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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 21, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm AST

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dave but if you if you look at believe should it be only makes you doubt this clearly. but believe. me or feel it's something you just get out that i did. this is al jazeera. and on our entire this is the news hour live from london coming up. donald trump bans foreign banks and businesses doing any trade with north korea to curb
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pyongyang's nuclear missile program. rescuers race to save a twelve year old girl trapped in the ruins of her school destroyed in the mexico earthquake. more protests in catalonia spain's central government steps up attempt to stop an independence referendum. a rally of defiance in yemen's capital with the rebels not three years since they seized sana. u.s. president donald trump post signed an executive order allowing the u.s. to ramp up sanctions against north korea the latest measure bans foreign banks and businesses during any trade with north korea to curb pyongyang's nuclear missile program industries said to be taunted include textiles fishing information technology and manufacturing. a new executive order will cut off sources of revenue
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that funds north korea's efforts to develop the deadliest weapons known to human kind the order in hand says the treasury department's authorities to target any individual or entity that conduct significant trade in goods services or technology with north korea and i'm very proud to tell you that as you may have just heard moments ago china their central bank has told their other banks that's a massive banking system to immediately stop doing business with north korea the president of japan and south korea reiterated their allegiance to the u.s. and fight the president for his action just hours earlier south korea's president made his speech to the u.n. general assembly when jane said sanctions were needed to bring the north to the
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negotiating table and force it to give up its nuclear on this aspirations. we do not desire the collapse of north korea we will not seek relief by artificial means north korea should acknowledge all these facts i soon as possible must immediately cease making reckless choices that could lead on isolation on no fall down and to the public dialogue. our diplomatic editor james bays is at the united nations headquarters in new york and joins us live so it's you know a concerted efforts are being pushed ahead there with the north to the south koreans the japanese and the u.s. all sitting together well or say exactly what it was announced. yes it certainly some coordination has taken place it's not clear what sort of coordination particularly and most importantly with china because china is the biggest trading partner of north korea a neighbor of north korea and you heard president trump make that announcement
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about the chinese central bank telling all the banks that it governs not to do business with north korea was that something that they agreed to do happily or rather reluctantly i think will need to watch very closely the comments coming from beijing on the sort of coordination that took place here remember ten days ago they passed the latest u.n. the international sanctions and they were somewhat watered down because they couldn't get their original draft the original draft by the u.s. through russia and china including a complete embargo on all oil and petroleum products products so interesting to see what russia and china have to say and we don't have to wait long about an hour from now or so good lavrov the russian foreign minister will be speaking here in the general assembly and why you the chinese foreign minister also expected to speak here after him and also coming up we have a security council meeting which will touch on the issue of north korea. but in
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terms of the tone from the south korean leader when he spoke to the end general said he sounded quite conciliatory didn't do. very different compared his words with the words of president trump on further on tuesday here in new york remember that the platform he was elected on was to try and reach out to north korea rather than to talk tough with north korea. so he has to remember what matters to him back home his political base back home but at the same time it's a difficult balancing act for him he can upset this important ally in the u.s. with u.s. troops in south korea with that third missile defense system they rely on the u.s. for their defense so difficult balancing act for president moon james just one thing to ask you about the reports coming in from the e.u. of a possible draft deal for more sanctions on north korea what would that entailed i think. it's not clear but it's clear to me that this seems to have been some sort
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of coordination behind the scenes they certainly informed china ahead of time and china took this action with regard to its central bank it seems perhaps that the u.s. and e.u. measures have been coordinated what it will certainly mean is if that comes into play as well it is even more pressure on north korea coming as i say just ten days after the latest sanctions by the united nations security council and remember that just adds on to all the existing international sanctions we've actually had resolutions going back to the rate u.n. resolutions putting sanctions in place they go back eleven years james bays thank you very much indeed. thousands of supporters of independence for catalonia out on the streets of barcelona once again. they're demanding the release of catalan government officials detained over next month's independence referendum
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spain's prime minister mariano hoyo has called the vote illegal and says there will be consequences if it goes ahead and the cattle government says it's determined to hold a referendum anyway john hendren is in barcelona and joins us live so what kind of further turnout is there today for this protest. well line today we've got thousands of people perhaps not as many as yesterday when by some estimates there were forty thousand. people filling this square but if you look behind me you can tell that it's remains a peaceful protest those are the flags of catalonia the background worn by many of the people in the audience. it's a kind of celebrate dorie festive atmosphere for these folks nevertheless they don't they now say that they plan to remain here is long is this confrontation goes on until that drove it referendum on october first so if that happens there could be many days of having people out here thousands of them they've already been out here eight hours today and the numbers seem to be growing now that people have been
