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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 22, 2017 3:00am-3:34am AST

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digital bangladesh we are working towards creating an environment to allow them to pursue transformative education find decent jobs and turn into truly global citizens. i am happy to announce that bangor bundu satellite one which is our first ever satellite is scheduled to be launched this year on our victory day sixteen december. mr president. to conclude i would like to say we do not want war we want peace we want people's well being not destruction of humanity we want sustainable development let this be our collective goal. i thank you long live bangladesh. it is just tough to double zero g.m.t.
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you're watching ologist zero we really live with the united nations in new york where the bangladeshi prime minister's shake has been speaking she covered a lot of issues about bangladesh including its economy and sustainable development but of course right at the top of that speech she said it was the fourteenth time she had addressed the u.n. general assembly she had come there with a heavy heart after seeing distressed and hungry. fleeing ethnic cleansing in me a minute she said she felt it personally she and her sister had been refugees for six years and she accused me i'm on authorities of laying landmines across the border made several recommendations to the un general assembly including demanding that they will hinge or be allowed to return to me and ma let's talk to mike hanna now who is at the united nations in new york for us mike very strong statements there from the prime minister of bangladesh. indeed yes bangladesh bearing the
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brunt of what is happening in racine province in me and my are making very clear there that the stresses and strains on bangladesh are absolutely horrendous that the number of refugees within bangladesh has tripled over the past three weeks alone that some four hundred thirty thousand refugees have come across the border just in the past three weeks but not turn you recounting what has been happening the prime minister also laid out as you said a five point plan to be put into effect immediately she said that first of for me and mama stop the violence secondly there must be a fact finding mission set up a needed lead by the u.n. secretary general thirdly all civilians first be protected the squid include the creation of u.n. controlled safe zones fourthly there must be the return of the displaced back
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into their homes in myanmar and also the full implementation of the recommendations contained in kofi annan says report so they are suggests solutions to this but asking for immediate un and international action and mike of course there has been a significant pushback if you like from me and against this this these are statements that the prime minister of bangladesh has made since that all hinges started crossing the border both were saying earlier myanmar's army chief has been defending his troops actions saying that he's encouraging buddhists who are displaced by the violence to return home but hasn't mentioned that all hinges so really we're now waiting to see if what if any real reaction me and maher is going to have to this. well indeed yes we did hear from myanmar's leader on saluki a short few days ago she continued to defend the military despite sharp criticism
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of the military by the international community by the us by the u.k. and of course as we heard there by bangladesh once again not mincing any words so referring directly to what she maintains is ethnic cleansing occurring in racine province but this is nothing new for bangladesh one must remember that there has been. refugees coming across the border for a long period of time there was one period where some two hundred thirty thousand richenda refugees were returned to their homes from bangladesh this is the type of long term solution she is looking for now to get those refugees living in impoverished bangladesh back into their homes but in order to do that of course there has to be some kind of controls over the military and there has to be some kind of international monitors to keep the military under control my kind of life for us in the united nations mike thank you very much in the u.s.
