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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 23, 2017 1:00am-1:33am AST

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going places together. the war of words between president trump and kim jong un goes from bad to worse is
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now considering a hydrogen bomb test. and again i've gone and this is al jazeera live from london also coming up. the reason may says she wants a two year transition off to britain leaves the e.u. she is making a major speech and it's breaking the bricks that deadlock. the former general guide of the muslim brotherhood mohammed the archive has died at the age of eighty nine. of the taxi app it's being stripped of its license to operate in london. follow us president donald trump has branded the north korean leader kim jong un a madman who doesn't mind starving or killing his people in the latest escalation
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in the war of words. it's in response to kim's official statement calling trying to range the gangster playing with fire and a barking dog in office also threatening to test a hydrogen bomb in the pacific ocean from the un james days reports. for now it's a war of words but diplomats increasingly fear that the heightened rhetoric coupled with any miscalculation could lead to actual conflict kim myong own has been calling president trump a mad man after trump mocked him as rocket man russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov says it's time for threats to give way to dialogue i asked him about president trump's speech and his threats to destroy north korea do you think that his language his tone and his approach make the world a safer or more dangerous place yes because all those we never supported threats which have never solved anything we never supported direct interventions or that i can say that everyone can sign on to this principle especially when these
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principles implemented in real life we never supported unilateral actions he went on to suggest there could be a new mediation channel or students going to shoot we have to come down the hotheads to understand that we do need courses that we need some context if there are those that wish to be mediators i would actively welcome that the media is could be one of the neutral european countries that's an intriguing possibility there are a number of nations that would fit the bill switzerland or perhaps one of the e.u. countries that's not a member of nato and austria finland multi or sweden sweden would be well placed its foreign minister margot wall street is a former un and e.u. official it currently sits on the security council and has had an embassy in pyongyang since the one nine hundred seventy s. the general assembly week at the united nations is drawing to a close but the north korean crisis will stay in the spotlight. with north korea's
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foreign minister giving his address on saturday james bone. of the united nations and mike hanna joins us live now from the u.n. in new york mike the rhetoric is getting worse and it's getting far more personal how much concern is there about how far this might go well there's a great deal of concern we heard from the russian foreign minister in james's piece the russian foreign minister also describing the situation as like children fighting in a kindergarten he does believe that the situation is very tenuous and this heightened rhetoric does create a more difficult to actually start approaching any form of solution it's not just from the russians we've also heard from the foreign minister of the from the foreign ministry of china that is lou cannon a spokesman for the ministry saying that the situation is complicated and serious and that the all people should exercise restraint so basically the call is going
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out to the leaders of the u.s. and north korea to exercise some form of restraint to try and lower the tenor of this very public and very verbal debate here and how much pressure is there on china now to try and take a lead in fact in the way forward to try to come to some sort of diplomatic solution to the crisis china has of course gone along with the latest u.n. sanctions imposed on north korea but there was always pressure for it to be more. there was indeed man president trump has been saying that china is the one party that can bring pressure to bear on north korea it's not just the fact that china has backed several rounds of sanctions the point simply is there's a china is in the perfect position to be able to ensure that existing sanctions are properly implemented some ninety percent of north korean goods pass through or out
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of china so therefore china can control the flow of revenue which is what the u.s. is attempting to do in its latest round of sanctions to cut of revenue to north korea so certainly they are still looking to china not only to exercise pressure politically on north korea but also to implement the sanctions that are already in place and the new round of sanctions announced by the u.s. but very importantly though the fact that china has instructed its banks to sever all dealings with roth career this is the first time that's happened and a sign perhaps that the chinese government is on the same page as that of the trumpet ministration all right mike hanna with the latest at the u.n. thanks mike. now britain's prime minister has given a major speech in florence in italy aimed at rescuing the floundering brecht's
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talks tourism a proposed a two year transition period after the u.k. leaves the european union during which she wants britain to stay in the e.u. single market and she promised the britain will honor its budget commitments until its shadow departure date of march twenty ninth teen she also promised to guarantee the rights of citizens post in law but on trade may warned that remaining a member of the european economic area would not suit britain another word a canadian style trade deal instead she called for a bold new strategic agreement and if parker has more now from florence. it's the birthplace of the rene psalms an explosion of arts culture and commerce that defined europe. visitors have been drawing inspiration here for centuries from the works of davinci and michelangelo to the father of political backstabbing machiavelli and served to reason may the embattled british prime minister arrived
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hoping for a political renee sounds of her own words to help soothe the visions within her party and end three months of stalled bricks in negotiations with the e.u. we start from an unprecedented position in terms of our current relationship with you we remember we're coming out but that enables us to build a different sort of partnership for the future the speech called for a new creative economic legal and security arrangements with the e.u. she also proposed a two year transition period after the brics a deadline in march two thousand and nineteen to help ease britain's departure it is clear that what would be most helpful to people and businesses on the. and sides who want this process to be smooth and orderly is for us to agree the details arrangements for this implementation period as early as possible the u.k. has also promised to fulfill its financial obligations to europe avoiding any
