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tv   newsgrid  Al Jazeera  September 24, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm AST

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facing the reality your president said that there would be a complete audit a hundred percent audit that audit hasn't happened getting to the heart of the matter so are you saying that the future of the g.c.c. will be in doubt here the story. on talk to al-jazeera at this time. and for you. this is al-jazeera and live from studio fourteen here at al-jazeera headquarters in doha. welcome to the newsgroup in the diplomatic setting of the u.n.
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north korea's foreign minister calls donald trump mentally deranged and anything goes wrong with twitter the u.s. president says he. won't be around much longer on the one hand it's one calling in brinkmanship but still the fear remains of an actual attack from either. side but that's not the only fine donald trump speaking at the moment some big name u.s. sports stars are angry at the president's criticism of players who choose to take and meet during the national anthem a silent protest at racial inequality they say its resistance calls it an insult to flag and country and here in a mirror has just returned home from an overseas trip which included a speech at the u.n. general assembly usually wouldn't cause a ripple but with the country still on the blockade from four arab nations nationalism is running high will be live from a parade on his waterfront. also returns of protests which appear to be transforming and. separatist movement send us your questions and comments on all
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the top stories on twitter isn't a hash tag they don't use great. deal with the news on air and streaming online through you tube facebook live and at al-jazeera dot com all those stories coming up but we're actually going to start with developing news from iraq's northern kurdish region people there as you know about to vote on an independence referendum that neighboring countries and western powers all fear could break up iraq and lead to further violence in the region well the president of the kurdish region must has just spoken he's been outlining why he is pushing ahead with the vote despite strong opposition from iraq's central government and abroad have a listen. after the referendum we will be ready to start a long dialogue process with baghdad and we are ready to give it as much time as needed one year old to use and if we have constructive dialogue we can give it even more time in order to secure a better relationship between kurdistan and baghdad but i would like to underline
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that we will never ever renegotiate the partnership that we had in the past. now when we're talking about the kurdish region of iraq well this is it i've got it here for you a map from al jazeera dot com if we just zoom in here the area is an orange so this main area this is the most important one officially under what is known as the chaos the kurdistan regional government you've got the red areas as well those are areas that a claimed by the k r g and they extend a bit further down into iraq and then in the middle here these sorts of green areas which are under peshmerga control they are the kurdish military force all up we are basically talking about a not insignificant part of the country which the central government in baghdad does not want to relinquish control of so first to hold up the homemade she is in the bill reporting on the referendum forest hota take us through well i mean the significance of what mr bott is and he has been saying today and the pushing on i
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guess with the referendum. and i think if anyone had a doubt the risk were in the might be postponed last minute which many thought it would be well that he put that to rest now we haven't heard anything new throughout his rallies talking to the people here he's been saying exactly the same thing he puts the blame squarely on the central government in baghdad who are the state of affairs he says that ever since the kurds participated in the new iraq back in two thousand and three that there was goodwill at the time that they were key in ratifying the cause to two thousand and two thousand and five but they did not get what they thought they would get in return he had very harsh words for you walk he said that it was a field practical and sick tarion country not the democratic country they thought they were building to gether but i have to tell you that moments later there was a statement from prime minister hi the law by live from baghdad and even mince his
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words either he said that if the kurdistan state that will come out of this referendum it will actually be every says and six tarion states and he made it very clear that he thought this referendum was unconstitutional and that baghdad will never accept the disintegration of iraq he says that the country is going into a dangerous zone and nobody knows what the outcome of that will be and he said at the end that he will that baghdad will take further steps even though he did not elaborate but away from all this talk of war between the two main politicians involved in this referendum where you have people here who are already celebrating every day did not cause everyone you talk to say in less than twenty four hours they will be standing in front of a polling station to give their opinion. here is dedicated his
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life to. the kurdish flag making a living out of it even after spending two years in saddam hussein's jail but since he started his business twenty one years ago it's never been so good his products are selling like hotcakes. wire flags from all countries raised at the u.n. except ours it's enough our children died in the war against i so now they send us the shia paramilitary forces to scare us we are mountain people and we're not afraid of saddam hussein and now we're not afraid of a molecule or. a bill is plastered with kurdish colors there's a spike in national pride ever since the referendum for self-determination was announced kurds also proud of their president muscled barzani who stands firm despite international pressure to push the referendum the majority of the five million registered voters are expected to say yes the vote is also taking place in the disputed territories currently under control of the kurdish forces but one of
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the biggest challenges is that most of the people from those areas and now scattered around the kurdish region many of them living in camps. here there is none of the joy celebration seen just a short drive away what is more worried about the fate of her son she hasn't heard from him since he was captive by i still about a year ago from the town of st john. we already lost ohio town on the life we've known for thirty or forty years we will say yes but who knows if we look at our rights we from the disputed areas lost at sea we want someone who will be able to stare us to safety an estimated three hundred thousand displaced iraqis will vote in one thousand camps across the region their ballots will go through a special procedure. for example this is the ballot any vote yes or no then it's put into an envelope the secrecy on this envelope will go into another