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president donald trump's ramping up pressure on north korea by imposing further sanctions and top of those passed by the u.n. the e.u. and china are also stepping up measures against pyongyang over its nuclear program our diplomatic editor james bays reports from new york days after he threatened to destroy north korea militarily now a fresh attempt by president trump at economic destruction today i'm announcing a new executive order just signed that significantly expands our authorities to target individuals companies financial institutions that finance and facilitate trade with north korea. he was flanked by the leaders of the two countries most at risk from north korea the prime minister of japan and the president of south korea not present the nation which will probably be most
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affected by the new sanctions china but it appears there was some coordination before this move was taken china their central bank has told their other banks it's a massive banking system to immediately stop doing business with north korea in his speech to the general assembly china's foreign minister wang ye made no mention of that and again stressed dialogue was the only way to solve the crisis so through one and. we urge the d.p. r. k. not to continue in this dangerous direction we call upon the us to honor its former commitment and we call upon all parties to play a constructive role in easing tensions there is still hope for peace and we must not give up negotiation is the only way out which deserves every effort. in a special security council session on nuclear weapons the us secretary of state rex
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tillerson cited south africa kazakstan and ukraine as examples of countries that have thrived after giving up the bomb parts in its official statements north korea often quotes another example libya gave up its nuclear and chemical weapons program in two thousand and three eight years later its leader colonel gadhafi was toppled with the help of the u.s. and its allies james but al-jazeera at the united nations or north korea has responded with a rare statement from leader kim jong un referring to trump's u.n. speech to the general assembly on tuesday he said quote his remarks which describe the u.s. option have convinced me that the path i chose is correct and that it is the one i have to follow to the last we will consider with seriousness exercising a corresponding highest level of hardline countermeasure in history i will make the man holding the parag a tip of the supreme command in the us pay dearly for his speech calling for
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totally destroying the d.v.r. came well scott snyder is a senior fellow for korea studies and director of the program in u.s. korea policy at the council on foreign relations and he says the new u.s. sanctions put major pressure on china to act. the u.s. treasury announcement is really the driver for china's announcement to cut off north korea financially essentially the u.s. treasury has announced the financial equivalent of a nuclear option toward north korea and the chinese banking system is simply reacting to that declaration because any chinese bank that is doing business with north korea is now at risk of having its funds frozen by the u.s. treasury if it does business also in the united states those firms that are engaged in doing business with north korea will be subject to financial freezes by the u.s. treasury for assets that are being held in the united states it's also possible
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that the u.s. treasury could try to levy fines on chinese financial institutions that are doing business with north korea the main message here is a major deterrent message to the international financial community that there are real costs of doing business with north korea. that may preclude maintenance of access to the global financial system i think the focus is going to be on a case by case basis the u.s. treasury is holding chinese firms accountable for whatever business they do with north korea going forward so it's not retroactive and also i think that the u.s. treasury is going to look at each case by itself rather than hold the entire trading relationship with china risk. the death toll from mexico's earthquake has risen to two hundred and seventy three the country's president believes there could still be people alive in ten collapsed buildings but hope is fading in the nation's
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capital officials say the number of people killed will probably rise rescue crews are working around the clock to reach an adults trapped under the rubble of a school in mexico city nineteen children and six adults died in the school collapse to tuesday's quake. has more from mexico city. already were passed that day march tenth of a massive seven point one magnitude quake hit near mexico city and as the hours passed the hopes of finding more survivors grow more land at the door behind you there is at least one person believed to be still trapped there rescuers say that thermal imaging some hope. one of. the earlier i went out an apartment building that was story collapsed the family members of forty people believed to be trapped inside clinging to the hope that some may be pulled out alive twenty nine people there have been pulled out alive and that is everyone
