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tv   Inside Story 2017 Ep 264  Al Jazeera  September 23, 2017 2:32pm-3:01pm AST

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and refugees have fled since the latest outbreak of violence began less than a month ago the details were released as doctors without borders told al jazeera that otherwise healthy adults and camps are on the brink of death because of dehydration and new zealand prime minister bill english national party looks set for a fourth term in government they will need some help with nearly all of the votes counted it's firmly in front four or on front of the main opposition labor party that is but there's been a strong performance from this in our ten who took over is labor leader just weeks before the election neither of the main parties has a majority though so a coalition government that is likely it's the final day of campaigning in germany ahead of general elections on sunday poll suggests. chancellor angela merkel has a wide lead over other candidates her rival marginals of the social democratic party appears to have lost support in the last month analysts don't believe she has a chance of even pulling any type of upset off the search for survivors continues
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in mexico city three days after a seven point one magnitude earthquake at least two hundred eighty six people have been killed more than fifty buildings collapsed in mexico city when that quake struck on tuesday workers are sort of clearing away some of those buildings were no lie has been detected those are the headlines news continues on al-jazeera after inside story keep it here. shocking scenes in said louis missouri this week when an apparently peaceful march against the acquittal of a white police officer accused of murdering a young black man turned violent these kinds of incidents of become depressingly
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familiar in the united states many blame president trumps of an inflammatory rhetoric of a right this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program where in washington d.c. at the african-american museum which is celebrating its first anniversary this week it took a century a hundred years to get this a tribute to the achievements the culture and the history of this country almost forty million black people fittingly it was the a bomb of who opened it along with george w. bush who actually signed off on the project that we could have heralded the start of a new era an end to the racist. but it has
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a in the last twelve months this country has had perhaps the most divisive election ever there's a new man in the white house and racist violence and hate crimes are on the rise. so that louis is just the latest in a series of violent events that have the unmistakable mark of racism. or some other form of intolerance. who can forget charlottesville last month white nationalist neo nazis and the ku klux klan held what they described as the largest rally in decades to quote take america back counter-protests is turned out to there were angry scenes and a twenty year old white supremacist rammed his car into the crowd and killed a thirty two year old woman. the governor declared a state of emergency and told his unwelcome guests to go home but it's not just charlottesville also unless the council on american islamic relations the largest
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muslim civil rights organization in the u.s. has found that the number of hate crimes in the first half of this year was ninety one percent in the same period last year and many americans lay the blame for this resurgence of hate firmly on the president. when mexico sends its people they're not sending their best they're not sending you they're not sending you they're sending people that have lots of problems and they're bringing those problems with us. they're bringing drugs they're bringing in crime they're rapists and some i assume are good people his critics say the trump presidency has normalised white supremacy and the bigots. all right let's introduce our guests now we have dayrell johnson who's former lead
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analyst for domestic terrorism at the u.s. department of homeland security we have day gardner president of the national black pro-life union and corey saylor director of the department to monitor and combat islamophobia at the council on american islamic relations welcome to your kind of start with you darrell it seems from afar that they're actually every week america is in the grip of of protest heavy handed policing and quite often it's over a racial there's a racial tone to it i mean how how representative of that is is that over america today you know we're definitely in a heated period of our country where our country's been divided more than ever on these racial lines so a lot of things have played into that i mean we've always had kind of this far left versus far right the far left may show up when there's economic summits or you know
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conferences with the republican and democratic national conventions but what we have a new dynamic is the rallies on the right and so we have these two competing forces coming together in close proximity and this is a rock that in the violence that these are these are political groupings aren't they with opposing views right there are those who who oppose big government for instance those who oppose certain certain issues of foreign affairs and foreign policy but what i'm noticing in america today is this kind of rise of identity politics the politics of race the politics of religion i mean would you agree. i think what we're seeing certainly is the tensions of several years starting to erupt sort of an ever more. angry and violent cycles at this point but we do go through these cycles we saw it right after nine eleven around about two thousand and ten when you had the controversy over the construct possible construction of the islamic cultural center in lower manhattan you also saw
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a lot of heated conversations about that but now what i would say is that it tends to be more characterized by violence and i also do want to point out to be observers overseas there's a there's positive things happening in response to this as well so right after the inauguration if you watch the women's march i think that was really where many people found their voice again and then when the executive order on immigration was issued you saw airports full of people pushing back against that not that's a very positive thing to remember america does have two voices in this conversation day i mean this this comes to the to the nub of the of the issue really is and that is the fact that the presidency and the occupant of the white house is one who is often accused of being responsible for creating this tone of of division in the country and of course it's not true the thing is that of course we have to where we all know that there is racism racism exists in this country but the things first of all were very young country and we're still kind of growing is still kind of
