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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 23, 2017 5:00pm-5:34pm AST

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reggae music is really going to triple a. very young age to make a profit maker but i feel that. it talks about just the quality books often organism that reggae music has a message that's deep you belive that it is right especially for the i think this is kind of all you right wing assault on our freedom to ask questions and generally all freedom of expression and people you know are being targeted like students teachers activists filmmakers right to me so they've been intimidated from the forest and people are on the streets protesting and it's just our doorstep sort of in whichever way i'd like to attempt to contribute something it's. a report of an earthquake in north korea raises questions about what course the
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trauma. and unwelcome talent is either on life or my headquarters in doha with me in the purana also ahead. as russian and assad government forces pound the last pockets of territory in syria we ask what's next for the country after years of war. iran says it successfully tested a new been a stick missile that can carry multiple warheads plus. when the action burns through three d. cameras the turntable and remembering not to throw too much. out of the force of the comms fair game see how he's transformed into an avatar. china suspects a magnitude three point. earthquake in north korea's killed you area was triggered
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by an explosion previous quakes there have indicated nuclear tests but an international watchdog says these seismic activity is unlikely to have been manmade meanwhile south korea's assessment so far is that it was a natural occurrence kathy novak has the latest from seoul. china's news agency was the first to report an earthquake in the vicinity of north korea's nuclear test site it reported a three point four magnitude quake caused by a suspected explosion that caused immediate concern because in the past north korea nuclear tests have triggered artificial earthquakes but south korea's weather agency says it did not detect the sound waves usually associated with an artificial earthquake and instead assessed this to be a natural earthquake and the nuclear watchdog the c t b.t.o. also assessed this to be natural it made the comparison to
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a second smaller quake that occurred after the first one caused by north korea's latest nuclear test earlier this month that smaller quake was attributed to a tunnel collapse likely caused by the nuclear test but of course this all comes at an extremely tense time here on the korean peninsula after kim jong un the leader of north korea issued a rare statement in response to the u.s. president donald trump threats to totally destroy north korea kim jong un said that trump would pay dearly for those comments and north korea's foreign minister suggested that the country could potentially detonate a hydrogen bomb in the pacific. well let's get more on this now we're joined by listeners about the executive secretary of the comprehensive nuclear test ban treaty organization he's joining us live from vienna on skype very good to have you with us on al-jazeera so why does the city b.t.o. believe that this wasn't the earthquake from north korea was not manmade. look at
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this morning we had two events events that you know zone that is seismically not active and that's a first thing to say so whatever we see in that song we have to check what it is exactly so our first analysis is indicating that it's pretty similar to the second event that happened in after the six deep last test on september cert eight and a half minutes on september third we had an event that was likely to be due to your logical stress and what we finding today similar to that event and that's where we stand up this went into we had a recent north korean test that shook buildings in china do tests how much to threat do these tests when all of this so far that the earthquake was not caused by a test but when they are what sort of. threat to their posed to china in
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terms of the damage that they can cause which is similar is that some most of that off an earthquake i think the point to keep in mind here is the six and last test by the d.p. r. k. was big enough to create the geological stress in the surrounding and in the it will indeed roger lies in a geological structure in the vicinity and then in the persian shock will be a consequence to that main one that happened in september sir and that would take weeks so we could be that i thought this is most sever how are you and your organization looking on at the sort of the not only the test that north korea is conducting but the rhetoric that's coming from the north korean leader kim jong un and also from u.s. president donald trump. look what i said and this is what i keep on saying at the time a high tension sometimes words go beyond thoughts less well that this is what we
