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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 24, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm AST

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thank. you. russian filmmaker andre explores how putin's russia impacts the very values of the nation the russians are famous for their cultural legacy but can traditional and conservative be the source of stagnation and authoritarian rule why was a super heated by the police but you choose ukraine says homosexuality is the significance of who came to the russian elite is that he's like a fake you who controls the cobra in such a putin's russia at this time on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera.
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shall carry this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes kurds refused to back down from monday's and dependents referendum we will have a live report from our deal. more insults and threats from the u.s. and north korean leaders as pyongyang tells you its nuclear weapons are to prevent an american attack plus they don't just have five or six of these extraneous. i'm a little lucky that i just got dust we examine the sick state of venezuela's oldest pediatric hospital also. i feel better than. also an elderly woman in south africa boxing her way back to good health. with the latest sports news including. because this guy that we've. put in charge has taught us try to divide us once again and be a an n.f.l. stars raise their voices up to being attacked by us president don't trump.
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and the u.s. has warned of unrest in iraq's kurdish region ahead of monday's historic and dependents referendum preparations for the vote are in full swing despite calls by the u.s. and britain to delay it iraq's central government maintains the referendum is illegal all turkey and iran are warning of consequences. from our appeal in iraq's kurdish region so it seems as if this is going to happen tomorrow. yes indeed and actually just a while ago there was a statement statement issued by the regional government here say that the president had met with leaders of the main political faction and the decision was taken that the referendum would not only go ahead in the four kurdish regions but also in the
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disputed territories places like kirkuk and other towns and cities that have been taken over by kurdish forces ever since this war against started now as you said preparations are well underway as we understand it the ballot boxes and papers will soon be distributed to the various polling stations around the kurdish region at twelve thousand of them between the kurdish areas and the disputed areas. ballot boxes. to the camps now this. despite the opposition coming out of baghdad calling this referendum on constitutional but president. is still defiant he says that they will be negotiations after the vote that it's a non-binding vote and there's still plenty of time to talk about all the thorny issues between the two sides and i have to say he has the support of the vast
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majority of kurds many saying we've been hearing all the time that this. it's never a good time for us to express our opinion well since it's never a good time let's just do it now. he has dedicated his life to the kurdish flag making a living out of it even after spending two years in saddam hussein's jail but since he started his business twenty one years ago it's never been so good his products are selling like hotcakes. wire flags from all countries raised at the u.n. except ours it's enough our children died in the war against i so now they send us the shia paramilitary forces to scare us we are mountain people and we're not afraid of saddam hussein and now we're not afraid of a molecule or. a bill is plastered with kurdish colors there's a spike in national ever since the referendum for self-determination was announced kurds also proud of their president muscled barzani who stands firm despite
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international pressure to postpone the referendum the majority of the five million registered voters are expected to say yes the vote is also taking place in the disputed territories currently under control of the kurdish forces but one of the biggest challenges is that most of the people from those areas and now scattered around the kurdish region many of them living in camps. here there is none of the joy celebration seen just a short drive away what is more worried about the fate of her son she hasn't heard from him since he was captured by i still about a year ago from the town of same job. we already lost ohio town on neighbors the life we've known for thirty or forty years we will say yes but who knows if we'll get our rights we from the disputed areas lost at sea we want someone who will be able to stare us to safety an estimated three hundred thousand displaced iraqis will vote in one thousand camps across the region their ballots
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will go through a special procedure. for another one of their example this is the ballot any vote yes or no then is put into an envelope the secrecy on this envelope will go into another with a name and ration card number once checked if the name is on the registering we will count it and if not we will throw it away. but for kurds this is a historic moment once they have been waiting for for a lifetime even if non-binding for many this referendum is the last step before declaring independence. ok so hood it seems that there are various countries in the region that are preparing for this to go ahead we're hearing that a rod has actually stopped halted. all kurdistan flights what else do we know about that. we know actually iran has closed its airspace to all flights coming to
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from the kurdish region there are two airports here. now last week iran had actually threatened to close the border crossings there are three border crossings. a province that has not happened but when you ask people about you know the threats they have been hearing not only from iran but also from turkey many kurds would tell you that is something they expected all along that actually more disappointed with. would be opposition coming out from the international community asking for this referendum to be postponed. at the moment i think this is something people expected here whether it will escalate or not is something i have to just wait and see but kurds have been saying that regardless of all of that they want to go ahead with this referendum are they keep on saying this is a non-binding vote we are just expressing our opinion too to international community as it occurred people exist now. one has to see what iran is going to good
