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tv   Peru The New Cocaine Kingdom  Al Jazeera  September 22, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am AST

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experts and politicians offer platitudes. and leadership trying to play the media and shape the message in an age of simplistic narratives the listening post critiques the mainstream response today. exposing the influences that drive the headlines at this time on al-jazeera. reality the airspace that they have blocked does not belong to them it belongs to the international community getting to the heart of the matter they can understand the chinese leadership we brought you to. hear their story on talk to al-jazeera at this time. in london with the top stories on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump has branded the north korean leader kim jong un
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a madman he doesn't mind starving or killing his people in the latest escalation in a war of words is in response to kim's official statement calling trump deranged and a barking dog the north has also threatened to test a hydrogen bomb in the pacific ocean that has more now from the south korean capital seoul. inflammatory threats from north korea are not unusual but it is rare for the leader kim jong un to issue a statement himself. it was read out on state television along with a photo of the leader responding to donald trump's speech to the u.n. in which he threatened to totally destroy the democratic people's republic of korea or d p r k kim called the us president's behavior mentally deranged and said now that trump has denied the existence of and insulted me and my country in front of the eyes of the world and made the most ferocious declaration of war in history
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that he would destroy the d.p. r. k. we will consider with seriousness exercising of a karst funding highest level of hardline countermeasure in history as to what that countermeasure might be his foreign minister in new york had this suggestion you do i think it could be a hydrogen bomb test on the ground of an unprecedented scale in the pacific ocean. there hasn't been an underwater or atmospheric nuclear test in decades they are banned under several treaties considered just too dangerous for people and the environment there was immediate condemnation from the two countries in the region likely to be most at risk from a north korean attack japan and south korea. north korea's remarks and behavior provocative to regional and international security and they are absolutely unacceptable. for north korea should immediately stop is directly to provoke ations
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that will lead itself to isolation and collapse. but kim jong un says trump's remarks convinced him that he chose the correct path and must continue to follow it . south korea's president used his speech to the u.n. to repeat that his country does not desire the collapse of north korea and to insist that there will not be war again on the korean peninsula he says the situation must be stable he managed so that tensions will not become overly intensified and so that accidental military clashes do not destroy peace kathy novak al jazeera. or russia's foreign minister held a news conference at the u.n. earlier and said everyone involved in the north korea dispute needs to take a deep breath well. we need to calm down the hot heads and understand that we need pauses we need to context together with our colleagues will continue to strive for a reasonable and not be emotional approach instead of a kindergarten fight between children where no one can stop them britain's prime
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minister has proposed a two year transition period after the u.k. leaves the european union in a speech to live it initially aimed at breaking the deadlock over brics it to resume a surge she wants britain to be allowed to stay in the use single market during that time she promised the person will honor its budget commitments the former general guide of the muslim brotherhood mohammed marked the archive has died at the age of eighty nine his daughter made the announcement on social media earlier on friday he was arrested a day after former egyptian president mohamed morsi was ousted from power in twenty thirty rescuers in mexico are still pulling survivors from the rubble of tuesday's earthquake as the search enters a fourth day officials say it is still a rescue rather than a recovery operation and they are hopeful of finding more people alive two hundred eighty six people are now confirmed to have died after the seven point one
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magnitude quake. arika mariya is currently heading towards the turks and caicos islands after presumed death and destruction across the caribbean storm already killed at least thirty two people in dominique or guadalupe the virgin islands and puerto rico it is currently a category three hurricane those the headline snow of the andes is coming next. for over four decades has fought a war on drugs. with
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backing from the u.s. tens of thousands of coca plants and hundreds of tons of cocaine have been destroyed. despite all these efforts they united nations claims peru has become the most important producer of cocaine in the world. would this have come levels of violence and corruption that threaten the very fabric of the country. over the past year much of peru's drug battle has focused on the capital sport with criminal cartels fighting for control of the main exceeded route for cocaine. i don't think at the border a final but whichever harper was run over good old boats are going to weather the
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of the bonnet it means you. leave her well you're missing a child over. undress not his real name used to be a dock worker at the port. for over a year but you know the river going to get. to be a bit are you going to really you know there are many. well for the band i'm not going to call that i want one of the we have that. as a darker he was also part of a criminal mafia smuggling hundreds of kilos of cocaine out of peru. her and her here. are your favorite record per your own government government right so money i don't. know your medal around your nature got us ship it. i'll never put up my feet now by dr bill lloyd my mary told me of warm water in a major there's
