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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 24, 2017 10:00am-10:34am AST

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time for a man has decided to break with tradition and train to sail competitively we want to present a positive image and. expect. for them it's about more than just racing you can still be a good woman and also a very talented sailor going off around the world showing everybody how strong omani people are al jazeera world meets the first female sailing crew in the gulf sailing at this time on al-jazeera. a new threat aimed at north korea along with a show of force from the united states as the u.n. calls for a political solution to the situation. hello i'm adrian for again this is al-jazeera live from doha also coming up. i'm joined
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now in southeastern bangladesh where refugees continue to arrive hourly from me and just across the water polls open in germany's general election voters deciding if angle a muckle will win a fourth chancellor plus. i'm tanya page reporting from south africa with these grannies are fighting old age with fox saying. the insults between north korea and the united states have ramped up as both flex their muscle u.s. president donald trump took to twitter again to call north korea's leader the rocket man he warned kim jong un and his foreign minister that they won't be around much longer if the rhetoric continues the threat came after north korea's foreign minister whole spoke at the u.n. general assembly. the u.s.
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also put on a show of force in the korean peninsula by flying bombers north of the demilitarized zone the un secretary general met with called for a deescalation will raise rhetoric was a tit for tat response to trump's address last week at the united nations our diplomatic editor james bays reports. to peoples republic of korea this was the podium where four days earlier president trump threatened to totally destroy north korea now it was time for the country's top diplomat to give his blistering reply. due to his lack of basic common knowledge and proper sentiment he tried to insult the supreme dignity of my country by referring to it as a rocket by doing so however he committed an irreversible mistake of making our rockets visit to the entire u.s. mainland inevitable all the more none other than trump himself is on a suicide mission this clearly rankled the north koreans rocket man
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is on a suicide mission for himself the foreign minister kamal quipped with nicknames of his own. you are. all alone the person who is chastised even by americans as commander in grief lion king president evil is holding the seat of the us presidency and the dangerous reality that the gambler who grew old using threats frauds and all other schemes to acquire a patch of land holds the nuclear button these are what constitute the grave this threat to international peace and security today. north korea has proved once again it won't back down in five days of diplomacy in new york this crisis has got worse not better diplomats feel the situation is dangerous the insults being hurled may sound like schoolyard language but the u.s. has carried out a show of force with jets and bombers flying close to north korea's eastern coast
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and there's talk of north korea carrying out an atmospheric nuclear test that's a dangerous proposition which will be conducted in the pacific ocean unlike the previous six nuclear tests which were contained underground the u.n. secretary general antonio good terrorists who had a rare meeting with a north korean foreign minister after his speech has warned there's now a real risk of miscalculation leading to conflict james pays out of the united nations south korea and japan share a fear of being on the receiving end of the threats from north korea right macbride has been a so-called friendship festival in tokyo to gauge the level of alarm that. this is an annual event meant to celebrate the close cultural ties between south korea and japan in reality it is a relationship that is often troubled diplomatically but according to the governments of the two countries it has never been more important to be working
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closely together given the shared threat of north korea around the possibility that the standoff could turn into some kind of. flecked the people in japan know that given their proximity to the korean peninsula and also that close alliance with the united states it's almost inconceivable that they would be able to stay out of any conflict and people here do look with increasing alarm at the kind of personal rhetoric and war of words that's going on between kim jong un of north korea and president trump of the us. as adults you should use peaceful means such as diplomacy to settle this matter. if you continue to provoke each other it's a problem that could escalate into something horrible what concerns people here especially is now north korea setting off some sort of nuclear device over the pacific ocean presumably being launched on a missile that would have to fly over the top of japan in recent weeks japan has
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already experienced two missiles being fired over its territory having a missile carrying a nuclear warhead takes things to a whole new and very dangerous level. the head of the un's refugee agency has been meeting people in bangladesh camps they've told from a program day about alleged murder rape and violence in myanmar's rakhine state our correspondent john howard has been hearing similar accounts from people in technology in southeastern bangladesh. the new arrivals well over four hundred muslim or hindu have fled ethnic cleansing in me and in just the past month and that number is rising daily. i don't have any expectations of bangladesh i just came here to save my life. and