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with a name and ration card number once checked if their name is on the registry we will count it and if not we will throw it away. but for kurds this is a historic moment once they have been waiting for for a lifetime even if non-binding for many this referendum is the last step before declaring independence but that doesn't meet al-jazeera it'll be so we want to widen out a little bit on this one and pick up on turkey's role because turkey along with iraq's government and syria and iran and plenty of other western countries they will oppose this referendum they fear it's going to fire up the separatist intentions amongst their own kurdish population so let's check in with anderson who is in the book which is on the turkey iraq border tell us i guess just a bit more about those concerns the level of those concerns with the turks. welcome all big concerns not just in the government but among the kurdish people
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and indeed turks as well this is the eve of an historic referendum maybe flag waving in iraqi kurdistan but here it's more like saber rattling you'll see those tanks dug in behind me this is a fairly well publicized exercise no a coincidence that it's in the run up to the referendum the turkish government quite happy for my suit bizarrely the president of the kurdish. government regional government in iraq to see and absorb these images but of course all of the pressure internationally on regionally has had no effect they are going ahead and as far as turkey is concerned there is it's the largest minority population in this country estimates between fifteen million and twenty million people the biggest number of kurds anywhere in the middle east and as far as the government is concerned what's happening in kurdistan iraqi kurdistan could destabilize the whole
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region in many ways and it wants to see form of action coordinated with the other neighbor iran and also the iraqi government it could involve military action it could involve economic sanctions it will be diplomatic pressure no negotiations have taken place could there be a road ahead with talking the hope is that will be the course but the threats in the air whether that will dissipate once this vote is over is unclear so a lot of uncertainty and we heard from banality there in the iraqi prime minister come all today and he was saying this sunday that as far as he was concerned any result would be null and void it would not be honored by any power within the world and it would be really he rounded on bizarrely who was a friend of turkey. going back for decades in this conflict with the p.k. k. p.r.
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group he rounded on him saying that as far as he was concerned zanny and the other leadership were greedy they were doing it for their own motivation they weren't doing it for the people he was really really suggesting that the people would suffer as a result of bizarre his actions and really criticizing the government so very tense here on the eve of this vote exactly what i was going to use tensors and andrew symonds thank you so much for that report. now with the gulf diplomatic crisis still hanging over the country cut his immediate effect i mean been hamilton he has returned home from his travels in europe and in new york at the u.n. general assembly now this would usually be just another international trip for the me a bit the crowds actually just gone into that building now it would have really gathered to welcome him dignitaries allowed on the tarmac at the airport. but there is going to be a huge parade down doha's waterfront shortly as well now we may have some of the
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early pictures here we go of him stepping off his plane and you'll see in a moment as the camera pulls out these enormous number of people there to greet him it does take him quite a while to get through that crowd as i said usually this would just be any other return from a trip but with cut his situation being under blockade in the salsa seems to be an attempt to refute the rumors from other gulf media outlets that countries have been looking for a change in their leadership cutter of course has been under a sounding lead blockade for more than three months which shut off the land border and blocks kataria rights from a space and suspended maritime links saudi arabia the u.a.e. behind in egypt of course those countries which accuse catterall of in their words bankrolling terrorist groups and allegation which cause a family denies so these are the pictures just moments ago from. international airport here with the emir has just arrived back we've got has not they are amongst
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the crowds at the airport but i believe actually waiting for the parade on the corniche as it's known here in doha tell us about the numbers of turned out for this. come out there's a huge crowd converging on the doha coney's to greet the and me upon his arrival from his first forming trip since the start of the gulf crisis in june but actually we've been seeing some signs of patriotic building up in over the last few months of the reason why people i gathering today here is to show solidarity to show unity and for them this is quite a crucial moment they say that the allegations made by these. countries against qatar just a pretext to impose their will on a sovereign state and the reason why they are showing a huge numbers tonight here on the corniche of the high is to send a strong message to the neighbors in the g.c.c. countries that they are willing to defend the sovereignty of that nation and to
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combat a narrative as well hashim i mean there have been reports in online and other gulf media saying things in the past that the emir was holed up in his palace surrounded by the iranian revolutionary guards or the turkish forces and they were protests on the street i guess this is an attempt to refute that and change that narrative. what exactly the people here i'll be talking to different people now conversion here on the doha corniche and for them this is quite a very symbolic moment they say that they have show the world that they are willing to continue that. stance which is basically stand united until the international committee of the way they're going to be sort of undermined by measures taken by their neighbors they say that is sound that they feel they've been betrayed by their neighbors and that the ball case that has been imposed upon qatar is definitely not going to undermine the national unity and the resilience of the
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qatari people of the qatari government the reason why you've we've been seeing those pictures live footage from the airport where hundreds of dignitaries citizens surrounding the end of the thousands of people converging on this particular moment is that just give you an idea about what is happening over here i did i was just going to show you that crowd the has been converging all the doha they are waiting for the motorcade of the enemy which is going to right through this particular i've been you on the. at the center of the of the capital at doha it's a very important moment for people in qatar they believe that they have the knowledge to win the hearts and minds of people all over the wells and people understand the resolve of the resilience and that the book a the has been a part of imposable by saudi arabia egypt and the united arab emirates he's