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have right now and things will settle what we focusing on it's a technical specification of the events or any of that would happen not only in the korean peninsula but anywhere in the planet and we meant to give all information to our state signatories and to the international community and that's what we're doing to you guys right now on one event that the north korean foreign minister has suggested could happen at the un was that the country could test a hydrogen bomb in the pacific ocean what do you make of that. but we have a set of station including i do work with the extension that would be you know adequate for this type of test but should any new test of this nature i think the international monitoring system is still up and running and then it's something that would detect and immediately give the information to state signatories and to the international community so it's unlikely that in the test of this nature would
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occur without our international monitoring system then the national technical means of our states going into these not being able to detect it all of us deserve a thank you very much for your time on this. joining us live from vienna thank you thank you for having us. let's move on to other news now in the u.s. backed coalition of kurdish fighters says the city of raka i self self declared capital and syria has been lying to percent of retaken the remaining fighters of a portly concentrated in a small area and are expected to fight to the death jamal child has moved from beirut. it appears that it's only a matter of time before is cleared of i saw fighters that's according to the united states military as well as the kurdish group the syrian defense for the democratic forces or the wife is there no one on the ground who've been leading the fight against ice or backed by the us led international coalitions airstrikes on that
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area according to the us ninety percent of the city has been cleared of ice or fighters there are only a few remaining pockets which are expected to come in the coming few days however even if and when i saw is cleared out of iraq but that doesn't necessarily mean that there will be some sort of peace and stability established there because if it was the kurds who are ruling or in control of the city that is there is a lot of resentment directed towards them from the arab population in the area who've accused them in the past of trying to change them a graphic make up of those areas in order to pave the way for future kurdish autonomous entity if it was bashar assad's troops the government troops who are in control but obviously also there is a lot of opposition to him because this seven year bloody civil war started with a revolution erupting against him and obviously the opposition factions themselves who are opposed to both the kurdish groups and. its forces aren't exactly united
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amongst themselves so whilst there will be a lot of celebration amongst the other some sections hailing the victory of iraq plan expelling i saw that doesn't necessarily mean that it will usher in and immediately right or a more stable more peaceful situation in the area of syria. now turkey has warned kurdish leaders of sanctions and alluded to possible military moves if an independence referendum goes ahead on monday an extraordinary parliamentary session has been convened to venue a mandate for turkey's military to intervene in iraq and syria ahead of the vote kurdish leader massoud barzani val's the referendum will go ahead let's go to our correspondent andrew symonds now he's joining us live from the turkish city of the out of pocket what are we expecting to come from the parliamentary session. what we're expecting to happen is that there will be an extension of
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a mandate for turkish forces to enter iraq and take place in military action there also an extension to the one year mandate to intervene in syria as well now this is much more charged obviously because of this situation with the independence referendum we've been hearing from been ali your the room just before the session started he briefed the media saying that what was being considered were a number of actions by both iran iraq and the turkish government all against the kurds if they go ahead and these would be diplomatic actions economic sanctions possibly and also security moves now those security moves could well include the military the turkish military that's built up an operation just on the border with iraq in northern iraq and that is an exercise as it's described but there's no coincidence at all this is definitely
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a message being sent to the kurdish leadership that the turkish army is ready to intervene if necessary along with other measures so a very serious mood in parliament right now we've heard from the defense minister nouri seen a journey clearly he's been saying that this is an issue that would threaten national security it would threaten the unity of turkey casting aspersions on really. at operation a political organization that was pretty on good terms with the turks prior to this declaration of a referendum and so certainly turkey has changed full face in terms of its relations with the k r g and that certainly won't change and how is all of this making the kurdish community in turkey feel andrew.
