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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 21, 2017 2:00pm-2:34pm AST

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reduces stress hormones and relaxes us in the future the time may come when doctors prescribe the forest and the state of medicine the world's primary could change producing nations is at the forefront of the war on drugs we're talking about serious organized crime as a country where reaching a critical point while some have made fortunes many others have suffered at the hands of this multi-billion dollar industry this business will go on forever it will not change only as global policies do who are the winners and losers of this illicit trade snow of the andes this time. second vice president tells the un the range of crisis is getting better even as hundreds of thousands are stuck in camps in bangladesh.
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logan and peter w. watching al-jazeera live from doha also coming up. more protests in catalonia spain central government steps up the efforts to stop an independence referendum. palestinian president expresses optimism during his speech at the un general assembly about donald trump's peace plan for the middle east. and forget your credit card welcome to fingo pay where you can leave your wallet at home. meanwhile our second vice president has been trying to reassure the international community that the crisis in rakhine state is improving henry valentino told the u.n. general assembly there's been no violence there since earlier this month more than
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four hundred seventy thousand muslim or injured have sought sanctuary in bangladesh since a military crackdown began in me in mali last month many are still trapped at the border. yes no denying that this is a problem significant when did you i'm happy to inform you that i don't see tourism has improved no i'm class have been reporting since september accordingly we are kind of fun part the number of times chorusing buying the drinks remain at night we would need to find the reason for these exodus why does the little known is that great journey of the muslim population in this site are to remain in here really. the head of me and miles government and the nobel peace prize winner aung sun suu kyi has been condemned for ignoring the plight of the ranger community she has repeated
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the government's stance that the military crackdown in rakhine state is against armed groups and not civilians whatever we do we should have we must try to avoid collateral damage and on. and on and any action that would hurt innocent civilians it is very difficult to counter terrorism because terrorism by its nature means that some of their members are in bedded in the ordinary population and they're how we. to distinguish the one from the other is very important we don't want to hurt those who are innocent but at the same time we have to make sure that terrorists are not and are to carry on with their activities live now to cox's bazaar and our correspondent and the child return via the number is getting so big we are quite close or close to the stage where the aid agencies won't be able to cope. well they have been saying that for the last several
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days actually that the situation on the ground is very dire the resources they have on the ground is very inadequate just that within two weeks the sheer number of refugees crossed over is something very unprecedented and what the original pledge to the international community was very significant so the u.n. in bangladesh is actually requesting for more aid also there's a lot of chaos the access to the. area where most of the refugees are based is it's very chaotic you know there's a lot of aid relief convoys v.i.p. movements and just a little idea of a lot of volunteers going there and trying to distribute aid creates more chaos in the process now the government say they're going to mobilize the army we haven't seen the army presence there other than for some military police trying to survey the area hopefully down the road that will happen that real need of the moment is
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basically. refugees need waterproof tents because ninety percent of the tents out there are not even just plastic sheet and. the mother and children are exposed to the environment agency said that there is already spread out. in the camp they fear that this entry on color should spread because most of the camps do not have any sanitation facilities there's only one allocated area which recently the government gave two thousand acres of land where a lot of the refugees were shifted that is the only area where we saw a dozen tend to build by the. those are water proof and even a mobile toilet now that's a good reflection that could be replicated in a lot of the other towns we know what they're downplaying in myanmar saying that this is a new issue of terrorism but we know. this is an issue that's been for decades there's already two hundred seventy thousand refugees that crossed over to
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bangladesh within the last one decade even last year. there were influx of refugees trying into coming to bangladesh but the government refused to let them in at this time she was very conciliatory so what are they trying to downplay it's something they know they're under tremendous international diplomatic pressure so all the statement are common are now coming out within the last few days and we just played from basically saying this is a tough problem here which is separating out the terrorists. from the range of muslims but looking at the pictures the pictures seem to be mainly women children and babies. absolutely most of the refugees we've met in the broader children pregnant woman very few men if there are man there mostly elderly men we come across young men and the woman were telling the tales of this horrific incident in different villages across their i mean their
