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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 21, 2017 12:00pm-12:34pm AST

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and about the more. i respect science in a golden age with professor jim at this time. al-jazeera. where ever you are. done playing the role hinge of crisis that's the message for me in ma but our reporters on the ground tell us a very different story. hello
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again i'm here in doha your top stories that six after a devastating earthquake hits mexico rescue workers find a survivor in the rubble. north korea's foreign minister calls president trump's threat to destroy his country the sound of a barking dog. and forget your credit card welcome to fingo pay or you can leave your wallet at home. second vice president has told the united nations the crisis in rakhine state is easing henry van tio deny there had been any violence since september the fifth more than four hundred twenty thousand muslims have sought sanctuary in bangladesh since a military crackdown began and me and late last month many more are still trapped at the border. yes no denying that this is
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a problem of significant when did you i'm happy to inform you that i don't see tourism has improved now i am classes have been reported since september accordingly we are concerned by your part of the numbers muslims chorusing bang the dates remain. right we would need to find out the reason for this exodus what is a little known is that the great my journey of the muslim population in this site are to remain in the year really just ahead of me in mass governments and nobel peace prize winner aung sun suu cheney has been criticized for ignoring the plight of the ranger community she has repeated the government's stance that the military cracked in broken states is against armed groups and not against civilians
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whatever we do we should have we must try to avoid collateral damage and all. and any action that would hurt innocent civilians it is very difficult to counter terrorism because terrorism by its nature means that some of their members are in bedded in the ordinary population and there how we. to distinguish the one from the other is that important we don't want to hurt those innocent but at the same time we have to make sure that terrorists are not to carry on that there. is life for us in. the bangladeshi me in my border. the numbers of refugees how are they stacking up as of today. well last what number we have according to the u.n. is four hundred seventy thousand it just not the u.n. other international agency said but that is several days ago now the numbers keep
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increasing i just got a phone call from additional server internet police in the broader radio mr feel like he said look just today in the morning we have two thousand five hundred range refugees crossed into bangladesh side they were safely transported to area. refugee camps so these numbers are growing we have several teams on the ground and all of us border area busy at the border areas including technology and. you can see smoke rising from the areas inevitably almost every day and you can see trickles of people coming down from the outside specially at night by boat in the morning they even cross the land boundary although many of the land boundaries are now mine and fence even the myanmar guard helicopters sometimes violence bangladesh airspace to monitor this situation on this side so the ground reality is very different than what the statements are coming out from me on my own they're trying
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to downplay this probably a reaction to us that increasing diplomatic pressure is mounting on them to. at least have something to say in return on the other hand this number of refugees are so overwhelming that aid agencies on the ground i'm able to cope with it because they don't have adequate resources on hand they un in bangladesh the un office rather in bangladesh to their. pill initially for seventy eight million u.s. dollars there now one more money because they didn't expect the number of refugees would comment period the government has deployed the army that's still not on the scene we have seen some military police on the ground so the situation also the bad weather is actually exposing lot of these refugees that basically have a polyp in tarpaulin on the top and. we just visited one camp which has a new newly arrived whether protection provided by the u.n.