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ultimately going to fail because people here i'm more determined than ever to stand for what they consider to be a sacred right for the qataris to preserve and defend their. sovereignty what i have to say come out that at the same time the statements made by. the saudi foreign minister. foreign minister of the united nations give you no impression whatsoever that this crisis is going to end any time soon they located in countries in say that they will continue the impose the measures i guess till the government of qatar says that thirteen point something which is rejected by the qatari government which says that anything that's violates the sovereignty of qatar is going to be rejected. waterfront as the crowds await that motorcade from the airport with cut his amir as he arrives back into the country thank you hashem with
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me in studio. who is a director of the scent of conflict and humanitarian studies at the doha institute and who just got here in time because he was stuck in traffic. yes i've never seen anything like it in terms of traffic and usually the jetty takes me about ten minutes from my office to here. this evening is probably took forty five minutes to get here and there's the motorcade arriving here as if the high is on the street i think it probably is actually how do you think the leadership if they were watching the leadership in riyadh or the leadership in abu dhabi would be looking at this right now because when i was saying this is i think very much directed towards them to say hey look we're ok. well i think i mean publicly they've not really called for regime change. they always presented their case as if they were avoiding that option but everything they've done adds up to the terms of pushing the regime and trying to come up with
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a nativity by me and so on and i think seeing the images today were really pushing them to think twice about this particular issue and it has now taken in two hundred ten days or so and there hasn't been any feeling of split in society and seems to me that everyone is still very much united behind the emir they made himself a farmer right in saying was the only gulf leader who actually spoke at the general assembly of the country sent their foreign ministers or ambassadors and the like i mean he he does seem to be taking more of a leading role than in the earlier days very much the foreign minister was the one who spoke in the early days of this crisis it seems the image is stepping up a bit more now to lead this well it's true but i think he did it he did it in a way which is interesting to know that he did not just focus on his own crisis his speech at the u.n. was not just about what qatar is going through he had the time and the.
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interest really to tackle a number of very important regional and global issues all the way from you more to palestine to yemen and so on and that has illustrated his own direction rather than his foreign minister so he's. clearly he's very comfortable in his position where he is he has his future vision set and this is an important crisis having to deal with but it's not at all the only aspect that he's concerned about just a quick thought on the qatari community as well sultan because you've got the indigenous population which is actually quite small here and most of the population here is expense and i think there was a lot of concern when the gulf crisis started that expense were going to late all this uncertainty was going to force their mouse is that what happened in the end again because that's another thing about sending a message isn't it about the population and what sort of frame of mind they are in i mean maybe had to do with the timing of all this usually june july august is when
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some ex-pats do leave anyway and new ones arrive in the new work year from september i personally have not noticed any mass exodus of ex-pats or where anything like it the situation where i work has actually welcome new employees everyone else is still there so it feels very much like business as usual just stay with me for a second. because i would have to have a look at the live pictures again if we can actually have a look the motorcade coming in from have an international airport and i believe hashem can you still hear me. yes i do yep coming close to you saying. yes the motorcade should be abiding through the streets in just a few seconds from now i can see the road has been blocked to pave the way for the motorcade to cross the the main street on the cornish as you can see here
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there is a a line of. thousands of people qatari is and expects community to grade the qatar who is now returning from his first farming trip since the start of the crisis in june that's come out as i was saying this is quite a quite a significant moment for the qatari is form of them this is a show of unity and also a message to the international community that this by the fact that the name of brocade was imposed on that country to continue to fight for what they consider to be a genuine right to defend the sovereignty of this explains the the display of emotion and the passion that we've been seeing here when over the last few weeks just taking in the live pictures again hashem is the motorcade heads towards the corn a shia just again to point out to our viewers that this is not normal obviously
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when the emir travels as he does a lot there is not this level of. a parade effectively or most coming through the city and streets being closed off when he arrives back this is clearly a national maybe you can speak more to this this is clearly. a different time that we're in. i mean if you remember the narrative of the saudi. countries at the start of this particular crisis in qatar is going to be undermined the qataris have absolutely no way to caving to the demands of the four countries saudi arabia behind the united arab emirates and egypt the the huge number of people that you see standing up on the corniche of doha is to tell the neighbors that ptolemy's remain determined and that this is not just an issue of a bouquet to impose upon a country because of what the saudis consider to be their why to have the qataris
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make some concessions now the way people see it here is that this is a legitimate right to defend the sovereignty of qatar i think the motorcade should be through the streets right now i'll just give you an idea to have a look at what is happening at this particular moment was standing just near the i mean radio one and we're expecting the motorcade or the i mean to across this street any time soon there are thousands of people have been saying the line up along a long way on the main venue of doha qatar is members of the expansion community to show solidarity and to show unity in the face of what has been happening over the last few weeks in this part of the world i have to say that on the same time there's also some sense of uncertainty and concern about the future this crisis comes to an end alas you have some consensus on all the parties coming to negotiate