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faith their husband work killed in front of them and it's not just the security forces they said host this telling them to leave this country you're not part of me or will kill you unless you leave on go on the other side of bangladesh there's even members of their own hindu families who crossed over to bangladesh at least five on five hundred of them are documented to be in talks about that they even say the stories of atrocities on the other side. thank you. as a former envoy to me in the organization of islamic cooperation he wants me to address the ranger issue direct t.v. and regional powers to treat the situation as genocide i think first of all and the need to be moving a wee from the state of denial. there is a problem their community that precedes the coming of the slum in iraq can end state or. so i think there isn't
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a need for concrete action i look at it nice we. louder even under chapter eight the regional organization must come out. to condemn crime against humanity we had before two million people who perished and i think we do not want every people nice three days of national mourning have now been declared in mexico over at least two hundred thirty people who died in the worst earthquake to hit the country in thirty years rescuers pulled a survivor from the rubble of one of the collapsed buildings the capital mexico city was the hardest hit and the search for survivors continues more than thirty six hours after the seven point one quake alan fisher has the details. he wanted a small victory in a place where they suffered too many losses there would be the call for silence. and they would wait their faces caught between hope and anxiety as rescuers made
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their way through the day very early on wednesday two students were pulled from this collapse school but this is where twenty five foot twenty one children were adults and will remain missing some children had a lucky escape. the scene as well licked and there are dozens of rescuers waiting for news but all they can do at the moment is essentially unpeel the day every like an onion removing layer after layer in the hope they will uncover someone who is trapped in the building and still alive it's hard work it's difficult work but there's no one here ready to give up but i don't like it they must get up i've been here since five in the morning to help others we all need each other and this could happen to me too i've been helping since the moment it happened in other parts of the country the begun to bury the dead the human cost of a tremor that ripped and scarred the countryside how it was better going on here now i hope the state government the federal government will help us because this
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block is destroyed i hope they don't just come here and say we will support you we will help you you are not alone and it's a lonely it's the moment to change we felt we were safe because the had never been a quake of this nature. many buildings have been left hugely unstable they could collapse at any point and this is a country the noise when you have an earthquake you have aftershocks the nor the danger we can prepare for they can do nothing about the when and the where alan fischer al-jazeera mexico city. the palestinian president mahmoud abbas says he's optimistic about the u.s. president's peace plan for the middle east he made those comments during his address to the u.n. general assembly mr abbott's accuse israel of jeopardizing the idea of a two state solution by building more illegal settlements in palestinian areas but israel hit back saying the speech from quote spread false hoods and encourage hate . low to despite all international efforts israel continues to breach its
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commitments and obstruct if its by continuing to build settlements everywhere everywhere there is no place left for the state of palestine and this is not acceptable for us all for you you have the responsibility israel also rejects the two state solution and this poses a real threat to both peoples the israelis and palestinians alike well the palestinian group hamas which has been a rival to a bias reacted to the address by saying this his speech bears the failure of the settlement project on negotiations with israel hamas also said it was unfortunate that the speech didn't defend the resistance of the palestinian people as an inherent right under the occupation hamas was confident it could work with the palestinian authority to continue the process of reconciliation. earlier this week the egyptian president. called on the palestinians and israelis to seize the opportunity for peace shaaban from the scene i tell the palestinian people it's
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extremely important to unite behind the goal and to overcome differences and seize opportunities and to be ready to accept coexistence with the others the israelis and the chief stability and security for all and i say and i direct my call to the israeli people we have an excellent experience in egypt in peace with you for more than forty years we can repeat this once again peace and security of israelis together with peace and security of the palestinians let's talk now to ben white he's a journalist and author of the book the palestinian israeli conflict and white welcome back to al-jazeera was there anything from mr abbas there. but the short answer to that question is no about his speech at the un described quite accurately albeit not comprehensively the plight of the palestinian people with respect to the ongoing israeli military occupation with respect to policies that he described as
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a form of apartheid settlement construction and been displaced from violence and so forth but while he described their situation perfectly perfectly able a bass didn't offer strategies or a clear plan for how he and his team are intending to actually milieu rate and lead the palestinians out of that situation so good on on description but poor on prescriptions or a strategy or a formula for the palestinians going forward and to go just in the end it all sounded quite familiar with we've been there before with speeches from about i mean did been some speculation in the period leading up to the general assembly meeting at that or past might potentially use the opportunity to announce future or or specific timetable for initiatives like the palestinian seeking recognition in various u.n. agencies as they've done before or even a palestinian would seek a u.n.