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shortfalls in the blocks finances but for those who voted for the plan means two more years of e.u. control. an iconic location for an important address but the real audience was in brussels e.u. officials praised her constructive spirit but called for greater clarity to resolve a is here in florence trying to build bridges between the e.u. and the u.k. she's trying to say that even after breakfast it u.k. shares a common cultural and historic identity with great cities like florence and the rest of the continent but the view from brussels is that she is simply demanding the best of both worlds and that can't be allowed to happen. these protesters many of them british citizens living in italy believe rex it is a big mistake at least people were never informed of all the reasons about the whole issue and i think now is the world gets smaller it becomes more and more important for us to be together and be unified and i think it can be very very
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difficult for the u.k. going forward i think it will be a decision that we will regret your future thank you to resume a wants to refrain breck's it is a historic moment focusing not on the differences between nations but on political vision. but with questions still remaining about the u.k.'s border with the republic of ireland the status of a united living in the u.k. and exactly how much britain will pay to leave the e.u. it's a vision many in europe still struggling to share. barca al-jazeera florence. the u.s. department of homeland security is expected to give new recommendations to president donald trump on and wholesome global security it's thought they will include a replacement to trump soon to expire a travel bottle people from six muslim majority nations committee how good has the latest from washington what we're learning is that the department of homeland security could be replacing the current travel ban that is in effect for six middle
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eastern north african countries and instead would replace that ninety day travel restriction with more targeted restrictions adding to the list of countries affected by as many as nine additional countries what we're learning is that the department of homeland security essentially notified up to seventeen different nations that they failed to meet u.s. screening standards and they had a period of time and wish to become compliant half of those countries did so the remaining half did not as a result could be receiving these targeted restrictions in the form of additional visa requirements and that instead of having the ninety day deadline as we've seen in the past these restrictions would be indefinite now what we're hearing is that this announcement could be made on these expansion in terms of the number of countries affected as early as sunday and that is a significant day given the fact that that is when the current ninety day deadline
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that will take effect for the band that's currently in place affecting those six middle eastern north african countries so significant in terms of the announce what we expected to come on sunday also significant is the fact that the trumpet ministration may be expanding the number of countries affected the former general guide of the muslim brotherhood mohammed who's died he spent several periods of his life in jail was last arrested a day after the former egyptian president mohamed morsi was ousted from power in twenty thirteen kong takes a look back at his life. mohammad was born in the same year the muslim brotherhood was founded in one thousand nine hundred twenty eight in his early teens the man who had become one of the symbols of the organization became aware of its teachings and became a passionate advocate of its ideas the muslim brotherhood rejected british occupation of egypt and western government style of liberal democratic society in
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favor of a model that placed islam at the heart of political life. by the one nine hundred fifty s. a person by successive egyptian rulers led many of the brotherhood members to flee abroad while others like our camp were jailed and any has been researching and studying the organization for many years he has many achievements one of them that he is what he was the most the foremost need and about to hold over the last i would say couple of decades since he took office for he initiated many changes within the movement he gave a new flavor of the movement in the one nine hundred eighty s. the group disavowed violence and attempted to join the mainstream political process but it was banned by the regime of former egyptian president hosni mubarak then it became clear that the only real opposition in egypt was the muslim brotherhood and for a large part of hosni mubarak's forty year old was his rival encouraging younger members to become more involved in two thousand and five and archives leadership the
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brotherhood won twenty percent of the seats in egypt's parliamentary elections running as independents mubarak cracked down on the group again jailing hundreds of members then came the arab spring in two thousand and eleven and the fall of mubarak in the elections that followed the brothers newly formed freedom and justice party won nearly half the seats in the people's assembly but its success was short lived. after a series of controlled the seas involving constitutional reform the army was deployed on the streets and suspended the constitution the freedom and justice party was outlawed members of the brotherhood once again on the run in jail or killed and found himself behind bars now the brotherhood finds itself at a crossroads one of the most. significant problems that the ever faced over the last i would say six the case that the movement now is fighting on. different levels one of these levels is surviving the movement is facing. extraordinary
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oppression of him and the fight to survive and many of them now want to present. more than according to some records more than forty thousand members and i would present the muslim brotherhood will view archives death as state aided murder claiming he was never given the medical treatment he needed his legacy will be the man who came to embody the politics of the movement in spirit and in life imran khan was there. on the program. how misinformation is spreading anti muslim sentiment in other parts of the country . and the death toll keeps rising after mexico. that rescuers continue to pull survivors from the rubble.
