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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 24, 2017 1:00am-1:33am AST

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and so is life behind the bags for india. at this time. for the nomadic jacka tribe survival is about reaching their destination if we don't hurry will never be able to get the top up in the storm we follow the mongolian herdsmen on a treacherous migration. it's dangerous the ices of them as they strive to preserve their traditional way of life a little bit longer sometimes luser cattle living there without cold or because of the storm risking it all mongolia at this time on al-jazeera. yet more insults are thrown between north korea and the united states as pyongyang's foreign minister tells the un that donald trump is mentally deranged and will pay for his threats.
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hello i'm maryam namazie in london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up turkey's parliament extends its military mandate in iraq two days before the kurds hold their independence referendum. rights groups say myanmar is still torching range of villages and laying land mines on the bangladeshi border despite its denials also. you know in the auction thanks to three d. cameras for turntable i remember not to talk to my house correspondent becomes a bag game see how he's transformed into an avatar. north korea's foreign minister has launched a scathing attack against u.s. president donald trump at the united nations general assembly really yong ho says
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the insults towards kim jong un and pyongyang make a north korean rocket visit to the u.s. mainland inevitable and diplomatic editor james bays has the latest now from the united nations. peoples republic of korea this was the podium where four days earlier president trump threatened to totally destroy north korea now it was time for the country's top diplomat to give his blistering reply. due to his lack of basic common knowledge and proper sentiment he tried to insult the supreme dignity of my country by referring to it as a rocket by doing so however he committed an irreversible mistake of making our rockets visit to the entire u.s. mainland inevitable all the more none other than trump himself is on a suicide mission. this clearly rankled the north koreans rocket man is on a suicide mission for himself. the foreign minister kamal quipped with nicknames of
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his own us tomorrow online the person who is just even by american says commander in grief lion king president evil is holding the seat of the us presidency and the dangerous reality that the gambler who grew old using threats frauds and all other schemes to acquire a patch of land holds the nuclear button these are what constitute the grave this threat to international peace and security today. north korea has proved once again it won't back down in five days of diplomacy in new york this crisis has got worse not better diplomats feel the situation is dangerous the insults being hurled may sound like schoolyard language but the u.s. has carried out a show of force with jets and bombers flying close to north korea's eastern coast and there's talk of north korea carrying out an atmospheric nuclear test that's a dangerous proposition which will be conducted in the pacific ocean unlike the
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previous six nuclear tests which were contained underground the u.n. secretary general antonio good terrorists who had a rare meeting with a north korean foreign minister after his speech has warned there's now a real risk of miscalculation leading to conflict james phase out zero of the united nations. my counter is the united nations and joins us now what is the general mood in atmosphere in the aftermath of the north korean foreign minister speech like. well it's a sense of shock that has continued essentially the speech was a mirror image of that made by president trump earlier in the week in which he threatened north korea with destruction in the speech we heard the north korean foreign minister saying that the firing of missiles with nuclear warheads on new u.s. soil was now inevitable it's a war of words a very hefty rhetoric that has concerned many in recent days the russian foreign
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minister has commented on the previous exchange that we've had between the north korean leader and president trump saying that it's like children in a kindergarten and a spokesman for the chinese foreign ministry saying that the situation is complicated and dangerous and such heightened rhetoric actually adds to the possibilities of some form of confrontation say morning has come from the u.n. secretary general saying the situation is very difficult indeed and one must be careful that heightened rhetoric does not create the type of action which nobody in the u.n. wants to see and so with that in mind are there any efforts currently underway to defuse the crisis. well they appear to be no efforts whatsoever as far as the trumpet ministration is concerned essentially president trump speaks for himself speaks for his administration we've had his secretary of state repeating the words
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diplomatic solutions are still inevitable we've had is ambassador to the united nations saying that to diplomacy is still an avenue although she did stress that she would not hesitate to kick the matter down the road to the secretary of defense should diplomacy not produce its required results we've had the recent round of unilateral u.s. sanctions imposed now both the secretary of state and the ambassador to the u.n. has stressed that sanctions take time they may not be designed to make north korea change its political mind but they will cut off revenue streams cutting of revenue streams means that north korea cannot continue to develop its missile program but they have been pointed out it takes time the retrieve that we're hearing at the moment takes away the possibility of time for the missile program to wind down not because of intention but because the revenue streams have stopped so