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going to do next is a lot of trade going on between the two sides iran is the second trading partner of the kurdish region is amounts up to four billion dollars per year a lot of interest going on there but i think at the moment kurds will just sit and watch concentrate on the referendum and see what's going to happen next how to dylan made life for us in our he'll go to thank you go now to andrew symonds on the turkey side of the border with the rocket boren thank you very much and so what are turkish politicians saying about this seems that the position of turkey is that they don't want this to happen it is going to happen it seems so what are we hearing from politicians. well but ali you know there in the turkish prime minister has been speaking not long ago talking at a party meeting and saying reiterating really that as far as the turkish leadership
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is concerned this vote will be no avoid it will mean nothing it will be a setback for the region or be more than that for many people and it's in the interests of the leadership he says not the people he is keeping options open in terms of what action. turkey is likely to take you heard from holder referring to the move by iran reported that they were stopping flights at the request of the iraqi government we hear that could be duplicated by turkey along with other measures including what's going on behind me which is an exercise by the turkish military here on the border it's nearly a week old now it was no coincidence it started when the referendum plans going into full swing it will carry on right the way through the voting goes on the military here will be going through the drill for possible cross border operations
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but no indication that that's going to happen imminently it's one of the options that turkey has because it feels that its population could be split with tension as a result of this move taking place in kurdish iraq. any indication andrew how the central government and all respond to this once it actually happens . that isn't clear there's been no specified course of action no actual pinpointed decision making but it could be a wide range of moves it could be economic sanctions that could hurt turkey as well as the kurds in iraq and then also diplomatic and other possible moves and of course the military action potentially which could take place there's another
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aspect to the just that is that there's a real feeling of bitterness towards massoud barzani who was effectively a friend of turkey for many years in the four decades of this conflict here in turkey with the p.k. carry the lord group which has been a war with the turkish government for all of that time forty thousand lives lost in total in four decades conflict and of course the p.k. carries entirely separate it's not a sole allied to bizarreness party and bizarrely is a government they are separate completely and so now there's going to be a big question mark no matter how this ends up politically they're going into an unknown space effectively the turkish government because they've always had bizarrely who was a friend who's been helped by the turkish prime minister today actually said in better words that you want a friend now you are greedy and what you're doing it's a one sided decision so kurds are obviously quite excited by what's going on but
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all of this tension here on the border and run across turkey right now is having an effect on kurds and there are twenty million of them it's the biggest kurdish population in the whole of the middle east it's having an effect on them there's quite. it's certainly toned down any level of real excitement and realisation that there could be a vote for independence in the offing within a matter of. twenty four hours ok andrew symonds live for us and turkey and just to remind our viewers we're actually standing by waiting to hear from barzani as she referenced the kurdistan regional president must be giving a press conference very shortly can say the room is pretty much ready and once he comes out and starts speaking we will take you there live calls to end violence against me and lars for henge a minority are intensifying around the world more than four hundred twenty thousand
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people left fled to boarding bangladesh and less than a month but a scot hyla reports to me and gone there is little sign of solidarity with the right hand and myanmar. this is a rally sunday afternoon here in yangon hundreds of people coming out to show their support for the government to show their support for on song suchi you know this is something we have seen in myanmar over the last several weeks a slide towards nationalism there's so much more many more rallies like this i mean how the cross the country many more here in yangon now it's interesting this is just under a week after on song suchi delivered the first direct speech about the or hinge issue now she got a lot of international criticism for what she said or didn't say in that speech but here in the country here in yang gone there is unwavering support for her and her government what's going to be interesting to see you know we mark a month on monday since this violence started in the rakhine province what we haven't seen though even after the speech last tuesday is action on the ground by this government to say to go through with some of the things that she said last tuesday and one of them is to bring back the people the refugees who crossed over
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the border in bangladesh to bring them back if they can prove that they were from here she said that last tuesday it's something the international community has called for but we haven't seen any action on the ground to see that there's actually something being implemented for that just yet. all right the head of the u.n. refugee agency has been meeting for head to refugees and bangladeshi camps and they have told they about murder rape and violence and me and maurice rakhine state. this has been seems to twenty fifth of august the fastest and most urgent refugee emergency in the world you know the figures but let me repeat them we estimate that four hundred then almost four hundred and thirty thousand refugees from myanmar from northern iraq kind state have poor into bangladesh in the past few week stand for most violence to stop because it is that violence that has
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caused the flight of the people violence has to stop now summer hands are calling for an armed struggle against myanmar forces and reports from the border inside this bag is a twelve year old girl she's being carried to the camp by her cousins after crossing the border. mean more soldiers slit her brother's sproat they then came after her cousin's won't say exactly what they did to fetch him since she's been unable to speak eat or drink whatever they did has put her in the state of shock so young sons who choose responsible for all this she's responsible for the killings for the violence against our people. supported the nobel laureate hoping she would bring an end to their persecution instead mob attacks led by buddhist monks and the military against their community have intensified since she
