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just that i did not issue. water scarcity is a serious problem we use more than probably you need to why is your research impact if the plants are demanding as much water you don't need to irrigate as much hines me if the age old and connecting more to talk water just came out of the air and we'll compare that to some tough water which could provide a solution to the problem of global water gas tank no i think it's time on the edges iraq. russia calls for calm as the war of words between donald trump and kim jong un escalates.
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mathison this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up of the death toll from mexico's earthquake approaches three hundred such as say they refused to give up hope for possible survivors embattled british prime minister terry's m a offers a brags that compromise calling for the to your transition period. a warning about a dangerous situation in puerto rico as flooding from hurricane maria threatens to bust down. the rhetoric and insults traded by the u.s. and north korean leaders is increasing on saturday president donald trump called kim jong un not a man on twitter it was responding to kim's official statement calling trump deranged i gangster playing with fire and a barking dog diplomatic editor james bays reports from the united nations. for now
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it's a war of words but diplomats increasingly fear that the heightened rhetoric coupled with any miscalculation could lead to actual conflict. has been calling president. of the trump mocked him as rocket man russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov says it's time for threats to give way to dialogue i asked him about president speech and his threats to destroy north korea do you think that his language his tone and his approach make the world a safer or more dangerous place yes because there are those who have supported threats which have. never solve anything we never supported direct interventions i can say that everyone can sign on to this principle especially when these principles implemented in real life we never supported unilateral actions he went on to suggest there could be a new mediation channel or students are going to shoot we have to come down the hotheads to understand that we do need courses that we need some context if there
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are those that wish to be mediators i would actively welcome that the media is could be one of the neutral european countries that's an intriguing possibility there are a number of nations that would fit the bill switzerland or perhaps one of the e.u. countries that is not a member of nato and austria finland multi or sweden sweden would be well placed its foreign minister margo will stream is a former un and e.u. official it currently sits on the security council and has had an embassy in pyongyang since the one nine hundred seventy s. the general assembly week at the united nations is drawing to a close but the north korean crisis will stay in the spotlight with north korea's foreign minister giving his address on saturday james closed out jazeera at the united nations. john however says director of the atlantic council is dino petitio eurasia center and he says china holds the key to resolving the crisis in the
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korean peninsula. i don't think this rhetoric means we're about to go to war it just means that normally you simply have one side the north koreans spouting ridiculous statements now you seem to have two sides of the one country that could exert serious influence towards reducing real tensions as china but has been reluctant to confront its north korean ally for reasons having to do with its desire to maintain some sort of enclave outside of american influence on the korean peninsula if china were to step up and act responsibly that could be a positive step we've seen a little real willingness on the part of beijing to do that they would certainly like their clients in north korea to behave better. but then he steps they take on sanctions or are very very calibrated so as not to do major damage and therefore they cannot be truly persuasive british prime minister wants a two year transition period once the u.k.
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leaves the european union to me as it may says the u.k. needs to stay in the single market under its current terms at least during that time to make things easier it's an opinion met with mixed reviews from european leaders the bar has more from florence. it's the birthplace of the rene soms an explosion of arts culture and commerce that defined europe. visitors have been drawing inspiration here for centuries from the works of davinci and michelangelo to the father of political backstabbing machiavelli enter to reason may the embattled british prime minister arrived hoping for a political renee songs of her own words to help soothe divisions within her party and end three months of stall negotiations with the e.u. we start from an unprecedented position in terms of our current relationship with you we remember we're coming out but that enables us to build a different sort of partnership for the future the speech called for
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a new creative economic legal and security arrangements with the e.u. she also proposed a two year transition period after the brics a deadline in march two thousand and nineteen to help ease britain's departure it is clear that what would be most helpful to people and businesses on both sides who want this process to be smooth and orderly is for us to agree the details arrangements for this implementation period as early as possible the u.k. has also promised to fulfill its financial obligations to europe avoiding any shortfalls in the blocs finances but for those who voted for breaks in the plan means two more years of e.u. control. and i could. location for an important address but the real audience was in brussels e.u. officials praised her constructive spirit but called for greater clarity to reason may is here in florence trying to build bridges between the e.u. and the u.k.
