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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 21, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm AST

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cummings. i just want to make sure all of our audience is on the same page where they're online what pollutes the u.s. citizens here and what puts people of iraq by one in the same or if you join us on sat i was never put a file been looked at differently because i'm darker than all the people that i'm alive is a dialogue tweet us with hash tag a.j. stream and one of your pitches might make the actual join the global conversation this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. i'm jane dutton this is the news live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes government tells the un the rangar crisis is easing but many continue to flee to
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bangladesh to escape the violence. thirty six hours after a devastating earthquake killed at least two hundred thirty people in mexico risky workers find a survivor in the rubble. protests in catalonia spain central government stepped up attempts to stop an independence referendum. and china unveils the world's fastest train but many are asking at what cost. me in my second vice president has been trying to reassure the international community that the situation in rakhine state is improving and evanthia told the united nations general assembly that there's been no violence there since early this month. at least four hundred twenty thousand muslim rangar have sought sanctuary in bangladesh since the military crackdown began in myanmar late last
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month many people are still trapped at the border. yes no denying that this is a problem of significant when did you i'm happy to inform you that i don't see tourism has improved no i am prices have been reported since september accordingly we are concerned while. the numbers of muslims cursing buying the debts remain. right we would need to find out the reason for this exodus what is a little known is that the great mark jordan of. this site are to remain here. the head of mi mas government and nobel peace laureate and sunset she has been criticized for ignoring the plight of the rangar she repeated the
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government's stance that the military crackdown in rakhine state is against armed groups not civilians whatever we do we should have we must try to avoid all collateral damage and all or. all and any action that would hurt innocent civilians it is very difficult to counter terrorism because terrorism by its nature means that some of their members are imbedded in the ordinary population and how we can distinguish the one from the other is very important we don't want to hurt those who are innocent but at the same time we have to make sure that terrorists are not allowed to carry on with their activities the u.s. vice president has called on the security council to act with urgency. president trump and i also call on the security council and the united nations to take strong and swift action to bring this crisis to an end and give hope and help
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to the ring of people in their hour of need unless this violence is stopped which justice demands it will only get worse and it will sow seeds of hatred and chaos that may well consume the region for generations to come and threaten the peace of us all a correspondent john howell is in cox's bazar in bangladesh near the border with me and my general just wondering about the aid situation are things improving as far as that is concerned. not rapidly i can tell you that jane and despite the sort of newly benign conditions being described by those officials on the other side of the border people do keep coming two thousand five hundred new arrivals during the course of thursday morning at one border post alone that number could phone to al-jazeera by police sources and they're all moving into a series of makeshift camps in about
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a five square kilometer area appalling conditions really clinging to forested hillsides now are washed up to days of torrential rain people living in the most basic conditions of shelter just charcoal and clinging to bamboo poles the ground beneath them muddy and wet and to possible to sleep and remember that the vast majority of these people are women children the elderly really the most vulnerable people the real crisis worry now is of the spread of disease in deeply unsanitary conditions in which there is a lack of clean water a lack even a suit there of water is among the ideas agencies of cholera dysentery spreading the root is already top of the spread of measles yeah aid agencies doing what they can but many of them from a standing start these are parts of the country here in bangladesh in which they've had only the most restricted access for years as this really hinge a refugee crisis has gone on largely silently largely invisibly and the army and
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the government now rather wanting all the help it can get it says it's mobilizing the army to help register these people and help distribute aid and i did see coming in here today at the airport on the tarmac large pallets of aid waiting to be put onto trucks to be driven down here but to give you a quick idea of just how difficult it is to access these camps in the current conditions earlier on thursday a truck operated by the international red cross full of food slipped off a muddy road into a ravine nine people bangladeshis aboard that truck to distribute the food were killed and i know bangladesh is concerned about the growing numbers of people coming into the country but do you get a sense that they sympathize with them that they are more welcome to to them knowing what's going on. i think at this moment i suspect that the government in this country is recognizing its obligations
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under international refugee and humanitarian law to take these people in it can't stop them and it can't push them back it has to do that but it wants them to go back as quickly as possible by contrast on the other side of the border like officially or unofficially the thinking used to really enjoy muslims originated here two hundred years ago when this was east bengal under british rule at that point they went to me and now they believe the place of these muslims is here in modern day bangladesh the government is there for working to do what it can to meet the humanitarian aid needs the immediate needs of these people but it's priority is to make sure they go back what you hear is that they are a security threat what you hear is that in their desperation they may be vulnerable to recruitment by armed groups here that they are a blight on the economy in the tourist industry of this part of the country so the call is for the international community to do more to pressure the government in myanmar to take them back and that is a call i think that we will hear again from the prime minister sheikh hasina when