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came to power in two thousand and fifteen. despite the return to democracy they can't vote go to school or practice their religion freely. this is the just salvation army formerly known as keen as secular militant group responsible for the august attacks against the me and maher security forces their leader ayatollah continues to call on all men and women to fight what they describe as the brutal regime of young go on and and to the oppression of religious. we met one of the group's members in a secret location it's the first time they accept to talk publicly he says they have no choice but to take up arms in order to stop what they describe as the start of a genocide against their people. if they don't give us all rights if they keep killing our people raping all women then yes there will be more attacks to come this is our land we will find. more as response to the group's attack is described by the un as
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textbook ethnic cleansing the group is ill equipped and has few weapons it is no match to me and more as military might but it has the support of many refugees a people stateless and in limbo. who continue to suffer of unspeakable violence. nicholas hoult al jazeera at the bangladesh me and more border three un peacekeepers have been killed in an explosion in northern mali orders news agency says they were escorting a convoy learn explosive device was detonated and others have been seriously injured escapers had been in the region since two thousand and thirteen as part of a mission to stabilize the country falling over. anymore ahead in the news hour including. taking center stage at germany's chancellor votes as she seeks a fourth term in office. and while there is mounting anger in mexico the aftermath
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of a destructive earthquake. and speaking up for cattle on spoke one of the best football managers in the business gives his take on and dependence that's coming up in sport with. the insults between north korea and the united states have intensified with a show of force by american bombers over the korean peninsula as president donald trump took to twitter again to call a north korea's leader rocket man he's warned kim jong un as foreign minister they won't be around much longer that's a quote if the rhetoric continues the threat came after north korea's foreign minister host spoke at the u.n. general assembly the u.s. also put on a show of force on the korean peninsula by flying bombers north of the demilitarized zone the inspector general in that region called for a deescalation raised rhetoric was
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a response to trump's address last week at the united nations and diplomatic editor james space reports democratic people's republic of korea this was the podium where four days earlier president trump threatened to totally destroy north korea now it was time for the country's top diplomat to give his blistering reply. due to his lack of basic common knowledge and proper sentiment he tried to insult the supreme dignity of my country by referring to it as a rocket by doing so however he committed an irreversible mistake of making a rocket's visit to the entire u.s. mainland inevitable all the more none other than trump himself is on a suicide mission this clearly rankled the north koreans rocket man is on a suicide mission for himself the foreign minister came a quipped with nicknames of his own us tomorrow on line the person
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who is chastised even by americans as commander in grief lion king president evil is holding the seat of the us presidency and the dangerous reality that the gambler who grew old using threats frauds and all other schemes to acquire a patch of land holds the nuclear button these are what constitute the greatest threat to international peace and security today. north korea has proved once again it won't back down in five days of diplomacy in new york this crisis has got worse not better diplomats feel the situation is dangerous the insults being hurled may sound like schoolyard language but the u.s. has carried out a show of force with jets and bombers flying close to north korea's eastern coast and there's talk of north korea carrying out an atmospheric nuclear test that's a dangerous proposition which will be conducted in the pacific ocean unlike the previous six nuclear tests which were contained underground the u.n.
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secretary general antonio good terrorists who had a rare meeting with a north korean foreign minister after his speech has warned there's now a real risk of miscalculation leading to conflict james phase out of the united nations. germany's chancellor angela merkel has cast her vote in the general election she is favored to win the center right and come back and leader of the c.d.u. party is expected to earn a fourth term in office telling her party will achieve a majority ruling uncertainty about what kind of ruling coalition will emerge lawrence lee joins us live now from ireland so lawrence a fourth term as chancellor obviously not that common so can you put put this in some sort of context when you think about all the world issues that are going on right now whether it's north korea whether it's russia china take your pick it can you put this the consistency of her term the continuation rather over
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a term in some sort of context. yeah i mean i think the thing the thing to remember richelle is that apparently merkel didn't really want to stand for fourth and she was and she decided to the day after donald trump was elected u.s. presidents because you know i think she basically felt. on some level stand up against what she thinks that he stands for you know their pates and they don't get along at all he doesn't like her. she describes his north korea's speech in the united nations last week as quote totally unacceptable and she's not afraid to tell him exactly what she thinks and and in that she has a vast majority of germans behind it because germans don't like trumpets all and that sort of emblematic really of the role in which she finds itself now when a bomb left office in the states he came to believe in and basically tried to say to her look you've got to be leader of the free world now because trump's in charge in america didn't really want to do it but if she looks around and she sees as you
