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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 24, 2017 1:00pm-2:00pm AST

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forms over. so we thank you so much. to get it because it's a. new year and many new defendant. months for this chinese villages fledgling democracy the village committee has retrieved people's land but approval is fleeting the frustration grips the villagers and as the saga began over a year before revolt is in the air police called. for a six part series filmed over five years to come china's democracy experiment at
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this time on al-jazeera and. discover a wealth of award winning programming from around the world the military and the government of blocking people because they have something really horrible to hockey challenge your perceptions and at that point the relationship and their political project came to an end paul full documentary was debates and discussions about feeling of freedom and exploring that for you know it was very exciting al-jazeera . and.
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he's decided to break with tradition and train to sail competitively maybe not that we want to present a positive image and to use this to your typical expectation of women for them it's about more than just racing yes you can still be a good amani woman and also a very talented sailor going off around the world showing everybody how strong omani people are al jazeera world meets the first female sailing crew in the gulf sailing stop at this time on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. and i'm richelle carey this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes more insults and threats from the u.s.
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and north korean leadership as pyongyang tells the u.n. its nuclear weapons are to prevent an american attack. i'm joined now in southeastern bangladesh where refugees continue to arrive hourly from me and just across the water. germany's federal elections are underway were voters voters will decide of on the merkel when a fourth term as chancellor plus i'm joining with the latest sports news including . because this guy that we've. put in charge as tough as trying to divide us once again and be a an n.f.l. stars raise their voices off of being attacks by us president don't trump. the insults between north korea and the united states have intensified with a show of force by american bombers over the korean peninsula as president donald
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trump took to toy. again to call north korea's leader the rocket man he warned kim jong un and his foreign minister they won't be around much longer that's a quote if the rhetoric continues the threat came after north korea's foreign minister or radio host spoke at the un general assembly the u.s. also put on a show of force on the korean peninsula by flying farmers north of the demilitarized zone the un secretary general met ri and call for a deescalation iris rhetoric as a response to trauma center us last week at the united nations but if america james base reports democratic people's republic of korea this was the podium where four days earlier president trump threatened to totally destroy north korea now it was time for the country's top diplomat to give his blistering reply. due to his lack of basic common knowledge and proper sentiment he tried to insult
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the supreme dignity of my country by referring to it as a rocket by doing so however he committed an irreversible mistake of making our rockets visit to the entire u.s. mainland inevitable all the more none other than trump himself is on a suicide mission this clearly rankled the north koreans rocket man is on a suicide mission for himself the foreign minister kamal quipped with nicknames of his own. us the moral online the person who is chastised even by americans as commander in grief lion king president evil is holding the seat of the us presidency and the dangerous reality that the gambler who grew old using threats frauds and all other schemes to acquire a patch of land holds the nuclear button these are what constitute the greatest threat to international peace and security today. north korea has proved once again
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it won't back down in five days of diplomacy in new york this crisis has got worse not better diplomats feel the situation is dangerous the insults being hurled may sound like schoolyard language but the u.s. has carried out a show of force with jets and bombers flying close to north korea's eastern coast and there's talk of north korea carrying out an atmospheric nuclear test that's a dangerous proposition which will be conducted in the pacific ocean unlike the previous six nuclear tests which were contained underground the u.n. secretary general antonio good terrorists who had a rare meeting with a north korean foreign minister after his speech has warned there's now a real risk of miscalculation leading to conflict james phase out zero of the united nations. south korea and japan have share a fear of being on the receiving end of those threats from north korea problem pride went to the so-called friendship festival in tokyo to gauge the level of
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alarm. this is an annual event meant to celebrate the close cultural ties between south korea and japan in reality it is a relationship that is often troubled diplomatically but according to the governments of the two countries it has never been more important to be working closely together given the shared threat of north korea around the possibility that the standoff could turn into some kind of conflict the people in japan know that given their proximity to the korean peninsula and also that close alliance with the united states it's almost inconceivable that they would be able to stay out of any conflict and people here do look with increasing alarm at the kind of personal rhetoric and war of words that's going on between kim jong un of north korea and president trump of the us. as adults we should use peaceful means such as to play missy to settle this matter. if you continue to provoke each other it's
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a problem that could escalate into something horrible what concerns people here especially is now told by north korea setting off some sort of nuclear device over the pacific ocean a presumably being launched on a missile that would have to fly over the top of japan in recent weeks japan has already experienced two missiles being fired over its territory having a missile not carrying a nuclear warhead takes things to a whole new and very dangerous level. the head of the un's refugee agency has been meeting or henge of refugees and bangladeshi camps they have told the program they about murder rape and violence and the inmarsat kind state our correspondent john hall has been hearing similar accounts from people and technology and south eastern angle a dash. these are new arrivals
