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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 22, 2017 7:00am-7:33am AST

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competitively we want to present a positive. expectation. for them it's about more than just racing yes you can still be. and also a very talented going off around the world showing everybody how strong. the first female in the. sailing at this time on al-jazeera. north korea says it may carry out a hydrogen bomb test in the pacific donald trump ups the pressure the new sanctions . follow on down jordan this is live from doha also coming up robbed of their childhood we meet ranger children stranded in refugee camps in bangladesh.
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hurricane areas upgraded as it barrels through the caribbean heading for the turks and caicos islands. and the number of people killed in mexico's earthquake rises as rescuers continue to search for survivors. north korea's foreign minister says his country may consider a hydrogen bomb test in the pacific ocean it follows new sanctions imposed by u.s. president donald trump on top of those passed by the u.n. north korea responded to those sanctions and trump speech at the u.n. earlier this week with the rest statement from leader kim jong un who said his remarks which describe the u.s. option have convinced me that the path i chose is correct and that is the one i have to follow to the last we will consider with seriousness exercising a corresponding highest level of hardline countermeasure in history i'll make the man holding the prerogative of the supreme command in the us pay dearly if a speech calling for totally destroying the d.p. r. k.
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you know that has more on that threat. this was the north korean foreign minister speaking to reporters in new york after that statement issued by the leader kim jong un talking about the highest level of countermeasure and what that could possibly mean the foreign minister says he's not sure what it would mean but it could mean the detonation of a hydrogen bomb in the pacific so this would indeed represent an even higher escalation of tensions that are already extremely high here on the korean peninsula the unification ministry was asked about this comment here then seoul this morning and said that once again this is an example of provocations followed by sanctions followed by more provocations and that south korea is calling on north korea to stop those provocations now of course simply calling on north korea to stop hasn't had any effect in the past and we've heard from kim jong un today saying that this latest language in the latest sanctions coming from donald trump the united states
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and the united nations only reaffirms to him he says that the path north korea is taking is the correct one as far as south korea is concerned it is continuing to urge for a peaceful solution well the u.s. is not the only country putting the pressure on north korea china is also stepping up measures against pyongyang over its nuclear program diplomatic it's a james bays reports from the york days after he threatened to destroy north korea militarily now a fresh attempt by president trump economic destruction for them announcing a new executive order just signed that significantly expands our authorities to target individuals companies for there to institutions that finance and facilitate trade with north korea. he was flanked by the leaders of the two countries most at risk from north korea the prime minister of japan and the
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president of south korea not present the nation which will probably be most affected by the new sanctions china but it appears there was some coordination before this move was taken china their central bank has told their other banks it's a massive banking system to immediately stop doing business with north korea in his speech to the general assembly china's foreign minister wang ye made no mention of that and again stressed dialogue was the only way to solve the crisis so through one and. we urge the d.p. r. k. not to continue in this dangerous direction we call upon the us to honor its former commitment and we call upon all parties to play a constructive role in easing tensions there is still hope for peace and we must not give up negotiation is the only way out which deserves every effort. in
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a special security council session on nuclear weapons the us secretary of state rex tillerson cited south africa kazakstan and ukraine as examples of countries that have thrived after giving up the bomb parts in its official statements north korea often quotes another example libya gave up its nuclear and chemical weapons program in two thousand and three eight years later its leader colonel gadhafi was toppled with the help of the u.s. and its allies james zira at the united nations but adrian brown joins me live now from beijing agents of president trump says only one country is the target of these sanctions but is that how china will see it. i don't think so i mean that statement that came from the treasury from the white house on thursday said that financial institutions have to decide whether they want
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to do business with the united states or with north korea now given that ninety percent of north korea's trade is china it's fair to assume who that statement was directed at now so far we've had no official confirmation from the bank of china that they are going to go along with these sanctions but i think it's fair to assume that it is going to happen and if so this represents a major tightening of the economic news around north korea because they are such important trading partners now i think privately behind the scenes this has been happening there and i think that the united states really has china in a headlock i think it said that we have evidence that a lot of your small financial institutions and banks are enabling trade with north korea this trade is benefiting those involved in the north's nuclear and missile programs we want it to stop otherwise we're going to go after one of your big banks now remember four of the world's biggest banks are chinese and i think the
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leadership here was very worried about the possibility of one of those banks being blacklisted and excluded locked out of the u.s. financial system so that is why i think they've now decided to go along with these sanctions back in june actually the united states also fired another warning shot across china's bowels when it blacklisted the bank of dung dong now this is a bank that has more than one hundred branches in northeast china and it also blacklisted a chinese shipping company now in the case of the bank of dung dong treasury officials in the united states so they had clear evidence that this bank was facilitating transactions with individuals involved in the north's nuclear program so this is a further tightening of the screw and agent terms the broader picture what's the danger for china if it continues to go along with more sanctions against north korea which of course is its neighbor and ideological ally.
