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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 23, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm AST

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good. luck. too often on the streets of india women are victims but a new force is at play. female police officers are combat in sexual assault and domestic abuse. but changing society is a challenge and so is life behind the badge for india's lady called. at this time on al-jazeera. web. this is.
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welcome to the al-jazeera news hour on live from my headquarters in doha is a problem coming up in the next sixty minutes a report of an earthquake in north korea raises questions about what caused the trauma. iran says it successfully tested a new ballistic missile that can carry multiple warheads. a human rights group says finds a still burning in the hands of religious and. state. in the very three day cameras turntable i remember told. our reporter becomes the house he's transformed into an avatar. i'm going to go with the latest sports news including what you love to see one of these. when somebody disrespects our flag. get that son of a field right out by. u.s. president donald trump attacks n.f.l.
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players who've been silently protesting against racial injustice. china suspects a magnitude three point four earthquake in north korea has killed you area was triggered by an explosion previous quakes there have indicated nuclear tests but a nuclear watchdog says the seismic activity is unlikely to have been man made and south korea's assessment so far is that it was a natural occurrence well let's get more on this now we're joined by cost wanted to kathy novak she's live for us in the south korean capital so what more are you hearing where you are about this quake kathy. well conflicting reports as you're talking about there elizabeth china as you mentioned was the first to report this earthquake and saying that it was caused by a suspected explosion and as you mentioned that causes immediate concern here in
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south korea because in the past a nuclear tests have caused artificial earthquakes for example the most recent nuclear test in north korea that it says was a hydrogen bomb caused an artificial earthquake of a magnitude of about six but south korea's weather agency says it has not detected the sound waves that are usually attributed to an artificial earthquake so it is assessing right now this to be a natural earthquake and south korea's presidential office says analysis is ongoing but they are sticking with that assessment that it was a natural quake and as you mentioned the nuclear watchdog the c.t.v. t.-o. also thinks this was a natural earthquake it is actually making the comparison to a second smaller earthquake that happened on the day that north korea tested its nuclear bomb that smaller quake was attributed to a tunnel collapse likely to have been caused by the first earthquake and the first nuclear test so a bit of confusion but it seems that signs at least here in south korea from the
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agencies are pointing to a natural earthquake but this is coming out of extremely tense time here on the korean peninsula of course we had just yesterday the leader of north korea kim jong un issuing a rare statement in response to u.s. president donald trump threats to totally destroy north korea and kim jong un saying he will pay dearly and questions around what that might be and what that might mean rather and on north korea's foreign minister speculating that perhaps north korea could detonate a hydrogen bomb in the pacific so any reports of an earthquake any indications of a possible nuclear test cause concern immediately here there's a slightly cathy and we're also seeing video of a massive anti-american march that some of it and north korea what do we know about this. well this is in kim il sung's square in pyongyang we're told that up to one hundred thousand people attended this mass rally v and you
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merican rally in which that same speech that kim jong un the made or the statement that he issued was read out to this crowd we're told that in north korea separate rallies were held by the workers party and by officials in the military all protesting america protesting the threats coming from donald trump and this is all ahead also of the north korean foreign minister's speech to the united nations that we're expecting in the coming hours so it's all really raising the temperature in the already tense times here because we had the threat coming for us from donald trump and then kim jong un making that rare statement that seemed to be constantly sort of back stop in north korea there's an effort it seems there to hammer home this message from the leader that he's threatening as i say that donald trump in america will pay dearly for these threats that are made against north korea will be very interesting to see what the north korean foreign minister says in his address
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at the u.n. general assembly and we will of course bring that to our viewers live on al-jazeera when it happens for now kathy thank you very much kathy novak joining us live from seoul thank you. well china has moved to limit oil exports to north korea in line with the latest round of u.n. sanctions adrian brown has more from beijing. what china has now essentially begun implementing what it agreed to at the united nations security council on saturday a statement appeared on the website of china's commerce ministry it said that as of now china was no longer importing textiles from north korea textiles have been until now an important source of hard currency for the regime also as of saturday china is no longer export ing things like liquefied natural gas as well as condensate oil and significantly china is going to limit the amount of oil that it exports to north korea those exports will be capped at two hundred million barrels
