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tv   State Of The Arts  Al Jazeera  September 22, 2017 3:00pm-4:01pm AST

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at. this would be an overview. of the operation. clarity by trust. and i'm jane doesn't end the top stories on al-jazeera for the first time in history a north korean leader has released a statement to the world kim jong un took aim at the u.s. president donald trump calling him deranged a gangster playing with fire and the barking dog has also threatened to test a hydrogen bomb in the pacific ocean reports from seoul. inflammatory threats from
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north korea are not unusual but it is rare for the leader kim jong un to issue a statement himself. it was read out on state television along with a photo of the leader responding to donald trump's speech to the u.n. in which he threatened to totally destroy the democratic people's republic of korea or d p r k kim called the us president's behavior mentally deranged and said now that trump has denied the existence of and insulted me and my country in front of the eyes of the world and made the most ferocious declaration of war in history that he would destroy the d.p. r. k. we will consider with seriousness exercising of a karst funding highest level of hardline countermeasure in history as to what that countermeasure might be his foreign minister in new york had this suggestion. i think it could be a hydrogen bomb test on the ground of an unprecedented scale in the pacific ocean.
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there hasn't been an underwater or atmospheric nuclear test in decades they are banned under several treaties considered just too dangerous for people and the environment there was immediate condemnation from the two countries in the region likely to be most at risk from a north korean attack japan and south korea. north korea's remarks and behavior provocative to regional and international security and they are absolutely unacceptable. for north korea should immediately stop is directly to provoke asians that will lead itself to isolation and collapse. but kim jong un says trump's remarks convinced him that he chose the correct path and must continue to follow it . south korea's president used his speech to the u.n. to repeat that his country does not desire the collapse of north korea and to insist that there will not be war again on the korean peninsula he says the
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situation must be stable he managed so that tensions will not become overly intensified and so that accidental military clashes do not destroy peace kev you know that al-jazeera. u.s. president donald trump is just reacted to the north korean leader's comments tweeting kim jong un of north korea who is obviously a madman he doesn't mind starving or killing his people will be tested like never before it will be stripped of its operating license in london from the end of the month the british capital's transport regulator said the car sharing company lacked corporate responsibility when it comes to public safety and security issues but drivers can still operate while challenges the decision in court bangladesh's prime minister sheikh hasina is aging the u.n. to help refugees return home to me and my aid agencies warned by the end of the year more than half a million children could be refugees in bangladesh four hundred thirty thousand to
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hinder have already fled many in the past month because of the military crackdown in rakhine state. take his army is continuing to hold military exercises near its border with iraq tanks and armored personnel carriers have been deployed near the harbor border gate the drills come just days before iraq's northern kurdish region is expected to hold a referendum on independence. the death toll from mexico's earthquake is riven risen to two hundred seventy three the president believes it still could be people alive in ten buildings that collapsed in tuesday's quake. supporters of catalonia separating from spain are protesting outside a courthouse in barcelona for a third day demanding the release of regional government officials who've been arrested the head of a referendum on independence next month spain's central government says the poll is illegal those are the headlines the news continues but right now it is in search of
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putin's russia.
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russians are famous of a cultural legacy music alley literature art but can tradition and conservatives if the source of stagnation and authoritarian rule. the bond between the state and culture of russia has always been strong too strong for some perhaps . one post said that patriots taken so seriously here that you could be killed for . the communist state was cold totalitarian because the strive to attain total control of russian thought. perhaps what some people take for control and censorship is what the majority sees as an integral part of russian culture.
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the russian film industry pales in comparison to what it used to be in. soviet days which was one of the most profitable sectors of the economy along with oil and both to production. in the mid one nine hundred seventy s. more than a billion cinema tickets were sold annually. almost all of the films the soviet film agency distributed were made in the russian language after the fall of communism opening up to western cultural imports resulted in over eighty percent of films cream coming from america i mean my god i. was. the one who would drive you that shows goodale rather more but. you have to learn risk rituals like that of moscow film festival continue to celebrate russian cinema while keen to imitate western prototypes. i think it's something that's i think. everything.