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i've seen a beggar makes planes through her tears that her husband and brother were killed when the military laid waste to her village. this is one of several entry points into bangladesh a busy water taxi route from sharp poori island to the mainland many rangers have crossed the nafs river from me in march. and into bangladesh this way. gathered on the water's edge the members of a large family who fled their homes two days ago during what the me and my military calls clearance operations. we were totally blockaded in our village they wouldn't allow us out and we began to run out of food and you know. mix planes what happened next. the army surrounded our village and set it alight our husbands and sons were slaughtered we ran away to save our lives we
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can take anything with us except what we were wearing. and then she adds some brutal detail. if they found a woman they'd rape her and then throw her away so she couldn't be found they did this in village after village at this point two things become clear the first is that the exodus of britain. while down from its peak is still going on the second is that the number of people who lost their lives inside myanmar may be extremely high so many of the people arriving now are young mothers with children there aren't nearly enough husbands brothers of fathers and despite statements to the contrary by the government of and sang suchi the violence across the water goes on jonah how al-jazeera bangladesh shock is turning to anger among refugees pouring into bangladesh some are calling for an armed struggle against me and forces nicholas reports inside this bag is
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a twelve year old girl she's being carried to the camp by her cousins after crossing the border. such a big me and more soldiers slit her brother's sproat they then came after her her cousins won't say exactly what they did to fetch of a since she's been unable to speak eat or drink. whatever they did has put her in the state of shock the long sons who choose responsible for all this she's responsible for the killings for the violence against our people. just supported the nobel laureate hoping she would bring an end to their persecution instead mob attacks led by buddhist monks and the military against their community have intensified since she came to power in two thousand and fifteen despite their return to democracy they can vote go to school or practice their religion freely learning i want my no more and this is the are just salvation army formally known
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as keen as secular militant group responsible for the august attacks against the me and maher security forces their leader ayatollah continues to call on all men and women to fight what they describe as the brutal regime of young go on and and then to the oppression of religious. we met one of the group's members in a secret location. it's the first time they accept to talk publicly he says they have no choice but to take up arms in order to stop what they describe as the start of a genocide against their people. if they don't give us our rights if they keep killing our people raping all women then yes there will be more attacks to come this is our land and we will fight back. more as response to the group's attack is described by the un as textbook ethnic cleansing the group is ill equipped and has few weapons it is no match to me and most military might but it has the support of many
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refugees people stateless and in limbo. who continue to suffer of unspeakable violence. nicholas hark al jazeera at the bangladesh me and more border . polls open in germany just over an hour ago in a general election that is expected to see chancellor angela merkel win a fourth term in office but a third of voters are still undecided feeling uncertainty about what kind of ruling coalition will emerge from the vote merkel's main challenger martin schulz has urged germans to boycott the far right anti integration f.t. party let's take you live now to berlin laurence li is there is lawrence a shoo in for a fourth term is it a foregone conclusion. well i mean it would have to mean that every single
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opinion poll from germany's extremely well respected pollsters is wrong by about fifteen points i mean all of them have said more or less exactly the same week after week and so you know it's almost a foregone conclusion. policy will win by about about sort of twelve fifteen points the question some of the germans are mystic politics is what happens this far right policy most of the power they hold because it looks like they might end up getting the third highest share of the votes and clearly i think given. knows that she's she's going to win she will already have been thinking about what sort of coalition she'd like if it's a continuation of what exists at the moment which is between the center right and center left then the f.t. on the far right become the official position which i daresay that you don't want to happen and so the way around that and it's ok for her to do this since she's basically a social democrat a selfish from the local to go into coalition not with the sense of left but with
