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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 22, 2017 1:00am-1:33am AST

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had the experience in government or in in leadership i mean i'm a wrestler and i didn't and now we have quite a few few young leaders i mean we've seen and cut that you have to there mean you have the. man prince hamad bin send men and saudi you have to share. in the so you do have a combination of your leaders but as i said it's very clear that the jordanian government is trying to engage the young prince he has just said the higher he was actually at the united nations. general assembly not the. security council talking about us and what he is trying to do all today is mainly addressing the problems that they use face to face not only in jordan but in the whole area at large he did talk also about peace between the israelis and the palestinians and this is something that affects jordan directly and on a few not just but also you mentioned water water is
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a huge problem for for jordan because most of the water is taken by israel it's interesting that he did not mention a lot about what's happening in yemen but you i wouldn't expect him to i would have expected him perhaps alleged in that or him does but maybe they just wanted him to focus on our news issues mainly and he also spoke about the injustice of millions and billions being spent in the region on defense budgets and the acquisition of arms and comparing that to the pitiful amount that is spent on education and health care for refugees in the region and elsewhere which in some cases is completely nonexistent tickler with a country of jordan size where resources strained when he was saying this who specifically do you think you was appealing to i thing. definitely
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a billion to the international community but let's not forget that egypt is fully facing enemies not only they have terrorism and the and the like isis and the law has to shabby you know the pm your the b m f as we called them in and in iraq and these are the iranian militias they face indeed iran. an iran that is very ambitious that's trying to control more arab land like israel. has tried and still trying it you know we know that israel not only occupies palestinian land that occupies lebanese land it occupies a sort that is that our challenges and there is fear amongst many arab nations that they do need to defend themselves against setters of but also against israel and indeed against iran it's a new it's a power that is showing not only in its desire to control other arab land
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be directly or through it's just that many many complex dynamics in the region and a range of hard line injuries and actors but it was very much the humanitarian crisis in the refugees that the crown prince used to focus on the mood and thank you very much thank you and i want to bring you more on our top story this hour u.s. president donald trump has signed a new executive order ramping up sanctions on north korea the latest measure designed to stop junk pursuing its nuclear missile program the order specifically helps the u.s. to target people companies and banks financing and facilitating trade with pyongyang north korea's textiles fishing i.t. and manufacturing industries are among those targeted as well trump praised china for ordering banks to stop doing business with north korea meanwhile the european union has agreed on a draft sanctions package of its own against north korea including a ban on investments and exports of oil. a new executive order will cut off sources of revenue that funds north korea's efforts to develop the deadliest
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weapons known to human kind the order in hand says the treasury department's authorities to target any individual or entity that conduct significant trade in goods services or technology with north korea and i'm very proud to tell you that as you may have just heard moments ago china their central bank has told their other banks that's a massive banking system to immediately stop doing business with north korea all presidents of japan and south korea reiterated their allegiance to the u.s. and thank the president for his action just hours earlier south korea's president made his speech to the u.n. general assembly lungi instead sanctions were needed to bring the north to the negotiating table and force it to give up its nuclear aspirations.
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we do not desire the collapse of north korea we will not seek relief occasionally by artificial means north korea should acknowledge all these facts are soon as possible it must immediately cease making reckless choices that could lead on isolation on no paul known and to the public dialogue to. and in the past few minutes the north korean state news agency has responded to the trump order with leader kim jong un calling the u.s. president directly and warned that he will pay dearly for his threats let's bring in mike hanna his at the united nations now. and my this reaction from kim jong un not the desired response but no doubt not one that will come as any surprise to many there. not an unexpected response at all the last round of sanctions launched in the u.n. security council led to a direct response from north korea so once again this reaction not unexpected but in this new round of sanctions that the u.s.
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has unilaterally imposing essentially what it is doing is using the power of the u.s. financial system to bring to bear on revenues flowing into north korea the treasury secretary earlier. made very clear that what is happening here is that businesses and individuals who do business or have done business with north korea would have to choose between that or doing business with the united states they will not be able to do both there's another sole series of measures being taken as well including for example any ship or airplane that has visited north korea will not be allowed into the united states for one hundred eighty day period so these are very significant sanctions but what the u.s. is saying too is that it does not necessarily expect the sanctions to have the political impact that north korea that they would have hoped for what they're aiming for were essentially is to cut the revenue streams to north korea to slow it down in its missile development this is what the u.s.