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welcome back well we've had some really warm weather across southeastern parts of australia in recent days where we have got this frontal system which is coming through i'm going to reduce temperatures considerably so still looking at some pretty decent temperatures for sydney on saturday thirty two degrees by sunday as up front to slip through cooler air coming in temperatures struggling to reach the thirty mark still pretty pleasant quite breezy illnesses across some of these southern southeastern areas we wanted across western australia temperatures struggle little bit of perth highs of just eighteen degrees on the other side of the tasman sea we've had very unsettled weather affecting you since look at a bit better through the course of saturday low pressure is moving away towards the east we've got some showers feeding into water south on the western side in particular and that slight you continue to head on through into sunday but the north and is likely to be largely dry and fine moving up into northeastern parts of asia we've had an active frontal system giving some rain and this frontal system is
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actually got a little wave on it which is going to come up across southern parts of japan as we head on through into sunday so the southern islands could see some heavy rain indeed we could find some heavier in effect in tokyo later on the day cross the korean peninsula largely fine certainly sunshine and so hard to twenty six and it should be a bright day in beijing with a nice one temperature here twenty nine. germany look at europe's largest manufacturing economy but. when it comes to the digital economy. about it shoring for climate change can we stop companies from using our internet data without. counting the cost at this time. yorkers are very receptive. because it is such an international city they are very interested in that global perspective.
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and i welcome back at the top stories on al-jazeera the leaders of north korea and the u.s. in a war of words donald trump has branded kim jong un of a madman after he called the u.s. president to range and a barking dog. britain's prime minister has delivered a major policy speech in a slate proposing a two year transition period after the u.k. leaves the european union. and the u.s. department of homeland security has given new recommendations to president trump. global security.
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the united states is calling for me and to take urgent action to end violence in rakhine state where a military offensive has triggered a range exodus which the un has described as ethnic cleansing aid organizations are struggling to help the more than two hundred twenty nine thousand range of muslims . in bangladesh the u.n. estimates it needs at least two hundred million dollars in aid to help the refugees in bangladesh. for the next six months it's also speeding up the distribution of plastic sheeting while bangladeshi authorities work to erect a new two hundred thousand acre shelter. well back in may i'm almost in communities not connected to the range of reporting an increase in attacks against them they say the misinformation is being spread online to fuel interfaith tensions and violence scott heidi reports from mandalay. in just a few hours last week so meanly lost the equivalent of three years of profits that
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his shop the livelihood for his family of seven a mob roam through the muslim section of twang in central myanmar attacking shops and homes they stole his stock of mobile phones and smashed his signs and displays . i'm worried and scared because rumors spread very quickly through propaganda on the kind situation and the attacks could happen again they say are muslim communities the same as the attackers in rakhine state they are totally different so mint is not and neither is anyone here but what they do share with the ranger is religion they are muslim as are most were hinge or. just across from his shop men and his family were in their house that night as the mob attacked he heard a thumping noise they were hacking his shutters with an axe he was terrified. several people were arrested after the attacks witnesses said some of them had a list of muslim homes and businesses as they went on their rampage a few hours north here in the city of mandalay is the heartland from an ultra
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nationalist buddhist group linked to deadly anti muslim riots back in two thousand and fourteen three years on there still tension. those attacks in myanmar's a second largest city killed two houses shops and cars were burned hundreds of riot police were called out it's thought that the violence was sparked by an allegation posted online. this mandalay mosque serves a community of. early two thousand people it's later tense we admits he doesn't know much about the written jump if they're in the country illegally or not but he worries about misinformation spreading online. any. information on social media people post truthful things and false things on facebook so it's difficult to know what's the truth but if any muslim gets into trouble we fear for them and we're concerned. to action was one of the leading monks from the pro-democracy saffron revolution in two thousand and seven moderate buddhist voice in mandalay.
