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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 23, 2017 10:00pm-10:33pm AST

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says all sorts in an age of simplistic narratives the listening post critiques the mainstream response exposing the influences that drive the headlines at this time on al-jazeera facing the realities of the airspace that they have does not belong to them it belongs to the international community getting to the heart of the matter they can understand the chinese leadership we got for you as an enemy of the state of the story on top to how does it. at this time. north korea's foreign minister in a scathing attack on the u.s. president at the united nations says trump's recent comments were reckless and violent.
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i know i maryam namazie are watching al jazeera live from london also coming up turkey's parliament extends its military mandate in iraq two days before the kurds hold their independence referendum. rights groups say me and mars still torching range of villages and laying land mines on the bangladeshi border despite its denials. catalonia refuses to hand control of its regional police force to spain which is determined to stop its referendum. foreign minister has launched a scathing attack against the u.s. president donald trump at the united nations general assembly. says the insults towards kim jong un and pyongyang make a north korean rocket visit to the entire u.s.
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mainland inevitable. now you might want to refer eight months in power. he has turned the white house into a noisy and i'm not kidding place on the hill of crackling sound you know we had a vision. and now here's our try to turn the un arena into a gangster's nest where money is respected and bloodshed is the order of the day. what do you know of reality that the person like crumpling a mentally deranged person full of middle of mania and complaisance the person who just dies even by the american people as commander in grief lying king president evil is holding the seat of the us president and that they interested reality that the gambler who grew old using threats frauds and all other schemes to acquire a patch of land holds the nuclear button.
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try to insult the supremum dignity of my country by referring it to a rocket and by doing so however he committed an irreversible mistake of making our rockets visit the entire us mainland you know of it of all the more none other than trump himself is on a suicide mission. adding to all of this the pentagon says u.s. air force bomb is a flow near the coast of north korea in a show of force and warplanes took off from the u.s. territory of guam and was courted by fighter jets based in the american military base in okinawa they flew over the what is east of north korea the closest they've got to the demilitarized zone in the twenty first century. i want to now speak to scott snyder director of the program on u.s. korea policy at the council on foreign relations and author of south korea across
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rice he joins me live from washington d.c. and it certainly feels as though where what could be a significant crossroads now can i start by getting your thoughts your analysis on the comments from the north korean foreign minister and how much of an escalation this could be in the war of words between washington and pyongyang. i think the escalation in verbal e. has really reached a boiling point it was inevitable that the north korean foreign minister would have to respond in kind to the statements that president shrunk made and i think that he did that pretty dramatically in the initial remarks that he made and in the threats and basically epithets that were returned to president trump kim jong un himself would have expected nothing last in terms of a presentation and then we heard the usual kind of list of grievances
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along with pride and sense of vulnerability from the north korean foreign minister and so really i think it is fair to ask what is the way out on the u.s. side we see the rhetoric we see the military action and we also see economic sanctions as a three pronged pressure message but we also need to see exit ramps each time there are a round of sanctions or pressure on the regime in pyongyang they seem to up the ante there are threats flying on both sides. do you see any path way to deescalation to the negotiating table. well the challenges cali and south korea petcock soon has said is that backing down is not a part of the north korean playbook and so we're going to have to try to figure out a way to reduce the temperature here and avoid conflict certainly
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with the foreign minister in new york there is an opportunity for additional private dialogue and one hopes that some kind of dialogue process can take root there's just so much misunderstanding and hostility embedded in the positions of the d.p. r. k. and the united states that has been baked in for so long that we really need channels for crisis communication in order to manage the current situation and of course what you're describing on the rational options that are before us but then looking at the way in this speech the foreign minister is saying that president trump has essentially made visits he says to the entire u.s. mainland inevitable all the more than that goal is to establish the balance of power with the u.s. what does this mean well on the one hand i think president trump
