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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 22, 2017 10:00pm-10:33pm AST

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the chinese leadership brought you this story the other story on talk to her just. at this time i just want to make sure all of our audience is on the same page where they're online more to produce to us citizens here than what puts people of iraq going one in the same or if you join us on say i was never put a file been looked at differently because i'm dacogen all the people that i'm alive is a dialogue tweet us with hostile a.j. stream and one of your pitches might make the next show join the global conversation this time on al-jazeera. the war of words between president trump and kim jong un goes from bad to worse john young is now considering a hydrogen bomb test. hello
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there i'm watching al jazeera live from london also coming up. to resume a says she wants a two year transition after britain leaves the e.u. in a major speech aimed at breaking the brics that deadlock. aid agencies struggle to cope with the huge number of refugees fleeing violence in myanmar. the taxi out it's being stripped of its license to operate in london. fellow us president donald trump has branded the north korean leader kim jong un a madman who doesn't mind starving or killing his people in the latest escalation in their war of words it's in response to kim's official statement calling deranged a gangster playing with fire and a barking dog north is also threatening to test
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a hydrogen bomb in the pacific ocean kathy novak has more now from the south korean capital seoul. inflammatory threats from north korea are not unusual but it is rare for the leader kim jong un to issue a statement himself. it was read out on state television along with a photo of the leader responding to donald trump's speech to the u.n. in which he threatened to totally destroy the democratic people's republic of korea or d p r k kim called the us president's behavior mentally deranged and said now that trump has denied the existence of and insulted me and my country in front of the eyes of the world and made the most ferocious declaration of war in history that he would destroy the d.p. r. k. we will consider with seriousness exercising of a car sponsoring highest level of hardline countermeasure in history as to what
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that counter measure might be his foreign minister in new york had this suggestion you did i think it could be a hydrogen bomb test on the ground of an unprecedented scale in the pacific ocean. there hasn't been an underwater or atmospheric nuclear test in decades they are banned under several treaties considered just too dangerous for people and the environment there was immediate condemnation from the two countries in the region likely to be most at risk from a north korean attack japan and south korea. north korea's remarks and behavior provocative to regional and international security and absolutely unacceptable. north korea should immediately stop its directly support of cations that will lead itself to isolation and collapse but kim jong un says trump's remarks convinced him that he chose the correct path and must continue to follow it. south korea's
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president used his speech to the u.n. to repeat that his country does not desire the collapse of north korea and to insist that there will not be war again on the korean peninsula he says the situation must be stable he managed so that tensions will not become overly intensified and so that accidental military clashes do not destroy peace kathy novak al jazeera. all russia's foreign minister has held a news conference at the un or not she long ago he said everyone involved in the north korea to speak needs to take a deep breath. we need to calm down the hot heads and understand that we need pauses we need to context together with our colleagues will continue to strive for a reasonable and not the emotional approach instead of the kindergarten fight between children where no one can stop them well joining us now from washington d.c. is william courtney a former senior u.s. diplomat at the department of state and a current member of the u.s.
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foreign policy think tank the council on foreign relations great to have you with us on the program very strong rhetoric we're hearing from both leaders what is the likelihood do you think of things escalating beyond these words. it's possible that there will be some escalation the west china russia have sought for years through diplomacy to restrain the north korean nuclear missile program. number of united nations resolutions russia china states other countries have supported those resolutions at the same time north korea doesn't seem to be doing anything to restrain its activities so this is causing the united states in particular because north korea now looks like it will soon have missiles that can reach the continental united states to wonder whether the pressure on north korea should be increased well it's interesting you all stop because how do you think the u.s. state department where you used to work how do you think the u.s.