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here at the rescuers the volunteers the people bringing food and equipment. to keep going. from the resident here of mexico city and i think i will not give up they will continue to do that until every last person who can be saved alive in. oregon maria is picking up strength as it makes its way up the caribbean the storm which began as a category five was done grated on whedon's day but it's now back up to a category three it's headed to. the bahamas one of the hardest hit islands is dominica which is still without. reports. the world is beginning to see what hurricane maria did to the island nation of dominique the country is destroyed all of it not one corner was spared days after the hurricane hit and streets remain covered in debris the country is still without phone service internet electricity
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or running water by some estimates eighty percent of the buildings in the country are badly damaged or destroyed but the full scale of the devastation won't be known until aid crews can get in but that hasn't happened because the two airports also badly damaged remain closed the real legacy of the storm felt the most by the seventy five thousand dominicans who are struggling to make sense of it all with prime minister roosevelt skerritt on thursday spoke to a local t.v. channel from a neighborhood island nation does when they don't and brutal. when i was in such destruction. unprecedented problems presented to them there's nowhere to take the injured the main hospital on the island remains without power in the intensive care unit totally destroyed. this was the nation in better times the government trying to promote the country as an eco friendly tourist destination that is now gone thanks to this tiny island with limited infrastructure took
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a direct hit monday night from the eye of the category five hurricane it could not have been any worse people from all walks of life were affected we are very vulnerable. we're exposed to due to the ravages of climate change and we need access to resources to build more resilient societies the prime minister will travel to new york on friday to meet world leaders taking part in the united nations general assembly he's going there he says to remind the world that his tiny vulnerable nation needs help now more than ever. protesters in barcelona gathered outside the supreme court to demand the release of several catalan government officials they were arrested by spanish security forces earlier this week for planning next month's independence referendum karl penhall has the latest from barcelona. synchronized
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defiance. or not it's now or never it's impossible to delay this referendum and if the castle and government negotiates we will occupy the streets. the target of pro independence protesters on thursday was the supremes court in barcelona. the trigger was the arrested of more than a dozen cattle and government officials are directly responsible for the going izing the referendum. that prompted some older demonstrators here to draw parallels to general franco's dictatorship four decades ago this human to stop this franco style dictatorial regime must explode and we must set up a republic spain's central government has vowed to shut down what it declares is an illegal referendum so protesters brought along their own card ballot boxes.
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others printed their own voting slips with the kind of potato you know radio earlier spanish security forces confiscated more than ten million ballot papers that were. in there were no of the way or. the. other this. was interior ministry has said that next step now is the least reinforcements to keep the peace the focus the now i am saying that although this was the first for now it's more music than muscle but nobody's forgetting that the stakes are high breaking away from the spanish government and its king.
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the e.u. calls for independence that to the central government sound like a cry of rebellion. zero spain still ahead and people in the philippines mark a dog. chapter in history by highlighting present day human rights violations and china i'm avails the world's fastest train but many are asking at what cost. from the neon lights of asia. to the city that never sleeps. how are we still have tropical storm has a making its presence felt across the northeastern corner of the united states there we go swirling away some big and heavy seas just pushing into new york new
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jersey across new england maybe into the southeast corner of canada as well little area of cloud there also making its way across the i extend then another area of cloud just pushing in over the mountain states because see some snow coming through here just six celsius in calgary very much on the cold side a twenty degrees warmer than that for new york there is at least some warmth around but so that windy weather the rough seas the choppy waters they remain offshore on friday sas they starting to edge of way twenty nine celsius in new york by that stage so some pleasant warm sunshine coming through and also we're could also see highs of around twenty nine degrees some wet weather there into central parts of canada though through the canadian prairie is coming down for the northern plains pushing over towards arizona new mexico could see a little bit about whether one in dallas thirty four degrees celsius with want to drive to southern parts of the u.s. not suffice at a not so dry into the caribbean of course we do still have hurricane maria making its presence felt it will make its way further northwards over the next couple of
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days. the weather sponsored by cattle and. germany's varian helps when a stunning scenery is playing host to europe's latest arrivals. separate in origin. a common room. and together the dream of a german future. welcome to germany cafe vald left a witness documentary at this time on al-jazeera.