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well over four hundred muslim or hindu have fled ethnic cleansing in me and in just the past month and that number is rising daily. i don't have any expectations of bangladesh i just came here to save my life and i've seen a beggar makes planes through her tears that her husband and brother were killed when the military laid waste to her village. this is one of several entry points into bangladesh a busy water taxi route from sharp poori island to the mainland many ranger have crossed the nafs river from me and to shop and into bangladesh this way. gathered on the water's edge the members of a large family who fled their homes two days ago during what the me and my military calls clearance operations. we were totally blockaded in our
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village they wouldn't allow us out and we began to run out of food and you know. suman a beggar makes planes what happened next. the army surrounded our village and set it alight our husbands and sons were slaughtered we ran away to save our lives we can take anything with us except what we were wearing. and then she adds some brutal detail. if they found a woman they'd rape her and then throw her away so she couldn't be found they did this in village after village at this point two things become clear the first is that the exodus of britain. while down from its peak is still going on the second is that the number of people who've lost their lives inside me and may be extremely high so many of the people arriving now are young mothers with children there aren't nearly enough husbands brothers of fathers. and despite statements to the
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contrary by the government of and sang suchi the violence across the water goes on . i asked sue mana and her sister if more people would be making the crossing. yes they replied in unison many more people are preparing to leave jonah hill al-jazeera bangladesh. certainly and mars government seems to have a lot of domestic public support in a moment we'll go live to scott high learning and go on who is a pro-government rally first though let's bring in nicholas hawk from could at palm and bangladesh near the me and mar border so nicholas what is the current situation in those camps. well rachele it's it's a lot less correct chaotic as it was a few days ago the bangladeshi army has been deployed they've been patrolling the area they've also set up checkpoints to check who's coming into the area where the
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refugees are and they've also been moving them closer to one area of the could about took cooked up along the refugee camp we're talking about almost half a million people five hundred thousand range as i have crossed the border in a matter of weeks now one doctor from m.s.f. doctors without borders said that he hadn't seen anything like this that he's seeing cases of adults die on the cusp of dying of dehydration because they don't have enough water to go around right now they're look they're using satellite imagery to try to look at the extent of the people that are in this area to try to regroup them to try to find the amount of relief that is needed in this area in this area of course there's a dozens of aid agencies that are here but there's simply not enough relief going around we followed one young girl that has crossed the border just two days ago this is her story. inside this bag is
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a twelve year old girl she's being carried to the camp by her cousins after crossing the border. such a big me and more soldiers slit her brother's sproat they then came after her her cousins won't say exactly what they did to fetch of a since she's been unable to speak eat or drink whatever they did has put her in the state of shock the long song she is responsible for all this she's responsible for the killings for the violence against our people. just supported the nobel laureate hoping she would bring an end to their persecution instead mob attacks led by but as monks and the military against their community have intensified since she came to power in two thousand and fifteen despite their return to democracy they can vote go to school or practice their religion freely learn no mom i know this is the just salvation army formally known as keen as
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a secular militant group responsible for the august attacks against the me and my security forces their leader told long continues to call on all men and women to fight what they describe as the brutal regime of young go on and and then to the oppression of ranges by yes we met one of the group's members in a secret location it's the first time they accept to talk publicly. he says they have no choice but to take up arms in order to stop what they describe as the start of a genocide against their people. if they don't give us our rights if they keep killing our people raping all women then yes there will be more attacks to come this is our land and we will fight back i mean mars responds to the group's attack is described by the un as textbook ethnic cleansing the group is ill equipped and has few weapons it is no match to me and morris military might but it has the support of
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many ranger refugees people stateless and in limbo. who continue to suffer of unspeakable violence. what more might be coming from our sara they're more attacks planned. well the militant group plans more attacks i asked one of the militants where do they mean by that to how far are they willing to go there could be he said suicide attacks launched against the me in march security forces we were at the border just yesterday and we saw the nothe like our the myanmar forces patrolling the area putting up barbed wire fencing they put landmines on the ground there clearly concerned that there could be some sort of attacks in august this group successfully launched attacks against the border posts they were able to take arms from police stations and so they they believe
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that they can continue and continue their attacks in me and more in order to put up to show a light on their plight they're saying that they supported unsung suchi when she ran for election in two thousand and fifteen and when she was democratically elected but they're disappointed that since she's come to power the mob violence against the range of people by extremist buddhist monks by the military has intensified since the return of democracy in me and more the hate messages have intensified and they feel greatly targeted rangers are not recognized as citizens although they've been there for centuries they're not allowed to vote they're not allowed to go to school they're not allowed to practice their religion freely they don't have access to medical facilities and yet most of the regions that i speak to here feel attached to their land they want to go back to me in war and they'll do