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a lot what i want to have. a stomach if we don't have. the stuff a lot of the tough love. is a little it was a very little bit of frank so that. my little boy looked on the look on the other. side of. the board just for your will for something. but it's ok that i could not make them i'll be back when you get well we've done it again he says you're getting a bit of it that when you go to over the past two decades the u.s. has concentrated in breaking the infamous colombian and mexican cartels. and. as a result cocaine production has shifted to peru and i don't think it was going to rain
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. i don't think another day on the job for me is main drug prosecutor. for the last thirteen years sanju medina has struggled against the rising tide of drug trafficking and money laundering i mean. she's on her. way to interrogate a person accused of drug trafficking. the missing young the same control. they still must hasten the end of the killer the committee that the little they know. in the you see below their case the more they have ever done will see all the more joyful munis in the moment but. some must put a civil affairs is one of them is a seal. the border with innocent lives will be done this analysis. that always put. them in their home which of real one hundred is the us is still in
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the silly. song. dig us a forgotten us a little bit as in listen with your lies you end up with there are frequent but all our own silences with the most on us the which almost was calling them and still miss us and they said the boy must receive us in the usa. at that time was i want to. get that when i get to that but i let his hearing. come i said. i didn't. miss it this is home home what does seem more fun to someone from the us but we will i will become good at this in the school assemblies he pushed didn't you say
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yeah they are getting overly worry given them a good lesson to save you from being a little and you know what you mean you were not never you believe me. medina is exploring inconsistencies in the suspect statements. at ground level drug gangs operate a small cells but she's hoping to trace his context. the wider organization behind . it is the police a little thing like that is a city lately so we'll see what they see from the live from the people in similar to nowhere or just sayso don't think the scene but the scene of those yes. it was so yeah the last and only view of it and they can see. we will go later there's and there is this very serious face knowing that's when they say oh he is one of them but it's very very risky to say that is. what he never puts up but i thought
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it's a little too late for them isn't all of them but that was him you know most of the good people go to the owner of the number of coming. and if you haven't you some indian home. going to be some mental commenters you know with a few nails so here with us when we a lot of us know you from below sequence or in sin city. and then. you'll since they're under me a new economy i'm swallowing. they say little at the end of the sleeper i will love you nyssa moment and i saw that bella for a whole minute some for this and not one of the see on the sleeve of a little is. back in a yellow ford and dresses still waiting the news about getting his old job back. he
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laughed when murders between rival gangs had intensified. yes. but you're living the life. of the living to push up his wish. just as he left it to demand that you make your job. demanded of me i was going to have visitors. yes i think there's a bit to be done for the culture to. determine if. the gentleman talking. to. them is only a little. bit of something. someone to tell them how to build a new song this is something they do isn't this is something that i'm doing for the
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role. of. the board has turned into a battle ground with rival gangs disputing this fight all exit route for drugs. since april two thousand and fifteen more than thirty workers have been killed here . those who would have nothing to hide and he knows how little he's got to come from even if the payment if they city on the hope that it went down the math you think oh yeah. he made us a good deal to give these to philly make up we'll leave it in the saleslady in the house and the receipt he took and my city in the back of the heels went became an economy a little less than helpful. for the if. this
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is just a way to force it to the door. since he isn't one. of those on the street this is the system which obviously you don't want. in seem but in reality as i will see. you know we're mortals. one man will go just as was a technical operator at eight p.m. terminal in the port. at least the plentiful camera of my record contain it again less carrot eschewing medical and medical grand. amberley that. you're annoyed beenz have
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a good community what is that endless aster is they took. in no part of the near i will sign yes it's only when i'm in a piece here so it is a. by law system i'd already see course i see him and his then me who me but it will pass here. maybe who gave him a pitiful bad a kill macias islam orders has he made. it up a place where i see a bill a minute and i wonder when my mail go yes while they're out there you see values but what it will be so that sick of your soul he felt be a devil may be going to say funniest little taxi this idiot but if you back to who i love if you don't get it from my writing a lot. isn't by having me call. me soon face. is him but it. is committing a bogey on your soul or lower middle class i me.