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state department feels right now about the way donald trump is handling the north korean issue given the insults that he's put out but given the provocation that he has given towards kim jong un. personal words he uses in his tweets secretary tillerson secretary matter secretary of defense and vice president my parents of all have pretty strong words arguing that essentially the united states the west countries around north korea especially china and also russia really need to step up pressure it's useful to bear in mind the iran nuclear agreement that was achieved in two thousand and fifteen that occurred because there were very strong sanctions by all of those countries against iran and it was the pressure on iran that led to the agreement it wasn't just the promise of a vacuum. but the reality is i guess iran is quite different from north korea the sanctions so far getting tougher all the time even china as you say is enforcing
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those sanctions that are having absolutely no effect whatsoever when you have someone like donald trump actually tweeting what is quite personal insults kim jong un rather than just north korea as a whole and condemning what north korea is doing in terms of missile tests when those those insults us like personal shortie likely to provoke a man like kim jong un. it's hard to know personalities in north korea but north korea has been pretty careful in its policy all along the problem is that careful policy has been to continue the nuclear missile program so it's clear to us korea does not believe there's enough pressure on north korea to halt those programs so other countries need to think hard try to find ways to increase their pressure the best are sanctions that are supported by all countries not just you know our all sections but there's a lot of frustration of the united states and it's not just president truck where
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you get to get your thoughts on this issue william cohen joining us there from washington d.c. appreciate your time thank you. has been a mixed reaction to a major break set speech by the british prime minister in italy to resume says the u.k. needs to stay in the single market under its current terms during a two year transition period or while the european union's chief negotiator welcomed her quote constructive spirit the french president says she needs to urgently clarify have position or talks can't go ahead and parker has more from florence. it's the birthplace of the rene psalms an explosion of arts culture and commerce that defined europe. visitors have been drawing inspiration here for centuries from the works of to vinci and michelangelo to the father of political backstabbing machiavelli and sir to reason may the embattled british
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prime minister arrived hoping for a political renascence of her own words to help soothe divisions within her party and end three months of stalled bricks in negotiations with the e.u. we start from an unprecedented position in terms of our current relationship with you we remember we're coming out but that enables us to build a different sort of partnership for the future the speech called for a new creative economic legal and security arrangements with the e.u. she also proposed a two year transition period after the brics a deadline in march two thousand and nineteen to help ease britain's departure it is clear that what would be most helpful to people and businesses on both sides who want this process to be smooth and orderly is for us to agree the details arrangements for this implementation period as early as possible the u.k. has also promised to fulfill its financial obligations to europe avoiding any
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shortfalls in the blocs finances but for those who voted for breaks in the plan means two more years of e.u. control. and i connick location for an important address but the real audience was in brussels e.u. officials praised her constructive spirit but called for greater clarity to reason may is here in florence trying to build bridges between the e.u. and the u.k. she's trying to say that even after breakfast it u.k. shares a common cultural and historic identity with great cities like florence and the rest of the continent but the view from brussels is that she is simply demanding the best of both worlds and that can't be allowed to happen. these protesters many of them british citizens living in italy believe rex it is a big mistake if we wish people were never informed of all the reasons about the whole issue and i think now is the world gets smaller it becomes more and more important for us to be together and be unified and i think it can be very very
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difficult for the u.k. going forward i think it will be a decision that we will regret. thank you to resume a wants to refrain breck's it is a historic moment focusing not on the differences between nations but on political vision. but with questions still remaining about the u.k.'s border with the republic of ireland the status of a u. nationals living in the u.k. and exactly how much britain will pay to leave the e.u. it's a vision many in europe still struggling to share. barca al-jazeera florence a former general guide of the muslim brotherhood mohammed marked the arc half has died he was arrested a day after the former egyptian president morsi was ousted from power in twenty thirteen and i can takes a look back at his life. mohammad was born in the same year the muslim brotherhood was founded in one thousand nine hundred twenty eight in his early teens the man
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who had become one of the symbols of the organization became aware of its teachings and became a passionate advocate of its ideas. the muslim brotherhood rejected british occupation of egypt and western government style of liberal democratic society in favor of a model that placed islam at the heart of political life. by the one nine hundred fifty s. oppression by successive egyptian rulers led many of the brotherhood members to flee abroad while others like our camp were jailed and any has been researching and studying the organization for many years he has many achievements one of them that he is what he was the the most the foremost needers in the but hold over the last i would say couple of decades since he took office to develop before he initiated many changes within the movement he gave and you flavor of the movement in the one nine hundred eighty s. the group disavowed violence and attempted to join the mainstream political process