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security council resolution on palestinian statehood that these were referred to by a bass but without any concrete idea that they were imminent but it was suggested as a future possibility or do you think mr abbott says reading is of the trumpet ministrations policy given that after we heard the speech from donald trump there was really only one world leader who was utterly fulsome in his praise for donald trump and that of course was benjamin netanyahu. you know i mean if the problem goes back before trump and that's how we've got to where we are today in terms of mahmoud abbas and the palestinian strategy for a long time well as idea has been that if you please watch washington if you're close with washington with whoever's in the white house that that will produce pressure on israel to make concessions and turn your key taishan and so forth that hasn't worked to date and it's certainly not working with a man like donald trump in the white house in donald trump's been there for nine
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months now also in office he hasn't once even verbally committed to the two state solution framework that is that has shaped the the international peace process to date and palestinian officials i think more out of desperation than anything else are hoping that trump can make quote unquote that ultimate deal but as one senior palestinian official close to a bus said recently they don't actually know what the quote final destination is that trumps headed towards i mean potentially trump and his team don't even know that yet either yet despite the fact that that angle is and isn't known from the palestinian side in terms of what trumps going for they feel like they have to stick with it regardless and out of a lack of a desire to pursue other strategies and because this is been this is been the way of doing things for so long that it's i think they can't see beyond that ben white
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thank you. and more leaders speak today at the u.n. general assembly a little later on thursday we're expecting to hear from south korea yemen russia china jordan and bangladesh will be able to see all of those speeches live as they happen right here on al-jazeera. still to come on this channel for you erica maria continues to cause devastation in the caribbean we'll be live in the dominican republic when we come back. and people in the philippines mark a dark chapter of their country's history by highlighting human rights violations happening today. hello again we'll start by look at weather conditions across asia and in northeastern areas this frontal system is just moving clear of japan but only temporarily is not the wave on this front which going to get the threat this rain across the islands of southern japan and also across so maybe honshu at times to
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tokyo probably see a lot of cloud that could be some of the system comes a bit further towards the north now as we head on through into saturday so system tends to move away so brighter conditions returning fine across the korean peninsula looking fine twenty eight there's a high in beijing but further south a chance of some rain affecting shanghai so let's look at southeastern parts of china and taiwan see a fair amount of cloud was some showers going across taiwan with in parts of the philippines largely dry hong kong will pick up some showers across indochina as being very wet it's looking somewhat dry still a few showers affecting nice and some pretty heavy showers also likely across some a.m. on those continuing as we head on through into saturday so let's move into southeastern parts of asia where we've got a few happy showers across borneo much of java draw and fine issued expects and then moving up through them in a pinch or we've got some heavy rain affecting parts of thailand. could be pretty weighty of bangkok to say should be fairly wet but further south kuala lumpur
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should be drive with highs of thirty one. germany's birth varian alps where stunning scenery is playing host to europe's latest arrivals. separate in origin. a common room. and together dream of a german future. welcome to german café vald left eye witness documentary at this time on al-jazeera.
