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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 22, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm AST

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and there's never been a better time to change the world. in the hash tag era when news coverage consists of a punchy had line a five second sound bite and an easy solution. to delve deep and says challenge the status quo expose double standards and debate the contradictions join me mad the hot sun for a new season of the show the frank loved up front. but this time i'll just hear oh . i really felt liberated as a journalist was. getting to the truth was that i would that's what this job. this is al jazeera.
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and i'm a clarke this is the news hour live from london coming up in the program the leaders of north korea are in the united states a ramp up their war of words accusing each other of being a mad man and arranged to resume says she wants a two year transition off to britain leaves the e.u. in a major speech and breaking the brakes at. the death toll keeps rising up to mexico's massive earthquake but rescuers are still pulling survivors from the rubble. and london stripped of its license to operate in a major blow to the right. and i'm. with all your sports including europe taking a lead in the labor camp against the rest of the world. for this news.
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so than the u.s. president donald trump has branded north korean leader kim jong madmen who doesn't mind starving or killing his people and the latest escalation in the war of words in its response to kim's official statement calling trump deranged gangster playing with fire and a barking dog the north is also threatening to test a hydrogen bomb in the pacific ocean i think because more now from the south korean capital of seoul. inflammatory threats from north korea are not unusual but it is rare for the leader kim jong un to issue a statement himself. it was read out on state television along with a photo of the leader responding to donald trump's speech to the u.n. in which he threatened to totally destroy the democratic people's republic of korea or d p r k kim called the us president's behavior mentally deranged and said now that trump has denied the existence of and insulted me and my country in front of
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the eyes of the world and made the most ferocious declaration of war in history that he would destroy the d.p. r. k. we will consider with seriousness exercising of a karst funding highest level of hardline countermeasure in history as to what that countermeasure might be his foreign minister in new york had this suggestion you do i think it could be a hydrogen bomb test on the ground of an unprecedented scale in the pacific ocean. there hasn't been an underwater or atmospheric nuclear test in decades they are banned under several treaties considered just too dangerous for people and the environment there was immediate condemnation from the two countries in the region likely to be most at risk from a north korean attack to pen and south korea. north korea's remarks and behavior provocative to regional and international security and they absolutely unacceptable
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. north korea should immediately stop its direct least provoke ations that will lead itself to isolation and collapse. but kim jong un says trump's remarks convinced him that he chose the correct path and must continue to follow it. south korea's president moon j.n. used his speech to the u.n. to repeat that his country does not desire the collapse of north korea and to insist that there will not be war again on the korean peninsula he says the situation must be stable the managed so that tensions will not become overly intensified and so that accidental military clashes do not destroy peace kathy novak al jazeera. well the united nations russia's foreign minister has been speaking and he said that everybody involved in the north korea dispute needs to take a deep breath but at the mall now the students we need to come down the hot heads and understand that we need pauses we need some contacts if people want to act as
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mediators i would actively welcome that but mediators could be one of the neutral european countries but was talked about by general secretary could have as well as great now to our u.n. correspondent rose jordan who joins us live from u.n. headquarters in new york wrote a column the head says level of how will that will that go down. well the foreign minister also said that everyone is behaving like. students or five year old so i'm sure that's going to go over well with a lot of people involved in this very hot debate over iran north korea's nuclear weapons program. told reporters here at the u.n. in the past hour is that not just that cooler heads should prevail but that there needs to be a we doubled efforts to actually negotiate a way to end this crisis he said that both moscow and beijing believe that north korea does have some valid national security concerns and that it really should be
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up to the united states and its allies to take those concerns seriously he said because of that that requires dialogue not this name calling and back and forth that we've been seeing between the u.s. president donald trump and the north korean leader kim jong il and in the past seventy two hours now of course is this all going to make a difference given now that north korea may be planning to test a hydrogen bomb somewhere in the pacific ocean certainly that is a real concern but the message from sergei lavrov is that it needs to be a matter for dialogue and to avoid provocative talk any talk of potential military action from both sides. or thanks very much dave rose jordan reporting there from the united nations now iran's president says his country will strengthen its missile capabilities and does not need to seek permission to do so president hassan rouhani made the comments while addressing the armed forces parade in terror on but
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he also promised to continue building the national military forces this is tons new news agency reported that iran has unveiled a new ballistic missile with a range of two thousand kilometers capable of carrying several warheads. now britain's prime minister has given a major speech in florence in italy aimed at rescuing the floundering bricks it talks to resume a proposed a two year transition period after the u.k. leaves the european union during which she wants britain to stay in the e.u. single market and she promised that britain will all know its budget commitments into the shed your departure date of march two thousand and nineteen she also promised to guarantee the rights of e.u. citizens post breaks it in law but on trade may warn that remaining a member of the european economic area would not suit britain and neither would have canadian style trade deal said she called for a bold new strategic agreement speak now tony parker who's live for us in