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come from a going for you or me over me. ill is going to cause down the memories and say see a worth for one of them you have been living here with me and never had but he forgot his name so nobody in the is going to meet. you homey. fix it on your time don't be in front of course and maybe it would seem is that of course are you going to play that it blocked or what not that is this when they believe that. for and this it's no secret why her son was murdered. this is what i was doing over the bar said seeing the person you just. know my dad i'm
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going to get the case all of these are just a day out when the british are trying to make a way that will be more forceful to martha than mr bush if i believe that. i did not do enough for the mother somebody yes of course. she didn't see. this one to me most of this is. this is. going to mess up. the authorities are struggling in the face of this war to control the border. for the past decade the us has financed this taskforce of customs agents and anti-drug police. but these people were michael holmes. on the lebanese and us and i'll us what that meteoric is assuming this was
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a i doubt if any of that i think all the time one of those yellow light or the yes on yes most of us will dolly maior the big one in the old mill he looks at the muzzle on the mother what in the eyes of the not. a lot of us he don't mean the police and i don't know how most of got to be so young is that one of us will come. and you're not there were those are good things you know so my lesson what must be on a simple system except in the universe where. better to meet them instead of any of these places are none the on the nail it is even if he. is that he any more the same message will indeed torsos toilers must understand that on those on you and if you can move. the world was how the people around there can see you all in one browser and you know it and in the done this i see it then the more it is the dolls in the us will be more see it daniel's so see endorsed it the needles get this tell me or you really go saying you got people that are saying what is. it
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this is the meal and not. me on this up but i see a perspective on others the needle the syrian that's my live on that i can put on. those. smugglers in the port regularly open the containers with cheers. they then place the drugs inside and replace the security seals with clowns as if the container has never been touched. you know go out and put it in the annual. but i'm not just forced a lot i live for me so up with us you know the second they see a bit less. of this now but it is. despite the efforts made by authorities it is estimated that over three hundred
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tons of cocaine get through every year. i keep to the organization success is that each link in the chain of production on transport is split up. this cocaine chemist. work's not far from the port. you will not see if the muscle on the c.m. will use of course until they go away say what it was and i will buy you. i mean move the office. i said the politicos in the lower little article where you don't work and that i look for them. when over the lot of the noon clerk will bring that in the form of the long. newsagent a little formal get along with my father was informal thing in the city in the last
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in the thing when the. us is in full office. and most of you know in the field of me the men hold for the little one loves of will the political one with the full. the. the i mean will hold can see in a fever one month. because of glossy love. and muscles and for little. less and when little is the whole god. if this innocent full minute this and. i i and once a long look at the. little hole in lawson. at the other we didn't.
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say that he was on reform enough upon. them over coffee mug with him a little. more good thing. to little if it was his was a kind of. little zero zero zero zero zero. zero so the fuck is that you son of operation for the he's. going to do anything about what. this is just west of us that little isabel got it now i look over this evolving a little for. each of us. this is it is it's a be able to destroy the divinity of mortal. sin you're the winner this will take
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of you one this was the dilemma of the archer doesn't his idea was that it was all the of us of course about the others just never saw the. little. song because it was the love of them and he. always believed the of that which of us with all that is the level of the of the world oh of the. local do not let it go love oh no loss a lot of thinking or. but all but one of the says of those who put off. they get out of this if you took all. my little sister and the money out the layoff could get a lot more. easily and a lot of these will be in the local plain in the form. of
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. the style the. thing is used for all the love of the love of the. people if i kill a feeling. like a. to live by the money or home i was walking in the. usa over here was the mother of. all my logo a. mother roberts. is our film one was on the floor good for. you on the go of it the only way to flip it over was. like away a million years thought over the line so you'll. rue disputes the un claim that it now produces more cocaine than colombia. but
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whatever the truth sonia maybe not the prosecutor has to work under difficult conditions her unit is severely under financed. it's elizabeth the process eldest daughter wouldn't have a graphic ok let me tell you this and you know so i don't. in the lord you know the know i'm going to be there a warrior. someone or something and rehabilitate or not so there wouldn't go quite good woman to woman very. very few seem. to notice any of them with them for the rest of the western. if you're interested i think a lot of them is. a level below the will give out about the feet. which in the minute they have the feeling in many. ways have been. better some doing. the will for burial meaning.
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to them and it was an annoyance but you're going to lawyer joe but i've been there long. said and again you don't medina's fighting the billion or drug cartels with an organization that there's not even. having some permanent office is so good i'm about to. meet him the superior for the look on my eyes say god is so not a democrat what about what are you going to simply go because he did them ok we're really faced with them ok we're not one dollar of them something to look up. on those is a but isn't a war some other muslim is a force against noise supposed to but we've got a cold up there when a gun. is the most of the other good and this sort of a nice to see. them saluting when sort of any says no muss no menace.