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is quite able to reverse course and go in exactly the opposite direction of his rhetoric but we don't know if kim jong un really has that skill in fact it's doubtful that he really does and clearly with the. with the direction that north korea has been going and what they're interested in is establishing mutual nuclear deterrence with the united states they want to hold the u.s. at risk just in the same way that the u.s. holds north korea at risk but the united states i think policy is that we espouse establishment a so far has rejected that bid by north korea. all right well thank you very much appreciate your analysis this evening scott snyder in washington d.c. our diplomatic editor james bays of course has been following everything at united nations headquarters in new york how would you describe james this speech by the north korean foreign minister. it was
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a blistering attack on president trump and he has picked up i think president trump's style of language those nicknames see uses in grief lie in the king and president evil he's using those to taunt the president in the same way as president trump was taunting kim as something that he said was an insult to the supreme dignity of my country what happens now is the foreign minister has actually left the podium obviously finishing his speech and left the general stanley in our understanding is he's gone straight up to the thirty eighth floor of the united nations building and that's where the offices of the certainly general are and he's meeting with antonio. so that is an important meeting can the secretary general discuss with him channel of mediation after this very very tough speech that we
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just heard and on both sides you have colorful larger than life characters james and then when you look at the language there is something of an unreal quality to it with insults and name calling is there do you feel that the united nations there is an increasing fear or concern about some sort of military action on on from either side. no i've spoken to diplomat. foreign ministers during the week here and they are worried they're worried because this is a war of words continues to rampart this is they would say dangerous rhetoric if there was any sort of missed. kill ation at this stage where it could lead to some sort of military action you've mentioned those u.s. planes that were flying the jets some bombers that were flying off the coast of north korea how north korea could have responded to that if it were thought it was on the imminent attack at the same time as we have words like this i think it's
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important the part of the speech that you quoted mark quite like to get one of our colleagues at al-jazeera who speaks korean to look at the korean original because he did say and you you highlighted that trump is the foreign minister put i'm quoting here said committed an irreversible mistake of making your rockets visit to the entire u.s. mainland inevitable a lot more time to try to work out what that means does that mean more inevitable or does it mean inevitable inevitable means you think she's definitely going to strike the u.s. which is more serious than the former of course. lying which obviously it is very important here for now thank you very much james bays at the united nations on our other top story state media in iran of released footage of what they say is the successful test launch of a new ballistic missile the harm shot was launched just a few hours after it was unveiled at a military parade into iran the device has a range of two thousand kilometers and can carry multiple warheads follows threats
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by u.s. president donald trump that washington may withdraw from the two thousand and fifteen nuclear deal. as a senior lecturer in international relations and middle east politics at university of bradford he says that while iran remains committed to the nuclear deal it's warning the u.s. and israel that it stands ready to defend itself. this is happening at the time that the pressure from the united states is increasing. iran and been my bikini and what happened just yesterday it's a manifestation of a new type of terror and of course you have to remember that from the beginning of the nuclear negotiation iran remain very determined that it is not prepared to negotiate its defensive mechanism and it is not prepared to negotiate its account of ballistic care program and over the last year we had at least two
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new regimes of sanctions declared on iran one in january and one in july which is specifically targeted at their missile program so in brief iran basically is sending two different messages at the same time guess we are still committed to the nuclear deal but at the same time we take our self-defense extremely seriously and as president rouhani said on friday iran doesn't see any permission to defend itself turkey's parliament has extended the mandate for its military deployment to iraq in syria in a special session convened in response to the kurdish independence referendum in iraq it comes as turkey's prime minister banally older and more iraqi kurdish leaders have possible sanctions and military moves if the vote goes ahead and or simmons has more from the tech is said to have. more forces have now been deployed on turkey's border with iraq it's no coincidence this exercise started in the run
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up to the iraqi kurds referendum on independence. turkey's parliament has now approved the extension of an existing mandate for military intervention in iraq one of several options the details of which have yet to be disclosed. the steps will be taken in close cooperation with iraq iran and other neighboring countries these measures will have diplomatic political economic and security dimensions the tension has tempered excitement among turkey's minority kurdish population here india but care where there's been violence and dissent for decades many kurds feel weary and anxious about the future the ancient walls of the old city along with temporary fencing mark out no go areas in some poor districts security operations have involved houses being demolished it follows a move by the kurdish armed group p k k to bring the long running conflict to urban
