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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 22, 2017 7:00pm-7:33pm AST

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one of the women who crossed the world for love and stayed to change a community. at this time on al-jazeera. on counting the cost germany's outlook it's europe's largest manufacturing economy but is it in the slow lane when it comes to the digital economy we'll talk to swiss re about insuring for climate change plus can we stop companies from using our internet data without. counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera. kim jong un and donald trump trade insults as north korea threatens to test a hydrogen bomb in the pacific. and i think this is out there and live from london also coming up in the program to
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resume a says she wants a two year transition period britain believes the european union in a speech aimed at breaking the brics it's deadlock. the death toll keeps rising after mexico's massive earthquake there rescuers continue to pull survivors from the rubble. and london stripped of its license to operate in a major blow to the right painting. so u.s. president donald trump has branded north korean leader kim jong as a madman who doesn't mind starving or killing its people in the latest escalation in their war of words it is in response to kim's official statement calling trump deranged a gangster playing with fire and a barking dog the north is also threatening to test a hydrogen bomb in the pacific ocean the novak has more now from the south korean capital seoul. inflammatory threats from north korea are not unusual but it is
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rare for the leader kim jong un to issue a statement himself. it was read out on state television along with a photo of the leader responding to donald trump's speech to the u.n. in which he threatened to totally destroy the democratic people's republic of korea or d p r k kim called the us president's behavior mentally deranged and said now that trump has denied the existence of and insulted me and my country in front of the eyes of the world and made the most ferocious declaration of war in history that he would destroy the d.p. r. k. we will consider with seriousness exercising of a karst funding highest level of hardline countermeasure in history as to what that countermeasure might be his foreign minister in new york had this suggestion you did i think it could be a hydrogen bomb test on the ground of an unprecedented scale in the pacific ocean.
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there hasn't been an underwater or atmospheric nuclear test in decades they are banned under several treaties considered just too dangerous for people and the environment there was immediate condemnation from the two countries in the region likely to be most at risk from a north korean attack japan and south korea. north korea's remarks and behavior provocative to regional and international security and they are absolutely unacceptable. north korea should immediately stop its direct least provoke ations that will lead itself to isolation and collapse. but kim jong un says trump's remarks convinced him that he chose the correct path and must continue to follow it south korea's president and used his speech to the u.n. to repeat that his country does not desire the collapse of north korea and to insist that there will not be war again on the korean peninsula he says the
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situation must be stable the managed so that tensions will not become overly intensified and so that accidental military clashes do not destroy peace calving know that al jazeera. or kim jong un is also cause a stir on the internet with his use of the unusual word hard to describe twice in this statement it turns out that kim's command of old english is better than you might expect taught as a fourteenth century term describing somebody who's mentally weak owing to old age and surprisingly tired is no trending on twitter. well ninety percent of north korea's trade is with china and beijing is under intense pressure from the u.s. to take a tougher line with pyongyang over its missile tests were chinese officials are able to maintain some un sanctions against the regime but the foreign ministry denies claims by the u.s. president the chinese banks have been ordered to cease doing business with north korea brown has more now from beijing. so once more confusion the foreign
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ministry official was also asked about the continuing war of words between kim jong un and president donald trump he said that china doesn't comment on such rhetoric and he urged all sides not to in his words stimulate the situation on the north korean peninsula there's no doubt that the united states believes that china can do more to rein in financial institutions and trading companies that it believes are facilitating transactions with organizations entities in north korea that have links to the country's nuclear and missile program and he wants china to do more china of course is also conscious that the united states may well target or even blacklist a major chinese bank and less china does what washington wants but at the moment china knows that it can't resolve the crisis on the korean peninsula alone but it also knows it's running out of options well there are the president says his
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country will strengthen its missile capabilities and does not need to seek permission to do so president hassan rouhani made the comments while addressing the armed forces parade in toronto where he also promised to continue to build a national military forces it comes as the town's name in news agency reported that iran has unveiled a new bill istic missile with a range of two thousand kilometers capable of carrying several warheads. now britain's prime minister has proposed a two year transition period after the u.k. leaves the european union in a speech delivered in florence in italy aimed at breaking the deadlock over brics it through the maze said she wants britain to be allowed to stay in the e.u. single market during that time and she promises britain will honor its budget commitments until it showed your departure date of march two thousand and nineteen