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but it was banned by the regime of former egyptian president hosni mubarak then it became clear that the only real opposition in egypt was the muslim brotherhood and for a large part of hosni mubarak's forty year old was his rival encouraging younger members to become more involved in two thousand and five and archives leadership the brotherhood won twenty percent of the seats in egypt's parliamentary elections running as independents mubarak cracked down on the group again jailing hundreds of members then came the arab spring in two thousand and eleven and the form of mubarak in the elections that followed the brothers newly formed freedom and justice party won nearly half the seats in the people's assembly but its success was short lived. after a series of control over seas involving constitutional reform the army was deployed on the streets and suspended the constitution the freedom and justice party was outlawed members of the brotherhood once again on the run in jail or killed and found himself behind bars now the brotherhood finds itself at
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a crossroads one of the most. significant problems that the ever faced over the last i would say six decades that the moment now is fighting on. different levels one of these levels is surviving the movement is facing. extraordinary oppression of them and they fight to survive and many of them now want to present. more then according to some records more than forty thousand members i would present the muslim brotherhood will view archives death as a state aided murder claiming he was never given the medical treatment he needed his legacy will be the man who came to embody the politics of the movement in spirit and in life in my own car which is there or so i had saw on the program the death toll keeps rising after mexico's massive earthquake but rescuers are still pulling survivors from the rubble. as germany's chancellor angela merkel heads for victory in sunday's election we'll look at how she's managed to keep top the polls
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. welcome back their weather crossed your mains pretty unsettled with this area of low pressure across more eastern areas because of pressure center trying to push all these weather fronts back towards the west and more systems coming in from the west across other parts of europe so look at the forecast we've got some showers so fates in western areas a frontal system pushing in across the u.k. bring in warm air ahead of it mind was coming up from the south we've got some pretty nasty storms i think across more central areas across all straight czech republic and brace of rain affecting ukraine in particular with some storms along this line heading on through into sunday will still find this unsettled weather continue across central areas so now into autumn and it does it look more tunnel
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across many parts of europe some fine weather conditions across southeastern areas on the other side the mediterranean still looking pretty warm and sunny with temperatures there into the low thirty's for cairo heavy on through into sunday not a great deal of change some cloud moving on the coast of libya but nothing untoward expected for central parts of africa plenty of storms across down central african republic towards cameroon gabon also picking up a few storms and we've got this low pressure center across parts of west africa where it could be pretty waits in countries such as guinea and also liberia. the world's primary chain producing nation. is at the forefront of the war on drugs we're talking about serious organized crime as a country where reaching a critical point while some have made fortunes many others have suffered at the hands of this multi-billion dollar industry this business will go on forever.
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who are the winners and losers of this illicit trade. this time. at the top stories on al-jazeera the leaders of north korea and the u.s. are engaged in a war of words donald trump has branded kim jong un a madman of the he called the u.s. president to range and a barking dog. career is also threatening to test a hydrogen bomb in the pacific ocean which would be the first underwater atmospheric nuclear test in decades. britain's prime minister has delivered
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a major policy speech in opposing a two year transition period after the u.k. least the european union. the united states is calling for me and to take urgent action to end violence state where a military offensive has triggered a exodus which the un has described as ethnic cleansing aid organizations are struggling to help the more than one hundred twenty nine thousand. safety in bangladesh un estimates it needs at least two hundred million dollars in aid to help the refugees in bangladesh over the next six months is also speeding up the distribution of plastic sheeting while bangladeshi authorities are working to erect a new two thousand. bangladesh where many refugees have fled to find safety. as the numbers continue to grow this is the message bangladesh wants its people and the world to see one of human kindness and
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asking for all the help it can get but the government has made no secret of the fact that it wants these refugees to return to me as soon as possible and among the calls made by prime minister sheikh hasina at the un general assembly was for safe zones to be set up inside me unmarked police by the un so that these people can return to their homeland in safety security and dignity well this is one of several makeshift camps set up on the bangladesh side of the border to house these hundreds of thousands of refugees i asked some of them what they made of the prime minister's idea. we will go back to myanmar all the if they give us id cards but we won't go to a safe we want peace and we want to go back to our own assess. i came here ten days ago we are willing to go back to myanmar only if there is peace