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ambassador to the united nations had to say you look at the saying that we have in place north korea's already feeling it you can already hear of the lines at the gas stations that they have and the fact that they are having a severe reduction in revenues is the sanctions are working what this does. is take it a step further this says anyone that deals with north korea any financial institution that deals with north korea is going to be punished and so i think it's important and it's like secretary newton said if you're going to support north korea then you have to be prepared to be sanctioned as well. well you heard president trump saying too that china had instructed its banks not to do business with north korea now this is significant on many levels sanctions against north korea whoever whether they from the u.s. unilateral or from the u.n. security council cannot be fully implemented and list china uses its influence.
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plays an active role in imposing those sanctions the news day for the first time i've instructed banks not to do business with north korea is very significant because it shows as well that president xi jinping and president donald trump have obviously been in contact about first they are on the same table what it also means down the road within the u.n. security council is that unity that we've seen in recent months in which the security council including china russia have backed rounds of sanctions a number of rounds of sanctions this is likely to continue trying they're signaling very strongly that it is willing to up the pressure on north korea and that it is willing to work with the united states to cut the revenue streams into that country thanks very much mike hanna with all the latest from new york. rescue teams are continuing their search for survivors of mexico's devastating
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magnitude seven point one earthquake but hope is fading it's been three days now since the quake struck killing two hundred seventy three people a toll that officials say will probably rise mexico's president says he believes that there could be people alive in ten collapsed buildings in the capital the fate of a person trapped in the rubble of a school has already captured the attention of the country rescuers know they are alive and managed to get water and oxygen to them through a tube they can't figure out a suitable rescue plan without risking collapse i did castro is in mexico city and joins us live now what can you tell us about operations at the school and how many people are trapped there. at least one person is with a mexican. wife trapped behind the rubble and keeping my voice low now he can. actually raise their time. they are hoping to.
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hear audible coming from underneath the rubble now to believe that this. girl and then the next. rescued effort by all of the children the two hundred some who were in the time of the earthquake have been accounted for unfortunately that means nineteen of them are dead that is the number of bodies that has already been. eleven more children have been rescued alive and is remaining. has left. blood perhaps dragging their body from one area in the rubble. some hope but so desperate for the family members of the ones who are still missing and and i cannot marry him at this one. around the city this morning
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i was at a collapsed building with story. that does for example a members outside waiting for answers now camped out in a row. her husband had gone to the building. or that. he doesn't know where he is now. part. one of the hundreds of just really sad story we're hearing here next but the hope that somebody will get you found alive. and the idea always is the priority now is to reach might be tried. under the rubble but has there been any help or any provision for the many thousands who've been left homeless. given the pictures that we've been seeing roads and buildings destroyed. that's right because so much of it has been focused on and rightfully on rescuing. a living but it should be mentioned that
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there are at least two thousand people in mexico city who are without a home they haven't been in shelters overnight transform. a matter of humanitarian crisis unfolding as we speak mexico's president has asked for three days of mourning but i'll tell you just driving through the streets here people are not sitting at home for themselves they are taking action knowing that you still count there's still hope that more people may be rescued and that's why there have been ordinary americans from all walks of life here choked with. real barrels trapped on top of a roof with with back full of water to distribute to the rescuers no one here is. feeling sorry for them they're saying that they're representing mentally and now for the rest of the world knowing all either here are but they're doing everything they can to rescue an argument i do joe castro bring us
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a little from mexico city as emergency crews continue with their work thank you very much well now hurricane maria has ravaged the dominican republic bringing heavy rain high winds and causing flooding the storm's already reach havoc in puerto rico causing power to almost all of the island at least ten people have been killed by maria across the caribbean elizondo isn't going to qana which is on the eastern tip of the dominican republic. hurricane maria passed over the dominican republic here it lent very moderate damage actually now that hurricane is off on the in the atlantic and it's in the direction now of turks and caicos and the bahamas here in punta cana the damage was very light actually we did see heavy rain and wind it times but for the most part not as much damage as we saw elsewhere now we do see a lot of damage still in the island nation of domenico that's where the hurricane
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maria passed with great force on monday night and we haven't heard much from the many case since then in the last few days primarily because the entire island remains cut off from any telephone communications any internet communications there's no running water as well and both major airports there are closed as well we did hear from the prime minister roosevelt spirit today for the first time on thursday and he did confirm that the island nation is suffering very badly there seventy five thousand people that live there he said the death toll is about fifteen people with another twenty that are still missing now the prime minister is headed to new york on friday where he's going to meet with leaders there at the united nations general assembly and he's going to remind them that his small vulnerable nation is very much in need of help now more than ever much more to tell
