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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 23, 2017 2:00am-3:01am AST

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now that the chinese leadership got you as an enemy of the state the other story on a talk to how does it at this time. tensions are high. a little has changed and new village officials are struggling to demonstrate goodwill. among morial is trying for a calm maggi sacrificed his life the political change. but really event tonight i'll drive a wedge between the village and. crack jazz part three of a six part series filmed over five years of. china's democracy experiment at this time on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera.
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hello i'm rob matheson and this is the news our live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes russia calls for calm as the war of words between donald trump and kim jong un escalates. embattled british prime minister tony is a may offers up raise its compromise calling for a two year transition period. tens of thousands of people in harm's way in puerto rico as severe flooding from hurricane maria threatens to burst. and putting the brakes on london says the on line. get its license renewed. there's been an escalation in the insults being hurled between the u.s. and north korean leaders with donald trump calling. madmen on twitter it's in response to kim's official statement calling trump deranged and
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a barking dog the north is also threatening to test a hydrogen bomb in the pacific ocean diplomatic editor james bays reports from the united nations. for now it's a war of words but diplomats increasingly fear that the heightened rhetoric coupled with any miscalculation could lead to actual conflict kim myong ern has been calling president trump a mad man after trump mocked him as rocket man russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov says it's time for threats to give way to dialogue i asked him about president trump speech and his threats to destroy north korea do you think that his language his tone and his approach make the world a safer or more dangerous place yes because all those we never supported threats which have never solved anything we never supported direct interventions i can say that everyone can sign on to this principle especially when these principles implemented in real life we never supported unilateral actions and he went on to
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suggest there could be a new mediation channel or students are going to shoot we have to come down the hotheads to understand that we do need courses that we need some context if there are those that wish to be mediators i would actively welcome that the media is could be one of the neutral european countries that's an intriguing possibility there are a number of nations that would fit the bill switzerland or perhaps one of the e.u. countries that is not a member of nato and austria finland multi or sweden sweden would be well placed its foreign minister margot will stream is a former un and e.u. official it currently sits on the security council and has had an embassy in pyongyang since the one nine hundred seventy s. the general assembly week at the united nations is drawing to a close but the north korean crisis will stay in the spotlight with north korea's foreign minister giving his address on saturday james closed out jazeera at the
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united nations. john howard's is director of the atlantic council's dinner patricia eurasia center he's joining us now from washington d.c. thank you very much indeed for your time so this seems to have degenerated into a slanging match between two world leaders is there any room for diplomacy in this . this is kind of a farce. the overheated rhetoric is typical for north korea it's not helpful the overheated rhetoric is unfortunately now coming from washington to this too is not helpful but i'm not sure there's either diplomatic and there certainly not a military solution to this. the north korean regime is determined to have nuclear weapons determined to develop advanced missile technology and it seems that we're going to have to live with this we are the world's and have to live with us at the same time this is a danger and in order to cope with this danger i think that you are probably
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looking at missile defense in south korea missile defense in japan and of course north korean development of nuclear capacity in this capacity will only encourage the governments in seoul and tokyo to consider their own nuclear capacity we seem to be seeing a pattern of tit for tat in terms of the build up of missiles protected from north korea and obviously this latest suggestion by north korea's foreign minister that is only a suggestion that they might test a hydrogen bomb in the pacific is there anybody in on either side who is in a position to encourage either of the leaders to dial back on this rhetoric to allow some sort of breathing space for some sort of diplomatic solution. again i don't think this rhetoric means we're about to go to war it just means that normally you simply have one side the north koreans spouting ridiculous statements now you seem to have two sides of the one country that could exert serious
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influence towards reducing real tensions as china but it has been reluctant to confront its north korean ally for reasons having to do with its desire to maintain some sort of enclave outside of american influence on the korean peninsula if china were to step up and act responsibly that could be a positive step we've seen little real willingness on the part of beijing to do that china has of course suggested that its central bank is no longer going to do any business with north korea as part of the sanctions that were brought in by the u.n. security council is not an indication that china at least is getting tired of the situation and there is at least feeling some sort of pressure to take action that will result in some sort of solution well i think you're right it demonstrates that china feel some pressure they would certainly like their clients in north korea to behave better but then he steps they take on sanctions or are very very
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calibrated so as not to do major damage and therefore they cannot be truly persuasive. to her thank you very much indeed for your time much appreciated. british prime minister wants a two year transition period once the u.k. leaves the european union today is amazed as the u.k. needs to stay in the single market under its current terms at least during that time to ensure a smooth withdraw it's an opinion which is met with mixed reviews from european leaders have barker has more from florence. it's the birthplace of the rene psalms and explosion of arts culture and commerce that defined europe. visitors have been drawing inspiration here for centuries from the works of davinci and michelangelo to the father of political backstabbing machiavelli enter to reason may the embattled british prime minister arrived hoping for a political renee songs of her own words to help soothe divisions within her party