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florence so naive about all this are we any further forward when it was billed as a vital and important moments in really explaining to the international community to the european union and also british citizens exactly what the countries breaks it blueprint is going forward but for to reason may was something more of a brics it wish list see talks at length about the need for creative new partnerships between the e.u. and the u.k. going forward when it comes to a new relationship on an economic level on a on a political defense and security level as well but it has left some accusing to reason may of being a little bit vague the real pressure now is on the british government to perhaps tighten up their plans going forward before the next round of negotiations begin on monday but she did as you said set out plans for what might happen immediately after breaks it in march two thousand and nineteen she talks of
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a two year transition process that would be good news for business it would give a degree of certainty for those worrying about exactly what's going to happen next he is want to resume a set a bit earlier on. i'm proposing that there should be such a period after the u.k. leaves the e.u. clearly people businesses and public services should only have to plan for one set of changes in the relationship between the u.k. and the e.u. so during the implementation period access to one another's markets should continue on current terms and britain should also continue to take part in existing security measures as of today these considerations point to an implementation period of around two years and move domestically what were the prime ministers priorities here in terms of keeping our people happy keeping the cabinet united. when she had really
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a variety of different pressures and impulses that were probably the forefront of her mind going into this key speech on the one hand there are those who aren't worried about what a heart breaks a cliff edge a bridge that might look like so the suggestion now that they will be this two year transition period is likely to received well from them it soften the blow a little bit now it's more of a slope than a cliff edge over the others though some of the more hard line breaks it is within her own ranks the likes of voice johnson britain's foreign minister that of course now key reassurances that breaks it will happen so will the one hand she has to balance different views and opinions about the next steps going forward she also has to take into consideration that she's under a tremendous amount of pressure from brussels as well as i said the next round of negotiations begins on monday the e.u. absolutely adamant that they want to see concrete proposals on the table rather than these got a vague outlines or wish list of possible proposals going forward unless for
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instance the e.u. has a clear idea about the border between northern islands of the republic of ireland has an idea about what's going to happen to three million e.u. nationals living in the u.k. and crucially how much the u.k. will pay to leave breck's it that it may be that negotiations continue to stall going forward. all right dave thanks very much lou that's a picture in florence leave barca reporting there let's take this on let's get more reaction from john spring for it is a director of research at the center for european reform john we've heard a wide and varied response to trees of speech would you make it well i thought it was a. speech which was constructive in tone which is good the twenty seven will like that i think there also like the idea that the u.k. will make an ion clients commitment to european security that will go down well but in terms of real specifics you know we're in twelve months into a negotiation where there's a lot of nitty gritty that needs to be sorted out and there wasn't
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a great deal of that and there were some very commitments on the money and on systems rights not really very much in northern ireland and then some very vague statements about the future trading relationship and what about this need to create more of a sense of trust so that talks are actually make progress and. i think that's very important but the problem is that trust has got to such a low ebb between the two sides now that you know while tone is helpful and the fact that she struck such a constructive tone is really good and i think that the fact that there weren't really clear specifics mean that the speech itself is not clearly not going to be enough to be able to move on to the next stage of the talks that's going to have to come in the negotiations and what about this concept of the two year transition in fact the u.k. would still be very close to the european union in twenty twenty one how would that go down with with the hardliners. it seems as though the cabin at least so
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hardliners in the cabinet have got behind this you know they've seen this speech they signed off it would be difficult for them to resign over a speech which they have signed off the party the muted the reaction has been pretty muted so far. and i think probably what has happened is that a lot of hardliners have realized that it's really in order to make it work a transition has to happen and so they're willing to accept it as long as it's time limited in short so she moves forward with the negotiations where will that backing his sister now. i think it will i think that there are some big hurdles that she has to overcome and the biggest one obviously is the money she made some vague promises to on the u.k. these commitments that it made is need you member. the e.u. is demanding you know i think which is around one hundred billion euros gross and