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that at all cost most of the people that we meet in these camps are women and children the men have either been killed in the wreck and states or have been put into camps or the others according to this militant group are fighting for them so they. who are continuing engaging the military and it seems that the mean more security forces are preparing for more attacks to michelle for us and to thank you now. let's go to scott heiler now who joins us live and. maher so scott what is the feeling there as their support continued support for the government even as these things keep happening to the to the right. absolutely yeah no matter and events right in central yangon you know it's sunday afternoon here hundreds of people have come out
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to show their support for the government to show their support for their leader on song suchi you know what we've seen around the country i've been traveling around the last couple of days and there has been a movement a little bit more towards nationalism a lot of people are really standing behind the government you know we heard this big speech from on song she last tuesday she kind of mapped out what she thinks her country needs to do in dealing with this were injured. and then social see what's happening up to that and then what's going to be very interesting is that one thing she said that she really wants to focus on is bringing those refugees back from bangladesh they can prove that they were in myanmar to begin with you know we haven't seen any action on the ground to see this plan on full but that's something that obviously a lot of people are very much focused on because of the suffering we're seeing on the other side of the border as we just heard from from nicholas so that's one thing that the international news looking for also when you speak to people here you know they see is though the way the international media is portraying the story is very different from the way they're seeing the myanmar message controlled by the
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myanmar media here so it's a very different message they see here they say that they want their message to get out a little bit more it's very interesting you know we travel around the central part of the country very different messages you get different messages here in yangon we spoke with someone last evening a young musician who says that. yes he feels a slide towards nationalism but he feels as though that people need to understand the outside world as well but there needs to be a balance about the kind of a feeling we're getting here but yes as you can see behind me very crowded around here that hundreds of people come out to show their support for the government. live and then gone in mark thank you. plenty more ahead in the news hour including a show of force by turkey on the border with iraq ahead of the kurds and dependent boat why there is mounting anger at mexico in the aftermath of that destructive earthquake. and two of the world's greatest tennis players find themselves on the same side of the net chad will have more sport.
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the main challenger to germany's chancellor angela merkel has cast his ballot and the general election social democrat candidate martin shells voted and are selling with his wife he urged people to boycott the far right anti immigration a if tea party poll suggests merkel has a strong lead for a possible fourth term in office but her party is not expected to win a majority feeling uncertainty about what kind of ruling coalition will emerge from all of this lawrence joins us live now from our lens so and it seems that merkel pretty much has this wrapped up so but this isn't some sort of historic context for us. well yes i mean i think one point i would make richelle is that the way the german electoral system works is that it's been designed so that nope it's almost impossible for a single party to have overall control that was brought in after the second world
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war and so they they are fully tuned into the idea of coalition politics so you know the fact that merkel is on the c.d.u. rather led by merkel is on about thirty five percent more or less all the polls indicates that it's inconceivable that she won't win. but the question is what sort of coalition inside german politics are going to form the emergence of the far right alternative for germany which is running at about eleven or twelve percent in the polls they'll have dozens of m.p.'s here in the bundestag the parliament that is something of a problem and i think merkel will have thought already about what sort of shape a coalition will be to try to freeze them out in the far as she can but by and large i think i think inside germany and across the european union this is going to be seen as the end of a relatively satisfactory year for the e.u. because in the netherlands actually the last year now looms france and now here.
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there are far rights and so-called populist movement springing up but they're being held at bay quite successfully by the european center economies are growing again across the european union and the euro zone and i think for for the center of the establishment inside europe this will be the sort of icing on the cake of a year in which they will see the stability in the center has as the summit and been restored continue to broaden this out in global terms how significant is angela merkel right now. what you know i mean if she looks out of the window here and she thinks for a minute about what's happening in the united states i mean patently she can't stand trump and most germans can't stand by that she described his speech at the united nations north korea as quote totally unacceptable she i think is going to try to work with the french president who apparently claims to be able to talk to trump in very direct they're going to have to work together to try to move him on things like climate change and and iran separately because merkel i think is aware
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that is also very very tied into things to do with french labor reform and internal french politics she i think now recognizes that she's the one inside the democratic west carrying the torch really for liberal values you know she decided to sell to take in a million refugees in germany and has managed to get away with it and hold power which is shows how successful a politician she is but if you look at the foreign policy things that the she's confronted with you know. is a total mess trump she can't begin to work out she does have a hotline clearly supports in moscow which is also quite rare on the chinese but i think you know the fact that the party she decided to run for a fourth the day after trump became president actually suggests that you know even if she didn't want to be the leader of the free world she's kind of having to do it anyway. laura slay live for us and our land lines thank you.