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you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour u.s. president donald trump is impose new sanctions on north korea targeting anyone who does business with pyongyang and kim jong un says trump will quote pay dearly for his actions the e.u. is also considering you measures and china is ordering its banks abide by existing sanctions. bangladesh's prime minister has used her address at the u.n. general assembly to push the international community on that will hinge a crisis. once the u.n. to help establish safe zones for people who fled the violence and mayhem awestruck and state. rescue efforts are being stepped up to find any survivors in mexico after tuesday's powerful earthquake more than two hundred people were killed and officials say this number is likely to rise mexico's president says he believes people may be alive in at least ten collapsed buildings. more than ten thousand people have rallied against philippine president rodrigo to tell
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a team that mocking forty five years since martial law was imposed in the country many people who were tortured and jailed and then president fed and on marcos what out the rani saying their human rights are once again under threat jamil alan duggan reports. it's been more than thirty years since people power brought an end to the government of president for dinner marcos but protesters here say they are even more defiant and angry now the martial years were deeply oppressive they say more than three thousand people were killed and thousands more were jute and tortured but decades on they say they are now reliving it on their president would be good to take this government. according to rights groups more than thirteen thousand people have been killed since president dr to launched his so-called war on drugs more than a year ago many of them killed by vigilante groups believed to be linked to police
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. say they are no longer intimidated by president. threats they call him a fascist and with the police killing army. also come under fire for a multimillion dollar drug smuggling case implicating members of his government and even his own son his refusal to sign waivers that will show respect accounts has angered many here they demand transparency from his government. this says these are baseless accusations his government is focused on institutional reforms and the opposition is merely using commemorations like this one to destabilize his administration but public anger continues to grow they say just like marcos has all the qualities of a dictator. there warns of nationwide martial law. protests like this one
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violent activists say they are not afraid. and. despite this dictator to shows no sign of softening his policies. so there's. the majority of those who joined that rally here were born after the martial law years marcus's rule was brutal and abusive and he would never let history repeat itself again. turkey iran and iraq say they'll consider counter measures against kurdish northern iraq over monday's independence referendum announcement did not stop hundreds turning out of the pro independent.
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kurdish leaders are under increasing international pressure to postpone the vote iraq's central government has dismissed the poll as illegal. immigration is set to visit baghdad on saturday to discuss possible alternatives. the kenyan president says a court ruling that an old his election victory last month is a coup that could throw the country into judicial chaos kenyatta says the supreme court has stolen democracy from the people kenya's election board says the presidential election will be rerun on october twenty sixth the court blames the electoral commission for its decision to nullify the result saying it ran a poll that was neither transparent nor verifiable. by admitting they've got to get away for a little like kenya what has really happened in our country is nothing short of what kenya has so successfully managed to avoid over the last fifty years or so of our independent that has happened in many other countries where we have seen
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military coups overthrowing civilian government but today we have broken our history with a coup in the republic of kenya that has been done by four people in the courts this is a coup and i must call it what it is and i will never be afraid to say it. speaking exclusively to al-jazeera the kenyan opposition leader raila odinga says he's fully behind the court's decision. the good deeds or the right thing. because as you know i know that i didn't lose elections i know the one deliberations and the results were just manipulated so this is what we just. did the right thing. the evidence before us and knowledge by those religion's the us has pledged more than six hundred ninety seven million dollars in additional humanitarian aid for syrians caught in the country's civil war that will bring the total amount of u.s.
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assistance since two thousand and twelve to more than seven billion dollars the u.n. says five million people have fled the country prompting a global refugee crisis and more than six million people are displaced inside the country two years ago the european union asked member states to accept refugees seeking asylum in italy and greece to alleviate the pressure on those countries that need occasion scheme is going to end on friday when it was a test of european solidarity just thirty thousand people were actually relocated that's less than a fifth of the number the e.u. had hoped for john psaropoulos reports from athens. these are among the last asylum seekers to leave greece legally they're being given information about their destination country but they are only a fraction of the intended number pledges to take sixty six thousand refugees from greece translated into twenty thousand relocations greece's asylum chief says