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and end three months of stalled negotiations with the e.u. we start from an unprecedented position in terms of our current relationship with you we remember we're coming out but that enables us to build a different sort of partnership for the future the speech called for a new creative economic legal and security arrangements with the e.u. she also proposed a two year transition period after the brics a deadline in march two thousand and nineteen to help ease britain's departure it is clear that what would be most helpful to people and businesses on both sides who want this process to be smooth and orderly is for us to agree the details arrangements for this implementation period as early as possible the u.k. has also promised to fulfill its financial obligations to europe avoiding any shortfalls in the blocs finances but for those who voted for breaks in the plan means two more years of e.u. control. and iconic location for an important address but the real audience was in
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brussels e.u. officials praised her constructive spirit but called for greater clarity to reserve a is here in florence trying. to build bridges between the e.u. and the u.k. she's trying to say that even after breakfast it u.k. shares a common cultural and historic identity with great cities like florence and the rest of the continent but the view from brussels is that she is simply demanding the best of both worlds and that can't be allowed to happen. these protestors many of them british citizens living in italy believe rex it is a big mistake if people were never informed of all the reasons about the whole issue and i think now is the world gets smaller it becomes more and more important for us to be together and be unified and i think it can be very very difficult for the u.k. going forward and i think it will be a decision that we will regret and the preacher thank you to reason may wants to
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refrain breck's it is a historic moment focusing not on the differences between nations but on political vision. but with questions still remaining about the u.k.'s border with the republic of ireland the status of a united living in the u.k. and exactly how much britain will pay to leave the e.u. it's a vision many in europe a still struggling to share. al-jazeera florence or john spring for it is director of research at the center for european reform and he says terry says maizie speech like to detail. well i thought it was a. speech which was constructive in tone which is the twenty seven will like that i think there are also like the idea that the u.k. will make a commitment to european security that will go down well but in terms of real specifics you know we're in twelve months into a negotiation where there's a lot of nitty gritty that needs to be sorted out and there wasn't
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a great deal of that and there were some very commitments on the money and on citizens' rights not really very much in northern ireland and then some very vague statements about the future trading relationship the problem is that trust has got to such a low ebb between the two sides now and. is helpful in the fact that she struck such a constructive tone is really good and i think that the fact that when we. mean that the speech itself is not going to be enough to be able to move on to the next stage of the talks that's going to have to come in the negotiations plenty more ahead of the news hour including just days before an independence referendum in neighboring iraq syrian kurds begin paving the way for their regional autonomy. also the trumpet administration takes yet another shot at a travel ban for muslim majority nations we'll tell you about new proposed restrictions. in sports in europe takes on rest of the world team.
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is going to be here with action on the first day. tens of thousands of people in puerto rico are being moved amid fears that that was damaged and how they can maria will break at least six people were killed when the how they can hit the island on wednesday almost thirty have been killed across the caribbean and the number is expected to rise the u.s. national weather service has issued a flash flood emergency over the structural integrity of the dam authorities are evacuating two towns downstream of it about seventy thousand people are being made to leave their homes and the gallic is joining us live with the latest from san juan puerto rico first of all do we know what the latest is about the. well i think you basically have as much information as we do remember communications around here across the island but why attic
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a dam is about an hour's drive north west of us here we're told there is a structural failure in the dam a crack in the dam wall it's a fairly small dam around five square kilometers and i think what officials here are doing is taking precautions and moving those seventy thousand people who were talking about to higher ground but this really goes to the failure of puerto rico's infrastructure i've been here many times over the last couple of years to talk about the bankruptcy here and what's being done about it this island is seventy three billion dollars in debt that means there's been no investment in things like reservoirs lakes and dams and of course the power grid because you can see lights on behind me here in san juan but they are from generators and the power here is the biggest problem because if you don't have power you don't have telephone communication you have air conditioning people can't get back to business and all these lights you see behind me a generator is running from diesel and that diesel is slowly but surely running out
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we actually spent the day here in san juan at a children's hospital it's running from a generator we went to a local businesses that are also doing the same thing and they all said the same thing to me and that is that they need help and that time is running out because when the fuel runs out all those businesses and potentially even the hospitals can't even put the lights on and one of the biggest problems with a situation like this in a disaster when there is flooding is also of course disease and the long term damage that flooding can cause is one thing to be able to rebuild a house and put a roof on it but the actual infrastructure itself out of the ground itself when it's flooded is very weak to build on that's going to present an enormous problem for the economy which is as you say already struggling. i mean this is not going to be a fast recovery there is no question about that they are talking about the power potentially coming back on. next year i mean think about that if you are someone who's lost your home or is just rebuilding your home and you don't have electricity
