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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 25, 2017 1:00am-1:33am AST

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back for another term german exit polls show obama who has been reelected but the farai after is also celebrate same parliamentary victory.
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and this is al jazeera life from london also coming up as iraqi kurds prepare for monday's independence vote in iran and they won't take steps to punish them. forced to find one way or find tells all just he took a bombs to defend his people from what he describes as genocide plus. i'm tanya page reporting from south africa with these grannies are fighting old age with boxing. exit polls in germany's elections put angela merkel and her party on course for a fourth term in office but merkel lost electoral support and that helped deliver the best result for a far right party and decades the polls say that angela merkel center right
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christian democratic union party won thirty three point three percent of the vote in them two hundred twenty seats their main rival and current coalition partner the center left social democrats and schultz around twenty one percent of the voter one hundred thirty seven seats but the biggest change to germany's political scene is this the far right and anti islam alternative to germany or d. getting thirteen point two percent. of about that translates into eighty seven makes them the third biggest party the three other main parties one between nine and ten percent of the vote but could find themselves in power as part of a coalition dominant came a pause from byrne thanks a moment of celebration for the christian democrats confirmed in first place but for some it was a hollow victory they lost almost one hundred seats in this election so although anglo-american will very probably will mean as chancellor this was a choice in
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a moment when that really was annoying of course we are facing a huge task the a.f.d. entering parliament will carry out a profound asses because we want to win back the voters of the air by solving problems and listening to their lorries and sometimes their fares but above all through good politics. and there are many of those voters four years ago the far right alternative for germany party failed to win any seats in its first federal election campaign this time with an anti refugee anti islam platform it nearly tripled its vote and will be the third largest party in parliament. yeah my time because we've been given an electoral mandate and we will accept this electoral mandate with humility because millions of voters have given us their trust to carry out constructive opposition work in the german parliament and we will deliver ladies and gentlemen we will deliver. for the social democrats this was
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a disastrous election martin schulz led them to their worst result since world war two he and his party will now form the main opposition in parliament which means angela merkel must now trying to form what's called the jamaica coalition after the colors of its national flank taking in the greens and the free democrats a combination that has never been tried at a federal level she had looked long and lamented the comfort of a winner but if she really lost significantly and she needs the party what she lost most in this election in comparison to the last election so hopefully the c.d.u. world learned its lesson too that they have to change something because otherwise they will be defeated in the next elections. the first are democrats if you have to enjoy this and the fact that somebody doesn't mind if this were my for all this talk of how difficult it will be to form a coalition in the next parliament that there will be a woman it's not members of the far right wing not far enough from have just come
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from the bank of america or courts as they're being dense in government and. hundreds of protesters have rallied outside the headquarters of the far right party to demonstrate against its parliamentary victory have been chanting slogans and carrying posters saying death to fascism persons have also taken place in frankfurt cologne well let's go to. who is in berlin live for us right now and a big surprise that they have sort of came across with this big breakthrough is this a punishment. well it's certainly a reaction to one of the most famous decisions that angular merkel has taken in recent years but going back to those protests firstly there were hundreds of people who took to the streets outside
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a nightclub not far from here in the east of berlin alexanderplatz where a.f.d. supporters had gathered to celebrate a predicted breakthrough as dominic was saying in his piece it was a bigger breakthrough than expected what it means now is that the f.t. the far right party will now not only enter the bundestag lit up behind me for the first time but they'll be the third largest party in parliament many people here in germany are horrified not just those protesters but many members of the public who who have gone along with what sigma gabrial the outgoing foreign minister described as the prospect of real nazis entering the parliament so there's a real war of words going on at the moment as to what this means of course the party themselves have opposed the decision by chancellor merkel in twenty fifteen to allow in almost a million refugees one of their top candidates has been calling for
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a parliamentary committee to look into the the legality of that decision and that is something that has seen them when almost a million voters from angola merkel's c.d.u. c.s.u. coalition just tonight on a roundtable discussion on national television one of their main representatives of the a.f.p. said it was the duty of the party to continue to be provocative now another basically the party leader for petrie has refused to say whether she'll continue as the head called her party a breath of fresh air in parliament because it allows issues to be talked about which were previously not discussed openly again talking about immigration so it's clear that that's where the sports come from so you. thing is the very latest on the german election result.
