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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 22, 2017 5:00pm-5:34pm AST

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peace and security what i will be doing is i will mobilize all of my energy to make sure that by the end of twenty seventeen. we have started establishing dialogue with the armed groups and struct implementing the national d.d.r. program the firmness of my commitment is without doubt. the less whilst we're having this dialogue we all know that the state has to continue functioning and in particular the state has to continue ensuring the safety and security of all of its citizens the efforts in the deployment of our army and security people. appropriate means we're doing that and that is why i would like to on behalf of my people invite in the most solemn manner to counsel the political order to all of the united nations which is intrusted with ensuring international business security to use means and ways it has in order to ease the conditions of equipment of
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our security and the fence forces to create the conditions for the restoration of peace and security and the central african republic and therefore consolidate our democracy when it comes to political administrative and financial governance governance we are going to. strengthen our dialogue all the national actors and provide. political support to the implementation of the roadmap for peace and reconciliation in our country our most ardent wish is to be able to conclude this dialogue and twenty seventeen so. they knew the year be the year of prospects and peace in this regard i call upon the african union. and they. are. swiftly and accelerated their deliberations of the facilitation panel. i'm. going to commit myself to the work in the area of justice your.
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preparations and for the implementation of transitional justice as should enable us to make the year twenty eighteen here where we do that and therefore our citizens will have an opportunity to talk to each other in a candid way and to make truth come out and decide to move forward to words a brighter future distinguished ladies and gentlemen briefly speaking this. situation this is the work that we're doing. constantly for peace reconciliation the reconstruction of the central african republic. and my commitment to peace and security is for on the other hand i'm sure you know those central african state has limited capacity today. in addition to
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our own weaknesses we deplore the fact that even the staffing of is not sufficient in order to protect all of our civilians the heightened security threats linked to the violence from armed groups. provisions need to be made to make sure that the crisis does not become general in nature. i've already pleaded for the easement of the equipment conditions for our army and. i also called in the international community to increase the military staffing. given the immense territory we have to cover i also ask that a mandate which is very soon will expire bill rereviewed and strengthens so as to help the legitimate country of the country to rig. the control of those areas which have natural resources wanted by several. groups beyond control i would like to express the gratitude of several african people to the brotherly countries who send
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peacekeepers. to my country and i pay tribute to the memory of those who perished as they were conducting their noble and dangerous mission of peace i wish every success to be i would deliberations and thank you for the opportunity to speak to you of my country central african republic thank you very much. and if you've just joined us welcome we've been listening to the president of central african republic foster not chango to adare addressing the general assembly he spoke about peace and rebuilding the army to make it more professional he wants to help promote peace and security and lasting development and he was telling us that there are fourteen armed groups involved in the reconciliation process i can just remind you that he was voted in last year and the country has been experiencing violence since two thousand and thirteen that fighting continues today it's bring in our u.n. correspondent roslyn jordan she joins us now say he was really trying to sell the
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fact that the pressure is on in the country to promote peace despite that despite seeing the fighting that is still ongoing. that's right the point that. i wanted to stress to the u.n. general assembly is that his country is very much on a tight edge that the country is only under the control of the government just about thirty percent of it the rest of it is under the control of rebel groups either. forces and it's goes groups that have led to the displacement of at least a half million people within the country and have forced many others to plea to neighboring countries in search of safety one of the things which. stressed is the ongoing efforts despite those problems to try to build on
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a peace agreement a very nascent peace agreement in order to try to bring stability back to the country of course. this cannot be done just by the government alone that there is much international assistance that is required assistance from the african union assistance from the united nations and to that point he is asking for an additional three hundred to four hundred peacekeepers to join minu which is the peacekeeping operation there in the central african republic in order to help stabilize the country it's a very long and torturous process but the president told the general assembly that the commitment and the political will are there in order to stabilize his country and to bring peace and make it possible for people to return to their homes and live out their dreams all right thanks for that. background on the conflict in
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central african republic. the people of the central african republic have become used to violence for months now and bria thousands have been forced to live in self-made camps after renewed fighting between rival muslim and christian groups the soldiers of the u.n. struggling to contain a four year old conflict that's never been resolved. that what happened here was terrible we were forced to bring our children here where they sleep like animals because of the fighting always gunshots we hardly have anything to eat we have no access to health care our houses were burnt down we have nothing. but tensions go back to twenty thirteen went into religious and ethnic violence broke out. thousands died as a muslim and christian warlords battled for power and money. now a nation that's grown too used to grief threatens to again spiral out of control.
