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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 23, 2017 6:00am-6:34am AST

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for the new season of the show the frog. from. zero. tensions a high little has changed and new village officials are struggling to demonstrate goodwill. among morial is trying for a comrade who sacrificed his life the political change. but really a night drive a wedge between the villages fractures part three of a six part series filmed over five years crank china's democracy experiment at this time on al-jazeera. russia calls for calm as the war of words between donald trump and kim jong un escalates.
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has i'm sick of this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up the death toll from mexico's earthquake approaches three hundred searchers say they will not give up hope for possible survivors. british prime minister to raise in my office a break that compromise calling for a two year transition period. and putting the brakes on london says the online cost service won't get its license when you. allow the insults continue to fly between the u.s. and north korean leaders with donald trump calling kim jong un a mad man on twitter it's in response to kim's official statement calling the u.s. president do ranged and a barking dog north korea is also threatening to test a hydrogen bomb in the pacific ocean our diplomatic editor james bays reports from
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the united nations. for now it's a war of words but diplomats increasingly fear that the heightened rhetoric coupled with any miscalculation could lead to actual conflict kim myong own has been calling president trump a mad man after trump mocked him as rocket man russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov says it's time for threats to give way to dialogue i asked him about president trump speech and his threats to destroy north korea do you think that his language his tone and his approach make the world a safer or more dangerous place yes because although we never supported threats which have never solved anything we never supported direct interventions i can say that everyone can sign on to this principle especially when these principles implemented in real life we never supported unilateral actions he went on to suggest there could be a new mediation channel students. we have to come down the hotheads to understand that we do need that we need some context if there are those that wish to be
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mediators i would actively welcome that the media is could be one of the neutral european countries. that's an intriguing possibility there are a number of nations that would fit the bill switzerland or perhaps one of the e.u. countries that's not a member of nato and austria finland mult or sweden sweden would be well placed its foreign minister margot will stream is a former un and e.u. official it currently sits on the security council and has had an embassy in pyongyang since the one nine hundred seventy s. the general assembly week at the united nations is drawing to a close but the north korean crisis will stay in the spotlight with north korea's foreign minister giving his address on saturday james but al-jazeera the united nations but john herbst is the director of the atlantic council's deano to trash the eurasia center he says china holds the key to resolving the crisis on the
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korean peninsula and i don't think this rhetoric means we're about to go to war it just means that normally you simply have one side the north koreans spouting ridiculous statements now you seem to have two sides of the one country that could exert serious influence towards reducing real tensions as china but has been reluctant to confront its north korean ally for reasons having to do with its desire to maintain some sort of enclave outside of american influence on the korean peninsula if china were to step up and act responsibly that could be a positive step we've seen a little real willingness on the part of beijing to do that they would certainly white their clients in north korea to behave better but then he steps they take on sanctions or are very very calibrated so as not to do major damage and therefore they cannot be truly persuasive. mexican rescuers are refusing to give up hope of
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finding survivors three days after an earthquake killed at least two hundred eighty six people you're looking at live pictures here of the rescue operation under way in mexico city that's been extended and foreign crews are helping in trying to sift through the rubble alan fischer reports now from mexico city. to move toward each other is a fresh agony each minute feel so much longer families of the missing can do little but hope and pray they stay close to the office block in the condesa neighborhood of mexico city which collapsed in choose these quick there may be spaces where people survive to inform us of the ministers there's a lot of misinformation we are very upset by what the authorities to do something and fast because a long time has passed and even if they are alive each day that goes by the chances get slim our. psychologist own hand to help the families are not good enough that
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they don't even want to talk it's like at this point they just want to be left alone which is normally the more time passes the less hope they have. mexican rescue workers have toiled through the wreckage for days refusing to give up even when exhaustion makes that the easy option but no american and japanese teams have arrived with fresh muscles. and better technology what we do we bring in highly skilled and searchers and rescuers we bring in. technical equipment and we bring in a lot of it and we were a good sort of a type one heavy team which means we can breach break saw concrete we have search dogs we have search cameras we have a variety of instruments that allow us to do highly technical skilled searching it's no more than seventy two hours which struck in not to the forty nine scale because stories of rescue become much greater we tend to become stories of recovery but the people here are looking at the buildings. highly on the what is going on