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the soldiers burn our homes they killed my husband and two sons so now we don't want to go back now with things as they are the kinds of things you routinely hear described killings beatings burned villages and rape make it unsurprising that few people want to go back now they may have no homes to go back to but what so many among this stateless people seem to crave is citizenship is a place in which they belong and that's something that un safe zones are not going to provide rescue is in mexico still pulling survivors from the rubble of tuesday's earthquake as the search enters a fourth day officials say it is still a rescue rather than a recovery operation and they are hopeful of finding war people alive two hundred eighty six people are now confirmed to have died. well two thousand more people were also injured in tuesday's quake but even for many of those unhurt it was a life changing experience with thousands left homeless and fisher is in the town
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of what you are that's ninety kilometers south of mexico city one of the places worst hit. market traders felt she had to be here as they pulled apart the place she's called home for more than fifty years. so badly damaged in tuesday's earthquake the building was in such a dangerous condition she couldn't recover anything of a previous life. is what she wears. i've lived here more than fifty years it's terrible i can find no comfort i keep crying i have not eaten it just feels like a nightmare i i just can't. return center of all who didn't fare well in the tremor and just moments buildings which it stood for decades were gone others badly damaged. some people managed to grab what they could others could only watch as diggers pulled apart the remains of ordinary lives changed forever this street which is just reopened gives you an idea of the random nature of the damage caused
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by earthquakes this house here very little damage a few bricks missing above the galley to door but just next door you can see gaping holes in the walls all the way up to the roof a lot of the front are just fallen into the street the damage here is so bad that this house will probably have to be called down. on the edge of the turn they set up a camp for those who have nowhere to go to try to make it comfortable but you wouldn't call home. everyone works together to fill the trucks that regularly pool and this takes aid to those in times further away and those who simply won't leave home. so helicity low didn't know what to do when the quake hit she's due to give birth any day for the moment that has to be the priority. and they helped me with some for me some diapers and clothes for my baby we left our house with nothing we barely managed to grab importance documents i'm afraid to return home it's badly damaged.
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the turn of a hudler will rebuild in some ways that's an easy fix and years to come the only scars will be those in the hearts and minds of people who've lost everything. alan fischer. mexico a judge has ordered the release of six people who were arrested on wednesday in a crackdown by spain operation preparations for an independence referendum process are being held in barcelona calling for an end to the government's position on the referendum considered illegal by the spanish government is a vote on whether catalonia should gain independence from spain. iraq's kurdish leader massoud barzani says monday's independence referendum will definitely go ahead despite international pressure for it to be delayed or canceled he was speaking in iraq's kurdish capital bill at the final rally before monday's vote which has been criticized by the u.s. e.u. arab league and many others. i tell the
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world leave the kurds expressed their own rights and decide their own independence we cannot continue any longer to status quo with the federal government in baghdad the referendum is not to risk the referendum is not to draw new borders it is to confirm and insist on our right for independence the real risk is to let others decide your fate. london's transport authority says it will not for new license to operate in the british capital when they see expires at the end of next week is a major player in london and is used by three and a half million people but the authority says the right hailing company lacks corporate responsibility not a barba reports. for the last year he's been driving for he works six days a week and says he makes enough money to support his family he enjoys being able to choose when he works he's one of forty thousand duba drivers in the british capital
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but now the regulators transport for london who run the city's buses and underground trains so they won't extend dupers license beyond the end of the month for many people who've got used to the service it's a shock so you can trust to go from one place to another safely quickly so now it's like when i came out as i are ok this is obviously not she was going to train but i still feel like i'm i don't feel like i'm paying ridiculous amounts. to a lack of corporate responsibility in areas such as the reporting of serious criminal offenses it follows allegations that drivers suspected of sexual assaults were allowed to keep driving. some time going through the regulations that parliament's given them in relation to deciding whether a private approach is facing proper have looked at the evidence and have concluded today that on a proper vehicle operator the real concerns around safety and security has come out
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fighting suggesting t.f. ells decision is motivated not by safety concerns but by politics and promising to fight the move in the courts by trying to ban in london there caving into the pressure exerted by a small minority that want to restrict consumer choice and competition this decision if it held true will mean over forty thousand licensed drivers will be out of work traditionally after london's west end of the year to say restaurant people were to hail a black taxi cab five years ago and caused a sensation with just a few clicks on your mobile phone you can get to where you're going to at a cheaper price but of course it's caused controversy as well. dr james fire or took the firm to court arguing drivers should be treated as employees with rights to the minimum wage and sick pay judges agreed with him to appeal the ruling next week to have found a mayor a new bridge should do is they should evolve regulations for attorney central