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and you have perhaps six children like one woman we met today that is a real disability and that and that really goes to the problem of the infrastructure in puerto rico but of course you as you were saying water borne diseases are also a problem you've got the mountainous areas here of which there are many where there have been mudslides you know even a couple days after hurricane maria came through we still don't have a full picture of the extent of the damage but certainly from the places that we've been the people that we met there is no life that has been left untouched by hurricane maria here in puerto rico and a thanks very much indeed for mexican authorities are refusing to give up hope of finding survivors three days after an earthquake killed at least two hundred eighty six people the rescue operations been extended following crews are helping to sift through the rubble more than fifty buildings have collapsed in mexico city when tuesday's seven point one magnitude quake struck on officials this is joining us from mexico city just give us an indication first of all what's happening there. just in the last
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couple of minutes have been calls for to start families names and the math family members of pass by me looking i'm actually excited and what it is going to be said we know from people that we're going to speaking to over the last hour or so that this is specter six people trapped in the building behind me on the roof we've now seen more people walking near where we have any point during the day they're trying to remove as many layers of rubble as they can quickly and safely at the problem is their own forty families here waiting for news and so us there are only six points that we think our lives and that is going to be bad news for a lot of families who have spent a lot of time here doing not much more than praying and hoping that the good news but certainly for two families just in the last few minutes they have got some news that they have been called to the tent of the authorities and that need be an
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indication that they have managed to speak to those people and identify them and therefore they can then identify their family as the process here has been incredibly slow and very difficult we didn't get started to mid-morning because of the very heavy rain we had in mexico city overnight that makes walking on that structure incredibly difficult not only that the weight of the water pushes things down and moved everything around so therefore engineers have got to come in and look at the ways they can perhaps remove the deadly how they can get tunnels to the people that are trapped and we've been speaking to dennis course who is leading the u.s. the id team the second team that says here in mexico they've been on the ground for forty eight hours they've been at other sites they haven't killed anyone alive from the wreckage but they've cleared the sites which means to be able to recover all the bodies and he is still fairly hopeful that with the technology that they have which can cut through concrete which can start to move heavy concrete being that they might still be able to kill people out of that wreckage and really everyone
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around here now is waiting for news from the building it has been an incredibly long day and. in possibly frustration for the. news there was some concern from the families that in me bring in heavy equipment and they thought that would indicate. we know there are six people in the. imaging they are going to bring in some heavy equipment to move parts of the roof what happened was the building and think there may be areas where people have survived and that is the people that they are trying to get to at the moment alan fischer thanks very much indeed a twenty four hour demonstration in barcelona has ended after six people were arrested for supporting an independence referendum were released they remain under investigation for disobedience abuse of power and embezzlement they were arrested in relation to the planned ballots must appear before the court each week the spanish central government oppose the vote it plans to send police to the catalan
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region if the top of the first poll goes ahead of. iraq's kurdish leader massoud barzani he says monday's independence referendum will definitely go ahead despite international pressure to stop it was speaking in iraq's kurdish capital build the final rally before monday's vote among the critics of the united states the european union and the arab league by zani says whatever the outcome of the referendum the kurds are happy to fight alongside iraqi forces against i saw. i tell the world leave the kurds expressed their own rights and decide their own independence we cannot continue any longer to status quo with the federal government in baghdad the referendum is not to risk the referendum is not to draw new voters it is to confirm and insist on our right for independence the real risk if you let others decide your fate meanwhile syrian kurds have voted in an election
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which is widely seen as the start of a three phase process to show up regional autonomy in the country's north the people who win the commune on elections will go on to contest local council elections in november they'll also contest a third poll to form a body to act as a regional parliament syrian kurdish autonomy plans are opposed by the government in damascus. as you know this election is happening at a critical turning point in the northern syrian region it's a key step to set up democracy in our areas because in the past the syrian ruling party used to appoint the local representatives this is no more now our community can have their say. drivers won't be allowed to pick up fares in london from next month the firm is losing its license to operate there london's transport authority says it's worried about public safety he says obama hasn't been doing enough to check drivers' backgrounds or medical conditions over accuses london of being
