting with proportionality
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after the things we have seen during the last few days in catalonia the head of the cattle and regional government insisted the separatist vote would go ahead. this aggression has no legal basis it was perpetrated by violating the rule of law and all. of the constitutional guarantees and violating the e.u. charter of fundamental rights as the working day and thousands more protesters climbed on to the streets they are making it very clear they're not giving up their referendum without a fight. a few blocks away protestors faced down riot police at the political headquarters of the left wing c u p party security forces finally left without breaching the building. for ten days until the referendum the central government and capital an authority seem to be on a collision course neither side has given any he is ready to back down help
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him down to zero possibly spring. now the u.s. says it strongly opposes the planned independence referendum by iraqi kurds the usa department is urging iraqi kurdish leaders to engage in negotiations with the government instead of going ahead with the vote on monday iraq's prime minister hietala body has demanded that the referendum be suspended. a kenya supreme court has blamed the electoral commission for its decision to a no last month's presidential election the court judges say that the electoral commission refused to allow them to scrutinize its computer service which opposition leader said were hacked. let's go live now and listen to rex hudson has speaking regarding iran and nuclear deal. are really testing i think the will in the spirit of the people that live in that
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area and it's also testing our response capabilities what i would tell you is our response capabilities have been extraordinary. we're really grateful for their cooperation with other nations as you know that there are many nations involved in the string of islands that have been affected and the cooperation is just been tremendous in terms of our ability to address the needs of our own citizens the american people that are in those areas but also to work cooperatively with other nations and help them as well i also want to extend our thoughts to the people of mexico. let them know that we we stand with you in the aftermath of two very bad and massive earthquakes i don't many of you are following the most recent quake in mexico city a very heartbreaking situation to watch. unfold the president did speak to
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president pena nieto earlier today expressed his own deep concerns. about the situation also indicated though his immediate deployment of assistance to mexico city of. sharks and rescue expertise team very large team of people who are trying for these specific type of type of circumstances immediately he deployed those towards mexico city with heavy equipment. president pena nieto obviously thank the president for that said he welcomed and accepted that assistance and the president assured him that there are other ways in which we can help notwithstanding the fact that we're continuing to deal with some significant after mass of a hurricane harvey hurricane arm and now to the extent we will be dealing with hurricane maria this i think is a real testament to the relationship between the united states and mexico on and
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again our thoughts and prayers are with the mexican people as are dealing with this terrible tragedy and and again ready to help them in any way we can. i know you want to get your questions quickly so i'm not going to to make a. long number of comments just to make a couple remarks i did just come from a meeting of the. parties responsible for the j.c. p.o.v the iranian nuclear deal this was a ministerial level meeting that the e.u. high commissioner convened so that we could have an exchange of views around the table of all the parties to the agreement as to how implementation is performing it was not a technical discussion. it was a political discussion of the political aspects so we had a very open and candid exchange of all the parties to that agreement i think it was i hope it was useful to others and i found it useful to hear their perspectives i
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hope they found it useful as well we we clearly have significant issues with the agreement the president's been quite clear and articulate as to his concerns about the agreement itself the third is of the agreement enforcement of the agreement and i think really is is as he has said it and i've said many times as well that when we look when one looks at he uses the word spirit of the agreement i used the word expectations of the agreement that even contained in the preamble of the agreement there's a there was a clear expectations of the parties who were negotiating this nuclear deal that a conclusion of the nuclear agreement which set aside obviously is a serious threat to the region into the to the relationship and that by doing so this would allow the parties to seek a more stable peaceful region that was the expectation of the parties and
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regrettably since the agreement was confirmed we have seen anything but a more peaceful stable region and this is the real issue and that's why we talk about iran defaulting on these expectations because those expectations clearly have not been met since that time iran has continued to prop up the assad regime and its horrible way in which it has brought violence to its own people that they have a get to continue doing gauge a malicious cyber activity they have aggressively developed and tested ballistic missiles in defiance of u.n. security council resolution two two three one thereby threatening the security of the united states and the stability of the rip up the region they've provided weapons and training forces deployed to create instability throughout the region and yemen and syria in iraq. and i think we even see them carrying out for
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vocative operations in the gulf itself against our naval and coalition vessels as they try to peacefully transit the gulf now threatening the very freedom of navigation through this very important waterway so i think it's it's pretty difficult to say that the expectations of the parties who negotiated this agreement have been met perhaps the technical aspects have but in the broader context the aspiration has not been so recently the u.s. has taken action to counter those activities as you know additional sanctions were recently put in place to deal with the ballistic missile testing the cyber activity these other destabilizing activities and we're going to continue to monitor iran's activities and we will take additional steps none of which put us in a way contrary to our or are contrary to our obligations under the j c p o i we are
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fully compliant with the j c p o i the activities we are sanctioning iran for carrying out are not covered under the technical agreement j c p o itself but i think in particular the agreement has this very concerning shortcoming that the president has mentioned as well and that is the sunset clause where one can almost set the countdown clock to when iran can resume its nuclear weapons programs its nuclear activities and that's something that the president simply finds on acceptable all of you are keenly aware of the circumstances we're dealing with with north korea. when we look at the history of north korea's weapons development program in many senses we've seen this before agreements that just simply pushed it to another government another ministration to deal with the president's made clear he doesn't intend to do that in this case eight eight takes his responsibility in this particular matter quite seriously and as the reason he is very very carefully
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considering. the decision of whether we find the j c p a way to continue to serve the security interest of the american people or not we expect iran to fulfill its commitments we're going to entail that time will fulfill our commitments and the president has a matter under consideration. so with that let me stop that's the most recent event i came from there have been a number of you have related events and i'm happy to do the best i can to address questions you may have around the many many activities that are going on and i'm going to i'm going to allow him. just listening to the u.s. secretary of state rice on this and talking about the iran nuclear deal but let's cross over now to the united nations where the crazy prime minister is speaking with the job of barak on how much. i mean yeah do you build devastated
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areas that. do. examiner. but we're in you are no commitment to provide all forms of support and you have to how the iraq of fulfill all of its remaining all the geisha is. under rather than security council resolutions the three will be my. so that was it can regain its regional and international role and standing say that were you mr president i mean how do you know this year marks the fiftieth anniversary of the occupation of the palestinian territories in nineteen sixty seven. of the year out of your view this is the view only arab cause that had been saturated with the united nations resolutions.


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