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twenty first century they should enforce and develop regulations effectively and they should protect worker rights of drivers who can carry on operating in london at least until appeals have been exhausted but this is one more setback for a firm that's been hit by legal challenges and protests around the world and also made life easier for millions of people. london we now the c.e.o. is yasin aslam a former driver who took the company to court over employee rights and he went on to co-found the united private hire drivers which sets out to protect private car hire drivers thanks so much for coming in to the studio what is your feeling about today's decision by transport for london because of as you've been having your own fights with anybody but as a whole was transport for london right to revoke the license for i mean to be honest today i was quite shocked to hear what happened today we always been fighting for the workers' rights workers staters now this for me tearful as
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regulator they didn't address the workers' rights issue which would more important for us guides what we were for in for is asking. for a catch work as well as a condition to listen and that's something that never happened it wasn't discussed so do you think that will get its license back by complying with things the transport for london has been pointing out they want i think vetting of drivers the safety and security of passengers if you think of those steps are taken by it will get its license back but actually won't address any of your issues the workers' rights that's correct i think the appeal is quite easy i mean i'm no expert of course looking at it i think it's quite easy for her to win this appeal and get their license back now they will be able to get this law. now unfortunately what it means it is because the tearful didn't address the work of right issue it leaves our people like myself in a little dilemma which means we have to carry on fighting for our rights and the
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saying it was like looking at our tribe you know we're three one. going on we're back into appeal and let's say we win the people we've been going to sue for in court. it's just sad where a company is spending millions of white drivers off for basic workers' rights but that doesn't mean he has a right to get rid of forty thousand runners making them jobless this is the issue isn't it whatever fights you might have with but there are forty thousand fellow drivers out there who will be without a job or certainly without a steady employment if you get a license isn't. put back in i mean it must be a huge concern among among the driving community in london i mean a fair looking at social media london seems to be completely dark divided over this issue i mean as my role in united by a hard drive as we deal with a lot of who could row is now unfortunately has a big struggle for drivers out there because once you start working for companies such as uber you get stuck into finance where you take finance our own cars your pain for your insurance you're paying for your license so you've got expenses that
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you need to cover each and every week in fact every day before you even start working now. if you were to suddenly disappear and because they come into a market so aggressively kim the condition and the fares a come down solo where is difficult for drivers to go and work elsewhere or more or less jobless and that means they're stuck with sand or expenses that they won't be able to cover. yet also generally speaking is like drivers got a choice they either wipe out an hour working eighty ninety hours or. ok i think it does make sense thanks so much for coming on when it's on q. and a quick reminder you can of course find out much more about many of the stories we're covering by going to our web site your address is al jazeera dot com al-jazeera dot com.
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and reminder the main stories here on al-jazeera the war of words between north korea's kim jong un and donald trump is escalating the u.s. president has branded kim a madman after he called trump to ranged and a barking dog kim jong un lashed out at trump following his threat to destroy his nation young is now considering a hydrogen bomb test in the pacific ocean. or russia's foreign minister sergey lavrov has spoken about the tensions on the korean peninsula during a press conference at the u.n. he says everyone involved in the dispute needs to take a deep breath and find a diplomatic solution. with the more we need to calm down the hotheads and understand that we need pauses we need to context together with our colleagues will continue to strive for a reasonable and not be emotional approach instead of a kindergarten fight between children where no one can stop them. britain's prime minister has proposed a two year transition period after the u.k. leaves the european union in a speech delivered in florence uneasily aimed at breaking the deadlock over breaks
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it to reason may said she wants britain to be allowed to stay in the e.u. single market during that time and she promised that britain will honor its budget commitments. the former general guide of the muslim brotherhood mohammed marked the archive has died at the age of eighty nine his daughter made the announcement on social media earlier on friday he was last arrested a day after former egyptian president mohammed morsi was ousted from power in twenty thirteen. rescuers in mexico a still pulling survivors from the rubble of tuesday's earthquake as the search enters a fourth day officials say it is still a rescue rather than a recovery operation and they are hopeful of finding more people alive two hundred eighty six people are now confirmed to have died after the seven point one magnitude quake. currently heading towards the turks and caicos islands residents of death and destruction across the caribbean the storm already killed at least thirty two people in domany water loop the virgin islands and puerto rico. and
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a judge has ordered the release of six people who were arrested on wednesday in a crackdown by spanish authorities in preparations on preparations for an independence referendum process are being held in barcelona calling one end to the government's position up front is next. with tensions rising protests on the streets one presidential election in old and another just weeks away i'll speak to kenya's opposition presidential candidate and the country's former prime minister. thank you.


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