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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 23, 2017 8:00am-8:34am AST

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just like. i need. to feel that some people just get out just what i did i dish it. and monday put it well on. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to form a dry riverbed like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their countries have been truly unable to escape the war. china limits fuel exports to north korea increasing the pressure on kim jong un.
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a lot of has i'm sick of this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up leaders at the u.n. can damn me en masse treatment of range of muslims but on the me and my bangladesh border the crisis shows no sign of slowing. death toll from mexico's earthquake approaches three hundred such as they say they will not give up hope for possible survivors. and we're in barcelona where pro and anti independence protesters take their causes to the streets. china has confirmed it is imposing limits on oil exports to north korea that's after new sanctions by the un last week that included fuel import restrictions it is also banning imports of textiles want to pyongyang's last major sources of
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foreign revenue textile bang goes into effect on saturday china is north korea's biggest trading partner and the country relies on it for much of its imports on friday u.s. president donald trump praised china for keeping up its pressure. i made a friend in china president xi and yesterday he basically took the banking industry away from north korea never been done you will never know. it's based on relationship relationship is very good but we're dealing with somebody that will figure out he may be smart he may be strategic and he may be totally crazy but you know what no matter what he is we're going to handle it folks believe me. adrian brown is live for us in beijing so a.j. we heard the u.s. president there talking about the banking industry but hasn't china deny that they
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put banking sanctions on north korea. yeah there is confusion once more here in beijing because on friday as you rightly point out the foreign ministry spokesperson here in beijing said that donald trump's version is not conforming to china's understanding of what has been agreed so it didn't really specifically reject or deny what donald trump had said but china hasn't actually spelt out or confirmed actually that it's going along with these new banking sanctions against north korea we've had no official statement from the bank of china remember president donald trump on thursday said that the bank of china had told its banks to no longer deal with north korea so it is far from clear at the moment and it's saturday here in beijing where the beijing is necessarily going along with what donald trump has outlined to that audience i think it's fair to
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assume though that the united states does believe that china has not been cracking down hard enough on trading companies and financial institutions that it says are continuing to deal with north korea so i think it's sort of firing a bit of a warning shot across china's bows now in recent months the united states treasury department has actually taken action against a medium sized chinese bank the bank of dun dun which has about one hundred branches in northeast china that bankers now affectively been excluded from the u.s. financial system and i think the real worry for leaders here in china is that president front might well penalize one of china's big banks remember four of the world's biggest banks are here in china and that would cause a huge huge loss of prestige to the leadership here in beijing if that were to happen so i think china probably will go along with you know tougher sanctions against you know companies that trade with north korea but only because it wants to
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avoid one of its big name banks being targeted and one of these oil and text our sanctions how effective are these likely to be. well i think it's too early to say because of course it's going to take months for the impact of these sanctions to be felt but certainly banning imports of north korean textiles will hurt the regime because textiles preside provides what the regime really needs most right now which is hard currency also limiting oil exports not cutting off the oil completely bare in mind but limiting that oil exports will also potentially hurts north korean people because you know every military needs oil to to you know operate and the worries say analysts is that simply north korea will now divert those oil supplies as limited all supplies to the military so that will impact on ordinary north korean people the ex the that the banning of you know
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the export of refined petroleum products is going to take effect from today likewise the banning of exports of liquefied natural gas and condensate is also starting to do so what china has effectively done is basically confirm a timeline for implementing these sanctions because the bulk of the north's trade is with china of course the onus on forcing these sanctions falls once more on china's shoulders adrian brown live in beijing. now according to amnesty international ranger muslim villages are still being burned in myanmar the group says new satellite images and videos show smoke rising from ranger villages and this contradicts claim inspire me and my as leader aung sang suu kyi the military operations there have ended around four hundred thirty thousand refugees