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it does in a way remove one option off the table and replaces a very firmly with the military option as we heard james and james report the u.s. has flown fighter bombers b. once the latest generation along with f. of strike eagles to the closest point of north korea in the militarized zone if the sentry this is a warning the pentagon has said clearly and a demonstration that it does have other options apart from sanctions and diplomatic negotiation a great deal to reflect on end of this united nations general assembly mike hanna thank you very much. well iraq's foreign affairs minister used his speech at united nations to ask iraq's supreme court to reject the kurdish independence referendum which is scheduled for monday despite international position and. what had that the first
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article of the constitution scipio it so the sovereignty of iraq is in cannot be divided nor cal its territory. we have healed or to the supreme court to issue a decision to reject this so-called referendum which is. opposed each of the organizing clears cernan late september of this year. or turkey's parliament has extended the mandate for its military deployment to iraq and syria in a special session convened in response to the kurdish vote this comes as turkey's prime minister banally oldring one iraqi kurdish leaders a possible action of the vote goes ahead andrew symonds has more now from the turkish city of. more forces have now been deployed on turkey's border with iraq it's no coincidence this exercise started in the run up to the iraqi kurds referendum on independence turkey's parliament has now approved the extension of an
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existing mandate for military intervention in iraq one of several options the details of which have yet to be disclosed. the steps will be taken in close cooperation with iraq iran and other neighboring countries these measures will have diplomatic political economic and security dimensions. the tension has tempered excitement among turkey's minority kurdish population here india but care where there's been violence and dissent for decades many kurds feel weary and anxious about the future the ancient walls of the old city along with temporary fencing mark out no go areas in some poor districts security operations have involved houses being demolished it follows a move by the kurdish armed group p k k to bring the long running conflict to urban areas as a result kurds who have no connection to the violence have lost their homes while
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history hasn't treated the kurds at all kindly there are underlying fears here that a referendum in iraq on the dream of independence could present more nightmares and for some here they've had enough nightmares for a lifetime but met mitt dar is defiant he's refusing to move from his home that's earmarked for demolition and he's turned down compensation he believes it's right to have the iraqi referendum now. i'm in favor of the referendum as kurds we should have our rights here the turkish state puts pressure on us oppressing is and i even consider moving to iraq now but . aside from a demolition there are teams now working on urban regeneration projects in this city that's home to around a million kurds but there's a real danger though that independence vote by kurds next door in iraq may prove to
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be more of a hindrance than a help. andrew symonds al jazeera the other key. france says it's willing to work with other nations on ways to stop iran's missile launches which it's calling destabilizing it comes up to iranian state media released footage of what they say was the successful test of a new ballistic missile just hours after it was unveiled at a military parade in tehran the device has a range of two thousand kilometers and can carry multiple warheads it follows threats from donald trump that washington may withdraw from the two thousand and fifteen nuclear deal. or u.s. backed forces of seize syria's largest natural gas field from i still in their eyes or province the conoco gas field is the first energy facility of its kind to be taken by the syrian democratic forces which is a rebel coalition of arab and kurdish fighters i still is now battling to separate offensives from s.d.s. fighters on the one hand syrian government forces as well in other developments
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syria's foreign minister walid moallem told the un general assembly he hopes the deescalation zones in his country will help bring about a suspension of hostilities but he said damascus reserves the right to respond to any violations of the zones rather than jordan has more from the u.n. . the syrian foreign minister walid muallem was defiant in his address before the un general assembly on saturday not only didn't argue that syria is about to win the six year long civil war against the military and political opposition he also argued that syria is about to win the war for its reputation on the international stage especially in the face of challenges raised by countries such as the united states and syria has fully eliminated its chemical norm or it has enough proof that there is an ill conceived intention to tarnish the real image of the syrian government and the international public and come up with new excuses to continue
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the aggression against syria in favor of terrorists and their supporters this was the case when the united states blatantly attacked air base claiming that it contained chemical weapons used in the alleged han huna town in new hampshire and of course numerous investigations including those from the un the us and the u.k. have found that syria may well have committed crimes against humanity and committed war crimes against its own people including using sarin gas against people living in khalid shaikh own earlier in twenty seventeen want to tell you about as hot. protests in paris a day after president micron signed his labor reforms into law. and the mexican musicians who filled a call with donations from the f.b.i. .