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a settlement in the near future people are very much concerned about further uncertainty and instability. in this region there is a common motorcade there are thousands of people converging at this particular moment here in the center of the capital doha and i can tell you i've been living in this country for almost twelve years now this. ready quite unprecedented this display of passion and the patriotic. the qatari is full of them this is not just there any of returning from. new york but this is a moment where the qataris stand united stand together to tell the international community that they are defending what they consider to be their legitimate alliance which is to present a united unified solve rain doha thanks hashem has he had on the over. yet thank you has been as it was just looking at the final live pictures here and
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as and has been here as long as i have vista is almost unprecedented i would say i'd say the only thing we've seen similarly was when the world cup was awarded to come back in with system in two thousand and nine i think it was live pictures from doha waterfront of the amir arriving home. three months now well over three months now into the three blockades. to donald trump's intensifying standoff now with many of his country's sports stars now this all began when he well swore about football players who silently protest against racial inequality during the american anthem he suggested they be fired just imagine the reaction to that and has been working all day on this one there's a lot to sift through we're going to hear from him shortly first this report from our sports producer and his home. as the national lead them played before the baltimore ravens game with the jacksonville jaguars in london around turned dozen players knelt others locked arms together in
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a show of solidarity less than forty eight hours after scathing comments made by the president of the united states when you love to see one of these n.f.l. owners when somebody disrespects our flag this is a get that son of a the old right out this fire trump was attacking n.f.l. players who have been mailing during the national anthem to protest racial injustice he tweeted again on sunday morning if n.f.l. fans refuse to go to games until players stop disrespecting our flag and country you will see change take place fast fire also spend he went on n.f.l. attendance and ratings away down boring games yes but many stay away because they love our country league should back us there are seven n.f.l. owners who each donated one million dollars to trump's presidential campaign among them new england patriots c.e.o.
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robert kraft but even he joined the league and several other tames in a show in critical statements saying i am deeply disappointed by the tone of the comments made by the president on friday our players are intelligent thoughtful and care deeply about our community and i support their right to peacefully effect social change i command and employ everybody that's spoken up that's what we're supposed to do was to continue this conversation and over from o'jays the disputed also hit basketball on saturday after trump withdrew an invitation to n.b.a. winning star stephan curry to visit the white house the response of cleveland cavaliers star le bron james to trump on twitter calling him a bum has attracted more than one point too. million likes we all know how much sports brings us together how much passion has how much we love and caring you know the friendships and everything that he creates a for him to try to use this platform to divide us even more. is not something not
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to stand for. on saturday oakland athletics concha bruce maxwell became the soloist major league baseball player to kneel during the national anthem the way i did it was to symbolize the fact that i'm kneeling for a cause but at the but i'm in no way or form disrespecting my country or my flag with a total of fourteen n.f.l. games the sunday many more players could followed us home and al jazeera. now this is one of the biggest stories on the internet more than one point three million tweets have been sent using this has tag take a knee president trump has managed to upset many of america's most popular athletes and many of them have millions of followers so we've seen a consistent use of this hash tag over the past twenty four hours and that big interest in this story in canada the united kingdom and australia now retired basketball star kobe bryant has weighed in questioning trump's ability to make
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america great when his very name creates division anger and inspires dissension several in f.l. team owners as elise was saying a moment ago have been vocal in their support for players' free speech that includes new england patriots owner robert kraft to in fact donated a million dollars towards the president's inauguration festivities he says he supports their right to raise awareness in a manner they feel has the most impacts now off the court and off the field we've seen many military veterans posting messages of support saying they fought for rights just like these jeffrey here says a flag and an anthem are meaningless without values behind them while robert says he's fighting right now for that rights not against it now henney is another military veteran who thought it would be helpful to pull up some of the u.s. laws related to the flag it turns out that americans break these rules all the time but there's no actual law requiring anyone to stand up the americans are free to
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burn the flag if they want as an act of constitutionally protected free speech but this isn't about a flag of course and calling capra nikken other players have been protesting against racial injustice as bri reminded her followers here and many of the most popular posts on twitter have compared the words that the president used after the violence in charlottesville saying that he used much stronger language to denounce these athletes rather. these athletes who are protesting racial inequality than he did the white supremacists and the nazis in charlottesville now on the other hand the other side of this debate rather tens of thousands of people have also posted their supports for the president they're calling for a boycott of the national football league here says it's unbelievable that the n.f.l. commissioner would slam the president but not players who are in his words disrespecting the country and many people are also linking this protest movement to past acts of
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civil disobedience martin luther king's youngest daughter bernice king says the real shame and disrespect here is the fact that decades after this first photo on the left was taken you still have racism killing people and corrupting systems now politics has always been part of sports people are digging up this well known photo from the one nine hundred sixty eight olympics where sprinters john carlos and tommie smith raised their fists in a black power salute in mexico city that was of course during the civil rights movement and others are comparing calling capra nick situations of that of muhammad ali who became one of the most criticized men in america when he refused to be drafted into the war in vietnam so hundreds of thousands of americans are about to head into football stadiums across the country kickoff takes place in just a few hours and we'll have to wait and see just how many players choose to take a knee on sunday we also hear your thoughts on this of course you can share your views with me directly at endor chapelle or to use the hash tag a.j. newsgroup thank you n.g.