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the taliban says it was behind a suicide attack on a nato convoy in afghanistan's capital kabul security sources told al jazeera at least three people were killed and several others injured detonated a car bomb targeting a danish military convoy taliban fighters have escalated attacks in recent months challenging afghanistan's than we stretched security forces syria's foreign minister says his government is close to a military victory after more than six years of war. made the remarks during a speech at the un general assembly in new york multiple investigations have found syrian government forces have targeted civilians and used banned chemical weapons during the conflict but he denied the allegations and criticized the u.s. led coalition. i love you. too much. the so-called international coalition led by the us which was created three years ago to allegedly fight terrorist groups such as i saw has killed many more innocent syrians mostly women
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and children but terrorists and has destroyed vital infrastructure that syrians have worked for years to build it is also used for false first bombs and other internationally prohibited weapons before the eyes of the whole world. joining us on set now as. director of policy analysis at the arab center for research and policy studies thank you for joining us as always so the significance of the fact that it was the syrian foreign minister who was addressing the u.n. general assembly how significant is that if at all i think. this platform important platform is that the community. to. lay out the policy of the city of the regime consenting to the peace process and considering the end to a conflict and clearly he took a very tough position actually on the opposition. to in my opinion he was emboldened by two. issues number one the russian backing of this in the regime
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which managed over the past few months and he was part of city entities from both the opposition and i said. significantly changed since russia and started itself. towards more than sixty percent of syrian territories compared to twenty percent a year ago so that is a major major shift and he was also involved in by the policy of the administration which focuses mainly on the war against iceland and this week. a shift from what the obama administration because the obama administration was more interested in the conflict between the syrian regime and the opposition now from. the. and why this conflict it to me and it's mainly focuses on the war against this is why we have seen many inside administration saying that the future of bashar assad
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doesn't concern us and this is something very close to the position on the future so head of the city of number two actually is that the thumb of mistakes in the program by the sea on. board the syrian opposition and that was translated by the syrian regime as at thirty eight. which actually sought to overthrow the regime or at least to bring to the table of negotiation position. and have put a transition in syria this is something that also with dismissed. together in his speeches that might. have some sort of political transition from bashar al assad does that mean that that is effectively dead that there is no hope for that is what actually sued in the. general assembly when he said that there is no way that we are going to accept political transition to the. syrian
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president bashar assad so i think. by. gaining more stories on the ground on the one hand. the policy of the thumb of messaging on the other hand in opposition to resist for. say that syria does that mean what chance is there. being held to account bashar being held to account for the atrocities that his administration has been accused of course that was the been very much on the well over international community. i'm not sure if western governments will be able to start. dealing with. after all these atrocities that you mention so this question to the international community i should. thank you as always in the.
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u.s. federal aid has begun to arrive in puerto rico as emergency services deal with the devastation left by hurricane maria eleven ships have entered the main port bringing in cots food and more than six million liters of drinking water or ships are expected to arrive during the week every elizondo has more from st lucia one of the caribbean islands hit by the storm. we're here on the island nation of st lucia and it's a staging place for aid operations in to domenica the island of bimini is completely destroyed the situation is very bad there nearly a week after hurricane maria hit that island nation it remains essential he cut off from the outside world in many ways we've heard reports that u.s. military helicopters are flying over the island and literally plucking people to safety to get them evacuated some of the ferries are now just starting to run from
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dominique back here to st lucia and other areas again bringing people for the first time off the island and in to safety now tony because prime minister roosevelt skerritt spoke to the united nations on saturday and he described the situation is in his country like this. all building roofless all water pipes. on route infrastructure destroyed oh hospital. and schools have disappeared beneath the rubble scare it was also very clear on what he says is the underlying issue that caused the hurricanes that have destroyed his country i was. i repeat we are. of the actions of.
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actions that indian joe very existence the situation is beyond desperate the island nation is home to about seventy one thousand people but many don't many kids live abroad in other countries and they've been trying to reach out to see what's happening with their relatives if they're ok if their houses are destroyed and also even if they're still alive. the u.s. has warned of unrest in iraq's kurdish region ahead of monday's a story and dependence referendum preparations for the vote are in full swing despite calls by the u.s. the u.n. and britain to delay it rock central government maintains the referendum is illegal while turkey and iran are warning of consequences. twins us live now from our b.l. and iraq's kurdish region so a hold of this seems to still be going ahead despite all of the pressure that that we just talked to just mention. indeed actually.
