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tv   Peru The New Cocaine Kingdom  Al Jazeera  September 23, 2017 3:00pm-4:01pm AST

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liz found in the forest my research has shown that forest trying to size reduces stress hormones. in the future the time may come when doctors prescribe a forest in the state of medicine. too often on the streets of little are victims but a new force is at play. female police officers are combative sexual assault and domestic abuse. but changing society is a challenge and so is life behind the badge for india's. at this time. of a problem and the headlines on al-jazeera and u.s. backed coalition of kurdish and arab fighters says the city of raka i saw self
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declared capital in syria has been ninety percent retaken remaining us and fighters are reportedly concentrated in a small area within the city and they're expected to fight to the death has more from beirut. it appears that it's only a matter of time before is cleared of all i saw fighters that's according to the united states military as well as the kurdish group the syrian defense for the democratic forces or the wife is there no one on the ground who've been leading the fight against ice or backed by the us led international coalitions airstrikes on that area according to the us ninety percent of the city has been cleared of vital fighters there are only a few remaining pockets which are expected to come in the coming few days however even if and when i saw is cleared out of iraq or that doesn't necessarily mean that there will be some sort of peace and stability established there because if it was
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the kurds who are ruling or in control of the city that is there is a lot of resentment directed towards them from the arab population in the area who've accused them in the past of trying to change them a graphic make up of those areas in order to pave the way for future kurdish autonomous entity if it was bashar assad's troops the government troops who are in control but obviously also there is a lot of opposition to him because this seven year bloody civil war started with a revolution erupting against him and obviously the opposition factions themselves who are opposed to both the kurdish groups and. forces aren't exactly united amongst themselves so whilst there will be a lot of celebration amongst the other some sections hailing the victory of iraq and expelling i saw that doesn't necessarily mean that it will usher in and immediately right or a more stable more peaceful situation in that area of syria china suspects
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a magnitude three point four earthquake in north korea's killed your area was strained by an explosion previous quakes that have indicated nuclear tests but a nuclear watchdog says the seismic activity is unlikely to have been manmade south korea's assessed. so far is that it was a natural occurrence iranian state media have released footage of what they say is a successful test launch of a new ballistic missile. was launched just a few hours after it was unveiled at a military parade and. amnesty international says revenge of religious are still being burnt and myanmar contradicting the government's statements that military operations have ended the group says new satellite images and video shows smoke rising from the hinge of others around four hundred thirty thousand refugees have fled since the latest outbreak of violence began less than a month ago the details were released as doctors without borders told al jazeera that otherwise healthy adults and camps are on the brink of death because of
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dehydration. healings prime minister bill english is claiming victory for his national party in the general election and is headed for a rare fourth term and government with nearly all the votes counted in national has more than the left leaning labor party and greens combined but it doesn't have a clear cut majority so a coalition government is expected to be formed. is really enjoy negotiations with the dream of forming a stable government that and i. deliver for new zealand. we want to on the strength of the economic direction which has been the foundation of so much. of government the search for survivors continues in mexico city three days after a magnitude seven point one earthquake at least two hundred eighty six people have
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been killed more than fifty buildings collapsed in mexico city when the earthquake struck on tuesday workers have started clearing away some of the buildings. i'll have more headlines for you in just under half an hour coming up next is snow of the andes thank you very much for watching. for over four decades has fought a war on drugs. with
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backing from the us tens of thousands of coca plants and hundreds of tons of cocaine have been destroyed. and. despite all these efforts they needed nations claims peru has become the most important producer of cocaine in the world. with this have come levels of violence and corruption that threaten the very fabric of the country. over the past year much of peru's drug battle has focused on the capital sport with criminal cartels fighting for control of the main exceeded route for cocaine. i don't mean the border a final but whichever harper who is right on the river good old boats are going to
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weather the of the bonnet it means or leave her missing child over. undress not his real name used to be a dock worker at the port. for over a year but you know they're going to get it every five years but we're going to really you know they're letting. well for the bank i'm not going to call but i want one of the we have that. as a darker he was also part of a criminal mafia smuggling hundreds of kilos of cocaine out of peru. i prefer. your example record per your government governor joe money i don't. know your mental manju major got us ship it. i'll never put up my feet now by dr bill lloyd trying to have my mary told you want the one in a major there's
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a about what i want to have. a second if we don't have. a lot of the tough love. or is it a little it was a very little bit of frank so that. my little boy looked on the look on the other. side of. the board just more of your little thing is a little. but it's ok that i could not think that now we know when you'll get well we've done it again he says you're getting a little frightened when you go to over the past two decades the u.s. has concentrated on breaking the infamous colombian and mexican cartels. nothing and. as a result cocaine production has shifted to peru and i don't think it was going to
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rain. i don't think another day on the job for me is main drug prosecutor. for the last thirteen years sanju medina has struggled against the rising tide of drug trafficking and money laundering i mean. she's on her. way to interrogate a person accused of drug trafficking. the resealing the kissing control. they still might as well because he turned a little bit early that a little dana. in the new seal their case come with a bit of a done deal see all mortals on munis in the moment but. some of what a service says is one of them is a seal easy to me to ponder than a single slow into the santa anas. but always put most of them in their home which available to see on the is does history and the silly. song.