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that there will. tend to film which seems to be the most controversial and talked about of the program. my good hans is a period piece taking place in germany and the soviet union at the beginning of the second world war. belief well i think sometimes it is your exact moment i've never experienced so much a little bit and the crew. thing . with. the film is controversial because it tells a story of germans and russians cooperating while hitler is conquering western
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europe. the main here it later returns to russia as an invader and. from this point on it's there fishel russian history and it germany and aggressor russia the greatest fighter against an artist. but our german protectionist remembers he was here before as a friend. in the summer of nine hundred thirty nine nazi foreign minister i've been told and star this chief diplomat muller to sign the non-aggression pact and a secret french treaty the second world war started with hitler and stalin dividing europe in spheres of influence with russia's heroic role at the heart of state ideology similar to freedom talk packed is today a thought in putting. communist
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russia the city and in nazi germany where a lot. descended to get invaded poland remaining in the baltic states and. i know that exists in my to both here and it's clear makers of this film were trying to deal with this difficult. where under considerable pressure. whatever battles might be fought over the film's content the film festival party is what it should be a bit of fun and there lively exchange of views. with you to look at you the bulls of most of the kids the most news in the city good. for those years you think would sing the songs in your movie amazing what it is that you're in the book is really a mean you're not going to use those exemptions. i chatted with my
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friends and colleagues i asked the german co-producer of the film simone apartment you can about the ideological problems that needed something in order to secure russian financing this tell us the story. only by his son would show up put that said to you next week i don't like what you write i got here nationally i think they have already any system i have doesn't it. i mean it's been under the if this. seems rather sad. it's a fun time it's going to. publish a number is gasoline is going to learn about we're really. that's good i mean that's something that my grandmother i'm going to be north of one of. the first down of the five. if i am there at the point. now know you're going
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to school. but almost normal. they are serious i congratulate the film's director alexander mitt does with the premier and agree to meet for a chat before the day. we meet in the house of cinema which hasn't changed much since the soviet days and a quarter of a century after the end of the u.s.s.r. it's not only the soviet interiors that have survived here but some soviet political habits as well. alexander became famous already in the soviet period as an innovative scriptwriter he knows
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a thing or two about censorship since the soviet film industry was subjected to it officially. and i thought i knew. lawyers on there. that you don't. need somebody or. do you have st charles moskos to be where you mystery school. absolute. war. keep the. know if. you want to make. a big shiny. three of a body are you. not the witch
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only. be shiny. three of a body. are you when you double your skull though. not double door which. very oddly into three would be. ninety. but the way you. are it should go. you have the whistle most of. the computer you look occlude you. but i knew. you wouldn't as good was. to ensure way you could get should it. would have been the prettiest style which you. could put it in your thumb with a chimp. would you be good. to use the bit with orders to get the bill was more than you'd get through. news much of
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your fresh fortune bashing books good will so even. that wouldn't be. so there's no censorship just friendly advice from an official historian or a political scientist on duty. and public spaces in moscow a full of intellectually learned people no different from that counterparts elsewhere have the modern world. there are public events that have no sign of government control. yet such appearances may be misleading. fair to doc is known for shows that have based on real life stories it believes it's a victim of politically motivated harassment right now it's pain through an out of
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its premises by a bully landlord even though the theater. dog had to subtly invest in what used to be a ruin before it moved it. to finances manisha victoria hold it over has to wind up the account and announce the closure of the venue and i think you know i'm not sure i want to know margaret i see every line she here but the old neighbor the name we hear nation without the good not that you thought. that. we should. be here here i mean you usually in the deep of the people who are supposed to be sure who should just be here but. i know you're there you look i'm sure. i'm trying to understand which has led to the theatre it's a fiction or to. one hundred fifty two reasons not to defend your mother the.
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dangerous title russia today. there's an insolent putin and his dubious friendship is bill's kone as it turns out that play is of the most problematic there are others one on who the crimea really belongs to and one about same sex love is you know before the couple with. lusty you hear cut off maybe at the way. over sixty. it's not the course or the world or it's body thirty six you've got to get over it we're still searching if the rush to washington or snowboarding what's important in the models that she almost yes this venue coolest you go to the first of three score didn't permit it so i think what the image is not the way our store possible thought that most of the thought that was at that office then you know it's just going to start double like this but i may get in there with the closest to life so you can whisper games to me might be
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new zealand. but the most. tell me about your top the one good thing the idea g m a got the wives and their. options the more subjects civil war nobody got the date the brits. victorian sists fifteen at a must not be afraid since it's fear of authority that lead to the dictatorship. yet fear of authority is deeply rooted in russian and for me it is not entirely hidden under the modern western eyes look of some russian cities like you could hear of berg in western siberia.