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say all the all the bad things that are happening everywhere you know that the u.k. is withdrawing because it's america's in a place that no one knows what quite was going to in france. very greatly with domestic issues do things like work reform and there are all these problems that you mentioned all over the world and she's ended up being in a position where she thinks well i kind of got to do it because there's nobody else left and so i think for the germans and certainly for the european union she's a she is a very very important thinking now because she is a sort of a totem of stability liberal democracy and she's actually having to hold that line when so much so many other things are breaking down how concerned about the far right in her own country. well i mean some people would say that she borders on the self by by deciding you know nobody suggested to whether she should do this rather than a self that a million refugees should come to germany and you know have had any other european
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politician tried to do that of any stripe they'd never have stayed in office and so it was an enormous gamble and clearly she's got away with it because she's going to win this election but there has also led to the emergence of the far right alternative for germany is as a new political force and all the opinion polls are saying that they're somewhere between ten and thirteen percent which would give them somewhere between sixty and eighty seats in the parliament here clearly representation which is a very democratic way of doing things means that those people who don't like immigrants and don't like muslims have a right to have their voice heard and so they will have a big bloc in parliament and it's up to merkel and whoever her coalition partners are to try to defeat the middle game and which is which is on things happen in a democracy the question really is whether she carries on as things are which would put the. in the official opposition role or whether she moves away from the coalition with the sense of left which would then become the official opposition and then the christian democrats form
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a coalition with other policies that would sideline alternative for germany in parliaments but it clearly wouldn't sideline the views of all its supporters. live for us in our land on election day thank you lawrence yes federal aid has started to arrive in puerto rico as emergency services deal with the devastation left by hurricane maria eleven ships have entered the main port bringing in cots food and more than six million liters of drinking water and more ships are expected to arrive during the week every elizondo has more from st lucia one of the caribbean islands hit by the storm. we're here on the island nation of st lucia and it's a staging place for aid operations in to domenica the island of domenico is completely destroyed the situation is very bad there nearly a week after hurricane maria hit that island nation it remains essential he cut off from the outside world in many ways we've heard reports that u.s.
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military helicopters are flying over the island and literally plucking people to safety to get them evacuated some of the ferries are now just starting to run from dominique back here to st lucia and other areas again bringing people for the first time off the island and in to some safety now toll many as prime minister roosevelt skerritt spoke to the united nations on saturday and he described the situation is in his country like this. all building roofless all water pipes must on root infrastructure destroyed oh hospital is with. and schools have disappeared beneath the rubble scare it was also very clear on what he says is the underlying issue that caused the hurricanes that have destroyed his country i was dominant the brunt of climate
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change i repeat we have shown were in the consequences of the actions of autos. actions that indian joe very existence the situation on is beyond desperate the island nation is home to about seventy one thousand people but many don't many kids live abroad in other countries and they've been trying to reach out to see what's happening with their relatives if they're ok if their houses are destroyed and also even if they're still alive. all right time now for weather with an ever kind of more about that tropical storm that is heading towards mexico one thing after another i'm afraid there are shell we've got the system just offshore satellite picture shows it quite nicely can see it there just across that western side of mexico one little crumb of consolation i can offer is it's not going to stick around for too long but there it is swirling away making pasta along the coastal fringes within the next twelve hours or so sustained winds of around
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eighty kilometers per hour so lots of very heavy rain to come miss looking like a pretty dodgy twenty four hours there is that what weather along that western side of mexico pushing a little further north was as we go on through monday and then hopefully it should fizzle out and start to brighten one system that's been sticking around though his lead this massive cloud just out in the middle of the lads and that is what you believe have to be one storm in a cold spell we've been talking about maria there you go that's the position of maria they will have some impact right close to the carolinas as we go on through the next couple of days or so there you go thankfully ship be held off shore by this area of high pressure just up towards new york and washington d.c. so blocking high it will block off this area of. wet weather which will come in behind this weather system here look at that for contrast into the thirty's across that eastern side of the u.s. but struggling to get into double figures further west where we have that contrast
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is going to be very wet with a chance of flooding michelle. thanks i returned still ahead on al-jazeera cuttle and his campaign for independence from spain leads madrid to take control of the region's police force that may not have met a lot of thousands rally in paris a day after the french president signed his labor reforms and the law and the olympic marathon champion that targets a new world record in berlin have all the details and support. from the tropics of self these days to the feral islands in the far north atlantic when i went east meets the women who crossed the world for love and state to change a community. at this time went out to zero.
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zero zero zero s. where ever you are. too often on the streets of india when you are victims but a new force is at play. female police officers are combative sexual assault and domestic abuse. but changing society is a challenge and so is life behind the badge for india's lady called. at this time.