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make you someone who under. one don't we could be gone by east. of the port and there still hopes his contacts will help him get his job back. occasionally hard workers and smuggling rings are caught but the rewards far outweigh the risks as peru continues to supply the world market. to that of the annoyances a lot like but you're dumb as shit all your. other people do the opposite of what. we want each other want anyone to grow up with a job there's a. lot of it there's a reason. the little. goes a little bit to this side
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a decent look at your system to suddenly go and buy them or something. that's illegal. but do you. wow. for a man who's decided to break with tradition and train to sail competitively maybe not that we want to present a positive image and change the steering typical expectation of women for them it's about more than just racing yes you can still be a good amani woman and also a very talented sailor going off around the world showing everybody how strong our money people are al-jazeera world meets the first female sailing crew in the gulf a man's sailing stars at this time on al-jazeera it's impossible to underestimate the size and scale of the economic crisis it's not just about the billion trillion
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dollars of debt it's not just about the banks it's not just about the government to buy real people. too often on the streets of eighty million are victims but a new force is at play a. female police officers are combative sexual assault and domestic abuse. but changing society is a challenge and so is life behind the badge for india's lady call. at this time. out of their own for the city hall in london with the headlines on al-jazeera the war of words between north korea's kim jong un and donald trump is escalating the
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u.s. president has branded kim a mad man off the he called trying to range and a barking dog. lashed out at trunk following his threat to destroy north korea is now considering a hydrogen bomb test in the pacific ocean. or as foreign minister sergei lavrov has spoken about the tensions on the korean peninsula during a press conference at the un he says everyone involved in the dispute needs to take a deep breath and find a diplomatic solution where the more we need to calm down the hotheads and understand that we need pauses we need to context together with our colleagues will continue to strive for a reasonable and not be emotional approach instead of a kindergarten fight between children when no one can stop them britain's prime minister has proposed a two year transition period after the u.k. leaves the european union in a speech delivered in from florence in italy aimed at breaking the deadlock over
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bricks it to raise and they said she wants britain to be allowed to stay in the e.u. single market during that transition time and she promised that britain will honor its budget commitments the former general guide of the muslim brotherhood mohammed mark day our care has died at the age of eighty nine his daughter made the announcement on social media earlier on friday or have spent several periods of his life in jail and was last arrested a day after the former egyptian president mohammed morsi was ousted from power in twenty thirty. rescuers in mexico a still pulling survivors from the rubble of tuesday's earthquake as the search enters a fourth day fishel say it is still a rescue rather than a recovery operation and they are hopeful of finding more people alive two hundred eighty six people are now confirmed dead after the seven point one magnitude quake . currently heading towards the turks and keiko silence after her death and destruction across the caribbean the storm already has already killed at least
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thirty two people in dominique or leave the virgin islands and puerto rico. and protests are being held in barcelona calling for an end to the government's position on a referendum on whether catalonia should gain independence from spain a judge has ordered the release of six people who were arrested on wednesday in a crackdown by spanish authorities. but the headline star the andes continues next . with around three hundred tons smuggled every year. the u.n. claims peru is the world's top cocaine producer. this has broad levels of corruption and violence rarely seen in the country before.
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drugs prosecutor sonia medina faces organizations seeking to launder billions of dollars. today she is leading an operation in the city of the north of lima. but only. with a better bet than. that. she's aiming to seize hundreds of market stalls and other property which years of investigation suggest a wronged by a local cartel. if this is to. get the news if there we go. for months and i guess over the summer you are going to. get a new somebody who you are becoming more faithful we are in what the little book is the most of them let me put up. with you never going to leave because. more than two hundred police officers are involved and the operation is one of the biggest this year. with so much at stake authorities must work quick
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things might turn violent any time. you know down to the office and you know from the king into what we know muslims like oh my goodness of community go through the day after with the from the almost like going to the. so you know something somewhat less easy over with. a little secret thing when you're the first official who said this is using dating if you want just to live. by yourself that seems to me. it has taken me years to prove these market stalls are involved in laundry money for traffickers. now she's
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heading to another property what she claims is a front for drugs money. i want to be able to live forever but i think the most you're not going to go but i know many have. been bailing out of me and that i was a minister. at the buffet or a. lot of. the mean material you go that's no good no to anything. for never fit into that. you know he's got. no member for instance and. they're in for. telling the incentives when ben has.