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for him president karzai has said that time to talk about postponing the referendum is over this comes after talks between the kurdish region and the central government in baghdad have collapsed on saturday there are many issues between to do sides and actually the kurdish president has been say that is because of those issues that he has called for this non-binding referendum baghdad says. before devote bill says vote and then negotiations now the kurdish president can count on the support of most of the kurdish people here who say that after such a long time it is right it is now the right time to go ahead with the vote. he has dedicated his life to the kurdish flag making a living out of it even after spending two years in saddam hussein's jail but since he started his business twenty one years ago it's never been so good his products
1:44 pm
are selling like hotcakes. wire flags from all countries raised at the u.n. except ours it's enough our children died in the war against i so now they send us the shia paramilitary forces to scare us we are mountain people and we're not afraid of saddam hussein and now we're not afraid of a molecule or. a bill is plastered with kurdish colors there's a spike in national pride ever since the referendum for self-determination was announced kurds also proud of their president muscled barzani who stands firm despite international pressure to postpone the referendum the majority of the five million registered voters are expected to say yes the vote is also taking place in the disputed territories currently under control of the kurdish forces but one of the biggest challenges is that most of the people from those areas and now scattered around the kurdish region many of them living in camps here there is none
1:45 pm
of the joy celebration seen just a short drive away what is more worried about the fate of her son she hasn't heard from him since he was captured by i still about a year ago from the town of sin. we already lost town on neighbors the life we've known for thirty or forty years we will say yes but who knows if we look at our rights we from the disputed areas are lost we want someone who will be able to stare us to safety an estimated three hundred thousand displaced iraqis will vote in one thousand camps across the region their ballots will go through a special procedure. for example this is the ballot. yes then it's put into an empty. the secrecy this envelope will go into another with a name and ration card number once checked if the name is on the registry we will counter it and if not we will throw it away. but for kurds this is
1:46 pm
a historic moment once they have been waiting for for a lifetime even if known by for many this referendum is the last step before declaring independence so heard how my earlier in baghdad with baghdad be affected by this. i'm sorry could you repeat the question please sir i said how how might relations and baghdad be affected by this. well i couldn't really hear your full question this is one of the problems of live t.v. about what i can tell you is that what you've been hearing all along from baghdad is actually writes a condemnation of the central government saying that this is an uncle to choose an old move a few days ago we had the supreme court saying issue no state order which is a temporary order calling on the suspension of the referendum of this point until
1:47 pm
it ponders more over that question however the response here has been quite the violence throughout the week president masoud barzani has been traveling along the around the kurdish region he also went in some of the disputed territories for example in the town of carnegie which is in diyala along the iranian border and the message has always been to say we will go on with this we've read between the two the kurds very angered that they have not received their share of the federal budget about seventeen percent baghdad saying well that's because the kurds have gone alone and unilaterally oil on the international market you also have the issue that the kurds are angered because throughout the war against isis specifically in mosul where the kurds did play a huge role they did not get the military support from the central government so i
1:48 pm
think at this stage the referendum will go ahead but many people here when you speak to them will tell you that they know things will be difficult they know about the rest of the regional government they say that that is something they expect that there is a lot of disappointment however about the reaction of the international community especially washington many kurds will say we've been one of the best allies we've helped in this war against the wise when the washington not supporting us a publicly ok how to tell any lie for us and our appeal to thank you. and in a few minutes we'll have the weather with everton still also ahead on al-jazeera catalonia campaign for independence from spain leads and try to take control of the region's least force. in the quest for a balance of power with a look at the driving forces behind north korea's anger at last. and after three years without a title show tell you how this call for us chasing a ten million dollar bonus prize.
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from you i mean i mean when it's to an enchanting breeze you're. well away from the americas we still have tropical systems still causing major problems on the other side of the wild this massive cloud here that's a tropical depression so i throw a lot of heavy rain across thailand into northern parts of vietnam over the next couple of days to see some flooding as position of the storm just to the east of hanoi as we go through monday that will push to the north of hanoi bringing those flooding rains in as we go through monday on into choose day so as i say there will be some flooding here and those nasty showers will as a line of the other side of china take a look at bangladesh fifty one millimeters of rain in twenty four hours and another little china still is running up around the foothills of the himalayas there delhi
1:50 pm
sixty one millimeters affright twenty four hours and a little further north where we have seen some very heavy rain coming in across the fall north of india that has caused some flooding in places downpours will continue to go on through the next day also but they should become somewhat light charles we want to see showers into the fall north of india towards the foothills of the himalayas but as we go on through the next couple of days majority of those showers will affect the east of india but also a good parts of the south. the weather sponsored by cattle and place. for the nomadic junk the tribe survival is about reaching their destination if we don't hurry the lever be able to get the top of the story we follow the mongolian herdsmen on a treacherous migration. it's dangerous to the ices of them as they strive to preserve their traditional way of life. we sometimes lose our cattle to get there
1:51 pm
without cold or because of the storm risking it all mongolia at this time on al-jazeera the story that. will probably be the. miners died and we where there were no fanfare television being right on that spot at that time to dismiss some of the times the story of the story unfolds and. i like that in that i want to feel in malaysia like al-jazeera english because the news is not offended and if any of the news or any of it you can watch i like. the i.