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she addresses the general assembly in new york in the coming hours don't know how reporting from cox's bizarre the crisis has also taken on a different dimension hindu members of the ring i'm annoyed to say they being targeted. reports to prolong along the bangladeshi border with me and. religious continue to burn. people make their escape by boat or flee through forests any way they can it is a journey to him during the nicobar and her friend probably less she'll were forced to take masked men shot dead fifteen year lawmakers husband in their home she's seven months pregnant the teenagers were then forced to watch relatives being raped shot and stabbed. their allies were spared. that they dug three holes one to dump the bodies of women the other fit children and a third one for the men they kill the holes are overflowing that's where i lost my
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husband's body. it went to me in my government refers to as a clearing operation it appears no rethink whether muslim or hindu are safe the me and my government restricts journalists from visiting ring of religious and right kind state so telling their stories is difficult five hundred hindu families have fled across the border to bangladesh most have made this makeshift camp their home . the last time bangladesh experienced such a large scale movement of people we're hearing it's a war of independence in one thousand nine hundred ninety one there are more than four hundred thousand that made this camp their home and they keep coming there as many people here as they are living in liverpool in the u.k. and the united states and most of them are young women and children a humanitarian catastrophe is unfolding at the u.n. assembly general condemnation from the international community was swift but help
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is trickling in slowly bangladeshi government leaders are taking the lead. hundred sixty. five hundred or so hundred thousand. and. the people. who are but they're. still shaken. has found refuge in a small hindu community in bangladesh she stares into the eyes of the hindu goddess of destruction she wonders whether the cycle of violence will stop who will care for her unborn child and will she ever go back home. nicholas hawk al jazeera on the border between me and mine in bangladesh. move on to other news now three days of mourning have been the said in mexico at least two hundred thirty people
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have died in the worst earthquake to hit the country in thirty is early on thursday rescuers pulled a survivor from the rubble of one of the collapsed buildings the capital makes because city has been hit hardest in the search for survivors continues more than thirty six hours after the magnitude seven point one quake let's go live now. is in mexico city idea i'm just wondering what the feeling is that three days of mourning have been dick said what is the situation as far as a risky operation is concerned. going to here and in the many other places and dozens of rescue sites around mexico city mourning it's still not top of mind it is still a desperate action that is volunteers hundred thousand already in from around the city thousands from elsewhere around mexico trying to reach those still trapped in the rubble now behind me is an office building where tory collapsed now the quake hit in the middle of the day today so this office building was full about two
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hundred workers many did evacuated but at least forty were trapped now due to the ongoing rescue efforts from police firefighters military as well as every day people from mexico city twenty nine people have already put them in that office building and they think that more are still trapped inside but just to give you an idea of how many sites like this were seen all over the city just another block to my right in that direction is another building an apartment also six stories tall where the front of it collapsed due to the quake there are many desperate family members who have lived in the three now tonight in a row knowing that their loved ones are trapped in that apartment building and this morning what we're seeing is the desperation escalate even more a group of people here were asking the rescuers. please do not use heavy machinery here is one of those photos there was an crane start being operated what is left of
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these. towers of rubble may collapse further in any hope of rescuing more people alive may go away now at the apartment building i spoke with an engineer who just left and that he was able to detect signs of life in fact dogs that are trained to detect human life have indicated there are still survivors and rescue workers were able to make contact audio with that was one man trapped in an air pocket that everything no other woman is in there with them these are torturing but also hopeful signs for the families here who are desperate now to reach their loved ones the difficulty though is without using the heavy machinery the process very slow it is a process though with volunteers digging through the rubble with their hands with buckets trying desperately to reach the people in time you can even imagine how did your customer thank you. hurricane maria is bringing high winds and rough seas to the
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dominican republic as it passed the north east coast the storm is causing flooding and wind damage about four thousand tourists in the virus went to canada area on the eastern tip of the dominican republic have been moved to hotels in santo domingo because of the storm gabrielle arizona is there for us in. the storm strength of a night strengthen rather of a night as if it's and i'm wondering i mean it looks unbelievably hectic way you are but tell us what's going on. yeah this is a storm that just will not die after it passed over san juan puerto rico it diminished a little bit to a category two category three but then i picked up again and her night here and when it hit. the dominican republic or where. now it hit with quite a bit of force we saw one hundred seventy five kilometers per hour winds we saw