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that will come down a bit after some payments are made back to the u.k. over time. but that's a very big figure there and it will be very difficult for her to be able to deliver that so the only way i think she can get through this is by agreeing a method with the e.u. which is relatively secure enough for the e.u. to accept it but isn't naming her down to a specific figure which will cause her a lot of trouble with her hardliners absolutely interesting stuff right john thanks very much and he joins but for things which now british police service charge a man with attempted murder after last week's bombing of a london underground train which left thirty people injured eighteen year old ahmed hassan was also charged with using explosives it's like an parsons green in west london is the fifth attack in the u.k. in just six months earlier two other men who'd been arrested in connection with the attack were released without charge for other suspects are still in custody. the former general guide of the muslim brotherhood muhammad. has died he was arrested
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a day after former egyptian president mohammed morsi was ousted from power in two thousand and thirteen iran can take a look back at his life mohamed but the archive was born in the same year the muslim brotherhood was founded in one thousand nine hundred twenty eight in his early teens the man who had become one of the symbols of the organization became aware of its teachings and became a passionate advocate of its ideas. the muslim brotherhood rejected british occupation of egypt and western government style of liberal democratic society in favor of a model that placed islam at the heart of political life. by the one nine hundred fifty s. oppression by successive egyptian rulers led many of the brotherhood members to flee abroad while others like our camp were jailed and then e. has been researching and studying the organization for many years he has many achievements one of them that he is what he was the the most the foremost needers
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and about to hold over the last i would say couple of decades since he took office for he initiated many changes within the movement he gave a new flavor of the movement in the one nine hundred eighty s. the group disavowed violence and attempted to join the mainstream political process but it was banned by the regime of former egyptian president hosni mubarak then it became clear that the only real opposition in egypt was the muslim brotherhood and for a large part of hosni mubarak's forty year old was his rival encouraging younger members to become more involved in two thousand and five and archives leadership the brotherhood won twenty percent of the seats in egypt's parliamentary elections running as independents mubarak cracked down on the group again jailing hundreds of members then came the arab spring in two thousand and eleven and the form of mubarak in the elections that followed the brothers newly formed freedom and justice party won nearly half the seats in the people's assembly but its success
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was short lived. after a series of controlled the seas involving constitutional reform the army was deployed on the streets and suspended the constitution the freedom and justice party was outlawed members of the brotherhood once again on the run in jail or killed and found himself behind bars now the brotherhood finds itself at a crossroads one of the most. significant problems that the ever faced over the last i would say sixty kids the moment i was fighting on. different levels one of these levels is surviving the movement is facing. extraordinary oppression of g.m. and the fight to survive and many of them now want to present. more than according to some records to more than forty thousand members i would present the muslim brotherhood will view archives death as state aided murder claiming he was never given the medical treatment he needed his legacy will be the man who came to embody the politics of the movement in spirit and in life imran khan is
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a. all right coming up this news. moves on to the. independents get louder the spanish government says more people will be deployed and of a planned referendum. ignites rid of. americans . in mexico say they are still confident of finding more survivors from choose days earthquake as the search goes on into a fourth day sixty people have now been pulled out of the rubble but the death toll is approaching three hundred and is expected to rise as the search continues the seven point one magnitude quake hit a large area of central clearing the densely packed capital city it's left
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thousands of people homeless let's go live now to alan fischer who's standing by for us there in mexico city and tell us what you've been seeing. but this is a can definitely valerius very close to the heart of mexico city center where you can see behind me is a building that collapsed and. were almost exactly as it hit that you can see that the building has collapsed forward and that is given the people who are making their way through that the hope that they can still find people in the wreckage. what has happened is that we're following for what they think there are pockets that have been created. twenty people online from that building recovered a number of dead is well we do know what they're not sharing that information but just in the last couple of hours with a specialist rescue teams from the united states and japan movement the mexicans
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have done what they could to this. and these days it sure does and put in foundations in a lot of the building so that the new rescue teams can get in but what the americans and the japanese brain is not only an expertise of dealing with more often than the mexican do but also high tech equipment that the mexican simply don't have the jump from central imaging and they realize that there are people trapped in the building the exact figure we're not entirely sure everything had to be stopped overnight because with a really heavy rainstorms here thursday into friday that changes the whole perspective because when it rains as heavy as it did it moves things around therefore they had to wait a few hours this morning to get a lie is a lie and get engineers in to take a look and then make sure that they could start going on to the day every once again make sure the kids get to the people who they think are still trapped certainly the people around here are hopeful that they will recover a number of people alive from the wreckage the incredible thing is with so many people around here how quiet it is it's almost like they're giving the rescue