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the most important source of authoritarian tradition in modern history is the rule of the soviet dictator joseph stalin from the early one nine hundred twenty s. to there in one nine hundred fifty s. millions of innocent people were executed or imprisoned in the so-called gulag a vast system of labor camps officially the government condemns the start and purges and yet it is a sign of the dominant culture of national pride that most people don't want to be reminded of their histories dark chapters. and so perm thirty six the last of the labor camps which only closed in one nine hundred eighty eight is the only original site in this huge country. commemorating stalin's terror. my film crew must stay outside while i join a tour of the museum. where allowed to take
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a few shots with my mobile phone. i'm sure the museum is that effective at capturing what for millions of people was an agonizing experience our literature it painted a more graphic picture in my imagination. to her to see for example on this double bunk. but many had it even worse than that. sleeping rough in subzero temperatures and starving well building they were in shelters. although it's hard to get an exact figure it's estimated that about three million people died of hunger cold exhaustion and related diseases. it's simply mind boggling to think that this system of abominable cruelty and slavery was set up in the name of freedom and justice. on the wall of the prison camp of the score of the race of the
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soviet have and which woke the inmates every morning. the the the. the. the. the the. the. the. the for a decade after the fall of coming russia had a different of them and it was putin to reinstate is it the old soviet town from his to new russia's one. the reference to great stalin however was removed. in the mid to thousands the unique annual event started to take place near
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the camp called pillar armor a major art and culture festival the tree simply was evicted. rock musicians theater groups poets and dancers used to come and dedicate a performance is to the memory of victims of the purges former political prisoners would keep artists company and get a chance to tell their stories. now it's just a modest museum without the hype that artists performers and audiences from all over russia used to bring to it. the government reproached the festival for politicizing the gulag. their eyes huge people who will be put off and still gather around the time the festival used to take place semi spontaneous events like this one dedicated to the victims of the gulag a middle aged by the former festival organizers. victor passed off was a political prisoner at this camp in the one nine hundred seventy s.
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prison conditions were more lenient. he tells us his fascinating story of the victim it is which were considered a threat to the state under communism we never got it works issues just thought we had two of those but i really wish you will always be done i mean really an edge of darkness and thrown no will say of course you have a week in a world you are sure is the rule of thumb will occur but just meet you somewhere just as a chance to hear what we have created will be automated good video for you good to go the soldier's way of mccormick you would move to sleep in the to do with the just as your third was a who you. are now vision was you know you don't regret they were written for bob of course i should bring a. known good magickal clue usual he cocked usually yours and i mastered yours yeah it's already yours not your fault that you're. not additional to you if you
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know who you are you offered work a number of things. i love cook a bit of were memorable to look at about. who were good at the from what you list doorkeepers that. you should see a mushroom over ten years or even with that shit because you're a boarder put his image of lord jesus what he did if you happen to him and that you're the preacher up only then. you can use both of these sort of thing is throwing everything right. move. if you silently store. would you would just. you know while you were at it its owner about your part of your budget which opened with what got your limit be gentle as it is both you and the. group greed you don't want us in peacetime studion to submit to being what i said if you think it. does and i have repeated you are you know much of the matter but yeah gives a shit what do you know you've been pushing much more stick where you come on the
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look that you humans. we on the ship still no more so much as want to feel you cover in your talk so oddly. glowing up what you have corridors of your more. years more you call on me just like there was any more cause i woulda but the more reason i just want to go on that i'm going to produce a q. we should you know go a long way i don't really do it more think you can. die yeah but i saw you got your police you know you were sure. just first guy you come on the professional are you have stylee storm or do you really store care studies not so much you i start a nuclear north korea or you know. you can lie pretty sure yeah i will put up where you are good to go and then you get day on that just for starters actual when you post month are you still on a piece on and i think when you will have peace from
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a lot more because i would yes i know michigan approach you will go to state who are going to get pissed off because you are good for a young kid you may be up with a yearly visit with the war center star in the sense that the king of egypt rests here that it previously. gibberish as much as the bill yet you know there are no good times now has been trying to ship us materially usually immune to something here that within the state you have to go need to. be good it want to tell you that yeah they're pretty similar but all three of them were you more you seem really you don't move you toward sure on one you people not see what bush's you mean you got you know me i was for cool for the. period and much of your thoughts a dog warden troop of thank you probably a man who we do imagine that a skunk at the mere wouldn't know yet he'll rule it wouldn't use a hooded torrent to. get chilly or exertional or hegemon
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a chance to think you more of the one you got not unanimity. don't cook do more could you ma'am i don't know what that the cook morgue. cooked is for him i don't know who the worst was low water at the new place start here was to learn to be circular and go order don't you have notice they are doing it for my girl only i'm a mouse where you please don't negate i'm. going to have a low opinion chairman of the new government your friend he leave you a card with on non-profitable that. visit us few war yet they dish out that. no that's not the high as you mentioned the word on our good new model and you can go through it and you could anybody. you know you could choose good or not smart a lot bro it's a war she said but i knew. what dark. huge genius.