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i'm concerned about the situation in real time for what i read in the news there been an extremist there but i'm concerned that the government will act with extreme ways and that will lead to more religious conflict he went on to say there needs to be more communication between moderates and as long as the extremist voices control the conversation interfaith tension and violence could continue to spread outside of rakhine it's got her out zero mandalay the u.n. humanitarian coordinator in yemen says the country is facing the world's worst humanitarian crisis but most twenty one million people in desperate need of help speak out amazing on the sidelines of the u.n. general assembly jamie mcgoldrick said the fighting was at the root of all the country's problems it's totally a catastrophe that's facing yemen as we see today the figures in the facts speak for themselves to know half years of conflict have unleashed on president called an
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epidemic and seen deplorable tykes against civilians and civilian infrastructure and has transformed yemen into the worst than the largest humanitarian crisis known . rescuers in mexico say they are still confident of finding more survivors from tuesday's earthquake with the search now into a fourth day sixty people have been pulled out of the rubble the death toll is now approaching three hundred and is expected to rise as that search continues the seven point one magnitude quake hits a large area of central mexico including the densely packed capital mexico city and has left thousands of people homeless and official is at the scene of one of the main rescue attempts in the center of mexico city. if you take a look over my shoulder you can see the office building which fell down more than seventy two hours ago and there are white men all sort of rescue workers on top of the building and what they're doing at this stage is the sheer physical work of moving bits of debris piece by piece over the last several hours they've been
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scanning the area using general imaging using dogs using the specially trained workers here the more to go in to taste spaces from the thermal imaging they believe that there are a number of people in the building and part of it maybe because of the way collapsed if you look at it it looks as if it's pushed out and that means it may have created some pockets at the back of the building where people were able to survive get some refuge maybe avoid the worst of the collapse of the building the difficulty of course is seventy two hours plus you know since the quake struck and in many occasions that's when people begin to lose hope that our families probably more than forty of the people inside that building who are still reported missing and they are all around here in the church services are now just over to my right there holding banners which is are doing the government please don't bring in the heavy machinery but they are convinced that if the government decides that they are going to bring in heavy machinery to clear the area that will lead to death so that is why it seems unlikely they'll do that let me just say that it seems unlikely to
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do that particularly with so many people on that building at the moment and they are watching with shovels they're working with pickaxes in hand. but one of the big tools they're using is simply their hands they're bending down and picking up the debris and passing it along the line and trying to get away from the top of the building iraq's kurdish leader massoud barzani says monday's independence referendum will definitely go ahead despite international pressure for it to be delayed or even canceled he was speaking in iraq's kurdish capital bill he was that the final rally before monday's vote which has been criticized by the u.s. e.u. arab league and many others he says the kurds are happy to fight eisel alongside iraqi forces whatever the result of the referendum. i tell the world leave the kurds express their own rights and decide their own independence we can i continue any longer the status quo with the federal government in baghdad the referendum is not
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a risk the referendum is not to draw new borders it is to confirm and insist on our right for independence the real risk is to let others decide your fate. kenya's attorney general good to mugabe has played down concerns of the country will be plunged into political crisis if a planned rerun of its presidential election is delayed a supreme court and no president who are coming out as win last month and ordered the electoral commission to organize a new poll that was pushed back from october the seventeenth of may now take place the following week i says the current government will remain in power until the election takes place. thousands of people have protested on the streets of barcelona for third day angry at a spanish crackdown on preparations for an independence referendum in catalonia demonstrators gathered outside a courthouse where six cattle officials who were detained on wednesday were
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summoned for questioning spanish authorities consider the independence vote illegal and of seize millions of ballot papers to try to disrupt the poll catalonia is regional government insists the vote will go ahead. american scientists have created an antibody which could offer a new way to treat or prevent hiv following successful tests in monkeys. is designed to target three key areas of the virus attacking ninety nine percent of hiv strains the three and one antibody is they'll try to make it harder for the different variations of hiv to resist its effects human trials are expected to begin by the end of twenty eighteen london's transport authority says it will not for a new license to operate in the british capital when it expires at the end of next week it says the company lacks corporate responsibility with implications for public safety and security. well libor is a major player in london where it has forty thousand drivers that is used by three