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have fled to camps in bangladesh in less than a month as the numbers rise near the border fears are growing that diseases will spread john howard has more from cox's bazar in bangladesh. the situation is pretty dire and it's getting worse in many ways firstly in terms of numbers that continue to grow while there are improvements evident the ground in terms of the aid operation nevertheless aid agencies warning that the camps here in southeast bangladesh face the possibility of a public health disaster it helps isn't scaled up massively and very very quickly at the moment the local n.g.o.s are doing everything they can there are a number of international n.g.o.s on the ground you do see daily improvements in some of the camps of these those closest to the main road there is only one main road where some mobile health clinics are springing up latrines being dug hand pumps installed bringing up ground water but there are some seventy camps here and many of those camps are completely inaccessible rain water flowing through them
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pulling in places mixing with raw sewage ideal conditions for the spread of diseases water borne diseases in particular like cholera now m.s.f. doctors without borders they've been here pretty much from the start sounding among the loudest warnings they say that daily they're receiving adults on the brink of death from dehydration that's pretty rare you expect to see that in children but not in adults so that gives an indication of the state of health of the population m.s.f. warning that one small event could lead to an outbreak but may be the tipping point between a crisis and a catastrophe. mexican rescuers are refusing to give up hope of finding survivors three days after an earthquake killed at least two hundred eighty six people these are live pictures of the current rescue efforts underway in mexico city that operation has been extended and foreign crews are helping sift through the rubble alan fischer reports from mexico city. there is no neutral but each hour is
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a fresh agony each minute feel so much longer families of the missing can do little but hope and pray they stay close to the office block in the condesa neighborhood of mexico city which collapsed in tuesday's quake there may be spaces where people survive to inform us of them and not just those there's a lot of misinformation we are very upset by what the authorities to do something and fast because a long time has passed and even if they are alive each day that goes by the chances get slim our. psychologist our own hand to help the families i mean if you don't have that they don't even want to talk it's like at this point they just want to be left alone which is normally the more time passes the less hope they have. mexican rescue workers have toiled through the wreckage for days refusing to give up even when exhaustion makes that the easy option but no american and japanese teams have arrived with fresh muscles. and better technology what we do we bring in highly
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skilled and searchers and rescuers we bring in. technical equipment and we bring in a lot of it and we work a good sort of a type one heavy team which means we can breach breaks are concrete we have search dogs we have search cameras we have a variety of instruments that allow us to do highly technical skilled searching it's no more than seventy two hours of which struck in not to the fourth of time scale because stories of rescue become much greater we tend to become stories of recovery but the people here are looking at the building behind me and the watch that's going on there. we think that somehow this time it may be different. i know mexico may have ended its official three days of mourning for the victims of the quick but many families still have their own personal tragedies to remember them or they find themselves facing that heartbreak in peace to come alan fischer mexico city. tens of thousands of people in puerto rico are being moved over fears
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a dam that was damaged in her career will break at least six people were killed when the hurricane hit the island on wednesday almost thirty have been killed across the caribbean and the numbers are expected to rise and gallagher has more from the capital san juan. the only comfort rosia reece cole can give to her infant son is a mother's touch. her one month old baby has a respiratory condition that means he needs constant care and attention so georgia's children's hospital remained open through the hurricane but were c.e.o. is now worried about what happens when she has to leave. well i have to sell my house eventually because they will need the space and maybe he doesn't have a car criteria to be in the hospital but when i get home i will not have. any for hospital staff to these are worrying times
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power is coming from diesel run generators but they have to be refueled every few hours but as petrol stations run dry it's a power that's needed more than ever eventually the gas stations are not going to have. our employees will not be able to drive back to work. so. the power everything will come back that won't be easy officials say electricity may not be restored until sometime next year the key to puerto rico's recovery then is restoring power but it's more than about clearing fallen trees or getting broken cables back into place this country's power grid was already in crisis the power company and there is only one is nine billion dollars in debt and this we know investment for years all of that is bad news for local businesses and already ailing economy. this is one of the few grocery shops open in san juan but here too time is running out i only have room for two hours this is the last of the diesel when the generator fails this business will close to sponsor me to be but
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our community and we want to stay open because. we know the people need the store opened and we're trying to do it but we depend on these so puerto rico is already facing a financial crisis but its failure to invest in infrastructure is now costing it daily and gallacher al-jazeera san juan puerto rico. a drug violence has led brazil's government to shut down roads and close schools in the country's poorest areas even the army has been called to intervene. and has more. violence between rival drug gangs has led to this military helicopters above this favela security forces monitoring the streets of rio de janeiro hundreds of police officers have been called then the government says it's ready to send in many more