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since may fighting has escalated and it's not just between religions but different factions within the groups hundreds have died and more than a million people have either fled the country or been displaced inside it the international community is struggling to find a solution. u.n. troops were brought in to keep the peace have lost their lives three moroccan soldiers the most recent to be ambushed and killed in july the u.n. says more troops are needed to deal with the upsurge in violence there were in their village they were in their cities they were in their houses and today after those attacks that the tragedy and the population here is a hostage of armed groups and less we are able to reverse the trend and alice we are able to change the situation for them. divided and paul central african republic problems reflects years of conflict and mismanagement france ended its
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peacekeeping mission to its former colony last year while confidence in the un's forces has been damaged by allegations of widespread sexual abuse despite the presence of troops the central government is too weak to control the armed groups outside the capital it warns that if un forces are bolstered soon the country could again descend into chaos duncan crawford al-jazeera. britain's prime minister has proposed a two year transitional deal after the u.k. leaves the european union to reserve. is with europe's leaders in italy on future ties between the u.k. and the european union she says breaks it does not mean the u.k. is no longer a family member of the e.u. britain is scheduled to leave the in march two thousand and nineteen speech
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emphasized shared goals a strong partnership and a fairer divorce deal. it does not mean that we are no longer a proud member of the family of european nations and it does not mean we are turning our back on europe or worse that we do not wish europe to succeed the you to succeed. the success of the e.u. is profoundly in our national interest and that of the wider world but having made this choice the question now is whether we the leaders of britain and of the member states and institutions can demonstrate that creativity that innovation that ambition that we need to shape a new partnership to the benefit of all our people are joining us is new barker year is in florence listening to that speech tell us more about the plan. well they were full of creative ideas as to reason i kept repeating full of optimism
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another word that she used multiple times throughout the course of her speech but what she essentially focused on though was a a series of possible arrangements a wish list is probably the best way to describe it covering everything from new economic arrangements when she made clear would not be along the same kind of lines as currently exist between canada and the e.u. legal arrangements to the where the u.k. courts nor the european court of justice would have the final say on legal disputes for instance between the e.u. and the u.k. also new arrangements between the e.u. and britain when it comes to defense and security without though going into any great details specifics about how these new arrangements will work she just said that more work more to go she ations needs to happen between the u.k. and the e.u. going forward but crucially perhaps the the focal point of this speech is that decision to provide that transition period of two years allowing for there to be
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more of a break since sloped rather than a steep cliff edge she hoped that that would provide a degree of certainty particularly for britain's business world the financial district in the city of london who are worried about a sudden about turn it will allow businesses to prepare for britain's departure from the e.u. and to reason may believe that that is a good freight thing but of course for people who voted for brics it means that five years after the referendum britain will still largely be under a huge jurisdiction and it seems that you wanted to hold on to much of what britain will be leaving when they leave the e.u. and i'm just wondering how this will go down in europe and how it's likely to play out in parliament back. it was he has a fractured and divided parliament even in the build up ahead of this speech we saw the likes of boys johnson foreign minister writing a four thousand word blueprint for how he thought it should be very much