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closed to any of it of companies it plans to appeal the decision not in baba reports and how the decision is going down in london. for the last year has been driving for he works six days a week and says he makes enough money to support his family he enjoys being able to choose when he works he's one of forty thousand diva drivers in the british capital but now the regulators transport for london who run the city's buses and underground trains so they were. extend dupers license beyond the end of the month for many people who got used to the service it's a shock so you can cross to go from one place to another saying quickly. when i came out as i are ok this is obviously not she was going to train but i still feel like i'm i don't feel like i'm paying ridiculous amounts. to a lack of corporate responsibility in areas such as the reporting of serious criminal offenses it follows allegations that drivers suspected of sexual assaults
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were allowed to keep driving spent some time going through the regulations that parliament's given them a russian to decide in a private vehicle approaches for some proper. evidence and tearful have concluded today that on our system proper vehicle operator the real concerns around safety and security has come out fighting suggesting t.f. else decision is motivated not by safety concerns but by politics and promising to fight the move in the courts by trying to ban in london there caving into the pressure exerted by a small minority that want to restrict consumer choice and competition this decision if it helps true will mean over forty thousand licensed drivers will be out of work traditionally after london's west end. restaurant people with a hail a black taxi cab five years ago arrived and caused
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a sensation with just a few clicks on your mobile phone you can get to where you're going to at a cheaper price but of course it's caused controversy as well. last year dr james fire took the firm to court arguing drivers should be treated as employees with rights to the minimum wage and sick pay judges agreed with him to appeal the ruling next week. is they should evolve regulations for attorney twenty first century they should enforce and develop regulations effectively and they should protect worker rights of drivers can carry on operating in london at least until appeals have been exhausted but this is one more set back for a firm that's been hit by legal challenges and protests around the world and also made life easier for millions of people. all over is a big player in london where it's got forty thousand drivers and it's used by three point five million people it's
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a similar picture in new york city where according to the most recent figures it provides an average of two hundred twenty six thousand rides per day overall drivers have made about five billion trips around the world it operates in more than six hundred cities in twenty four countries. as assistant opinion editor for the guardian he's writing on technology and ups for the observer's new review he's joining us from london we appreciate your time thank you very much what's your reaction to this. i think this is a good decision is good to see that government is a lost tackling one of these big tech companies and trying to regulate them properly for too long it seems to these companies were able to act as they wanted in carrying out their business so long as they were providing a service that people enjoyed but that can't be allowed to continue can't just be that companies can do whatever they want so long as people are enjoying what they provide to them and in making this decision take tear fell as per the the.
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level playing field for all companies at the forefront of the concerns you describe it is a level playing field but of course it is being open to allegations that. simply came in five years ago and challenge the monopoly that the black car companies had in london that dear fellow is basically supporting the black cab drivers against what do you say to that. it's a myth that before you became a long there was no other service in london for private hire apart from black cabs i've lived in london all my life there have always been many cabs in london and they've usually been taping them back cabs the difference is that we came in with a really impressive service that people wanted to use it was different it was revolutionary it has changed the way that people use taxis but in doing so and even lowering its prices such an extent it undercut lots of other services it doesn't pay its workers the living wage despite the fact that the costs of ruled that they should it's continued to pale that day and it's
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a bit rich now but to claim that they're concerned about the jobs of these drivers today refused to give in the rights of the cause of said they should course other large corporations have faced similar similar allegations do you think that where possible city governments like london's should take action against these companies as well. what's been so nice to see in this instance is that here. using the regulations that exist to challenge one of these big corporations what too often is the problem is the regulations are outdated they're not equipped to deal with twenty first century business is the problem that being picked up on this time is to do with passenger safety it was only an organist at the met pointed out that they've been failing to report their drivers have been accused of sexual attacks and where possible of course government must tackle these companies in the regulations they exist but going forward and with business changing the developed technological advance is moving quicker than government can keep up with they need to be updating their regulations for the twenty first century you're making the
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point about public safety and of course that's an extremely valid one but it's not the allegations that drivers have faced on just restricted to they are faced by private hire cars and black cab drivers as well are we looking at a situation for it's not so much the model that's a separate issue but there is room for expanding the legislation that exists to cover all taxi services. as i understand it these regulations do apply to all taxi services all private companies must be seen as fair and proper to hold a license to operate in london and there's been some particular concerns with how it operated and it's not new to allegations such as this wherever it is operate is being seen to flout regulations only acting to comply with regulations where it doesn't affect their profitability rather than addressing the concerns that the met the metropolitan place and the london merit had about the way the passenger safety
