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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 21, 2017 5:00am-6:01am AST

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he built. the. apartment. or. at the top.
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of the wooden bridge. over here. the smell of these. the garbage he does all of the smell is coming from the dead. hard. to argue. i just want to make sure all of our audience
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is on the same page where they're online to the u.s. citizens here and what puts people of iraq going one in the same joining us i was never put aside all been looked at differently because i'm dr that all the people. is a dialogue tweet us with hash tag a.j. stream and one of your pitches might make the show join the global conversation this time on al-jazeera. from the tropics of southeast asia to the feral islands in the far north atlantic. the women who cross the world for love and stage change a community. at this time without zero.
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zero. this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes moments of hope in mexico city as the search for survivors continues after tuesday's earthquake. iran's president. his country boat violate its nuclear deal with the west and also threats as ignorant and hateful. a new group of refugees say they're being targeted as the crisis grows on the bangladesh. hurricane strength as it makes its way across the caribbean. but the worst may not be over yet.
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three days of mourning have been declared in mexico where at least two hundred and thirty people have died after the deadliest quake to hit the country in thirty years rescuers continue to comb through the wreckage looking for survivors and sometimes pausing to listen for voices the earthquake on tuesday was centered about one hundred twenty kilometers southeast of mexico city and mexico's president enrique pena nieto says at least forty four buildings including homes schools and office buildings have collapsed. now firefighters found the bodies of at least twenty two children and two adults at a school in the capital and another thirty pupils as well as twelve adults are still missing and parra driggers has more now from mexico city. in mexico city
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a desperate search to save lives continued through the night and into the morning. these used to be a school but the magnitude seven point one quake reduced to rubble bodies have been recovered the children and teachers are missing thousands of volunteers have taken a sense here today in mexico city in various sites where it is prolapse and also in another for us right there was a race yesterday they came with rakes and shovels in which every two hours they could find we're here to say they said they're not going anywhere until they find more people alive the quake struck at lunchtime on tuesday causing five thousand to run to safety to tehran to the station captured in the moments afterwards people are says the wreckage across the capital dozens of buildings have collapsed the extent of that he says is now clear homes destroyed apartments and businesses but only damaged two million people without electricity and the nation again in
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mourning after another major earthquake shook the country a month for lies a down on his marcus warned not to light up because of gas leaks outside the capital many of the tangency does report white spray damage and it says the epicenter of the quake was imperious state about one hundred twenty kilometers from the capital more than a dozen were cleaned but it's going to point that you're going to well there are fifty five total deaths reported but we want to cross check our data to see if there are more dead people sixteen of them are from home specifically the day you make some people that taking part in on the any base every of another devastating earthquake in haiti two years ago then one thousandth of september will now be a day of remembrance not just for one but for two the sisters and rescuers for you have a number of families mourning the dead will rice. mexico city and jessica. let's
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go live now to alan fischer who is in mexico city for us allan what's the update on the team that are trying to retrieve that are trapped under the rubble of that school. is a difficult and delicate operation has become a lot harder just in the last hour because we've had significant thunderstorms here i don't know whether you can see but the rain is lashing in here the temperature has dropped significantly as well the rescuers have been working nonstop and there's been a new shift just arrived within the last hour what they're trying to do is look a twelve year old girl they found in the day there. you go into the every of the building they're called moles because they get into incredibly small spaces and they so on. the person to ignore them which she did they then sent in a dog to make sure that she was still alive and the dog can from that she was and
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then the operation began to free her we know that know that her name is free to sophia and what they're trying to do is build a base to lift some of the debris from around but as they were working there they've also discovered there are three more children in that area what is not clear at this stage is whether those children are alive now clearly this is an incredibly difficult time for for free the fears parents it must be great news their daughter has been found when they think they're somewhere in the region of thirty people still trapped in the school just over my shoulder it's great news for them that their daughter is there and she's acknowledged that she's alive but for the other parents who are hoping that their children may still be alive as well to hear that there are three in the general area but not to know who they are or whether they are alive what a terrible terrible few hours it has been for them all they can do really is just walk through the building the way you would until i don't you take it leer by lier
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. making sure that the next doesn't cause a problem if you go forward and try to free a freedom sophia the whole of mexico is watching here at the moment one of the big national t.v. stations which normally carries novellas t.v. dramas it has switched to live pictures from here they want to know the news people see this as perhaps a sign of hope and they're hoping for a small victory in a place where in the last twenty four hours there have been a number of war says it's a devastating situation our official line for us in mexico city thank you. now it was a busy day at the u.n. iran's prime presidents hold the general assembly at his country world violate its nuclear deal and later in the day signatories to the agreement met to discuss its progress that's part of it out to mike hanna who joins us live from u.n.