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getting our way around it and feel your way through it but you're a young thing is a young democracy and in terms of race exactly you had well into the hundred years of slavery then you had a posse it effectively didn't you for one hundred to say you haven't had that long as a as we have had a long and a liberal but the thing is that what has happened is happening now as far as i'm concerned is for the most part manufactured racism and what i mean by that is that you have these groups which whether it's black lives matter you have the n.t. for groups funded by george soros and others these are people who are trying to cause destruction and violence and the thing is that when you think about the whole immigration policy the fact that what president trump had said was as far as building a wall on our southern borders he had said that people should. to this country legally and i honestly believe that people should be come here legally if they if they don't then we as he said doesn't have a country and the other thing was the ban what ok said on the ban was he wants to
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implement the muslim ban and it was very clear said i don't you want you can marry her and said that temporary approached him and said how do we legally implement the bag why is it so given that you can't you had i was a member of that's not that's not a wall that i want to ban muslims i think islam hates us he said he thought it was a good idea for muslims to have id cards and then he goes and tries to implementable i think what this president is doing is what every president should do with this country and that is to make sure that we are all safe that's the bottom line the thing is the president said temporary ban and i don't know why everybody tends to look at that one ignore it out that was a hugely controversial area yes it still is but it had direct repercussions only the street for muslims in this country insofar as there was a climate where he when he called for his original muslim ban he might have said i don't times in time is opposing a ban on muslim immigration hate hate hate hate hate attacks on the streets of various cities around the country as
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a consequence of this controversy surrounding the muslim bad as it was known but the thing is that you also hear about and i think that we have to point out that there is violence on both sides are today in these days on all sides so it's not like you know one group is attacking another and the other group is sitting there turning where this is basically you know that it was even mention your point i mean we've always had you know counter protests or showing up at camp klan rallies or instigating violence there what's different this time is the fact that we have a lot more people on the far right coming out of these rallies which shows that they're emboldened the feel like they can come out and actually express themselves i mean during the obama administration we saw all an increase in number. that k.k.k. and neo nazi rallies before obama was elected you'd be lucky if you had eight to ten white supremacists show up at the courthouse for a rally that's very interesting but now we've got hundreds of people showing up thousands of people in charlottesville with torches and so that speaks i'm certain
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that if i really think about charlottesville of environment you think about that you think about with the k.k.k. and you think about the other groups that showed up there and you have to you can't get past the fact that the that particular protest was organized or helped a lot by jason castro or who is a support was a hillary supporter was an obama supporter and this so that we have to be realistic and understand that a lot of this comes from the left are you suggesting that a lot of what we're seeing on the streets of madison down your face here is being manufactured yes by outside of course interests you think that you agree with that or is there something you've got to within the united states within society today that is leading that is spawning these more intense expressions of i don't think that there's really a shot you're see behind this is basically we're in a heightened period it started back in two thousand and eight where the far right got agitated about the economy tanking in about an african-american president ok
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typically during republican administrations we see a dial back on the far right we see these groups kind of appease themselves they feel that they have someone in the white house that you know listens to them or whatever and their activities go down this trump administration it's just the opposite they're emboldened they're actually still at a heightened state and so i think that's what makes this different and the fact that we have you know the far right fighting back or instigating the violence that's something that's a typical typically we see the anarchists the black bloc or the ones that are the aggressor on our distinguished far right now we see it the other way i don't see far right at all i see the leftists the far left as being the instigators now you've got to remember who are wearing the mask over their face. right here and there know that there's violent far left us but the histories of these movements ok the far left destroyed property they break up you know glass on you know the city streets they don't want to. see. somebody during the rallies are always something
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they injure policemen they hear on the side have long histories of killing people of blowing up stuff of setting fires so we got the worst point right after the election there was an uptick in targeting of muslims there was an uptick in targeting of the jewish community there was an uptick in targeting the hispanic community the african-american community every minority absolutely pretty much every minority documented it so for this to be manufactured would require a whole lot of people and a whole lot of places all coming to the same thing in the same way or the similar or the simpler explanation is that there was a group that felt empowered to go out and target minorities and that's what they started doing and that's why you see these so many different incidents so we come back to the how again of this whole debate and that is that there is a responsibility there's a moral responsibility placed upon the shoulders over the highest officials in the
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land to keep people safe and not to create an environment of enablement which seems to be what we have at the moment. as a muslim i don't think the highest officials in this land right now are committed to keeping me safe. that has not been what i have seen in the numbers playing out since after the election and what i saw in the elect on the campaign trail i'll give you just one incident donald trump speaking at a rally said very specifically to the audience of anybody throw something at the stage i can't actually quote him but they should beat that individual up and he would pay the legal fees that's just one example so we don't have a president that i think has a moral compass i think we have a president who is transactional he will do whatever he has to say to get. through whatever goal he's trying to make sure that this is like the first time that i ever remember in my life that we have a president that you know retreats anti-semitic messages from hate groups that