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a heart breaks that she seems to have overcome at least for the sake of the speech those a media division's but it's hard to imagine that behind the scenes those differences of opinion on how brics it should unfold likely to persist and continue in terms of the european perspective we are expecting for young called younger the european commission president to speak very very soon they've been watching this very very closely indeed i think that they will reflect in very much the same way people here in italy of hearing their speeches somewhat of a wish list a set of proposals with where in reality concrete steps are really needed and really want people in brussels are looking for all right thank you. for the first time in history a north korean leader has released a statement to the world in a to kim jong un directly takes aim at u.s. president donald trump calling him deranged a gangster playing with fire and a barking dog has also threatened to test
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a hydrogen bomb in the pacific ocean kathy novak reports from seoul. inflammatory threats from north korea are not unusual but it is rare for the leader kim jong un to issue a statement himself. it was read out on state television along with a photo of the leader responding to donald trump's speech to the u.n. in which he threatened to totally destroy the democratic people's republic of korea or d p r k kim called the us president's behavior mentally deranged and said now that trump has denied the existence of and insulted me and my country in front of the eyes of the world and made the most ferocious declaration of war in history that he would destroy the d.p. r. k. we will consider with seriousness exercising of a karst funding highest level of hardline countermeasure in history as to what that countermeasure might be his foreign minister in new york had this suggestion you do
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i think it could be a hydrogen bomb test on the ground of an unprecedented scale in the pacific ocean. there hasn't been an underwater or atmospheric nuclear test in decades they are banned under several treaties considered just too dangerous for people and the environment there was immediate condemnation from the two countries in the region likely to be most at risk from a north korean attack to pen and south korea. north korea's remarks and behavior provocative to regional and international security and they are absolutely unacceptable. north korea should immediately stop its direct least provoke ations that will lead itself to isolation and collapse. but kim jong un says trump's remarks convinced him that he chose the correct path and must continue to follow it south korea's president used his speech to the u.n.
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to repeat that his country does not desire the collapse of north korea and to insist that there will not be war again on the korean peninsula he says the situation must be stable the managed so that tensions will not become overly intensified and so that accidental military clashes do not destroy peace kathy novak al jazeera soul still ahead on al-jazeera a grim report for bringing the children skate in violence in manama many are likely to end up as orphans. welcome back as we look at weather conditions across southern parts of china and indochina main feature is the heavy rain we've seen across these southern areas southern parts of china seen some particularly heavy rainfall and we've also had problems across laos and through into miramar and indeed parts of thailand to some
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very heavy rain still some showers here b.m.r. looks particularly wet otherwise weather conditions not too bad may see thought share affecting hong kong because it head on through into sunday is looking particularly warm across taiwan with thirty seven as a nice one for taipei let's head across into south asia and here you can see the cloud across central areas and if i had some very heavy rain here too and that area of plate is moving towards the north so a heavy rain affecting delhi likely to ease off slightly as we head through saturday and then as we get through into sunday that rain continues to ease across the region find additions across pakistan further south mumbai seen some dry weather returning we're losing some of the rain for the time being across the western ghats here in the arabian peninsula still pretty warm in doha highs of thirty nine maybe not quite as humans it has been not much in it already well the other side the potential is very dry heat with temperatures of forty two in mecca and medina we should get a dry high of forty three degrees. i
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just want to make sure all of our audience is on the same page where they're online what pollutes the u.s. citizens here and what pollutes people of iraq the one and the same for you join us on sat i was never put a file been looked at differently because i'm darker than all the people that i'm alive is a dialogue tweet us with hash tag a.j. stream and one of your pitches might make that show join the global conversation. this time on al-jazeera.