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to gus i've forgotten us a little bit as innocent as children in the good that i frequent but all our own silences was the most i knew was the which almost was going like that and sealed this oh so this is the play my first scene that's in the usa. at that time was i want to. get that one i guess to tell her larry she's heading. home i said. i think. it's a guess as long. as what does seem more fun to someone from the us so we will and will become very close in the school and so because he pushed didn't you say yeah
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you know you get you know you were really given them a good lesson to save you from being a little. girl but you mean you were like never you believe me. medina is exploring inconsistencies in the suspect statements. at ground level drug gangs operate a small cells but she's hoping to trace his context. the wider organization behind . it is the police a little thing thank goodness is still a lately so we'll see what they see from the live from the people in similar. or just sayso loving the scene but the scene of those yes. it was so yeah the loss and lovely view of it and they can see. we will go live to those and there is this very serious face knowing just when they say oh this is one of them but it's a very very risky situation that is. going to never put the what i thought
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into a little clipper than is into a little bit of this here and you know most of the. people you know they don't know me or the number of coming. in if you haven't seen you some indian you're. going to be some mental commenters you know with a few nails so here with us and we a lot of us know you from below sequence or in sin city. but never. used since the one dollar million new economy i'm swallowing. this a little at the end of the sleeper i would love in this a moment and i saw the tele for a whole minute some for this and not for the see on the sleeve the little or is it. back in a yellow board and dresses still waiting the news about getting his old job back.
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he laughed when murders between rival gangs had intensified. yet. but you're living the life. of education this was. just the mission of it to demand that you have a digital. demanded of me i was going to have visitors here. i just disagree here to be. the gentleman talking. to. them is only a little. something. to want to tell them how to build a new site tell me this is something they do isn't this is something that i'm doing
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for little. the board has turned into a battleground with rival gangs disputing this fight all exit route for drugs. since april two thousand and fifteen more than thirty workers have been killed here . may not need those who want to know the rate doesn't he know how i love that if somebody needed it the payment if only to be on a host and it went down enough you think oh yeah. it is a good deal to give the philly make up i will leave it in the solace that in the house and the receipt she took and my city in the back of the heels went became an economy no less than that but. for the little.