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areas as a result kurds who have no connection to the violence have lost their homes while history hasn't treated the kurds at all kindly there are underlying fears here that a referendum in iraq on the dream of independence could present more nightmares and for some here they've had enough nightmares for a lifetime but met mitt dar is defiant he's refusing to move from his home that's earmarked for demolition and he's turned down compensation he believes it's right to have the iraqi referendum now. i'm in favor of the referendum as kurds we should have our rights here the turkish state puts pressure on us oppressing as i even consider moving to iraq now. aside from a demolition there are teams now working on urban regeneration projects in the city
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that's home to around a million kurds but there's a real danger though there's an independence vote by kurds next door in iraq may prove to be more of a hindrance than a help. andrew symonds al jazeera the other key. us by forces of seas syria's largest natural gas field from i still in province a gas field is the first energy facility of its kind to be taken by the syrian democratic forces which is a rebel coalition of arab and kodesh fighters battling to separate offensives from s.t.'s fighters and syrian government soldiers to drive them out of there is all. much more to come for you on the program still including. quite a long sound in mexico city is a powerful aftershock shakes buildings days off for a devastating earthquake germany's main candidates wrap up their election campaigns ahead of.
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hello and welcome back across europe we have a low pressure center across the central areas with them some quite nasty storms associated with a high pressure area which is trying to push back into awards the west and certainly hold out some of these fronts out towards the northwest look at the forecast this frontal system pushing towards western parts the u.k. much of dr fine london there are twenty one which isn't too bad for this time the warm air coming up from the south a woman in madrid we've got some showers for ukraine care of there could see one or two downpours so decent temperatures across parts of greece and turkey and that continued head on through into monday with some pretty heavy showers down through the adriatic and the balkans as you head into north africa with the risk of showers developing through the gulf of sirte certainly showers on sunday will clear through
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but those shows are moving into tripoli karo looks as though it should be quite pleasant over temperatures into the low thirty's for central parts of africa we still have lots of charity extending from so sit down through towards cameroon and as far south as could bond further towards the west we've got some showers affecting west africa bamako mali may see the odd downpour across southern portions it's looking largely dry and fine here plenty of sunshine highs of seventeen in cape town. a man has decided to break with tradition and train to sail competitively maybe not but we want to present a positive image and change the spirit typical expectation of women for them it's about more than just racing yes you can still be a good woman and also a very talented sailor going off around the world showing everybody how strong people are al-jazeera the world meets the first female same crew in the gulf
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sailing stars at this time on al-jazeera. reminder of the top stories for you now north korea's foreign minister has launched a scathing attack against u.s. president donald trump at the united nations general assembly meanwhile the pentagon says u.s. air force one was a flown from guam over the waters east of north korea closest they've got to the demilitarized zone in the twenty first century. and turkey's parliament has extended the mandate for its military deployment to iraq and syria in a special session convene in response to the kurdish independence referendum in
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iraq. and one of the stories we're following amnesty international says revenge of alleges are still being torched in myanmar contradicting the government's statements that military operations of ended the group says new satellite images and video shows smoke rising from range of religious around four hundred thirty thousand refugees have fled since the latest outbreak of violence began less than a month ago the details were released as doctors without borders told al jazeera that otherwise healthy adults and camps are on the brink of death because of dehydration. meanwhile human rights watch says it has evidence myanmar's army has been laying landmines on its border with bangladesh to ensure the fleeing ringette don't return. this is really heartless beyond words or. landmines being placed by the burmese military in the past being refugees not only at the border but also in areas around villages where. the cleansing is
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being done and people are fleeing the villages then there are encountering landmines on the roads trying to get out of that area so it's doubly cool these are weapons which are indiscriminate they're illegal. a strong new earthquake has shaken southern mexico just days after a seven point one magnitude quake hit the capital hundreds of people were evacuated from parts of mexico city as the trauma set off warning alarms fits with temporarily suspended the latest quake happened about three hundred sixty kilometers south of the capital causing even more damage to already weakened buildings i do joe castor has more from mexico city. a potentially significant setback for rescue operations here at eight a.m. local time in mexico city we felt an aftershock that measured six point two on the richter scale that's a preliminary assessment from the u.s. geological survey it was centered seven hundred kilometers from here but it was