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this is al jazeera and these are the top stories this hour the crisis on the korean peninsula shows no signs of abating and north korea's foreign minister has delivered a response to. threats at the united nations general assembly and u.s. bombers have flown north of the demilitarized zone in a show of force ahead of the un's refugee agency has been meeting right henge and bangladeshi camps they say they'll poke around a they told them about rape murder and violence is happening in myanmar's rakhine state. chancellor angela merkel's main challenger marshall's from the social democrats has cast his vote in germany's general election polls expected to win a fourth term in office but there's uncertainty about what kind of ruling coalition will emerge. that the north korea crisis will pretz of total destruction by president trump against pyongyang may seem unprecedented but look at history reminds us why they resonate so strongly in north korea and the early one nine
1:53 pm
hundred fifty s. the u.s. air force undertook a merciless bombing campaign of the north that by its own admission biped out twenty percent of the population the conflict never officially ended but a fragile armistice has been in place since one thousand fifty four along the to militarize zone that's a two and a forty forty kilometer or rather long buffer separating north and south korea and one of the most militarized places on earth the u.s. continues to have a massive military presence and south korea a recent deployment of its bad missile defense system and yet another indication of washington's commitment to seoul now began the angry rhetoric which made headlines around the world a north korean foreign minister a speech at the u.n. also revealed a lot of pyongyang sees the u.s. as a threat. i had no one trying to train our national nuclear force for only tense and purposes is the war deterrent for putting an end to the nuclear threat of the us and for preventing its military invasion our ultimate goal is to stop lease the
1:54 pm
balance of power with the us. on the us started large scale joint military exercises against the d.p. r. k. during the cold war period and increase their scope and aggressive nature after the current war by staging them several times a year and mobilizing more strategic nuclear assets what else could be a bigger threat than violent remarks such as pouring fire and fury total destruction coming from the top of forty of the world's biggest nuclear power the very reason that north korea has to possess nuclear weapons is because of the us we have to strengthen and develop our nuclear force to the current level to cope with the us is that the christin hong who is on the board of directors at the korea policy institute who says western media is ignoring the substance of what our korea is saying it tends to be that the western media focuses almost exclusively on the most you know sort of inflammatory and splashes that all over the media without
1:55 pm
getting to the substance of what north korea is actually saying so what north korea has stated from the rock obama administration era to the present day is that it is willing to suspend its nuclear tests if the united states is willing to suspend its bi annual war exercises with south korea and these are war exercises that north korea deems to provoke at the united states deems that they are business as usual but they simulate invasion and occupation of north korea decapitation of north korean leadership and a nuclear first strike on north korea as well. and so if you're looking at what north korea is actually stating it's stating that it's willing to suspend its broke program not do away with what spend it in exchange for the united states bending it were exercises and so on who is the publisher of korea exposé joins us live on
1:56 pm
skype from seoul we appreciate your time so let's talk about this from a first let's talk about the language and and the rhetoric that seems to just keep being ramped up how does though how those types of insults resonate with north koreans. i'm not sure i would stress unity with north koreans but if you're asking about south koreans here there's a certain sense of disbelief i think the aggression foreign minister actually summed it up rather accurately some time ago yesterday with this morning that it's like watching two children at a kindergarten fighting and if you were to monitor the social media reaction from within south korea it's very much the same there's a feeling that south korea is essentially trapped between two very stable personalities and there really isn't much that south koreans can do to defuse the situation that is north korea has has tried to say that this their program is
1:57 pm
a is for the purposes of defense and what way. well i mean. if you look around the world and look at the countries that have nuclear bombs i don't think you can find a nation that will come out and say they're developing it for an offensive purpose and this is the same for north korea if you look at the history. we see the development of nuclear arms in the korea dating back to one nine hundred eighty s. when it started constructing a nuclear reactor and in the ninety's there was a attempt to try and negotiate with north korea so that it would suspend its development and this is the one thousand nine hundred four agreed framework from the perspective north korea that they feel that america has not lived up to the terms of disagreement it did not deliver light water reactor the north korea was supposed to receive nor what the sanctions against north korea east by the u.s. government so it's in stand there has been disrupted in all of the north korea's
1:58 pm
nuclear development and it really leads to this situation today where north korea is demanding that it's really only doing this as a defensive measure because what they're continuing still ety and duplicity on the side of washington ok it's a long life for us and sell thank you very much. control of the police force has been taken away from catalan regional authorities that is the latest move by the spanish government out of an end the pendants referendum and a week hundred says that it is illegal and as deploying thousands of extra officers john hendren joins us live now from barcelona where the rallies on both sides continue such as what's happening where you are. well i am at a very peaceful protest at the university of barcelona people are being giving these flowers and what they're doing is they're making up posters and believe it or