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she also promised to guarantee the rights of e.u. citizens posed in law but on trade may warned that remaining a member of the european economic area would not suit britain and neither would a canadian style trade deal instead she called for a bold new strategic agreement let's not seek merely to adopt a model already enjoyed by other countries instead let us be creative as well as practical and designing an ambitious economic partnership which respects the freedoms and principles of the e.u. and the wishes of the british people and i believe there are good reasons for this level of optimism and ambition but the chief negotiator michel barnier has praised may's speech for showing a constructive spirit but called on her to translate it into a precise negotiating position algeria's needs barkha sent this update from florence. ahead of the speech british officials billed as an iconic moment for to resume
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a and for brics it is an opportunity for her to set forth her blueprint for brakes it going forward i think having listened to the speech though it was more of a wish list most of it at least she talks about the need for special arrangements between the e.u. and the u.k. when it comes to economic arrangements going forward legal security and defense arrangements as well we're talking about the legal aspects of things she said if there are disputes in the future between the u.k. and the e.u. neither the european court of justice nor british courts really have any jurisdiction so something new would need to be developed is exactly these kind of vague idea is that of infuriated to reason may's critics in the u.k. and also in brussels they want some concrete proposals and solutions perhaps though the most concrete idea was the idea of this two year transition period so in march two thousand and nineteen when brics it begins with the u.k. leaves the e.u. there will be a two year period of adjustment more of a break slope than
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a breaks it cliff edge this set to reason may will be good for business it will allow businesses to prepare it be good for the e.u. because the u.k. is promising to continue paying some degree of financial support to the e.u. during that period but when it comes to specifics there are still a lot of question marks we're waiting now to hear more brussels had to say in response to this or let's get more now from our u.k. correspondent barnaby phillips who's standing by for us in westminster abbey still a lot of questions. yes i mean the prime minister has an old most impossible toss nic to try and block the log jam in british e.u. talks to try and keep everybody happy and to try and say something substantive at the same time that was all always an enormous challenge i'll bring in an expert analyst at this point his name is in doesn't at a time of politics talk u.k.
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. and. somebody like you who is that brics it is potentially a very bad thing for britain are you comforted by this idea that to resume a has outlined today of a transition period in which we sort of build most members right up to twenty twenty one you know this is an improvement. to me is a time capacity problem don't have been the goetia to get past the and we do not have the time to negotiate the current account brands of trade do through them i was talking about you know kind of their i mean kind of the canadian do which came online that took seven years where service is economy so it is much harder to negotiate in goods made into was mostly about goods so we've been looking at that kind of time frame what was always to sunny was looking at this to you is set by the europeans i think as a punishment mechanism really to dissuade anyone from trying to be in the youth easy as and with which that was embraced by the conservative government now today they sign up to a more realistic timetable that putting it forward will basically be negotiating
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for another three years my guess is at the end of those three years the need to extend it once again and we're going to get stuck so she's kicking a can down the road you can be kicking the can down the road so i mean now it's you know in the political the mention leaves them remain as are arguing about who's coming off best the truth is this just means we're going to have more rounds people punch more than other and so you know right since twenty twenty one and probably further on than that but my my judgment of political reaction here in westminster this often is that remain as are a lot happier than leave those who are crying the trail this is not what you voted . what we voted for we want out i think the leadership really take a little bit more solace than that actually the truth is if you didn't do anything to address what was going to happen in twenty nineteen march twenty nineteen we're going to go off the cliff edge any government with even a trace of sanity would have got to about november of next year looked at the cliff edge look to what the consequences would be economically politically in terms of its reputation around the world. and you decided to remain over have extended
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article fifty what happened today doesn't mean that we're going to be stuck in the situation realistically on the ground everything the twenty's as it is but technically legally we are much more likely to leave the e.u. and a year and a half's time than we were this morning so i don't think that they should be quite so upset i think ultimately all that's happened here is there's more time for everyone's of thoughts about this rather than one sort of the other winning a decisive victory which was made faces an incredibly difficult situation what was her priority today to encourage europeans to move the talks forward or to keep peace in her own party in her own cabinet really what you needed to do was buy time without losing her own cabinet she managed to do that and the second part was to really try to get past the first phase of negotiation the europeans have this look on the first phase which is you need to talk about money before we talk about anything else is really good reason for that u.k. is a net contributor to the e.u. budget if it leaves countries like poland to either get less countries like germany have to pay more that is a major issue for the europeans so they are basically creating