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watching al-jazeera let's take a look at the top stories this hour. iran has closed its airspace to all flights and out of iraq's kurdish region as regional tension increases ahead of monday's historic and dependents referendum iraq's central government maintains the vote is illegal while turkey and iran are warning of consequences that of the us refugee agency has been meeting or henge and bangladeshi camps they tell philip oberon day about the murder rape and violence they say is happening in myanmar as for current state germany's chancellor angela merkel has cast her vote in the general election the center right incumbent is expected to win a fourth term in office but her c.d.u. party's unlikely to get a majority so there's uncertainty about what kind of ruling coalition will emerge. as president donald trump is back on the offensive against america's highest profile sports athletes and another tweet early this morning trump appears to encourage his own boycott of the n.f.l.
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saying a fans refuse to go to games until players stop disrespecting our flag in our country you will see change take place fast fire or suspend then a second tweet added the n.f.l. attendance and ratings are way down boring game chest but many stay away because they love our country league should back us so this is actually just a continuation of what started friday when he chastised n.f.l. players who had been needing during the national anthem to protest against racial injustice then on saturday he took back an invitation to n.b.a. star stephan curry to the white house on twitter so for more our white house correspondent kimberly halkett is in washington d.c. and of course this is all happening on sunday which is the big day when the n.f.l. plays in the u.s. so there's been a reaction coming in and from n.f.l. players but also from n.f.l. owners some of whom gave a lot of money to donald trump's campaign so what are we hearing. well i think the
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overarching message from some of the owners as well as the n.f.l. commissioner who of course heads up that league for this american style football is that this is really divisive comments by the president and certainly the feeling is that it is rather unhelpful as you pointed out the some of the top athletes in the united states not just in football but also basketball including le bron james who campaigned for hillary clinton in the last u.s. election have put out their own tweets firing back at the president for injecting himself in the already sort of painful discussion ongoing discussion in the united states over race ridiculing him for those comments and also name calling back themselves this is just sort of the latest manifestation by the president who continues to inject himself into the issue of race in america one that the country seems to be struggling over still and certainly this is something that is not being well received by not only the owners of the head of the n.f.l.
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but also many of the players families their supporters and of course the enormous number of fans that you point out attend these games watch these games very much on a sunday here in the united states so yes these surface this does seem to be a spat between the president the united states and some high profile athletes but issues as you said you know there's a lot of deeper issues here and some would say that this is a distraction but it's really rather also people that would say he the president does this because it fires up his base. well i think what this does if i can stand back from it and i've been watching these tweets in this debate for you know a day or so now i don't think there are any winners here given the fact that african-americans make up two thirds of the players in the n.f.l. and you have to remember that the right to protest the right to speak your mind in
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the united states is a protected right these players have a right to take a knee in the national anthem if they feel that that is what's necessary to highlight the issue of of the need for racial justice in the united states social injustice but at the same time you have other people on the other side of the debate that are saying you know african-americans this is the one place where they shine where they have the opportunity to make millions of dollars and what many are saying is just simply reflect the flag of the country that allows you to do that i think everyone's left unhappy i think this is another incremental step in the painful journey that america is making as it continues to try to overcome racial inequality one that will continue to see i think these kinds of tensions for probably another generation until america gets it right all right kimberly halkett live for us in washington d.c. ken really thank you we'll have much more on that story coming up in sports keep talking about it u.s. president donald trump is
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a travel ban on six muslim majority countries and on sunday but he is expected to announce new restrictions there been protests and legal challenges since the ban began ninety days ago that bar citizens of ron libya somalia sudan syria and yemen from traveling to the u.s. . there's been another show of defiance by supporters of a cattle on independence vote the spanish government says next week's referendum is you legal and is deploying thousands of extra officers john hendren reports from a pro independence rally in barcelona. this is the flag of catalonia this is the regional flag however they would like it to be their national flag and that's what it would be if this referendum were to go through in catalonia which is separate from spain show this entire event and if you look around you can see people of all ages here young not so young. all gathering together and what they're doing is they're making posters they are drawing up ballots and they're preparing for this
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referendum on october first which the spanish government has said is illegal and they want to express their desire at least to be able to vote for independence not everyone here is necessarily pro independence but i bet if i were to ask you would get an enthusiastic response pro independence yes for catalonia we are actually defending their right to vote and most of us are independent but we are mainly the pending a right to vote so mainly the gentleman says he's defending his right to vote as many people are here they want to vote whether that ends up being a vote for independence or not we will find out on october first. so children in venezuela are dying because hospitals can't get medical supplies or afford to maintain the equipment the government says the scale of the crisis has been overstated and as rejecting offers of humanitarian aid a lot america and then got exclusive access to
