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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 25, 2017 2:00am-3:00am AST

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in the aftermath of civil war peace and reconciliation i remember seeing in the absence of justice. people in power honest chilling testimonies of atrocities suggesting the thora teams have failed to conduct full and proper investigations that could help heal resentment inflicted by conflict. partial justice at this time on al jazeera. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm rob matheson and this is the news our live from doha coming out of the next sixty minutes
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a fourth time for german chancellor angela merkel but after sunday's election she faces of a very different parliament. kurds refused to back down from monday's independence referendum despite opposition from all their neighbors. the kurds aren't the only people planning a controversial vote to a report from catalonia where defiance of spain's government is growing. this is nothing to do with race anything else assisted with respect for our country and respect. and how remarkable it all really suddenly pitted donald trump against america's most popular sports. german chancellor angela merkel has won a fourth term in office her victory was widely expected but she'll face of a very different political. landscape when the new bundestag convenes. the party
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not only won the seats for the first time but made a surprisingly strong showing exit polls project center right christian democratic union party has won just over thirty three percent of the vote giving them two hundred and twenty seats their main rival and current coalition partner the center left social democrats led by martin short's got around twenty one percent of the vote or one hundred thirty seven seats but the biggest change to germany's political scene is this the far right and anti islam alternative for germany or the party getting thirteen point two percent of the vote that translates into eighty seven seats the three other main parties one between nine and ten percent of the vote but could find themselves in power i was part of a coalition dominic cain reports from berlin. to six weeks of campaigning in germany the coaches have spoken they have sent to members of parliament they want
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to represent them in the next four years here is the message they have sent is a confusing one the suggestion is clearly that angle americal will lead the next government but who will she govern. a moment of celebration for the christian democrats confirmed in first place but for some it was a hollow victory they lost almost one hundred seats in this election so low and good america will very probably remain as chancellor this is a chaste moment when that's really. of course we are facing a huge test the a.f.d. party entering parliament we will carry out the found analysis because we want to win back the voters. by solving problems and listening to them and sometimes. but above all three good politics. and there are many of those voters four years ago the far right alternative for german. party failed to win any seats in its
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first federal election campaign this time with an anti refugee anti islam platform it nearly tripled its vote and will be the third largest party in parliament. yeah mind it out of time because we've been given an electoral mandate and we will accept this electoral mandate with humility because millions of voters have given us their trust to carry out constructive opposition work in the german parliament and we will deliver ladies and gentlemen we will deliver. for the social democrats this was a disastrous connection not in shorts led them to their worst result since world war two he and his party will now form the main opposition in parliament which means angle americal must now trying to form what's called the jamaica coalition after the colors of its national flag taking in the greens and the free democrats a combination that has never been tried at a federal level she it looked like and lament with the comforts of
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a winner but she really lost significantly and she needs the party which lost most in this election in comparison to the last election so hopefully the c.d.u. world learned its lesson too that they have to change something because otherwise they will be defeated to the next elections one final question is from they still actually want has happened to the angular metal that won forty percent of the votes just four years ago she's lost many votes many since the question some people are asking now is is already dented or damaged in some way as a consequence of all they see election questions will follow about what sort of coalition she can lead where she can take germany forwards in the next four years. there are key government is ramping up its efforts to stop a controversial referendum on kurdish independence on monday it's asked the autonomous kurdish region to hunt over control of its international border posts and airport. it's also calling on foreign countries to stop trading oil with the
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kurdish region and to deal with the baghdad government instead by minister body once the vote well have dire consequences. i want to speak clearly with our dear kurdish people most of the problems in your region are local and not coming from baghdad and the call of secession will only make the crisis of economic and financial difficulties get bigger resulting from the corruption and bad management i want to direct my verse of the kurdish people and ask those responsible where has the money from oil revenues gone. but the president of iraq's kurdish regional government massud bizarrely insists the vote will go ahead he says officials in baghdad have failed to live up to the promises they made to the kurds . and they have been continuing in threatening and humiliating no people the state the we agreed on should have been a state based on citizenship federalism pluralism multiculturalism and democracy but unfortunately the state we have right now in iraq is