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a year now last month of course china agreed to other wide ranging sanctions against north korea it's no longer importing things like coal iron ore and seafood on friday president donald trump once more praised china's leaders for the fact that he says china's banks have shut the door on north korea even though less than twenty four hours earlier china's foreign ministry said that wasn't necessarily the case but this was what president trump had to say i made a friend in china president xi and yesterday he basically took the banking industry away from north korea or whatever but the so confusion and contradiction have once more become the hallmarks of sino u.s. relations clearly president donald trump and president xi jinping will have a lot to talk about if as expected president from pays an official visit to china
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in november. let's move on to other news now and state media and have released footage of what they say is the successful test launch of a new ballistic missile they called them shell was launched just a few hours after it was unveiled at a military parade and tear down the device has a range of two thousand kilometers and can carry multiple warheads it follows threats by u.s. president donald trump that washington may withdraw from the two thousand and fifteen nuclear deal while afshan shah is a saying a lecturer in international relations and middle east politics at the university of bradford says that while iran remains committed to the nuclear deal it's warning the u.s. and israel that it stands ready to defend itself this is happening at the time that the pressure from the united states is increasing on iran and be my opinion what happened just yesterday is a manifestation of a new type of terror and of course you have to remember that from the beginning of
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the nuclear negotiation iran remain very determined that it is not prepared to negotiate its defensive mechanism and it is not to negotiate. account of ballistic program and over the last year we had at least two new regimes of sanctions declared only wrong one in january and one in july which is specifically targeted at their missile program so in brief iran basically is sending two different messages at the same time guess we are still committed to the nuclear deal but at the same time we take our self-defense extremely seriously and as president rouhani said on friday iran doesn't see any permission to defend itself. it was back to coalition of kurdish and arab fighters says the city of raka isis self declared capital and sylvia has been ninety percent retaken remaining are
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still fighters of reportedly concentrated in a small area and they're expected to fight to the death jamal child has moved from beirut. it appears that it's only a matter of time before is cleared of i saw fighters that's according to the united states military as well as the kurdish group the syrian defense for the democratic forces or the wife is there no one on the ground who've been leading the fight against ice or backed by the us led international coalitions airstrikes on that area according to the us ninety percent of the city has been cleared of ice or fighters there are only a few remaining pockets which are expected to come in the coming few days however even if and when i saw is cleared out of iraq but that doesn't necessarily mean that there will be some sort of peace and stability established there because if it was the kurds who are ruling or in control of the city that is there is
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a lot of resentment directed towards them from the arab population in the area who've accused them in the past of trying to change them a graphic make up of those areas in order to pave the way for future kurdish autonomous entity if it was bashar assad's troops the government troops who are in control but obviously also there is a lot of opposition to him because this seven year bloody civil war started with a revolution erupting against him and obviously the opposition factions themselves who are opposed to both the kurdish groups and. its forces aren't exactly united amongst themselves so whilst there will be a lot of celebration amongst the other some sections hailing the victory of iraq plan expelling i saw that doesn't necessarily mean that it will usher in and immediately right or a more stable more peaceful situation in that area of syria now that i saw in syria is also becoming a potential flashpoint for wider geo political tensions the u.s.
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backed s.d.f. says it's just seized a major natural gas field near the city from eisel while the syrian army with russian help is closing in on their own so. from a different location direction rather. ports. syrian government forces target i saw fighters on the side of the euphrates river commanders say place too in circling the enemy. and the. operations step by step toward any. good news for the situation and arizona highlights the complexity of the battlefield in syria as russian backed government forces advance on i so say moving closer to territory held by u.s. backed kurdish fighters they say they've been able to make rapid progress against eisel and taken large parts of the countryside. province regime
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forces continue to hit their targets from the and on the ground several civilians have been killed in the area over the last few days and the russian submarine has fired cruise missiles at fighters from the former al nasra front now calling itself . unexpected striking providence has destroyed important control points training bases and deposits of the terrorists who took part in the attempt to capture twenty nine russian servicemen to the north of hama province. the syrian government is making gains on the battlefield while at the same time inflicting most suffering on civilian populations in an area that came on the chemical attack. strikes destroyed a civil defense headquarters. several military aircraft targeted the civil defense center with the air strikes destroying it completely it's no longer