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some other parties instead which would then push the sensor left into the opposition role and push the idea of the further down the list so she's got a way around it but i think i think by and large passed expected victory i think i think on the most basic level you can you can see this is being a vote of for stability for the german people partly for their own domestic politics and partly because they recognize that things are going very badly wrong as you just been reporting in the last ten minutes on this bullet in all over the world and they want to see a german chancellor who can actually carry the battle for liberal and reasonable democracy or in some sort about the historical significance that of a fourth term in office for anglo merkel and where this puts. globally in terms if you like in the in the rankings of world leaders. well i mean you know the only person who would have held power in germany for anything lots of months on helmut kohl who clearly was what was the father of modern germany
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and took it through and if. she don't call me will mummy for you know for nothing in germany they regard by and large as being and i mean essential stabilizing force policy isn't anything like as popular as she is and if you look across europe there is no other european politician in the twenty first century who can hold a candle to her in terms of the longevity or legacy or popularity i think try to imagine another conservative politician who could have taken a million refugees anywhere in europe and actually have to survive politically so she's pulled off a lot of things but in some of the global position if she looks out of the window she can see the united states in a in a in a big stroller situation and the u.k. falling apart so it doesn't know what is going with. in france is deeply involved in domestic politics and you have all these issues like north korea and climate change and iran and the situation with russia and china and you know she is effectively now the most important democratically elected politician in
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a stable country and so there is enormous weight of responsibility on the shoulders lawrence many thanks laura see there live in berlin we're going to weather update next here i'll just then catalonia campaign for independence from spain the dread to take control of the region's police force. plus a show of force by turkey on the border with iraq ahead of the kurds independence vote. hello and welcome back across europe we have a low pressure center across the central areas with them some quite nasty storms associated with a high pressure area which is trying to push back into wards the west and certainly hold out some of these fronts towards the northwest look at the forecast this
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frontal system pushing towards western parts the u.k. much of dry and find london there are twenty one which isn't too bad for this time of the warm air coming up from the south a woman in madrid we've got some showers for ukraine care of there could see one or two downpours decent temperatures across parts of greece and turkey not contingent head on through into monday with some pretty heavy showers down through the adriatic and the balkans as we head into north africa the risk of showers developing through the gulf of sirte certainly showers on sunday will clear through but those shows are moving into tripoli karo looks as should be quite person i would temperatures into the low thirty's for central parts of africa we still have lots of charity extending from down through towards cameroon and as far south as good bone further towards the west we've got some showers affecting west africa money may see the odd downpour across southern portions it's looking largely dry and fine here plenty of sunshine highs of seventeen in cape town.
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again the top stories on al jazeera tension in the korean peninsula shows no sign
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of abating north korea's foreign minister has delivered a tit for tat response to donald trump's threats at the united nations general assembly and u.s. promise of flown north of the demilitarized zone in a show of force. the head of the un's refugee agency has been meeting with people in bangladeshi camps they told grandy about the murder rape and violence they say is happening in a kind state. vs heading to the polls in germany today for the general election chancellor angela merkel expects to win a fourth term in office there is uncertainty about what kind of ruling coalition will and third of voters still undecided. control of the police force has been taken away from catalan regional authorities it's the latest move by the spanish government ahead of an independence referendum in a week madrid says the vote is illegal that is deploying thousands of extra police
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officers campana whole reports from barcelona. these are the two letters fueling a political crisis. is spanish for yes a vote for catalonia to break away from spain. so. this is a revolution to achieve a yes vote and it's a revolution to be allowed to vote. catalonian authorities already have limited powers to run the region's affairs but of course the referendum on full independence next weekend but the spanish government has ordered police and state prosecutors to block the vote the left wing c u p party is one of many pushing for separation but them rebellion against central government is also a fiesta. this is a peaceful revolution we want to change the system but not continue the cycle of violence. has been plenty of campaigning for the yes but the no campaign