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for this is just a way to force it to the door. since it isn't about. how i know. this is the system which obviously you don't but. in seem pretty yeah but as i was. you know we're mortals. one mentally was a technical operator at eight p.m. terminal and the port. list the plentiful camera of my records contain it again less guarded eschewing medical and medicals going and. amberley that. you annoyed bins have
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a good community what is that in place asda is they took out quickly. in a part of the miraval sign yes it's only been in a piece here so it is a. by law system i don't see course i see him and his then me home a bit ago but here. you maybe who gave him a pitiful bad a kill my c.s. islam orders has he made. it up a place where i see a bill a minute and i wonder when my milk oh yes while they're out there you see values but what it will be so little bell that sick of us only see that will be a there may be going to say funniest little taxi they see it they see. if you don't get it from my writing a lot. this is a by having me call. me some place. because he made it into. work in schools in a body is a lot lower middle class i mean. come on american
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for you or me or better me. elice going to because that would be remiss and say see a war for one of them you have to be willing to be here with me and never. forget his name is on the podium is going to be. the homey. fix it on your dime don't be in front of course and maybe it would seem is that of course are you going to play that it blocked or what not that is the scoring may be needed. for and this it's no secret why her son was murdered. isn't who was the noble the boss said cynical person yes to. the mentality going to give
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orders again today over women but if you're trying to make a way that will be more forceful remarks then mr bush get it from me that. i did not do enough and another somebody you're supposed. to do the city. doesn't want to leave office this is. this is. going to the mess left. the authorities are struggling in the face of this war to control the border. for the past decade the us has financed this taskforce of customs agents and anti-drug police. but these people who are michael holmes will burst on the lebanese and us and i'll use up a meteoric is assuming this force which i doubt if any of that i think all the time
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one of those yellow light or the sign yes most of us will dolly maior the big one in the old mill he looks at the muzzle on the mother what in the eyes of the not. a lot of us he them in the police and i don't know how most of got to be so young is that one of us will come. i'm sure now that there were no such good things you saw my last in what must be on a simple system except in the universe where. better to meet them in that any of these places are none the on the nail it is even the. persona is that. saying most a child in the process boilers must understand that on those on you and if you can move. out of the people around the dance you're all in one browser and you don't have any in the time this i see it then i'm already styles and thus will be most of the angles so see endorsed it the needles. style me or you really go saying you've
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got people that are saying what is. it this is in the meal and not seen me on this at a separate post another is the nail the syrian that's my lips on that i can put on . those. smugglers and the port regularly open the containers with shears. they then place the drugs inside and replace the security seals with clowns as if the container has never been touched. you know go out and put it in the new immunity. but i'm not just forced a lot i live for me so up with us you know the second they see a bit less. of this now but it is. despite the efforts made by authorities it is estimated that over three hundred
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tons of cocaine get through every year. a key to the organization success is that each link in the chain of production on transport is split up. this cocaine chemist works not far from the port. and also on the c m one of this of course. but over and over you know. i mean. most of the politicos in the last little article go you know more and they do a lot for them. one of the look at the moon killer holding that in the theme of the wolf newsagent a little formal get along with a far the most informal thing in the city in the last in the us and when the. us is
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in full office in the most of you know in the field of me the the my home full of little no one loves a pool. but a woman who feel. the. the name of the old can see a fever one month. because it kills a lot. and muscles in form for. us a little easier for god. if this innocent full minute this isn't legal i am. and wasn't alone because the. the old rule of law says. that the other repeated. the law
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say that he was a reformer enough upon. them over coffee mug with him a little. more goofy. a little with a thought is like a. little a little hole. was above is the result of well placed. well if you go to the length of. this is most of us that little isabel got it now look with this evolving a little bit. each of us. this is it is it's a really but it was the other than anything more than. say you know the letter that's what they give you when this was the beginning of the arch it does it was
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idea who was it it was a look at the of the so called was a but yet it was just it was all a. little. song because it was the love of them and he. always believed the of that which of us with all that is the level with the world a lot of the. local the mystical love oh you know lost a lot of thinking or. but of course one of the says of these new products. they get out because if you took all. my little sis and the money out you know. that got a lot more. easily in the loft easily in the local play in the form.
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of. the style the. thing if you for all the love of all of that feel. good but if i kill a feeling. i got to live by the money of all i want while going to. be a so i will give up with all my doing you know if it's going to be the logo you. love the right way to. do is how i feel well look i. a few of them are good for. you on the go of it the only way to flip it over almost. like a guy you know you you thought of the one so you know. the root disputes the u.n. claim that it now produces more cocaine than colombia. but whatever the truth sonia
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maybe not the prosecutor has to work under difficult conditions her unit is severely under financed. is sort of the be the process eldest overnight but they're actually gone ok let me tell you this and you know so i don't. in the lord you know the never going to get a warrior's. someone something i'm very hopeful you don't know so there wouldn't go quite good woman to woman very. very few seem. to notice any of them with some girl from the west of the western. hemisphere into. the middle of the level that would be able to get rid of the feet . which in the middle of the feeling in many. ways have been. better some doing. there for.
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he was a burial meaning. to me and to them and it was an annoyance but you're going to lawyer up with joe but i've been there long ago almost. to begin you don't know is fighting the billionaire drug cartels with an organization that this not even have its own permanent office is sort of a part of their. superior for. the democrat want to. go because he did them ok we're really faced with them. there were not one dollar of them something to look up. on those i said but it was some of the most what is a force against noise jumpers who boast about without a poll up there been a. is the most of the year they get on this sort of a nice to see. them saluting when sort of any sell them us and them and.