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a good sign and that should be in all the camps because majority of the refugees coming in there pregnant woman and children at least two hundred thousand of children and the weather in marseilles with them you know it's been raining today is one of the dry days so the situation on the refugee areas are also quite volatile and on the border it's been critical an active situation almost every day is still in the. situation in rakhine state so despite what she is saying despite. political colleagues saying to the u.n. it would appear they're still trying to escape from some things can we safely say something is still going on in rakhine. we've been talking to the refugees you know woman you know men very few men you see mostly elderly and young woman with children and they're. in avonlea all of them
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are saying that look it's horrific out there you know some some woman described how their husbands about kill in front of them you know this gaping something very violent that is on the other side of the border and it's not like a week ago we interviewed women just before you know either our other team continuously on the border and their tails are similar so the federation is quite active and it's documented in our camera small players lying from the other side of the border so the idea of downplaying is nothing but a diplomatic maneuvering right now but i mean on my site thank you. well despite all that international condemnation muslim continue to flee the crackdown in me and as we've just been hearing but now the crisis has taken on something of a new dimension hindu members of the minority also say they are being targeted as nicholas reports now from along the border with me and. religious continue to burn. people make their escape by boat or flee through
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forests any way they can it is a journey to hindu road on a bar and her friend probably like she'll were forced to take masked men shot dead fifteen year lawmakers husband in their home she's seven months pregnant the teenagers were then forced to watch relatives being raped shot and stabbed. their lives were spared. they dug three holes one to dump the bodies of women the other fit children and a third one for the men they kill the holes are overflowing that's where i lost my husband's body. it went to me and my government refers to as a clearing operation it appears no rethink whether muslim or hindu are safe the me and my government restricts journalists from visiting ring of religious and right kind state so telling their stories is difficult five hundred hindu families have fled across the border to bangladesh most have made this makeshift camp their home
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. the last time bangladesh experience such a large scale movement of people we're hearing it's a war of independence in one thousand nine hundred ninety one there are more than four hundred thousand. made this camp their home and they keep coming here as many people here as they are living in liverpool in the u.k. and the united states and most of them are young women and children. a humanitarian catastrophe is unfolding at the u.n. assembly general condemnation from the international community was swift but help is trickling in slowly bangladeshi government leaders are taking the lead if we can hundred sixty. five hundred or so hundred thousand we do it we can share. and. there are people. who are but they're.
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still shaken. has found refuge in a small hindu community in bangladesh she stares into the eyes of the hindu goddess of destruction she wonders whether the cycle of violence will stop who will care for her unborn child. and will she ever go back home. nicholas hawk al jazeera could do belong on the border between me and maher in bangladesh three days of national mourning have now been declared in mexico where at least two hundred thirty people have died in the worst earthquake to hit the country in thirteen years rescuers pulled a survivor from the rubble of one of the collapsed buildings the capital of mexico city has been hit the hardest and the search for survivors continues of the thirty six hours after the magnitude seven point one earthquake alan fischer has the details. he wanted a small victory in a place where they suffered too many losses there would be the call for silence.
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and they would wait the faeces caught between hope and anxiety as rescuers made their way gingerly through the debris early on wednesday two students were pulled from this collapse school but this is where twenty five have died twenty one children who are adults and more remain missing some children had a lucky escape the scene as well it and there are dozens of rescuers waiting for news but all they can do at the moment is essentially unpeel the devry like an onion removing layer after layer in the hope they will uncover someone who is trapped in the building and still alive it's hard work it's difficult one but there's no one here ready to give up. going up i've been here since five in the morning to help others we all need each other and this could happen to me too i've been helping since the moment it happened in other parts of the country they've begun to bury the dead the human cost of a tremor that ripped and scarred the countryside how are you. going to move now i
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hope the state government the federal government will help us because this block is destroyed i hope they don't just come here and say we will support you we will help you you are not alone and it's a law and it's the moment to change we felt we were safe because they had never been a quake of this nature. many buildings have been left hugely unstable they could collapse at any point and this is a country that noise when you have an earthquake you have aftershocks the nor the danger we can prepare for they can do nothing about the wind and the wear. alan fischer al-jazeera mexico city. tens of thousands of people are protesting in the philippines right now on the forty fifth anniversary of the declaration of martial law back in one nine hundred seventy two the late leader of marcos imposed martial law for eight years citing the threat of communism now a group calling itself the movement against tyranny is using that anniversary to highlight human rights violations under the current president of the thirty's crack