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simply doesn't exist and that's because the central government has declared the referendum illegal and not as men there's been no serious public despite. political pros and cons of independence. at the market in barcelona is working class sounds neighborhood that lack of debate has left some. i'm originally from the other side of the country in western spain settled in barcelona forty years ago he sells cured ham from his hometown one hundred kilometers away his blood sample i'm not really clear yes or no no i've decided to convince me we're pretty good how we are i'm just not sure things would be better with independence. a few stalls away home grown produce displayed in the catalan language greengrocer delfin paris is catalan born them brit but he
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has. little tolerance for any politician where. we've got farm work to do and we haven't got time for all this i know nothing about politics i just hope everything turns out ok you know. but others express louder opinions everynight vast alone is balconies protest at what they see heavy handed tactics a drumbeat. and. pedal out his ear or barcelona spain. turkey's parliament has renewed a mandate allowing military intervention in iraq and syria it's being seen as a final warning against the kurdish independence vote on monday turkey's prime minister. has called the poll on the stake as one of consequences and simmons' reports now from. more forces have now been deployed on turkey's border with iraq
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it's no coincidence this exercise started in the run up to the iraqi kurds referendum on independence. turkey's parliament has now approved the extension of an existing mandate for military intervention in iraq one of several options the details of which have yet to be disclosed. the steps will be taken in close cooperation with iraq iran and other neighboring countries these measures will have diplomatic political economic and security dimensions. the tension has tempered excitement among turkey's minority kurdish population here india but care where there's been violence and dissent for decades many kurds feel weary and anxious about the future the ancient walls of the old city along with temporary fencing mark out no go areas in some poor districts security operations
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have involved houses being demolished it follows a move by the kurdish armed group ekk to bring the long running conflict to urban areas as a result kurds who have no connection to the violence have lost their homes while history hasn't treated the kurds at all kindly there are underlying fears here that a referendum in iraq on the dream of independence could present more nightmares and for some here they've had enough nightmares for a lifetime but magnet dar is defiant he's refusing to move from his home that's earmarked for demolition and he's turned down compensation he believes it's right to have the iraqi referendum now. i'm in favor of the referendum as kurds we should have our rights here the turkish state puts pressure on us oppressing us i even consider moving to iraq now but.
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aside from a demolition there are teams now working on urban regeneration projects in this city that's home to around a million kurds but there's a real danger though there's an independent spoke by kurds next door in iraq may prove to be more of a hindrance than a help. andrew symonds al jazeera the advocate. syria's foreign minister claims that his government is close to a military victory after more than six years of war walid muallem made the remarks in his united nations address in new york multiple investigations and concluded that syrian government forces have targeted civilians and used banned chemical weapons during the conflict but while i'm denied the claims and criticized the u.s. led coalition. there from protests in mexico after reports that partly collapsed buildings were bodies could still be buried will be demolished five days after a huge earthquake hit village of support demonstrating calling for rescue efforts
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to continue the number of confirmed dead is now close to three hundred following a seven point one magnitude quake. u.s. federal aid has now begun to arrive in puerto rico as emergency services continue to grapple with the devastation left by hurricane maria eleven ships have entered the main port bringing in cots food and over six million liters of drinking water more ships are expected to arrive throughout the week the storm hit the u.s. territory on wednesday bringing widespread flooding and strong winds president donald trump is being accused of trying to divide sports in the united states within twelve hours he's attacked players from the n.f.l. and the n.b.a. and those leagues have been hitting back as elise homan reports. for an american president who's already signed division throughout the country sports became his latest battleground the comments made by donald trump on friday night in alabama continue to echo through the country to most watch sports lead when you love to see