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a children's hospital in the capital caracas. because in one way that is venezuela's oldest pediatric hospital the only facility which children can receive kidney dialysis in this ward. it's with judas and. only son some well died not from his kidney disease but from the dialysis machine it was contaminated with a deadly bacteria that so far has killed five children to things. we feel tremendous pain seeing a child fight since birth to live just to diabetes. the hospital didn't have the end of buyout eggs and because no one would take measures to fix the contamination problem that was public knowledge. former hospital director dr o'neil this lena discreetly invites us to see what's become of a facility that was venezuela's pride and joy. today only two of the eight lifts work there the same two that go up with patients and come down with dead
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bodies the go up with food and go down with rubbish not a single norm of hygiene is met in this hospital. car doors are full of beds piled on top of each other crucial medical equipment lies idle the doctor says have five or six of these extremists none of them are working just going in dust. the mother of a boy diagnosed with lupus spends the night in this chair she says the hospital is unable to run the tests her son needs but you know my. child and infant mortality have increased thirty percent in one year they're dying from illnesses that are preventable with vaccines and antibiotics and we have neither. and in the absence of both diseases like diptheria tuberculosis malaria and yellow fever are soaring this in an oil rich country where not only lifesaving medicine but also soap to keep the hospital clean of victims of an economic crisis that's taking more lives
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by the day. to see a new an i'll just got access and our series on venezuela continues on monday when was c n n what's the how tens of thousands of people are going hungry and that oil rich country. levin protests in mexico after reports that a partially collapsed building many of them will be demolished five days after a huge earthquake relatives have been demonstrating calling for rescue efforts to continue the number of confirmed dead it's now close to three hundred after that magnitude seven point one earthquake castro reports from mexico city. before dawn the sight of an ambulance gave hope that another survivor had been pulled out of this collapsed office building in mexico city but that was not so the patient was a rescuer who suffered a leg injury then surely before eight a.m. local time a six point two magnitude aftershock sent everyone running from the teetering
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rubble the new quake centered about seven hundred kilometers away halted the rescue operations for about half an hour each minute his counts and volunteers marking their arms with names and blood types as a precaution continue to work without rest you know what i'm. going to sleep i'm tired but what i'm feeling is nothing compared to what the people trapped inside are feeling it can't be compared rescuers believe perhaps six people are still alive under the debris a crane removed a significant portion of the fourth floor once an accounting firm underneath a list of more than forty names of those who are still missing their family members have set up a makeshift camp the family's sleeping here now for more than four nights living off the generosity of strangers who've been bringing food and words of comfort they're clinging to hope even as the hours pass is just. the
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idea that my niece is still alive gives us strength not just her but all the people inside the building was sure she and everyone else will be rescued a lawyer while some families put on a brave face others cannot hide their anguish each moment of waiting an eternity. hi joe castro al jazeera mexico city the taliban says it was behind a suicide attack on a nato convoy in afghanistan's capital kabul security sources told al jazeera at least three people were killed several others injured detonated a car bomb targeting a danish military convoy taliban fighters have escalated attacks in recent months challenging afghanistan's then lee stretch security forces six people have been entered and an acid attack and britain that happened near a shopping center in stratford east london a teenager has been arrested the government has promised action after a series of similar attacks this year with corrosive liquids. thousands of people
4:43 pm
have protested in the french capital about changes to labor laws the president says the reforms all modernize work practices and create jobs critics though say he is destroying workers' rights at the ports from paris. determined to keep pressure on the government supporters marched through powers as opposition to president emanuel mackerels new world continues protesters say the legislation is unfair that it makes it too easy to hire and fire and favors bosses over employees. over the benefits we have fought for and now it's being taken away from us well it's not acceptable. people are working. out and the other one i'm not working i would like to work around and i don't think that they will. make that better. after the march one of the president's faces critics and his main political
4:44 pm
opponent took to the stage the hard left. people to keep fighting for the law to be scrapped. his reforms must be returned. isn't just begun. people protesting a bill very strongly. will destroy the rights of the workers. present. rules stifle competition and kept unemployment higher. balance and some protection with flexibility on friday mcgraw signed a rare executive order forcing through the contentious reforms to avoid months of parliamentary debate the hope is that the changes will make it easier for people like sam weaver the owner of a bike business says expansions been difficult because of high costs and bureaucracy being an entrepreneur and friends is tougher than back home in the united states. doing it in france has become an absolute nightmare hiring somebody
4:45 pm