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has been affected there instead choosing to appeal this decision rather than looking at their own behavior there instead instead trying to fight government three point five million people in london use it's a really valuable service especially for women and disabled people who rely on a cheap trustworthy service and what provides with an identifiable driver gives people of faith in the safety of what the police and what the mayor found is that it's not as safe as in my a pair and it would be nice for you to concentrate on improving the quality and safety of this rather than trying to flout the rules of the cities that they operate in. some technology for the observer's new review he's also assistant printing the editor for the paper as well thank you very much indeed. president emanuel has formally signed a controversial overhaul of france's labor laws the measures which triggered protests make it easier for companies to hire and fire stuff micron's government has promised to cut unemployment from its current nine point five percent to seven
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percent in five years still ahead and al jazeera a plea for global leaders to turn their attention to yemen what's being called the world's worst humanitarian crisis. with just two days until johnny heads to the ballot box we'll look at how angle of merkel has managed to stay ahead in the polls . and announces the nominees for its best football awards pete is going to be here to tell you all about that in the sports. welcome back we'll take a look at the weather across the americas on the satellite imagery you can see the remnants of jose close to the eastern seaboard and giving them a break and then hurricane maria which is going to give some surf conditions to worry about over the next twenty four to forty hours on the eastern seaboard gerri
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the weather conditions the fine sunshine in new york and washington highs of twenty nine much more unsettled weather across parts of the west colorado they're seeing some very heavy rainfall well some some snow up over the rockies and that stands up into canada will see outbreaks of rain some of the quite heavy showers also likely in the florida peninsula heading into the caribbean well obviously it is all about maria and it's continue to track across southeastern parts of the bahamas in the coming hours so significant storm surges for both the turks and caicos on the southeastern bahamas as a system gradually moves away so very heavy rain affecting many areas here up through the isthmus we've got the usual showers some pretty heavy ones at that in fact longer spells rain really across much of the region so quite well could be some localized flooding here in america as much quieter some showers across northwestern areas extending into peru and through bolivia but otherwise fine but as areas should be dry a plenty of sunshine heading on through into sunday should be fine ascension and power grab with a high of thirty one. for
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the nomadic jack outright survival is about reaching their destination. never be able to. follow the mongolian herdsmen on a treacherous migration. as they strive to preserve their traditional way of life. sometimes losing. their was because of. mongolia this time on al-jazeera. when the news breaks more than a million people. and the story below. and sometimes. when people me. i dream about gambling in numbers i don't feel comfortable with. al-jazeera has
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teams on the ground to bring food winning documentary and. you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour russia is calling for calm as the leaders of the u.s. and north korea continue to trade insults foreign minister sergey lavrov has suggested mediation by an mutual country to help resolve the standoff over pyongyang's nuclear ambitions the north is threatening to test a hydrogen bomb and ocean. but his prime minister has delivered a key policy speech in florence she's proposing a two year transition period after the u.k.
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leaves the european union to resume says the u.k. needs the time to ensure a smooth withdrawal. the search for survivors of mexico's earthquake has been extended as authorities refused to give up hope of finding more people alive the seven point one magnitude quake struck central mexico on tuesday killing at least two hundred eighty six people. the u.s. department of homeland security is expected to make new recommendations to president donald trump on how to enhanced global security it's thought feeling clued a replacement to trans soon to expire travel ban on people from six muslim majority nations has more from washington d.c. . what we're learning is that the department of homeland security could be replacing the current travel ban that is in effect for six middle eastern north african countries and instead would replace that ninety day travel restriction with more targeted restrictions adding to the list of countries affected by as many as
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nine additional countries what we're learning is that the department of homeland security essentially notified up to seventeen different nations that they failed to meet u.s. screening standards and they had a period of time and wish to become compliant half of those countries did so the remaining half did not as a result could be receiving these targeted restrictions in the form of additional visa requirements and that instead of having the ninety day deadline as we've seen in the past these restrictions would be indefinite now what we are hearing is that this announcement could be made on these expansion in terms of the number of countries affected as early as sunday and that is a significant day given the fact that that is when the current ninety day deadline that will take effect for the band that's currently in place affecting those six middle eastern north african countries so significant in terms of the announce what we expected to come on sunday also significant is the fact that the trumpet
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ministration may be expanding the number of countries affected buns to repeal the obama care bill in the u.s. have been dealt a possible fatal blow by senator john mccain it includes all position on friday to the republican party's latest proposal to replace health care legislation approved by president obama mccain says the bill is being rushed and he's demanding more details on what it would cost and how it would affect insurance premiums democratic senator bernie sanders praised mccain for using his conscience instead of following party loyalty but saunders warns the struggle to keep obamacare is not over. well one of president donald trump senior officials is under investigation for spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in public money on flights and run the u.s. health and human services secretary tommy price took five flights and executive jets last week alone instead of taking commercial flights to my coachman has more from washington d.c.