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iraqi government is ramping up its efforts to stop a controversial kurdish independence referendum on monday is asked the autonomous kurdish region to hand over control of its international border post an international airports so also calling on foreign countries to stop oil trading with the kurdish region and to deal with the baghdad government instead a minister. warns the vote would have dire consequences for the kurdish regions. called the isis i want to speak clearly with our dear kurdish people most of the problems in your region are local and not coming from baghdad the call of the session will only make the crisis of economic and financial difficulties get bigger resulting from the corruption and bad management i want to direct my worst to the kurdish people and ask those responsible where has the money from oil revenues gone but the president of iraq's kurdish regional government. insists the will go ahead
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he says officials in baghdad have failed to live up to the promises they made to the kurds. they have been continuing in threatening and humiliating our people the state that we agreed on should have been a state based on citizenship federalism pluralism multiculturalism and democracy but unfortunately the state we have right now in iraq is a theocratic sectarian state. where the turkish and iranian president's have spoken on the phone about the iraqi kurdish independence vote and voiced concern that it will cause a very gentle chaos both countries have also held war games on their borders with a rock as a show of force and the sentence has this update from on the turkey iran border. increased activity here at this military exercise right on the iraqi border the turkish army rehearsing it would seem for some sort of cross border operation clearly a warning to the kurds in iraq of possible military action but certainly no indication
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that that is imminent but dolly you know there in the turkish prime minister has reiterated that as far as he's concerned the vote on monday will be no loan void the result will mean nothing he says it's an illegal act and it will only cause more division in the region more trouble in the void in many countries that exists on security he also said that he considered that this was a one sided decision on the part of the k r g the kurdish regional government he leveled a lot of criticism i'm a suit bizarrely an old friend of turkey for many years right the way through the four decades of conflict with the p k k the armed group which is not a part of the planning for this referendum but obviously is not in any way resisting what's taking place but no right now as far as turkey is concerned these
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are tense times with uncertainty about the future. ahead of the un's refugee agency has called they were hinge a crisis that has refugee imagine say in the world and the program they has been visiting were in bangladesh camps where witnesses tell him about right violence in mammals rakhine state someone calling for an italian nation against malmo forces nicholas hack reports. inside this bag is a twelve year old girl she's being carried to the camp by her cousins after crossing the border. mean more soldiers slit her brother's throat. they then came after her cousins won't say exactly what they did to fetch of a since she's been unable to speak eat or drink whatever they did has put her in
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the state of shock some young sons who choose responsible for all this she's responsible for the killings for the violence against our people. just supported the nobel laureate hoping she would bring an end to their persecution instead mob attacks led by buddhist monks and the military against their community have intensified since she came to power in two thousand and fifteen despite the return to democracy they can vote go to school or practice their religion freely no mom i know this is the salvation army formally known as keen as a secular militant group responsible for the august attacks against the me and maher security forces their leader ayatollah continues to call on all men and women to fight what they describe as the brutal regime of young go on and and to the oppression of are hidden just like. we met one of the group's members in a secret location it's the first time they accept to talk publicly. he says they
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have no choice but to take up arms in order to stop what they describe as the start of a genocide against their people. if they don't give us our rights if they keep killing our people raping all women then yes there will be more attacks to come this is our land and we will fight back i mean more as response to the group's attack is described by the un as textbook ethnic cleansing the group is ill equipped and has few weapons it is no match to me and more as military might but it has the support of many refugees a people stateless and in limbo. who continue to suffer of unspeakable violence. nicholas hoult al jazeera at the bangladesh me and more border. still ahead on the program. to independent. government to distribute ballots for the
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independence referendum. children are dying because. to quit now. welcome back we'll have a look at weather across a strait here still seeing some near record breaking temperatures across southeastern areas but we have got some fronts pushing through which are introducing slightly cooler fresher air so sydney so looking at twenty seven on monday but as you head on through into tuesday we should see those temperatures falling away still pleasant enough at twenty one but really nothing special we've got to warm air coming into wards out late still out across western australia we're looking at temperatures struggling a little bit on the southerly seventeen in perth in the circulation be working its way along the coast of south australia into new zealand this frontal system is
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giving some heavy rain across the western side of both island certainly working its way further north as we head on through into choose a so a wet one in oakland at that stage slightly drier weather i think for parts of the south ana but still plenty of showers coming up from that direction now as we head up into northeastern parts of asia we've had a wave on a frontal system giving rain across southern parts of china it's clear through monday so for tokyo through towards us should be dry and fine you know says the rain across shanghai and that way then pushes up across southern japan towards the latter part of choose day still fine across much of the korean peninsula all of this cold front should be pushing down to the north of north korea later in the day .
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with. documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera. welcome back a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera german chancellor angela merkel is on track for a fourth time in power as poll suggests have one a further votes in the parliamentary election the opposition social democrats say they will leave her coalition and go into opposition. under the demonstrators have
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gathered in protest outside the headquarters of the far right party which is set to become the third largest political force in the german parliament after winning around thirteen percent of votes. and iraq central government has off the autonomous kurdish region to hand over control of its border crossings and their ports as it ramps up efforts to stop monday's independence referendum. hundreds of defying spain's central government and rallying in support of october's independence referendum as always as in madrid insists the vote is illegal and are trying to block preparations don't hundred has more from. catalans are building a growing movement and perhaps a nation the government of spain has branded these pro independence signs a crime making these children criminals is a bit of a pain in the bucket on our body ready very different. we want.