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at the summit got a year in a poll news of. what we know it or not the kind of. boy still. important like it is. when a ph janja smoking a page he is an associate. troll the teacher leader and you know a good teacher tripping user who would you know you're going to you're going to have you know what it's about but sorry. but of course cocoa in the you know and so so forth. personally.
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too often on the streets. are victims but a new force is that plain. female police officers are combative sexual assault and domestic abuse. but changing society is a challenge and so is life behind the badge for india's lead. at this time. and i'm jane dutton and harlots take a quick look at the top toys for the first time in history a north korean leader has released a statement to the world kim jong un has called u.s. president donald trump a barking dog after threatening to destroy north korea kyung yang is now
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considering a hydrogen bomb test in the pacific ocean trump responded on twitter saying kim jong un of north korea's obviously a mad man doesn't mind starving or killing his people well be tested like never before. it will be stripped of its operating license in london from the end of the month the british capital's transport regulator said the car sharing company lacked corporate responsibility when it comes to public safety and security issues but drivers can still operate while challenges the decision in court has more the company has had a string of allegations against involving some of its drivers there have been instances where it's drivers have been accused of sexual sorts and not so long ago member of the metropolitan police who's involved in the taxi business wrote to the
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company saying he was extremely concerned about the way that the company was failing to report all allegations. police in britain of charge an eighteen year old man over bomb attack on a london underground train last week i met her son will face court on attempted murder and explosive offenses thirty people were injured when a homemade explosive device detonated during rush hour bangladesh's prime minister show his senior is urging the un to help wrangle refugees return home to me and my aid agencies warned by the end of the year more than half a million children could be refugees in bangladesh four hundred thirty thousand rangar have already fled in the past month because of the military crackdown in rakhine state supporters of catalonia separating from spain are protesting outside a courthouse in barcelona for a third day they demanding the release of regional government officials who've been arrested ahead of a referendum on independence next month spain's central government says the poll is
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illegal but catalan leaders insist it will go ahead. those are the headlines the news will continue here on al-jazeera but let's go back now to search of huet and russia. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home al-jazeera bringing the news and current affairs that matter to. al-jazeera. i've heard of a former labor camp god who lives in the area i just try to look for and talk to him how does he feel about his suffering through police state inflicted on people
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but i really wish there were a day. more than one. for no no the low the usual you know normally. when i meet him. or her documented. and that's why the former labor camp guard has chosen to retire just next to the place of his former employer. russians are to two tours fit communist past which tolerated no dissent is
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inconsistent. the soviet union was the superpower russia is not. as many russians yearn for their lost greatness their moral evaluation of injustice committed in the days of glory is blurred. i've arrived in the city of turkey the cultural center of the europe mountains on the border between europe and asia. i'm going to attend an interesting
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independently organized conference. on the rule of stalin not in historic rome no apparently the terrifying soviet dictator who has been dead for more than sixty years plays an increasingly dro today. he looked at. the. russian. citizens i've just heard that some people argue that this was a good thing because the victims became martyrs of the russian church necessary for
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the church to continue its deep tradition if i hadn't heard it with my own ears i wouldn't have believed it possible but apparently it's not the trend for them still . yet again the prettiest. girl.
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back in moscow someone i'm proud to consider a friend. once a dissident and a political prisoner in thirty six can get covered was elected to the duma the national parliament after the fall of communism. i knew in just a year. you know. what i'm sure i knew for months of. the year. yeah. good food a good mash. going to see you mean is most are stupid life. is
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bush. sure you. do with. this. book. or stalin of your own in the middle of the week or. oh yeah. pretty sure. you want with that would last. pretty i'm sure.