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workers time space and silence to do their job properly it's always a terrible moment isn't it when it when a rescue becomes a recovery operation but it seems we're not there yet but i imagine it will be an incredibly difficult and painstaking process and yet the the clock is ticking isn't it. exactly right after seventy two hours it becomes. much more difficult to recover people alive from that rubble that we see behind us there are forty families around here waiting for news of loved ones that are in that building or do you think are in that building and it becomes difficult to with the weather it's a rainy season here makes cool in the day is quite mild it's quite pleasant the sun is out but around six seven eight o'clock at night we start to get really heavy rain storms and if you're trapped in the building and the rain is coming down and you get wet and it gets called and it does the temperature drops by about ten
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degrees then you're at risk to fix. all sorts of other things of course if you've lost blood if you're trapped it becomes much more difficult now people remember a few years ago when there's a big quake in mexico a young boy who was rescued after nine days and that was healed by many people in mexico was a miracle but it was an exceptionally unusual event normally after seven hours it is a recovery mission rather than a rescue mission but no one is given up hope that they will pull people from that building alive not least because they now have the specialist equipment and the teams from japan and from the united states and the israelis are also coming here as well with their technology so this is going to be a really high tech search for these people that they hope trapped in the building because there's a see the building looked as if when it collapsed it collapsed forward so that means there could be pockets in that building where there are people just waiting to be rescued hearing the rescuers getting closer to them every hour. want to give any hope that things go well that. reporting from mexico city. currently
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heading for the texan keiko's islands after causing death and destruction across the caribbean the storm has already killed at least thirty two people in guadalupe the virgin islands of puerto rico is currently a category three hurricane or u.s. president donald trump has described put a rico is totally obliterated and he got to travel to the coastal town of last east of the capital san juan one of the areas west hit. the mare of forty rico's capital says the san juan he knows is gone and as we left the city it's not hard to see why entire neighborhoods ringed gulf with floodwaters even as residents patiently wait in traffic jams to head into the city to buy provisions or make contact with loved ones many roads here remain flooded. in nearby louisa the damage is extensive really hard of we came from everywhere oscar ramiro says been through powerful
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hurricanes before but says maria it was terrifying he took shelter with his family but his home was wrecked and rebuilding isn't something many here can afford when might he be. i don't know where the more the world says they go and he won't give us a little help whatever so they give us some help will rebuild we've got a baby we go we're going all the place to go in last been eunice on puerto rico's coast many have lost everything local resident peterson dollars is one of a few volunteers offering comfort water and transport to safer locations you know i didn't lose anything with just you know water you know got i got one in my house and stuff like that and i my friends got a military truck and came in paid me up when i would just start here you know how about no life has been left untouched by hurricane maria the sheer scale of the damage is almost too much to process and this community is normally a short drive from san juan but right now it feels completely cut off and here's something else to bear in mind there is no power across the entire island no mobile
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phone coverage so people can't talk to each other and government help or residents here are being told they simply going to have to wait it's a wait that worries many desperately in need of help they said that we're not going to see police or government when anything like for three days until they communicate with their families and do everything so that then they proceed to move everything so everything goes back to. puerto rico remains in a state of crisis. almost no is that recovery will be painstakingly slow and to get across is there a lost been eunice puerto rico. iraq's candidates need to masoud barzani says monday's independence referendum will definitely go ahead despite international pressure for it to be delayed or even canceled by zani was speaking iraq's kurdish capital of bill at the final rally before monday's vote which has been criticized by the united states the european union league and many others he says the kids are happy to fight ice alongside iraqi forces whatever the referendum results. a
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judge has ordered the release of six people who were arrested on wednesday in a crackdown by spain on preparations for an independence referendum they include catalans jr the economy minister more protests being held in barcelona calling for an end to the government's position the referendum which is considered illegal by the spanish government is a vote on whether cutting libya should gain independence from spain let's go live now to john hundred news for us in boston and john what's been happening with these protests. nic this remains the biggest constitutional crisis in spain in the past forty years since the death of two of the dictator francisco franco we began the day with people protesters camped outside of the courthouse here the high court here demanding the release of those six local government officials here being held on various charges for pursuing the referendum so there were there were protests
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there there were student protests at the university here and there was to be a protest right here behind me tonight but that was canceled because those six government officials were released they are still being investigated on charges of embezzlement. disobedience and abuse of power so while the protesters in the local government stepped up their side of his debate today so did the spanish government saying it would send three to four thousand national police and civil defense troops they were to be housed on four cruise ships just off the coast of catalonia while those ships are here but the local dock workers have boycotted serving them so there is no way for those troops to get from those ships here so this is a standoff that remains at this point but right now it is a celebration here in the streets of barcelona because those officials were released all right a celebration i understand what happens next what's that what's happens now.