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our freedom this. spanish police have banned the october first referendum on independence and confiscated the regional governments ten million ballots so catalans printed these in spanish and in their own language we don't have spain we actually love their clothes and all but i know we are free people and we. are in the balance catalans handed them out and posted pro independence signs as the region's most those police who refused to take their direction from spain look on here all the wold not want to be free their cars are strewn with flowers by thankful locals some draped in what they hope to become their national standard because spain has outlawed the referendum there's been no real campaign here this spanish government office is as close as you get to a no campaign headquarters and cattle on officials who have urged people to vote yes have found themselves in jail and face charges as serious as sedition which
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carries a fifteen year prison term all for urging voters to cast a homemade ballot we have to vote but it was not bus about you thought of the people about the shows so i don't know why though god i couldn't not vote yes or no. at the ports it's the spanish flag it's unfurled by proud nationalists don't do that we can't allow them to say that catalonia is not spain as a castle and all my life i feel very spanish and i will always on my homeland which is spain here more than three thousand spanish national police and civil defense forces are housed in cruise ships and ordered to stop the referendum whether catalans vote to build a new nation or whether the movement they've built falls apart will be decided on october first john hendren al jazeera barcelona. sick children in venezuela are dying because hospitals can't access supplies or afford to maintain equipment and
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for mortality rates are up thirty percent as the country struggles with hyperinflation and food shortages no sane human got exclusive access to a children's hospital in the capital caracas. because women were the real venezuela's oldest pediatric hospital the only facility which eldon can receive kidney dialysis in this ward. it's where judas and only son some well died not from his kidney disease but from the dialysis machine it was contaminated with a deadly bacteria that so far has killed five children to put things. we feel tremendous pain seeing a child fight since birth to live just to die because the hospital didn't have the and a buyout ics and because no one would take measures to fix the contamination problem that was public knowledge. former hospital director dr all near this old lena discreetly invites us to see what's become of
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a facility that was venezuela's pride and joy. today only two of the eight lifts work there the same two that go up with patients and come down with dead bodies the go up with food and go down with rubbish not a single norm of hygiene is met in this hospital. corridors are full of beds piled on top of each other crucial medical equipment lies idle the campus is now five or six of the century in which. none of them are working it was just. the mother of a boy diagnosed with lupus spends the night in this chair she says the hospital is unable to run the tests her son needs somebody down with the. child and infant mortality have increased thirty percent in one year they're dying from illnesses that are preventable with vaccines and antibiotics and we have neither. and in the absence of both diseases like diptheria tuberculosis malaria and yellow fever are
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sorie this in an oil rich country where not only lifesaving medicine but also soap to keep the hospital clean or victims of an economic crisis that's taking more lives by the day. to see a new an i'll just cedar got access to u.s. federal aid has started to arrive in puerto rico as emergency services deal with the devastation left by hurricane maria eleven ships have entered the main port bringing in camp beds food and more than six million liters of drinking water tens of thousands of people have been evacuated from an area near the taco river in the northwest over fears that are down will burst u.s. president donald trump incest his call to boycott the national football league has nothing to do with race this instead about respect for the country the flag on sunday more than one hundred the n.f.l.