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operational all of the centers causing the instruments necessary for search operations have been destroyed. it's yet more misery for people who've already suffered so much victoria gates and be. well plenty more ahead on the news including picking up the pieces. trying to rebuild their homes after flooding a final push for votes in germany ahead of sunday's general election we'll be live from berlin and politics on the pitch to prepare for. on the rest of the states independence john has more and spoil. amnesty international says revenge of villages a still being burnt and myanmar contradicting the government's statements that military operations have ended the group says new satellite images and video shows smoke rising from revenge of images around four hundred thirty thousand refugees
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have fled since the latest outbreak of violence began less than a month ago the details were released as doctors without borders told that otherwise healthy adults and camps are on the brink of death because of dehydration john hall has more from the border. on a rare day without rain makeshift tents clinging to the muddy slopes and thousands of ranger refugees go about the business of surviving. that there is no food available now. and water pumped up from the ground in nearly dug wells bamboo sales a booming along with the black plastic sheeting that does little more than draw the soaring heat. but the resurgence is still because of the spread of disease a brand new mobile clinic in this camp is inundated. almost every woman carries
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a child this one with chest problems this one with diarrhea. why. after the things that you are most worried about. doing. there. we need. then to look. at the front of the queue a young mother colored a beggar ms her name breaks down with relief medicines are dispensed to treat her daughter's fever and stomach complaint and almost as an afterthought she explains the cheese eight months pregnant. agrees to let us see where she lives a mother of two with a third on the way her father killed in the escape from me and now barefoot in the filth of a refugee camp. i'm too scared to go back to me in ma now only if there is
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the sure that the government will not punish us then we'll think about going back otherwise i'll stay and earn a living in bangladesh i ask if she's afraid to give birth in a place like this of course i'm afraid she says but there's nothing i can do every day and more people arrive in these camps and every day the camps get more and more organized and every day they say across the border in myanmar smoke billows into the air bangladesh doesn't want these people to stay on its side of the border and it's hard to believe me and will want them back the stateless route have become the world's problem now jonah how al-jazeera bangladesh. turkish president no one is attending an extraordinary parliament session as regional tension mounts on the iraqi kurds planned independence referendum on monday kurdish leader massoud barzani has promised the vote will go ahead despite international pressure to stop
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it and how many reports from northern iraq. on this she said the kurdish colors are flying high oil rich city is giving tours of historic or fervent and self-determination even though it's not part of the iraqi kurdish region. the governor who made the push to take part in the vote against. i have the support of my people we feel it's the right time and they tell us we should engage in negotiations i think that's a good idea we have been doing it since two thousand and three with different governments after the fall of saddam hussein. and we really haven't gotten anywhere . kirkuk is part of the so-called disputed territories it's also home to turkmen and arabs many of them say they will boycott the vote. there's
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increased ethnic polarization and it will be difficult to control once it spills onto the streets particularly because every house has a weapon who will control that. the question kurds will have to answer is do you want the kurdistan region and the kurdistan areas outside the regions of ministration to become an independent state and that includes places like by sheikha that used to be under the control of the central government it's now a border town this is the berm that the kurds built after kurdish forces took control of areas evacuated by the iraqi army back in two thousand and fourteen now many here call it the border of the future kurdistan state but you can see how close this shit up our military forces under the command of the iraqi prime minister are stationed very have increased their presence ever since the referendum was announced. the fish were gay here say they are ready for any eventuality but
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this is a cause of concern for people like city even so i think. we had first met the couple shortly after the town was recaptured and generally only returned home in july. and the house was rigged we had to clear it now the most important issue was security we will support whoever will protect us. the kurds have secured areas on the day control and are vowing to never give up their gains but if people here are certain that the yes vote will prevail there are certain that the government in baghdad will reject the result but. in the order in iraq to saddam and flash floods and destroy thousands of homes in the past few weeks and while some areas a still struggling to cope with the water levels people in other regions trying to rebuild their lives have
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a morgan reports from the thomson. this is what is left of the walls of abdullah. after water from the nearby river flooded it. bricks and rubble lie on the ground a reminder of what once stood here. and i think. this was my father's house and i lived here for ten years this year the water levels were high and the barrier was supposed to stop it there was an opening and the government neglected it they haven't even provided compensation except for some flour and mosquito nets abdullah's house is one of hundreds of thousands destroyed by flash flood and rain this year in sudan the u.n. says more than sixty thousand houses have been destroyed countrywide and nearly a dozen people have been killed many of them live in rural areas where houses are built using mind making them more prone to collapse this barrier was supposed to protect homes from flooding but the levels of the nile river were extremely high in