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welcome back well we're seeing some cold and move across southeastern parts of a strike there where it's been very woman flight but this front moving through certainly brought about a change that. you are looking at temperatures of seventeen for melbourne on sunday sydney suppers thirty degrees for us that front clears right through we'll see temperatures coming back by our five degrees there in sydney still quite pleasant thirty four in brisbane head across western australia things looking much more unsettled low pressure center moving through so perth is likely to see some a brace of rain over in new zealand we've got a little bit of an interlude before the next frontal system begins to push in so the north are looking fine for the most part during the course of sunday the south and seen some showers in the showers develop more widely during the course of monday and rain then begins to push north was across the cook straight into the north on into up into northeastern parts of asia now and here we've seen some heavy
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rain flirting with southern parts of japan there's another wave on this frontal system which might give soaring across the southern islands of japan cheering sunday by monday though it should have cleared away for a time at least so brighter conditions tokyo looking at twenty six that front as a link back to the yangtze river valley so look so be quite wet in shanghai highs of twenty seven but it should be fine across the korean peninsula. tensions are high. little has changed and new village officials are struggling to demonstrate goodwill. among morial is trying for a comrade who sacrificed his life to political change. but really a friend tonight will drive a wedge between the villages fractures part three of a six part series filmed over a five year. china's democracy experiment at this time on al-jazeera.
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back a quick recap of the top stories this hour north korea's foreign minister has launched a scathing attack against u.s. president donald trump at the united nations general assembly turkey's parliament has extended the mandate for its military deployment to iraq and syria in a special session convened in response to the kurdish vote in iraq. and france says it's willing to work with other nations on ways to stop iran's missile launches off to iranian state media release footage of the latest ballistic knowledge. i'm a senior national says revenge of villages is still being torched in myanmar
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contradicting the government's statements that military operations of ended the group says new satellite images and video shows smoke rising from the range of images around four hundred thirty thousand refugees have fled since the latest outbreak of violence began less than a month ago the details were released as doctors without borders told al jazeera that otherwise healthy adults in the camps are on the brink of death because of dehydration. and human rights watch is saying that it has evidence me and mas ami has been laying landmines to ensure that flying ranjit don't return this is really heartless beyond words or sea land mines being placed by the burmese military in the past fleeing refugees not only at the border but also in areas around villages where then ethnic cleansing is being done and people are fleeing the villages then they're encountering landmines on the roads trying to get out of that area so it's
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doubly cool these are weapons which are indiscriminate they're illegal. the influx of into bangladesh is having a huge impact on the businesses and residents of the border districts of cox's bazaar from when he reports here bangladeshis come to buy their daily necessities spices food and vegetables and it's around this market that. have set up camp with the arrival of hundreds of thousands of people a new informal economy has grown here is one item that's particularly popular among ranges these plastic sheeting they're used to build the homes to protect them from the rains inside the camps oh yeah business of the business is going well like the business models are given to you know parts of this and i'm going to. connect with them i guess if i do and get out there just as it. did of the other there's
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not good when one is not going to the other doesn't so he's saying that business isn't going as well as it used to he's saying that now aid agencies the government are distributing these plastic sheeting for free and therefore he's not getting as much business as he used to. this is the home of a bangladeshi family right around the corner from the refugee camp and look at their home it's made out of the same plastic sheeting that you find inside the camps in fact the circumstances of the refugees and of the bangladeshis living here are very similar the difference is the refugees get international aid these people depend on their government for help and most here live on less than two dollars a day the biggest challenge is that the help that's coming through doesn't build that resentment rangers have been coming here for decades fleeing persecution and the relationship between a local bangladeshi and the ranter refugees hasn't always been easy.
