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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 23, 2017 7:00pm-7:33pm AST

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yes men initiative in order to establish an independent palestinian state with jerusalem as its capital within one nine hundred sixty seven borders but. what we need more than ever today is international determination to make this illusion you saw there are a concrete reality. ladies and gentleman who take them i mean what could be. insurgency in yemen lead by. example is. i mean. something we are facing we are in our coalition helping the legal government of yemen to save the yemeni people and to recover and stay in line with the u.n. charter yes this was not a choice. for us and you have a. right. it followed sustained political
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efforts to preserve the safety and stability of yemen and its territorial integrity as well as its independence. but as we reaffirm our full support for the political process and yemen. and we will stand by the side of the united nations. in its efforts. and the efforts of a special envoy in order to arrive to a political solution in line with the resolution twenty two sixteen three national dialogue saudi arabia is aware of the scope of the humanitarian suffering of our brothers in yemen following this and we have spared no effort to come to the help of yemenis indeed the amount of aid provided by the kingdom of saudi arabia in recent years has. exceeded eight billion dollars and we have
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addressed all sorts of humanitarian medical. assistance and through we have done this through the king solomon center for aid mr president my country is greatly conserved and condemned by the policy of repression and forced displacement carried out by the government of myanmar as against the rohingya minority which runs counter to all human rights and humanitarian values and international law this human tragedy requires a few urgent response. and must be put into this in line with the principles on which our organization was founded. at a time when my country is calling to the government of myanmar to respect its commitments and to protect its populations from discrimination we continue to provide humanitarian assistance to those affected namely the rohingya
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minority as is his majesty. and. with them has provided fifteen million dollars to assist the displaced during is going on in addition to the assistance the kingdom has provided in hosting more than half a million of these refugees moreover his majesty personally intervened with neighboring states and. has also worked with the government of bangladesh have yet to ensure safe passage for these refugees and has committed to ensuring decent living conditions in the host countries for these refugees. mr president in our international community is facing one of its biggest challenges today one that jeopardizes its security and stability this is what you want to be. the threat of terrorism which is striking everywhere throughout the world. in defiance
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of all human rights and human values. for my country it will continue steadfastly working to counter extremism and terrorism in all their forms and manifestation is. an arab islamic american summit was held in may for this purpose and the some eggs. reaffirmed unequivocally the need to pursue joint efforts to put an end to extremism and terrorism by addressing the sources of financing of terrorism mr president the presidents and qatar the crisis in qatar. is. is jeopardizing our policy of combat in terrorism and extremism and cutting off the funding of such terrorism.
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since the beginning of the crisis my country. but what you. want of. the syrian crisis new york mino meantime is entering its a sixty year hundreds of thousands of victims have already been claimed since the start of the crisis my country has opened its doors to hundreds of thousands of syrians and mr president the region of the middle east is experiencing unprecedented tensions and crises. which continue unabated. and iran plays a role in. the crisis and my guitar is taking place at a time when we continue our firm policy to combat. extremism and terrorism and doe
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has practices of providing financial support to terrorism in the. disseminating of violent hate speech. which isn't acceptable and qatar has also been providing safe haven to those who have violated the law and must be. brought to justice when they are further fueling tensions the position that has been taken by our four states is to clearly demand that qatar follow the principles of international law in combating terrorism including honoring its condition and its obligations under the twenty thirteen riyad agreement. and the complimentary twenty fourteen agreements. these are legitimate claims mr president my
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country's government. and its desire to reaffirm the principles of the charter of the united nations namely in protecting the safety and security and peace of peoples around the world was one of the first. countries to call for creating establishing a weapons of mass destruction a nuclear weapons free zone in the middle east we place a particularly high importance on. the s.t. g.'s in their three pillars socio economic environments and. so on through the twenty thirty vision for our kingdom to achieve sustainable development focused on people. in order to build a more robust economy mr president. my country. has always driven to provide support to developing countries.