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today watching al-jazeera mind of our top stories the president of central african republic has condemned what he describes as senseless violence in his country. to address the u.n. general assembly and call for more efforts for peace and to heal divisions. britain's prime minister has proposed a two year transition deal after the u.k. leaves the european union to resume a told e.u. leaders in italy that britain is determined to maintain a strong partnership with a bloc. for the first time in history a north korean leader has released a statement to the world kim jong un has called us president dog. barking dog off to threaten to destroy north korea jonghyun is now considering a hydrogen bomb test in the pacific ocean. going to dish as prime minister sheikh hasina made a plea to the un to help the rangar refugees return home to me and more than four
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hundred thirty thousand fled me and in the past month due to a military crackdown in rick. kind state. what i want to first me and mom must unconditionally stop the violence and the practice of ethnic cleansing in the rakhine state immediately and forever secondly secretary general of the united nations should immediately send a fact finding mission to me and mar third also billions irrespective of religion and ethnicity must be protected in me and mark for that saves zones could be created inside me and under un supervision for ensure sustainable return of all forcibly displaced in bangladesh to their homes in me and mark turner who has more from the rangar camp in cox is bizarre. as the numbers continue to grow this is the message bangladesh wants its people and the world to see one of human kindness and
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asking for all the help it can get but the government has made no secret of the fact that it wants these refugees to return to me as soon as possible and among the calls made by prime minister sheikh hasina at the un general assembly was for safe zones to be set up inside me and mark policed by the un so that these people can return to their homeland in safety security and dignity well this is one of several makeshift camps set up on the bangladesh side of the border to house these hundreds of thousands of refugees i asked some of them what they made of the prime minister's idea. we will go back to myanmar only if they give us id cards but we won't go to a saves we want peace and we want to go back to our own assess. i came here ten days ago i am willing to go back to myanmar only if there is peace the soldiers burn our homes they killed my husband and two sons so no we don't want
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to go back now with things as they are the kinds of things you routinely hear described killings beatings burned villages and rape make it unsurprising that few people want to go back now they may have no homes to go back to but what so many among this stateless people seem to crave is citizenship is a place in which they belong and that's something that un safe zones are not going to provide aid agencies warn by the end of the year more than half a million rangar children could be refugees in bangladesh. caught up along in bangladesh. asking for money from strangers is no easy task when you have never done it before it's especially difficult when you are a child just a week ago was playing in the fields near her home in myanmar is reckoned state unaware of the dangers to come but then masked men set her house on fire killing her parents she travelled alone to bangladesh here
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a former neighbor took her under her care. i miss my mother had such hugs i miss her cooking i miss the way my parents made me feel she is not alone according to the aid agency save the children a thousand running the children have either been separated from their parents or orphaned and what the un describes as textbook ethnic cleansing by mean more security forces. for decades now mean mars government refuses to allow ring of children in state run schools. they're denied access to government run medical facilities they live in poor conditions segregated from others and their recent experience appears to have brought the ring get closer they look after each other with. my concern is that she doesn't end up being exploited by sex trafficking people trying to use her she's smart and she's now part of my family. there are
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brief moments of fun but for the most part running the children have to act like adults they work build homes and search for food. this is the hardest part of the day for. and all the others here she is going to have to compete with adults other children to try to get a small bag of rice and lend and that will be their meal for the day. in the chaos she fails to get a ration she returns to her tent empty handed and alone. this is the start of a new life as a ten year old refugee in a foreign land nicholas hawke al-jazeera could to prolong bangladesh. writes kurdish leader massoud barzani has been addressing his supporters in the france or hariri stadium in arab oil and he's been saying that despite international and
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regional concerns and pressures not to go ahead with a referendum that will pave the way for independence i could pave the way for independence he's going to go ahead he also said that we are ready for serious dialogue with the federal government in baghdad but only after the real referendum and he said we are ready to cooperate with the iraqi army and fight i saw you also said that we're not trying to force a new reality we want the referendum to be the start of real negotiations to draw new borders and call for independence referendum will happen so up to me or to any party to stop it anymore and that is likely to go ahead on the twenty fifth we'll give you more lines if and when they cannot. the u.n. humanitarian coordinator in yemen says the conflict has unleashed an unprecedented cholera epidemic jamie says the country is facing the largest humanitarian crisis in the world it's totally catastrophe that's facing yemen as we see today the
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figures in the facts speak for themselves to know have years of conflict of unleashed on president called an epidemic and seen deplorable tykes against civilians and civilian infrastructure and has transformed yemen into the wash the largest humanitarian crisis known the u.n. chief antonio terrace has been urging world leaders at the un general assembly to do more to end the suffering so that in a hundred ports. more than a thousand people live here in the village of my crew there and the waste of human most of them in shelters like these subway have bashed lives and one of them with nine members of his family a family that relies almost entirely on the young boy to survive he's managed to make money from finding and selling plastic water containers it really makes much. it's hard trying to find something we never have enough never enough never enough