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i'm sorry if you asked me a question nick i did not hear john i'm sorry if you didn't hear that way what i'm saying is what happens next. right well the prosecutor here the spanish prosecutor now wants to pursue sedition charges against the leaders of the demonstrations here that's a very serious charge carries a fifteen year prison sentence and it usually involves fomenting an uprising against the government it's very rarely charged here or anywhere so there is the possibility that the prime minister here would come up with some kind of compromise to end this crisis either promising some kind of talks between the spanish government the locals that might lead to a referendum in the future or some kind of increased autonomy in the short term we do know that the prime minister of catalonia i'm sorry the vice president of catalonia has said that it looks like that referendum on october first is in
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jeopardy not least because the spanish government is confiscated the ten million ballots in this case but as it stands protesters insist they are going to be out here in the streets every day until october first and then nobody quite knows what will happen in our john thanks very much and they join hundred there in buffalo. still to come this hour as mimosa or his face persecution reckons that we were revealed how misinformation is spreading anti muslim sentiment in other parts of the country. germany's chancellor angela merkel had a victory in sunday's election when look at how she's managed to keep on top of the polls. making all the right moves we need to win a standoff as i said in the big dream.
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welcome back the weather across much of the violence and western asia is looking dry and find we may to see the odd show on the southern side of the caspian sea temperatures not quite as high as they have been for kuwait city but as a head on through into the start of the working week temperatures back up to forty three for baghdad temperatures just below forty's good to report around the eastern side of the mediterranean the weather conditions are dry and fine with twenty seven years of my son in beirut in the arabian peninsula temperatures into the low forty's from mecca and medina and the gulf states temperatures just below forty with the humidity just easing down a fraction. and abu dhabi so let's head across then into southern parts of africa where we have got a frontal system working its way in the cape of good hope so as that clears away it may just be left wanted to share a zero on the eastern side of south africa's a durban perhaps a shower and sort of a bit cooler in that cooler air working its way up from the south as we head through into sunday with your highness' boat seeing a five degree drop in temperatures but further north or fine across in bout way through into zambia with
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a maximum of twenty nine degrees expected in this cycle as we head into central parts of africa we're still seeing a few fairly big showers hanny cross parts or so sit down also into central for a public and camera in parts of west africa where we have a circulation of low pressure and the could well be some showers affecting bamako in mali. story breaks. like blanket coverage follows ex-pats and politicians often platitudes and soundbites strong and stable leadership trying to play the media and shape the message in an age of simplistic narratives the listening post critiques the mainstream response today and the two hundredth day of this administration exposing the influences that drive the headlines at this time on al-jazeera. if you turn your back on the five. this would be
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collateral damage. at. might. this would be an overreaction. and these operational costs. cannot reach a point on trust. or get them out of the top stories aaron al-jazeera and the leaders of north korea and the united states are engaged in a war of words donald trump is branded kim jong un as a madman after called the us president to range and a parking dog. britain's prime minister has delivered
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a major policy speech in florence proposing a two year transition period after the u.k. believes the european union. rescue is in mexico is still pulling survivors from the rubble of the massive earthquake for the death toll does keep rising and now stands at two hundred eighty six. the united nations humanitarian coordinator in yemen says the country is facing the world's worst humanitarian crisis the almost twenty one million people in desperate need of help speaking at a meeting on the sidelines of the un general assembly jamie mcgoldrick said the fighting was at the root of all the country's problems. it's a totally mind made catastrophe that's facing yemen as we see today the figures in the facts speak for themselves to know half years of conflict have unleashed on president color epidemic and seen deplorable tykes against civilians and civilian infrastructure and has transformed yemen into the wash the largest humanitarian crisis known well the u.n.
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secretary general and turning to terror is as world leaders to do more to end the suffering there and a whole new report on the situation. more than a thousand people live here in the village of my crew there and the waste of human most of them in shelters like these subway have bashed lives and one of them with nine members of his family a family that relies almost entirely on the young boy to survive he's managed to make money from finding and selling plastic water containers it really makes much. but. it's hard trying to find something to sell we never have enough never enough food never enough water last time we got help was ramadan we have nothing. the war in yemen pits who three rebels from the north backed by iran and troops loyal to former president ali abdullah saleh against again many government forces
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this supported by is strikes from a saudi led coalition nearly two and a half years of fighting has left yemen on the brink of collapse. already the poorest country in the gulf when the war began it's made the crisis much much worse a crippled infrastructure abject poverty seven million people on the brink of famine and since i pulled the world's worst outbreak of cholera clean drinking water it's issues here. we never have enough to drink this woman says her family is one of hundreds who rely on both deliveries when they come people here say there's never enough water to go around in a day. there's not a single drop of clean water here everyone here is sick with cholera now. the rebels and they realize control more than sixty percent of the country including the capital sana'a and the village. lives that means it's
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a potential target for assad to lead coalition is strikes while that's a concern so was finding the next meal well. we can't find jobs i have six children and i don't know what i can do to feed them we need one day and stay hungry the next the un accuses both sides of committing atrocities and breaking the rules of war and urges all sides to end the conflict. you when leaders in new york describe humans war as an entirely manmade catastrophe millions of yemenis suffer the consequences every day medium mohan al jazeera. united states is calling from in mali to take action to end the violence in iraq in state where military offensive has triggered exodus which the u.n.