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been with them to get here for that i think he's going to get. a lot of work among . the people of the political system when. you think it likely is likely that the police. in the room in the sentiment. here things are not going as expected as so often the accused claim innocence and or preventing. the filming and. no. but i was.
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accompanied by a local police. arrives in another property. this time a restaurant just outside the city of the six hundred kilometers north of. us . in the old economy and that. after a long day preceded by months of preparation. all the properties targeted have been
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seized. the obstacles are huge. billions of dollars are thought to be laundered every year and medina can only trace a tiny percentage. no i was twenty and he is here below that he was you know i must have thought of the idea around him also i learned already you know so mental muslim in those. days all the levels to what it was and what they wanted. for four decades supported by the us who has concentrated on eradicating the growth of the coca plant. it has done little to stop the supply of coca paste the main ingredient of cocaine with. movies i lived through and all.
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your police were looking for some of the follow follow follow you with with. with. a little flu ball. in the over your. overly bottle and on and on the. floor and on the. side or free from your. single you. yes as he almost floated off food all day nothing
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more inducing more simple. when there was no more thawing and often the one thing that i mean they're going to do. when they were thought for a bomb. with a view is i'm off. most of the little. things also lose a little to the single newness. i'll sit on your thoughts in voting for you on the roof hopefully soon thawing. seas as i say and i tell you what a stunning thing orlando today. was. really the police you're going to. be. you know full blown the moon often look at the full blown over the good people off and on.
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i'm going to have you know that i'm one of them political affairs a little home about ok affable a cool little and. i need to follow up with a more simple to feel. awful crocus and we will all be in the will. book on local a little before you will live to support on the loss of all of. the. faced by a seemingly unending supply of cocaine. the authorities are intensifying their
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efforts to control its export me as in you know this first as of this year only leo you know what i let out of the almost i say when i mean out of these young. the most i can see the most i live but them but i'll be mad he said i space you're not . going to need all to say. what the single sale saying goes if this had all see it then. it's them but it's not it doesn't though you. can see our global economy is up again solomin days which they will not export of us you'll never be able to steam the dominguez the losses of but you also cycle is the million dollar for every minute as you need more than your. opinion and for your money to be a mighty few. i want out of a window by most. he's on the list i mean.
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if this is from crazy i'm going to say we are getting this was pretty on the middle east i'm ok or don't know this is the but if you know this it will be a song full of cows will they get a kind of a seal. the more i don't know my own i got us was picture. book because in the whole of body i can but then that is how one nice. bit of a scene goes on a statement that the other. never thought are conus he said i love the name in those you think i think almost of despair and i mean i don't want to mail it is he going up but if he does say yeah i'll give you know i mean i'm a man as you are with all of them but i know. this but i suspect and i saw the tears come but then they think i don't live on the loneliness oh. well what what would you say to
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a little girl of the people that. really my as it existed a man that you see stuff out of my office. has made the ceasefire so far is all that i see of my b.s. in government and i miss by having it on but i'm better or in other places on this that i thought if i don't place this archival. one dollar for your money by the three employees here again also the most on your staff i will see the. second thing they seen before. the same i mean there are a lot ot in the process of the employ of the mit my thought. on. the
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tip off was clearly wrong no drugs were found in this container of water heading for into. the control assessing calling home ice young or old by the airline i see the police and i thought of their medical records yes but just as. i'll point out i'm guessing it's because of gasoline on the ip or the part of the year as well if you know me i will see me when i think i mean that's your face off now that's my days i better start here i thought about the same problem and. they go tell spend huge sums bribing the port authorities to keep the drugs flowing . to greece is a mistake if you still post. little of the invisible is of the goal is to do if you don't find a woman. in this this is also the middle of
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the so when you see the nose of the cinema living two lives in the beginnings of the evil. of your mother was a boy's one brother the one. that you don't really love oh ok well you see this is going to help with this but this is so difficult that you have to get a little disturbing image. of the law with what i say. are you going to the wall will say. this is what i'm going. to see or something. you know the most of the other you know so there's a lot of. you know if you don't mind that a good deal of love on the one side. after more than a decade. as a drugs prosecutor. maybe now has found a balance between her job and her family life.