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there. that somehow this time it may be different. for mexico may have ended its official three days of mourning for the victims of the quick many families still have their own personal tragedies to remember and more we find themselves facing that heartbreak in peace to come alan fischer al-jazeera mexico city. tens of thousands of people in puerto rico are being moved over fears a dam that was damaged in hurrican maria could break at least six people were killed when the hurricane hit the island on wednesday almost thirty have been killed across the caribbean and that number is expected to rise and the gallagher has more from the capital san juan. the only comfort cole can give to her infant son is a mother's touch. her one month old baby has a respiratory condition that means he needs constant care and attention so georgia's children's hospital remained open through the hurricane but were c.e.o. is now worried about what happens when she has to leave i have to go to my house
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eventually because they will need the space and maybe he doesn't have a current criteria to be in the hospital but my concern is that when i get home i will not have any i cannot give any for hospital staff to these are worrying times power is coming from diesel run generators but they have to be refueled every few hours but as petrol stations run dry it's a power that's needed more than ever eventually the gas stations are now going to half. our employees will not be able to drive back to work so. the power everything will come back that won't be easy officials say electricity may not be restored until sometime next year the kids of puerto rico's recovery then it's restoring power but it's more than about clearing fallen trees or getting broken cables back into place this country's power grid was already in
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crisis the power company and there is only one is nine billion dollars in debt and this we know investment for years all of that is bad news for local businesses and already ailing economy. this is one of the few grocery shops open in san juan but here too time is running out i only have to go for two hours this is the last of the diesel when the generator fails this business will close. really be community and we want to stay open because. we know that the people need the store opened and we're trying to do that but we depend on these. puerto rico is already facing a financial crisis but its failure to invest in infrastructure is now costing it daily and gallacher al-jazeera san juan puerto rico. president emanuel mccrone has signed an overhaul of france's labor laws the measures which triggered mass
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protests make it easier for companies to hire and fire staff across government has promised to cut unemployment from nearly ten percent to seven percent in five years . the british prime minister wants or two year transition period once the u.k. leaves the european union to resume says the u.k. needs to stay in the single market under its current terms at least during that time to make the process easier european leaders have given her speech mixed reviews need barker has more from florence. it's the birthplace of the rene soms an explosion of arts culture and commerce that defined europe. visitors have been drawing inspiration here for centuries from the works of davinci and michelangelo to the father of political backstabbing machiavelli enter to reason may the embattled british prime minister arrived hoping for a political renee songs of her own words to help soothe the visions within her party and three months of stalled negotiations with the e.u.
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we start from an unprecedented position in terms of our current relationship with you we remember we're coming out but that enables us to build a different sort of partnership for the future the speech called for a new creative economic legal and security arrangements with the e.u. she also proposed a two year transition period after the brics a deadline in march two thousand and nineteen to help ease britain's departure it is clear that what would be most helpful to people and businesses on both sides who want this process to be smooth and orderly is for us to agree the details arrangements for this implementation period as early as possible the u.k. has also promised to fulfill its financial obligations to europe avoiding any shortfalls in the blocks finances but for those who voted for breaks in the plan means two more years of e.u. control. an iconic location for an important address but the real audience was in
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brussels e.u. officials praised her constructive spirit but called for greater clarity to resolve a is here in florence trying to build bridges between the e.u. and the u.k. she's trying to say that even after breakfast it u.k. shares a common cultural and historic identity with great cities like florence and the rest of the continent but the view from brussels is that she is simply demanding the best of both worlds and that can't be allowed to happen. these protesters many of them british citizens living in italy believe rex it is a big mistake the british people were never informed of all the reasons about the whole issue and i think now is the world gets smaller it becomes more and more important for us to be together and be unified and i think it can be very very difficult for the u.k. going forward and i think it will be a decision that we will regret your future thank you to resume
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a wants to refrain breck's it is a historic moment focusing not on the differences between nations but on political vision but with questions still remaining about the u.k.'s border with the republic of ireland the status of a united living in the u.k. and exactly how much britain will pay to leave the e.u. it's a vision many in europe a still struggling to share needs barca al-jazeera florence. all right still ahead on al-jazeera in the u.s. another setback for the republican party's effort to repeal the rock obama's health care law. defiance in iraq's kurdish region lead is there say an independence referendum will go ahead regardless of what baghdad or other governments think.