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getting off work laurent measures the government taken to trying to sway it's trying to prevent the same referendum going ahead. well the reason the crowd is here today is because that building right there is the supreme court and what they are doing is urging the supreme court to release twelve government officials there were fourteen government officials arrested yesterday and their only crime has been to pursue this referendum which the government of spain says his illegal will to date the government of spain took that further they are now fining twenty two electoral officials between six thousand and twelve thousand euros per day while this goes on allegedly for their actions in pursuing this referendum which the government of spain says is illegal and this is the biggest constitutional crisis here since the government of francisco franco which ended in the seventy's people
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here claim they are going to stay out and they say that what the government is doing now is reminiscent of what franco did back then to under one russian. a mob of buddhist protesters and men maher hurled petrol bombs at a boat carrying vital aid to rakhine state group was stopped after police fired warning shots to disperse them humanitarian efforts have also been hampered in bangladesh where a red cross truck carrying food supplies crashed nine people were killed and ten others were wounded a military campaign in rakhine state has forced more than four hundred twenty thousand ranger to feed bangladesh john howard has more from cox's bazaar in bangladesh near the border of me and. well these people are not called stateless for nothing the range of muslims here in bangladesh one suspects the government recognizes its obligations under international refugee and humanitarian law to
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accept them into the country it can't turn them back it can't stop them from coming in but it does want them to go back as soon as possible whereas on the other side of the border in me and my other thinking is officially or otherwise that the originated here in what was then east bengal two hundred years ago under british rule when they went across the border to work for the british and that their place now is here in more than bangladesh so the government's priority at the moment may be to meet the immediate humanitarian needs of the refugees in bangladesh but what it really wants is to ensure that they go back to talk to you here is that they are a security threat but in their desperation they are vulnerable to recruitment by armed groups you hear that they are a blight on the economy of this country and this seaside area the call is for the international community to do more to pressure the government in myanmar to take them back and that is a call that is likely to be heard again from prime minister has seen her when she
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addresses the general assembly in the coming hours on the majority of muslims some a hindu and they say they've also been victims of the violence in rakhine state five hundred hindu families fled across the border to bangladesh nicholas haq reports now from could to prolong. religious continue to burn. people make their escape by boat or flee through force anyway they can it is a journey to him the nicobar and her friend probably less she'll were forced to take. masked men shot dead fifteen year lawmakers husband in their home she's seven months pregnant the teenagers were then forced to watch relatives being raped shot and stabbed their allies were spared. they dug three holes one to dump the bodies of women the other fit children and a third one for the men they kill the holes are overflowing that's where i lost my
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husband's body. it went to me in my government refers to as a clearing operation it appears no rethink whether muslim or hindu are safe the me and my government restricts journalists from visiting ringing a village isn't right kind state so telling their stories is difficult five hundred hindu families have fled across the border to bangladesh most have made this makeshift camp their home. the last time bangladesh experienced such a large scale movement of people we're hearing it's a war of independence in one thousand nine hundred ninety one there are more than four hundred thousand. made this camp their home and they keep coming there as many people here as they are living in liverpool in the u.k. and the united states and most of them are young women and children. a humanitarian catastrophe is unfolding at the u.n. assembly general condemnation from the international community was swift but help is trickling in slowly bangladeshi government leaders are taking the lead if we can
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do hundred sixty. five hundred or seven hundred thousand we do it we can share. and. you can see the people. who are but they're sharing their food and assisting this distance still shaken and i can promise has found refuge in a small hindu community in bangladesh she stares into the eyes of the hindu goddess of destruction she wonders whether the cycle of violence will stop who will care for her unborn child and will she ever go back home nicholas hawke al-jazeera on the border between me and maher in bangladesh. still to come on the news hour why the forty fifth anniversary of martial law in the philippines and seen
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thousands of people come out to rally against president plus. antone a page reporting from south africa on a groundbreaking deal announced at the u.n. that will make a new h.i.v. medicine and venerable to poor countries at a fraction of its original price and spanish tennis star rafael nadal weighs in on the issue of catalonian independence or his views in sport. mexican government has declared three days of national mourning after the country was hit by the worst earthquake in decades at least two hundred forty five people have died some of the victims are children who were crushed when their school collapsed in the seven point one magnitude quake on tuesday the rescue workers are still holding out hope that others trapped under the rubble will be pulled out a live report from mexico city. they wanted a small victory in