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fact the highest in one hundred years resulting in an overflow that destroyed nearly one hundred homes here in st joe alone so dan has been facing harsher rainy seasons over the past few years the state authorities say they had weren't both at the citizens of potential floods and the national government. this neighborhood has been flooded several times in the past we built a barrier to keep the floods out delegation came to check the barrier and now we have to see how to fix it again because studies were done back in two thousand and ten and we asked them to review it and billeted the barrier then the river levels have receded over the past few days but as flood victims complain of not being compensated lawmakers say they weren't supposed to be living there to begin with the precautions which are to be taken to having course of the ration that. the houses or the relatives of the farmers away from the river banks and unfortunately they don't do that because they want to be as close as possible to
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the river banks so that they can take some water. abdullah says he has nowhere else to go and that he will work to rebuild his home even if one of the flood comes and destroys it again people morgan algis they are seeing john sudan. more than seventy thousand people in puerto rico have been ordered to leave their homes on a series of a dam collapsing in the wake of harken maria heavy rain brought by maria put stress on the talk and dam by the u.s. national weather service want to of it's imminent failure a flash flood emergency has been issued for me about areas people are being warned of a life threatening situation if they don't move to higher ground at least six people were killed when the hurricane hit the island on wednesday and gallagher has more from puerto rico. the only comfort rosie o. reece call can give to her infant son is a mother's touch. one month old baby has a respiratory condition that means he needs constant care and attention so
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georgia's children's hospital remained open through the hurricane but your c.e.o. is now worried about what happens when she has to leave i have to go to my house eventually because they will need the space and maybe he doesn't have a car criteria to be in the hospital but my concern is that when i get home i will not have electricity i cannot hear there's a brand new for hospital staff to these are worrying times power is coming from diesel run generators but they have to be refueled every few hours but as petrol stations run dry it's a power that's needed more than ever eventually the gas stations are not going to have gasoline. in our case eventually our employees will not be able to drive back to work. or power everything will come back that won't be easy officials say electricity may not be restored until sometime next year the kids of puerto
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rico's recovery then it's restoring power but it's more than about clearing fallen trees or getting broken cables back into place this country's power grid was already in crisis the power company and there is only one is nine billion dollars in debt and this we know investment for years all of that is bad news for local businesses. already ailing economy. this is one of the few grocery shops open in san juan but here too time is running out i only have two hours this is the last of the diesel when the generator fails this business will close to sponsor really be community and we want to stay open because. we know there are people who need the store open and we're trying to do that but we depend on these puerto rico is already facing a financial crisis but its failure to invest in infrastructure is now costing it daily and gallacher al-jazeera san juan puerto rico. well it's time for the weather
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now and ventured has more details on hurricane maria richard well it is good news elizabeth that the whole system is moving away as we can about me slowly it's still a pretty potent storm as you look at the satellite imagery there it is pulling away but across the island such as puerto rico is and he was saying his report there is a case of months if not years before things get back to real know moloch see many of the islands are seeing the same sort of situations reporting on puerto rico so that's we've got at the moment now the winds are still relevant because this system does still have an impact across the bahamas is producing big surf big swell and big rip currents so it's dangerous water all around this region moment but the system is moving away so it's getting better but we still got a lot of rain still plenty of showers across many and you can really do it without this at the moment is also worth pointing out we've got a lot of rain right across the isthmus as well as some very heavy rain here which might cause some flooding but maria thankfully is on her way towards the north
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disappearing off the top of my chart tom get through to sunday stage is going to be working its way up the eastern seaboard of the u.s. towards cape hatteras in the carolinas that sort of direction we've also got a big weather system coming across central parts the looking quite lively here over the next couple of days that's the remnants of jose when the longest lived hurricanes in history seventeen and a half days as a tropical storm system and there is mary given that surf but at least along the coastline there should be nice and dry and sunny. thank you very much richard still ahead on the news french leaders gather for protests against president matt kong's new labor laws will be live and paris the number of people killed in mexico's of quake rises as rescue is refuse to give up hope of finding survivors and in sports another divisional champion is a wanted and major league baseball as they edge closer to the playoffs jonah will have the details.
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right. and. discover a wealth of what winning programming and some around the world the military and the government are blocking people because they have something really horrible to hockey challenge your perception at that point the relationship and their political project came to an end. documentary. debate some discussions in the field of freedom and exploring that for you know it was very exciting al-jazeera.