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welcome back we'll take a look at the weather across the americas on the satellite imagery you can see the remnants of jose close to the eastern seaboard and giving them a brace of rain and then hurrican rio which is going to certainly give some surf conditions to worry about over the next twenty four to forty hours on the eastern seaboard gerri the weather conditions the fine sunshine in new york and washington highs of twenty nine much more unsettled weather across parts of the west colorado they're seeing some very heavy rainfall well some some snow up over the rockies and that extends up into canada so when he pagel see outbreaks of rain some of the quite heavy showers also likely in the florida peninsula heading into the caribbean well obviously it is all about maria and it's continued track across southeastern parts of the bahamas in the coming hours so significant storm surges for both the turks and caicos on the southeastern bahamas as a system gradually moves away so very heavy rain affecting many areas here up through the isthmus we've got the usual showers some pretty heavy ones of that in fact longer spells rain really across much of the region so quite well could be
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some localized flooding here into south america as much quieter some showers across northwestern areas extending into peru and through bolivia but otherwise fine but as areas should be dry of plenty of sunshine heading on through into sunday should be fine ascension and power growing with a high of thirty one. from the tropics of self these days are to the feral islands in the far north that lead to one to one east meets the women who cross the world for love and stage to change a community. at this time went out to zero. zero zero where ever you.
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again you're watching i just you know reminder of on top stories russia is calling for calm as the leaders of the u.s. and north korea continue to trade insults foreign minister sergey lavrov says mediation by a neutral country could help resolve the standoff over pyongyang's nuclear ambitions it is threatening to test the hydrogen bomb in the pacific ocean. the search for survivors of mexico's quake has been extended as crews refuse to give up hope of finding more people alive these are live pictures of the ongoing rescue efforts the seven point one magnitude quake struck central mexico on choose day killing at least two hundred eighty six people that number is expected to rise. britain's prime minister is proposing
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a two year transition period after it leaves the european union to resume says the u.k. needs the time to make the process easier as she delivered a key spot of policy speech in florence european leaders are giving it mixed reviews. plans to repeal the obamacare health bill in the u.s. have been dealt a blow by senator john mccain he declared his opposition on friday to the republican party's latest proposal to replace health care legislation approved by president obama mccain says the bill is being rushed and he's demanding more details on what it would cost and how it would affect insurance premiums senator bernie sanders praised mccain for using his conscience instead of following party loyalty but sanders warns the struggle to keep obamacare is not over a trump president trump was defiant at a rally in alabama saying the bill will pass without mccain support they
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gave me a list of ten people that were absolute knows these are ten republican senators now john mccain's john mccain's lawyers. john mccain was not on the list so that was a totally unexpected thing terrible honestly terrible repeal and replace because john mccain if you look at his campaign his last campaign was all about repeal and replace repeal and replace so he decided to do something different and that's fine and i say we still have a chance to or we're going to do it eventually. bill schneider is a political analyst and public policy professor at george mason university joins us from washington now good to speak with you again bill so what do you make of john mccain's decision and does this. pretty much kill this this version of the bill at least. yes because after next week it will take sixty
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votes to pass the bill the rules change the fiscal year ends at the end of next week and there were special rule called reconciliation whereby you can pass be a major piece of legislation with a bare majority of fifty votes that rule will expire in one week and they'll never get sixty votes to repeal and why are republicans so intent on doing this particularly considering the fact that there is very little public support for it all of all of the major health organizations and insurance companies giving it a thumbs down and yet the republicans are trying to go ahead with this regardless why is that one word revenge the bill passed in two thousand and ten without one single republican vote in support of that bill in either the house or the senate that's very rare in the united states major pieces of legislation
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throughout american history have had at least some bipartisan support this was a wholly democratic bill which made it vulnerable from the beginning and republicans have never stopped trying to kill it now they also are india logically opposed to it because they believe it has too much government they don't like the idea the government will have to adopt much say over the healthcare system but basically it's partisan revenge pure and simple why is it so difficult for there to be any sort of bipartisan approach to this particularly given that there is some sizable opposition to obamacare for different reasons on both sides of the political shouldn't shouldn't that give give room for some sort of a compromise to to reform this in some way. normally it would the problem and you know there are many democrats who say the that obamacare needs fixing it need some improvements there are flaws in it and i think congress