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has described as ethnic cleansing aid organizations are striving to help more than four hundred twenty thousand two hundred muslims who have sought safety in bangladesh. the u.n. estimates it needs at least two hundred million dollars in aid to help the refugees in bangladesh in the next six months so says speeding up the distribution of plastic sheeting or bangladesh your thirty's work to erect a new two thousand acres shelter or bangladesh as prime minister has proposed creating un supervised safe zones inside me in law to protect our hindu muslims fleeing the military crackdown. well how about first me and mom must unconditionally stop the violence and the practice of ethnic cleansing in the rakhine state immediately and forever secondly secretary general of the united nations should immediately send a fact finding mission to me and ma third all civilians irrespective of religion and ethnicity must be protected in me and ma for that save since could be created
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inside me and under a un supervision for ensure sustainable return of all forcibly displaced in bangladesh to their homes in me and ma back in may in my muslim community is not connected to the ranger are reporting an increase in attacks against them they say misinformation is being spread online to fuel into fake tensions and violence scored high reports now from mandalay. in just a few hours last week so mainly lost the equivalent of three years of profits that is shot the livelihood for his family of seven a mob roam through the muslim section of twang in central myanmar attacking shops and homes they stole his stock of mobile phones and smashed his signs and displays . i'm worried and scared because rumors spread very quickly through propaganda on the kind situation and the attacks could happen again they say our muslim community is the same as the attackers in rakhine state we are totally different so me and is
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not and neither is anyone here but what they do share with the ranger is religion they are muslim as are most ranger. just across from his shop men and his family were in their house that night as the mob attacked he heard a thumping noise they were hacking his shutters with an axe he was terrified. several people were arrested after the attacks witnesses said some of them had a list of muslim homes and businesses as they went on their rampage a few hours north here in the city of mandalay is the heartland from an ultra nationalist buddhist group linked to deadly anti muslim riots back in two thousand and fourteen three years on there still tension. those attacks in myanmar's a second largest city killed two houses shops and cars were burned hundreds of riot police were called out it's thought that the violence was sparked by an allegation posted online this mandalay mosque serves a community of nearly two thousand people its leader tense we admits he doesn't
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know much about the region jump if they're in the country illegally or not but he worries about misinformation spreading online and he had. information on social media people post truthful things and false things on facebook so it's difficult to know what's the truth but if any muslim gets into trouble we fear for them and we're concerned. action was one of the leading monks from the pro-democracy saffron revolution in two thousand and seven a moderate buddhist voice in mandalay was in order so it's a place i'm concerned about the situation in real time for what i read in the news there been an extremist there but i'm concerned that the government will act with extreme ways and that will lead to more religious conflict he went on to say there needs to be more communication between moderates and as long as the extremist voices control the conversation interfaith tension and violence could continue to spread outside of rakhine it's got to al-jazeera mandalay. turkey's
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coast guard says nineteen refugees have drowned and several more are missing after a boat sank just before dawn because god said at least forty people were rescued it's not yet clear whether people were from or where they were trying to to get. kenya's attorney general it good to move guy has played down concerns that the country will be plunged into a political crisis if a plan a rerun of its presidential election is delayed the supreme court said no president can yet his election win last month and ordered the electoral commission to organize a new poll that was pushed back from october seventeenth and will now take place the following week the guy says the current government will remain in power until the election. london's transport authorized he says it will not renew its license to operate in the british capital when it expires at the end of next week it says the company lacks corporate responsibility with implications for public safety and security is
9:42 pm
a major player in london where it has forty thousand drivers and it's used by three and a half million people similar picture in new york city where according to the most recent figures it provides an average of two hundred twenty six thousand rides per day overall uber has facilitated around five billion trips to passengers around the world and it operates in more than six hundred cities in over twenty four countries now in baba reports on how the decision is going down in london. for the last year has been driving for he works six days a week and says he makes enough money to support his family he enjoys being able to choose when he works he's one of forty thousand deeper drivers in the british capital but now the regulators transport for london who run the city's buses and underground trains say they won't extend dupers license beyond the end of the month for many people who got used to the service it's a shock it's so easy for us to go from one place we're not the same as quickly so.