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make it someone who under i'm going to wait could it be gone by east. of the port and they're still hopes his contacts will help him get his job back. occasionally hard workers and smuggling rings are caught but the rewards far outweigh the risks as peru continues to supply the world market. to little bit of an oil slick outlet but whether you call the dumbest shit all your . other people do the opposite of what. you want to tell them well don't even go up with the job of the oh so you're just a little below there's a little isabel sawhill it just so the little gentle just a little. goes a little bit because it's suddenly
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a good reason to get your sister to suddenly go and buy them or something. like that sonny boy. but do you know. for a man who's decided to break with tradition and train to sail competitively we've been up we want to present a positive image and change this to your typical expectation of women. for them it's about more than just racing yes you can still be a woman and also a very talented sailor going off around the world showing everybody how strong people are al jazeera world meets the first female sailing crew in the gulf sailing stars at this time on al-jazeera. whether someone saying.
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it's. doing it you can just. go in fly out. it was since i was a little boy in india my dream was to bollywood so five years ago i decided i was finally going to do it one man's quest to realize a lifelong ambition the story. of my one and it's transformation going behind the lens that's going to missing brings his personal story to life. al jazeera correspondent my own private bollywood at this time. of the problem and all of the headlines on al-jazeera the u.s. backed coalition of kurdish and the city of raka eisel self declared capital and
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syria has been ninety percent retaken remaining fighters reportedly concentrated in a small area within the city and they're expected to fight to the death china suspects a magnitude three point four earthquake in north korea has killed your area was triggered by an explosion previous quakes there have indicated nuclear tests but a nuclear watchdog vivifies look at as unlikely to have been manmade south korea's assessment is that it was a natural occurrence. iranian state media have released footage of what they say is the successful test launch of a new ballistic missile the shell was launched soon after it was on the baled at a military parade in tehran museum's prime minister building which is claiming victory for his national party in the general election and is headed for a rare fourth term in government when they'll be all the votes counted national has more than the left leaning major party and greens combined but it doesn't have
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a clear cut majority so a coalition government is expected to be formed. is with and. with the dream of forming a stable government that i've always this country to deliver for new zealanders we want to build on the strength of the economic direction which has been the foundation of so much over recent zealand and will. of government now is the final day of campaigning in germany ahead of general elections on sunday and polls suggest chancellor angela merkel has a wide lead over all the candidates survival martin short for the social democratic party appears to have lost support in the past month. the search for survivors continues in mexico city three days after a magnitude seven point one earthquake at least two hundred and eighty six people
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have been killed more than fifty buildings collapsed in mexico city when the quake struck on tuesday workers have started clearing away some of those buildings. as are the headlines on out is there a snow of the andes continues next to the reminder you can always keep up to date with all the news on our web site that said al-jazeera dot com. with around three hundred tons smuggled every year. the u.n. claims peru is the world's top cocaine producer. this has broad levels of corruption and violence rarely seen in the country before.
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drugs prosecutor sonia medina faces organizations seeking to launder billions of dollars today she is leading an operation in the city of the north of lima. but only. one life at the bellingham i know that. she's aiming to seize hundreds of market stalls and other property like which years of investigation suggest a wronged by a local cartel. if this is. a doesn't make it so we go. for months and i guess over the summer you're going to. get a new somebody or the thing you know you can really think what the little book is the most of it on the let me put up put it with you know when they leave because. more than two hundred police officers are involved and the operation is one of the biggest this year. with so much at stake authorities must work quick
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things might turn violent any time. you know when you're looking for him a police officer knew that you could come up with an off muslims like oh my goodness of community the sooner they are focused on the almost like going to be coming from oklahoma city with here. it was just. a little secret thing when you're the first official who said this is using dating if you want to see that means he. also has seen me. it has taken me years to prove these market stalls are involved in laundering money for traffickers. now she's heading
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to another property what she claims is a front for drugs money. i want to be able to live forever but i think the most you're not going to go but i know many have. been bailed and you're going to me and i was a minister. at the buffet or. the. ordering more than the mean material you go that's no good no to anything. and everything in flat. you know. member for instance and. then for coming the reason is one that has.