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yes these two countries have in the past been blood brothers but when you go to the border areas on the chinese side a lot of people there have started to see china almost as the enemy they worry about its continued nuclear tests those detonations are often felt in china and they worry about the possibility of an accident of radiation spreading across the border into china and also of of weapons missiles falling into the wrong hands now i think in the past the idea of china or north korea regarding china as the enemy would have seen a very remote possibility but i think as this crisis drags on as china faces the possibility of perhaps having to one day cut off the oil to north korea the perhaps yes north korea might one day regard china as an enemy thank you now the bangladeshi prime minister shake a scene i made a plea to the united nations to help the regime to refugees return home to me and mom has seen a call for the u.n.
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and the international community to take action to stop the ethnic cleansing the prime minister wants safe zones set up in myanmar which the u.n. could police she also wants a second general to conduct a fact finding mission in myanmar on a bridge where. we are horrified to see that the million americans already are laying landmines along their stretch of the border to present the rohingya from returning to me and mark. these people must be able to return to their homeland in safety and security and dignity that was at the same time i condemn all kinds of terrorism and violent extremism to. what it cost to make us hockey joins us live from cox's bazar in bangladesh that's near the me and ma border at nicholas so the bangladeshi prime minister there appealing to the u.n. to help the refugees return to me and ma but what's the latest on the ground there now. well there and there are still villages burning
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across the border and there are still hundreds of people coming across by boat to bangladesh most of them are young women and children and why because there were injured that we spoke to tell us that the men the men are are are either being shot dead dumped into mass graves or being put into internment camps now the aid agency save the children believes that there could be up to six hundred thousand children there and coming to the bangladesh border by december at the rate at which people are coming in many of them are either orphans or have either lost touch with their parents we followed one young girl team a bag and this is her story. asking for money from strangers is no easy task when you have never done it before it's especially difficult when you are a child just a week ago was playing in the fields near her home in myanmar as reckoned state
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unaware of the dangers to come but then masked men set her house on fire killing her parents she traveled alone to bangladesh here a former neighbor to occur under a care. i miss my mother had such hugs i miss her cooking i miss the way my parents made me feel she is not alone according to the agency save the children a thousand ringgit children have either been separated from their parents or orphaned and what the un describes as textbook ethnic cleansing by mean more security forces. for decades now mean mars government refuses to allow ring of children in state run schools. they're denied access to government run medical facilities they live in poor conditions segregated from others and their recent experience appears to have brought the ringer closer they look after each other.
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my concern is that she doesn't end up being exploited by sex trafficking people trying to use her she's smart and she's now part of my family. there are brief moments of fun but for the most part running the children have to act like adults they work build homes and search for food. this is the hardest part of the day for. and all the others here she is going to have to compete with adults other children to try to get a small bag of rice and length and that will be their meal for the day. in the chaos she fails to get irrational she returns to her tent empty handed and alone. this is the start of a new life as a ten year old refugee in a foreign land. hurricane maria is picking up strength as it makes its way across the caribbean the storm which began as
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a category five was downgraded on wednesday but it's now back up to a category three puerto rico was one of the islands hardest hit and gallacher is that. the mare of four to rico's capital says the san juan he knows is gone and as we left the city it's not hard to see why in time neighborhoods ringgold with floodwaters even as residents patiently wait in traffic jams to head into the city to buy provisions or make contact with loved ones many roads here remain flooded. in nearby louisa the damage is extensive really hard we came from everywhere oscar ramiro says been through powerful hurricanes before but says maria it was terrifying he took shelter with his family but his home was wrecked and rebuilding isn't something many here can afford. i don't know whether the world will say is they going to need. help whatever so they give us some help will rebuild we got we go we were going all the place to go in last been eunice on puerto rico's coast
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many have lost everything local resident peterson dollars is one of a few volunteers offering comfort water and transport to safer locations you know i didn't lose anything with just you know water you know got i got one in my house and stuff like that and all my friends got a military truck and. when it would just start here you know how about no life has been left untouched by hurricane maria the sheer scale of the damage is almost too much to process and this community is normally a short drive from san juan but right now it feels completely cut off and here's something else to bear in mind there is no power across the entire island know about phone coverage so people can't talk to each other and government help or residents here are being told they simply going to have to wait it's a wait that worries many desperately in need of help. until they. then. everything going