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and a half million people it's a similar picture in new york city where according to the most recent figures it provides an average of two hundred twenty six thousand rides a day over all. around five billion trips to passengers across the world it operates in more than six hundred countries sorry six hundred cities and over twenty four countries. are reports of how the decision is going down in london. for the last year has been driving for he works six days a week and says he makes enough money to support his family he enjoys being able to choose where he works he's one of forty thousand do but drivers in the british capital but now the regulators transport for london who run the city's buses in underground trains so they won't extend beyond the end of the month for many people who've got used to the service it's a shock it's so easy to go from one place to another safely quickly so now it's
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like when we came out as are ok this is obviously not she was going to train but i still feel like i'm i don't feel like i'm paying ridiculous amounts. of corporate responsibility in areas such as the reporting of serious criminal offenses it follows allegations that drivers suspected of sexual assaults were allowed to keep driving. some time going through the regulations that parliament's given them in relation to decide in whether a private operators face improper looks at the evidence and tearful have concluded today that. operator the real concerns around safety and security has come out fighting suggesting t.f. else decision is motivated not by safety concerns but by politics and promising to fight the move in the courts by trying to ban in london there caving into the pressure exerted by a small minority that want to. strict consumer choice and competition this decision
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if it held true will mean over forty thousand licensed drivers will be out of work traditionally after a night out in london's west end at a theater say or a restaurant people would hail a black taxi cab but five years ago arrived and caused a sensation with just a few clicks on your mobile phone you can get to where you're going to at a cheaper price but of course it's caused controversy as well last year dr james fire our took the firm to court arguing drivers should be treated as employees with rights to the minimum wage and sick pay well the judges agreed with him to appeal the ruling next week what do you have on the mayor a new bridge should do is they should evolve regulations for attorney century twenty first century they should enforce and develop regulations effectively and they should protect worker rights of drivers can carry on operating in london at least until appeals have been exhausted but this is one more setback for
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a firm that's been hit by legal challenges and protests around the world and also made life easier for millions of people the. london. undermines at the top stories on al-jazeera the war of words between north korea's kim jong il and donald trump is escalating the u.s. president has branded came a mad man after he called trump to range to and a barking dog can lashed out at trump following his threat to destroy north korea is now considering a hydrogen bomb tests in the pacific ocean. or russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov or spoken about the tensions on the korean peninsula during a press conference un he says everyone involved in the dispute needs to take a deep breath and find a diplomatic solution. with the more we need to calm down the hotheads and understand that we need pauses we need to context together with our colleagues will
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continue to strive for a reasonable and not be emotional approach instead of a kindergarten fight between children when no one can stop them britain's prime minister has proposed a two year transition period after the u.k. leaves the european union in a speech delivered in florence in italy aimed at breaking the deadlock over breaks it to reason may said she wants britain to be allowed to stay in the e.u. single market during that time and she promised that britain will honor its budget commitments the former general guide of the muslim brotherhood mohammed marked the archive has died at the age of eighty nine his daughter made the announcement on social media archive spent several periods of his life in jail and was last arrested a day after the former egyptian president mohammed morsi was ousted from power in twenty thirty. rescuers in mexico a still pulling civil protests are being held in barcelona calling for an end to the government's position on a referendum on whether catalonia should gain independence from spain
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a judge has ordered the release of six people who were arrested on wednesday. and those are the latest headlines here on al-jazeera stay with us counting the cost is next. germany is electing a new parliament polls suggest angela merkel is poised to win a fourth term as chancellor of europe's largest economy with crises in the e.u. and president trump in the white house some call merkel the leader of the free world but the voters here agree watch al-jazeera as germany decides. hello i'm adrian finnigan this is counting the cost of al-jazeera a wiki look at the world of business.


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