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it's good to have you with us on the al-jazeera news on these are all top stories china suspects a magnitude three point four earthquake in north korea has killed area triggered by an explosion previous quakes they have in the case of nuclear tests but south korea's admission assessment is that it was a match from the currents iranian state media have released footage of what they say is the successful test launch of a new ballistic missile. was launched just a few hours off it was on the ballot at a military parade a pedalo and amnesty international says a henge a village is
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a still being burned to myanmar contradicting the government's statements that military operations have ended the group says new satellite images and video shows rising from the hinge of edges. now the search for survivors continues in mexico city three days after a magnitude seven point one earthquake and there's been a strong aftershock nearly three hundred people have been killed more than fifty buildings collapsed in mexico city when the quake struck on tuesday locus of start of the way some of those buildings where no life has been detected well let's get more on this now with our correspondent. she's joining us live from mexico city what progress has there been on the rescue efforts overnight. elizabeth just about fifteen minutes ago there was a major setback when we experienced quite significant aftershocks and measured six point two according to the u.s. geological survey on the on the richter scale that's
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a preliminary estimate centered about seven hundred kilometers away from here now i didn't feel much shaking myself i did see the street sign excuse me swaying a bit but there have been reports of buildings swaying in mexico city and the impact of this cannot be overstated on what's going on. behind this extolling the spilled it collapsed on tuesday it is suspected that there may still be six people trapped alive workers feeling that aftershock about fifteen minutes ago had to immediately leave we saw them quickly take off in fact just moments ago returning to the site now of presumably to reassess how this aftershock may have impacted this teetering pile of rubble now families here are more than forty they have been here since tuesday when this building collapsed grasping to these hopes that even now after ninety hours since this building collapse there may be more survivors
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there have not been any of the living pulled though from this building since thursday a suspected sixty people were trapped initially there already twenty eight were rescued alive there are still forty some families here and given these statistics they're being told that maybe only six people are still alive if at all and this means this is a very desperate time for these families who are holding on to any sort of hope that they may have given that this aftershock just happened i saw a lot of tears in their eyes they're hoping that the says and mean the worst for their loved ones one woman telling me she has her or her or her niece trapped inside who is an accountant she was briefed by a government official an engineer a few hours ago saying at that time there have been some progress there at least three entryways into that pile of rubble from the top from the bottom and also now from the side of buildings and they are still very hopeful that there may be some
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good signs here elizabeth i think i lost my ability to hear yourself throw back to you or thank you very much for that from now that's cause. for joining us live from mexico city where as she was saying there's just been a strong aftershocks like you heidi. drug violence has forced brazil's government to shut down roads and schools in the country's largest favela the army has been called to intervene. as more. violence between rival drug gangs has led to this military helicopters above this favela security forces monitoring the streets of rio de janeiro hundreds of police officers have been called then the government says it's ready to send in many more . up to ten thousand of our men could be called into action just like we did in our first operation for now because it's urgent we have mobilized the
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military police seven hundred men and. is on its way if necessary more. roughly seventy thousand people live in the cities were sent her favela violence is no stranger here but over the last year murders have increased eleven percent to just over two thousand three hundred the government says rival drug gangs are responsible for the bloodshed but this isn't one of my son since last week we've all been afraid we go back and forth quickly we wait to work with friends and go straight home no one's out on the streets there's real fear. the fear is so widespread some locals refuse to show their face on camera. i've lived here since i was born twenty three years ago i've never seen things like this i have seen other conflicts other operations other wars between rivals but having the army said to the favela that's a. now the government is trying to restore order it's flexing its military muscle
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in an attempt to halt a deadly spiral of indiscriminate violence. by u.s. president has called the ip or crisis and national emergency. government efforts to combat it his administration is pointing to recent high profile arrests as proof of action but there are also calls for pharma social companies to share more of the blame kristen salumi reports. it's a street drug so deadly law enforcement officers wear special protective suits when confiscating it fentanyl used to increase the potency of heroin is blamed for a twenty two percent increase in deaths by overdose in the last year sixty four thousand americans have lost their lives this recent police raid in new york the biggest ever in the city recovered a staggering sixty four kilograms of the drug. bridget brennan has been new york special narcotics prosecutor for almost twenty years we're not making any headway
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right now every year it gets worse and we need to do something law enforcement historically is focused almost exclusively on removing the supply of drugs and that's critically important ultimately you want to decrease the demand president trump has said lax border security and fewer drug prosecutions under the obama administration are at least partly to blame so they looked at this. let it go by and we're not letting it go but with four out of five heroin addicts believed to have started their habit with the prescription the justice department is going after doctors and pharmacies as well as dealers. but state and local officials believe pharmaceutical companies also bear responsibility for the nation's opioid epidemic a point the trump administration has yet to weigh in on forty one states including new york have joined forces to investigate and some have already filed lawsuits against the companies alleging deceptive marketing. our subpoenas and letters seek
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to uncover whether or not there was deception involved if manufacturers misled doctors and patients about the efficacy and addictive power of these drugs who examine their marketing practices both to the medical community and the public ironically the trumpet ministration is partnering with some of the very same companies being sued to come up with alternatives to opioids a new treatment options the only entity that really profited from the pill epidemic where the pharmaceutical companies and it's clear to me that there's is culpability there somewhere brennan would like to see more funding for educational campaigns like this one and more treatment options forty six percent more people have died from overdoses because while prosecutors like her applaud the administration's efforts to tackle the epidemic she believes it will take more than a rest to get the job done kristen salumi al-jazeera new york. israel's prime
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minister better english is claiming victory for his national party in the general election that was headed for a rare fourth term in government and maybe all the votes counted national has more than less raving labor party and goings combined but it doesn't have a clear cut in the joshing from a coalition government is expected to be formed. is we enter negotiations with the intention of forming a stable government that and i've always this country to deliver for new zealand as we want to build on the strength of the economic direction which has been the foundation all of so much success i have a recent years for new zealand and we'll be all over the next of government.