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may try to pass some some measures that would make obamacare better that would make it worse workable some parts of it are simply not workable and even president former president obama doesn't claim that the bill is perfect he claims it should be improved but at this point the spirit of partisanship the tribal warfare in the united states is so intense that the parties simply cannot work together on really anything and. this is a real departure for most of american history and what about the trump factor in all of this we heard from the u.s. president a moment ago he is clearly intent on getting this done but this is he helping or hindering his policy at this point he's hindering his party because his popularity is has gone down it might have gone up a little bit in recent. weeks but he's not anywhere near fifty percent support which is what he would need to be in a commanding position he's an unpopular president he has
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a very powerful base but that base is only about a quarter of the electorate that's not enough to help his party very much at the upcoming midterm and they're very very nervous the republicans are very nervous about what's going to happen when they face an election with their president trump so unpopular good speaking again bill schneider joining us from washington thanks for being with us. some breaking news for you now china is imposing limits on oil exports to north korea that follows the new sanctions imposed by the u.n. last week that included fuel import restrictions it's also banning imports of textiles one of pyongyang's last major sources of foreign revenue china is north korea's biggest trading partner in the country relies on it for much of its imports on friday u.s. president donald trump praised china for increasing financial restrictions. i made a friend in china president xi and yesterday he basically took the banking industry
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away from north korea never been done was never been there. that's based on relationship relationship is very good but we're dealing with somebody that will figure out he may be smart he may be strategic and he may be totally crazy but you know what no matter what he is we're going to handle it for a leave me iraq's kurdish leader masoud barzani has promised monday's independence referendum will definitely go ahead despite international pressure to stop it he says whatever the outcome the kurds will continue to fight alongside iraqi forces against isis i mean reports from northern iraq. on this she said the kurdish colors are flying high oil rich city is giving tours of the story. and self-determination even though it's not part of the iraqi kurdish region.
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the governor who made to push to take part in the vote against all odds i have the support of my people we feel it's the right time and they tell us you should engage in negotiations i think that's a good idea we have been doing it since two thousand and three with different governments after the fall of saddam hussein. and we really haven't. gotten anywhere. kirkuk is part of the so-called disputed territories it's also home to turkmen and arabs many of them say they will boycott the vote. there's increased ethnic polarization and it will be difficult to control once it spills onto the street particularly because every house has a weapon who will control that the question kurds will have to answer is do you
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want the kurdistan region and the kurdistan areas outside the regions administration to become an independent state and that includes places like by sheikha that used to be under the control of the central government it's now a border town this is the berm that the kurds built after kurdish forces took control of areas evacuated by the iraqi army back in two thousand and fourteen now many here call it the border of the future kurdistan state but you can see how close this she up our military forces under the command of the iraqi prime minister are stationed and then they have increased their presence ever since the referendum was announced. the fish were gay here say they are ready for any eventuality but this is a cause of concern for people like cindy even so i think. we had first met the couple shortly after the town was recaptured in january only returned home in july
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. and the house was rigged we had to clear it the most important issue was security we will support whoever will protect us. the kurds have secured areas and that they control and are vowing to never give up their gains but if people here are certain that the yes vote will prevail there are certain that the government in baghdad will reject the result but. in the order in iraq. now luba drivers won't be allowed to pick up fares in london from next month the firm's losing its license to operate there london's transport authority says it is worried about public safety it says over hasn't been doing enough to check drivers' backgrounds or medical conditions who were accuses london of being in their words close to innovative companies it plans to appeal the decision that the baba reports now on how the decision is going down with londoners.