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. before he left congress to join the trump cabinet health and human services secretary tom price was an outspoken critic of government officials charging at taxpayers for private jet travel as a prime defender of trump's deep budget cuts price promised to crack down on wasteful spending blueprint make strategic investments that will let us respond more efficiently to public health emergencies and power americans to make the best decisions for their health care needs and prevent waste fraud and abuse across the department particularly within medicare and medicaid now prices being accused of ignoring his own rhetoric when it comes to travel in the past few months use private charter planes at least twenty four times a departure from his obama administration predecessors who flew on schedule airlines officials say prize only flies by charter when commercial travel isn't feasible but for one of his shorter trips washington to philadelphia prices private
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jet trip cost ten thousand dollars that compared to seven hundred for taking a scheduled commercial flight that departed around the same time and three hundred dollars for a round trip train ride price is coming under scrutiny from his department's inspector general following a similar investigation of treasury secretary steven minucci he was criticized for deploying a government jet to take himself and his wife on a trip that allowed him to watch the solar eclipse in august but price is unlikely to draw criticism from his boss donald trump this president's performance driven and if the secretary is doing a good job if he's doing what the president has requested him to do in the manner that he should be doing it then the president will support prices spokesman has defended the charter flights as necessary to meet what he called an incredibly demanding schedule now it's up to his department's inspector general to decide if the price was right or price tom ackerman al-jazeera washington. the former muslim
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brotherhood general guide mohammad has died his daughter made the announcement on facebook was arrested four years ago by day after former egyptian president mohamed morsi was ousted from power in non-con takes a look back at his life mohamed was born in the same year the muslim brotherhood was founded in one thousand nine hundred twenty eight in his early teens the man who had become one of the symbols of the organization became aware of its teachings and became a passionate advocate of its ideas the muslim brotherhood rejected british occupation of egypt and western government style of liberal democratic society in favor of a model that placed islam at the heart of political life. by the one nine hundred fifty s. oppression by successive egyptian rulers led many of the brotherhood members to flee abroad while others like our camp were jailed and any has been researching and
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studying the organization for many years he has many achievements one of them that he is what he was the most before most need and about what over the last i would say couple of decades since he took office to develop before he initiated many changes within the movement he gave and you flavor of the movement in the one nine hundred eighty s. the group disavowed violence and attempted to join the mainstream political process but it was banned by the regime of former egyptian president hosni mubarak then it became clear that the only real opposition in egypt was the muslim brotherhood and for a large part of hosni mubarak's full two year old was his rival encouraging younger members to become more involved. in two thousand and five under markets leadership the brotherhood won twenty percent of the seats in egypt's parliamentary elections running as independents mubarak cracked down on the group again jailing hundreds of members then came the arab spring in two thousand and eleven and the fall of mubarak in the elections that followed the brothers newly formed freedom and
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justice party won nearly half the seats in the people's assembly but its success was short lived after a series of control of the seas involving constitutional reform the army was deployed on the streets and suspended the constitution the freedom and justice party was outlawed members of the brotherhood once again on the run in jail or killed and found himself behind bars now the brotherhood finds itself at a crossroads one of the most. significant problems that the ever faced over the last i would say sixty kids in the movement now is fighting on. different levels one of these levels is surviving the movement is facing. extraordinary oppression of the city and the fight to survive and many of them are now in a prison. more than. courts more than forty thousand members are now in present the muslim brotherhood will view archives death as state aided murder claiming he
2:41 am
was never given the medical treatment he needed his legacy will be the man who came to embody the politics of the movement in spirit and in life imran khan. the un humanitarian coordinator in yemen says the country is facing the world's worst humanitarian crisis with almost twenty one million people in desperate need of financial assistance u.n. chief antonio gutierrez world leaders to do more to end the suffering not on the horn reports. more than a thousand people live here in the village of my crew and the waste of human most of them and shelters like these subway have bashed lives and one of them with nine members of his family a family that relies almost entirely on the young boy to survive he's managed to make money from finding and selling plastic water containers it really makes much. but. it's hard trying to find something to sell we never have enough never enough
2:42 am
food never enough water last time who got help was no more than we have nothing. the war in yemen pits who three rebels from the north backed by iran and troops loyal to former president ali abdullah saleh against a good many government forces they supported by is strikes from a saudi led coalition nearly two and a half years of fighting has left yemen on the brink of collapse. already the poorest country in the gulf when the war began it's made the crisis much much worse a crippled infrastructure abject poverty seven million people on the brink of famine and since i pulled the world's worst outbreak of cholera clean drinking water it's issues here. we never have enough to drink this woman says her family is one of hundreds who rely on water deliveries when they come people