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a theocratic sectarian state. has more from iraq's kurdistan region erbil. this was the final time we hear from kurdish president. takes place on monday and he had some very harsh words for the government in baghdad he said the didn't you participated in building and went willingly to baghdad for back in two thousand and three turned out to be practical and think tarion country he said because they they could they play lead a key role in ratify the constitution back in two thousand and five but they did not get what they expected in return then he went on speaking about the current problems with the central government in baghdad and he said that after the vote they will still be a time for negotiation independence won't come on the next day and maybe it will take a year or two or even more depends on how good these talks would go but within minutes
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the prime minister either allowed by the gave us or statement and he also didn't mince his words he said that baghdad wind never accept the disintegration of iraq and that this referendum will lead actively to a creation of a racist and sick tarion state and went on putting a lot of the blame on the kurds he said that yes they did not receive their share of the federal revenue but about a quarter of iraq's oil production at the moment is being sold unilaterally by. and he then he went on saying that. baghdad is going to take further steps he did not elaborate what those steps could be but he did warn that iraq was entering a dangerous zone and nobody knows what the outcome will be this. fall if this is what people here are getting ready to head to the polling stations monday morning about twelve thousand of those around the kurdish region and it is
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and. this place people will be able to cast their ballots there is certainly an atmosphere here say that this is their time to express their opinion and to take their future into their own hands. about is director of the center for the study of the middle east indiana university he's also former iraqi ambassador to the u.n. and he is joining us now live on skype from bloomington thank you very much indeed for your time as we just heard holder mention there hide that all about he did make the point that they have been selling the oil on their own behalf i understand simply he says pocketing the money that's given rise to some economic. problems between baghdad and the codes but is it not fair to say that the kurds do have a point in their political aspirations have not been recognized in the in the
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government in baghdad and that is a problem in getting money from iraq as well. i think it let me invest economic issue first the central dispute between the k r g and baghdad is on whether or not the kurds are entitled to seventeen percent which is the legal standard set to seventeen percent of the. revenue of iraqi oil before or after expenses are paid and a beard maintains that get seventeen percent off the top that maintains it has to pay expenses first and so the kurds get seventy percent of what's left over that's the central argument hardly worth it seems to me. sort of ratcheting up to the level that we're seeing here as for the politics the kurds in fact are independent in all but name they have de facto independence within an
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internationally recognized border which they have benefited from because some long as they were in this all stance of all federation in fact a confrontation with iraq that you know and turkey have respected the international order now they're throwing the entire region potentially into turmoil. really fall no very obvious reasons so. it is not clear to me that other than an aspiration towards independence which of course is that right to have that aspiration it is not clear to me that the politics have so. be reduced to such a state as to justify this move tomorrow how would you react to the suggestion that that this is a non-binding referendum and as you said yourself the aspirations for a state to do if you like are a long way down the road and he has made that point himself that as a result of all of that the reactions of iraq and iran and turkey towards this
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referendum an overreaction. i have quite a bit of sympathy for that response but i would also say that an experienced political figures such as president but as on if the coach stan region should have anticipated that that would be the response. the for the turks and for the iranians i think that's constant particularly for the turks this is an existential threat the largest population of kurds in the world are in turkey how turkey would deal openly with an independent iraq equal to stand but deny their own kurds independence is a you know a problem requiring solomonic wisdom which is not evident on the scene anywhere in the middle east they say so it may be an overreaction but it is one who should have anticipated nevertheless the given the reaction that we have seen particularly from both iran and turkey both of those countries already have significant investments
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and business deals with kurdistan already how does that the situation the reaction that we're seeing from those two countries jibe with the fact that they are actually quite in twined with kurdistan at the moment. yes i think here we have a situation where the current this i think is one of the reasons they've overplayed their hands because there has been particularly in turkey i mean everything from fruit to air conditioners is an order from turkey. codes it seems to me sort of got the notion that they have turkey on a short leash they forgot the size of the turkish economy and the relatively small size of the kurdistan colony so while it's true that these countries are invested the relative size of the trade between the two countries for a country like turkey for a country like iran is quite small indeed i should also point out that turkey and iran aside the international community including the united states the united