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she's trying to say that even after breakfast it u.k. shares a common cultural and historic identity with great cities like florence and the rest of the continent but the view from brussels is that she is simply demanding the best of both worlds and that can't be allowed to happen. these protesters many of them british citizens living in italy believe breck's it is a big mistake that people were never informed of all the reasons about the whole issue and i think now is the world gets smaller it becomes more and more important for us to be together and be unified and i think it can be very very difficult for the u.k. going forward to inject it will be a decision that we will regret your future thank you to resume a wants to refrain breck's it is a historic moment focusing not on the differences between nations but on political vision. but with questions still remaining about the u.k.'s border with the republic of ireland the status of a united living in the u.k.
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and exactly how much britain will pay to leave the e.u. it's a vision many in europe a still struggling to share. barca al-jazeera florence or john spring for it is the director of research at the center for european reform he says terrorism a speech like to detail. well i thought it was a. speech which was constructive in tone which is good twenty seven well like that i think they're also like the idea that the u.k. will make an ion clients commitment to european security that will go down well but in terms of real specifics you know we're in twelve months into a negotiation where there's a lot of nitty gritty that needs to be sorted out and there wasn't a great deal of that and there were some very commitments on the money and on citizens' rights not really very much in northern ireland and then some very vague statements about the future trading relationship the problem is that trust has got
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to such a low ebb between the two sides now that you know while tony is helpful and the fact that she struck such a constructive tone is really good and i think that the fact that there weren't really clear specifics mean that the speech itself is not clearly not going to be enough to be able to move on to the next stage of the talks that is going to have to come in the negotiations i devoured our demonstration in barcelona has ended after six people arrested for supporting an independence referendum were released they remain under investigation for disobedience the abuse of power and embezzlement it was arrested in relation to the plan the ballot and must appear before the court each week the spanish central government opposed the vote it plans to send police to the catalan region in case the first point goes ahead. the u.s. department of homeland security is expected to make new recommendations to president donald trump on how to enhance global security it's thought they'll include a replacement to trump's soon to expire travel ban on people from six muslim majority
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nations kimberly harkat has more from washington d.c. . what we're learning is that the department of homeland security could be replacing the current travel ban that is in effect for six middle eastern north african countries and instead would replace that ninety day travel restriction with more targeted restrictions adding to the list of countries affected by as many as nine additional countries what we're learning is that the department of homeland security essentially notified up to seventeen different nations that they failed to meet u.s. screening standards and they had a period of time and wish to become compliant half of those countries did so the remaining half did not as a result could be receiving these targeted restrictions in the form of additional visa requirements and that instead of having the ninety day deadline as we've seen in the past these restrictions would be indefinite now what we are hearing is that this announcement could be made on these expansion in terms of the number of
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countries affected as early as sunday and that is a significant day given the fact that that is when the current ninety day deadline that will take effect for the band that's currently in place affecting those six middle eastern north african countries so significant in terms of the announce what we expected to come on sunday also significant is the fact that the trumpet ministration may be expanding the number of countries affected mexican authorities are refusing to give up hope of finding survivors three days after an earthquake killed at least two hundred eighty six people the rescue operation has been extended and following crews are helping sift through the rubble more than fifty buildings collapsed in mexico city when tuesday's seven point one magnitude quake struck in fishers got more from mexico city. it's been a long difficult and frustrating day to families here to families though have just
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been called into the tent where the organizers have based themselves that is perhaps good news because we know that the rescuers have identified what they think are six people trapped alive in the building even though there are forty families or so waiting around here for news so the fact that two families have been called suggests that the rescuers have been able to make contact with at least two people they've been able to give their names and the them have come and got the families to give them the news but this is still going to be a very difficult very complicated operation the building essentially has pancaked in which creates spaces where people could survive but that makes it much more difficult to try and clear the debris and so slowly with as many people as they have on the roof of the moment they're trying to centrally clear layer after layer to give them a chance to get some heavy lifting equipment and to move some more and get to those pockets where the six people are trapped the don't side of course is that the around forty families or so around here it means that stuff too for families will
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be going home incredibly upset and unhappy that this tragedy that they're technically called on tuesday and the impact has been felt over the last few days has really impacted their lives directly that they're hoping for better weather as well as the whole operation was delayed into the mid-morning here in mexico city simply because of heavy rain overnight which changes the whole top of the six means engineers have to come in and look again at the leo to see what can be moved safely if there are new pathways into those that are trapped it changes the whole dynamic for the moment the rain seems to be falling off this is normally the time we get in mexico city so they're hoping that the weather will walk in their favor and the rescuers say they will continue to work past the point of exhaustion as well as the some hope they can pull someone out of the building behind them. still ahead and al jazeera just days before an independence referendum in iraq syrian kurds begin. paving the way for their own regional autonomy. and putting the brakes on london