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a system where britain was going to have to promise quite a bit of cash before it got to talk about the stuff that it wanted to talk about she made the promise in a she was almost exactly the language that brussels was asking for is whispering the secret password to open the door the door should now still not into any settlement should now start to open she should get to talk about other things however i would predict that the rest of the year we spent talking about the terms of transition rather than where we're going to end up off the transition in dump of politics thank you very much well we'll have to see because those brits it talks of course due to resume on monday of next week or about a week thanks very much today that's picture from westminster bonamy phillips. british police have charged a man with attempted murder after last week's bombing of a london underground train which left thirty people injured eighteen year old ahmed hassan has was also charged with using explosives the attack in parsons green in west london is the fifth attack in the united kingdom in just six months earlier two other men who had been arrested in connection with the attack were released
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without charge four other suspects are still in custody. after lashing puerto rico and knocking out of arc maria moves on to the texan cake of. the united nations pushes back against claims it is not doing enough to prevent sexual exploitation and abuse committed by its peacekeepers. welcome back as we look at weather conditions across southern parts of china and indochina main feature is the heavy rain we've seen across these southern areas southern parts of china seen some particularly heavy rainfall and we've also had problems across laos and through into miramar and indeed parts of thailand to some very heavy rain still some showers here miramar looks particularly wet otherwise
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weather conditions not too bad may see thought share affecting hong kong as it head on through into sunday is looking particularly warm across taiwan with thirty seven as a nice one for taipei let's head across into south asia and here you can see the cloud across central areas and if i had some very heavy rain here to. area of play it is moving towards the north heavy rain affecting delhi likely to ease off slightly as we head through saturday and then as we get through into sunday that rain continues to ease across the region conditions across pakistan further south mumbai seen some dry weather returning we're losing some of the rain for the time being across the western ghats here in the arabian peninsula still pretty warm in doha highs or thirty nine maybe not quite as he would say that has been not much in it already well the other side the potential is very dry heat with temperatures of forty two in mecca and medina we should get a dry high of forty three degrees. the
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centenarians of italy one hundred years old and counting when you told me that people like these a new lease of these you think that you want to be seventy five something about this area is helping young devotee of life i mean here is not a trend here is what you have don't have here of. the last. techno this time on old jersey right. and again a reminder the top stories here on al-jazeera and the leaders of north korea and the united states are engaged in
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a war of words donald trump has branded kim jong un a madman three called the u.s. president deranged in a boxing dog. north korea is also threatening to test a hydrogen bomb in the pacific ocean which would be the first underwater all atmospheric nuclear test in decades. and britain's prime minister has delivered a major policy speech in florence proposing a two year transition period after the u.k. leaves the european union. rescuers in mexico are still pulling survivors from the rubble of choose the quake as the search into full day officials say it is still a rescue rather than a recovery operation and they're hopeful of finding more people alive two hundred eighty six people are now confirmed dead after the seven point one by conchita quake many of you lost everything you will have to rebuild their lives from scratch . is in the town of jordan ninety kilometers south of mexico city one of the places worst hits. martyr contrary is felt she had to be here as
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they pulled apart the place she's called home for more than fifty years. so badly damaged in tuesday's earthquake the building was in such a dangerous condition she couldn't recover anything but a previous life. is what she wears. i've lived here more than fifty years it's terrible i can find no comfort i keep crying i have not eaten it just feels like a nightmare i i just can't. turn center of all who didn't fare well in the tremor and just moments buildings which it stood for decades were gone others badly damaged. some people managed to grab what they could others could only watch as diggers pulled apart the remains of ordinary lives changed forever this street which is just reopened gives you an idea of the random nature of the damage caused by earthquakes this house here very little damage a few bricks missing above the gallery door but just next door you can see gaping
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holes in the walls all the way up to the roof a lot of the frontage is fallen into the street the damage here is so bad that this house will probably have to be pulled down. on the edge of the turn they set up a camp for those who have nowhere to go to try to make it comfortable but you wouldn't call home. everyone works together to fill the trucks that regularly pool and this takes aid to those in times further away and those who simply won't leave home. so helicity hello didn't know what to do when the quake hit she's due to give birth any day for the moment that has to be the priority. and they helped me with some for me some diapers and clothes for my baby we left our house with nothing we barely managed to grab importance documents i'm afraid to return home it's badly damaged. but turn of a who will rebuild in some ways that's an easy fix and years to come the on. the scars will be those in the hearts and minds of people who've lost everything.