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enough for us to detect some movement to see the street signs swaying and most significantly is its impact on what's going on behind me that is or was what once was a six story office building that collapsed more than ninety hours ago on tuesday when we felt this aftershock the rescuers had to immediately delete from atop that site they had to abandon it as for at least a few minutes and just moments ago returned to continue their work trying to access what they believe are six people who may still be trapped alive beneath that rubble i just spoke with a woman who is hoping desperately that her niece who was trapped on. the fourth floor working there as an accountant may still be alive she says that a government official and an engineer recently briefed her saying they made some progress overnight that they were able to tunnel in from out from three directions from the top of the building from the bottom and also now from the side by
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accessing the building that is still standing next to this office building she is hoping that what she's been told that there have been signs of life that in fact even food and water has been passed down to some of these potential survivors she is desperately hoping that this is true but again we are now more than ninety hours since this building collapse with each new development people's hearts are jumping with this aftershock that happened again around eight o'clock local time in the morning we saw tears in the eyes of the families each tiny thing or significant thing in this in this instance may be a major setback or maybe a major source of hope as they continue to wait and the minutes tick past. spain's central government can cast lead as a tussling over who controls the regional police force which is considered key to the success of october's independence referendum spain says the vote is illegal and that it will begin coordinating all police efforts in catalonia to crack down on
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preparations for the vote a move that catalan leaders oppose john hendren has more from barcelona. a standoff in catalonia just got more tense and potentially far more volatile the interior minister of spain's catalan province says local police will not take orders from spain then once again we denounce the government's intention to take control of the capital and police the catalan government does not accept the intervention of the state he says that was the message he and cataloged police chief delivered to the spanish interior minister in a meeting on saturday what we see here is not a technical know for b.b.c. is a political party the spanish government to try. take control of the cut of the police because the spanish government has vowed its voters that the referendum the fund referendum will not take place. catalonia leaders insist they will carry out an
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october first referendum asking voters whether to separate from spain spanish president marianna calls that vote illegal and says he will stop it. the most sensible the most reasonable and the most democratic thing to do is to stop they should say there is no referendum they know there isn't going to be one. spain has arrested and released senior catalan government employees instead in three to four thousand national police and civil defense forces to stop the vote spain can no longer count on those seventeen thousand regional bullies known as marceau's and that sets up a potential conflict between two armed forces with very different goals for the national police charged with shutting down the referendum and the more so to see their duty as protecting the rights of catalans making matters worse the spanish troops are housed in four ships off the coast of catalonia and boycotting local port workers refused to dock the ships as spanish delegate in catalonia says spain
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is not trying to control the most just to coordinate with them but i don't know if what we have is a not a substitute in of the roles of the council on police they keep their role as far as population security goes however they will be helped by the civil guard and national police and they will be coordinated by the interior ministry the muscles have long been criticized for not cracking down on the referendum now it's not at all clear whose side they will be on and john joins us live now john what are the risks of exactly what you were explaining in your post of having these two separate bunny's forces with with competing agent says. no one really knows because it's such an extraordinary circumstance but one of the key things to keep in mind is that there are seventeen thousand of these regional police there are three to four thousand national police stationed offshore here so the numbers themselves are
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significant the regional police actually dwarf the national police that are now in the region what we don't know is whether the spanish government will send in more troops so the risks are really unknown because we have no idea how either side is going to react we went to a police station today and we talked to an officer with them also so he was not able to tell us what they were going to do obviously they're trying to they're being very careful about what they say but it is potential it's always a potential when you've got armed groups that are not abiding by the same rules that don't have the same goals that there could be some kind of conflict people often talk about this conflict and say well the catalonians don't have their own military it's not clear which side these regional. will be on when this happens so it's really the unknown that is happening right now and no one even