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says the online car service won't get its license renewed. from the sky dome home. to the fresh breeze in the city a few. welcome back most of the quiet conditions across eastern parts of china and taiwan and we've got a few showers to contend with during the course of saturday but taipei should be drawn pretty warm and thirty six degrees is across indochina we've had more significant issues laos and also for me amar and here we're saying that you see further showers but nothing to compare what we've seen in recent days so we're looking at some heavy downpours in yangon highs there of thirty one degrees into southeastern parts of asia we've got some heavy rain really affecting thailand across cambodia central southern parts of vietnam and the cross central northern parts of the philippines working further south it is more sort of typical for this
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time of year borneo scattered. largely fine singapore in kuala lumpur enjoying a good deal of bright weather but then as we move further north and pick up that rain once again so let's head across into south asia and here we've still got some fairly heavy rains to contend with in some areas so in across northern parts of india delhi have you seen some showers will gradually see those showers dying away but temperatures only twenty five degrees celsius we have dry conditions down through the western ghats mumbai and brighter weather conditions continue into sunday across pakistan dry all the way with highs of thirty one in kharaj. the weather sponsored by cattle race. russian filmmaker andrina christophe explores had putin's russia impacts the very values of the nation the russians are famous for their cultural legacy but can traditional and conservative be the source of stagnation and authoritarian rule why does the assume aided by the police the
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cease ukraine since homosexuality is the significance of him to the russian elite is that he is like a fake you who controls the cobra in such a putin's russia at this time on al-jazeera. you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour russia is calling for calm as the leaders of the u.s. and north korea continue to trade insults russian foreign minister sergey lavrov has suggested mediation by a neutral country to help resolve the standoff over pyongyang's nuclear ambitions north korea is threatening to test a hydrogen bomb in the pacific ocean. britain's prime minister has delivered
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a key policy speech in florence proposing a two year transition period after the u.k. leaves the european union resumes as the u.k. needs to make the time to process easier proposal is getting mixed reviews from european leaders. the search for survivors of mexico's out quake has been extended as authorities refused to give up hope of finding more people alive the seven point one magnitude quake struck central mexico on tuesday killing at least two hundred eighty six people that number is expected to rise. let's go to a live event this is donald trump president of the united states talking in. huntsville huntsville alabama. other people like to say oh we want peace you know they've been saying for now twenty five years we want peace we want peace and then he goes and just keeps going going going well maybe something gets worked out
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and maybe it doesn't but i can tell you one thing you are protected ok you are protected nobody's going to mess with our people nobody is going to play games nobody is going to put our people in that kind of danger nobody sure. and japan and south korea are right up there with us and by the way many other countries many many other countries they're right up there with us and i have to tell you i made a friend in china president xi and yesterday he basically took the banking industry away from north korea never been done before the jury never been worse that's based on relationship relationship is very good but we're dealing with somebody that will figure out he may be smart he may be
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strategic and he may be totally crazy but you know what no matter what he is we're going to handle it folks leave me we're going to. work. the foundation for progress begins at home with a government that protects and defends our citizens and that's what we have to do. that is why i'm here tonight to ask the good people of. the united states so we can defend your interests fight for your values and. put america first go out and get out. you're watching al-jazeera that's donald trump president of the united states speaking at an event a rally for all of us for a spanish special senate election he was talking about of course the threat from north korea and recent comments by the leader of north korea kim jong un he says no
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one is going to play games no one is going to put our people in that kind of danger he was talking also about the action being taken by china and removing the banking industry from north korea he said i made a friend in china president xi is taking the banking industry away from north korea that's u.s. presidents and donald trump speaking at a rally in huntsville. tens of thousands of people in puerto rico are being moved amid fears a dam that was damaged and how it can modi will break had these to six people were killed on the how it can hit the island. almost thirty have been killed across the caribbean and the number is expected to rise the u.s. national weather service has issued a flash flood emergency over the structural integrity of the dam authorities every vacuum raising two tons downstream of it about seventy thousand people are being
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made to leave their homes and the gallacher has more from puerto rico. the only comfort cole can give to her infant son is a mother's touch. her one month old baby has a respiratory condition that means he needs constant care and attention so georgia's children's hospital remained open through the hurricane but were c.e.o. is now worried about what happens when she has to leave i will have to sell my house eventually because they will need the space and maybe he doesn't have a car criteria to be in the hospital but my concern is that when i get home i will not have i cannot hear the need for hospital staff to these are worrying times power is coming from diesel run generators but they have to be refueled every few hours but as petrol stations run dry it's a power that's needed more than ever. going to half.