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i'm just looking at the hash tag right now lots of stuff about the motorcade that's happening here in doha at the moment the return of causes me but plenty of you also rising it was about kurdistan lots of support for the kurdish independence maku one of our regular viewers thank you for writing in says the kurdish deserve their independent land let them keep trying through peaceful dialogue also lots of comments on cameron enders going to be talking about that a little bit later on he's researching that one because it is an ongoing story one which we keep looking at the hash tag news grid on twitter facebook and whatsapp now stick around if you are what's. via facebook live you're going to meet pakistan's newest female superhero when he's fighting bad guys and gender stereotypes and then ahead on the grid all signs point to another election victory for germany's angela merkel but trying to build a new government. in just a moment. we
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might just catch the specs of rains in northern parts of the middle east over the next couple of days on larry a cloud just around the black sea spilling out of that wealth eastern corner of turkey having twenty seven millimeters of rain in twenty four hours you can see a little bit of cloud further south as well through syria heading towards lebanon could see one of two showers coming in here but i suspect still a chance of some showers there around the black sea ever toward the caspian sea northern parts of iran could see some rain over the next day or two was a chance of want to think as we go on through tuesday it does look a dry picture was the temperatures in beirut getting up to twenty eight degrees celsius forty two for baghdad and we still just about getting into the forces across a good part of the reagan peninsula where thirty eight and abu dhabi as we go on through monday thirty nine there as we go towards tuesday lots of dry weather lots of sunshine coming through visibility is at least haven't been too bad over the
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past few days maybe not a fair amount of hazy sunshine to into southern africa a little more cloud across the south you see this next area cloud just making its way across the western cape and produce some outbreaks of right to temperatures pick back to around fifteen celsius in capetown the southern cape looking wet for the next few days. all counting the cost germany's outlook at europe's largest body fracturing economy but is it in the slow lane when it comes to the digital economy with office with read about it shoring for climate change plus can we stop companies from using on into that data without knowledge counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera. tensions a high. little has changed
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a new village officials are struggling to demonstrate goodwill. among morial is trying for a calm maggi sacrificed his life the political change. that really event tonight will drive a wedge between the villages fractures part three of a six part series filmed over five years. china's democracy experiment at this time on al-jazeera.
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the. headline from al-jazeera dot com and what's trending as the. well north korea and such a busy show we haven't even gotten to that yet the category of priceless as well generally in the top ten there at al-jazeera if you want to keep up to date with the very latest on what's happening in that diplomatic crisis and also the. referendum on going we've heard as you know from. today that vote still going ahead that's what's trending right now at home. and a little under half an hour the exit polls will be out in germany giving us our first indication of who will lead the country for the next five year term now there
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is a big spectrum of candidates from left to right wing and we've got them here for you but really there are only two names to think about one of them is this man martin schultz from the s.p. d. the social democrats who is challenging the incumbent angela merkel from the c.d.u. the christian democrats are really we are looking at a two horse race and all the expectation is that chancellor merkel and her party will be returned to power there is a bit of interest here at this end of the spectrum. the turn to for germany which is the far right party we know about the rise of far right parties in europe they're trying to enter the german parliament for the first time dominant cain has been covering the lead up to this election he joins us now on election day is there any doubts about this result for which way people think it will go at least dominic . welcome all we're broadcasting to hear from the christian democratic headquarters i'm going to metals party headquarters and the tension here is on how much of
6:38 pm
a support they will get from the electorate in this election result which as you say is now perhaps less than half an hour away and the focus will be can get into the chancery for a fourth time to go through just sixteen years his chance and well this election by some has been called to be relatively a simple election that the polls have suggested that anglo-american is going to run away with it and what effect that might have will with me to discuss that is from the organization rasmussen go global that an organization which works with the former nato secretary general anders fogh rasmussen mr bowker there are those who say that this election has been dominated by the question of anglo-american is she going to win again who will she govern with what would you say are the interesting parts that have been in this campaign as you said without any doubt she will be the head of the list the strongest party in the end of the results the u.s. would you will most likely be second but the interesting question was will comes
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because she will need a coalition partner yesterday suffered a lot from the last four years the general mood the tendency is that they will not answer if they have the chinese to say actually a new coalition so then the question is can she form a coalition with their preferred partner of the liberal party but if that's not enough and they don't get a majority then they might need a third partner because it's most likely that we see six parties for the first time in german history in the parliament and then it at the moment actually everybody is betting on the so-called john mica coalition so a coalition from with the c.d.u. the liberals and the green party that exists only one time in one of the federal states but we've never experienced that on a federal level and so therefore this is what everybody's looking for and another policy that is a real interest here in germany where. being in formulating its policies but also in other european countries in looking at the alternative for germany policy which some consider to be on the far right what effectively they hands on this campaign