is so expensive if france really wanted to grow the economy in the way i think they could probably good they need to help the small businesses like my own so that we can employ one to three people if we need you. the president has succeeded in passing his reforms and fulfilled an election campaign promise he's pleased his supporters but he still faces a battle on the streets with al-jazeera. more than fourteen thousand people on the indonesian resort island of bali have been told to move seismologists are warning mount could erupt for the first time in fifty years the last time the volcano erupted it killed more than eleven hundred people and has been visiting people affected and more than bali. the most sacred volcano and valley is rumbling after fifty four years of violence this is the edge of the danger zone and people are still effectuating their animals at the last minute this is their main source
4:46 pm
of income and these farmers are worried that they can't feed their animals and they're staying in the evacuation centers this team is warning people to leave the area immediately and they're also looking for animals that are still left behind like dogs hundreds of tremors and quakes have been felt in the last ten days since the volcano woke up again mount algo is known to be a very explosive again in one thousand and sixty three bio plastic material and lava was put into the air up to ten kilometer villages were destroyed and more than thousand people died more than twenty thousand people are now in these evacuation centers and many others are now staying with relatives the balinese have come out to help those affected by the propane i bring in floods and food and other things they need the tourist area in the south of bali i'm not affected by the full chain of ideas so it is believed that if an eruption happens airports might be closed and then tourism is affected you're starting to see a rupture and it's imminent but nobody knows if and when it will happen. still
4:47 pm
ahead on al-jazeera and sport a closer look at how american stars are fighting back after a device a comment from its president. facing realities your president said that there would be a complete audit a hundred percent ordered that order hasn't happened getting to the heart of the matter so are you saying then that the future of the g.c.c. will be in doubt. here the story. on talk to al-jazeera at this time. i just want to make sure all of our audience is on the same page whether online and more to the u.s. citizens here and what puts people of iraq by one in the same or if you join us on
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sat i was never going to file been looked at differently because i'm dr going all the people but i'm what they say is a dialogue tweet us with hash tag a.j. stream and one of your pitches might make the next show join the global conversation. this time on al-jazeera. the time now for sport with joe michel thank you donald trump has reiterated to stall the n.f.l. players who neil during the national anthem should be fired or suspended the u.s. president tweeted the comments after a day that saw american sports souls fight back against his attacks home and
4:49 pm
reports. for an american president who's already saw a division throughout the country sports became his latest battleground the comments made by donald trump on friday night in alabama continue to echo through the country's two most watch sports leagues when you love to see one of these n.f.l. owners when somebody disrespects our flag this is a get that son of a the field right out this fire trump was attacking n.f.l. players who have been mailing during the national anthem to protest racial injustice he tweeted again on sunday morning if n.f.l. fans refuse to go to games until players stop disrespecting our flag and country you will see change take place fast faya also spend he went on n.f.l. attendance and ratings away down boring games yes but many stay away because they love our country league should back us there are seven n.f.l.
4:50 pm
owners who each donated one million dollars to trump's presidential campaign among them new england patriots c.e.o. robert kraft but even he joined the league and several other tames in a show in critical statements saying i am deeply disappointed by the tone of the comments made by the president on friday our players are intelligent thoughtful and care deeply about our community and i support their right to peacefully effect social change i command and apply everybody that's spoken up that's what we're supposed to do was to continue this conversation and over from o'jays the dispute had also hit basketball on saturday after trump disinvited n.b.a. winning star stephan curry to the white house we would in normal times very easily be able to set aside political differences and go visit and have a great time and. be awesome but these are not ordinary times the response of
4:51 pm
cleveland cavaliers style of bron james. trump on twitter calling him a bum has attracted more than one point two million likes we all know how much sports brings us together how much passion has how much we love and caring you know the friendships and everything that he creates a for him to try to use this platform to divide us even more. is not something i could stand for. on saturday oakland athletics concha bruce maxwell became the first major league baseball player to kneel during the national anthem the way i did it was december lies the fact that i'm leaving for college but when i'm in no way or form disrespecting my country or my flag there are fourteen n.f.l. game shuttled for sunday how many of those players choose to neil will now be the focus hallman al-jazeera well we're beginning to get an answer to that very question the hash tag taken and we're already seeing some players do so these were
4:52 pm
the scenes just moments ago as the baltimore ravens prepared to play the jacksonville jaguars at london's wembley stadium around twenty to twenty five players knelt during the u.s. national anthem many of them locked all four standing again for god save the queen . kenya's eliot could chug he has won his second battle in marathon the two thousand and sixteen olympic gold medalist was targeting the marathon world record and fell thirty seven seconds short whether he crossed the finish line in two hours three minutes and thirty four seconds. a dollar was twelve seconds behind in second place fastest marathon debut in history. well kenya's football federation has blamed its government's lack of investment in infrastructure after the country was stripped of next year's african nations championship kenya was set to host the bi annual event for locally based players in january but after inspections that confederation of african football have decided they aren't ready. to go. regarding