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it's the final day of campaigning in germany ahead of general elections on sunday and polls suggest chancellor angela merkel has a wide lead over other candidates have rival martin shills of the social democratic party appears to have lost support in the past month analysts believe he has any chance of pulling off an upset well let's get more on this now with our correspondent dominic cain he's joining us live from berlin less than twenty four hours to go dominic what are the politicians doing today. well it's because they are out on the campaign trail so that for angela merkel has meant an early morning session with her young party activists here in berlin trying to rally them together for one final push and then she went on to her home state mecklenburg for women in the old east germany on the baltic sea coast where she was speaking to crowds and taking part in sort of audience participation sort of schemes just basically to bolster her party's vote because that's all the
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politicians can really do today and her rival the social democrat lead candidate martin short's has been in his home state which is north rhine-westphalia in the old west germany and he principally has been doing pretty much the same thing speaking to party supporters party members and potentially appealing to those who might be considering voting for his party and his agenda is all about social justice about trying to get a germany where more people can share in the prosperity that this country has been has been enjoying in the past four years of a grand coalition government to his party and anger merkel's party and it doesn't seem to matter dominic what she says or does because the opinion polls consistently putting merkel ahead. yes way ahead. frankly that's because about this elizabeth in terms of personal popularity when germans are asked which of the two candidates they would prefer as
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chancellor if they had a direct vote because they don't have a director this is a parliamentary democracy not a presidential one but when they're asked far more people prefer angular merkel as chancellor than they do martin shows and to show quite how deep the problem mr schultz has one poll sometime ago suggested that as many as seventeen percent of his own party supporters would prefer angle americal as chancellor than him which shows quite how deep the hole he's in and the other thing to point out here is that the opinion polls three which came out yesterday suggest that the far right party alternative for germany party which has been seen by many as being very tough on immigration anti refugees and anti well that party appears just appears right now to be heading towards perhaps finishing third in this election which might well cause problems for coalition building for whichever party wins tomorrow but clearly
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the opinion polls suggest that that party is very likely to be passing dominic thank you very much for that dominic cain joining us live from berlin thank you. now unions and supporters of the left wing opposition and from the gathering for the latest in a series of protests against the president's new labor laws on friday emmanuel signed a decree to make it easier for companies to hire and fire staff he says it will create more jobs and opportunities demonstrators say he's destroying workers' rights well let's get more on this now with our correspondent who's joining us live from paris and i guess that's why people are protesting that. well what's interesting is on friday president michel are actually for street reforms and signed off on this new law. continuing to come into the streets of paris because they say they are determined to keep up the pressure on the government to try and scrap the slow reversing they say it's just unfair it's
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unfair disintegration for them because right now very much cherished and fronts they say will make it too easy to hire and fire and the basically favors cities over employees of this particular march is being organized by the phone that. he was a presidential candidate and he's really shaping up to be one of president models this is deponents more he's done today he's really rallied around his supporters it wasn't just on the left the field the person micro-loan is first months of his presidency seems to be focusing a lot more right wing issues rather than what they see as left wing social issues and those opponents to the changes and protests to saying that the concert was sold on the sort of dismantling the french way of life here in the taj and what is at stake here. one person michael is campaigning to be the leader. to refer to him this would continue
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this way basically dominates every working ariel's everything from our. people in a company says that this code which was designed years ago simply out of touch with the present day. reality to change the city the story i think opposition it was keeping unemployment about one in ten people in france is on the bully and he says the feeling of making the workplace more flexible in front create more jobs but it's a very difficult thing to do here because those workers rights so fiercely fought for the unions presence to try to change this code of city. states and just lost. you touched on this a little bit but is that why he has gone through this. he's made the changes through executive order rather than having a debate in parliament and going making the changes that way because they are so
4:45 pm
hard. well it's not that his reforms also whole ocean away it's more. new that this is such a contentious issue that all the presidents of trying to reform this or they've always been met with such a fierce street protest and had to climb down that he knew that in a way refused to go through the usual passage which is putting this bill before parliament having this having it discussed it may mean months and months and months of discussion of parliament in minutes to be made and it would just simply never end up becoming that he was determined that this would be a law or that it was what france needed and that's why he decided to force its reeboks like to hold it but there is no doubt that the people protesting here feel very strongly that that was an undemocratic thing to do not cause is perfectly constitutional but they feel very strongly that in some ways my boys are using too much authority and too much of this house of presidents and they simply don't like it in this house thank you very much for that others natasha but for joining us
4:46 pm
live from paris but. still ahead on the news out. from a round the world to take heart and princes friends howie's and victors games will have the details coming up. deep in southern india a secret construction project to spark concerns about the country's growing nuclear capacity if you're saying that. amid fears of an escalating arms race with its neighbors in order to give the beach the indians big claim that it is intended for china but. when did you see in the bush that was the so what lies behind india's nuclear. power investigates at this time on l.j. . zero. without knowledge.