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namely through providing. in an amount of zero point seven percent of gross national income. to conclude i should like to thank those who are helping people everywhere no matter where they may be and who work for peace thank you. ok well let's see foreign minister of saudi arabia at all bad talking about the right amount of things yemen myanmar terrorism culture in the gulf crisis of course let's bring in u.n. correspondent robin jordan who joins us live now from your quarters in new york so i wrote that see the saudi arabia foreign minister what did you make of what he had to say. well certainly if he's putting forward any government policy on all should bear the saudi foreign minister is essentially doubling down on the original accusations against the qatari government which is
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something that it is providing financial and other support for what he describes as terrorist groups and that this is leading to severe instability in the gulf region and that is the justification for the blockade of the spice the saudis the. heinies and the egyptians. that started back on june fifth of course he also did make no reference to other regional concerns notably the israeli palestinian question as well as to the ongoing us civil war inside syria but his language nic i thought was very very tough and perhaps may be done as much for domestic political consumption as for anything else but at the on the face of it it does not look as if the saudis are willing to give any credence to statements made earlier this week here at the u.n. general assembly by the u.s. president donald trump and several others that there should be and there could be
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an opportunity to actually resolve this crisis among the members of the g.c.c. and also refer i mean is political support for what he called the political process in yemen. that's right the coalition has been criticized for its conduct of the air war against the rebel groups as well as other supporters of the former president. hadi and suggesting that this is. and this is of course a question of the saudi coalition being accused of. indiscriminately targeting civilians in their efforts to try to bring the who the rebels to heal. this is of course something which the saudis and other coalition members have the hemet lee denied but clearly there is some talk here at the security council about trying to perhaps do something about the situation there is pressure as our viewers
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may know on the u.n. secretary general antonio good terrorists to make us certain that when a new report on children and armed conflict comes out perhaps at the end of this month perhaps in october that the saudi like coalition is held accountable for rather these attacks which have led to the deaths and injuries of many civilians in yemen during its civil war this is something which of course the saudis do not want to see happen but clearly very much laying down markers on the saudi government's view of these two critical issues very much in a row john reporting that from the united nations speech as more important speech is coming up thanks very much. i might be three point four earthquake has hit north korea close to the science of its last nuclear test china initially suggested the tremor may have come from
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a suspected explosion but now says it had the characteristics of a natural trauma and both south korea nuclear experts say the quake did not seem to be manmade seen as executive secretary of the comprehensive nuclear test ban treaty organization he says yes quake could be a delayed after shot from north korea's last nuclear test. the one to keep in mind he takes the six and last test by the deep care was big enough to create joe logical stress in the surrounding and any it will indeed fragile any geological structure in the vicinity and their. shock would be a consequence to that main one that happened in september cert and that would take weeks so we could be that what it says meanwhile in pyongyang hundreds of thousands of north koreans have taken part in a rally praising kim jong il and denunciation of u.s. president donald trump kim jong un issued a statement this week calling trump
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a rogue and mentally deranged after he threatened to totally destroy north korea during his u.n. general assembly address or china has announced new moves to reduce energy supplies to north korea in line with the latest round of u.n. sanctions it started limiting its oil exports to pyongyang and it is reducing shipments of certain types of petroleum and natural gas beijing would also ban textile imports one of north korea's main sources of foreign revenue on thursday vs president donald trump announced that china had ordered its banks to stop dealing with pyongyang but the chinese government has since denied that the white house is also targeting north korea's energy medical mining and transport industries and the u.s. treasury says it could sanction anyone who owns or controls a port of entry there adrian brown has more now from beijing. well china has now essentially begun implementing what it agreed to at the united nations security council on saturday a statement appeared on the website of china's commerce ministry it said that as of