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rain extensively throughout the night in fact this is the first time that the rain has let up in yearly twenty four hours now here in the dominican republic this is put a con a resort town on the far eastern coastline about four thousand people who were moved out of here evacuated from here on early wednesday as hurricane maria now is just moving off the coastline here the worst is definitely over here in the dominican republic and i can tell you that. puerto rico that situation is still very desperate very difficult there the entire country of more than three million people is still completely without power and dominican was hit hard in the week i'm in walk do you know about what happened then and what the situation is so many. yet still many island nation about seventy five
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thousand people was hit. by that hurricane maria at its most fiercest moment on monday and this issue ation there remains a very desperate but the difficulty is getting information out of there it's been over three days since the hurricane rita hit that island nation and there is still no cellular service there's still no internet at the water supply has been completely cut off and what we've been told is even emergency food rations did residents had been saving there on the island got washed away when the storm hit so we've got very little information there's been almost no sort of international rescue missions that have been able to actually get in to dominique at up until now . it's simply they just can't land anywhere there we actually try to get in there on wednesday but we couldn't even get to any islands near the. i simply because all the flights were canceled out of here because of hurricane rita and
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a very desperate situation is saying that more than eighty percent of all structures. are destroyed but it's not really about the buildings the legacy of hurricane irene is going to be the people that are suffering and that's why we want to get there to get a better sense of how people all over the caribbean are really coping with this historic storm and we'll speak. on the people in the philippines market dock chapter in history by highlighting present day human rights violations. syrians are trying to preserve their past and international cycling has a new president i will be had to tell you it is in sports. with. more than ten thousand people who protested in the philippines on the forty fifth anniversary of the declaration of martial law in one
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thousand to the late leader said in an marcos imposed martial law for eight years citing the straits of communism a group calling itself a movement against tyranny use the anniversary to highlight rights violations and the current president. survivors of the martial law there are a lot of similarities between former president bush and the current rule president . fourteen of march. twenty first martial law was imposed it was only in one thousand nine hundred six when he was evil power more than three thousand people died during his reign however now. more than a year ago more than thirty thousand people have been killed. most of the. police and so protesters here asking the pressure. on
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institutional reforms. if the national and the judiciary as a response over the last few weeks president has been threatening. iraq's government has launched a new offensive to take on ai so forces have started to advance on the armed groups stronghold of how we in kirkuk province i saw seized it in early two thousand and fourteen they're planning to clear the land and villages on the outskirts of the town before recapturing the main central area but of delimeters more from so many a city in iraq's kurdish region. this events it was a long time in the coming and finally prime minister body and nouns it's beginning early a disappointing now some have argued that how we should have been dealt with before did mosul offensive as there's a sizeable number of fighters there estimated between one thousand five hundred to
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two thousand and that how we've had this group has actually acted as a rear base for the fighters somewhere where they could have retreated safely now they're still the defensive today started from two axes the northwest and the southwest of that dress trick. is quite important because it's a different of the how marine mountains the how marine mountains have been also part of it. by the fighters which used it as a corridor to reach central iraq from there it's a really a straight line to reach for example the refinery if you recall they had taken over the refinery a couple of years ago they have also been able to reach places like to crete now these are the very early stages of that offensive at the moment it's only iraqi security forces and the shia up our military forces and counterterrorism units that are involved kurdish peshmerga out of it at the moment they're just securing their
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defensive positions south of cape cook now this is going to take a while. for a while to be over with they still have to go all around the areas full of small villages and it's quite vast and quite poorest so they will have to go to try to circle how we shut down before they are able to get into it. north korea has reacted strongly to the u.s. president's speech at the u.n. in which he threatened to destroy the country donald trump singled out on to iran and north korea by calling them rogue nations. if trump is thinking about surprising us with the sound of a dog barking bin he is clearly dreaming ok the chinese government has reiterated its stance that the fired missile defense system should be removed from south korea to deescalate tension in the region in another
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development there's an offer of humanitarian aid for north korea from across the border the unification minister in seoul says a humanitarian crisis is separate from a political and diplomatic one. the government has consistently clarified its stance that we separate humanitarian aid from political situations in considering the poor situation of north korean people especially vulnerable social groups including children and pregnant women the international community continues to stress the necessity of humanitarian aid for north korean people while we respond with strong sanctions to the north korean regimes provocations palestinian president mahmoud abbas says he's optimistic about the u.s. president's peace plan for the middle east he made the comments during his address to the un general assembly on wednesday of us accused israel of jeopardizing a two state solution by building more illegal settlements in palestinian areas. despite all international efforts israel continues to breach its commitments and