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listens to alex jones info wars which is a conspiracy website it comes because spears the radio show that pander to the far right the president of the united states and the fact that he's trying to discredit the mainstream media by calling it fake news when he himself is consuming fake news by listening says don't you have to have a presidential partner i just like c.n.n. pander to the far left so the thing is i believe the fake news and i'm so glad the president does tweet because it's the only way honestly if we're going to get any truth at all we have to pay the responsibility of the person in the white house and his in this instance officials the responsibility the burden upon them is to set a tone for society isn't that what we're hearing and what so many people are accusing the trump white house of doing is creating this this atmosphere of enablement to feel hate speech to you know hate crimes only up racial xylo when you
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think about berkeley what happened in berkeley i mean the thing is that how was how was he fueling any of that stuff i mean we see we see people young people out there with masks on who are setting fires who are destroying public property just or in private property setting things of our police cars injuring people the thing is that is not that's not the president that is the other side we have to understand and to put to what you said that yes if you if there's someone or anybody with one hundred billion dollars to spend and thinks nothing of spending money we know that these but a lot of people are bussed in i mean when you look at ferguson a lot of those people who were doing all the damage when i didn't even live there they were bought stand to do the damage and then and then they bust out ok then what is the responsibility now what is the. what should be the policy then all of again going back to the highest elected officials in this country what should they be doing to take the sting out of what we're seeing in cities in this country on
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a weekly that responsibility responsibility starts with the public starts with me it starts with you and starts with you and i think what you're doing here right now you're basically giving me a voice and you're giving these two gentlemen a voice it's about is especially the media being honest and truthful telling the truth and so that people hear both sides that's not what's happening right now i mean the reason that the president talks about fake news is because the you know i said to watch the shows i'm thinking you know i was at this particular place or at that particular place i'm thinking what they said is totally untrue any time i realize that people are at the rallies realize that the president sees it you know so the thing is that it really i think responsibility starts with the people that fact that they should respect the office this is the most disrespected president ever and he's really i honestly believe that he's he's a real patriot i believe is a good man and i think he's all about making america great again and safe again and i want those things the one thing president trump did recently that i will agree
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with as he did sign a congressional resolution against hate he did that last week ok it's a little too late but at least he did it in the acknowledged it and well whatever he followed it up with actions and you know condoning the hate and coming out and and renouncing the white supremacy like he did a few days after the charlottesville i think he needs to get his message straight in the need to be clear and needs to be direct and to sit there and blame both sides for violence yes i don't want to sit there and condone the violence on the far left but in comparison when you look at it from a threat perspective the white supremacist the neo nazis the k.k.k. they have a much more rich history of violence against people killing murder and mayhem than the far left is there a sense perhaps and. not even sure if i believe this myself but is there a sense that because this man is not a politician and doesn't come from the political class that he's not really aware of the significance of his was the impact of his words i think you have of his
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staff i mean we have professional political staff that should be guiding him in his statements that should be writing them i mean another indicator we haven't even talked about is you know some of the far right agitators that he appointed to his own cabinet. you know many of them are gone now but they were there for many months and they were their influence on the president they had his ear every let him to let you have it or someone could decide he isn't he's an entertainer and you see him doing those kind of things all the time all the time with the media i've made a decision on north korea but i'm not going to tell you which gets the media talking about everything he wants to do but going back to the two things that have to happen one right after nine eleven you saw george bush go into a mosque and this was a moment of crisis like nothing donald trump has faced in the state and bush had the moral authority to walk into a mosque and remind america that we should all pull together i don't expect that out of trump when we're asking what should be done absolutely he should be doing
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those kind of things to pull america together but since i don't think that's going to happen what i've been telling everybody is it's very simple for the next four years we hire less lobbyists we hire more lawyers because that's how you're going to be interacting with the government for the next few years and that's how you're going to make sure that the communities are defended from people who are looking to lash out at us but this seems to me as being perhaps the biggest challenge facing the the white house in particular the government today and that is to try to bridge these riffs that have always been there as you were pointing out early have always been there but they've been allowed to come to the surface and some are even exacerbating those rifts in society i think one of the most important things is for most people to get over the fact that hillary lost she lost and she lost big. and she lost to a businessman someone who is not a politician at all he's a businessman a very successful businessman and the thing is that he's doing things very differently he is what draining the swamp getting rid of the people the career