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spain's central government and catalan leaders a tousling of the who controls the regional police force which is considered key to the success of october's independence referendum spain is saying that vote is illegal and it will coordinate regional police efforts to crack down on preparations john hendren has more from. a standoff in catalonia just got more tense and potentially far more volatile the interior minister of catalonia says local police will not take orders from spain that wants him we denounce the government's intention to take control of the captain and police the catalan government does not accept the intervention of the state he says that was the message he and catalonia his police chief delivered to the spanish interior minister in a meeting on saturday what we see here is not a technical know for me to see is a political fight over the spanish government is trying to take control of
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a couple of police because the spanish government has vowed its voters that the referendum the front referendum will not take place catalonia leaders insist they will carry out an october first referendum asking voters whether to separate from spain spanish. didn't mariano rajoy calls that vote illegal and says he will stop it. the most sensible the most reasonable and the most democratic thing to do is to stop they should say there is no referendum they know there isn't going to be one. spain has arrested and released senior cattle on government employees instead in three to four thousand national police and civil defense forces to stop the vote spain can no longer count on those seventeen thousand regional bullies known as marceau's and that sets up a potential conflict between two armed forces with very different goals for the national police charged with shutting down the referendum and the more so to see their duty as protecting the rights of catalans making matters worse the spanish
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troops are housed in four ships off the coast of catalonia and boycotting local port workers refused to dock the ships as spanish delegate in catalonia says spain is not trying to control them oh so so just to coordinate with them but i don't know if what we have is a not a substitution of the roles of the police they keep their role as far as population security goes however they will be helped by the city guard and national police and they will be coordinated by the interior ministry the muscles have long been criticized for not cracking down on the referendum now it's not at all clear whose side they will be on john hendren al jazeera barcelona. thousands of far left demonstrators have rallied in paris against changes to the country's labor laws president emanuel mack on his force through reforms that he says will modernize the workplace and create more jobs but critics say it destroys workers' rights bottler
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reports. determined to keep up pressure on the government followed supporters marched through paris as opposition to president emanuel mackerels new work law continues protesters say the legislation is unfair that it makes it too easy to hire and fire and favors bosses over employees discipline that you know all the benefits we have fought for and now it's being taken away from us well it's not acceptable. people are working but they're close to burnout and the other one are not working i would like to work something is wrong and i don't thing that they did today will. make that better. after the march one of the president's faces critics and his main political opponent took to the stage the hard left. urged people to keep fighting for the law to be scrapped. this reform is must be returned. to battle isn't over it's just begun. people protesting here feel very strongly
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that the new law will destroy the rights the workers have poured so hard person michael says the old rules stifle competition and kept unemployment higher he says his new balance and some protection with flexibility on friday mcgraw signed a rare executive order forcing through the contentious reforms to avoid months of parliamentary debate the hope is that the changes will make it easier for people like sam weaver the owner of a bike business says expansions being difficult because of high costs and bureaucracy being an entrepreneur and fronts is tougher than back home in the united states. doing it in france has become an absolute nightmare hiring somebody is so expensive if france really wanted to grow the economy in the way i think they could probably good they need to help the small businesses like my own so that we can employ one to three people if we need to. the person has succeeded in passing
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his reforms and fulfilled an election campaign promise he's pleased his supporters but he still faces a battle on the streets with al-jazeera powers. strong us quake has shaken southern mexico just days after a seven point one magnitude quake devastated mexico city we're bringing you some live pictures now from the capital where you can see that dozens of rescue workers are still searching through the rubble of the fifty two destroyed buildings still trying to search for survivors there the quake has left thousands of people homeless and close to three hundred people dead. heidi joe castro is that and sent us this update. a potentially significant setback for rescue operations here at eight a.m. local time in mexico city we felt an aftershock that measured six point two on the richter scale that's a preliminary assessment from the u.s. geological survey it was centered seven hundred kilometers from here but it was
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enough for us to detect some movement to see the street signs swaying and most significantly is its impact on what's going on behind me that is for what once was a six story office building that collapsed more than ninety hours ago on tuesday when we felt this aftershock the rescuers had to immediately leave from atop that site they had to abandon it for at least a few minutes and just moments ago returned to continue their work trying to access what they believe are six people who may still be trapped alive beneath that rubble i just spoke with a woman who is hoping desperately that her niece who. trapped on the fourth floor working there as an accountant may still be alive she says that a government official and an engineer recently briefed her say they made some progress overnight that they were able to tunnel in from out from three directions from the top of the building from the bottom and also now from the side by