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but by my mind that there's some. there's a yes a look at the little bit of but i listen. but i mean i mean mother this is the last i mean it. was a. no no. no. it's made their way in the limit. this is what the mass has been that of the the me or not. does this is. better. than the meal for me you know when i see her.
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under her belt or. tell us on the on a south facing the going away that when there is a whole game you don't see e-mails anywhere without. the same with the guy but then they also under a lot of you know them going you know what. is to see i was coming down. in the early morning. in the. form of. bacon that i will be. getting to come to play. this year the. little girl must be there for the other wasn't. you know so. you're not alone but on your mind just a. bit all over the area south of here from what is the first
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but i. can do land completed going. to complete going to politico. is there but this one this one don't get it and say oh poor man i don't know but if he was. back at the port and this has been received the call has been waiting for. so for now he can't return to work. i was told it was a love that you have and you know most of the see and. hear all or. even most of what the us. as a noble though as the lazy and so i gave. it to others. i'll
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tell you. the ship i shall walk you know that. they were. there yes again i didn't know. that i am a last stand. a wave of the world yes it was a say about it the boy is a warrior this is a little. mysterious i go out and. many america. three months after the killing the. authorities have finally made some arrests. but she
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doubts the people being held by police are the ones mastermind of the killing. and they are her focus. and they will have a. higher level. of a war. for our whole or whole whole clan. and i will all. whole lot of. harm. come out of a coma. me.
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too much unknown to. me is. limiting on the. things. that need us who are. good for the best. understand. us where. things will get in a lasting. hole that's when i make my last name honest i. don't know. that all my ok must. contain wanna spend hours had singing. to me one time
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and i suspect a song as. innocent by his last post as hanging. less than two kilometers away. another queue of cocaine is almost ready. to move the river with. no one thing off when all five to six feet. that is if you're within. a foot on the home when a savant. that's a gun like
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a. guy lindelof i mean you know when we see. you in a political from the earliest we are going to see on the mobile phone what is it it will be i'm going to. blow it on the mantle of officer not on. your feet pulling up on them. you know to. come with us. thank.
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you so i offered to donate what i. get i want to haul. my father a little. patch out. the hole with him with. the looking. things that he's going to go away with. you know i would love to have. her look in google for her bonnet. for good looking for. coke if you will use. you sleeping with one and then the wrong one when the. seizures by authorities are estimated to accounts to less than ten percent of cocaine now but if so the ruin its main ally the united states will have to redouble efforts if they want to keep fighting
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a war that for many is already lost. in the office who among the would feel better. and there was a log on to. a local gun mill of all to be both follow up on the end of the i looked. over at me for. welcome back well we've had some really warm weather across southeastern parts of australia in recent days where we have got this frontal system which is coming
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through i'm going to reduce temperatures considerably so still looking at some pretty decent temperatures for sydney on saturday thirty two degrees by sunday as that front to slip through cooler air coming in temperatures struggling to reach the thirty mark still pretty pleasant quite breezy illnesses across some of these southern southeastern areas we wanted across western australia temperatures struggle little bit of perth highs of just eighteen degrees on the other side of the tasman sea we've had very unsettled weather affecting you since look a little bit better through the course of saturday low pressure is moving away towards the east we've got some showers feeding into water south on the western side of particular and that's like you continue to head on through into sunday but the north and is likely to be largely dry and fine moving up into northeastern parts of asia we've had an active frontal system giving some rain and this frontal system is actually got a little wave on it which is going to come up across southern parts of japan as we head on through into sunday so the southern islands could see some heavy rain indeed we could find some have an effect in tokyo later on the day cross the korean
11:59 pm
peninsula largely fine certainly sunshine in seoul hasa twenty six and it should be a bright day in beijing with a nice one temperature here twenty nine. a new level of luxury has arrived. an experience that will transform the way you treat. our impeccable service remains but now comes from breaking is a. revolutionary business called. the alter for the see the story comes. with a conducting business sharing a special journey with wires bringing you the things to. the search feeling that. saddam was in the audience trying some of. your centuries in the school.
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reducing to speak. first in a. class on it was going places together. on counting the cost germany's outlook it's europe's largest body fracturing economy but is it in the slow lane when it comes to the digital economy we'll talk to swiss re about it shoring for climate change plus can we stop companies from using our internet data without our knowledge counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera.
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hello everyone i'm going to steal and of all welcome to this news on my life from long.


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