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well here in de our because there are so many kurds who have suffered over the years of this conflict with the p k k the insurgent group which is outlawed by turkey and indeed the united states is described as a terrorist group of the. action to move more into urban areas and suffer greatly it's also had major moves by the security taken here to demolish all areas of the city residences of the poor areas which is really upset many kurds made kurds who often do support the government rather than support any other parties of them and now the mood here is one that is tempered yes there is big support for independence for kurdistan but in a time that would be leading to some extra security for people there's a real sense here of fear not just hope and celebration for an independence vote
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so it is tempered by that all right andrew thank you very much for that and now that's anderson's trying us live from the hour thank you. now state media and iran have released footage of what they say is the successful test launch of a new been the stick missile they call on shard was launched just a few hours after it was unveiled at a military parade impaired are the device has a range of two thousand kilometers and can carry multiple warheads it follows threats by u.s. president donald trump that washington may withdraw from the two adults and fifteen nuclear deal well option shy is a senior lecturer at international relations and middle east politics at the university of bradford he says that while iran remains committed to the nuclear deal it's one of the us and israel stands ready to defend itself. this is happening at the time that the pressure from the united states is increasing. iran and in my pinion what happened just yesterday is
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a manifestation of a new type of bit here and of course you have to remember that from the beginning of the nuclear negotiation iran remains very determined that it is not prepared to negotiate its defensive mechanism and it is not proper to negotiate. that account of ballistic care program and over the last year we had at least two new regimes substantial declared on iran one in january and one in july which is specifically targeted at their missile program so in brief iran basically is sending two different messages at the same time guest we are still committed to the nuclear deal but at the same time we take our self-defense extremely seriously and as president rouhani said when friday iran doesn't see any permission to be friends
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or still ahead down the polish on a human rights group says fires are still a burning in the hands of religions and young muslim state and a final push for votes in germany ahead of sunday's general election. news. new york. welcome back as we look at central southern china taiwan you see roads you find conditions we have got the circulation of the philippines and that is going to be developing and pushing in across towards high nine and eventually into northern parts of vietnam so expect some heavy rain to develop here further north we've got rain for shanghai along the yangtze river valley but south where it's fine for taipei hong kong see nothing more than one or two showers across into south asia here we've seen some dry weather returning for the western ghats for
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a change but that circulation low pressure up across northern areas are given some quite wet weather for delhi and also for luck now but that is moving away so weakening features of the risk of showers is significantly lower but the rain is like to come back down through the western ghats once again from one poor northwestward saroo into pakistan where the conditions are looking dry and fine thirty one is your high in crunchy here in the arabian peninsula weather conditions pretty static temperatures stuck in the upper thirty's for the gulf states on the other side of the peninsula we've got temperatures there of forty one for medina and forty two for mecca not a great year change it head on through into monday further south we've got temperatures of twenty seven in salon obviously elevation pick up a cool coastal culliton salalah highs of thirty. in the house. when news coverage consists of a punchy headline a five second sound bite not an easy solution. don't.
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challenge the status quo expose double standards and debate the contradictions. join me. for a new season of the show the frank. from. this time. good to have you with us on al-jazeera these are our top stories china suspects a magnitude three point four earthquake in north korea has killed you by an explosion previous quakes there have indicated nuclear tests but an international
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watchdog says the seismic activity is unlikely to have been manmade. or u.s. backed coalition of kurdish and arab fighters says the city of raka self declared capital in syria has been that ninety percent retaken remaining us and fighters have reportedly concentrated in a small area within the city and i expected to fight to the death. of ani and state media have a nice footage of what they say is the successful test launch of a new ballistic missile. was launched just a few hours after it was unveiled at a military parade and. now the spanish government has stripped cut a lot of thought is of control over regional police as the latest development in an increasingly divisive lead up to and dependents referendum planned for next week because you know when you have a general and terry minister says the decision isn't. and he says the region least chief warrant complied with the order but let's get more on this now not hosp ondon john hendren who's joining us live from boston ana. president already be against
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this massive police force being sent from madrid john so how is this going to play out. this is a stunning development elizabeth what we've learned is that as a senior official in the catalog government now says that the police here will not take their orders from spain this happened after the spanish interior ministry held a meeting of the various police forces in order to ensure what he called coordination of the police force well recently we had what kean forn the interior minister here in catalog on local television saying that he says that in that meeting the major in charge of the local police they call them the maslow's. pair o. said that they would reject direction from spain that it was interference that they could not accept and what this means is this largest police force in this part of the country the northeast there are seventeen thousand police officers now compare