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and are they likely to get into the parliament. i think everybody expect that they will definitely be in the parliament the question is can they become third because that would have a major impact on the entire political system in the bundestag for the next four years because traditionally the third or actually so the biggest party if i'm not is not able to form to make a coalition because maybe the numbers don't give it that and she might have to choose another grand coalition and then the day would maybe be a third party get the chair of the budget committee have the first speaking rights of the government in parliament so and that would be a total or. usual situation because actually everybody within the of the party has no parliamentarian experience as you said that they are a populist party at the right. extremist wing some some of them and so therefore
6:41 pm
everybody is really hopefully trying that which is some people are hopeful that they will not end up third likes chances could be there and one final very quick question from a european perspective there have been a series of elections fronts in the netherlands where populist parties appear to be to be on the on the rise and then that didn't happen is that is this is a suggestion of a wave of populism is going to stop in germany or perhaps maybe it's somewhere else to go yet one year ago of course there were huge dollars that argument who would ever managed to get in her fourth term because with the refugee crisis she opened up the borders and the deal was on its rise then for the last year we've seen the da going down and everybody thoughts as you said in the in the line of this election's over populism has been defeated but maybe. we we will see tonight that there is cain over it isn't permanent existing threat for the democratic system
6:42 pm
that populism is there it's a matter of fact and democrats have to deal with it he said like a thank you very much indeed so that's the question then who will finish third in this election will angela merkel get the the vote support she wants to be able to choose the coalition partners she would want and indeed what will be the result of this wave of populism that people are forced on across europe will the alternative for germany get the support of the polls suggest that it might might do you back to you into dominic sit tight we're going to be back with you bang on top of the hour as those exit polls come out now here's a question i asked and answered around zero dot com what do germany's refugees think about the elections remember how immigration and refugees has been such a key issue off the local effectively through germany's doors open at the height of the refugee crisis not a bad idea to hear what they have to say is a journalist holly young's but to six people who are now germany home and you'll find their stories in the features section on al-jazeera dot com. now if you thought the threats and the name calling it reached their peak in the showdown over
6:43 pm
north korea well apparently not it just keeps raising the concern that an actual attack on either the us or north korea could be a reality this latest round started saturday night at the united nations whim forgive me there we go north korea's foreign minister really young ho address the general assembly we've got the first few pages of his speech here the bits i've highlighted trump the mentally deranged person full of megalomania and complacency the commander in grief the lion king president evil and then on the next page he tried to insult the supreme dignity of my country by ferring it to a rocket by doing so he committed an irreversible mistake of making our rockets visit the entire us more inevitable the response to all of that donald trump said i just heard the foreign minister of north korea speak at the un if he echoes the thoughts of little rocket man kim jong un they won't be around much longer thing is a war of words can be somewhat contained but if pyongyang did decide to take action
6:44 pm
there would be more than just the us involved think about south korea and japan potentially the most at risk north korean missiles of even flown over parts of japan frightening people there who thought an attack was happening so to gauge the level of alarm they're now robin broad went to a so-called friendship festival in tokyo have a look. this is an annual event meant to celebrate the close cultural ties between south korea and japan in reality it is a relationship that is often troubled diplomatically but according to the governments of the two countries it has never been more important to be working closely together given the shared threat of north korea around the possibility that the standoff could turn into some kind of conflict people in japan know that given their proximity to the korean peninsula and also that close alliance with the united states it's almost inconceivable that they would be able to stay out of any conflict and people here do look with increasing alarm at the kind of personal
6:45 pm
rhetoric and war of words that's going on between kim jong un of north korea and president trump of the us. as adults we should use peaceful means such as to pay missy to settle this matter further she really curious you know if you continue to provoke each other it's a problem that could escalate into something horrible what concerns people here especially is now tour by north korea setting off some sort of nuclear device over the pacific ocean a presumably being launched on a missile that would have to fly over the top of japan in recent weeks japan has already experienced two missiles being fired over its territory having a missile now carrying a nuclear warhead takes things to a whole new and very dangerous level yes so that's japan but we do want to look at it from the other side as well really get a reminder of why north koreans feel so threatened by the outside world especially by the united states and profits up to that. north korea's defiance of hatred of