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back to. puerto rico remains in a state of crisis. most know is that recovery will be painstakingly slow and. last when eunice puerto rico. also to come here not just here including we'll tell you why some polish politicians believe germany it was their country a trillion dollars plus. antone a page reporting from the south africa on a groundbreaking deal announced at the u.n. that will make. all countries at a fraction of its original price. from dusky sunsets if it's pruning savannah. to sunrise the top in metropolis. long spells of rain pushing across turkey over the next few days course much of the middle east stays fine and dry lots of hazy sunshine hot
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sunshine for baghdad temperatures still getting up to around forty celsius forty one celsius there in kuwait city looking at a high of around twenty nine in by route places sunshine across that eastern side of the but it's friday and more of the same as we go on. without rancor just push across the black sea coast northern parts of the possibility of a few spots of the right coming through at this stage well maybe getting up to forty three celsius in kuwait city and warm sunshine too right across the arabian peninsula still a childs of little more cloud into southern areas of amman but nothing much to speak of for the most part. will be the order of the diet chance of a little more cloud just around the gulf of aden and northern parts of the region here just pushing down to the southern end of the red sea so the passes south africa also seeing a little more cloud sixteen celsius and take down a little surprised she won and been. falling back to around ninety degrees as we go
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on through sas day the winds coming in from a southerly direction with a chance of some right north of he still that ferrari thirty one. the weather sponsored by cats. i just want to make sure all of our audience is on the same where they're on lying. to us citizens here and what pollutes people live by one and the same joining us now is never. before. is a dialogue that has a stream and one of your pitches might make a connection join the global conversation at this time.
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welcome back a quick reminder of our top stories here on al-jazeera north korea's foreign minister says his country is considering a hydrogen bomb test in the pacific ocean comes after president trump impose new sanctions on pyongyang on top of those already approved by the u.n. the e.u. and china also stepping up measures against pyongyang over its nuclear program. bangladesh's prime minister has used her address at the un general assembly to push the international community on the crisis once the u.n. to help establish safe sense of people who fled the violence in may and mass rakhine state. has been upgraded to a category three storm as it makes its way to the turks and caicos islands in the bahamas it's called flooding and power outages in the dominican republic and across the u.s. territories of puerto rico and the u.s. virgin islands. mexico's search and rescue operations focusing on ten buildings where authorities hope to find survivors from tuesday's seven point one quake at
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least two hundred seventy three people died when buildings collapsed two thousand were injured. reports in mexico city. with each passing hour the hope to find survivors grows more desperate the work more grim the body count continues to rise since the seven point one magnitude quake struck central mexico tuesday afternoon vasquez had an appointment inside an office building in mexico city his wife says he arrived half an hour before the quake struck in the six story building collapsed she found his car parked nearby because that was a. side waiting for him to come out he has to be ok no. the families of some forty people feared trapped or dead inside the building are holding vigil along with hundreds of professional rescuers and volunteers we just got close to one of the rescue sides with this brigade of volunteers who are now
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waiting for instructions some working for more than thirty hours without stop their target this apartment building or what once was you see now the soldier with a police dog on top of that pile of rubble it is fear that beneath him another forty some people are still trapped the dogs have already indicated there are signs of life inside but what they really need at this site and many others now are thermal imaging equipment families begging for more technology to help rescue their loved ones. that the families are also fearful that the government will begin using bulldozers and cranes. heavy machinery because supposedly there's no one else left alive but they're pulling out survivors at least twenty nine people have already been rescued from these ruins alone dozens of other sites the city. representing mexicans and here to help the children. at
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a school where the mexican navy says nineteen children were found dead eleven others were pulled out a life and adults may still be. trapped but the work is painstakingly slow the stakes in measurably hi heidi to castro al-jazeera mexico city. u.s. president donald trump met with his afghan counterpart on the sidelines of the u.n. general assembly both are optimistic that increased u.s. troop numbers could be a turning point after sixteen years of war in afghanistan but a new report cast doubt on how effective this will be our defense correspondent particle hang reports thank you very much thank you it was all smiles as u.s. president donald trump now with president ashraf ghani modest. troops that have been sent are to enhance. assist support vice mission and that is playing a very. victory political and military is
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within our sight. us both took pains to stress this is no longer a u.s. fight so i think it's important to understand that the afghan soldiers are doing the fighting we're training and we're working with them very closely but it's the afghans that are doing the fighting but this new report from the inspector general says that training program has huge problems right in the u.s. didn't understand just how hard it would be to train afghan forces overestimated their abilities and didn't have enough staff the mission it says is chronically understaffed by more than fifty percent and many of the staff it has were not trained mean a helicopter pilot was teaching afghans how to patrol and it says one u.s. officer turned to the. crime dramas from television to learn how to teach being a police man this is just the latest report highlighting problems with the training program the strategy the u.s. is relying on to eventually get out still the report's author says he is optimistic