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accessing the building that is still standing next to this office building she is hoping that what she's been told that there have been signs of life that in fact even food and water has been passed down to some of these potential survivors she is desperately hoping that this is true but again we are now more than ninety hours since this building collapse with each new development people's hearts are jumping with this aftershock to happen again around eight o'clock local time in the morning we saw tears in the eyes of the families each tiny thing or significant thing in this in this instance may be a major setback or maybe a major source of hope as they continue to wait and the minutes tick past. well a group of mexicans have been using their musical talents to try and raise spirits at this difficult time to collect their nations to help those affected by the earthquake. a. free performance of
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traditional mariachi music in one of mexico's city's main squares in exchange for aid off to the songs in more than two hours they manage to fill an entire call with the nations the items will be sent to some of the worst damaged areas. excuse me now virtual reality is proving to be the biggest attraction at this year's tokyo game show a quarter of a million enthusiastic spec to check out the latest gaming technology at the annual event mcbride went along and managed to find himself part of the experience. it's still all about the goggles but a whole lot more ever bigger hardware to enhance the virtual reality experience making it so real there seems to be very little that's virtual about it or not but you know. it really felt like you were moving and you felt the wind in your face. but i want you to not only don't know but i think people will expect experiences
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like this well out of that i've been. so real you wonder if it wouldn't be better doing the real thing like cycling apparently not. boring reality is boring i've got you know yes with more than six hundred exhibitors covering multiple darkened halls the tokyo game show is bigger and better than ever one of the fastest growing areas is e-sports online gaming by teams in professional leagues attracting big online audiences. south korea and other countries in asia and europe have been developing and japan is the only country without a big east port industry but that's changing with the value of the market expected to double by twenty twenty and talk of e-sports becoming an olympic event the japanese government is now promoting its growth much as south korea has done we actually see similar things in japan now where the government is reeling seeing
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a way to push the sports such as new tech hip thing and then for those wanting the total immersive experience there's m.r. all mixed reality to turn you into an avatar putting you in the action thanks to three d. cameras a turntable and remembering not to talk too much this is. your favorite game in the game here. the no matter how ridiculous that might be with the mcbride al-jazeera has an avatar at the tokyo game show the.
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update you on the stories making headlines this hour north korea's foreign minister has launched a scathing attack against u.s. president donald trump at the united nations general assembly. says trump has turned the u.n. into in his words a gangster's nest and he'll regret insulting kim jong un. he tried to insult the supremum dignity of my country by referring it to a rocket by doing so however he committed an irreversible mistake of making our rockets visit to the entire u.s. mainland inevitable all the more none other than trump himself is on a suicide mission. or in other developments the pentagon says u.s. air force bombers are flown near the coast of north korea in a show of force the war planes took off from the u.s. territory of guam and risk ordered by fighter jets based in the american military base in okinawa they flew over the waters east of north korea the closest they've
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come to the demilitarized zone in the twenty first century and our other headlines turkey's parliament has extended the mandate for its military deployment to iraq in syria and a special session convened in response to monday's kurdish independence vote the turkish army is also continuing its highly visible military drill near the border with iraq. france says it's willing to work with other nations on ways to stop iran's missile launches which it's calling de stabilizing it comes off to iranian state media as footage of what they say is the successful test of a new ballistic missile. amnesty international says range of villages a still being burned in myanmar contradicting the government's statements that military operations have ended the human rights group says new satellite images and video shows smoke rising from range of villages. in the castle i'm government says it won't be handing over control of the regional police forces ahead of october's referendum on independence from spain the spanish government has called the vote
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illegal and says it will begin coordinating all police efforts to crack down on the preparations well that's it for myself from the team here in london your speed with all of our top stories but there is more news coming out from doha in about an hour's time stay with us. that's where every. tens of thousands of demonstrations erupt across china each year driven by anger over corruption and the illegal sale of communal land most protests fail to make an impact but in two thousand and eleven one village.


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