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obstruct if it's by continuing to build settlements everywhere everywhere there is no place left for the state of palestine and this is not acceptable for us all for you you have the responsibility israel also rejects the two state solution and this poses a real threat to both peoples the israelis and palestinians alike israel has had back at a bar saying his speech spread false hoods and encouraged hate and the palestinian group hamas which has been a rival to abbas reacted to the address by saying of us a speech bears the failure of the settlement project in the gauche ations with israel hamas also said it was unfortunate that the speech did not defend the resistance of the palestinian people as an inherent right under the occupation hamas was confident that it could work with the palestinian authority to continue the process of reconciliation well earlier this week egypt's president other federal sisi called on the palestinians and israelis to seize the opportunity for
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peace shaaban for the cd i tell the palestinian people it's extremely important to unite behind the goal and to overcome differences and seize opportunities and to be ready to a. separate coexistence with the other is the israelis and achieve stability and security for all and i say and i direct my call to the israeli people we have an excellent experience in egypt in peace with you for more than forty years we can repeat this once again peace and security of israelis together with peace and security of the palestinians abraham fred says an author and as i said professor of conflict resolution at the institute for graduate studies and he joins us on say it's good to have you as always thank you peace plan that they're all raving about what is it. well i'm a very this peace exists in the minds of the policymakers and. maybe in that the. reality there is no such thing or the peace efforts that
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have been made they all failed miserably visit to the region did not achieve anything then there is a consensus among all political analysts who observe the visit. to the middle east achieve nothing so actually will i would like to see what president abbas is optimistic about when he talks about optimism because not even once. speech in the you on pakistan was mentioned not even once so this is a clear indication where pakistan exists in the minds and the planning and the policies of the u.s. policymakers with all the countries that were mentioned on the mention even once and other indicate that actually with observing both the speech over time and that there is a full alignment in that you want to speak between the two which is an additional indicate that there is no such thing that peace plan exists unless we're talking
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about some deal of some sort that. is not on paper yet another partner obviously is egypt we know that hamas is setting up an office and i mean how significant. is that in the big picture well it is significant for the time being because it singles. a good indicator about policy every conciliation for the first time we're seeing is the clearing acceptance of elections in gaza and willingness to dissolve and actually dissolve the administrative ministration unit that they established to manage the situation in gaza and to accept a unity government to be able to work in gaza so these are good indicators when because now what this goes beyond i mean what it goes beyond this is not really optimistic that much can be achieved after that because then we can talk about like with a political project of each party which i see that they are completely different
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and is a bust the man to do it i mean he's lost so much support you had to mass attacking him israel attacking him is he just a convenient partner for possibly the u.s. well that's exactly what. about what about the role has been for the past few years actually because you are sworn to the polls you know thirty to stay not to collapse and that's what there's also wants because a collapse of the policy the notoriety means chaos and there was bank which is which gives syria security indicators about the situation about for israel so they want just to keep this entity that's managing health education and by the way this is the project not the temporary but this is the project that is the political process of that is live your life. movement the government. is which is the solution for the west bank is just to keep it as an entity to manage health
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and education and that's it so to them the situation into more of a pyramid situation which of course speaks nothing to the political national rights of the policy and aspirations of a full independent states and that's why they're keeping the polls and i thought ok and this peace plan of the mine nothing to be excited about it for him fred thank you very much for having me. more leaders will speak at the u.n. general assembly later on thursday south korea's president will address delegates in just a few minutes we'll take that speech live also speaking on thursday will be leaders of yemen russia china jordan and bangladesh. thousands of people gathered outside the supreme court in spain's catalonia region in a show of support for next month's independence referendum protesting against the arrest of pro referendum officials who were detained after police raided regional government offices call penholder is in barcelona so we know that has told them to to go home that's not going to happen but they're not going anywhere it seems more
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determined than ever. it certainly does seem that those actions by the spanish or forty's both essential government and the civil guard police have steeled resolve here we've heard the political arguments both from the central government and from the catalan regional government but now it is the people themselves who say they want their say so from yesterday they turned out massively on the streets and today they are back on the streets outside the building of the supremes court attacked alone and they've been chanting for they for the fourteen people who were arrested yesterday functionaries and officials of the kaplan regional government to be freed we do know that at least two of them were freed overnight while still facing possible charges of trying to organize and facilitate the referendum that state prosecutors are calling illegal but we haven't