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now china was no longer importing textiles from north korea textiles have been until now an important source of hard currency for the regime also as of saturday china is no longer exploiting things like liquefied natural gas as well as condensate all while and significantly china is going to limit the amount of oil that it exports to north korea those exports will be capped at two hundred million barrels a year now last month of course china agreed to other wide ranging sanctions against north korea it's no longer importing things like coal iron ore and seafood on friday president donald trump once more praised china's leaders for the fact that he says china's banks have shut the door on north korea even though less than twenty four hours earlier china's foreign ministry said that wasn't necessarily the
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case but this was what president trump had to say i made a friend in china president xi and yesterday he basically took the banking industry away from north korea never been the so confusion and contradiction have once more become the hallmarks of sino u.s. relations clearly president donald trump and president xi jinping will have a lot to talk about if as expected president from pays an official visit to china in november. the international says the range of villages is still being tortured men mark contradicting the government statements that military operations have ended the group says new satellite images and video shows smoke rising from ranges. images from four hundred thirty thousand refugees have fled since the latest outbreak of violence begun assume one months ago meanwhile human rights watch says it has
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evidence that men muslimeen has been laying landmines on its border with buying today to ensure the fleeing we're going to return this is really heartless beyond words we're seeing landmines being placed by the burmese military in the path of fleeing refugees not only at the border but also in areas around villages where an ethnic cleansing is being done and people are fleeing the villages then they're encountering landmines on the roads as they try to get out of that area so it is doubly cruel these are weapons which are indiscriminate there are illegal. and doctors without borders has told hunter's there that otherwise healthy adults in camp are on the brink of death because of dehydration from the bangladesh border has joined a hole. on a rare day without rain makeshift tents clinging to the muddied slopes and
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thousands of reinjure refugees go about the business of surviving. there is more food available now. and water pumped up from the ground in newly dug wells bamboo sales a booming along with the black plastic sheeting that does little more than draw in the soaring heat. but there is urgency still because of the spread of disease a brand new mobile clinic in this camp is inundated. almost every woman carries a child this one with chest problems this one with diarrhea. what are the things that you are most worried about that you. didn't. then. you know at the front of the queue
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a young mother khaled a beggar ms her name breaks down with relief medicines are dispensed to treat her daughter's fever and stomach complaint and almost as an afterthought she explains the cheese eight months pregnant. agrees to let us see where she lives a mother of two with a third on the way her father killed in the escape from me and now barefoot in the filth of a refugee camp. i'm too scared to go back to me in ma now only if there is the sure that the government will not punish them all think about going back otherwise i'll stay and earn a living in bangladesh i ask if she's afraid to give birth in a place like this of course i'm afraid she says but there's nothing i can do every day more and more people arrive in these camps and every day the camps get more and more organized and every day they say across the border in miramar smoke billows
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into the air bangladesh doesn't want these people to stay on its side of the border and it's hard to believe me and will want them back the stateless route have become the world's problem now jonah how al-jazeera bangladesh. a strong quake has shaken southern mexico just days after a seven point one magnitude quake hit the capital hundreds of people were evacuated from parts of mexico city as a tremor set off warning alarms rescue efforts were temporarily suspended the latest quake happened about three hundred sixty kilometers south of the capital causing further damage to already weakened buildings or rescue efforts in the capital and now into a fifth day with foreign crews continuing to arrive in fisher has more. than just each hour is a fresh agony each minute feel so much longer families of the missing can do little but hope and pray they're staying close to the office block in the condesa
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neighborhood of mexico city which collapsed in tuesday's quick but there may be species of people survive. there's a lot of misinformation we are very upset the authorities to do something and fast because i'm. long time has passed and even if they are alive each day that goes by the chances get slim. psychologists zero in hand to help the families. they don't even want to talk it's like at this point they just want to be left alone which is normal the more time passes the less hope they have. mexican rescue workers have toiled through the wreckage for days refusing to give up even when exhaustion makes that the easy option but no american and japanese teams have arrived with fresh muscles. and better technology what we do we bring in highly skilled and searchers and rescuers we bring in. technical equipment and we bring in a lot of it i mean where it could sort of type one heavy team which means we can