6:46 pm
the u.s. on show for the world to see on its state news agency says anti american speeches were celebrated by an audience for more than one hundred thousand people in pyongyang not surprising given the decades of tensions and sanctions that the north blames on the u.s. . the u.s. has put sanctions against our country on the very first day of its foundation. from an early age the north korean government teaches its citizens to hate america and that hatred dates back to the korean war. the conflict began in nine hundred fifty. by its end in one nine hundred fifty three the u.s. had dropped more than six hundred thousand tons of explosives devastating the korean peninsula which remains divided to this day there was no peace treaty and the north and south are technically still a war north korea never forgave the united states its founder kim il sung and his
6:47 pm
successors have all portrayed the u.s. as an ever present threat easily done with so many u.s. troops on its border despite periods where both sides made efforts to normalize relations deals to relax economic sanctions in exchange for p.r. nyang freezing its nuclear program have always broken down. and after nine eleven the rhetoric has stepped up. north korea is a regime arming with missiles and weapons of mass destruction. while starving it should have since states like the and their terrorist allies constitute an axis of evil when. north korea conducted its first nuclear test in two thousand and six and five more have followed the most recent and powerful was earlier this month. despite decades of sanctions it has also expanded its ballistic missiles program saying the entire us territory is now within range analysts say the latest crisis
6:48 pm
needs to be put in context in the post cold war period we have seen the united states exercising in a unilateral way regime change all around the world to north korea look at. a look at iraq a look at libya as examples of attentional stabilizing futures that it doesn't want pyongyang has long used the fear of an american attack as a tool to unify its citizens but the last month of insults and threats has raised tension like never before and in a country so suspicious of outsiders and inward looking the danger is that actions and words could be misinterpreted with devastating consequences duggan crawford how does era. so as all this to and fro gets increasingly better and a bit petty let's be honest the potential impact is always important to remember have a look at this for major plus we're going to hear from an atomic bomb survivor who
6:49 pm
has a message for the u.s. and north korea. the funny thing is when my son was born the first thing i. have five whole five fingers and said yeah yeah yeah he's perfect. and i felt really. oh i hope that. radiation did not affect the child. my name is no harm no. atomic bombing. japan i was poor and on this number two hundred fifty one thousand forty four so when the palm for another. i was only eight months old. we were not even in the city of nagasaki going outside and.
6:50 pm
radiation that came from the bombing. went far beyond the city limits this is the kind of weapon that just doesn't kill kill indiscriminately he kills. shouldn't be allowed on the surface of syria. if the united states is the tag was radioactive weapons millions of people. north korea a setback. korea and japan part of china. affected even russia would be affected i want the whole nations to come together. and start finding a way. for me maybe. to get. quite sobering isn't it's now a sign of this a few times of what it's gotten from al-jazeera dot com especially the time of this
6:51 pm
when as i say the rhetoric of a text the story this is north korea explained in graphics it gives you that background that better understanding to what has led us to this point so much information for you there is in the interactive section or you will find a link from most of our north korea stories as well. we're going to turn to the ranger refugee crisis now which is enormous four hundred and thirty thousand minority muslims poor into bangladesh from me and ma in just the past few weeks now the head of the un's refugee agency has seen firsthand the suffering this is it for the program he describes it as the fastest and most urgent refugee emergency in the world i spoke to many of the refugees that have just arrived and i must say that on the one hand i was struck by the incredible magnitude of their needs they need everything as i said that they need food they
6:52 pm
need their clean water they need the shelter they need proper health care. perhaps the most urgent need is to find them a proper accommodation but you know the shock is turning to anger amongst some ranger refugees who are pouring into bangladesh they calling for some of them are an armed struggle against me and forces nicholas hoc reports from that border area inside this bag is a twelve year old girl she's being carried to the camp by her cousins after crossing the border verge of a bigger me and more soldiers slit her brother's throat they then came after her cousin's won't say exactly what they did to fetch him since she's been unable to speak eat or drink whatever they did has put her in the state of shock the young sons who choose responsible for all this she's responsible for the killings for the
6:53 pm
violence against our people. supported the nobel laureate hoping she would bring an end to their persecution instead mob attacks led by buddhist monks and the military against their community have intensified since she came to power in two thousand and fifteen. despite their return to democracy they can't vote go to school or practice their religion freely. and this is the just salvation army formally known as keen as secular militant group responsible for the august attacks against the me and my security forces their leader ayatollah continues to call on all men and women to fight what they describe as their brutal regime of yangon and and then to the oppression of religious. we met one of the group's members in a secret location it's the first time they accept to talk publicly he says they
6:54 pm