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a place where they suffered too many losses there would be the call for silence. they would wait to face is caught between hope and anxiety as rescuers made their way to julie through the day very early on wednesday two students were pulled from this collapse school but this is where twenty five foot twenty one children who are adults and more remain missing some children had a lucky escape the scene is well lit and there are dozens of rescuers waiting for news but all they can get at the moment is essentially unpeel the debris like an onion removing layer after layer in the hope they will uncover someone who is trapped in the building and still alive it's hard work it's difficult work but there's no one here ready to give up but i you know like it was going to but i've been here since five in the morning to help others we all need each other and this could happen. and to me too i've been helping since the moment it happened in other parts of the country the begun to bury the dead the human cost of
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a tremor that ripped and scarred the countryside that we're. going to live in now i hope the state government the federal government will help us because this block is destroyed i hope they don't just come here and say we will support you we will help you you are not alone and it's a lie it's the moment to change we felt we were safe because they had never been a quake of this nature. many buildings have been left hugely unstable they could collapse at any point and this is a country the noise when you have an earthquake you have aftershocks the nor the danger they can prepare for they can do nothing about the when and the where. joins us live now to tell us the latest on the rescue operations are trying at the girl who's trapped in the school out. right now. because rescuers have asked everyone to leave their side when this is
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about in case there was an audible sign of life inside the well they may be able to hear it in a moment that whenever the silence and that's when that. began as the volunteers to make these out of wood in from out of metal that are going by she may hear me speak much louder in a few moments but at that moment the concentration here for. this young girl this twelve year old who's been. in the rubble wednesday morning as you know time has that more than twenty four hours have passed at the latest update is that she's still alive although there were some large hurdles that happen overnight there was some rain that instability among the ruins of back a part of it did collapse in early morning rescuers their operations at least temporarily in order to get more of the structure shored up. thinking effort more in as you know with volunteers going and removing handfuls of debris at a time trying desperately to reach this girl as well as possibly others
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uncomfortable possibly more children who are trapped inside with her. about the situation more generally across mexico several areas that been badly hit how they coping with the aftermath. of course you know we've been talking about this girl trapped in this really something that captures everyone's attention it's really become an emblem of what my. group. is one of the such sites across there is at least one child buried here who may still be alive across the city there are. the people buried under other rubble i was just one office building that was six story to collapse there are perhaps a million people that's what an engineer was telling me were still trapped there they were able to establish contact with at least one man who said he was there with another woman who was still alive and so there is no way to oversee. the
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urgency here at this part of my goal for you as well as around the coast of the utter destruction that earthquake of magnitude seven point one has wreaked such a large area born. thank you very much indeed. from seventy five dollars a day to seventy five dollars a year that's the price difference in a deal announced at the u.n. to supply a new hiv drug to millions of patients in developing countries aids activists say it could be an important moment in the fight against the virus on your page reports from johannesburg. bongani and his wife gina looking forward to a long healthy marriage thanks to lifesaving hiv medicines he's excited and even better drugs will be available next year thanks to a multi-million dollar deal announced at the un the deal means a new combination phil known as t l d which costs about seventy five dollars a day in the us will be available in other countries for seventy five dollars
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a year it gives. our community. and surely you know giving them the assurance that you can move the deal was brokered by the bill and melinda gates foundation and announced at the u.n. is about the quality of medicine but is about is about the dignity is about access to medicine as a human right the foundation has guaranteed large orders to the makers of generic drugs and india to keep the cost down it could save millions of lives and millions of dollars for the government's health benefit about half of the world's thirty seven million h.i.b. positive people are already on lifesaving medicine but the number of new infections is increasing and everyone that starts end to retroviral zn aids to stay on them for the rest of their lives so the scale of the epidemic is quite staggering. it
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isn't only the price that will make the new drugs special because it's new it will be more effective than all the drugs to which some people have become resistant but activists are warning it won't just solve the hiv aids epidemic whatever the cost of a medicine however good the meds you need doctors and nurses and health care workers you need clinics or hospitals to dispense those medicines you need counsellors to make sure the person who is going on to those medicines understands that they must take them there is a challenge in developing countries like south africa where the public health system is under pressure but for gannett the news that a cheaper and better drug is on its way is something to be thankful for turning a page out is there a jihadist burg. hurrican maria has ravaged parts of the dominican republic bringing heavy rain high winds and causing flooding the storm has already wreaked havoc in pressure rico's cutting power to almost all the island at least ten people