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here with al-jazeera live from doha your headlines today mean last second vice president has told the u.n. the violence in the state of rakhine is easing but teams on the ground say that is not the case more than four hundred twenty thousand range of the bangladesh since a military crackdown began last month. the palestinian president mahmoud abbas says he's optimistic about the u.s. president donald trump's peace plan for the middle east at the commons during his address to the u.n. general assembly. and three days of mourning i've been declared in mexico were at least two hundred thirty people have been killed in the worst earthquake to hit the country in thirty years rescuers pulled one survivor from the rubble after being trapped for more than thirty six hours. thousands of people are holding a rally in the yemeni capital sana'a it marks the third anniversary of the hoose
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the rebels takeover of that city on wednesday a top leader accuse the west and its allies of causing chaos in the country. as we said the immoralities are the front for the americans and today they're stealing yemen's natural gas despite the suffering of the yemeni people in both sana and people are suffering from issues related to both natural gas and petrol either in not being able to find it or not being able to benefit from its wealth in all of this the yemeni people are not the ones who benefit the iraqi government has announced a new offensive against isis forces have started to advance on the group's stronghold of her we in the province of kirkuk they are planning to clear the land in the villages on the outskirts of the town before recapturing the main central area thousands of people are protesting in the philippines today on what is the forty fifth anniversary of the declaration of martial law now back in one nine hundred
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seventy two the late leader ferdinand marcos imposed martial law for eighty years citing a threat from communism a group calling itself the movement against tyranny is using that anniversary to highlight human rights violations under the current president roderigo deterred his crackdown on drugs jamila and dawn has more now from the capital manila. survivors of the. there are a lot of. former president. the current rule president. forty. six. people more than thirty thousand people died during his reign however now. more than a year ago. people have been killed. and so protesters here asking the press.
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the national. president. hurrican maria is bringing high winds and rough seas to the dominican republic as it passes near the northeast coast the storm is causing flooding and wind damage as it passes close to the island about four thousand tourists in the above out of point a common area on the east and tip of the dominican republic be moved on to domingo because of the storm that is on the is there for us input to qana what are you seeing what are you hearing where you are. yeah just when you think hurricane rita might be moving and you might if you know after haiti continues to ravage six three of you and it actually picked up steam overnight when it hit here in the
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dominican republic or in the city of punk the kind of the far eastern part of the country and hurricane rita continues to linger sure here we saw wind speeds of nearly one hundred seventy five kilometers per hour overnight strong rain throughout the evening as well as you mentioned more than four thousand tourists from this beach side resort town were evacuated on wednesday but its first light here it's just after seven a.m. local time so we won't get a clear understanding of all the potential damage here in puerto rico weren't put that kind of thing so we can really get out and get a sense of it but i can tell you a hurricane larry it continues to move through here we expect to find even a thursday night it will be going through the turks in cape coast and also the bahamas this is after it had already left. san juan puerto rico puerto rico's
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a country where still one hundred percent of the country is without power and they're saying at it that could last for several days if not weeks or longer of course agree and category five ravaged at san juan puerto rico it lost a little even as it reached here to the dominican republic but then picked up again . that's why we continue to see heavy wind and rain where we're at here and was the picture coming to us out of dominique us it's. an island nation of seventy five thousand people we've been trying to get in there the situation as far as we know is very bad the latest that we've heard is are at least fourteen people are dead puts a really difficult part there is all communications remain to be cut to too many that got hit by the eye of the storm on monday so it's been over three days there's been no cell phone service no running water no landlines no internet service in the
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entire island so it's hard to get any sort of information but what we are told from the prime minister who was able to get out of there and get some information out of it he says between seventy and eighty percent of all the entire buildings are destroyed but really the legacy of really are not going to be about the physical structures that have been destroyed it's going to be about the people that are suffering and that's why we have been trying to get into domenico to try to get a sense of how the people of that island nation are coping with this this was really a country that was hit so many counts worse than anyone were trying to get in there we actually tried to get it on wednesday but all the flights from here the dominican republic any of the surrounding islands around domenica were completely canceled because of wind because of what you're seeing now hurricane rita that continues to hit this area ok i'm sure in the meantime thank you. thousands of
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people are gathering outside the supreme court in barcelona there protesting at the arrest of pro referendum officials who were detained after the police raided regional government offices several demonstrations have been taking place in spain in support of next month's independence referendum in the lumia the spanish prime minister mariano rajoy is urging catalan separatists to stop the push towards independence but a new feeling do not stop once and for all this escalation of radicalism and disobedience there is still time to avoid bigger problems and no one benefits from this tension and this ad must be of defiance in the face of justice and the law called pinhole is at the protest in barcelona. the legal argument that central government says the referendum is illegal we've heard that the regional government says it is not down but the dynamic has now taken to the streets because this is what ordinary citizens.