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very warming. up to ten thousand of our men could be called into action just like what we did in our first operations for now because it's urgent we have mobilized the military police seven hundred men and a petition is on its way if necessary more will go roughly. seventy thousand people live in the cities were sent her father ella violence is no stranger here but over the last year murders have increased eleven percent to just over two thousand three hundred the government says rival drug gangs are responsible for the bloodshed this i'm on a bus that they since last week we've all been afraid we go back and forth quickly we wait to work with friends and go straight home no one's out on the streets there's real fear. the fear is so widespread some locals refuse to show their face on camera. i've lived here since i was born twenty three years ago i've never seen things like this i have seen other conflicts other operations other wars between
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rivals but having the army said to the favela that's a first now the government is trying to restore order it's flexing its military muscle in an attempt to halt a deadly spiral of indiscriminate violence. al-jazeera. still ahead on al-jazeera putting the brakes on london says the online car service won't get its license renewed. and in the u.s. another setback for the republican party's effort to rebuke repeal of barack obama's health care law. welcome back as we look at weather conditions across the levant and western parts of asia it's all looking fine may just be the odd show on the southern side of the caspian sea but i think to run should largely stay dry and fine temperatures still
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around the forty mark for baghdad in iraq and kuwait city but head through into sunday temperatures like you wait on the rise of anything very warm here so across the eastern side of the mediterranean also looking draw and sunny with twenty seven years of my swim in beirut the arabian peninsula or friday starting we've got fine conditions from mecca medina temperatures in the low forty's on the other saw the potential temperatures in the east but the humidity values here of course a lot higher no change in temperature as we head through into the start of the working week into southern portions of africa we've got fine weather for the most part may just be the odd shower working is what a way along the east coast of south africa and into mozambique cool for durban there in one thousand johannesburg stand up at twenty eight degrees celsius but heading on through into sunday is fine across all the region thirty four the high wind took in namibia central parts of africa a lot of showers all the way from south sudan through towards cameroon some showers further south in japan the circulation of low pressure in parts of west africa will
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give some heavy showers for guinea guinea-bissau also some big downpours and in liberia. the centenarians of italy one hundred years old and counting when you told me that people like these and you receive these you think that you want to be seeing a person seventy five something about this area is helping young devotee of life i mean here is not a trend here is what you have don't have. all. the mass. techno this time on old a zero. hello
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again you're watching i just need a reminder of our top stories this hour china is imposing limits on oil exports to north korea also banning imports of textiles one of pyongyang's last major sources of foreign revenue china is north korea's biggest trading partner and the country relies on it for much of its importance. the search for survivors of mexico's earthquake has been extended as crews refuse to give up hope of finding more people alive these are live pictures of the rescue efforts the seven point one magnitude quake struck central mexico on tuesday killing at least two hundred eighty six people that number is expected to rise. tens of thousands of people in puerto rico are being moved over fears a dam damage during hurricane maria will break at least six people were killed when the hurricane hit the island on wednesday almost thirty people have been killed across the caribbean. our pro and anti independence protesters have met on the
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streets of the cattle land capital barcelona that's what for next month's vote on independence from spain the central government in madrid is trying to stop the vote karl penhall reports. to. the spanish flag flying on the streets of basra load of cattle and flag torn to shreds a rallying cry for those citizens who oppose catalonia his bid for independence they fear it could mark the breakup of spain. the end. we will not allow the breakup of spain if that happens people will die there can be no half measures. the question of independence is deeply divisive by these hard to calculate percentages for against due to lack of accurate opinion polls many here define themselves as both catalan and spanish you know look you know you
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look at it again if you know we don't want to wall to separate us from spain all spain is of my compatriots so i'm here to defend the unity of spain. it's a week until the planned referendum opponents tempers afraid. but this embrace she supports independence he backs spanish rule a sign that political foes can reconcile. come over here was what he said it was a terrible decision it was to express this whole issue in a civil god could have been years in a series of raids against the crew independence movement in the last few days. yes earlier in the day on the other side of the political divide freedom for six scene yet catalan government officials the guardia civil police arrested them