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have been killed by the area across the caribbean it's going to miss you gabriel is on due in punta cana which is on the eastern tip of dominican republic. the promise of dominica was just interviewed to tell us what he had to say. yeah that's right so many island nations seventy five thousand was completely destroyed the prime minister roosevelt carol. how did an interview with a local t.v. channel from a neighboring island it's the first time he's really spoken publicly. since hurricane rita hit his nation monday night and he painted a very grim picture of what his country faces he said so many tears still without cell phone service no internet service no running water and he said that the hospital the one and only hospital in the country is also without electricity and
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no backup power and he said the intensive care unit is completely destroyed making matters worse worse both of the airports. are also badly destroyed and still completely closed so they've got they haven't been able to get any sort of intensive rescue personnel in and took so many let's listen to a little bit more of what the prime minister had to say. join forces to do what we can to mobilize support to the family and friends back in dominico they said it's going to require the. support of every single one of those individuals countries institutions organizations. and gabriel that back in the dominican republic where you are what's it like there now it's. yeah i am in the dominican republic now courts not to be confused with them in
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a kind of another country they were just talking about this is going to can republicans this was hit back from hurricane maria overnight maria is pretty much moved offshore at this point the rain and wind has stopped but that's here and took the current and of course eastern tip of the dominican republic where we are there is not extensive damage but i can say that there was quite a bit of minor damage done here hurricane maria now it's moving off the coast here and it's in that heading in the direction of the bahamas and turks and takeovers and i can say that down in a puerto rico the situation there is still very bad as we know hurricane maria hit there late tuesday and early wednesday and that is a place where there are still more than thirty eight million people without power there they say that that could be going on for weeks if not months because the entire power grid was wiped out and all of
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a quarter rico because of the hot strong storm from hurricane rita coverage and i thank you very much. still ahead on out of their news as a serious war history bloody our nations is being asked to step in never the country's rich architecture. an economic lifeline an agreement to our border trade between sudan and south sudan is finally signed and as for how traditional martial arts in asia is fighting back against the riots and a. welcome back as we take a look at weather conditions across the levant and western nations all looking dry and fine temperatures the wrong side of forty degrees still for q a city and indeed it head on through into south a rise event in forty three degrees elsewhere it's looking fine around the caspian
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sea further towards the west we've got to find conditions around the eastern side of the mediterranean with beirut there coming in with temperatures in the high twenty's here in the arabian peninsula on the western side the potential it's a dry heat with forty one from mecca and medina but on the eastern side the humidity is still pretty high and temperatures close to forty degrees for doha and i would be in the state to stay that way through the remainder of the weekend as we head across into southern portions of africa the weather here is also draw and find see very little way of significant cloud showing up on the satellite imagery so look at the forecast southerly breeze is keeping temperatures down to just sixteen in cape town but otherwise johannesburg twenty seven zambians about by or plenty of sunshine and not a great deal of change heading on through into sunday because we head up into central parts of africa here is looking pretty lively shower wise well worth process central african republic and towards cameroon and as far south as could bond leader of all of them see some heavy showers the highs of twenty eight showers in public o'malley with highs here of thirty one.
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russian filmmaker andrina christoph explores how put ins russia impacts the very values of the nation the russians are famous for their cultural legacy but can tradition and conservative be the source of stagnation and authoritarian growth why was i was the assume aided by the police to misuse ukraine's homosexuality as the significance of the book into the russian elite is that he was like a fake you who controls the cobra in such a putin's russia at this time on al-jazeera. it's impossible to underestimate the size and scale of the economic crisis it's not just about the billion trillion dollars of debt it's not just about the banks it's not just about the government to buy a real piece. from the tropics of southeast asia to the vero islands in the far north atlantic want to an east meets the women who cross the world for love and
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stage to change a community. at this time i doubt is there a. we're going to amount of top stories here not a zero president donald trump has announced a new executive order that helps the u.s. target people companies and banks financing and facilitating trade with north korea . rescuers are searching for survivors in central mexico following tuesday's deadly earthquake which killed at least two hundred forty five people. and thousands of people are rallying in barcelona to call for the release of cattle and government officials who were detained ahead of next month's controversial vote.
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more now on the un general assembly the president of yemen has made his address and called for urgent humanitarian support for people suffering through civil war president hadi called on the un to put more pressure on the hoof the rebels to avoid more bloodshed and destruction. we are still in need of support and assistance because of our levels of poverty and insecurity and food insecurity we're still in the blockade and war the situation is dire and all of the states under the control of the rebels. we want to preserve the life of every yemeni including those who far bullets in our direction and talk of the yemeni people and i as a legitimate leader an elected leader i must save the yemenis from more bloodshed it is forbidden for one person to kill another and for one yemeni to kill another it's forbidden for a bit for bit. on this so joining us live from the united nations headquarters in