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nations and the security council of pointed out that there's a lack of legitimacy of this referendum tomorrow the negotiations should have come with that first and then the referendum not the other way around in my view at the same time i hope that deescalate and doesn't escalate the rhetoric where it's always good to get your point of view on matters like this feisal is that about a director of the center for the study of the middle east at indiana university thank you so much it's a pleasure thank you now it's a week to go until residents of catalonia seek to hold a band vote on whether to separate from spain catalans i defiantly posting yes signs across barcelona and other cities across the catalan region and the local police are letting them john hendren reports from barcelona. catalans are building a growing movement in perhaps a nation the government of spain has branded these pro independence signs
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a crime making these children women. as a bit of a pain in the bucket on the advent of anybody differen. we want. our freedom yes. spanish police have banned the october first referendum on independence and confiscated the regional governments ten million ballots so catalans printed these in spanish and in their own language we don't have spain we actually love their culture and all but i know we are free people and we are in the balance catalans handed them out and posted pro independence signs as the region's most those police who refused to take their direction from spain look on only. want to be free their cars are strewn with flowers by thankful locals some draped in what they hope to become their national standard because spain his outlawed the referendum there's been no real campaign here this spanish government
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office is as close as you get to a no campaign headquarters and cattle on officials who have urged people to vote yes have found themselves in jail and face charges as serious as sedition which carries a fifteen year prison term all for urging voters to cast a homemade ballot we have to vote but it was not bus about you thought of the people about the shows so i don't know. why though god i couldn't vote yes or no. at the ports it's the spanish flag it's unfurled by proud nationalists don't do that we can't allow them to say that catalonia is not spain as a castle and all my life i feel very spanish and i will always on my homeland which is spain here more than three thousand spanish national police and civil defense forces are housed in crucial. in order to stop the referendum whether catalans vote to build a new nation or whether the movement they've built falls apart will be decided on
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october first john hendren al jazeera barcelona. but the more ahead on the news including a slow and painful recovery for the people of puerto rico after a storm that left the whole island powerless plus thousands great. every tons from his first trip abroad since the g.c.c. crisis. in sports team europe and the rest of the world out on the final day of the inaugural sun is going to be here to tell you who took the spoils. in the u.s. more than one hundred national football league players or nelson joining the national anthem before sunday's games three teams did not come out onto the field for the anthem i told they were protesting racial injustice and president donald trump's call for an end to such demonstrations by athletes that has more from
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washington d.c. . some knelt on one knee others raised their fists and locked arms as hundreds of american football players in the united states in london pushed back against president trump's criticism of their protests during the u.s. national anthem it was a sign of solidarity with other athletes criticized by donald trump since friday for using the anthems to protest racial inequality and aggressive policing in the united states would you love to see one of these n.f.l. owners when somebody disrespects our flag to say get that son of a off the field right out the sky. fired on sunday trunk continued his criticism on twitter suggesting fans boycott the national football league and owners fire players who he believes disrespect the country by protesting during the anthem as the n.f.l. players association was quick to put out
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a response supporting the athletes right to express themselves and demonstrate on the field products walk and we so the process of freedom trumps tirade has been met with pushback not just from athletes but also from team owners who have contributed to trump's political campaign or visited the white house in a statement the new england patriots c.e.o. robert kraft said he's deeply disappointed by the president's comments as the debate spiraled members of trump's administration defended the president's comments i think what the president is saying is that the owner should have a role that player should have to stand in respect for the national anthem this isn't about democrats it's not about republicans it's not about race it's not about free speech they can do free speech on their own time the right to protest is protected under the constitution of the united states in two thousand and sixteen quarterback collin capper nick started using his platform to highlight injustice experienced by minorities in american society. the movement has spread to. other
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u.s. sports leagues saturday catcher bruce maxwell became the first major league baseball player to kneel during the american anthem. and other famous athletes like basketball star le bron james have also been speaking out because this guy that we've. put in charge has taught us try to divide us once again the nature of the protests arm precedented and will continue save the athletes until the u.s. overcomes the racial divisions they say persist kimberly hell kid al jazeera washington well a short time ago president trump defended his criticism of the players on their protests he says his objection has nothing to do with race. we have a great country we have great people representing our country in fact we are told. they can be good but we are back and getting. back to american flag or the and