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water last time who got help was no more than we have nothing. the war in yemen pits who three rebels from the north backed by iran and troops loyal to former president ali abdullah saleh against a good many government forces they supported by is strikes from a saudi led coalition nearly two and a half years of fighting has left yemen on the brink of collapse. already the poorest country in the gulf when the war began it's made the crisis much much worse a crippled infrastructure abject poverty seven million people on the brink of famine and since i pulled the world's worst outbreak of cholera clean drinking water it's issues here. we never have enough to drink this woman says her family is one of hundreds who rely on water deliveries when they come people
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here say there's never enough water to go around and. there's not a single drop of clean water here everyone here is sick with cholera now. who the rebels and they realize control more than sixty percent of the country including the capital santa and the village. lives that means it's a potential target for saudi led coalition is strikes while that's a concern so was finding the next meal well. we can't find jobs i have six children and i don't know what i can do to feed them we need one day and stay hungry the next year the u.n. accuses both sides of committing atrocities and breaking the rules of war and urges all sides to end the conflict. you when leaders in new york describe humans war as an entirely manmade catastrophe millions of human uses suffer the
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consequences every day maybe on one hand held disease. let's go back to barzani in braille i got a few more lines to give to you he said that our peshmerga forces sacrificed so much in the fight against eisel despite all the efforts the federal government stops supporting the peshmerga that have sacrificed so much will keep sacrificing for the sake of our independence we can no longer continue with the federal government in baghdad is the referendum is not to draw. new borders it's to confer confirm and insist on a right for independence we are ready to negotiate on the green line that will be the borders that will separate us from iraq i tell the world leave the kurds let the kurds express their own right and decide over the independent so i think we get the picture from him that regardless of what happens or what's been said and the pressure is put on him that the referendum is going to go ahead on the twenty fifth .
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turkey's army is continuing to hold military exercises near its border with iraq tanks and armored personnel carriers have been deployed now they have border gate the drills come just days before iraq's northern kurdish region is expected to hold a referendum on independence. kenya's president says a court ruling that an oldies election victory last month is a coup kenyatta says the supreme court has stolen democracy from the people the court blames the electoral commission for cancelling the results a new vote will not take place on october the twenty six. france's president chronos signed a decree overhauling labor laws the measures which have triggered mass protests make it easier for companies to hire and fire staff micron's government has promised to cut unemployment from its current nine point five percent to seven percent in five years he had campaigned on a reformist platform during may's presidential election.
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these are the top stories on al-jazeera the president of central african republic has condemned what he describes as senseless violence in his country fast and chang a two adar address the un general assembly and called for more efforts for peace and to heal divisions. we deplore the violation of armed groups of their commitment to immediately cease hostilities through out the national territory my government and reserve will condemn. this kind of senseless violence which continues impacting innocent civilians. britain's prime minister has proposed a two year transitional deal after the u.k. leaves the european union to resume a told european leaders in italy that britain is determined to maintain a strong partnership with a bloc the u.k. is scheduled to leave the e.u.
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in march two thousand and nineteen. the president of iraq's kurdish region insists a referendum on independence will go ahead on september the twenty fifth as planned that's despite international demands to call it off but it was only says the vote is not to draw new borders but to confirm and insist on kurds right for independence for the first time in history a north korean leader has released a statement to the world kim jong un has called u.s. president donald trump a barking dog after he threatened to destroy north korea pyongyang is now considering a hydrogen bomb test in the pacific ocean going to dishes prime minister sheikh hasina urging the u.n. to help bring refugees return home to me and my aid agencies warned by the end of the year more than half a million children could be refugees in bangladesh four hundred thirty thousand rangar of ready fled in the past month because of the military crackdown in rakhine state it will be stripped of its operating license in london from the end of the
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month the british capital's transport regulators said the car sharing company lacked corporate responsibility when it comes to public safety and security issues but drivers can still operate while challenges the decision in court those are the headlines and news continues but now it is the stream. germany is electing a new parliament poll suggests angela merkel is poised to win a fourth. of europe's largest economy with crises in the e.u. and president trump in the white house. called the leader of the free world but the voters here. as germany decides. what's really happening to the rest has been an international course of condemnation of the violence carried out against them but the government of myanmar
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insists the crisis is now improving al-jazeera has been on the story today we're live on you tube and we'll be taking your questions for al jazeera journalists.


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