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new york is the former prime minister denmark schmidt who's now the c.e.o. of save the children international thank you very much indeed take the time to talk to us to. ask in particular about the fate of children with a civil war that's been going on for so long now and so so much suffering caused by what's happening with children in particular. well if you look at. just talking about two years into this conflict and i don't hesitate to describe what's happening in yemen as possibly the worst humanitarian situation for children on every have one million children that. this means that they're very weak and that is also very prone to see says that they should not be suffering in yemen so we are trying to help as much as we can but one of the problems and work trying to work in yemen is that it's very difficult for our teams on the ground to get access to
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these children and i really urge. to give access for humanitarian organization children suffering and. to talk about what the main problem is is it getting the aid into the country it was then distributing it to within because the the saudi like a. edition has said that the who she is a blocking the agent and the the who these are saying that the aid agencies have said that it's partly because of the got the code coalition's blockade of the ports . i think is part of those things we re seeing that we are being blocked in the ports and we also being blocked on the roads where there are many checkpoints to get through so we have to take the long way around to get the aid in and it does mean that children are suffering on the ground when children get very hungry and malnourished they will suffer they will get deceases that we should we should they should not even be talking about so they'll get pneumonia they'll get cholera and they shouldn't have these deceases so we want me to get access to these children we
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can help these children this is on the phone that far too on the phone than i'm going to talk to lead us in a minute to say that this is a crisis that is on the fund but right now one of the biggest problems we have is actually getting access to children on the ground in yemen are not both warring parties to check the sponsibility and access and give access to these children and in terms of what you would be able to do if you could get more access mean it is it is the focus for instance the cholera outbreak or is it to the monitors what's what's the priority. what we could help with the color outbreak and what we're seeing children a week that will they are prone to call this is the seas that we haven't seen in europe for the last hundred years and many other places these children should not be suffering from colorado and we can prevent it and i think that is the point they still time to prevent many many many children from dying and they should not be dying because we have got to help if we could get access to children so this is
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these are the people who are suffering from two way years of conflict this is entirely manmade it's not a drought it's not climate change this is entirely manmade conflict so man can stop it and i urge the warring parties to stop it and at least give access to these children what about the international. i mean you're at the u.n. in your urging both sides but is there something that the the u.n. or the international community should be doing to to bring the the sides together and try to end the conflict. yeah absolutely i mean i'm urging the u.n. and almost all member states of the u.n. to help to put pressure on the warring parties to get to some kind of a negotiating table because what we're actually seeing here is that children are held to ransom in a war and in a conflict that could be stopped so this is what we're seeing so many places this is not the only place we have. things happening in iran iraq right now where we are
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very worried about thirty thousand children in iraq that will suffer more we have the reading to children having to come out of me and right now as we speak so many places manmade situations make the most vulnerable on this planet children. and these are things we could prevent with the right access to these children get the funding from the member states and also member states to urge the warring parties to get on the go sheets and table and stop this conflict or at least allow humanitarian access telephoning schmidt thank you very much indeed for taking time . from say thank you for having us thank you. tens of thousands of hooty supporters have held a rally in the yemeni capital sana it's three years since who the rebels marched into the capital and took power in the country into conflict since then at least ten thousand people have been killed and the destruction and violence as we've heard continues across the country are reports. show force by the who thiis in some
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. three years after they took over the capital the political and military influence continues to rise the rebels control of the area that's wretches from the rules along the border. with saudi arabia to. despite a military campaign by saudi arabia and its allies the houthi still hold ground. we have achieved a lot since we took control we brought unity and we managed to confront aggression we improved our military capabilities and our neighbors are afraid of our missiles . the hoa fees are backed by iran and former president. bush still controls elite units of the army but the alliance with. the two sides fault each other recently the whole thing is accused of colluding
9:36 pm
with the saudis accusations dismissed by the former president who claims the whole thing is for backtracking on an agreement to share power so the war in yemen shows no signs of letting it if i interrupt the leader of the american who is the told yemenis to rally behind his group against saudi arabia and the united arab emirates and. as we said the immoralities or the front for the americans and today they're stealing yemen's natural gas despite the suffering of the yemeni people and both santa and people are suffering from issues related to both natural gas and petrol either in not being able to find it or not being able to benefit from its wealth in all of this the yemeni people are not the ones who benefit. these are fighters backed by saudi arabia any of the capital they face tough resistance from pro who theater. as the fighting continues so does the humanitarian crisis.