9:43 pm
when we came out as a arco it's obviously not she was going to train but i still feel like i'm i don't feel like i'm paying ridiculous amounts to fail so you get showed a lack of corporate responsibility in areas such as the reporting of serious criminal offense. is it follows allegations that drivers suspected of sexual assaults were allowed to keep driving spent some time going through the regulations that parliament's given them in relation to decide in a private vehicle approaches first improper looks at the evidence and tearful have concluded today that is part of system proper vehicle operator the real concerns around safety and security has come out fighting suggesting t.f. else decision is motivated not by safety concerns but by politics and promising to fight the move in the courts by trying to ban or in london there caving into the pressure exerted by a small minority that want to restrict consumer choice and competition this
9:44 pm
decision if it helps true will mean over forty thousand licensed drivers will be out of work traditionally after a night out in london's west end of the year to say restaurant people would hail a black taxi cab but five years ago arrived and caused a sensation with just a few clicks on your mobile phone you can get to where you're going to at a cheaper price but of course it's caused controversy as well. last year driver james far took the firm to court arguing drivers should be treated as employees with rights to the minimum wage and sick pay well the judges agreed with him to appeal the ruling next week what. the mayor a new bridge should do is they should evolve regulations for attorney central twenty first century they should enforce and develop regulations effectively and they should protect worker rights of drivers who can carry on operating in london at least until appeals have been exhausted but this is one more setback for
9:45 pm
a firm that's been hit by legal challenges and protests around the world and also made life easier for millions of people. london. now that germany's election campaign is coming to a close with the familiar figure poised to win angler merkel appears to be cruising to victory currently far ahead of the nearest challenger brought up in communist east germany merkel developed wariness about ideology that stayed with her she became leader of the conservative minded christian democratic union back in the year two thousand and led the party to a narrow win in two thousand and five medical follow that with a second victory in two thousand and nine and a third in two thousand and thirteen all the time cementing her reputation as unflashy and shying away from difficult decisions but that changed when faced with the surge of refugees heading for germany in late two thousand and fifteen as she
9:46 pm
announced we can do this and open the country to one million new arrivals many thought this move would end her popularity it seems germany's growing economic strength is a political asset which protects her w.k. has more. in six weeks of campaigning angle americal has crisscrossed the country promising voters a germany in which people can live well and happily she's made great player her experion. and achievements in the past twelve years both on the world stage and domestically to boost the economy. hurt this is the main thing is that social security and health care have improved and this is only been possible because we continue to enjoy the highest number of jobs and the lowest levels of unemployment since reunification. introducing something like this in our home state and that america is ellen surrounded by friends party supporters and here they are lapping
9:47 pm
up what she has to say and if the opinion polls are correct so are many people across this country which is all the more surprising given that just over a year ago her prospects for reelection looked far less rosy the refugee crisis which saw more than a million people allowed into germany was still very much in the headlines survey suggested many people disapproved of merkel's welcoming for refugees senior members of her own party began publicly to question the course she was taking then last september voters in two states deserted merkel's party in favor of the far right alternative to germany merkel's response was contrite she promised no repeat of the scenes of twenty fifteen and a toughening of the rules regarding migrants who commit offenses at the same time the closure of the balkan route for refugees into germany meant what had been a steady flow became a trickle by the start of this year merkel's christian democrats were back in a healthy poll lead it's one they've maintained and improved ever since winning
9:48 pm
three state elections in the spring he is lucky in so far as that your current being cries is in the media towards whatever migration agree is that in two of the narrative of a crisis it doesn't necessarily mean that there is no reason to be afraid of something but why. one person merkel appears not to be afraid of is her direct social democrat rival martin schultz when his party chose him as its candidate in january it was because they hoped a so-called should sit there might propel them back into the chancellery but the opinion polls which one suggested he might have a chance now indicate he has very little chance with machall poised for four more years in charge dominant came out zira than can how can. the french
9:49 pm
president emmanuel macron has signed five decrees overhauling the country's labor laws reforms were a key part of his election campaign he says will help cut unemployment by making it easier for companies to create jobs but there have been mass protests against the changes unions say it's an attack on job security and hard won protections for workers american scientists have created an antibody which could offer a new way to treat or prevent hiv following successful tests and monkeys it's designed to target three key areas of the virus attacking one thousand nine hundred ninety percent of hiv strained three and one antibody is built to make it harder for the different variations of h. i.v. to resist its effects human trials are expected to begin by the end of the twenty team. all right still ahead this news dobby muguruza approves why she's the women's world number one peter will have all the details it's ball.