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for the last year he's been driving for he works six days a week and says he makes enough money to support his family he enjoys being able to choose when he works he's one of forty thousand duba drivers in the british capital but now the regulators transport for london who run the city's buses and underground trains so they won't extend dupers license beyond the end of the month for many people who've got used to the service it's a shock so you can cross to go from one place to another safely quickly so. when we came out as are ok this is obviously not she was going to train but i still feel like i'm i don't feel like i'm paying ridiculous amounts. to a lack of corporate responsibility in areas such as the reporting of serious criminal offenses it follows allegations that drivers suspected of sexual assaults were allowed to keep driving spent some time going through the regulations that parliament's given them in relation to decide in
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a private vehicle approaches for some proper. evidence and have concluded today that on a proper vehicle operator the real concerns around safety and security has come out fighting suggesting t.f. ells decision is motivated not by safety concerns but by politics and promising to fight the move in the courts by trying to ban in london there caving into the pressure exerted by a small minority that want to restrict consumer choice and competition this decision if it held true will mean over forty thousand licensed drivers will be out of work traditionally after in london's west end. restaurant people would have a black taxi five years ago and caused a sensation with just a few clicks on your mobile phone you can get to where you're going to get a cheaper price but of course it's caused controversy as well. last year dr james
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farrow took the firm to court arguing drivers should be treated as employees with rights to the minimum wage and sick pay the judges agreed with him to appeal the ruling next week what. the mayor of newburgh should do is they should evolve regulations for attorney central twenty first century they should enforce and develop regulations effectively and they should protect worker rights of drivers who can carry on operating in london at least until appeals have been exhausted but this is one more set back for a firm that's been hit by legal challenges and protests around the world and also made life easier for millions of people the. london. some of the most iconic dresses in cinema history worn by actress audrey happen are going on sale at an auction in london collections being offered by her sons nearly twenty five years after her death the auction includes some of the hollywood stars clothes jewelry and photographs from movies like my fair lady answered breena it is estimated to
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raise nearly seven hundred thousand dollars and script from the film breakfast at tiffany's and the movie's musical score also. people love the watery she was the phenomenon really. but in terms of presale estimates the two lots that really stand out particular amongst the group one of them is just behind the breakfast at tiffany's script which is an annotated working script based in her favorite turquoise saying you see a coping lines over from page to page underlining annotating and when you look at it when you look at the film you can see how one relates the other to take that mode which is fantastic and actually we've got a great collection of scripts throughout the sale which is kind of the backbone of it because it tell it really told the story of her of her career which is so wonderful with my fellow you sabrina many others as well.
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this is al jazeera it's going to round up at the top stories now china is imposing limits on oil exports to north korea new sanctions from the u.n. last week included fuel import restrictions it is also banning imports of textiles one of pyongyang's last major sources of foreign revenue china is north korea's biggest trading partner and the country relies on it for much of its exports on friday u.s. president donald trump praised china for stepping up more pressure i made a friend in china president xi and yesterday he basically took the banking industry away from north korea never been done. never. that's based on relationship relationship is very good but we're dealing with somebody that will figure out he may be smart he may be strategic and he may be totally crazy but you know what no matter what he is we're
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going to handle it for a leave me. russia's foreign minister said the leaders of the u.s. and north korea need to stop trading insults at each other and start talking. well . we need to calm down the hot heads and understand that we need pools is we need some contacts if people want to act as mediators i would actively welcome that. could be one of the neutral european countries but was talked about by general secretary gutierrez tens of thousands of people in puerto rico are being moved from their homes fears a dam might break after it was damaged by hurricane maria at least six people were killed when the hurricane hit the island on wednesday almost thirty people have been killed over drivers won't be allowed to pick up fares in london from next month the company is losing its license to operate there london's transport authority saying it is worried about public safety it says it hasn't been doing
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enough to check drivers' backgrounds or medical conditions accuses london of being closed to innovative companies it plans to appeal the decision those are the headlines you have today we're back with more after one o one east. to . the remote windswept vero islands are a world away from tropical southeast asia. but hundreds of asian women are moving to ease some park behind between norway and iceland amid a shortage of local women. on this episode a one on one east we meet those.


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