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the u.n. says more than ten thousand people have been killed millions have no access to food medicine and water. and health aid. d.n.c. is describe the country's cholera outbreak as the worst ever recorded. a situation in many fear might even get worse as all parties with jacked international calls to seek a political settlement. iraqi forces have already recaptured thirty five villages surrounding the city of how we joe which is under control the latest operation to drive i saw from the. let me just take it straight to the u.n. not us into office at the un general assembly way or the transfer of power a son just course the need to install exclude from international relations the
9:38 pm
attempts to exert illegal pressure one state on others and this includes the extraterritorial use of national laws. the absolute majority of member states of the un voted in favor of their resolution in the minority were found exactly those countries which against the goals and principles of the charter are trying to don't dominate in global affairs are trying to impose models of development their own value impose their own values on states and peoples they are guided by the logical unit polarity which undermines international law about the world does not stand still and we're pleased to see that the president of the united states donald trump the day before yesterday from this rostrum a unilaterally stated it's important to abide by the principle of sovereignty international affairs and that it is important to lead by example rather than nick tape one's will to other peoples that countries with different values culture and aspirations can't not just co-exist but they can work side by side on the basis of
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mutual respect and i think that this is something that we all can subscribe to especially so if the foreign policy of the united states will be carried out on this basis exactly so pretty rejecting interference in their fears of other states the equality of peoples mutual respect russia has always abided by these principles and into its in its international dealings and will continue defending it in the past twenty five years out country despite difficulties as honestly gone through its share of the road down but toward the elimination of the heritage of the cold war and did a lot in order to strengthen trust and understanding and your and the atlantic and in the world this was not with reciprocity on the part of our western partners because a heavy made heavy by. the illusion of the world of history and they're trying to adjust to today's realities the rudimentary rules that come from the era of opposing alliances nato is trying to restore the climate of the cold war and is
9:40 pm
refusing to implemented the principle they saw when it declared in the ninety's the principle of equal and indivisible security in the always see area with the west to construct its policy on the basis of the principle of you are not with us you're against us and they proceeded with the heat of us expansion of nato to the east provoked instability in the post soviet area and fostered anti russian sentiments and this policy is where we can find the roots of the lengthy conflict in ukraine despite despite the attempts of than there were three normandy format and the contact group they authorities in kiev are coming up with a new ploy so as not to implement their commitments under the minsk complex of measures of twelve february twenty fifteen which was approved by the security council of the un but even under these conditions where aiming at working constructively finding mutually acceptable ways of implementing the minsk agreements reacting to the concerns expressed as regards the state of play in the
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area of security president putin launched the initiative to have a un mission to help protect always see observers in the donbass and to draft resolution on this topic is with the security council we expect that the russian proposal will help settle the crisis within ukraine which erupted as a result of an under constitutional coup d'etat carried out by ultra radicals we do hope of that they will be constructive without a zero sum game interaction on this with our partners in europe and in the united states hair on the premises of the united nations we should not forget about the origins of the united nations the verdict of the nuremberg tribunal became a warning for us against forgetting the lessons of world war two and the catastrophic consequences of trying to decide the fate of. the world by trampling underfoot of the legal intra illegitimate interests of other states and peoples it's a sacrilege to use the guise of freedom of expression in order to condone the radical movements which have
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a neo nazi ideology trying to glorify fascists and their acolytes with what is needed is a consistent efforts aimed at creating a barrier against neo nazis and revanche as i'm against extremism and you know holby are two words strengthening into national and cultural harmony while fomenting hatred and intolerance terrorists extremists nationalists destroy and desecrate disagreed objects where which of historic religious and cultural value civilised europe is allowing they just remove all of monuments to the liberators of the continent heroes of the run of the war which lay the foundation for the un we think it's necessary to immediately pay priority attention to this issue and the general assembly and in unesco to make sure that we have the necessary legal frameworks in order to stop these kinds of actions and russia is planning to come up with a proposal on this it is unacceptable to remain indifferent also when we're witnessing
9:43 pm
in europe they are shameful in if vent of statelessness as well the suppression of the languages of minorities which is a violation of council of europe and the conventions centuries of history have shown that lasting settlement of differences can only be through dialogue and finding a balance of core interests of conflicting parties unfortunately the arsenal of many western states have not diplomacy but rough pressure using unilateral sanctions above the sanctions which are being imposed by the security council is illegitimate illegitimate and undermines the collective nature of international efforts everyone is witnessing with alarm today the new or new restrictions by the us against iran and they happen to be also extraterritorial in nature and they threaten of the implementation of the. joined comprehensive plan of action which became one of the more important factors of regional and international stability how wrong what unilateral sanctions are has been shown a long time to go with
9:44 pm
a good example here is a more than fifty years long american embargo of cuba this is something that basically all member states of the un have been have been for decades asking for and we need to start listening to them we are witnessing also a very dangerous confrontation spiral into. around d p r k we were as a to condemn the nuclear missiles adventures of pyongyang in violation of security council resolutions but. the military hysteria is not just an impasse it's just asked all of the security council resolutions have to be implemented now is arguing with them but all of them and all of the sanctions have provisions on the need to go back to negotiations we call up. on the end to blocking these provisions there is no alternative the political and diplomatic ways of settling the nuclear situation on the korean peninsula would call upon members of the world community to support russia china road map which is