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politicians i think it's necessary i personally am for term limits on congressional people and the thing is that i think that that's what has to be done i think that it's necessary to be for this constitution to to be everything it was supposed to be in the in the beginning i think that there are a lot of people who are set on becoming multi-millionaires while they're in congress i'm very much against that and i think that the president is doing exactly what needs to be done in order to take america back to work should be in the meantime general i mean how would you characterize the situation in the us today the president needs to come out condemn whenever there's the next shooting which will happen a race based shooting he has to come out immediately and condemn it call it terrorism to sit there and sugarcoat it and call it something else or to blame two different sides i think is the wrong approach and it will see ambivalence actually of the president's response to charlottesville which i think really called the
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attention of the world and that showed to us that the president wasn't a tool shill. with the neo nazi this was the wave the the these nationalists who had led to his action and led to the death of one woman in charlottesville wasn't he wasn't sure how many times this is president have come out and say you know that i denounce the k.k.k. and then you are going to say. over and over and over again and the thing is that it's the one thing that the mainstream media and the leftists you know keep they keep putting it out there no matter how much you know how many times you keep spelling out the fact that the man is not a racist you know is the thing is that he is not. i. i think it's necessary to understand that the people who voted donald trump in office were not all white people that there are large numbers of black people i know many of them i know many of them who have churches of ten thousand five thousand ten thousand people in
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their congregation they were all white people that voted trump in into office as a matter of fact i think you got more of the black vote than any other president had before so the things we have to understand it's not about the only people that are calling racing to people who have people from the left or just sort of losers hillary didn't win well i think one thing the president can do to send a signal is when he came into power he dialed back the countering violent extremism program to focus exclusively on muslim extremists i think that was a mistake and sent another signal it's not about whether he's racist or not it's about the perception of the racists and whether they feel the president turns a blind eye to their activities or supports their activities and that's the perception they're getting he needs to include all forms of extremism in his countering violent extremist program don't pull back the grant funding from those very few organizations like life after hate that we're trying to do you rather collides white supremacists now we have virtually no one. with the funding to
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counter white terrorism it's all focused on foreign terrorism and muslims and let me just bring in now a recent washington post a.b.c. news poll which said ninety one percent of african-americans eighty one percent of hispanics and seventy five percent of women feel the state of race relations today in the united states was the worst they've ever known and i mean this is a polling isn't it so many years off to civil rights you know i think it's a lie dormant for many years and people just brulee didn't focus their attention on it until you start seeing these large rallies of white supremacist carrying torches you keep saying how many large rallies have you seen of white supremacy or and recently we've had a few prior to that. how many and have you seen how many black lives matter groups have you seen who have caused all kinds of havoc but what you can agree on i'm sure is a fact that president trying with his tweets and with his general interventions is
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that he's almost normalising violence i mean the golf ball in the back of hillary clinton wrestling down with a member of the media it's all a bit violent isn't it i don't think that he is proof he is you're saying that he is promoting violence i don't i don't believe all the lies ing no lies and i don't even think normalising know if anything anyone is normalizing the violence i think it's the police have been told to stand down in berkeley and other places where they should not have they should have basically interactive immediately to stop what was happening immediately so i blame those people those sheriffs and those people in place there i think that the left i think the media who feeds into this whole thing i mean they they play a big part of it because there are so many stations left stations on that for people to view and that's all they play twenty four seven they keep running over and over and afraid i have to end it there thank you very much indeed day. and cory
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saylor thank you all very much for the really interesting because i say so much and as ever thank you for watching the program remember you can see it again any time you like in go to the web site al-jazeera dot com you can also go to our facebook page at facebook dot com for the slash a.j. inside story and we're also on twitter at a.j. inside story i'm at dennis so do give us a tweet and let us know what you think thank you very much indeed for joining us on this special program from washington d.c. . my.
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deep in southern india a secret construction project a small concerns about the country's growing nuclear capacity if you're saying that to be a enlarging option which you know amid fears of an escalating arms race with its neighbors elisabeth's a lot of nuclear the beach the indians may claim that it is intended for joining what's bob's indians ball when it does the end of the bush but as the so what lies behind india's nuclear people in power investigates at this time on al-jazeera. for years japanese have gone into countries lush course for what they call. girl or horse baby thirteen years ago dr chen li was one of the first to conduct research on forest bathing he concluded that the essential oils the trees produce to protect themselves from germs and bugs can boost the human immune system like a lot of find a side door essential oil is found in the forest my research has shown that far as
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trying to size reduces stress hormones and relaxes us in the future the time may come when doctors prescribe the forest instead of medicine. to often honesty to they really are victims but a new force is at play a. female police officers are combative sexual assault and domestic abuse. but changing society is a challenge and so is life behind the bags for india as lady cox. at this time does either. there's a problem and the headlines on al-jazeera and us back to.


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