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headquarters in new york so mike let's break it down there were a few different things that took place but we know that the e.u.'s foreign affairs chief fredricka. to speak and she said that they were meeting had been frank open and also very in-depth well indeed yes the whole day was taking place against a backdrop of increasing signals from the united states that it is considering tearing up the deal walking away from it now the joint commission plan of action otherwise known as the iran nuclear deal did have a meeting in the course of the evening the joint commission is charged with monitoring the deal on behalf of the united nations security council so that was the backdrop to a day in which the deal came and shot scrutiny. the iranian president arrives to address the general assembly well aware that president trump strident criticism
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of the iran nuclear deal is rejected by the majority of u.n. members i gather you have awful with us that now it would be a great pity if this agreement were to be destroyed by rogue newcomers to the world of politics the world will have lost a great opportunity by violating its international commitments the new u.s. administration only destroys its own credibility and undermines confidence in negotiating with it or accepting its word of promise. other signatories to the deal have cautioned president trump against unilaterally withdrawing from it said the closest one is that you need them in a key to this is an agreement that the u.s. pushed for i think it's the best possible agreement president truman considers that this is not the perfect agreement but i don't understand what the alternative is that's a position shared by other signatories to the nuclear deal confirmed following a meeting of the joint commission proposal of action which monitors iranian compliance we all agreed on the fact that there is no violation that the nuclear.
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program the nuclear program related aspects which is all the agreement are being fulfilled. the new agreement is about nuclear nuclear is fulfilled the agreement is the living so there is no need to reopen the agreements because it's fully delivering but the u.s. secretary of state says while iran may be technically compliant it is not fulfilling what he calls the spirit of the deal regrettably since the agreement was confirmed we have seen anything but a more peaceful stable region and this is the real issue and that's why we talk about iran defaulting on these expectations because those expectations clearly have not been met since that time iran has continued to prop up the assad regime and its horrible way in which it has brought violence to its own people that they ever get to continue doing gaijin malicious cyber activity they have aggressively developed
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and tested ballistic missiles in defiance of u.n. security council resolution two two three one thereby threatening the security of the united states and the stability of the the region we must work together and confront together those who threaten us with chaos turmoil and terror. discords of our planet today is a small group of rogue regimes that violate every principle on which the united nations is based in equating iran with north korea president trump has raised yet another question he is unable to answer how could north korea except his of disarmament for recognition in good faith if he pulls out of a commitment made to iran by the us government back in two thousand and fifteen when our president trump appears to be conducting diplomacy along the lines of a reality show teasing the audience with the phrase frequently used in recent days
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. actually. i've decided he says again i've decided i'll let you know what the decision is. now like we know that the iranians are very i guess very much dug in their heels here saying they won't be prepared to renegotiate this this nuclear agreement and on the back of that we know that french president biden mccraw has offered new papers to appease u.s. concerns so what were those. well essentially that has all been ruled out now by the joint commission plan of action where we heard from the chair of that commission making very clear that the deal is non negotiable that is written into the document the one hundred four page document that constitutes the iranian nuclear deal it took some twelve years of negotiation to arrive at that particular document and she's made clear that the opinion of the commission is that there can
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be no renegotiation of any aspect of it that is a position to of the iranian government the iranian president making clear in the course of the day that if one detail of the dream and is amended if one brick is pulled out then the whole structure is going to collapse so the idea of renegotiating parts of the deal that the u.s. might not agree with is simply not going to happen but what's at issue here is the u.s. attempt to separate out technical aspects of the deal as it calls it from wider political interests and above all the u.s. is now saying that it believes president trumps decision will not only be taken on whether or not iran is technically compliant with the deal but whether the deal itself is in the national security interests of the united states this is an interpretation that no other signatory to the deal is undertaking but that is the position that it appears the u.s.
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is going to adopt and that is the position on which president trump will make his decision ok mike hanna live for us in new york thank you. for this there speak to harry mann leverett she was on the u.s. national security council advising former president george w. bush left office specializes in iran and the persian gulf issues henry good to have you with us so as mike said this is really an issue of national security for the americans and reza listening did officially blame iran's involvement in a ballistic missile testing weapons appointment the crisis in yemen and syria and also iran carrying out a provocative actions in the gulf as the reasons political reasons for not being happy with this nuclear deal which you say that these reasons are legitimate reasons. wilkinson. well you know it all depends i think on your perspective i have been highly critical of a lot of these u.s. allegations i have not seen much evidence to support them i did serve in the u.s.