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breach breaks concrete we have search dogs we have search cameras we have a variety of instruments that allow us to do highly technical skilled searching it's no more than seventy two hours which struck in not to the forty nine scale because stories of rescue become much greater we tend to become stories of recovery but the people here are looking at the building behind me and the what is going on there. that somehow this time it may be different. was mexico may have ended its official three days of mourning for the victims of the quake but many families still have their own personal tragedies to remember and more they find themselves facing that heartbreak in piece to come alan fischer mexico city. tens of thousands of people are being evacuated from their homes in puerto rico and made fears a dam will break heavy rain brought in by hurricane maria has weakened. our buses have been brought in to help people leave but damage from the storm is making their
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escape difficult roads are blocked by debris and communication lines are down make it hard to warn residents of the danger tensions have been high as people queue for hours for fuel. now it's kind of got him down compared to how it was it was a little agitated earlier we almost had a fight in one of those. but i guess this is the police here they have got it together so let's pray that we get the flow moving faster and people can meet before curfew but most likely better than those of us who've been here since nine might be left without gasoline it's a completely chaotic situation that i have never seen in. my life that i've seen such a critical situation of course thanks to memory of the hurricane we're all in the streets you know as part forces have seized syria's largest natural gas field from iceland as or provence the conoco gas field is the first energy facility of its kind to be taken by the syrian democratic forces which is
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a rebel coalition of arab and kurdish fighters some is battling to separate offensives from s.t.'s fighters and syrian government soldiers to try them out and saw the turkish army is continuing its highly visible military drill near the iraq border ahead of a controversial kurdish independence vote on monday a turkish parliament has convened for an extraordinary parliamentary session to renew a mandate for turkey's military to intervene in iraq in syria and take his prime minister been healed rim has warned iraqi kurdish leaders of possible sanctions and military moves if the vote does go ahead. well iraq's kurdish leader massoud barzani has promised monday's independence referendum will go ahead despite international pressure to stop it and his hold abdul hamad reports from northern iraq the vote also has the support of so-called disputed territories. and this she said the kurdish colors are flying high oil rich city is giving tours of historic different and self-determination even though it's not part of the iraqi
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kurdish region. the governor who made to push to take part in the vote against all odds. i have the support of my people we feel it's the right time and they tell us you should engage baghdad in negotiations i think that's a good idea we have been doing it since two thousand and three with different governments after the fall of saddam hussein. and we really haven't. gotten anywhere. kirkuk is part of the so-called disputed territories it's also home to turkmen and arabs many of them say they will boycott the vote. there's increased ethnic polarization and it will be difficult to control once it spills onto the streets particularly because every house has a weapon who will control that. the question kurds will have to answer is do you
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want the kurdistan region and the kurdistan areas outside the regions of ministration to become an independent state and that includes places like by sheikha that used to be under the control of the central government it's now a border town this is the berm that the kurds built after kurdish forces took control of areas evacuated by the iraqi army back in two thousand and fourteen now many here call it the border of the future kurdistan state but you can see how close this she up our military forces under the command of the iraqi prime minister are stationed very have increased their presence ever since the referendum was announced. the fish were gay here say they're ready for any eventuality but this is a cause of concern for people like cindy even so i think. we had first met the is he the couple shortly after it was recaptured and generally only returned home in
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july. and the house was rigged we had to clear it the most important issue was security we will support whoever will protect us. the kurds have secured areas on the day control and are vowing to never give up their gains but if people here are certain that the yes vote will prevail there are certain that the government in baghdad will reject the result but at the in the order in iraq. to spray no where the central government and council and leaders the tussling over who controls the regional police falls which is considered key to the success of the tables referendum vote on government is already valid to push ahead with a vote and says it won't be handing over control of the police forces spain's government has voted illegal and says it will begin coordinates you know police efforts in catalonia to crack down on preparations for the votes that let's go live