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our employees will not be able to drive back to work. so last week the power everything will come back that won't be easy but the szell say electricity may not be restored until sometime next year the key to puerto rico's recovery then is restoring power but it's more than about clearing fallen trees or getting broken cables back into place this country's power grid was already in crisis the power company and there is only one is nine billion dollars in debt and this we know investment for years all of that is bad news for local businesses and already ailing economy. this is one of the few grocery shops open in san juan but here too time is running out i only have room for two hours this is the last of the diesel when the generator fails this business will close on time really be but our community and we want to stay open because. we know that the people need the store opened and we're trying to do that but we depend on these
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so puerto rico is already facing a financial crisis but its failure to invest in infrastructure is now costing it daily and gallacher al-jazeera san juan puerto rico. iraq's kurdish leader massoud barzani says monday's independence referendum will definitely go ahead despite international pressure to stop it was in prison he was speaking in iraq's kurdish capital a bill that the final rally before monday's vote among the critics of the united states the european union and the arab league says whatever the outcome of the referendum the cards are happy to fight alongside iraqi forces against isis. i tell the world leave the kurds expressed their own rights and decide their own independence we cannot continue any longer to status quo with the federal government in baghdad the referendum is not to risk the referendum is not to draw
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new borders it is. firm and insist on our right for independence the real risk if you let others decide your fate meanwhile syrian kurds have voted in an election which is widely seen as the start of a three phase process to shore up regional autonomy in the country's north the people who when the commune elections will go on to contest local council elections in november will also contest a third party to form a body to act as a regional parliament saying kurdish autonomy plans are opposed by the government in damascus. this election is happening at a critical turning point in the northern syrian region it's a key step to set up democracy in our areas because in the past the ruling party used to appoint the local representatives this is no more now our community can have their say. drivers won't be allowed to pick up fares in london from next month
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the farm is losing its license to operate there london's transport authority says it's worried about public safety and says it hasn't been doing enough to check drivers bank runs or medical conditions over accuses london of being closed to any of it of companies it plans to appeal the decision. is a big player in london what it has forty thousand drivers and it's used by three point five million people it's a similar picture in new york city where according to the most recent figures it provides an average of two hundred twenty six thousand rides per day overall drivers have made about five billion trips around the world it operates in more than six hundred cities in twenty four countries told me moses was a technology donor list for the guardian newspaper group in london and he says the move against juba is long overdue. it's a myth that before you became a long there was no other service in london for private hire apart from black cabs i've lived in london all my life there have always been many carbs in london and
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maybe usually been taping them back cabs the difference is that we came in with a really impressive service that people wanted to use it was different it was revolutionary it has changed the way that people use taxis but in doing so and in lowering its prices such an extent it undercut lots of other services it doesn't pay its workers the living wage despite the fact that the course of ruled that they should do is continue to appeal that date and it's a bit rich now for you but to claim that they're concerned about the jobs of these driver today refused to give in the rights of the court said they should what's been so nice to see in this instance is that here fellow and london are using the regulations they exist to challenge one of these big corporations what too often is the problem is the regulations are outdated they're not equipped to deal with twenty first century business is the problem that being picked up on this time is to do with passenger safety it was only in august at the met pointed out that they've been failing to report their driver to have been accused of sexual attacks and where possible of course government must tackle these companies and the
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regulations that exist going forward and with business every changing the developed technological advance is moving quicker than government can keep up with they need to be updating their regulations so they're fit for the twenty first century and one of president donald trump senior officials is under investigation for spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in public money on flights around the us health and human services secretary tom price took five flights in executive jets last week alone instead of taking commercial flights tom argument has more from washington d.c. . before he left congress to join the trump cabinet health and human services secretary tom price was an outspoken critic of government officials charging at taxpayers for private jet travel as a prime defender of trump's deep budget cuts price promised to crack down on wasteful spending blueprint make strategic investments that will let us respond more efficiently to public health emergencies and power americans to make the best