4:47 pm
and this lateral damage. could this mean operational cost. over an option. that is by contrast. japan now in virtual reality as the biggest attraction at the tokyo game show a quarter of a million and expected to check out the nascent gaming and computer technology reporter on the bride went along and became part of the experience. it's still all
4:48 pm
about the goggles but a whole lot more ever bigger hardware to enhance the virtual reality experience making it so real there seems to be very little that's virtual advantage and that by doing. this it really felt like you were moving and you felt the wind in your face. but it won't get in on a monday not by now i think people will expect experiences like this well. so real you wonder if it wouldn't be better doing the real thing like cycling apparently not. boring realities boring yes with more than six hundred exhibitors covering multiple darkened holes the tokyo game show is bigger and better than ever. one of the fastest growing areas is e-sports online gaming by teams in professional leagues attracting big online audiences.
4:49 pm
south korea and other countries in asia and europe have been developing and japan is the only country without a big east port industry but that changing with the value with the market expected to double by twenty twenty and talk of e-sports becoming a limp event the japanese government is now promoting its growth much as south korea has done we actually see similar things in japan where the government is reeling seeing a way to push the sports such as new tech hip thing and then for those wanting the total immersive experience there's all mixed reality to turn you into an avatar putting you in the action thanks to three d. cameras a turntable i remember not to talk too much this is. your favorite game in the thing.
4:50 pm
no matter how ridiculous that might look. mcbride al-jazeera has an avatar at the tokyo game show. all right it's time for sports now joe thank you the n.f.l. has said that u.s. president donald trump's comments on press play is nailing during the national anthem so a lack of respect to the league on friday the president suggested that those who have been signing protesting against racial injustice should be fired at least holeman has the story. would you love to see one of these n.f.l. owners when somebody disrespects our flag to say get that son of a the field right now out of the sky with five years. u.s. president donald trump without an alabama rally on friday to support
4:51 pm
a republican senator lugar strange but the platform was used to take an exceptional stance against n.f.l. players who kneel during the national anthem to protest racial injustice in the united states because that's a total disrespect of our heritage that's a total disrespect of everything that we stand for some owner is going to do that he's going to say that guy that this respects our flag he's fired and that oh no they don't know it they don't know if they're friends of mine many of them they don't know they'll be the most popular person for a week. cullen cap'n exhaust started the just in twenty six days but the quarterback hasn't been signed by an n.f.l. team and leaving the san francisco forty nine ers in march still other league players have continued to follow his lead and trump had a message for fans there you see it even if his one player leave the stadium i
4:52 pm
guarantee things will stop things will drop this pick up from where u.s. border remains deeply in time gold in the national political issues the white house had suggested earlier this month that e.s.p.n. has jamil hill should be fired after the sports broadcaster called donald trump a white supremacist on twitter i think that's one of the more outrageous comments that anyone could make and certainly something that i think is right for a boffins right yes. tramples so often a different theory on why n.f.l. ratings are down saying that too many people will watch ing him instead but also the big kids are to have a late panelized today if you hit too hard right they hit you are fifteen yards throw him out of the game they're rolling the game several n.f.l. owners were dharnas of trump's presidential campaign but a hash tag taken a has now sprung up on twitter with people voicing their support for players who
4:53 pm
will no doubt continue to protest holeman al-jazeera. well n.f.l. commissioner roger goodell released this statement a short time ago in response to trump's comments divisive comments like these demonstrate an unfortunate lack of respect for the n.f.l. great game and all of our players and a failure to understand the overwhelming force for good clubs and players represent in our communities well donald trump has woken up in the united states and attacked a basketball player as well he had steph curry in his sights off of the two time m.v.p. said he didn't want to celebrate golden state's title with trump this is what the president tweeted going to the white house is considered a great honor for a championship team stephan curry is hesitating therefore invitation is withdrawn the worries i get to make a decision on whether they take their trophy to the white house but this is what kerry had to say on friday about it.