4:53 pm
this year's chan competition we've decided in the interests of football because of doubts over planning whether it's about sports infrastructure or the political atmosphere in kenya that we can't take the risk to leave the competition in the country we will open the tender to those who want to organize this competition in the next week countries can nominate themselves with a guarantee from their governments there will be an inspection visit in the next ten days with a consultation with the members of cath in the next fifteen days at the latest we will have a final decision. and politics in spain also very much front and center as legal leaders barcelona face your owner in a capsule on darby amidst a backdrop of unrest over the state's independence to own goals in the lower suarez strike were enough for barcelona to win the match three nil and move four points clear at the top and there were plenty of catalan flags on display at this match or botswana's former coach pep guardiola may now be at manchester city but he is a born and bred catalan and pro independence with catalonia is referendum blocked
4:54 pm
by spain's central government has delivered his message of support. in the end this is not about independence it's about the right to decide to vote it's not about independence it's about democracy the needs of the twentieth century a different from the needs of the twenty first century the wishes and desires of people from the twenty first century a different from those of the people from the twentieth century and especially after the dictatorship. on the pitch his attention was firmly on the race for top spot in the english premier league and city maintained the lead of rivals manchester united on goal difference crystal palace five nil with two goals from stunning caroline has put a string of finals losses behind as a successfully defend her pan pacific open title going into the final in tokyo against an a study published published change over. the last six finals this year but today we made sure it would be lucky number seven she needed just seventy five
4:55 pm
minutes to complete a straight sets rout of the russian and capture first time to the bee and her third of this event the new york yankees attends a major league baseball's playoffs also missing out last season the yankees ensured their spot with a five one victory over the toronto blue jays they're likely to progress to a wildcard playoff as they trailed boston red sox by four games at the top of american league east. goals toward championship culminates over the coming hours with one round left to play and two trophies up for grabs englishman paul casey will have an eagle eye on the prize as he looks to end a three year title drought casey has a two stroke lead of the kevin kisner and sunday's show follow after round three if he wins the tour championship later he'll also scoop a ten million dollars bonus prize for topping the fed ex cup stanley. and that is all your support for now will have will feel later michel thank you very much as you get older you can be excused for slowing down but not some energetic grannies
4:56 pm
and south africa who are determined to keep their bodies and minds healthy on your page reports on johannesburg. training starts lightly but the pace picks up quickly as these grannies work out a long lifetime of frustration. at eighty five years old intombi sword what trains as hard as anyone her children and grandchildren have told her to stop but having given up football and running because they made her too hot she's refused saying boxing is hope passion and now that. i feel so good i feel fresh a page this side and the side like this and like that i really love this i don't like things like soccer because i break. the coach claude says they're gaining strength flexibility coordination and
4:57 pm
a lot more because it's confidence it's you know the more the feel of. the more energetic i like. working your brain with your preferred for these ladies are tough and i take their training very seriously and i think i would want to get in the ring with gladys anytime so. at sixty nine gladys is one of the youngest when i started to. see. my legs. was good. but now. i feel better than. the other gladder said training is seventy seven years old she's ready for any trouble that comes her way. isn't going to go on but it isn't strong written.
4:58 pm
here is it was one of them would come to me i've given it. my good as if you might think of anyone. that sound advice but they are fighting off old age and having a lot of fun doing it tony a page out is there a johannesburg. and the event we have been waiting for is about to happen the kurdistan regional president must subra zani as about to hold a press conference a day ahead of the referendum on a kurdish independence and i think where a bout ready for this to start. to have become germany are. going to go and we are. what we are actually waiting for right now is the translation on what. is going to be saying so if you can just kind of sit tight with this as you can tell he has started speaking as soon as you get the translation we will relay that to you is actually something that we thought
4:59 pm
was going to happen yesterday it was postponed until today a lot of a lot of pressure on a lot of controversy ahead of this vote that is going to happen tomorrow on the kurdish independence and i think we. can have the translation in just a moment to we have that. are in kurdistan and baghdad. of you know of a. good beginning or. two in the two i mean are you and so we're still effort in that translation for use be patient with us as we work through this has been a lot of the pushback on the international community about this referendum actually happening right in all signs point to it happening the ballots of all going to schnorrers to. the ballots have already been passed out but the. as i said the international. community has been largely against this the un the
5:00 pm
u.k. the us turkey as well and there's not even complete and unity among the kurds about actually having this vote to be clear it's actually a non-binding vote so even if the vote is for independence that does not mean that it's necessarily going to happen any time soon so we're effort in the translation of the. kurdish regional president here barzani. we look forward to going to. our policies as we have this water goes up but already i was not i conveyed to you what is being said and we are working on getting a translation of that one. that you.


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