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harkat marrier is currently heading towards the texan keiko silence after causing death and destruction across the caribbean the storm has already killed at least thirty two people in dominique a quad loop the virgin islands and puerto rico is currently a category three hurricane. well puerto rico is picking up the pieces. the switch is strongest as we decide to hit the u.s. territory in one thousand years u.s. president ali trying to describe the island is totally obliterated and has promised to visit travel to the coastal town of los pianists east of the capital san juan one of the area's worst hit. the mare of four to rico's capital says the san juan he knows is gone and as we left the city it's not hard to see why entire neighborhoods ringed gulf with floodwaters even as residents patiently wait in traffic jams to head into the city to buy provisions or make contact with loved ones many roads here remain flooded. in nearby louisa the damage is extensive
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really hard of came from everywhere oscar ramiro has been through powerful hurricanes before but says maria it was terrifying he took shelter with his family but his home was wrecked and rebuilding isn't something many here can afford. i don't know what the world will say is they going anybody want some little help whatever so they give us some help will rebuild we've got a we go we were going all the place to go in last been eunice on puerto rico's coast many have lost everything local resident peterson dollars is one of a few volunteers offering comfort water and transport to safer locations you know i didn't lose anything with just you know water you know got i got in my house and stuff like that and i my friends got out from the military truck and came in pick me up when i would just start here you know how about no life has been left untouched by hurricane maria the sheer scale of the damage is almost too much to
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process and this community is normally a short drive from san juan but right now it feels completely cut off and here's something else to bear in mind there is no power across the entire island no mobile phone coverage so people can't talk to each other and government help or residents here are being told they simply going to have to wait it's a wait that worries many desperately in need of help. they said that we're not going to police our government when anything like for three days until they communicate with their family and do everything through that then they proceed to hit the states move everything if everything goes back to. puerto rico remains in a state of crisis. all most know is that recovery will be painstakingly slow and we got a crowd is there a lost been eunice puerto rico. the united nations is again rejected on occasions is not doing enough to prevent his peacekeepers from committing sexual assault al-jazeera as u.n. correspondent roseman jordan has more on the charges and the u.n. troops won't for years the u.n.
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has been accused of ignoring sexual exploitation and abuse committed by its peacekeepers in the democratic republic of the congo one hundred fifty four peacekeepers have been accused of sexual misconduct since two thousand and ten and just this year the republic of congo decided to withdraw its six hundred thirty troops from the central african republic this following serious concerns over performance gaps in equipment and conduct including sexual exploitation and abuse allegations during a speech on monday the u.n. secretary general antonio good better said it's long past time to fix the problem no country no easy solution and no family is immune from sexual exploitation and abuse but three years united nations have a unique responsibility to set the global standards for preventing responding and the ready casing the scorch and addressing it seemed backed effectively humanely
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and justly. the chief spokesperson for the u.n. peacekeeping operations tells al-jazeera the problem can't be solved by the organization alone but reforms are being implemented we have redoubled our efforts with the membership to try to ensure proper follow up and the membership is responding the the percentage of responses that we get to our queries as to what has actually occurred in individual cases has gone up dramatically in the last couple of years and this may be a product of some of the definitive action we take in and withholding payments and repatriating individual units and showing with action that we in peacekeeping take this matter seriously but the bottom line is that member states are taking it seriously human rights groups say the u.n. is spouting platitudes peacekeepers are getting away with their crimes and they say the victims mostly teenage girls and their children are suffering as a result it's more like they're treating the symptoms rather than actually treating the underlying cause of the problem and that causes the problems that the u.n.