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one of these. when somebody disrespects our flag this is a get that son of a the field right now out these fires. trump was attacking n.f.l. players who have been kneeling during the national anthem to protest racial injustice then on saturday morning he disinvited n.b.a. star stephan curry to the white house on twitter. commanding and imply everybody has spoken up and so what we're supposed to do was to continue this conversation and have it from o.j. is a white house visit is a tradition for a championship winning sports sides that carries golden state warriors issued a statement saying the instead use their planned visit to washington to quote celebrate equality diversity and inclusion we would in normal times very easily be able to set aside political differences and go visit and have
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a great time and. be awesome but these are not ordinary times the response of cleveland cavaliers down the bron james to trump on twitter calling him a bum has attracted more than one point two million likes we all know how much sports brings us together how much passion has how much we love and caring you know the friendships and everything that he creates a for him to try to use this platform to divide us even more. is not something i can stand for. on saturday oakland athletics concha bruce maxwell became the first major league baseball player to kneel during the national anthem the way i did it was to symbolize the fact that i'm leaving for college but at the but i'm in no way or form disrespecting my country or my flag. there are seven n.f.l. owners who each donated one million dollars to trump's presidential campaign but along with the league imply is association several clubs issued statements on saturday critical of his comments trump those saved his third tweet of the day on
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the issue for the league's commissioner roger goodell roger goodell of n.f.l. just put out a statement trying to justify the total disrespect to certain players showed country tell them to stand there are fourteen n.f.l. games shuttled to sunday how many of those players choose to neil will now be the focus uli's home an al-jazeera. as you get older you can perhaps be excused for slowing down a little but not some energetic grannies in south africa who had to determine to keep their bodies and minds healthy start their page report. training start slightly but the pace picks up quickly as these grannies work out a long life time of frustration. at eighty five years old intombi saw what trains as hard as anyone who children and grandchildren have told her to stop but having given up football and running
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because they made her too hot she's refused saying boxing is hope passion. i feel so good i feel fresh a pledge this side and the side like this and like that i really love this i don't like things like soccer because i break. the coach claude says they're gaining strength flexibility coordination and a lot more because it's confidence it's you know the more that you feel a. little more energetic. life will go for. your brother who is appropriate for these ladies and i take their training very seriously and i think i would want to get in the ring with gladys anytime so. at sixty nine gladys is one of the youngest. to.
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take. my place. but. i feel better than. the other gladys at training is seventy seven years old she's ready for any trouble that comes her way. so. that sound advice fighting off. a lot of fun doing it. it is good to have you with us hello adrian finnegan the top stories this hour
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al-jazeera tension in the korean peninsula shows no sign of abating u.s. bombers of flow north of the demilitarized zone in a show of force and north korea's foreign minister has delivered a tit for tat response to donald trump's threats at the united nations general assembly. he try to insult. my country by referring it to a rocket by doing so however. an irreversible mistake of. rockets visit. oldham or none other than trump himself on a suicide mission. the head of the un's refugee agency has been meeting with people in bangladeshi camps they've told. about the murder rape and violence that they say is happening in the state. polls are open in germany's general election chancellor
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angela merkel is expected to win a fourth term in office but there's uncertainty about what kind of ruling coalition will emerge a third of voters are still undecided. the spanish central government has placed cattle and police under its command in another bid to try to block next weekend's independence referendum catalan leaders have opposed the move calling it an unacceptable interference by madrid spain is sending an extra three to four thousand police officers to catalonia to try to block the vote that the protests in mexico after reports the party collapsed buildings when bodies could still be buried will be demolished five days after the huge earthquake that the number of confirmed dead is now close to three hundred following the seven point one magnitude quake u.s. federal aid began to arrive in puerto rico as emergency services continue to grapple with the devastation left by hurricane maria eleven ships of the main port bringing in cots food and over six million liters of drinking water.
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and those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after today's inside story next. thank. you dan the difference. and the similarities of cultures across the world. al-jazeera. just days after the u.s. president calderon a rogue nation tehran says it has successfully tested and ballistic missile but what will that mean for the landmark twenty fifteen nuclear agreement this is inside story.


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