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down on drugs jim and i mean the gun joins us live now from manila for those people who are protesting for them what's the connection between what happened in the seventy's and what's happening today. there is a lots we were right behind you basically is the stage where survivors of the martial law period are talking their sharing their experiences during the very brutal regime of former president for their markers they see similarities here and one of them actually said that the period of the terror is far worse cordin of marcos ruled for more than twenty years he ruled the country with an iron fist and more than three thousand people died during that time now under president reagan the third day in his so-called war on drugs according to rights groups more than thirteen thousand people have been killed most of them killed by vigilante groups believed to be linked to police so what they want here is to ensure that there
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won't be a return of martial law like what happened then they would like president to go there to stop this war on drugs to completely overhaul the institution of the police and the judiciary and to really find other means to stop these what he calls a narco state however there seems to be no sign that the president is going to back out from this parallel across manila there is another rally that is pro they say they support the president but these are largely from local government units from the administration basically to try to counter the number of people here just to tell you more than ten thousand people are already here and more are expected to arrive is this protest happening today because his popularity is dipping or is he just as popular as he was when he initially got the job when he started his war on drugs. what we've spoken to experts here who
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say that it's very hard to gauge the popularity of the president simply because a lot of people are actually afraid to speak up a lot of them are afraid to criticize the president openly we've seen that the acts against journalists would seen verbal attacks against right groups the congress now allied the majority of the congress. the president even threatened to slash the budget of the commission human rights to twenty dollars so they're seeing sinister efforts here to try to silence criticism and this may be a reason why there's less people who are speaking out as they should however there are also those who say that the shock and awe style of the president is starting to wear off more than a year since he took office we're seeing more and more people speak up although mostly out compartmentalize they're all criticizing the so-called war on drugs they want him to overhaul the police force they say but there are also those who say that it's time for the president to step down that he has failed on his promise to stop the so-called war on drugs which he promised during the three to six months
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and there have been really no clear developments still since he took office jamila thank you. still to come here on al-jazeera a show of support for yemen to see rebels only certain of us troops the takeover in the capital sana'a. hello and welcome back well the weather's been looking fairly lively across parts of southeast asia with some big rainfall totals being reported for some pretty heavy downpours we've seen such totals being reported across borneo hundreds of millimeters there and also in penang some significant rainfall being reported here and it really is across the street where we're seeing some very heavy rain extending across cambodia parts of southern vietnam there in looking pretty wet and also some heavy showers across more southern parts of the philippines heading on
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through into stuff again that sort of strip you see in the heaviest rain further south we've got fine conditions across java and bali and then up through the rape ensure a scattering of showers but soon as you get into town and the b.m.r. it's looking pretty wet so down into a stray a well after a record breaking ski season in terms of snow accumulations we're now seeing a very warm weather returning across parts of southeastern australia sydney that twenty eight degrees but rising into the thirty's as we head on through into saturday alice springs thirty eight had across the western areas pretty chilly there just seventeen degrees in perth as the wind comes in from the south for new zealand it's one frontal system after another and it looks are going to stay pretty unsettled with some heavy rain across the south island as we had to saturday. deep in southern india a secret construction project to spark concerns about the country's growing nuclear capacity if you're saying there could be
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a enlarging option if you know amid fears of an escalating arms race with its neighbors in order to give the edge the indians may claim their digits intended for china but as far as indians fall when it is a member bush that is them so what lies behind india's nuclear. power investigates at this time on al-jazeera. you're watching al-jazeera remind of our top stories in the last second vice president has told the un the violence in rakhine state is easing but our team on the ground says there's no sign that that is the case more than four hundred twenty thousand ranger have fled to bangladesh since
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a military crackdown began last month many more are trapped at the border. three days of mourning have been declared in mexico at least two hundred thirty people have been killed in the worst earthquake to hit the country in thirty years rescuers pulled one survivor from the rubble after being trapped for more than thirty six hours. north korea has reacted strongly to the u.s. president's speech at the u.n. in which he threatened to totally destroy the country donald trump singled out iran and north korea by calling them rogue nations if trump is thinking about surprising us with the sound of a dog barking then he is clearly dreaming. the chinese government has reiterated its stance that the missile defense system should be removed from south korea to deescalate tension in the region in another development there's an offer of humanitarian aid for north korea from across the border in the south the unification minister in seoul says a humanitarian crisis is separate from the political and diplomatic crisis.