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had any news of whether the legal appeals by the twelve who still remain detained have had any success so far but certainly the people here say they are not going anywhere they have been chanting we will vote they've been charged chanting that the streets are wrong as a clear determination that they think that one of the ways that they can force through this referendum on october the first despite growing police action is to try and mobilize is to try and get out there and to main and maintain a presence in these public spaces joined the fight that they're not going anywhere i mean how much of a problem is that. well certainly parts of yesterday downtown it was gridlocked simply there was no traffic going in or going out to some of the main centers of. one of the problems could be the mood of the crowd becomes right now a lot of people are carrying flowers daisies in carnation seem to become the
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emblematic flower and they're insisting that they will try and defend their right to vote on october the first peacefully but when we see signs like the civil guard coming into catalonia and also word that the government could send thousand more reinforcements that is. why because the civil guard is actually a military unit with police functions it was very closely associated with the right wing dictatorship of general franco that ended in one nine hundred seventy five the civil guard then tried to stage a coup d'etat and nine hundred eighty one so very much the catalonian people associate the civil guard with heavy handed tactics today and we've heard one of the chants going up take your occupation forces out of catalonia that is a reference to the military civil guard all right thanks for that call panel well
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the weather certainly looks good in barcelona but let's find out more from richard in the news of maria and what's happening that maria is still a major major system jane is almost got lost after. this one right is going to break some records the pressure the lowest in a hurry km you seen since two thousand and seven hurrican dean nine o eight minute bars and. hurricane season compares with a moment bernie just into the peak of it so we've got another month or so to go and we often get a train the storms of this time of year so two thousand and seventeen we got a long way to go to two thousand five hundred fifteen. hurricanes in terms of major hurricanes well that's nine hundred fifty we have eight so far four so that's a record which could go this year is going to be in the top far thing for most weather elements know there's them out of the region just remind you puerto rico hispaniola with the dominican republic and haiti that that's where our system is at the moment so it's north of hispaniola giving vast amounts of rain puerto rico for
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instance saw over a meter of rain now those are sustained winds still up one a five k. ph and the whole system is going right over turks and caicos is not going to miss the turks and caicos as far as see it should just approaches the palmers but they're still going to have problems so the obvious problems associated with hurricanes we got damaging winds we got flooding rain this is surge and this is going to be a very dangerous twenty four hours ahead that's not good is it thanks richard still ahead on al-jazeera a show of support for yemen's rebels on the third anniversary of their takeover of the capital sana'a. californias government is trying to stop the construction of a controversial wall along its border with mexico and find out how to dish will martial arts are fairing in the face of competition from m m a in sport.
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let's talk about now. right now. right now it's happening so fast. you can barely keep up with it. right now we've got clowns protecting. the mobile technology finding clean water not tomorrow not five years in the future. now. in a disaster the internet can be restored by a truck. you know mind this truck can drive itself and right now this child is being treated by a doctor from six thousand miles away this is science fiction and cisco networks are making it happen. because when everything is securely connected anything is possible and there's never been a better time to change the world. and
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again you're watching al-jazeera i'm out of our top stories this hour i'm in my second vice president has told the u.n. that violence in the rakhine state is easing but teams on the ground say that's not the case more than four hundred twenty thousand rango have fled to bangladesh since image of crackdown began last month and many more continue to seek refuge three days of mourning have been declared in mexico where these two hundred thirty people have been killed in the worst earthquake to hit the country in thirty years rescuers pulled one survivor from the rubble after being trapped for more than thirty six hours thousands of people gathered outside the supreme court and spends
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catalonia region in a show of support for next month's. independence referendum there protesting against the arrest of referendum officials. thousands of people holding a rally in yemen's capital sana'a marks the third anniversary of the who thier abel's takeover of the city on wednesday a top leader accuse the west and its arab allies of causing chaos in the country. you know. as we said the immoralities are the front for the americans and today they're stealing yemen's natural gas despite the suffering of the yemeni people and both people are suffering from issues related to both natural gas and petrol either not being able to find it or not being able to benefit from its wealth in all of this the yemeni people are not the ones who benefit secular back at how the crisis in yemen began the rise of the who things can be traced back to november two thousand and eleven when then president ali abdullah saleh was forced to hand over
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power to his deputy and current president. this created a power vacuum who think rebels who say they represent the minority community took advantage they took control of the capital on september the twenty first two thousand and fourteen with iranian support in response a saudi led coalition began airstrikes in march two thousand and fifteen to defeat the who theses and restore yemen's government various rounds of u.n. mediated talks failed to end the conflict and more than ten thousand people have been killed since the fighting began. as covered yemen extensively he says wednesday's ready shows the key position who things hold in the conflict. the yemenis i talked to from time to time in the capital somehow different parts of the country they basically say that no one seems to care about them this by the huge price they had to pay we're talking about half a million children in yemen under the risk of cholera talking about ten thousand