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knows if that referendum is going to come off in the end because the spanish government came here and took all ten million ballots broke into printing plants and into newspapers to make sure nobody could print more but we are told that people will be here pro independence people will be making posters in violation of what the spanish say is the law thanks very much from boston and john hendren. well i am more on developments at the u.n. general assembly iraq's foreign affairs minister has also been speaking he used his speech to ask iraq's supreme court to reject the kurdish independence referendum which is scheduled for monday despite international position. that the lower are the first article of the constitution scipio it's the sovereignty of iraq is in cannot be divided nor can its territory. we have here due to the supreme
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court to issue a. decision to reject this so-called referendum which is. opposed you to be organizing concern in. september of this year u.n. correspondent roslyn jordan joins us live now from u.n. headquarters in new york and roslyn what more we learn about how the government in baghdad is trying to prevent this kurdish vote from taking place. well what we heard abraham jaafari the iraqi foreign minister tell the general assembly is that the country is very much focused on maintaining unity especially in light of the fact that it is still trying to rid the country of eisel fighters or does fighters and their position is that if this kurdish referendum does go ahead in order to up possibly establish a separate kurdish state this could jeopardize iraqis security and that the
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central government in baghdad does not want that to happen so he is really appealing in a more diplomatic way marri him for a sensible approach to dealing with thought everyone's political grievances and aspirations the foreign minister also said during his address which just wrapped up that parliamentary elections will go ahead in early twenty eighteen as scheduled perhaps a reassurance to those who favor a separate kurdish state that their political aspirations can be addressed through the current political system but very much opposed to the establishment of a separate kurdish state mainly on national security grounds but also because the iraqi government has been trying for years to develop its credibility and so he's using this form in order to gain some of that soft power pressure on those who favor a separate kurdish state right now as in jordan at united nations thank you. now
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new zealand's general election has ended in a stalemate with the ruling national party taking the most votes but not enough to form a government outright prime minister bill english his party claim forty six percent of the votes of the labor party a newcomer just in the other and fell short on thirty six one hung parliament now leaves new zealand first lead out winston peters with the balance of power will decide whether national labor in the greens will form a coalition government an outcome is expected by early october. or there's more to everything we're covering including analysis that takes you behind the headlines al-jazeera dot com. quick recap of the top stories north korea's foreign minister has launched
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a scathing attack against u.s. president donald trump at the united nations general assembly rain young host says trump has turned the u.n. into in his words a gangster's nest and he'll regret calling kim jong un the rocket man. try to insult the supremum dignity of my country by referring it to a rocket by doing so however he committed an irreversible mistake of making our rockets visit the entire u.s. mainland inevitable all the more none other than trump himself is on a suicide mission the pentagon says u.s. air force bombers meanwhile have flown near the coast of north korea in a show of force a war planes took off from the u.s. territory of guam and was courted by fighter jets based in the american military base in okinawa they flew over what is east of north korea the closest they've got to the demilitarized zone in the twenty first century. oh in our other top story
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state media in iran of released footage of what they say is the successful test launch of a new ballistic missile the harm shot was launched just a few hours after it was on failed at a military parade in teheran it follows threats by donald trump that washington may withdraw from the two thousand and fifteen nuclear deal turkey's parliament has extended the mandate for its military deployment to iraq and syria in a special session convened in response to the kurdish independence referendum in iraq the turkish army also held a major military drill near the border with iraq ahead of monday's controversial vote. amnesty international says range of religious still being burned in myanmar contradicting the government statements that military operations had ended human rights group says new satellite images and video shows smoke rising from villages. and the catalan government says it won't be handing over control of
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the regional police forces ahead of october's referendum on independence from spain government has called the vote illegal and says it will begin coordinating all police efforts at it for now more news at the top of the hour in about half an hour's time but that's after the listening post which is next. with. hillary clinton. on feel like tony is also on this except on the. best political upset that help. was tough for me.


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