9:45 pm
contained in the joint statement by the ministers of foreign affairs of russia and china on the fourth of july it is unacceptable to incite to riots and threaten to use force in order to democratize venezuela or undermine the legitimate authorities in any country any domestic in any domestic conflict the international community has to encourage parties to reach national reconciliation it in compromise. in the attempts to ignore the opinions of others use ultimatums outside of the un charter never led to anything good the upsurge in international terrorism millions of refugees waves of illegal migration results to a great part from the reckless attempts to. move the undesirable regimes including military intervention which will chaos and destruction in middle east and north africa and open up the path for terrorism in the part of the world where the never used to exist despite the fact that i still is in retreat and syria and iraq we
9:46 pm
need to make quite a few additional efforts in order to stabilize a region let me recall the need to combat not just i said but also nusra which if you for some reason is being spared by members of the american polish the development of the situation in syria such that it gives rise to guarded optimism on a part to the port on the fourteenth and fifteenth of september there was a six international meeting on syrian austin and there we formalized the four deescalation areas and the agreements on that was reached with the participation of russia iran turkey us jordan and the un with the support of many other countries and these remains create the conditions for further moving forward towards the implementation of resolution twenty two fifty four on the basis of direct dialogue between the government and opposition pooling their efforts in the interest of the quickest elimination of the terrorist hot bed and making sure that there is peace throughout the country that its unity is restored and the acute humanitarian issues
9:47 pm
tackled the most urgent ones are increasing the level of humanitarian assistance and demining the liberated territories we convinced that these processes were the leading role played by the un and without any preconditions also need to involve all of those who would sincerely wish peace for syria and its people another topic here as instances of the use of chemical weapons in the region all of them need to be investigated honestly and professionally without attempts to annex manipulate o.p.c. w. and the joint investigative mechanism o.p.c. w resolving humanitarian issues bringing opposite sides to agreed all of this is also relevant for other crisis. in the region including libya yemen and iraq in all of these situations and many other conflicts as well russia has had a balanced approach and worked with all parties now when we're talking about the
9:48 pm
middle east and north africa here we should not to really gauge to the background and even less so forget the un solution to the palestinian issue and the arab peace initiative we attach great importance to restoring palestinian unity and welcome efforts made by egypt and as regards russia stand ready to assist in any way in a really resumption of direct negotiations between israel in palestine and and palestine to cooperate for this with the league of arab states and the quartet the fact that the palestinian issue is not settled is being used by the extreme as they use this in order to recruit new and new people to their ranks a string of bloody terrorist acts in the world shows it's an illusion to try and create separate islands of security extremism and terrorism is something felt when you took combat only together without using double standards or hidden agendas. where the main responsibility need to be borne by states and this is exactly what is provided for in the un global counter-terrorism strategy we welcome the
9:49 pm
initiative of the secretary general to reform the un to terrorism activity of the united nations system which was approved by the general assembly and the fact that a russian representative was appointed to had the new un office of counterterrorism review as a cannot drink the role russia plays in fighting the scourge and with thank everyone for their support russia is committed to the goals of having a world which is free of nuclear weapons under the existing treaty regimes in the area of control and n.p.t. it's elimination should be the end result of a process of comprehensive and full disarmament while providing equal and indivisibility of security attempts to outlaw. nuclear weapons without taking account the realities of of the world today and closing our eyes to all of the factors which influence strategic stability only push this goal further away and
9:50 pm
undermine the consensus regimes of n.p.t. and the comprehensive test ban treaty regime. we should reject the idea of militarization of cyber space we have to make sure that we do not allow that this becomes in area of military and political confrontation that the i.c.t. be used as an instrument of exerting pressure we're inflicting economic damage of spread spread spreading terrorism and extremism ideology we need to aim the un at working out rules which are in the interest of all states rules of behaving responsibly in the digital sphere we're prepared to draft of the universal convention on counteracting cybercrime including hacking and we propose that we start discussing this already in the course of this very session it is obvious then in the future world will continue in countering a whole range of new issues which will be a long term and which will be truly civilizational in nature we have no right to
9:51 pm
dissipate our efforts and strengthen geopolitical games what's needed here is not a unilateral but collective approach the process of creating a polish centric world order is an objective trend it reflects a redistribution of the global balance of power and the strength of the greater role played by the cultural cultural and civilisational identity of people this is something that everyone will need to adapt to including those who is used to lording it over others it isn't in everyone's interest to not try to try and constrain that's natural process we have to make sure that the world order is just and democratic as it was seen by the founding fathers of the un with globalization should not antagonize us but bring us together again to count the interests of all states without exception of help brings. to build a stable and safe future for humankind as a whole without mutual trust it is impossible to think that we will be able to implement the far reaching s.t.g. easily paris agreement on climate change or resolve such issues as food security
9:52 pm
demographics and health care which are so important for the developing countries among the foundational principle of interest national relations which should include the principle of political pluralism the freedom of choice and the rule of law we need to reject military alliances but over other assist and extend security guarantees to those states which shows neutrality in the economic area this means lowering the barriers to trade and investment that means we have to stop politicizing our economic ties we should also not politicize the international of the limbic and athletics movement overall our young people should be nurtured on respect to the cultural and civilisational diversion of the world today we invite everyone to attend the nineteenth world youth and student festival which country is going to host in less than a month ago a month from now and such at the same time will russia will also be host another