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you about in this half hour kenya's president dismisses the election commission's decision to have another as an attempt. on the ailing china to hit speeds of up to three hundred fifty kilometers an hour. however we will see temperatures on the rise across eastern parts of australia to go on through the next couple of days the little bad a cloud pushing through the by some wetter weather a possibility to the far south of the country around eighteen degrees celsius then we go over the next little area of rain filtering in here winds coming in from a northwesterly direction just around adelaide twenty seven celsius still too bad twenty seven celsius two for sydney and melbourne getting up to around twenty two degrees on friday come sas day twenty five in melbourne we could well be into the
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low to mid thirty's to save me some real heat setting in sydney should be at about nineteen degrees at this time of the year meanwhile well thirty seven in dallas so some heat there into the interior sixteen celsius the purse but that's why we've got the heat into the southeast and colder because alice springs looking very hot and that he driving down towards the eastern side of australia we're going to see quite those temperatures across new zealand so some cloud and rain swirling in here little area of low pressure bringing some showers along the spells of frying through friday and themselves just in christchurch picking up as we go winds today a high there never around seventeen degrees the chance of one of two showers but looks fine and dry for the north and. from the tropics. to the vero islands in the far north atlantic when i want to use
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me it's the women who crossed the route for love and stage change a community. at this time went out to zero. in the hash tag when news coverage of looking for an easy solution we delved deeper from on and challenge the status quo join me for a new season of love from at this time. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera here are some of the stories making headlines tonight president donald trump has announced a new executive order that helps the u.s. target people companies and banks financing and facilitating trade with north korea . rescuers are searching for survivors in central mexico after tuesday's deadly
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earthquake which killed at least two hundred seventy three people. and hurricane maria has ravaged parts of the dominican republic bringing heavy rain high winds and flooding. now to some news from kenya where the president says the court ruling in his election victory last month is a coup which could throw the country into chaos kenyatta says the supreme court has stolen democracy from the people kenya's election board says the presidential run that should take place on october twenty sixth the court has blamed the electoral commission for its decision to not a fire the result saying it ran a poll that was neither transparent no verifiable. by admitting they've got to get out for a little what has really happened in our country is nothing short of what kenya has so successfully managed to avoid over the last fifty years or so of our independence that has happened in many other countries where we have seen military coups overthrowing civilian government but today we have broken our history with
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a coup in the republic of kenya that has been done by four people in the courts this is a coup and i must call it what it is and i would never be afraid to say it but speaking exclusively to al-jazeera the kenyan opposition leader says he's fully behind the court's decision. the good deeds or do the right thing because as you know i know that i did not lose elections i know that i or one delusions and the result were just manipulated so this is what we call an injustice and god did the right thing going the evidence please before it and those religion's or you can see the rest of that interview with writer dan go on friday at nine hundred thirty g.m.t. on out front here on al-jazeera. now u.s. president donald trump has met his afghan counterpart on the sidelines of the
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united nations general assembly and both expressed optimism that increased u.s. troop numbers could be a turning point in sixteen years of war in afghanistan but a new report is costing doubt on that representatives from the u.s. defense department of now met the report's also says they're looking at ways of implementing its recommendations fence correspondent patty call hain explains. much thank you it was all smiles as u.s. president donald trump now with president after afghani modest. troops that have been sent are to enhance. assist support advice mission and that is playing a very crucial drugs victory. politically it. is within our sight both took pains to stress this is no longer a us fight so i think it's important to understand that the afghan soldiers are doing the fighting we're training and we're working with them and very closely but
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it's the afghans that are doing the fighting but this new report from the inspector general says that training program has huge problems right in the u.s. didn't understand just how hard it would be to train afghan forces overestimated their abilities and didn't have enough staff the mission it says is chronically understaffed by more than fifty percent and many of the staff it has were not trained mean a helicopter pilot was teaching afghans how to patrol and it says one u.s. officer turned to the. crime dramas from television to learn how to teach being a police man this is just the latest report highlighting problems with the training program the strategy the u.s. is relying on to eventually get out still the report's author says he is optimistic we have new presidents in both countries we have a different leadership team on the ground. and i'm optimistic about them.