1:59 pm
not ballots because the government of spain came here and confiscated ten million ballots that people were going to use to vote so i'm going to walk you around to give you a little look at what's going on if i can invite my friends over here this is a poster is illegal here in catalonia it encourages people to vote in the referendum in the government of spain has said that is an illegal act so this is the flag of catalonia this is the regional flag however they would like it to be their national flag and that's what it would be if this referendum were to go through in catalonia which is separate from spain so this entire event and if you look around you can see people of all ages here young not so young. all gathering together and what they're doing is they're making posters they are drawing up ballots and they're preparing for this referendum on october first which the spanish government has said is illegal and they want to express their desire at least to be able to vote for independence not everyone here is necessarily pro
2:00 pm
independence but i bet if i were to ask you would get an enthusiastic response pro independence yes for catalonia we are actually defending their right to vote and most of us are independent but we are mainly the finding a right to vote mainly the gentleman says he's defending his right. to vote as many people are here they want to vote whether that ends up being a vote for independence or not we will find out on october first and john hendren might want to john thank you. let's turn to sport with joe now thank you very much yes some of the biggest names in the u.s. sports are fighting back against president donald trump and the slice of twelve hours he launched attacks against players from the n.f.l. and the n.b.a. home and reports. for an american president who's already saw a division throughout the country sports became his latest battleground the
2:01 pm
comments made by donald trump on friday night in alabama continue to echo through the country's two most watch sports leagues would you love to see one of these n.f.l. owners when somebody disrespects our flag to say get that son of a the field right now out these fires. trump was attacking n.f.l. players who have been kneeling during the national anthem to protest racial injustice then on saturday morning he disinvited n.b.a. star stephan curry to the white house on twitter. commending and implied everybody has spoken up and so what we're supposed to do was to continue this conversation and have it from o.j. is a white house visit is a tradition for a championship winning sports sides but carries golden state warriors issued a statement saying the instead use their planned visit to washington to quote celebrate equality diversity and inclusion we would in normal times very
2:02 pm
easily be able to set aside political differences and go visit and have a great time and. be awesome but these are not ordinary times the response of cleveland cavaliers style of bron james to trump on twitter calling him a bum has attracted more than one point two million likes we all know how much sports brings us together how much passion has how much we love and caring you know the friendships and everything every creates and for him to try to use this platform to divide us even more. is not something i could stand for. on saturday oakland athletics catch a breeze maxwell became the first major league baseball player to kneel during the national anthem the way i did it was december lies a fact that i'm leaving for college but at the but i'm in no way or form disrespecting my country or my flag. there are seven n.f.l. owners who each tonight had one million dollars to trump's presidential campaign
2:03 pm
but along with the league and the players' association several clubs issued statements on saturday critical of his comments trump though he saved his third tweet of the day on the issue for the league's commissioner roger goodell of n.f.l. just put out a statement trying to justify the total disrespect to certain players showed country tell them to stand there are fourteen n.f.l. games shuttled to sunday how many of those players choose to neil will now be the focus uli's home an al-jazeera. and in fact this fight is just going on and on because donald trump has just tweeted again on this issue if n.f.l. fans refuse to go to games until players stop disrespecting our flag and country you will see change take place fall fast fire or suspend i'm sure there'll be plenty of pull back from that we will bring it to you as it happens will kenya's keep chugging has won his second burleigh in marathon the two thousand and sixteen
2:04 pm
olympic gold medalist was targeting the marathon world record but fell thirty seven seconds short in where whether he crossed the finish line into i was three minutes and thirty four seconds ethiopian gloria dolla was twelve seconds behind in second place making the fastest marathon debut in history. kenya's football federation has blamed its governments lack of investment in infrastructure after the country was stripped of next year's african nations championship kenya was set to host the buy annual event for locally bass players in january but after inspections the confederation of african football have decided they aren't ready. regarding this year's chan competition we've decided in the interests of football because of doubts over planning whether it's about sports infrastructure or the political atmosphere in kenya that we can't take the risk to leave the competition in the country we will open the tender to those who want to organize this competition in the next week countries can nominate themselves with
2:05 pm