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that's not big. that's nothing to do with race i've never said anything about right this is nothing to do with race anything else has to do with respect for our country and respect from. a let's bring in iran candy he's the founding director of the anti-racist research and policy center at american university's hayes in washington d.c. thank you very much indeed for your time so the president says this is not about race is it. i think if if if he seen the way he responds to these players are calling these players s.o.b.'s but then we compare the way he responded to those people defending confederate monuments to classify those people as quote fine people and so for me and for other people watching this hypocrisy it appears to be exactly about race for our
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international audience many might not understand the importance of the significance of the playing of the national anthem and standing for the u.s. national anthem at sporting events why is this so significant i don't know necessarily that it is significant as much as people have made people taking and me in using the national anthem to demonstrate against racism that their act is significant and so you know in american sports it's a tradition of course to play the national anthem and what common capron it did is i'm going to use this platform this venue to sort of demonstrate against the old national anthem of racism in this country so if i understand it correctly we're talking about two separate things now this is no longer a debate about the way that people protest this is actually moving towards
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a debate about people's right to protest. i think so and i think that's what is i think people are scratching their head because either americans have the right to protest or americans don't either we all have the right to protest either these players have the right to protest against racism just like people have the right to protest for confederate monuments or none of us do you can't you know the president can't pick and choose who he's going to defend who is going to support what protester brad what people should get fired either we all have this right or we don't. if i understand it correctly it's not normal for the performance of the national anthem to be shown on national sporting events unless it's the world series for example of the super bowl but it looks to me as though some of the major channels say that they are going to be showing this in upcoming games presumably to
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see what the reaction of the players is going to be when it's played how do you think the fans of these teams are going to be reacting when they see the players take this kind of action to make this kind of stand when i think the fans will be split i think those fans who think that there is not a racism problem in the united states and who think that these players are disrespecting the flag itself and that's all really there there's they're taking a knee is about i think they're going to be upset and they're going to continue to be upset but i think those americans who see racism as a problem who say racial inequality as a problem and who champion these players taking a knee against this i think these people are going to support these players how strong is the argument do you think that donald trump to put forward one type of message in alabama at the political rally and ended up getting
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a completely different one which he had not intended and it is massively backfired . well i think that's what's essentially happening i think he of course decided that he was going to attack these players who are who are who are standing up and stand or taking in needy against against racism and it's sort of spiraled out of control in which his comments really inflamed even more protests that happened across the national football league today and i think he will continue to inflame these players if he denies them their civil right to protest candy is finally director of the anti-racist research and policy center at american university we appreciate your time thank you very much donald trump's travel ban on six muslim majority countries on sunday but the u.s. president is expected to announce new restrictions that have been protests and legal challenges since the ban began ninety days ago it bars citizens of iran libya
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somalia sudan syria and yemen from traveling to the u.s. . a mexican court has ruled search and rescue efforts have to continue for another five days at a damaged apartment block in the capital it was one of more than fifty buildings that collapsed and choose the seven point one magnitude quake that have been protests in mexico city following local media reports some of the partially destroyed buildings will be demolished relatives have been calling for rescue efforts to continue more than three hundred people died in the quake. arctic and maria has left widespread devastation on the island of puerto rico people are without power and basic necessities and gallacher has more from the capital san juan. hurricane maria struck puerto rico in the early hours of wednesday morning as one of the most powerful storms this island has ever experienced it's now sunday and many streets here in the capital look like this there are downed trees all over
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the place blocking off roads telegraph poles have been snapped like toothpicks but there are some very basic needs here that are going to make this a long term recovery firstly let's deal with fuel if gas stations are open there are a very long lines and people are now being rationed but for businesses and places like hospitals that are running off generators time is now running out particularly for important places like hospitals if they can't get fuel they are in deep trouble the other big problem here is things like fresh water that's also being rationed which is an incredibly difficult situation but power may be the biggest issue of all if you look at the power cables here you can see why this island and i mean the whole island has no power at all officials say it may come on sometime next year but in neighborhoods like this families are coming together and doing what they can they're finding food and water wherever they can buying it but they're also coping with there being no power and no telecommunications and for many this is an