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people who were killed you are talking about more than eighteen million yemenis under the line of poverty you're talking about entire areas where people don't have access to food medicine and water and the fires continues and casualties for every single day around the capital. around town in the south and also in the capital. of the u.n. you haven't heard from any world leader a strong statement denouncing was happening in yemen or calling for an immediate cessation of hostilities there and asking the international community to bring about a political settlement you no longer hear this narrative and it seems that if the fighting continues we're just going to see further. suffering of the yemeni people in the coming in coming weeks and months syria has a rich history that goes back centuries but the six year war has destroyed much of its national heritage including some sites that date back more than one thousand three hundred years now the u.n. has been asked to step in. there was
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a time when truest with come from all around the world to visit these sites some of syria's most ancient ruins this is the remains of her regulus palace the man who ruled over the buys in time empire more than thirteen hundred years ago despite surviving for centuries much of syria's heritage was destroyed by war in a few seconds these particular sites in italy province were bombed by government airstrikes and what's left is now under threat as. the barbaric airstrikes of the assad government destroyed the archeological sites and lived together with some acts of vandalism due to the current war we are facing a huge problem in preserving our ancient sites. opposition groups a recently formed what they call the committee for the protection of integrity is its calling for the united nations to intervene in order to save what are some of the world's most historic sites some of the buildings in the back to the second century b.c. the town is home to five engine churches they weren't spirit either large parts of
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them destroyed by bashar al assad's air force. academy in archaeology is the heritage of our ancestors we hope that our children will inherit this ancient sites unfortunately though eighty percent of them have been destroyed or stolen by the government and its allies. with hundreds of thousands of innocent people killed in the war and millions made homeless it's understandable that the destruction of historic ruins can go unnoticed but for syrians trying to save the relics of their engine civilization in the belief that preserving it is the key to rebuilding their country action is needed now. beirut in indian administered kashmir at least two people have been killed during an attack on a government ministers convoy the attackers threw a grenade at the motorcade a local politician in the area of trial two civilian bystanders were killed police
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and security personnel were injured separatist groups in the region have been fighting indian forces for decades and their push for independence an issue on the agenda at the un this week has been the alleged abuse by peacekeepers who have been at least two thousand cases of sexual abuse or exploitation by un peacekeepers over the last twelve years according to recent investigations by the associated press many of them in the democratic republic of congo advocacy groups say not enough is being done about it as caroline malone reports. some of the world's most vulnerable men women and children have been raped trafficked and exploited by un peacekeepers who were supposed to be protecting them they've been more than five hundred locations of sexual exploitation or abuse reported in un missions globally since two thousand and ten and since two thousand and fourteen in many cases have been reported in the central african republic the code blue campaign and then go seeking accountability for the abuses says it's found the u.n.
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had mishandled at least fourteen of those cases in the country including many where the victims were not even interviewed as part of an investigation then there was the child sex trafficking ring set up by shoreline can u.n. peacekeepers in haiti between two thousand and four and two thousand and seven the un can look into whether stuff of breach rules but has no jurisdiction over criminal offenses more than one hundred of those sri lankan soldiers were sent home but there's no record of any of them being prosecuted or going to jail this week at un headquarters the sri lankan president was among fifty seven people who've joined a new circle of leadership against sex abuse within the un in june a decision was made under pressure from the us to cut un funding by six hundred million dollars and to close twelve missions the secretary general antonio terrace has announced a new push against abuse to root out the problem you're dealing with a problem of the un as a whole we want you dedicate because you do something that isn't acceptable for our
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organization and we also cannot allow the unspeakable acts of the few to work of dollars of men and women well paul developers of united nations charter often at great personal risk and certainly five but in every allegation of abuse there's a person who suffers there are two hundred nine cases involving one hundred seventeen children who are suspected of being abused by human peacekeepers over the last two years more than one hof of those cases are not yet resolved. kenyan president of hood a kenyan says call the supreme court's decision to cancel his win in last month's election a coup in a televised address can ya to criticize the judge's ruling on misconduct by the electoral commission opposition leader called for the prosecution of those responsible for violations during last month's vote a new election is set for october the seventeenth brazil's supreme court has issued a second round of corruption charges against president michel tema but the lower
4:44 pm
house of parliament will have the final say on whether he will face trial last month congress blocked a previous round of charges saving ten a from the supreme court trial that could have him removed from office the u.s. state of california is suing donald trump's administration local officials want to block plans to build a wall along the us mexico border the war was promised by trump during the presidential campaign but the proposal is unpopular in california and other states which have large immigrant communities as rob reynolds reports with the existing border fence looming in the background california's attorney general javier basara said his state is suing the trumpet ministration to prevent it from building a more formidable barricade one which could cost more than twenty billion dollars we allege that the violated that the drop industries are violated several provisions of the u.s. constitution including the separate separation of powers doctrine and the tenth