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that's still a success. program. was a very positive. pressure on greece. and also. because it was. perhaps the only real tangible sign of solidarity from other member states so that shouldn't be overshadowed by the weakness of the program and the weakness among those weaknesses was the slow pace of the process which led many to lose faith even more unfair was the fact that only nationalities with a seventy five percent acceptance rate were eligible that left out afghans and iraqis many of them have little choice now but to apply for asylum in greece but the greatest weakness was perhaps the politics of the scheme relocation was europe's first serious attempt at a common asylum and migration policy and it revealed deep divisions poland hungary
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and refused to participate while austria slovakia and the czech republic took in only about a dozen people each three of those countries supported the second gulf war which destabilized iraq and syria the lack of a unified policy leaves refugees at the whim of smugglers the international organization for migration which runs the relocation scheme says it's time for europe to take control you really need labor force in europe in the next twenty years so. legal migration. by region is in the hands of the. europe does still operate the resettlement scheme which allows refugees to come directly from turkey lebanon and jordan but its limit is twenty two thousand five hundred people over two years for now europe's disunity means it will likely continue to use the hazards of people smuggling as
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a natural barrier to entry jumps are also lost al-jazeera absence the world's richest woman has died at the age of ninety four l'oreal cosmetics heiress living on better call died at her home in france our wealth was estimated at barely forty billion dollars earlier this year making her one of the twenty wealthiest people in the world. china's unveiled the world's fastest bullet train the forcing the train runs at speeds of up to three hundred fifty kilometers an hour and is going to say thirty minutes off the journey time between beijing and shanghai brown reports. china's high speed rail ways are a potent symbol of its economy today the network has more than twenty thousand kilometers of track the largest in the world and it's all happened in less than a decade the link between beijing and shanghai is one of the busiest experts say the new service is about more than just the lure of speed what. the purpose
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of raising the speed is merely symbolic the train can run at the speed of three hundred fifty kilometers an hour the fastest in the world this implies the stress of chinese twenty. foot high speed trains are expensive to operate one international think tank estimates that it cost ninety percent more to build lines for trains that reach three hundred fifty kilometers an hour than four ones that allow a speed of two hundred fifty. but china's government is in a hurry to build more both in china and abroad than the analytical one is in america and nobody predicted that the high speed rail between beijing and shanghai would be profitable when it was built but after seven eighty a development it gains so it can work in the west regions as well after ten years and. just six years ago there were questions over the future of the network after
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a high speed rail crash caused by a signalling failure killed forty people yet today train travel authors what flying in china simply doesn't and reliability in recent years flying in china has become characterized by lengthy delays and cancellations in two thousand and sixteen a third of all flights failed to leave on time. it's speedy year trumpeting china's technological achievements in may the country's first domestically manufactured wide body jet made its maiden flight. a few weeks before that its homemade aircraft carrier slipped into the sea for the first time and now one small china holds the title for the world's fastest passenger train adrian brown al-jazeera.
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this is al-jazeera these are the top stories u.s. president donald trump is impose new sanctions on north korea targeting anyone who does business with pyongyang kim jong un says trump will pay dearly for his actions the e.u. is also considering new measures and china is ordering its buying to abide by existing sanctions bangladesh's prime minister has used her address at the un general assembly to push the international community on the crisis. once the u.n. to help establish safe zones for people who fled the violence in me a most rocking state she says four hundred thirty thousand muslims have fled to her country since a military crackdown a member began last month. we are horrified to see that the million marrus already are laying landmines along their stretch of the border to prevent the road from returning to me on mine. these people must be able to return to their
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homeland in safety and security. and dignity. at the same time i condemn all kinds of terrorism and violent extremism to. mexico's president believes there could be people still alive in ten buildings that collapsed in tuesday's earthquake but hope is fading in the nation's capital it's been three days since the quake struck killing two hundred seventy three people official say that number will probably rise rescue crews are working around the clock to reach an adult trapped under the rubble of a school in mexico city nineteen children and six adults died in the school collapse. how can maria has caused heavy flooding in the dominican republic it's also destroyed buildings and knocked out power across the u.s. territories of plateau rico and the u.s. virgin islands those are the headlines notes more in these stories of course on the web site al jazeera dot com coming up next an
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al-jazeera inside story. show full of an act of defiance hundreds of thousands of the streets of yemen to mark the anniversary of the take have. thousands of deaths. to the war in yemen even signs.


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