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like the economic crisis to shadow the totalitarian state is not immediately noticeable in the russian city on a sunny day. long gone as the ideological harris of the twentieth century which would learn to do more in front of a firing squad. but in place of the class in the me society has found new people. for she's. here are going to be first going if they make gonski new york you are probably working for. me is just leadership for me yet you feel this aggressive man just an unbalanced possible. know it is one of the most famous russian politicians from the united russia really. the tally has him peace but said it's been. here
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tonight. i'm sure you have your hand on your. mind what happened here was the most they were going to get when you. yeah yeah yeah i mean you have no idea how much you weigh ok i'm going to tell you that if you're thirty i mean i did not. think about that much i do you don't even understand how i can handle so many guns keep under the man at the first. became famous and popular anti-gay ticket it takes an ultra conservative view. and seize the foundation of his ideology you know the russian orthodox church. and the government.
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is in. i'm sorry i'm sorry i'm sorry it's not. my. days but i can see if you're watching nothing standing here but for a man of such ultra conservative nationalist views long as has an interesting background he speaks several languages lived in europe and used to be a liberal political activist. that it. is night. here at tory. rastan. what with time to get you know. my yearly. progress you can see the guns
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of. august and the court. for many of us every year but got over so much of what you want to do. and you have watched the. first you've got to. stop praise or show. them how. he wrote. the. story is king in the. first. shopper she would either. remotely be true to that list or strict top fund me at the fusion.
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and it's and you think a quick residence a used. car month what you knew would be enough to give me an e.p. and even if. i were going to start. here million i get a new body and you need to and you do were doing the workers are afraid to leech nice but i most atheists for my bugaboo are just like that with of bo with me at the any machine oh yeah yeah it was just an exam was over me i never question private yack use a few that are now b.s. should. chimbo. saudis was restrained by the us. i see here actually one is concerned it comes off because i wish to use the u.s.d.a. she got tory and then asked me upon us. here which. and
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. have lived together for five years and have recently married. i dropped the. parents country house north of. here has a daughter from a previous marriage children are always around this family. experience. it's not an easy one. with them about them though.
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yes. when you. look at the molly also. sees in the yeah. yeah. yeah. i was almost. the woman you but i didn't know. i was the medium i realize i thought. i was busy. but i was it. wasn't. a buzz when i was a new lots of dancing me. another blow was that he was thousand mostly so my but as
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a witch in the whiskey really with us. was how it's loosened the way some of those that guy he was about has any chance in a deal ask i also bring him on a green united team is immediately just as he watches what you see just. as it is suit another when you must and yet produce the idea. that he saw the gun use them and i got dog and i did he's going to bring us the ones are much of a thing is yeah. i see that. street in the rain coming is pretty comparable. and it goes with options to lust but it is still to deal it is is it on the wall or the corner store the rest of the sawdust or the conchita system was in four months that i would hope so e z u d e because it could do in our to be used stores as they should because it's
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about employing you to stay on with the grain shows the stay in the west just exudes the water to your more speed you jamaal of those own the prince of peace. is that is all i get and i must lead. by the usual sirrahs here to go with another word when you sit down for starters and i was stand up pushing them with help of scully but at the cable i get a nickle to the leg and that last thing and i feel as if that it. for reason that this is a seed of the organ or collective. it a global we would you be more forgiving axis than in your lunacy. while some western style liberties are under attack in russia there's
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a class that is liberal culture and enjoying its influence in society and a lavish lifestyle. i was. aware. next to russia's most glamorous official a famous t.v. personality and putin's god daughter fanny assumption is one of the most fashionable intellectuals writer and review editor. nikolai will scoff. irish to talk to him at the offices of his print and web magazine snowmen which caters for well heeled liberals and opinion for. it occupies a loft in one of the capitals most expensive locations.