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you know h.r. mcmaster general mattis general nicholson it's a different team i think they recognize some of the problems and want to fix them and the training program can be fixed according to michael o'hanlon but taliban has gained perhaps ten percent of the nation's territory in the time since nato pete back in the early part of obama's second term or towards the end of his first term and the trend line is therefore in the wrong direction needs to be reversed but i would not say that the military and police have proven themselves incapable of battlefield success they've actually held on to most of the country president guy is predict. he will have control over more than eighty percent of his country in four years' time this report says if he's going to reach that goal the u.s. is going to have to change the way it's been trying to win the longest war in its history political him al-jazeera washington the kremlin says the u.s.
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actor morgan freeman might be suffering from emotional strain after he appeared in a high profile video accusing russia of declaring war on the u.s. the video was produced by a new group called the committee to investigate russia which means to inform americans about alleged russian attacks on u.s. democracy but as our moscow correspondent laurie chalons explains it's drawn criticism from outside the expected official russian circles. we have been attacked we are. at war morgan freeman is in many ways an ideal fronts man for a campaign like this imagine this movie script a former k.g.b. spy angry at the collapse of his motherland the sonorous tones of this elder statesman of hollywood give instance gravitas to an issue many americans feel is of national security importance and then he sets his sights on his sworn enemy the united states plan a mere can there's no spine and this is no movie script the committee to
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investigate russia launched in the u.s. on tuesday it describes itself as a nonprofit nonpartisan resource to help americans recognize and understand the gravity of russia's continuing attacks on u.s. democracy and surprisingly it's drawn a dismissive response from moscow morgan freeman was set up says the foreign ministry this is another case where the shortsighted goal justifies any means and the kremlin spokesman says many creative people full prey to emotional stress without real information about the real state of things but perhaps more surprising is the response from several experience russia analysts their worries thinking about russia or is being replaced in the united states by hysterical jingoism one state russia experts no expertise required writes leonid bush should ski in bloomberg he says the committee to investigate russia's advisory board includes
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film directors conservative commentators and a former director of national intelligence but few if any obvious russia experts and sam green from king's college london has similar misgivings we have to be able to see shades of gray if we if we. elevate everything to terms of war and and through. this would be a harper baller who are sort of categories then we can see the sense of. so i'm green and the other russia other lists take very seriously the accusations that russia meddled in the us democratic process but they fear campaign such as this don't help understand russia and its actions any better join the committee to investigate russia join the fight retellings al-jazeera moscow we have contacted the committee to investigate russia for a response to the kremlin's comments but have had
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a response from them thousands of supporters of catalonia independence have rallied in barcelona again a demanding the release of castle and government officials detained over next month's independence referendum spain's prime minister mariano rajoy is called the vote illegal and says they'll be consequences if it goes ahead catherine government says it's determined to hold the referendum anyway and now some news from france where the leader of the far right national front party has vowed to rebuild the party after its deputy quit the loss of florian filippo is a big blow to marine le pen whose party has suffered from infighting philippo quit over policy differences after being demoted by le pen on wednesday night it was responsible for drafting the manifesto for this year's presidential election was behind the proposal for france to leave the eurozone. now china has relaunched the world's fastest train which runs at three hundred fifty kilometers per hour that means a journey of over twelve hundred kilometers from beijing to shanghai can be done in
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just under four and a half hours in the world there are twenty two countries that operate similar high speed trains japan launched the original bullet train in one thousand nine hundred sixty four it's showing council network operates at maximum speeds of two hundred forty to three hundred twenty kilometers per hour and links major cities in the islands of honshu and q shu british rail which launched its own high speed train service in one thousand nine hundred seventy six is able to reach two hundred one kilometers per hour while france began using their own version the veil on commercial lines three years later it runs at speeds of two hundred thirteen to three hundred kilometers per hour the united states by comparison has been slow to adapt its only line is the amtrak linking boston new york city philadelphia and washington d.c. with top speeds of two hundred forty kilometers per hour adrian brown has more now on china's rail ambitions. china's high speed rail ways are