a guarantee from their governments there will be an inspection visit in the next ten days a consultation with the members of caf in the next fifteen days at the latest we will have a final decision. on politics in spain also very much front and center as the legal leaders barcelona face your rhona in a catalan darby amidst a backdrop of unrest over the state independence to own goals and the lewis suarez strike were enough for barcelona to win the match three nil and move for points clear at the top there were plenty of catalan flags on display at this match also known as former coach pep guardiola may now be at manchester city but he is born and bred catalan and pro independence with catalonia as referendum blocked by spain central government has delivered his message of support to shine a light in the end that this is not about independence it's about the right to decide to vote it's not about independence it's about democracy the needs of the twentieth century a different from the needs of the twenty first century the wishes and desires of
2:06 pm
people from the twenty first century a different from those of the people from the twentieth century and especially after the dictatorship. well on the page as attention was firmly on the race for top spot in the english premier league and city maintained their lead over rivals manchester united on goal difference they beat crystal palace five nil two goals from raheem sterling helped palace to bottom without a point or a goal from six games caroline version eki has put a string of finals losses behind us to successfully defend pan pacific open title going into the final in tokyo against and this does a public chunk of our. last six finals this year but the day to make sure it would be a lucky number seven she would just seventy five minutes to complete a strict rout of the russian and capture her first title of the year ahead third at this event. team europe is now just two wins away from victory at the first ever leave a cup they lead the rest of the world team nine points to three into the final day's
2:07 pm
play in prague and what a tournament it's been for fans saturday saw two of the greatest players in the men's game teaming up for the doubles rafael nadal joined forces with roger federer against american you are jack stock and sam carey the down and federer so often a rivals for grand slam titles so it was great to see the two working together as they one six four one six. the new york yankees are returning to major league baseball's playoffs after missing out last season the yankees and showed their spot with a five one victory over the tronto blue jays they're likely to progress to a wildcard playoff as they travel the boston red sox by four games at the top of american league east. gold's toll championship culminates over the coming hours with one round left to play and two trophies up for grabs in this man paul casey well have an eagle eye on the prize as he looks to end a three year title drought casey has a two stroke lead over kevin kisner and sanders shelf after round three if he wins
2:08 pm
the top championship later he'll also scoop a ten million dollars bonus prize for topping the fed ex cup standings. is the final day of cycling's road world championships the men's road race will be the culmination of the event in norway slovakia is peter sagan who won two previously while titles is among the favorites now sagan will be hoping to get through the race on states unlike these three cyclists at the asian indoor games in turkmenistan a crash in the men's only i'm ruined a chance for victory for saudi arabia turkmenistan and kazakstan china's long chung wing won the race but tuchman has done dominates the medal table with one hundred ninety six medals and that is all you sport for now but to richelle thank you very much as you get older you can be excused for slowing down but not so energetic greenies in south africa who are determined to keep their bodies and minds healthy tanya page reports in johannesburg. training starts lightly but the pace picks
2:09 pm
up quickly as these grannies work out along that life time of frustration. at eighty five years old in time the sort of trains as hard as anyone her children and grandchildren have told her to stop but having given up football and running because they made her too hot she's refused saying boxing is hope passion and now. i feel so good i feel frisch a page this side and the side like this and like that i really love there's a dirty like things like soccer because i will brink. coach claude says they're gaining strength flexibility coordination and a lot more because it's confidence it's. you know the more the. energetic life. working abroad with her approach for good
2:10 pm
for these ladies are tough and i take their training very seriously and i think i would want to get in the ring with gladys and he starts. at sixty nine gladys is one of the youngest when i start to. see. my legs. as good. but. i feel better than. the other gladys at training is seventy seven years old she's ready for any trouble that comes her way. if something. it isn't strong written. is it was one of them would it come to be. given it i thought it might go to support my thinking of anyone. that sound advice but they are
2:11 pm
fighting off old age and having a lot of fun doing it tony a page out just ahead. that's all for me on this news hour keep it here to get us up with more of the day's news talk one of our.
2:12 pm
oh. and your level of look at me just get they do. it really true that they don't they may get a very. busy day but he feel if you look at when you should it be meets you don't just go to the show thought you'd. like but. i need to go to be the name you like a shell or feel that some people just get out is that i did. in the aftermath of civil war peace and reconciliation i remember sitting in the
2:13 pm
absence of justice. people in power honest chilling testimonies of atrocities suggesting all foreign teams have failed to conduct full and proper investigations that could help heal resentment inflicted by conflict. cote d'ivoire partial justice at this time on al jazeera. area. more insults and threats from the u.s. and north korean leadership especially on young tells the un its nuclear weapons ought to prevent an american attack.


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