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the government has consistently clarified its stance that we separate humanitarian aid from political situations in considering the poor situation of north korean people especially vulnerable social groups including children and pregnant women the international community continues to stress the necessity of humanitarian aid for north korean people while we respond with strong sanctions to the north korean regimes provocations. meanwhile japan has sent an anti missile system to the northern island of hokkaido to north korean rockets flew over the area this month rob mcbride is on the island. early morning and how could dieties port the squid boats are bringing back their catch from a night's work in troubled waters. the sea between japan and the korean peninsula is regularly targeted by north korea's missile tests some of the bigger boats are now getting insurance against an attack but there's only so much you can protect against. to get it one of them if the missiles nucular you can't do anything about
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it you just finished. the two recent missile launches that passed overhead on their way to the pacific ocean i've added to people's anxiety. i worry for my son because he works on ships in the waters all the parents are worried. daybreak is the preferred time for missile launches. but now with the local military base newly arrived patriot missiles point skywards they can't do much against missiles passing hundreds of kilometers overhead but are meant as a defense against a direct attack on you know i feel safer but at the same time if they have to use missiles it means war has started. i'm afraid there will be another north korean missile test when the alarm is raise sirens go off in the street and people are alerted on their mobile phones in. biggest cities there would be subways and
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underpasses to go to but in hard people are supposed to get indoors and take shelter as best they can at city hall the man whose job it is to prepare for another alarm is hoping north korea will finally stop its tests run you know what it will give you an idea we know we are not the target but no one knows what north korea thinking and that is the scary thing. as last night's catch is auctioned off the fisherman prepared to go out once more not knowing what they'll face next in north korea's missile lottery macbride al-jazeera japan the palestinian president mahmoud abbas says he is optimistic about the u.s. president's peace plan for the middle east he made those comments during his address to the u.n. general assembly mr ambassador to israel of jeopardizing a two state solution by building more illegal settlements in palestinian areas noted that despite all international efforts israel continues to breach its
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commitments and obstruct if it's by continuing to build settlements everywhere everywhere there is no place left for the state of palestine and this is not acceptable for us or for you you have the responsibility israel also rejects the two state solution and this poses a real threat to both peoples the israelis and palestinians alike israel hit back at mr singh his speech quotes spread false hoods and encouraged hate how mass is also reacted to the palestinian leader's address it said this in a statement of a speech piers the failure of the settlement projects and negotiations with israel hamas also said it was unfortunate that the speech did not defend the resistance of the palestinian people as an inherent right under the occupation but the statement went on to say that hamas was confident it could work with the palestinian authority to continue the process of reconciliation. the iraqi government has
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announced a new offensive against isis forces have started to advance on the armed groups stronghold in kirkuk they're planning to clear the land and villages on the outskirts before recapturing the main central area. has more from the kurdish region. this events it was a long time in the coming and finally prime minister body and nouns it's beginning early or this morning now some have argued that how we should have been dealt with before did mosul offensive as there's a sizeable number of fighters there estimated between one thousand five hundred to two thousand and that how we've had this group has actually acted as a rear base for the eisel fighters somewhere where they could have retreated safely now they're still the offensive today started from two axes the northwest and the southwest of that dress trick the south this is quite important because it's a different of the hungry mountains there how marine mountains have been also part
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of it ok by the by the fighters which used it as a corridor to reach central iraq from there it's a really a straight line to reach for example the refinery if you recall they had taken over the refinery a couple of years ago they have also been able to reach places like to crete now these are the very early stages of that offensive at the moment it's only iraqi security forces and the shia really tree forces and counterterrorism units that are involved kurdish peshmerga out of it at the moment they're just securing their defensive positions south africa cook now this is going to take a while. for a while to be over with they still have to go all around how we are the areas full of small villages and it's quite vast and quite poorest so they will have to go to try to circle how we shut down before they are able to get into it thousands of
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people are holding a rally in yemen's capital sana'a marks the third anniversary of the rebels take over their own weapons to a top leader accuse the west and its arab allies of causing chaos in the country in a chemical. as we said the m a. these are the front for the americans and today they're stealing yemen's natural gas despite the suffering of the yemeni people in both sana and people are suffering from issues related to both natural gas and petrol either in not being able to find it or not being able to benefit from its wealth in all of this the yemeni people are not the ones who benefit let's take a look back now at how the crisis in yemen began the rise of the who sees can be traced back to november twentieth eleven when the then president ali abdullah saleh was forced to hand over power to his deputy and current president months or hardy that created a power vacuum who the rebels who say they represent the minority shia community took advantage they took control of sana'a on september the twenty first twenty fourteen with iranian support in response