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we have new presidents in both countries we have a different leadership team on the ground. and i'm optimistic about them. h.r. mcmaster general madis general nicholson it's a different team i think they recognize some of the problems and want to fix them and the training program can be fixed according to michael o'hanlon the taliban has gained perhaps ten percent of the nation's territory in the time since nato pete back in the early part of obama's second term or towards the end of his first term and the trend line is therefore in the wrong direction needs to be reversed but i would not say that the military and police have proven themselves incapable of battlefield success they've actually held on to most of the country president guy is predicting he will have control over more than eighty percent of his country in
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four years time. report says if he's going to reach that goal the u.s. is going to have to change the way it's been trying to win the longest war in its history. al-jazeera washington the intense scenes on the streets of paris where thousands of people are protesting against president emanuel micros labor reforms. police used tear gas to disperse crowds after some started throwing rocks and other objects wants to make it easier for small and medium size businesses to hire and fire employees he says the changes will create jobs but unions say they will erode workers' rights the leader france's far right national front has vowed to rebuild the party after its deputy quit the loss of floor is a blow to marion le pen whose party has suffered from infighting quits over policy differences after being demoted violet and on wednesday night he was responsible for drafting the manifesto for this year's presidential election and was behind the puzzle for france to leave the e.u.
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the polish government is demanding that germany pay as much as a trillion dollars in compensation for the not seen vacation during world war two the reports from such and on the polish german border. driving across the border from germany into poland is to follow the route the german tanks took in nine hundred thirty nine if anywhere has a right to feel bitter it is set in where thousands of poles were enslaved into forced labor the museum exhibits the wholesale destruction of the occupation and later british bombing of the city poland's ruling law and justice party has neither forgotten nor forgiven the germans for hitler or the week of the german election the proposed trillion dollars was put as a figure for war reparations where he studied history is clear it clearly shows who is the aggressor and which country was the one that lost so much i think that is poland in germans we need to sit and talk about. this weekend's election is
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predicted to be a story in germany of angela merkel's invincibility as well as the conclusive proof the twenty seventeen was the year when the european union came together after years of division but try telling that to germany's eastern neighbors poland out of all states or germany is indicative of a wider complaints among the so-called vishy grat group of countries to the east of germany all of them say that germany's economic and political superiority is far from being an opportunity but is in fact a new form of imperialism almost as powerful as military force. german investors find themselves attracted to a place with a direct motorway links rates of berlin and several huge ports with access to wealthy scandinavia the biggest investor of this one is the german railway. companies like amazon can set up one kilometer inside poland and advertise jobs here for less than four dollars an hour and a half the german minimum wage nationalist politicians across eastern europe paints
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globalization as a new form of virtual slave labor encouraged by the germans but business here says there is almost no unemployment and poland would be in a far worse position without the investment i don't think that this kind of rhetorical greatly helping us to convince new investors so we are we are really working very hard to be credible to show them and prove to potential investors that a decision will be wise and that they will be they will feel safe in this area years of reconciliation and open borders cement poles and germans moving freely between the countries most benefits even if poland's current government paints it as bad for them sorting it out will be one of merkel's biggest issues when she begins her fourth term in office gloriously al jazeera set you now from seventy five dollars a day to seventy five dollars a year that's the price difference in
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a deal announced at the un to supply any new h.i.v. drug to millions of patients in developing countries tanya page reports from johannesburg. and his wife gina looking for a bit of a school in mexico city twenty five children and adults died when the building collapsed. and maria has been upgraded to a category three storm as it makes its way to the turks and caicos islands and the bahamas it's called flooding and power outages in the dominican republic and u.s. virgin islands where puerto rico bore the brunt of maria on thursday residents are now returning to find extensive damage to their homes the northeastern part of the island was hardest hit parts of the u.s. territory expected to be without power for months. the intense scenes on the streets of paris where thousands of people are protesting against president to manual labor reforms. gas to the person disperse crowds after some started throwing rocks and other objects to make it easier for small and medium sized businesses to hire and fire employees but unions
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say the changes in the road workers' rights well those were the headlines the news continues here on the al-jazeera after the stream. germany is electing a new parliament poll suggests is poised to win a fourth. of europe's largest economy with crises in the you and president trump in the white house. called the leader of the free world but. as germany decides. what's really happening to the rest there's been an international course of condemnation of the violence carried out against them but the government of myanmar insists the crisis is now improving al-jazeera has been on the story today we're live on you tube and we'll be taking your questions for al jazeera journalist about all the latest developments.


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