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earlier in the week for. their role in organizing the independence referendum spain's central government has declared the ballot illegal. the spanish government is trying to criminalize politics. judge granted the cattle an official's conditional release but they still face charges including misappropriation of funds and civil disobedience. the pro independence crowds had picketed the court to pressure their release why are you here today. because we. are there was but how those with equal passion oppose that dream and insist spain must remain united call panel while just zero spain. iraq's kurdish leader masoud barzani has promised monday's independence referendum world
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definitely go ahead despite international pressure to stop it he says whatever the outcome though the kurds will fight alongside iraqi forces against i saw. northern iraq. under. kurdish colors are flying high oil rich city is giving tours of historic reserve and self-determination even though it's not part of the iraqi kurdish region. the governor who made the push to take part in the vote against. i have the support of my people we feel it's the right time and they tell us you should engage in negotiations i think that's a good idea we have been doing it since two thousand and three with different governments after the fall of saddam hussein. and we really haven't. gotten anywhere. kirkuk is part of the so-called disputed territories it's also home to
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turkmen and arabs many of them say they will boycott the vote. there's increased ethnic polarization and it will be difficult to control once it spills onto the streets particularly because every house has a weapon who will control that. the question kurds will have to answer is do you want the kurdistan region and the kurdistan areas outside the regions administration to become an independent state and that includes places like by sheikha that used to be under the control of the central government it's now a border town this is the berm that the kurds built after kurdish forces took control of areas evacuated by the iraqi army back in two thousand and fourteen now many here call it the border of the future kurdistan state but you can see how close this she up our military forces under the command of the iraqi prime minister
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are stationed and then they have increased their presence ever since the referendum was announced. the fish were gay here say they are ready for any eventuality but this is a cause of concern for people like cindy even so i think. we had first met the couple shortly after the town was recaptured in january only returned home in july . and the house was rigged we had to clear it now the most important issue is security we will support whoever will protect us. the kurds have secured areas on the day control and are vowing to never give up their gains but if people here are certain that the yes vote will prevail there are certain that the government in baghdad will reject the result but at the in the road in iraq. ok news attorney general is playing down concerns about
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a delay of the presidential election rerun supreme court an old president who kenyatta's election win last month and all of the electoral commission to organize a new poll the vote was set for october seventeenth but that's now been pushed back one week the current government will remain in power until the election takes place . drivers will not be allowed to pick up fares in london from next month the company's losing its license to operate their london's transport authority says it is worried about public safety and says it hasn't been doing enough to check drivers backgrounds or medical conditions over accuses london of being close to innovation it plans to appeal the decision but toby moses the technology journalist for the guardian newspaper group in london he says the move against hoover is long overdue it's a myth that before you became a long there was no other service in london for private hire apart from black cabs i've lived in london all my life there always been many clubs in london and they've
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usually been taping them back caps the difference is that we came in with a really impressive service that people wanted to use it was different it was revolutionary it has changed the way that people use taxis but in doing so and in lowering its prices such an extent it undercut lots of other services it doesn't pay its workers the living wage despite the fact that the costs of ruled that they should do is continue to appeal that date it's a bit rich now for you but to claim that they're concerned about the jobs of these drivers today refused to give them the rights of the courses that they should. what's been so nice to see in this instance is that here fellow and london are using the regulations that existed challenge one of these big big corporations what too often is the problem is the regulations are outdated they're not quick to deal with twenty first century businesses the problem that has been picked up on this time is to do with passenger safety it was only in august that the met pointed out that they've been failing to report their drivers have been accused of sexual attacks and where possible of course government must tackle these companies in the
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regulations that exist but going forward and with business have attained the developed technological advances moving quicker than government can keep up with they need to be updating their regulations so they're fit for the twenty first century president emanuel mccrone has signed an overhaul of france's labor laws the measures which triggered mass protests make it easier for companies to hire and fire a staff across government as promised to cut unemployment from nearly ten percent now to seven percent in five years. american scientists have created an antibody which could offer a new way to treat hiv it's designed to target three key areas of the virus attacking ninety nine percent of hiv restrains three and one antibody is built to make it harder for the different variations of hiv to resist its effects the tests have been successful in monkeys human trials are expected to begin by the end of twenty eight. plans to repeal the obamacare health law in the u.s.