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on their. side. just. released. that yes. they can you know positionally the riley is calling for the prosecution of those responsible for the manipulation of last month's presidential election results there were celebrations by opposition supporters after the supreme court blamed the electoral commission for its decision to nullify a president's reelection.
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another. ended. with. rectifies all. those individuals who are disposable these criminal. supermarket in the u.k. has now become the first retailer anywhere in the world to allow customers to pay fights and using vein mapping technology the makers say the new biometric system will change the way we shop and he has more. it's called finger pay it works by using a small employed scanner to detect unique patterns of the veins in the person speaking to tips the information is then linked to
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a customer's bank details is being used for the first time in this supermarket to brutal university in west london where large numbers of students are eagerly registering their details if there's an easier method of a paying and it can reduce queue times and can speed things up but i'm not having to wait to a.t.m. machines or i'm not having to rely on them and i carry my wallet to my bag of cash then that's a win win for both the student perspective but also from the university perspective fingerprint recognition technology is already widely use on things like mobile phones but studies show that it's vulnerable to hacking a simple smear left on a device like this can be easily copied but starla the british firm behind this reader device to polish it with a japanese tech giant hitachi claims of a technology carol because. you can't copy it like you can with a fingerprint it is much much more secure and in fact the numbers we're told are
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one in three billion of a chance that anybody's going to be able to have the same thing about say it's pretty secure and it also requires the finger on the person attached to be alive scanners are already used to access some high security buildings there are now plans to use the technology in many more shops as well as places that require membership gyms all night clubs and even football grounds another step all finger to be precise towards consigning cards and cash to history. london. this is our. zero these are the top stories meanwhile our second vice president has told the u.n. that violence in the state of rakhine is easing but teams on the ground say that is not the case more than four hundred twenty thousand have fled to bangladesh since
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a military crackdown began last month here's what me and vice president told the u.n. yes no denying that this is a problem significant. i'm happy to inform you that now i see tourism has improved now i'm past this have been reported. september accordingly we are confident by your part the number of times chorusing buying the drinks remain. right we would need to find the reason for the exodus why does the leader no one is that great journey of. this fighter to remain in here really palestinian president mahmoud abbas says he's optimistic about president on all fronts peace plan for the middle east he made those comments during his address to the un
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general assembly three days of mourning have been declared in mexico at least two hundred thirty people have been killed in the worst earthquake to hit the country in thirty years rescuers pulled one survivor from the rubble after being trapped for more than thirty six hours. thousands are gathering outside the supreme court in barcelona protesting at the arrest of pro referendum officials who were detained after police raided regional government offices several demonstrations have been taking place across spain in support of next month's independence referendum in catalonia. hurrican maria is bringing high winds and big sea used to the dominican republic as it passes near the northeast coast the storm makes causing flooding and wind damage as it passes close to the island about four thousand tourists in the punta cana area on the eastern tip of the dominican republic have been moved to hotels in the capital two hundred kilometers away. thousands of people are holding a big rally in the yemeni capital sana'a today now that marks the third anniversary
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of the rebels take over their own weapons stay atop who's the leader accuse the west and its arab allies of causing chaos in the country you're right up to speed with all the top stories up next martine's here with inside story all season. it's that time of year again when the one hundred ninety three members of the united nations meet to discuss the most pressing problems of our time it's the seventy second general assembly but it's u.s. president donald trump's first so what is thomas message to the this is inside story.


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