2:43 am
here say there's never enough water to go around in a day. there's not a single drop of clean water here everyone here is sick with cholera now. the rebels and they realize control more than sixty percent of the country including the capital santa and the village. lives that means it's a potential target for saudi led coalition is strikes while that's a concern so was finding the next meal well. we can't find jobs i have six children and i don't know what i can do to feed them we need one day and stay hungry the next year the u.n. accuses both sides of committing atrocities and breaking the rules of law and urges all sides to end the conflict. you when leaders in new york describe humans war as an entirely manmade catastrophe millions of human uses suffer the
2:44 am
consequences every day maybe on the hon l. does either. iran has unveiled its latest ballistic missile president hassan rouhani says tehran will not seek permission from any country to strengthen its defense capabilities his statement came after president donald trump's threat to pull out from the twenty fifteen nuclear agreement says it will continue to back that deal so in course yahoo reports. these are iran's latest ballistic me silas with a range of two thousand kilometers they can reach much of the middle east including israel during his speech president hassan rouhani defended his country's right to protect itself. no matter if you like it or not we will boost our defense and military power to the extent deemed necessary for deterrence we will not seek permission from anyone to defend our country and our land. that's likely
2:45 am
to cause more anger at the white house president donald trump called iran a rogue nation during his address at the u.n. this week and has threatened to withdraw from the two thousand and fifteen nuclear agreement frankly that deal is an embarrassment to the united states and i don't think you've heard the last of it believe me it is time for the entire world to join us in demanding that iran's government and its pursuit of death and destruction. a group of six world powers namely china france russia the united kingdom the u.s. and germany are part of the deal which included the lifting of sanctions for iran scurrying up its nuclear program about analysts say the trump administration isn't likely to back down on the agreement president i think there are two aspects that
2:46 am
are problematic about this deal first is his overall perspective towards the muslim world which i would characterize as wide deep intactness and the second is basic isn't assess this deal doesn't make sense from an american business perspective it doesn't benefit the united states economically the core of our of the iran nuclear deal is that it brought made a series of concessions on its nuclear program in exchange for the united states essentially lifting sanctions on other countries. the international powers that brokered the deal are pressing the white house stick by it their grammont prevent iran from its nuclear activities for ten to fifteen years it also allows staff around to maintain some of its nuclear stockpiles for research and medical purposes although it's not clear what happens after that or if the united states withdraws from there freeman seen on the soul of al-jazeera can his attorney general get
2:47 am
a more guy who is playing down concerns that the country will be plunged into a political crisis if planned rerun of its presidential election is delayed the supreme court an old president a holder can yachters when last month and ordered the electoral commission to organize a new poll the boat was set for october seventeenth but that's now been pushed back one week well guy says the current government will remain in power until the poll takes place. opinion polls in germany show anger merkel at a party are heading for a clear win in sunday's general election opposition within her own party as a challenge and a popularity has bounced back after a dip and then europe's refugee crisis when it came looks at how america is faring ahead of the vote. in six weeks of campaigning angle america has crisscrossed the
2:48 am
country promising voters a germany in which people can live well and happily she's made great player her experience and achievements in the past twelve years both on the world stage and domestically to boost the economy. the main thing is that social security and health care have improved and this is only been possible because be continue to enjoy the highest number of jobs and the lowest levels of unemployment since reunification. in traditional settings like this in her home state and that america is ever so rounded by friends and party supporters and here they are lapping up what she has to say and if the opinion polls are correct so are many people across this country which is all the more surprising given that just over a year ago her prospects for reelection looked far less rosy the refugee crisis which saw more than a million people allowed into germany was still very much in the headlines survey suggested many people disapproved of merkel's welcoming for refugees senior members
2:49 am
of her own party began publicly to question the course she was taking but then last september voters in two states deserted merkel's party in favor of the far right alternative the germany merkel's response was contrite she promised no repeat of the scenes of twenty fifteen and a toughening of the rules regarding migrants who commit offenses at the same time the closure of the balkan route for refugees into germany meant to. what happiness steady flow became a trickle by the start of this year merkel's christian democrats were back in a healthy poll lead it's one they've maintained and improved ever since winning three state elections in the spring in america is so lucky in so far as there is currently an old quizes in the media that hordes whatever migration and greenies dads. in two of the narrative off
2:50 am
a crisis it doesn't necessarily mean that there is no reason to be afraid of something but one person appears not to be afraid of his her direct social democrat rival. when his party chose him as its candidate in january it was because they hoped the so-called should see fact might propel them back into the chancellor but the opinion polls which one suggested he might have a chance now indicate he has very little chance with machall poised for four more years in charge dominant campaign al-jazeera. still ahead on al-jazeera making all the right moves we meet the talk menace gun eyeing a limp dick dream.