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department of state and at the white house in particular during the george w. bush administration where i was one of the u.s. negotiators with iran over afghanistan and at that time there were a lot of allegations flying around particularly about iraq that just were not supported by the facts and i ended up resigning from the u.s. government because of that similarly here i don't think there's a lot of evidence to back up these allegations but i'm not so sure we should be entirely focused on that while there's a lot of negative reaction to what's going on in new york in some ways it reminds me of two parties or maybe even multiple parties trying to in a sense stack their decks before a negotiation while a lot of the signatories to the iran nuclear deal are saying there we cannot reopen it we cannot reopen the deal that can be finessed in some ways there can be a negotiation where you're adding on to the deal without reopening the deal and each party can characterize it as they wish i was i was somewhat i wouldn't say
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please but i would say i was surprisingly not not so disappointed in secretary tillerson comments after his meeting this evening with the iranian foreign minister and the other signatories the other p five plus one members he came out and said that he thought that the iranian officials he dealt with which were foreign minister zarif were sophisticated in educated he was not closing the deal to further talks with iran and similarly iran's president rouhani was not closing the door to further talks with the united states if the united states complies with this agreement so while there's a lot of heated rhetoric this week particularly from the trump administration i would not i wouldn't close the door to further talks further negotiation that may not have such a bad outcome. so what do you make all of them across ideas of trying to address some of the pez of concern with a rainy and be willing to open discussions here well this is
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precisely my point i think that the french that are microphones comments here are ours are are our comments that have been in a sense prodded pushed by the trump administration they're trying to get rich in particular european allies to go along with the troubling ministration stance that negotiation should be reopened now the europeans are saying they shouldn't be reopened on the nuclear issue but they're not saying they should be reopened on other issues and i think there will be european support to open negotiations or reopen negotiations with iran on issues beyond the nucular geo now that's not necessarily a bad thing for iran or the united states in some ways this deal is quite bizarre the nuclear geo the nuclear deal was negotiated to lift sanctions to allow european and asian countries to invest in iran but not the united states so for the for president trump a businessman a businessman this deal on its face doesn't make sense because u.s.
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businesses don't benefit so there are many avenues where negotiations could take place and i wouldn't shut the door to those possibilities ok now just shifting our focus likely how much do you think this current situation when dealing with iran is going to affect the way in which the diplomatic and international community deal with north korea. it's certainly it's certainly a very difficult situation and i think the way the trump administration is handling iran further poisons the water within which we have to deal with with with north korea but unfortunately that that is already in a sense u.s. credibility has already been diminished not only with the u.s. invasion of iraq under false priest pretenses but also u.s. arms support for the rebellion in libya to overthrow the government there after libya had agreed to disarm its weapons of mass destruction programs so this is not
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something new in terms of u.s. credibility it is the rhetoric is much more pitched it's much more crass from the from the trumpet ministration but it's not new we saw this with the bush administration in iraq and we saw this with the obama administration in libya for north korea i think there are many analysts out there who dislike the north korean government but do not see it acting irrationally in its pursuit of nuclear weapons to defend itself from the united states which has proven interested in invading countries and changing regimes ok headlee henry man everett thank you so much for the time from washington d.c. thank you very. plenty more ahead on the news hour including. a show of strength by supporters of cats and on autonomy as spain's prime minister of holes on need is a not to go ahead with an independence vote. and the box of trade in the
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oscar winning movie raging bull has died joe will have the tributes to the full middleweight champion jake la motta. now despite international condemnation at the un general assembly and cautious words of assurances from man. muslims continue to flee the country now. to say that they are a target reports apolo long. border with me and our. religious continue to burn. people make their escape by boat or flee through force and the way they can it is a journey to him during the nicobar and her friend were forced to take masked men shot dead fifteen year lawmakers husband in their home she's seven months pregnant
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the teenagers were then forced to watch relatives being raped shot and stabbed their allies were spared. they dug three holes one to dump the bodies of women the other foot children and a third one for the men they kill the holes are overflowing that's where i lost my husband's body. it went to me and my government refers to as a clearing operation it appears no rethink whether muslim or hindu are safe the me and my government restricts journalists from visiting ring of villages and right kind state so telling their stories is difficult five hundred hindu families have fled across the border to bangladesh most have made this makeshift camp their home . the last time bangladesh experience such a large scale movement of people with hearing it's a war of independence in one thousand nine hundred ninety one there are more than four hundred thousand ranges that made this count their home and they keep coming there as many people here as they are living in liverpool in the u.k.