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have been dealt a major blow by senator john mccain he declared his opposition on friday to the republican party's latest proposal to replace health care legislation approved by president obama mccain says the bill is being rushed and he is demanding more details on what it would cost and how it would affect insurance premiums or bush is a political analyst and public policy professor at george mason university he says the republicans have failed to fulfill their campaign promise on obamacare because of internal fighting. the bill passed in two thousand and ten without one single republican vote in support of that bill in either the house or the senate that's very rare in the united states major pieces of legislation throughout american history have had at least some bipartisan support this was a wholly democratic bill which made boehner will from the beginning and republicans have never stopped trying to kill it now they also are idiotically opposed to it because they believe it has too much government they don't like the idea the
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government will have to adopt much say over the health care system but basically it's partisan revenge pure and simple there are many democrats who say the that obamacare needs fixing it need some improvements there are flaws in it and i think congress may try to pass some some measures that would make obamacare better that would make it were a workable some parts of it are simply not workable and even president former president obama doesn't claim that the bill is perfect he claims it should be improved but at this point the spirit of partisanship the tribal warfare in the united states is so intense that the party simply cannot work together and really anything and. this is a real departure for most of american history while some of the most iconic dresses in cinema history worn by actress audrey have been are going on sale at an auction in london the collections being offered by his son's nearly twenty five years death some of the hollywood stars clothes jewelry and photographs from movies my fair
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lady and sabrina has to make to raise nearly seven hundred thousand dollars happened script of the film breakfast at tiffany's and the movies musical school also for sale. people loved audrey she was a phenomenon really. but in terms of presale estimates the two lots that really stand out particular amongst the group one of them is just behind the breakfast at tiffany's script which is an annotated working script based in her favorite turquoise saying you see a coping lines over from page to page underlining annotating and when you look at it and you look at the film you can see how one relates the other it'll take is that moment which is fantastic and actually we've got a great collection of scripts throughout the sale which is kind of the backbone of it because it tell it really tells the story of her of her career which is so wonderful with my fair lady sabrina and many others as well.
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this is just you know that's going to round up other top stories china is imposing limits on oil exports to north korea it is also banning imports of textiles want to pyongyang's last major sources of foreign revenue china is north korea's biggest trading partner and the country relies on it for much of its imports on friday u.s. president donald trump praised china for keeping up the pressure. i made a friend in china president xi yesterday he basically took the banking industry away from north korea never been the. never for. space the relationship relationship is very. good but we're dealing with somebody that will figure he may be smart he may be strategic and he may be totally crazy but you know what no matter what he is we're
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going to handle it folks believe me a rescue crews in mexico city are refusing to give up hope of finding survivors three days after an earthquake killed nearly three hundred people the rescue operations been extended and foreign crews are helping sift through the rubble more than fifty buildings collapsed in mexico city in tuesday's seven point one magnitude when soon when the seven point one magnitude quake struck tens of thousands of people in puerto rico are being moved from their homes fears a growing dam might break after it was hit by hurricane maria at least six people were killed when the horror construct the island on wednesday. drivers will not be allowed to pick up fares in london from next month the company's losing its license to operate there london's transport authority says it is worried about public safety it says as not been doing enough to check drivers' backgrounds or medical conditions plans to repeal the obamacare health law in the us have been dealt
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a blow by senator john mccain he declared his opposition on friday to the republican party's latest proposal to replace health care legislation approved by president obama mccain says the bill is being rushed and he's demanding more details on what it would cost and how it would affect insurance premiums senator bernie sanders praised mccain for using his conscience instead of following party loyalty those are the headlines. germany's bavarian alps where stunning scenery is playing host to europe's latest arrivals. separate in origin. they share a common roof and together dream of a german future. welcome to germany café vald left a witness documentary at this time on al-jazeera. the centenary inns of italy one hundred years old and counting. the what's behind their
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extended lifespan.


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