4:54 pm
with. him if it's not just being the one with. politics also at the forefront of fans minds in spain this saturday's legally does barcelona face during a in a cattle and darby amidst a backdrop of unrest over the state's independence the city of heroes basically pro catalan and there could be strong anti spain sentiment again later this week police arrested officials as they try to hold a referendum on catalonia sufferance he is part mass protests barcelona football club has voiced its support for catalan self determination well that is the late match meanwhile atletico madrid have moved up to second a legal after two no win over severe who are now third in the next few minutes real madrid will try to scramble our way up the table from eighth place as they take on all of us host athletic bilbao in the game. in the english premier league the top
4:55 pm
two clubs in the standings manchester city and majesty united will both be in action later on saturday meanwhile tottenham hotspur have moved up to third in the table after beating west ham in the early kick off hurricanes scored twice spurs went three no help for serge oriya was red carded west ham came back after that because only scored twice as they went down three two now the head of cattle twenty twenty two world cup says it's business as usual despite the country coming on the blockade from some of its gulf neighbors house and while he was speaking at the united nations in new york about cattle preparations for the football tournament cattle twenty be the first well held in the middle east and he has reassured governing body pfieffer that the stadiums and infrastructure will be delivered on time. initially when the problem first happened they just wanted to be made aware of what was going on we inform them. they saw the projects that are happening they saw the progress that is being made and it's business as usual there's nothing of
4:56 pm
significance in terms of the preparations for the tournament when the blockade first happened we put in our contingency we had a contingency plans in place we quickly very resourceful and very quickly found alternative materials so i am very proud to say that the blockade has not legal blockade has not had an impact on our projects. on stennis then your stomach nation of the inaugural leyva cup against the rest of the world team has continued on the second day in prague this time roger federer was on course in the singles match against american sam carey federer had few difficulties in winning the fix just six four six two as a result he mirrored now lead by one overall the first team to reach thirteen points to be declared the winner. of the new world number one in women's tennis is miss out on a place in the final of the w t a vent in japan got binya mcgrath i was beaten by caroline wozniacki in the semifinals of the pan pacific open in tokyo. winning
4:57 pm
pretty easily two six two six loves the day. and this daisy a public chunk of us in sunday's final. in major league baseball the l.a. dodgers have clinched the national league west title for a fifth straight season they beat the san francisco giants four two on friday cody belen just set a nationally rookie record with his thirty ninth home run the dodgers haven't reached the world series since one thousand nine hundred eighty eight as a three way tie at the top of the leaderboard at the halfway stage of golds torre championship in atlanta paul casey webb simpson and this man justin thomas have a one stroke lead thomas moved a step closer to a ten million dollar bonus prize on friday when he hit this shot on the eighteenth p.g.a. championship win a top ten for an eagle to share that top spot but with sixteen players within four strokes it's tight going into round three on saturday. five hundred fifty competitors from seventeen countries will take part in the invictus games beginning on saturday in toronto the sporting event is full winded ill and injured soldiers
4:58 pm
it was founded by britain's prince harry three years ago to inspire and motivate them to recovery canada is hosting the event for the first time and competitors will take part in twelve sports. now we'll have more little bit later elizabeth thank you very much joe and that does it for this al-jazeera news hour but i'll be back in just a couple of minutes with another full news bulletin thank you for watching. news stream breaks. like a blanket coverage follows experts and politicians often have to choose and soundbites strong and stable leadership trying to play the media and shape the message in an age of simplistic narratives the listening post critiques the mainstream response today is the two hundredth day of this administration exposing
4:59 pm
the influences that drive the headlines at this time on al-jazeera water scarcity is a serious problem when used more than probably you need to why is your research impact if there are plans to urge demanding as much water you don't need to irrigate as much heinz bay is the age old technique of collecting water from top water just came out of the air and we'll compare that to some tough water which could provide a solution to the pump that global water gas tank know at this time on the edges iraq. the sunday sun rules. the sting. rays from the shrew says the name under which i recorded the record is the record music is really going to fit my life. very young is it may come from the make of what i
5:00 pm
feel that. talks about just the quality sucks off an organism or craig in music has a message that's deeply relevant to this rather than this question for again i think this is kind of all in all the right wing assault on our freedom to ask questions and generally all freedom of expression and people you know are being targeted like students teachers activists filmmakers right to me so it's been intimidated it's one of a respite and people are on the streets and protest has reached our doorstep sort of in which as a whip i'd like your attempts to contribute something it's. a report of an earthquake in north korea.


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