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or atlanta in the united states and most of them are young women and children. a humanitarian catastrophe is unfolding at the u.n. assembly general condemnation from the international community was swift but help is trickling in slowly bangladeshi government leaders are taking the lead if we can do hundred sixty million another five hundred or seven hundred thousand we can do it we can share our food. and i. can see the people. who are but they're sharing the food and assisting the people still shaken and i can promise has found refuge in a small hindu community in bangladesh. she stares into the eyes of the hindu goddess of destruction she wonders whether the cycle of violence will stop who will
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care for her unborn child and will she ever go back home nicholas hawke al-jazeera on the border between me and mine in bangladesh that's a cost of an out a kind of a charge or his life for us in cox's bazar near the bangladeshi border with me in march so earlier we heard from a man mars the vice president mr henry evanthia here dress the u.n. general assembly saying the situation is improving is that the case. well that's not our field report what we were talking to refugees coming in within the last few days we were in border areas almost every other day every day if you go in the morning you'll see smoke rising from some of the villages across the border on the map riverside or even within the land boundary my question is if they're so confident that things are improving why on bellowing the u.n. observers are international journalists in those areas and they should also see the
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witnesses off close to half a million people cross over to bangladesh what they're saying in their statements you know from rape to killing even people dying of mine explosion so this is obviously not the case i know that he's saying that in his statement he also said that he access security forces to avoid collateral damage as if this is some conventional war going on the number of insurgents are very little maybe a few hundred so that is just a pretext to crack down on their growing jobs who are coming into this site now because of that. on the ground there relief situation is slightly improved it's still very chaotic what we saw that some of the u.n. h.c.r. weatherproof times i've been put in some of the refugee shelters there face a serious threat from continuous rainfall today the weather is good it's sunny some of them live on the hilltop so there is clear danger of landslides as well what is most i jim does need it is the international response to this crisis that relief
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coming in coming in so far rather grossly inadequate i mean the time grossly inadequate i mean most of the hot meals are now they're provided on not by the local volunteers and even some international volunteers so what the international community rather than talking should start sending in tangible goods you know emergency kits mobile medical teams and also weatherproof times even those came decade ago still lives in shelter built with plastic polythene as well as just bamboo poles weatherproof times and mobile toilets are some of the thing could really improve the situation on the ground and have wide spread of disease down the road. thank you so much. now scottish police have raided government offices as well as arrested a public office officials in barcelona the central government is stepping up its
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pressure on the wealthy in northeast region of catalonia wish to hold that independence referendum next month called whole reports. the backlash on the streets after a wave of police raids. pro independence activists massed outside catalan beetle government offices in barcelona moments after spanish security forces stormed in. police detained public officials in an operation aimed at blocking the independence referendum planned for october the first the spanish government is the ballot illegal. democracy must be defended with smiles and flowers were not violent all we want to do is vote and vote in peace outside the catalan finance department thousands chanted for the right to vote. when.
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it's very important to be outside our catalan institutions to defend them and all the people who believe in democracy in a separate raid police say they confiscated almost ten million referendum ballot papers spanish prime minister mariano rajoy defended wednesday's grades and arrests most of. the government is for feeling this obligation and i have to say that we will continue to do so until the end i think we are acting with proportionality after the things we have seen during the last few days in catalonia with the head of the cattle and regional government insisted the separatist vote would go ahead should the. this aggression has no legal basis it was perpetrated by violating the rule of law and all of the coast. guarantees violating the e.u. charter of fundamental rights as the working thousands more protesters climbed on to the streets they are making it very clear they're not giving up their referendum
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without a fight. a few blocks away protesters face down riot police at the political headquarters of the left wing. security forces left without breaching the building. for ten days until the referendum central government. seem to be on a collision course neither side has given any. ready to back down help and. also explain. the still ahead on al-jazeera who needs money and forget about a credit welcome to. president . community. government trying to stop it. and politics and the sporting arena that's coming up later
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with joe. from the sky. to the fresh breeze in the city of. hello there heavy downpours have been falling across parts of southeastern china recently and it's all we know out of this weather system here some of us have seen over one hundred millimeters of rain from this one area of cloud and that is now slowly beginning to break up still for some of us we can expect some fairly lively downpours all those day particularly around shanghai but even here should begin to draw up as we head into friday through of the southeast so still a fair amount of moisture in the atmosphere here so we can expect one or two showers around home coleman talking of showers there's always plenty of them across the southeast in parts of asia no exception at the moment plenty of them through
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the philippines down through borneo and into samoa to the north of that also plenty of wet weather is to the south where the sunshine is and it looks like even that sunshine is going to be nibbled away as we head through the next few days at java bawly at the moment absolutely falling for thursday but more in the way of cloud in the western parts there for friday and they may just be one or two show it's over towards mumbai it's been incredibly well hair over the last day or so that has caused quite a few problems but now that system is easing instead we're seeing the energy transfer a little bit further towards the east that's where the area of low pressure is developing and that's going to throw a few showers further north there for friday and we'll see some in new delhi. there with sponsored by the time. the centenarians of italy one hundred years old and counting when you told me that people like these and you receive these you think that you want to be seeing a person seventy five something about this area is helping long generative life i
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mean organic here is not a trend curious what you have they don't have to miss here although they are eating and they can i pull smoking and song and then last secret techno this time on the edge is the. with every.