have no choice but to take up arms in order to stop what they describe as the start of a genocide against their people. who would if they don't give us all right if they keep killing our people raping all women then yes there will be more attacks to come this is our land and we will fight back. i mean more as response to the groups attack is described by the un as textbook ethnic cleansing the group is ill equipped and has few weapons it is no match to me and morris military might but it has the support of many refugees at people stateless and in limbo. who continue to suffer of unspeakable violence. nicholas hawk al-jazeera at the bangladesh me and more border there has been of course plenty of criticism around the world of me and my government especially its leader unsung suchi for failing to stop the violence. within the country itself and in its largest city the nobel laureate has plenty of support and people have been out in force to show it's gone
6:55 pm
hardly was there for us. this is a rally sunday afternoon here in yangon hundreds of people coming out to show their support for the government to show their support for on song suchi now this is something we have seen in myanmar over the last several weeks a slide towards nationalism there's a much more many more rallies like this mean how the cross the country many more here in yangon now it's interesting this is just under a week after our own song suchi delivered the first direct speech about the range of issues now she got a lot of international criticism for what she said or didn't say in that speech but here in the country here in yang gone there is unwavering support for her and her government was going to be interesting to see you know we mark a month on monday since this violence started in the rakhine province we haven't seen though even after the speech last tuesday is action on the ground by this government to say to go through with some of the things that she said last tuesday and one of them is to bring back the people the refugees who crossed over the
6:56 pm
border in the desk to bring them back if they can prove that they were from here she said that last tuesday it's something the international community is called for but we haven't seen any action on the ground to see that there's actually something being implemented for that just yet. now if you are a regular. show you all you will know we frequently cameroon protests there which have been going on for months but are really looking at it taking a dramatic turn just as of light here is under schapelle and just on the air the amount of hashtags people took my camera is huge but if you and we thought it would be a good time to check in on the story there have been some developments recently the the protests are mostly in the southwest and northwestern parts of cameroon where most people speak english now the people there say they face discrimination from the french speaking parts of the country to the extent that they struggle to find jobs get legal justice or even attend proper schools now this marginalization goes back years and as we mentioned there have been regular protests for months now but
6:57 pm
we're starting to see these demonstrations change from calls for reform to calls for independence this is supposed to be the flag for the new country they once they call it and design. and as the separatist movement picks up steam some of its members have been accused of violence a bomb attack the other day in the main english speaking city of the men to kill three policemen this was on thursday now local security forces say it was carried out by separatists but that hasn't been proven that the protests have also gone international in a sense cameroonians gathered outside president colby as hotel in new york last week he was there for the u.n. general assembly protesters chanted that they want freedom now the government says the accusations of marginalize ation are uncalled for and despite months of protests there haven't been any talks on the issue of kerry money from the international anti-corruption conference council says he thinks that it will he says what it would take to resolve the conflicts along with many will come.
6:58 pm
the new view a far above the ninety. i'm more frequently lately i have insisted upon the imperative need to own them all on fortunately the government solution. and repair. teaches law use who is the good concerned with risk were forced into a doctor's important people in authority who asked for did in dialogue we made was. and. it is regrettable that the government has moved from the past now there have been some concessions from the government last month president bia eased up on prosecuting some activists who had been arrested but there's still a strong military presence in troubled areas and thousands of protesters on the streets many have tweeted the hash tag free all the rest of referring to the dozens
6:59 pm
of detained journalists and activists in the area who remain behind bars the committee to protect journalists has told the u.n. security council that it needs to call up cameroon for its failure to up hold human rights including freedom of expression and you can read more on this story at al-jazeera dot com and connect with us using the hash tag a.j. news grid and they should thank you for all your feedback on the cameron story as i say even while we've been on air it's been very strong we had just coming up on sixteen hundred hours g.m.t. we are staying on air a little bit longer here today on news great a ninety minute special as we bring you the exit poll results hoping to give us a good idea of who will win the german election now those are due to come out pretty much bang on six hundred g.m.t. you have got a live window here as we wait for those results to come down let's check in with dominic cain first of all in berlin dominic remind us of where you are what you've been saying today. welcome all i'm at christian democratic party headquarters angle
7:00 pm
america's party headquarters in the center of the lane and everybody here is waiting for the next few seconds to see when the polls close and the exit poll comes out with the exit polls which the major german television news channels of commission come at us because the christian democrats have for a long time now being the lead party in the opinion polls but the question everyone here is asking is will those opinion polls prove to be the final result and what will happen to the social democrats the party the junior partner the party in government in the last four years of this expiring parliament what will happen to them what will happen to martin schulz the leader of that party and the final question many people are asking is what will be the result for the alternative for germany party the far right party the question that many people here have asked is will this populist party really get into this parliament as they can't.


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