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is inserting itself into a system that should be handled entirely independently by an impartial transparent process and something that should be based in law and should meet criminal accountability the secretary general has appointed an advocate to help victims and their families achieve justice but the un's big problem is this it can't force countries to do what they're supposed to do which is discipline their troops and pay compensation to things which most would agree to find real accountability also in jordan al-jazeera at the united nations. iraq's kurdish leader massoud barzani says monday's independence referendum will definitely go ahead despite international pressure for it to be delayed or even canceled resigned he was speaking in iraq's kurdish capital of the final rally before monday's for which has been criticized by the united states european union the arab league and many others he says the kurds are happy to find i said alongside iraqi forces whatever the
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referendum result. a judge has ordered the release of six people who were arrested on wednesday in a crackdown by spanish authorities on preparations for an independence referendum include catalans genea economy minister process of being held in barcelona calling for an end to the government's position referendum considered illegal by the spanish government is a very telling where they should gain independence from spain. london's transport authority says it will not renew license to operate in the british capital it says the company lacks corporate responsibility implications for public safety and security that includes its approach to carrying out background checks on drivers and reporting serious criminal offenses the decision means the app will need to cease operation by the end of next week we do but has confirmed that it will appeal against the decision well whoever is a major player in london it has forty thousand drivers and is used by three and
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a half million users it's a similar picture in new york city where according to the most recent figures it provides an average of around two hundred twenty six thousand rides per day over all uber provides about five billion trips to passengers around the world it operates in more than six hundred cities in over twenty four countries all londoners have been reacting to the decision not to renew it was license. it's bad news because. i walk up to a restaurant by the side and it's very late. on the one day and sometimes there's no bus service no. underground to go before it was a vitamin on them i wouldn't get back up generally because it's on the bright expensive when we come out as r.k. it's obviously most she was going to try and but i still feel like i don't feel like i'm paying ridiculous amounts to get
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a copy but i don't think it's quite fair because the black cabs have to do their study they have to know where they're going or to know what they're doing where as anyone else can just come along get in a car and do it and then a lot of them don't bother with insurance either i found in the old days. it is the final day of campaigning in germany ahead of sunday's election and i'm glad merkel's main opponent. is addressing a rally in berlin dominic cain is standing by there for us dominic what is the shields saying forty eight hours ahead of the vote. well this is one of the last rallies he's going to be addressing make you can probably hear the applause as his speech is going out to this audience here in the cities down dominant in the central area or as to say this is one of the many rallies that mr schultz has been addressing up and down this country in the last six weeks pressing home he thinks his message about greatest social justice being needed in this country about trying to improve the economic reality for all germans not just those
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who he suggests the ones who've been benefiting for the from the last four years because remember his party has been in coalition with angela merkel's christian democrats these past four years so it is quite tricky for him to talk about the dangers that the economy faces when his party's been in some way incur hoots with those christian democrats but the point he's making here is that it's time for a change she says but it's a time for greater social justice and the people need to come out on sunday and vote for him and his party. but what chance is he actually have. while there is the crux of the problem facing him and his party because as things stand the opinion polls suggest that he is presiding over perhaps one of the worst electoral results his party would have suffered since reunification indeed in this in the federal republic of germany since the end of world war two the latest
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opinion poll has his party on about twenty two percent but fourteen points behind angular nichols christian democrats and frankly that has been the pattern over these past six weeks in these past six months three states elections were held in the spring. he lost all three and the reality he is facing is there doesn't appear to be a coalition partner that he could try to talk to to give him a chance of getting over the top getting a majority getting into power so that's the reality he faces here right now but it looks as if the opinion polls are correct and that's a big if he will not be chancellor after the election on sunday daryn thanks very much indeed that election coming up on sunday as you say thanks a lot but it came. to remember the headlines here on out there and for the first time ever a north korean leader has released an official statement the world. did not hold back in its response to the u.s.
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president donald trump's threat to destroy his nation is called trump doraine and a barking dog the north is also threatening to test a hydrogen bomb in the pacific ocean britain's prime minister has proposed a two year transition period after the u.k. leaves the european union in a speech delivered in florence in italy aimed at breaking the deadlock over breaks at tourism a said she wants britain to be allowed to stay in the e.u. single market during that time of course we recognize that we can't leave the e.u. and have everything stay the same life for us will be different but what we do want and what we hope that you are european friends want to do is to stay as partners to carry on working together for our mutual benefit in short we want to work hand in hand with the european union rather than as part of the european union british police after causing death and destruction right across the caribbean the storm already killed at least thirty two people in
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a domenica guadalupe the virgin islands and puerto rico it's currently a category three. a judge has ordered the release of six people who were arrested on wednesday in a crackdown by spanish authorities on preparations for independence referendum protests are being held in barcelona calling for an end to the. budget for me i'll have more news in half an hour right after the fact that. the centenarians of italy one hundred years old and counting. the what's behind their extended life spans scientists identify
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a lot by and often seems to protect their lives from the effects of aging but why techno expose the science as the pleasing regions where people live it stream live long lives.


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