4:45 pm
amendment. in california that's not going to fly last year donald trump won many votes with anti immigrant rhetoric and a promise to build a wall one which mexico would be forced to pay for mexico's president enrique pena nieto has made it clear his country won't pay anything toward a wall it doesn't want. if the u.s. president's dream is to become a reality it needs to be funded by congress at least initially the trump white house remains confident that will happen the united states of america has a border united states government has the control of that border and a responsibility to secure it we would expect to be fairly successful in moving forward with our border wall as congress just the money to do so however california which is dominated by the opposition democratic party forms
4:46 pm
a potential legal bulwark against donald trump's plans and godly man. let's take you live to the u.n. general assembly in new york with the south korean president has just started speaking so. i would like to take this opportunity to convey my deepest sympathy to the victims of the earthquake that hit mexico on september nineteenth and their families as well as the people and government of mexico so i offer my respect and gratitude to all member states and the staff of the united nations secretariat for their contributions are to world peace and security. i congratulated mr miroslav like checa on his election as the president of the center second session of the general assembly and i expect that this session all of the meaningful results under his excellent leadership. when i was secretary general antonio cherish great success. the republic of korea takes
4:47 pm
a strong stance in support of the un goes. to prevention of conflicts and sustainable peace. i look forward to the rebirth of the united nations as an even stronger organization bowstring peace and prosperity for people during his tenure as secretary general mr president secretary general and the distinguished delegates. as i prepared that address i thought about it the spirit of the united nations and the joint mission for all the united nations is perhaps one of the best institutional invention created by human intelligence. and it was going to save succeeding generations of from the scourge of war and has unlimited lead the challenges confronting humanity over the past seventy years. the rules and contributions of the united
4:48 pm
nations in the international community will continue to grow over time. today the number of trans national issues is ever increasing and no country can resolve them singlehandedly. for this reason only more than we should truly fulfill the spirit of the united nations to find solutions to all the problems are facing us. to this end. i hope everyone will pay attention to the republic of korea located on the parts of the korean peninsula at the east end of the ration continent. i believe the candlelight valis last winter in the republic of korea created a historic moment and that is evidence of the brilliant achievement of the spirit of the united nations. with the power of cooperation and solidarity in
4:49 pm
defiance of challenges the values are forged ahead thought was a future aspired to by humanity. some of you may remember the scenes of the candlelight valleys as shown by the media. streets packed with billions of light. people expressing their opinions really and joining in discussions on every street corner where there was a singing dancing and painting. of the radiant faces the parents took their children by handed to join valleys. and the pride of young people who picked up trash on the streets afterwards and all these scenes were very much a part of a democracy and peace. candlelight revolutions in korea.
4:50 pm
started in a public square where the yearning for restoration of democracy and the constitution to awaken the citizens and collective intelligence i had to quit dissipated in the valleys myself just as a citizen of. the people of the republic of korea achieved democracy in the most peaceful and beautiful manner. they proved the power of popular sovereignty. the quintessence of democracy. they also proved the fact that the power of peace. and violence can bring greater changes to the world the new administration of the republic korea is made possible by that kind of like revolution above and beyond the meaning of a democratic election and this means that the administration was launched by the participation aspirations of the people in their awareness that they are rightful
4:51 pm
owners of the nation i am now standing here on behalf of that administration. i'm very gratified with and also proud of the fact that the republic of korea belatedly a democracy showed the world a new hope for democracy. now building on the strength of the republic intends to play an active role in addressing the pending issues facing the international community. mr president. of the republic of korea has always taken joint steps with the united nations. since establishment of the government in one nine hundred forty eight the republic of korea has received significant assistance from the united nations during the korean war and the process of post-war reconstruction. even though it was not until
4:52 pm
one thousand nine hundred one that the republic of korea could become a member of the united nations the country has its roles and responsibilities as a member state there faster than any other nation in the span of just one generation from one thousand nine hundred three onwards korea's continued to participate in peacekeeping operations. this year as chair of peace building commission it is focusing on be solving the root causes of conflicts. over the past five years the republic of korea has increased our financial assistance for refugees by fifteen times and last year it joined the un age as a twenty billion plus dollar donors klopp. now expediting the implementation of the paris agreement and a shift in energy policy the korean government is taking its lead in supporting the
4:53 pm
climate change responses of developing countries through global green growth institute and the green climate fund on top of this an administration has met their goal of selling thirty percent of the cabinet with fame and ministers there by spearheading the efforts to realize gender equality one of the goes at the twenty thirty agenda for sustainable development in the years to come the republic of korea will significantly increase his contributions to the united nations in all sectors i'm all of the things it is truly meaningful and that the theme of this session of the un general assembly focusing on people is and i mean with the philosophy of the governance out the new government a new administration in the republic of korea i mean when people come first is the slogan i have used for several years to express my political philosophy. and people are at the center of all the policies of my new administration.