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now to john hendren of the latest updates he's in barcelona and joined the sounds like he's a continuing to write. things it just kept getting more and more intense and today was no exception there was an extraordinary meeting between catalonian officials and the interior ministry today and afterwards the catalonian interior minister walked out spoke to local t.v. and said inside that room we refused to allow local police that is the regional police force here known as must suppose to take their direction from spain so what that does is set up a potential conflict between two separate police forces with very different goals there are the three to four thousand national police who have come here and are staying in cruise ships off of the coast and then there are the seventeen thousand more service who tour that number and they look at their goal is protecting the rights of the catalonian people we don't know exactly what they will do but as the
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spanish police try to shut down that referendum it is by no means clear that the local forces will go along with that so that leaves the spanish government with a question will it be able to shut down this referendum on october first without the help of local police or will it have to do something else perhaps bring in more troops perhaps come up with some kind of compromise that we don't know exactly what the answer to that is going to be but i will tell you that people here in barcelona have been energize. by the government's response they say it's reminiscent of the government of francisco franco whose crackdown made the catalonian language illegal and catalonian customs is well so this has been a rather dramatic confrontation and the government of spain seems to be pushing people here in a way that leads them to increasingly support independence but we really won't know what happens and nobody will until october first indeed all right john thanks very
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much indeed that's picture from barcelona john hendren reporting. tens of thousands of people in the french capital have been marching in protest at president manuel micron's labor reforms protesters in paris were through a crew from the far left opposition party leader meningeal he says that macros actions are destroying workers' rights on friday mequon signed a decree to make it easier for companies to hire and fire stuff and he says it will create more jobs and more opportunities it. was at the rally. think they come out to protest today want to keep up the pressure on the government to try and scrap this. first they don't change it in some way even though it was signed through by prison on friday they say that it's simply unfair from their point of view it favors. as they say it makes it too easy to hire and fire i did a road stays much cherrish works right syrian front now this march is actually
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being led by the next. presidential candidate and he's really shaping up to be one of person for specific takes on what he's done is really rally around many on the left do you feel that person is really more worried about looking off to the bridge than the poor but for the president he says that this book came needed to be changed and needed to be reformed to bring funds into. place to make it more flexible because he says as it stands simply not enough opportunities for young people. to stifle competition and something needed to be done. before we're going to have a recap made headlines here in al-jazeera and saudi arabia's foreign minister has addressed the final day of the united nations general assembly. told to you and the
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four g.c.c. nations are demanding follows international law in combating what he calls terrorism that might be three point four earthquake has occurred in north korea close to the site of its last nuclear test china initially declared the trauma may have come from a suspected explosion but now says it had the characteristics of a natural trauma both south grip and nuclear proliferation watchdog say the quake did not seem to be manmade. let's see him as a bow as executive secretary of the comprehensive nuclear test ban treaty organization and he says yes quake could be a delayed aftershock from north korea's last euclid test the one to keep in mind here this six and last test by deep care was big enough to create logical stress in the surrounding and any it will indeed fragile any geological struck in the vicinity and then. the shock would be
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a consequence to that main one that happened in september sir and not take weeks so we could be docked what is well meanwhile in pyongyang hundreds of thousands of north koreans have taken part in a rally praising kim jong un's denunciation of the us president donald trump can go and issued a statement this week calling trump a rogue and mentally deranged after the president threatened to totally destroy north korea during his u.n. general assembly address. amnesty international says that ranger villages are still being burned him in mark contradicting the government statement that military operations have ended the human rights group says that new satellite images and video shows smoke rising from villages a strong u.s. quake has shaken southern mexico just days after a seven point one magnitude quake hit the capital hundreds of people were evacuated from parts of mexico city as a trauma center warning alarms and rescue efforts were temporarily suspended all
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right you're upstate there with news on al jazeera will have more news and it's about half an hour coming up next the people in power are investigating whether india is about to escalate its nuclear arms race.


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