9:50 pm
9:51 pm
out again let's get straight on to sports people standing by in the hall. mick thank you very much team europe have taken advantage on the first day of the in all gear all lay the cup tennis tournament against the rest of the world team in prague the twenty fourteen u.s. open champion marion chillis of croatia beat a man who took roger federer to five sets earlier this year at flushing meadows so that is francis. the result this time around not quite as successful forty after all though it was a close call with both it's going to
9:52 pm
a tie break seven six seven six the final score. mixed up on court austria's dominant team he faced american john isner who took the first hit in american tie break ending seven to fifteen but team fought back to take the next two sets giving team europe and front. has powered into the semifinals in her first tournament since becoming world number one the wimbledon champion in the far court here defeating caroline garcia six two six four at the w t a event in tokyo in japan the twenty three year old spaniard now faces defending champion caroline was new york. the names of the n.l. messi cristiana rinaldo and neymar are never far away from the debate of best player in the world and all three of them were shortlisted in the based men's player category on friday for the twenty seventeen best football awards of these three players only ones club manager has also received
9:53 pm
a nomination in the coach award category that would be real madrid's intervenes the den the champions league winning bosses nominated alongside chelsea's antonio cantelli and massimiliano a legacy of you ventus the award ceremony will take place in london on the twenty third of october. over in south america river plate completed a remarkable comeback to reach the couple limited orders semifinals on thursday to return to russia three know a first leg deficit to win the cold a final in the continent's biggest club competition dayana karim has the action. the scene was set in buenos aires for an electrifying performance river plate went into the second leg of the quarter final against or with yes or no room for men with a three now deficit. that was wiped out in a ten minute split by nacho coco. the hat trick hero
9:54 pm
then turning provider for and perez to give river plate of gruel lead by half. wasn't finished with their shell shocked rivals. he had his fourth and fifth goals before his new york me perez save the best for last a dazzling length of the field effort that rounded off and eight mil rout of the beleaguered bolivians river plate will now face fellow argentineans looming in the semifinals next month. the show stopper for them was goalkeeper as a band and rider as their tie against sound runs out in when a series went down to a penalty shoot out. but it would be a daunting date to keep that river plate coco and co diana karen al-jazeera. river will face fellow origin tons of. the final four while brazil's grammy oh will
9:55 pm
be up against a barcelona now that's not barcelona of spain that is the barcelona of ecuador of course remember that the winner of the couple of it at all is well in the right to play in the fever club world cup in the united arab emirates that one is taking place in the same now the other costa is leaving english champions chelsea to rejoin former club atletico madrid in spain the two clubs announced on thursday that they had reached an agreement pending a medical and personal terms the striker arrived in madrid on friday but will only be allowed to play for athletico from january when the club's fifth imposed ban on registering new players ends of that later were found to have broken rules regarding the transfer of under age players. competitive borum dancing continues to struggle for credibility with sports fans this is despite it being recognised as a sport by the international olympic committee for two decades already it's one of the events at the asian indoor and martial arts games in turkmenistan al-jazeera is
9:56 pm
in ask about finding out firsthand whether it should be classified as a sport or not. dancing tamba stein it's something that can land you a gold medal at the ask about game but these participants still feel they are not accepted as that big that's the feeling of maria who represented many stand along with her partner nikita. nancy does not and is more. such as some moments in music music and dancing. also or dancing is a very fast move it is not easy to get with music and the technique of the informant i was studying for years some song. because if it should dance for six years there are eleven medal events in disciplines including south and the cha cha cha couples perform routines for about two. it's timing but work and alignment are just some of the things they're judged on these downs practice and i was the
9:57 pm
day they have been building up to these games for years from person experience having tried it myself i can tell you it isn't easy but one of the main arguments against both is similar to those levied against figure skating and other performance based sports the result is not quantified by points scored or by a clock instead subjective interpretation of judges is what counts there are. stated. but turkmenistan's team coach feels that those leading the sport are doing what they can to counter negative perceptions. you know if you're out at it we have the world federation that does everything to develop the sport i can say that it's developing day by day and thanks to our federation and our athletes the quality and quantity of the sport is increasing we also have no difficulties concerning the sponsors so everything is cool the world federation has big plans for its competitors having been part of the asian games and also featuring at this year's
9:58 pm
special olympics world winter games in austria they want to be part of the lympics one day we are dreaming about you tell us right one time maybe i am a few years later it is moving like an expert at only seventeen maria may one day get to live her dream so have malik al-jazeera ask about mc that's all the sport. very much data for the simulator thank you now that is it from. my colleague will be here with me just a moment with more on the day's news. in
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the hash tag era when news coverage consists of a punk jihad like a five second sound bite not an easy solution. delve deep of his challenges the status quo exposed double standards and debate the contradictions join me mad the hot sun for a new season of the show the frank. and upfront. but this time i'll just hear it. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you al-jazeera. facing realities the airspace that they have got that's not belong to them it belongs to the international community getting to the
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