4:54 pm
as of now my administration is pursuing bold measures to change the economic paradigm in order to deal with economic inequalities that stand in the way of growth and social zero haitian. we are now pursuing economic policies are focusing on the income growth of individuals and households. and promoting an economy where the growth is led by job creation and people can enjoy equal opportunities and the fruits of growth this is what we call a people centered economy. my administration is determined to have us to realize inclusive growth will not be confined to our country but. in accordance with this new paradigm of the republic korea will render support for sustainable growth in developing countries. mr president the secretary general and
4:55 pm
representatives from around the word i was born in a refugee town in the middle of the korean war. this civil war which evolved into an international war devastated the lives of countless people. over three millions lost their lives and many of the survivors were deprived of dissent leaving. my father was also one of them. you know my father who thought he was taking temporary refuge at the time could never make it back to his hometown before he passed away. i come from one of the separated families the victims whose human rights were violated by the war. the war has yet to come to a complete and. the korean war
4:56 pm
a war that began as an offshoot of the larger cold war conflict continues to this day. though the cold war ended and sixty four years have passed since the conclusions of the armistice agreement the war remains ongoing in the form of on an easy cease fire on the peninsula the last residual cold war order in northeast asia as tensions soar in northeast asia due to north korean nuclear and missile issue the memory of war and knowns become more pronounced and hearts aspiring to peace pound painfully daisy's the republic of korea independence live in september twenty seven thousand for me the president of the only divided country peace is calling and a historical duty. i am
4:57 pm
representing my fellow citizens who sent out a message of peace through the candlelight revolutions to the global village where wars and conflicts don't know and at the same time i am interested with a responsibility to safeguard the people's rights to peace to an undisturbed they live life as a universal value. for these reasons i hope north korea will be able to choose on its own path leading to peace i believe peace when chosen willingly becomes a sound and sustainable are no more than anything else i am grateful that my convictions are joined by the international community. despite the international community's concerted demand and warnings and to our
4:58 pm
great disappointment and indignation as north korea recently carried out at six nuclear test and father missile provocations in the wake of a nuclear test the korean government has made enhanced efforts to convince countries in the regions and beyond of the necessity for stronger sanctions and pressure to make north korea stop its provocations and chose the path of dialogue. i highly appreciate the u.n. security council's unanimous adoptions of north korea sanctions resolutions with unprecedented speed and with tougher majors than previous resolutions this clearly reflects that international community is collectively outraged and is
4:59 pm
responding under one voice on the north korean nuclear issue and on the problem occurring on the korean peninsula. once again as the party directly involved with the shows concerning the korean peninsula i'd like to express my appreciation to the international community for its shared understanding and supports toward the positions of the korean government this by north korea's flag went violation of its obligations and commitments under the un charter the korean government and international communities are making every possible effort with great determination to peacefully solve the north korean nuclear issue. the un security council sanctioned resolutions against korea which have articulated the principles of peaceful diplomatic and political resolutions of the north korean nuclear issue also part of this effort once again here at the u.n.
5:00 pm
general assembly were nations pledge actions forward peace and mutual prosperity people i make the following points very clear to north korea and the international community we do not desire collapse of north korea will not seek reunification by absorptions or artificial means. if north korea makes a decisions even now to stand on the right side of history we are ready to assist north korea together with the international community. north korea should acknowledge all this era both facts as soon as possible. it must immediately is seen as making reckless jewesses that could lead to its own eyes all asians and downfall and choose the path of dialogue. i urged north korea to abandon its hostile policies against other countries and give up its nuclear weapons program in a very viable and irreversible way.


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