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yet almost all of this is a scalpel somebody to him but it took more than that means that's the president that i thought of as which unfortunately. there's a subordinate i wish the worst as they can you can see what you meant by just good numbers but you must be rich then when you post was a sham dunk for my wife and i should want to ask you should i put them in the prestigious new commission in the west it was a shame it sensed that i get up so look. like you should not wish to type should not like me just shock you know you usual with my niece because that eventually stepped into the only approach scarier than our first skip doesn't it because he prefers the me man they're voting because so there are more than dumb for now you're in. the shade to tea or really any of them for a list of my other sources i was on the snows of i'm sure you know your thoughts notional so pushed a little trying to move the movement of c.d.'s that's
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a good move but you should all be keep this which seems to be just we see. them straight up beachwood conception of the section of the. storm. itself that if there is more but one of those wishes to alter the liturgies of existential at least by still it a little bit thirty's that is quite possible copying emulates dylan was robust at commission even if it's just in even my commercial come over for your screed you consider it not for coke. but if there was genuine you don't question it yes but you know what chattering is bitter toward the creative steward someone on the road miscellany you pitch your songs mostly when you know with me it was one. and this one you can remember them of which so you had skeels states. statement because there. most folks you know so
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there's a. problem. and it. is but in a day or two states are still. there would. be pretty. problem with. such a book but when i was worthless i simply because it. would be. something broached . in my home city of st petersburg i'm invited to mediate a school conference where students discuss contemporary culture. on my way through i reflect that an entire generation of russians has grown up though personally experience of the soviet union. russia
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is a totally different country from the one i grew up in or is it just your depression is still a city of your. up and you know misunderstanding too you know. you personally where a future school bus or the other just. that there should be any respite in the. new version is to. say. yes. i think it's. money education career family love patriotism. what field over the course of these values for the young in russia today. that's a group but i missed the bus scene you know what for the most the mission it's up on us is the stimulus.
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the anyways about. a car with. thirty min at the shirts are you from what i see is more your speed a problem. and you. got a problem it. is still to show. what the. needs of. your own try to predict of. me so there was blood. banks across the sunday even. if your there is no. source in the group you. know this that's still have
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a great. store and was can i don't get it but i don't know what it's internet or made much of. before embarking on this journey i thought i knew almost everything about my country i was surprised that there was still so much to the. one thing i was confirmed in is that russia sees herself as a civilization apart not necessarily joined confrontation but keenly aware of the difference between herself and everyone else. i found that many things that seem contradictory to outsiders a perfectly logical to russian. people here are not represented in power structures in the way that they are in the west yet most trust say family. more free than the
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citizens of other countries. an overwhelming number of russians support a strong president yet they don't see him as a dictator they need to extol or fear. for a long time i believe that the powers that be here should be more open to criticism . but i also wonder whether the russians will ever be able to respond well to criticism coming from outside of their borders. can russia spirit to what the people expect of it. is a strong and brave enough to overcome the economic social and demographic realities that it has a hard time accepting. those are the questions that i'm still seeking answers to.
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a new level of luxury has arrived. an experience that will transform the way you try. our in a couple service remains but now comes with breaking does a. revolution in business class. the ultra previously the finest. whether conducting business or sharing especially. with things to. assure that. i was. trying so well. centuries in the sky.
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reducing to speak. first to use. cars are always going places together. from one flowing island winds to an enchanting desert breeze. welcome back a look at the weather across the americas and as we look at south america this frontal system is weakening across parts of argentina and uruguay for a few showers across venezuela through towards colombia and some heavy showers
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likely across parts of peru and on into bolivia otherwise santiago in chile is looking dry and fine temperatures then nice into the twenty's and fine conditions across much of the region on saturday with rio seen temperatures in excess of thirty degrees let's move up into the caribbean region obviously the main feature is hurrican marine still see the eye wall also worth points in the through the isthmus we have got some pretty heavy rain affecting parts of honduras for instance boaters or about maria maria is barreling down towards the turks and keiko still a category three storm system still feel very warm waters in this part of the caribbean or though it will eventually pick up the wake from jose further towards the north which might just help a little bit to weaken it so it goes across the turks and cake also affects southeastern parts of the bahamas big storm surges rip currents it really does look particularly vicious here overnight so forty hours or so and that storm surge is the main thing in excess of three meters in places from north america still to the circulation for say give me some big surf along parts of the eastern seaboard. the
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weather sponsored by qatar and race. i just want to make sure all of our audience is on the same page where they're online more to produce to us citizens here than what puts people of iraq going one in the same or if you join us on say i was never put a file been looked at differently because i'm dr that all the people that i'm a lot this is a dialogue tweet us with hash tag a.j. stream and one of your pitches might make the next show join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. zero.


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