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players protested during the national anthem as they called for greater racial and social justice in america can really help get us more from washington d.c. . some knelt on one knee others raised their fists and locked arms as hundreds of american football players in the united states in london pushed back against president trump's criticism of their protest during the u.s. national anthem it was a sign of solidarity with other athletes criticized by donald trump since friday for using the anthems to protest racial inequality and aggressive policing in the united states would you love to see one of these n.f.l. owners when somebody disrespects our flag to say get that son of a off the field right out the sky. fired on sunday trunk continued his criticism on twitter suggesting fans boycott the national football league and owners fire players who he believes disrespect the country by
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protesting during the anthem as the n.f.l. players association was quick to put out a response supporting the athletes right to express themselves and demonstrate on the field products walk it was so the process of freedom trumps tirade has been met with pushback not just from athletes but also from team owners who have contributed to trump's political campaign or visited the white house in a statement the new england patriots c.e.o. robert kraft said he's deeply disappointed by the president's comments as the debate spiraled members of trump's administration defended the president's comments i think what the president is saying is that the owner should have a role that player should have to stand in respect for the national anthem this isn't about democrats it's not about republicans it's not about race it's not about free speech they can do free speech on their own time the right to protest is protected under the constitution of the united states in two thousand and sixteen
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quarterback collin capper nick started using his platform to highlight injustice experienced by minorities in american society. the movement has spread. other u.s. sports leagues saturday catcher bruce maxwell became the first major league baseball player to kneel during the american anthem. and other famous athletes like basketball star lebron james have also been speaking out because this guy we've. put in charge has to try to divide us once again the nature of the protests arm precedented and will continue save the athletes until the u.s. overcomes the racial divisions they say persist kimberly how good al jazeera washington counsels and. been her mother back home after a dressing the u.n. general assembly about the gulf crisis. reports and only show support him received upon his return to ground welcome for the emir of qatar shake to be been
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hammered fanny surrounded by hundreds of people soon as his plane landed at the airport. and other waterfront indo has city center his people came out in the thousands to welcome a leader they have rallied around since the gulf crisis began a few months ago he drove along doha's famous carney his motorcade stopped several times along the way to greet those who have come to welcome him back. what you saw was a national festival a nation united behind its leader i feel sad about what our neighbors did to us but we are proud of our emir. sunday's turnout is in stark contrast to what some regional media have reported about a khatami leadership that's out of touch with its population while the gulf dispute
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has posed economic challenges to qatar the country has managed to launch new shipping routes to prevent the flow of goods from being disrupted. and for many who showed this was their chance to passively thank the emir and show the world their resolve throughout the crisis. that despite the blockade we showed the world we are united and with that resolve we can overcome all the crises that happen and i mean you know american abbey living here for eighteen years i feel i belong here this was the first time the emea left qatar since the crisis began. visit took him to. berlin and paris before landing in new york to address the united nations general assembly to aid and the u.s. have been trying to convince all the parties to negotiate an end to this dispute
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people here see no end in sight of the gulf crisis there's a strong feeling among qataris that the allegations made by the saudi led blockading countries against qatar is just a pretext and that their ultimate goal is to impose their will on a sovereign state. now as you get older you can be excused for slowing down a bit but that's certainly not the case for a group of grannies in south africa who are hitting back at the ageing process one punch the time on the page join them for sparring session. training start slightly but the pace picks up quickly as these grannies work out a long life time of frustration. at eighty five years old intombi sword what trains as hard as anyone who children and grandchildren have told her to stop but having given up football and running
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because they made her too hot she's refused saying boxing is hope passion and now that. i feel so good i feel fresh a pledge this side and the side like this and like that i really love this dirty like things like soccer because a break from. the coach claude says they're gaining strength flexibility coordination and a lot more because it's confidence it's you know the more they do that you feel a. little more energetic like it's more of the feel for it working your brother who profited from these ladies are tough and i take their training very seriously but i think i would want to get in the ring with gladys anytime so. at sixty nine gladys is one of the youngest when i
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started. my legs. but. i feel better than. the other gladder said training is seventy seven years old she's ready for any. the trouble that comes her way. is that. the wrong reasons. here is because one of them would come to be. given it. my thinking of anyone. that sound advice but they are fighting off old age and having a lot of fun doing it turning a page out is there a johannesburg. the top stories now german chancellor angela merkel appears to have easily won
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a fourth term in power as polls suggest her party one of the votes in the parliamentary election the opposition social democrats are expected to win around twenty percent of the vote historic low for the center left party they vowed to leave merkel's coalition government and go into opposition. hundreds of protesters have demonstrated outside the headquarters of the far right i d party which is set to become the third largest political force in the german parliament after winning around thirteen percent of votes the mainstream parties have ruled out talking to the f.t. about former coalition smiley fastow includes a pledge to ban all mosques and criminalizing people wearing the veil. merkel has promised to win back votes from the a.f.p. well not really. of course we are facing a huge task the a.f.d.
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entering parliament will carry out a profound asses because we want to win back the voters of the air by solving problems and listening to their lorries and sometimes less fares but above all through good politics. iraq central government has asked the autonomy kurdish region to hand over control of its border crossings and their poles as it ramps up efforts to stop monday. independence referendum it's also calling on foreign countries to stop the oil trading with the kurdish region and to deal with the baghdad government and iraqi kurdish officials say the vote will still go ahead. the head of the u.n. as a refugee agency has called they were henge a crisis the most urgent refugee emergency in the world filippo grandy has been visiting were injured in bangladeshi camps where witnesses have told him about murder rape and violence in mammals rakhine states all of them four hundred thirty thousand refugees have crossed into bangladesh since the latest in violence began
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hundreds of catalan demonstrators have rallied in defiance of the spanish government's attempts to block monday's referendum spanish place arrested cancel an official said time stop. those are your headlines but stay with us witnesses next. from the tropics of self used to be fair islands in the far north that lead to me when i want to use me it's the women who cross the road for love and state to change a community. at this time when al-jazeera.


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