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decisions for their health care needs and prevent waste fraud and abuse across the department particularly within medicare and medicaid now prices being accused of ignoring his own rhetoric when it comes to travel in the past few months use private charter planes at least twenty four times a departure from his obama administration predecessors who flew on schedule airlines officials say prize only flies by charter when commercial travel isn't feasible but for one of his shorter trips washington to philadelphia prices private jet trip cost ten thousand dollars that compared to seven hundred for taking a scheduled commercial flight that departed around the same time and three hundred dollars for a round trip train ride price is coming under scrutiny from his department's inspector general following a similar investigation of treasury secretary steven minucci he was criticized for deploying a government jet to take himself and his wife on a trip that allowed him to watch the solar eclipse in august but price is unlikely
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to draw criticism from his boss donald trump this president's performance driven and if the secretary is doing a good job if he's doing what the president has requested him to do in the manner that he should be doing it that the president will support prices spokesman has defended the charter flights as necessary to meet what he called an incredibly demanding schedule now it's up to his department's inspector general to decide if the price was right or price tom ackerman al-jazeera washing. some of the most iconic dresses in cinema history worn by actress audrey hepburn and going on sale at an auction in london the collections being offered by her sons the auction comes nearly twenty five years after her death in one thousand nine hundred three some of the hollywood stars clothes jewelry and photographs from movies such as my fair lady and sabrina are estimated to raise nearly seven hundred thousand dollars the actors script of the film breakfast at tiffany's and the movies musical score are
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up for sale. people loved audrey she was a phenomenon really. but in terms of presale estimates there's two lots that really stand out particular amongst the group one of them is just behind the breakfast at tiffany's script which is her annotated working script based in her favorite turquoise saying you see a cop in lines over from page to page underlining annotating and when you look at it and you look at the film you can see how one relates the other it will take that moment which is fantastic and actually we've got a great collection of scripts throughout the sale which is kind of the backbone of it because it really tells the story of her of her career which is so wonderful with my fellow you sabrina many others as well. this is all just here are these are the top stories russia is calling for calm as the leaders of the u.s. and north korea continue to trade insults russian foreign minister sergey lavrov
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suggested mediation by a neutral country to help resolve the standoff over pyongyang's nuclear ambitions north korea is threatening to test a hydrogen bomb in the pacific ocean with the mall know the students we need to come down the hotheads and understand that we need pauses we need some contacts if people want to act as mediators i would actively welcome that with mediators could be one of the neutral european countries but was talked about by general secretary . britain's prime minister has delivered a major policy speech in florence proposing a to you transition period after the u.k. leaves the european union. says the u.k. needs the time to make the process easier their proposal is getting mixed reviews from european leaders iraq's kurdish leader massoud barzani he says monday's independence referendum will definitely go ahead despite international pressure to stop it barzani was speaking in iraq's kurdish capital bill at the final rally
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before monday's vote among the critics of the united states the european union and the arab league goes on he says whatever the outcome of the referendum the kurds are happy to fight alongside iraqi forces against. meanwhile syrian kurds have voted in an election which is widely seen as the start of a three phase process to shore up regional autonomy in the country's north the people who win the coming elections will go on to contest local council elections in november also contest a third poll to form a body to act as a regional parliament sitting in kodesh autonomy plans are opposed by the government in damascus tens of thousands of people in puerto rico are being moved amid fears that a dam was damaged and will break at least six people were killed when the taken hits the island on the way in the state almost thirty have been killed across the caribbean and the not number is expected to rise. mexican authorities are refusing to give up hope of finding survivors three days after an earthquake killed at least
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two hundred eighty six people the rescue operation has been extended crews are helping to sift through the rubble. those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after inside story by for that. shocking scenes in said louis missouri this week when an apparently peaceful march against the acquittal of a white police officer accused of murdering a young black man turned violent they'd scans of of incidents.


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