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come with them to go here for that they're going to get. a lot of work among. the people of those political system when. you think it likely isn't only the police it is the only place in. in the home i mean the sentiment. here things are not going as expected as so often the accused claim innocence and or preventing. the film and. you know. i mean but i was.
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accompanied by a local police. arrives in another property. this time a restaurant just outside the city of the six hundred kilometers north of. us . know when they're going to me and that. after a long day preceded by months of preparation. all the properties targeted have been
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seized. the obstacles are huge. billions of dollars are thought to be laundered every year and medina can only trace a tiny percentage. you know you must have thought of the idea that has the most island already and they still made them as a menace you mean the un is now on the levels to what it was and what they wanted. for four decades supported by the us who has concentrated on eradicating the growth of the coca plant. it has done little to stop the supply of coca paste the main ingredient of cocaine with. movies i lived through and all.
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your police were looking for some of the follow follow follow you with with with. blue ball. in the over the and. every bit of an island on the. floor and on the. side door frame from your. single you. yes as he all flew off food all day nothing
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more inducing more simple. than the awesome i thought i am often the one thing that i mean people do. when they were thought for a bomb. with a view is an off. most of the really cool. thing that also has a little to the single newness. i'll sit on your thoughts in voting for you on the roof hopefully soon for willing. to say and i tell you what and it's funny thing all along though today it was. really the police you're going to. be. you know full blown them off and look at the full blown open the good people off and on.
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i'm going to have you know that i'm one of them political official how much ok offical a call a little and. i need to follow up with them simple to feel. awful for office and we will all be in the we'll. talk on local a little while before you will include support on the loss of all of. the. face by a seemingly unending supply of cocaine. the authorities are intensifying their
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efforts to control its export ms and you notice first as of this year only leo you know what i let out of the almost i say when i mean that of these young men most i can see doing most i live but them but i'll be mad he said i space you're not of. the new order say. what the single sale same goes if this had all see it did. the same but its not just us the end all. be is hope again solomin days which they will not explore of us here on. this theme of the meaning of the losses of us also cyclists the million dollar. you have. more than your. opinion of or you're going to be a mighty few. of. i want out of a window by most. he's on the list i mean.
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if this one but his employer say we are getting this was pretty on the middle east i'm ok you're the one for this is the but if you know this it will be a song full of cows will they get a kind of seal in. the morning i know from when i got to ask what's picture. say they stay all going because in the whole of body i can but then that is how one nice. bit of a scene goes on the statement that the other. federal dollar coin as he said i love the name and those you think i think almost i will stay on the i mean i don't want to mail it is he going up but if he does say i'll give you know i mean i'm a man as you are with all of them but i know. this but i suspect and i saw the tears come but then there's i got only one problem you know. what what would you say to
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a little bit of the people who. really my if they could see stand a man that exceeds their fat a buyout offers. has made the ceasefire so far is all that i see of my b.s. in government analysis by any other i bet or in other places on the south or if i don't why is this a cardinal. if one dollar for your money by the variable is here again also the most on your status here of course in the. second part of your brain a symbol n for c. the same i mean there are a lot ot in the process of the what am i to be my thought. on.
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the tip off was clearly wrong no drugs were found in this container of water heading for into. the control assessing calling hamas young or old by the airline i see the police and i thought of their medical records yes but just as. i'll point out i'm dishonest because of gas money on the i.p.o. capital of the year as well if you know me i will see me when i think i mean that's your song now that's my days i'm going to start here i thought about the same problem of. the cartel spend huge sums bribing the port authorities to keep the drugs flowing. to greece this was a mistake be a staples yeah a little of the invisible isn't the one goal is to do if you don't comply with. the in this this is also the middle of the so when you see news of the cinema
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looney tunes in a bonanza of the eagle. for most of us a boy isn't going to go with. this time or love oh ok well you see this is the moment that this focus is so difficult that you don't get a little disturbing image. of the law with what i say. are you over the wall will say. this isn't the time to. assume something. you know the most of the other you know so there's a lot. you don't leave them on that agree with a lot of why no one saw. after more than a decade. as a drugs prosecutor. maybe now has found a balance between her job and her family life.