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time for the sport and here's peter. thank you very much team europe are on top against the rest of the wool team that is off to the first day of the inaugural leyva cup tennis tournament that's taking place in prague as well as the singles are concerned well that's where they made their inroads teenager alexander's very of was taking on canada's dennis shopov a mode that is of the team in the third of the singles matches and it was a victory both its winter to a tie breaker which saw venice winning seven six seven six. earlier the twenty fourteen u.s. open champion met in chile of croatia beat a man who took roger federer to five sets this year at flushing meadows francis the result this time around not quite a successful forty after all that was
2:53 am
a close call with both states going to a tie break as well seven six seven six. and earlier austria's dominique team was up against american john isn't who took the first second american time seventeen fifteen between four back to take the next two sets that gave europe two no advantage on the day three one overall after the rest of the world came back to win the doubles match. now go be a member who has powered into the semifinals in their first tournament since becoming will number one the wimbledon champion in the fourth quarter here defeating caroline garcia six two six four with the w.t.f. event in tokyo in japan at twenty three year old spaniard now faces defending champion caroline wozniacki. in his playing days he was nicknamed now in the stands he is playing the role of diplomats the former tennis star is serving a two year ban after foul mouthed comments and bad behaviors romania's fed cup captain but the czech republic believes he's
2:54 am
a perfect fit as onery consul in romania and he's already talking the language. germany's biggest football club on munich have been held to a draw in their latest bonus league fixture despite holding a two nil lead in the first off for robert eleven the penalty gave by in the lead and robin doubled the advantage before half time but opponents hit back in the second half maximillian arnold and daniel did all the both scored to ensure a two two draw. the names of leon are messy cristiana rinaldo and neymar are never far away from the debate of best player in the world and all three of them were shortlisted in the paste manes player can't agree on friday for the twenty seventeen best fee for football awards of these three players only ones club manager has also received
2:55 am
a nomination in the coach award category that would be real madrid isn't it in sudan the champions league winning boss is nominated alongside chelsea's antonio conti and massimiliano a legacy of you ventus the award ceremony will take place in london on the twenty third of october the i go costa has arrived in the spanish capital madrid after agreeing to join athletico from his current team at chelsea in the two clubs announced on thursday that they had reached an agreement pending a medical and personal terms well he is in madrid but he will only be allowed to play for at least secure from january when the club's fifi impose ban on registering new players after atletico were found to have broken rules regarding the transfer of under age players competitive ballroom dancing continues to struggle for credibility with sports fans this is despite it being recognised as a sport by the international olympic committee for two decades already it's one of the events at the asian indoor and martial arts games in turkmenistan al-jazeera.
2:56 am
is in ask about finding out first hand whether it should be classified as a sport or not. dan stein it's something that can land you a gold medal at the ask about game but these participants still feel they are not accepted as that big. that's the feeling of maria who represent minutes done along with upon the. is not and is this for. such. was music. so. for six years there are eleven medal events in disciplines including. couples perform routines for about two minutes. timing but work and alignment are just some of the things that judged on these downs practicing now was the day they
2:57 am
have been building up to these games three years from person experience having tried it myself i can tell you it isn't easy but one of the main arguments against sports is similar to those levied against figure skating and other performance baseball the result is not quantified by points scored or by a clock instead subjective interpretation of judges is what counts. but turkmenistan's team coach feels that those leading the sport are doing what they can to count a negative perceptions. you know if droughts we have the world federation that does everything to develop the sport i can say that it's developing day by day and thanks to our federation and our athletes the quality and quantity of the sport is increasing we also have no difficulties concerning the sponsors so everything is cool the world federation has big plans for its competitors having been part of the asian games and also featuring at this year's special olympics world winter games in austria they want to be part of the lympics one day we are dreaming about you
2:58 am
tell us right now and then maybe a. few years later it is will be like an ex-parte us attorney seventeen maria may one day get to live her dream to hell malik al-jazeera. and we'll leave it there for now coming up again later and that's it from a row of madison for this news hour i'm going to be back in a moments with more of the day's news i'll see you in a couple of minutes by for that.
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that's. a new level of a kid you just get they delude themselves to do the show at least really good that they do maybe maybe get the very rich it didn't just. die but he feel if you look at the new guy look yes she had a beautiful meets you don't just go to the she thought she was really just but but . but he gumball of stuff to be the name you like i shall have created some field
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of this get out just that i did that a ship of. water scarcity is a serious problem we use more than probably you need to why is your research impact if the plants are demanding as much water you don't need to irrigate as much heinzmann if you don't connect more to talk water just came out of the air and we'll compare that to some town water which could provide a solution to the problem global water half tank no i think it's time on all jazeera. russia calls for calm as the war of words between donald trump and kim jong un
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