9:53 pm
important meeting that one hundred thirty seventh me assembly of the interpol mentor union in st peter petersburg the main topic there will be strengthen peace and security through intercultural interreligious dialogue let's foster this dialogue between various cultures and religious that stop using historic events in order to stoke hatred and phobias the philosophy of coexistence of harmonizing the interests of various countries is at the basis of the concept put forward by the president putin the concept of greater european partnership open to all states of asia in europe and aimed at creating a joint economic and humanitarian space. based on the principle of divisible security i don't need to say here that ensuring equal rights for everyone for states. and citizens' is something that is needed in the only universal scale is also required by the charter this just principle is the foundation for the octavio man of many entities that we are part and c i s. c s t o you are asian
9:54 pm
economic community shanghai cooperation organization brics with this is also how we build our relationship with assay on the african union salah and other associations bringing together countries of asia africa and latin america to gather when we are going for a moment or balanced approach as in such entities as a g twenty eight pac international monetary fund international bank reconstruction and development we believe in the future of the un and we want to see an active role to be played by the general secretary general in helping it realize its full potential. on the basis of the goals and principles of the charter of respecting the prerogative of international bodies of the un we need to be especially careful when we're talking about. peacekeeping reform we shouldn't be. proceeding harshly here and forget surprises experience garnered over decades more
9:55 pm
than two thousand two thousand years ago on the roman of a loss for the senate because said we born to co-exist together and the founding fathers of the u.n. has understood this better than anyone they were convinced and of this and put it in the charter they know they saw that the coexistence given to us by god on this planet should compel us to come together to save us from the scars of war for this we need to restore to their the culture of dialogue look for the balance of interests instead of rash decisions and desire to punish the disobedient we're talking about here about preserving humankind in all of its diversity and multiplicity russia has always been and will remain open to joint work with everyone who shows a reciprocal readiness for an equal and mutually. respectful cooperation we will continue defending this approach to the un in the interest of improved global governance and real democratization of international relations i thank you for your
9:56 pm
attention. so again i proffer the russian foreign minister addressing the un among a wide ranging speech saying that the new unilateral u.s. sanctions on iran undermined the collective response on north korea he criticized what he called military hysteria and said to the north korean crisis should be resolved through diplomatic means as briefly bring in james bays who's at the un for us a bit of a rebuke to the u.s. in amongst their. normal break neck speed from circle of rough is interpreters because some of us can't keep up but yes criticism of the u.s. let's listen if that's true too from the chinese foreign minister who is about to speak to the security. right years ago don't you mr secretary general. the theme of this year's general assembly session focusing on people striving for peace and decent lives on the sustainable next is a most irrelevant one where you're especially for
9:57 pm
a show that has made exceptional contribution to peace and development this organization has been on holding peace as its mission by setting up new collective security mechanisms defusing regional hotspots and deploying peacekeepers so the united nations has proved her instrument all the more eventing the full scale wars and security over seven decades of relevant relative peace for mankind this organization has been pursuing development as its goal by setting a global development agenda and mobilizing resources worldwide the un has a great knowledge of developing countries. of development that will lead billions of modernization. colleagues with the ideals of the un yet. attained countries must make your continued efforts what we live in an era that is defined by doing trying to be multi-polar world remove the collectivize of emerging
9:58 pm
markets and developing countries steady progress in globalization and. exciting new ground of revolution in science and technology in mankind's pursuit of greater development and prosperity there are great opportunities like never before we live in a world that is witnessing profound changes in the international landscape and balance of power prominent traditional and nontraditional threats insufficient driving force for global growth and growing backlash against global i say sion there are unprecedented challenges for mankind of lasting peace and since day one of element we are once again at a crossroads it's time to write in the right choice between release and war. and between unity and division two years ago at this very podium chinese president xi jinping to foster a new trial of international relations featuring win win cooperation and to build
9:59 pm
a community of shared future for mankind this is a great vision proposed. based on his full rasul knowledge of the prevailing trend of the times it is also china's answer to what kind of future mankind should build it is highly aligned with the purposes of the e.u. and aspiration of its member states which the understanding and support of international community can inspire us as our common goal mr president dear colleagues to ensure peace development and dignity for all the u.n. spirit must be embraced and the work of the u.n. must be driven forward the e.u. and must remain the guardian love world of peace up holding peace and security is one of the core purposes of the u.n. charter and primary mission of this song and i was a shock the u.n. must encourage all its members to live together as one another as good neighbors and achieve common comprehensive co-operative and this is de novo security the five
10:00 pm
permanent members of the u.n. security council must play an example of rolling up holding no conflict no confrontation and mutual respect and winnowing cooperation or un members should treat each other as equals and choose dialogue over confrontation and partnership over alliances in state to state relations credibility and justice must be held and efforts must be made to find common ground to manage differences and seek reasonable settlement in these periods in fighting terrorism we need a holistic approach we need to abide by the law and avoid applying double standards one must not to associate terrorism with any other deal as knit group all religion the un needs to syria had and coordinated efforts to build a. global united front against terrorism the logical solution is the fundamental answer to hotspot issues part is to in any conflict most stay committed to the general direction of dialogue and negotiation with the international community should in a partial way to facilitate dialogue.


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