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that with the three to four thousand troops from the civil defense force and the national police who are to come here and to try to stop this referendum from happening what is dean's is the largest number of police here will not take their direction from spain and therefore it's unclear whether they will help in the effort to stop this october first independence referendum from happening so it's something of a stunning development elizabeth and john president has said you know the police a security presence like this hasn't been sane and bos'n ana and spain since that the dictatorship just why does madrid feel that it's needed and. a lot of people here are comparing it with the reign of francisco franco who cracked down on the. language they have their own language and culture here and so franco was widely rejected for that reason and they're comparing what this current
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government is doing with what franco did you know the most shows the local police have been widely criticized by the spanish government for not cracking down enough on these demonstrations and on the effort to begin this referendum so there is no love lost between those two sides in the confrontation the confrontation seems only to a hardened and today with this latest move it has significantly escalated elizabeth john thank you very much for that tough analysis john hendren with all the very latest from barcelona thank you. i'm listening to nationals as a hedge of images a still being burnt and contradicting the government's statements that military operations have ended the group says a new satellite images and video shows smoke rising from revenge of images around four hundred thirty thousand refugees have fled since the latest outbreak of violence began less than a month ago the details were released as doctors without borders told al jazeera that otherwise healthy adults and camps are on the brink of death because of
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dehydration. there's been a strong aftershock in mexico city in the past hour as the hunt continues for survivors four days after a magnitude seven point one earthquake nearly three hundred people have been killed more than fifty buildings collapsed in mexico city when the quake struck on tuesday . has more from mexico city. a potentially significant setback for rescue operations here at eight a.m. local time in mexico city we felt an aftershock that measured six point two on the richter scale that's a preliminary assessment from the u.s. geological survey it was centered seven hundred kilometers from here but it was enough for us to detect some movement to see the street signs swaying and most significantly is an impact on what's. going on behind me that it is or was what once was a six story office building that collapsed more than ninety hours ago on tuesday
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when we felt this aftershock the rescuers had to immediately believe from atop that site they had to abandon it for at least a few minutes and just moments ago returned to continue their work trying to access what they believe are six people who may still be trapped alive beneath that rubble i just spoke with a woman who is hoping desperately that her niece who was trapped on the fourth floor working there as an accountant may still be alive she says that a government official and an engineer recently briefed her say they made some progress overnight that they were able to tunnel in from out from three directions from the top of the building from the bottom and also now from the side by accessing the building that is still standing next to this office building she is hoping that what she's being told that there have been signs of life that in fact even food and water has been passed down to some of these potential survivors she
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is desperately hoping that this is true but again we are now more than ninety hours since this building collapse with each new development people's hearts are jumping with this aftershock to happen again around eight o'clock local time in the morning we saw tears in the eyes of the families each tiny thing or significant thing in this in this instance may be a major setback or maybe a major source of hope as they continue to wait and the minutes tick past. new zealand's promise to bill english is claiming victory for his national party in the general election national is heading for a very a fourth term in government with most votes counted national has more than the left leaning labor party and greens combined but it doesn't have a clear cut majority so a coalition government is expected to be formed. as the final day of campaigning in . germany ahead of general elections on sunday and polls suggest chancellor angela merkel has a wide lead over other candidates rival martin shorts of the social democratic
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party appears to have lost support in the past month john mccain has more from berlin. today it's been about shoring up the vote for each party the lead candidates of the social democrats and the christian democrats have separately been in their home states trying to get as many people as possible aware of what their agenda is for and give america a christian democrat chancellor that meant a trip to where she was meeting party supporters party members and talking in an audience participation sort of scheme about why she believes she is the right candidate to carry on the prosperity she says germany has enjoyed these past four years for martin schulz that meant a visit to his home state of north rhine-westphalia to a rally in where he talked about the need for social justice to be enhanced in this country and that more german should benefit from the prosperity of the past four years the point to make behind all this is that the opinion polls have consistently
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placed angered americal and her party far ahead of the social democrats and of martin schultz one other point to to bring up is the third place race who will finish in third place that position which can be fundamental for forming coalitions as it stands it may well be the far right alternative for germany party which no other mainstream party will work with which means whoever wins this election may well have difficulty in forming a coalition. unions and supporters of the left wing opposition in france a gathering for the latest in a series of protests against the president's new labor laws on friday signed a decree to make it easier for companies to hire and fire he says it will create more jobs and opportunities but demonstrators say he's destroying workers via its. has more from paris. today want to keep up the pressure on the government to try and scrap this. in some way even through.