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a saudi led coalition began airstrikes in march of twenty fifteen to defeat the who thiis and to restore yemen's government various rounds of un mediated talks failed to end the conflict and more than ten thousand people have been killed since the fighting began al-jazeera. has covered yemen extensively he says weapons days ronnie shows the key position that who things hold in the conflict. the yemenis i talked to from time to time in the capital sanaa different parts of the country they basically say that no one seems to care about them this by the huge price they have to pay we're talking about half a million children in yemen under the risk of cholera talking about ten thousand people who were killed you are talking about more than eighteen million the yemenis under the line of poverty you're talking about entire areas where people don't have access to food medicine and water and the fight continues and casualties for every single day around the capital. around town as in the south and also in the capital
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. of the u.n. you haven't heard from any world leader a strong statement denouncing what is happening in yemen or calling for an immediate cessation of hostilities there and asking the international community to bring about a political settlement you no longer hear this narrative and it seems that if the fighting continues we're just going to see the. suffering of the yemeni people in the coming in coming weeks and months. supporters of next month's independence referendum in catalonia are calling for more protests against the spanish government demonstrators fought with the police in barcelona yesterday the unrest began after regional government officials were arrested following raids on local government offices the central government is trying to stop the vote going ahead. a supermarket in the u.k. has become the first retailer in the world to allow customers to pay for items using vein mapping technology the makers say the new biometric system will change the way we shop explains. it's called finger pay it
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works by using a small infrared scanner to detect unique patterns of the veins of the person speaking the tips the information is then linked to a customer's bank details is being used for the first time in this supermarket to brutal university in west london where large numbers of students are eagerly registering their details if there's an easier method of a paying and it can reduce queue times in can speed things up but i'm not having to wait a.t.m. machines i'm not having to rely on them and i carry my wallet in my bag in my cash then that's a win win from both a student perspective but also from from a university perspective fingerprint recognition technology is already widely used on things like mobile phones but studies show that it's vulnerable to hacking a simple smear left on advice like this can be easily copied but starla the british firm behind this reader devised to partnership with
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a japanese tech giant hitachi claims of a technology carol because. you can't copy it like you can with a fingerprint it is much much more secure and in fact the numbers we're told are one in three billion of a chance that anybody is going to be able to have the same thing about say it's pretty secure and it also requires the finger on the person attached to be alive. pain scanners are already used to access some high security buildings there are now plans to use the technology in many more shops as well as places that require membership like gyms or nightclubs and even football grounds another step all finger to be precise towards consigning cards and cash to history before dark al-jazeera london. peter davi in doha with your top stories myanmar second vice president has told the
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u.n. that violence in rakhine state is easing but teens on the ground say there's no sign that that is the case more than four hundred twenty thousand rangers have fled to bangladesh since the military crackdown began last month many more are trapped at the border here's what myanmar's vice president told the un general assembly yes no denying that this is a problem of significant. i'm happy to inform you that the assay tourism has improved now i'm past this have been a reporter since september accordingly we are confident by your part the number of times chorusing bang the dates remain. right we would need to find out the reason for these exodus why doesn't your known is that the great my journey of. this fighter to remain in the
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year only three days of mourning have been declared in mexico or at least two hundred thirty people have been killed in the worst earthquake to hit the country in thirty years rescuers pulled one survivor from the rubble after being trapped for more than thirty six hours. north korea's foreign minister says the us president sounded like a dog barking when he threatened to destroy his country donald trump made the comments during a speech at the un general assembly in new york. thousands of people are expected to join protests in the philippines on the forty fifth anniversary of the declaration of martial law in one nine hundred seventy two the lately to ferdinand marcos impose martial law ageas citing a threat from communism now a group calling itself the movement against tyranny is using the anniversary to highlight human rights violations under the current president roderigo deter and his crackdown on drugs thousands of people holding a rally in the yemeni capital sana'a it marks the third anniversary of the hoofy
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rebels takeover of the city on wetten city a top leader accused the west's and its arab allies of causing chaos in the country those are your headlines the news continues after people and i will see you very soon. deep in southern india a mysterious construction project is making the country's neighbors nervous some see it as evidence of an escalating arms race that could one day take the sub continent to the brink of nuclear war. so what's going on behind these walls we
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sent indian journalist to kenya gallup.


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