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a potent symbol of its economy today the network has more than twenty thousand kilometers of track the largest in the world and it's all happened in less than a decade the link between beijing and shanghai is one of the busiest experts say the new service is about more than just the lure of speed or hunger for. the purpose of raising the speed is merely symbolic that trying to run at a speed of three hundred fifty kilometers an hour the fastest in the world this implies the stress of chinese twenty. foot high speed trains are expensive to operate one international think tank estimates that it cost ninety percent more to build lines for trains that reach three hundred fifty kilometers an hour than four ones that allow a speed of two hundred fifty but china's government is in
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a hurry to build more both in china and abroad than handle if you want to nobody predicted that the high speed rail between beijing and shanghai would be profitable when it was built but after a seven eight year development it gains so it can work in the west regions as well after a ten years and. just six years ago there were questions over the future of the network after a high speed rail crash caused by a signalling failure killed forty people yet today train travel offers what flying in china simply doesn't and reliability in recent years flying in china has become characterized by lengthy delays and cancellations in two thousand and sixteen a third of all flights failed to leave on time. it's been a year for trumpeting china's technological achievements in may the country's first domestically manufactured wide body jet made its maiden flight
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a few weeks before that its homemade aircraft carrier slipped into the sea for the first time and now once more china holds the title for the world's fastest passenger train adrian brown algis you a few. quick recap of the top stories for you now president donald trump has signed a new executive order ramping up sanctions against north korea its pacifically helps the u.s. target people companies and banks financing in facilitating trade with pyongyang the aim is to put the country under pressure to stop pursuing its nuclear missile program both korea's textiles fishing information technology and manufacturing industries are among those to be targeted also praised china for ordering its banks to stop doing business with north korea. a new executive order will close to our sources of revenue that fund north korea's efforts to develop the deadliest weapons
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known to human kind the order in hand says the treasury department's authorities to target any individual or entity that conducts significant trade in goods services or technology with north korea. and in the past hour there has been reaction from north korea with the state news agency responding to that order from the u.s. president be to kim jong un calling trump an deranged and warning that he will pay dearly for his threats meanwhile the leaders of japan and south korea rich reiterated their allegiance to the u.s. and thank the president for his action just hours earlier south korea's president made his speech to the u.n. general assembly lungi insead sanctions were needed to bring the north to the negotiating table and force it to give up deadliest earthquake in decades at least two hundred seventy three people have been killed in one thousand nine hundred injured in choose day seven point one magnitude quake arcane maria has ravaged
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parts of the dominican republic bringing heavy rain high winds and causing flooding the storm has already wreak havoc in puerto rico cutting power to almost all of the island at least ten people have been killed by maria across the caribbean the kenyan president says the court ruling a nolen his election victory last month is a coup which could throw the country into chaos kenyatta says the supremes quote a stolen democracy from the people kenya's election board says the presidential rewon will take place on october twenty sixth thousands of people have been rallying in barcelona calling for the release of catalan government officials who are detained out of next sunday's controversial vote spain's prime minister mariano rajoy is called the vote illegal and is taken court action to block it all those your headlines that's it for myself and the team here in london much more news coming up from doha at the top of the next hour that's in about twenty five minutes time but first one i want to stay with al-jazeera. and that is difficult not
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to say whether someone is going for someone who's very rich is meddling in the three things it's how you approach an official and another that is a certain way of doing it. in egypt a story in my out. the remote windswept vero islands are a world away from tropical southeast asia. but hundreds of asian women are moving to the east some park the highlands between norway and iceland amid a shortage of local women. and steve cho on this episode a one on one east we meet those traveling to the far reaches of the earth to look.


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