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and again you watch al-jazeera one of our top stories this hour three days of mourning have been declared in mexico where more than two hundred people have died off of the deadliest earthquake to hit the country in thirty years mexico's president enrique pena nieto says at least forty full buildings including homes schools and office buildings have collapsed. and in his speech to the u.n. general assembly iran's president hassan rouhani said there will be no changes to the nuclear deal between to han and world the signature used to the agreement have affirmed that they have been no violations but u.s. secretary of state tricks on us and says that the u.s. will continue to put pressure on iran without violating the terms of the agreement . by supporters of an independence referendum in cots loney all on the streets of
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basra lono off to a raid on the region's government offices by state police cuts known as president is accusing spain's government of suspending the region's autonomy and catherine say they will go ahead with the vote on october first despite a central government. carrying it. the hurricane maria has been downgraded to a category two but not before leaving behind wind spread damage it hit puerto rico as a category four storm before causing widespread flooding as well as major tidal waves now the entire island is without power and the governor has declared a curfew and gallagher reports now from the capital san juan. puerto rico's southeast coast was the first to feel the effects of hurricane maria but the entire country is now dealing with the aftermath of one of the most powerful storms to ever hit this island with winds of two hundred fifty kilometers per hour puerto rico was pounded for most of wednesday in san juan hurricane force winds ripped off
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roofs and blew out windows power has now been lost across the entire island puerto rico's ailing electricity grid is still recovering from hurricane irma it could be months before it's restored and puerto rico on the sound one that we knew yesterday is no longer there so we have to reconstruct to rebuild reinvent and we have to be riseley and we have to push on. with our bodies with our hearts and with our so puerto rico has long been spared from a direct hit as hurricanes tend to veer either south or north of the island the last direct hit from a category four hurricane was decades ago the nearby u.s. virgin islands also took a direct hit with many residents leaving before marie arrived. figure out where i was going to stay in puerto rico and i think a lot of people were in the same boat i mean you had everybody leaving from the d.d.i. people leaving from the u.s. . but i'm going to be. widespread flooding is now a concern as are mudslides in the islands mountainous regions the governor of
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puerto rico is now put a curfew in place as a rescue or recovery operation is launched with little communication it's hard to assess the damage but it may be this island's coastal communities and rural communities that took the worst of the damage as hurricane maria leads a path of destruction across puerto rico the recovery in this u.s. territory already dealing with so many challenges could be a long one and gallacher al-jazeera san juan puerto rico. hey authorities in the usa to california have filed a lawsuit to prevent president donald trump's controversial plan to build a wall on the us mexico border and the wall was a central pillar of a presidential campaign the proposal is unpopular in california and in many other states with large immigrant populations reports. with the existing border fence looming in the background california's attorney general javier basara said his state is suing the trumpet ministration to prevent it from building
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a more formidable barricade one which could cost more than twenty billion dollars we allege that they have violated that the trump administration violated several provisions of the u.s. constitution including the separate separation of powers doctrine and the tenth amendment. in california that's not going to fly last year donald trump won many votes with anti immigrant rhetoric and a promise to build a wall one which mexico would be forced to pay for mexico's president enrique pena nieto has made it clear his country won't pay anything toward a wall it doesn't want if the u.s. president's dream is to become a reality it needs to be funded by congress at least initially the trump white house remains confident that will happen the united states of america has a border the united states government has the control of that boehner and they were
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