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but by my mind that person. does he has a look at the little bit of but i listen. but i mean there are several i mean mother this is a minute. i said he was a complete. no no. no. it's me the opportunity we handle them in. the mass have been that of the the me or not. does this is. better that you're not here than the mirror for me you know when i see her.
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under her belt or. tell us on the on a cell phone going away that when there is a whole game you don't see emails anywhere without all the. highly the same with the guy again they all sound out it all go you know one thing. is to see what's coming. in the early morning. in the. form of. getting to going to play. the. little girl must be there for the other wasn't password. you know so. you're not alone but on your mind just a. bit all that aristotle says you know what is the first
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but i am. going to learn later going. to complete going to political those who say it is so but this one this one don't get it over a minute john a but if he was. back at the port and this has been received the call has been waiting for. so for now he can't return to work. i was alone last year for you know most of the see and. hear all or. even most of what the us. i would know what was the lazio bit so i. get it over she took
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a huge warm. i'll tell you where. the ship i shall walk you know that. they were. there with a very serious or below the oil. that i was to start. a wave of the world it was it was a sea of ours and the boy is a warrior this is a fellow at the. mysterious i go out and. many america all. three months after the killing the. authorities have finally made some arrests. but she
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doubts the people being held by police are the ones mastermind of the killing. and here who are hoping that i have. and they will have a. home loan. of a whole. lot of our who are now all or all whole all of the hard hit enter. and i. want to become of. me.
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and want. me. to mention on wonderful. things in. the end that's one of them. good. good for the press. and that's where. kings will get in. the last minute bonus. doesn't that being a lie ok must. contain wanna spend and singing.
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and i suspect as long as. innocent guy is less cost. less than two kilometers away. another queue of cocaine is almost ready. oh move the other woman. no one thing off when all five to six feet. that is if you're within. a foot on the home when a savant. that's
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a gun like you. of a guy lindelof i mean you know when we see. you in a political game the this we are going to see you on the mobile tonight is here it will be on the. lot of the meadow so fulfilling on. your feet pulling up on them. you know to. come with us. one of your little finger.
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libya isn't part of the market so i offered to donate what i. get i want to haul. moyle my father a little. go home and tim will. be looking. at the some of the latest. you know i love him and. we're looking to cause a little fun. good feel good. if you're if. you're sleeping with one. of them when the. seizures by authorities are estimated to accounts to less than ten percent of cocaine now but if so the ruin its main ally the united states will have to redouble efforts if they want to keep fighting
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a war that for many is already lost. and the author who among don't feel better. than they were for log on. for more google up will be both follow up on the only a little. over a lethal. the coca plant has long been a pillar of bolivia's traditions but its use in illegal drugs today is threatening the nation's culture not my idea most adora dues are involved because they receive good backs while some have made fortunes many others have suffered at the hands of this multi-billion dollar industry me maddi my mother was strangled with the cable and brought them a cup with a pole and it was a he described who are the winners and losers of this illicit trade snow of the andes at this time.
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from the neon lights of asia. to the city that never sleeps. hello again a look at weather across america is now south america so fairly quiet some showers across north western areas and becoming more intense now across parts of western brazil in particular a few showers for bolivia otherwise much of the south the region looking draw and find santiago chile twenty one degrees on rio should be fine highs of twenty six let's head up into the caribbean now as you can see it's beginning to move away from this region still a major hurricane category three and top end of category three almost but it is
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moving away now having said that the still going to be plenty of rain around the bahamas in particular and the seas are being really churned up from this storm system so really rough waters lot of surf a lot of swell and rip currents which are really really dangerous houseware across the region we've got some really heavy showers right up through the isthmus away from panama up towards guatemala for the north some heavy showers affecting mexico heading up into north america well you can see the track that maria is going to be taking is going to head up towards the carolinas before begins to curve away so again surf is going to be an issue here we've also got a big storm system across parts of the west that's going to develop extending all weapons of parts of canada. the weather sponsored by qatar race. in the hash tag hero when news coverage of looking for an easy solution we delve deeper finances and challenge the status quo. for a new season of love from this time.
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too often on. our victim but a new force. female police officers are combative sexual assault and domestic abuse. but changing society is a challenge and so is life behind the badge for india's lady called. at this time on al-jazeera. above what. this is al-jazeera.
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