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they say that it's simply unfair from their point of view it favors. as they say it makes it too easy. to do road much. serious it's. really shaping up to be. critics and what he's done is really. many. feel. is really. on the poor but the president he said this needed to be change in needed to be reformed to bring from. place to make it flexible he says. simply that you need to be young people. to stifle competition and something needed to be done. has been
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a setback in the u.s. for congressional plans to repeal health care law is brought on by former president barack obama senator john mccain declared his office on friday to the republican party's latest proposal he says the vote is being rushed and wants more details on what it could cost. right to japan now where virtual reality is the biggest attraction at this year's tokyo game show a quarter of a million and expected to check out the latest in gaming and computer technology i reporter on the ride went along and became part of the experience. it's still all about the goggles but a whole lot more ever bigger hardware to enhance the virtual reality experience making it so real there seems to be very little that's virtual about it or not but you know. it really felt like you were moving and you felt the wind in your face. but it won't kid a normal day now but i think people will expect experiences like this well out of
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that i got. so real you wonder if it wouldn't be better doing the real thing like cycling apparently not. boring reality is boring i've got you know yes with more than six hundred exhibitors covering multiple darkened holes the tokyo game show is bigger and better than ever one of the fastest growing areas is e-sports online gaming by teams in professional leagues attracting big online audiences. south korea and other countries in asia and europe have been developing and japan is the only country without a big east port industry but that's changing with the value of the market expected to double by twenty twenty and talk of e-sports becoming an olympic event the japanese government is now promoting its growth much as south korea has done we actually see similar things in japan where the government is reeling seeing
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a way to push for such as new tech hip thing and then for those wanting the total immersive experience there's m.-r. all mixed reality to turn you into an avatar putting you in the action thanks to three days. turntable remembering not to throw too much this is. your favorite thing in the thing. no matter how ridiculous that might know and mcbride al-jazeera has an avatar at the tokyo game show. the hour.
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and again is a problem and the headlines on al-jazeera china suspects a magnitude three point four earthquake in north korea has killed you area was triggered by an explosion previous quakes there have indicated nuclear tests but an international watchdog says the seismic activity is unlikely to have been manmade south korea's initial assessment is that it was a natural occurrence. and u.s. backed coalition of kurdish an arab fighters says the city of raka i saw self declared capital and syria has been one thousand percent retaken remaining arsal fighters of a portly concentrated in a small area within the city and are expected to fight to the death iranian state media have released footage of what they say is the successful test launch of a new ballistic missile. was launched just a few hours after it was unveiled at a military parade and ted on. the spanish government has tried to cut a lot of thought is of controls of a regional police that's the latest development in an increasingly divisive lead up
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to an independence referendum planned for next week the catalonia regional interior minister says the decision isn't acceptable and that the regional police chief want to comply with the order new zealand's prime minister bill english is claiming victory for his national party in the general election nationalist. headed for a rare fourth term and government with the most votes counted national has more than the left leaning labor party and the greens combined but it doesn't have a clear cut majority so a coalition government is expected to be formed. is really enjoy negotiations with the intention of forming a stable government that i've always this country to deliver for new zealanders we want to on the strength of the economic direction which has been the foundation of so much six. new zealand and will. over the next government has been
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a strong aftershock in mexico city in the past hour as the hunt continues for survivors. four days after a seven point one magnitude earthquake three hundred people have been killed and more than fifty buildings collapsed in mexico city when the quake struck on tuesday upfront as coming up next. here is a very important source of information for many people around the world when all the cameras have gone i'm still here go into areas that nobody else is going to talk to people that nobody else is talking to and bringing that story to the forefront. with tensions rising protests on the streets one presidential election old and another just weeks away also going to kenya's opposition presidential candidate and the country's former prime minister right.


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