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incredibly difficult long term situation every day it serves you becoming like more of a reality you know because it's like surreal like i say you know and you know we think that this is going to be back to normal and which is hope that that's going to happen and here is yet another problem the entire island is facing whole communities a submerged below flood waters and all of this is been here for days it's starting to smell because sewage is leaking in oil is leaking in and it's simply heartbreaking for people in the street behind me but what we can. say for certain after spending a week in puerto rico is this is going to be a long and painful recovery and for many people simply heartbreaking and gallacher al-jazeera san juan puerto rico. still ahead and al jazeera. they don't just have five or six of these a strange. none of the looking down it was getting dusk we examine the six state of
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venezuela's oldest pediatric hospital and. the olympic marathon champion targets a new world record and balun joe's going to be here to tell you how he did in sport . welcome to look at weather conditions across the americas now in north america plenty of features not just hurricane maria but this developing frontal system which has got quite a contrast in temperatures either side of it so we've got the woman coming out from the south so thirty one in chicago cold air coming down from the north eleven in winnipeg twelve in denver colorado and also maria's just flirting with the cape hatteras and the outer banks carolinas and certainly the eastern side of north carolina could see some heavy rain at times and so in the surf it's going to be quite big all along the eastern seaboard so caution required if you're in that area
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little changes head on through and to choose a front pretty stationary out stage out across western areas fine conditions with twenty nine the high in los angeles so down into the caribbean i need to do well too much on maria because it is moving away from the bahamas so a slow improvement in weather conditions here but we have got lot of showers up through the isthmus to say looks as though you're pretty wet in many areas here a lot of rain affecting the pacific coast of mexico from a tropical storm system the caribbean islands still plenty of showers around but not as bad as it has been the saying goes ahead on three into would choose as maria begins to disappear from your area of interest for south america we've got a frontal system developing once again across parts of the south the region generally wet and when it's aries. a man has decided to break with tradition and train to sail competitively maybe not that we want to present a positive image and to use this to your typical expectation of women for them it's
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about more than just racing yes you can still be a good amani woman and also a very talented sailor going off around the world showing everybody how strong omani people are al jazeera world meets the first female same crew in the gulf sailing at this time on al-jazeera. we don't normally would. this term damage. to speak of rationing all. of this over the. like trust.
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you're watching all jazeera reminder of our top stories this hour german chancellor angela merkel has won a fourth term in office in the country's general election but she's admitted there will be tough talking before she can forge a new coalition a conservative party suffered its worst result and her twelve years in power following a surge in support for the far right there rocking government is ramping up its efforts to stop monday's controversial referendum on kurdish independence it's calling on foreign countries to stop importing oil from the autonomous kurdish region it's also asked the region to hand over control of its border posts and international air. orts. u.s. president donald trump is defending his criticism of players who are taking part in the national football league's national anthem boycott trump says his objection to
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the boycott has nothing to do with race he says it's about respect for the country the players are protesting social and racial injustice. monday marks one month since that will hinge a crisis began in iraq on the state four hundred thirty thousand refugees have fled to neighboring bangladesh to escape a military crackdown. reports from the bangladesh myanmar border inside this bag is a twelve year old girl she's being carried to the camp by her cousins after crossing the border. mean more soldiers slit her brother's sproat they then came after her cousins won't say exactly what they did to fetch about since she's been unable to speak eat or drink whatever they did has put her in the state of shock the young sons who choose responsible for all this she's responsible for the killings for the violence against our people. supported the nobel laureate
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hoping she would bring an end to their persecution instead mob attacks led by but as monks and the military against their community have intensified since she came to power in two thousand and fifteen despite their return to democracy they can vote go to school or practice their religion freely. and this is the just salvation army formally known as keen as secular militant group responsible for the august attacks against the me and my security forces their leader told on continues to call on all men and women to fight what they describe as the brutal regime of yangon and and then to the oppression of ranges. we met one of the group's members in a secret location it's the first time they accept to talk publicly he says they have no choice but to take up arms in order to stop what they describe as the start
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of a genocide against their people. who would if they don't give us our rights if they keep killing our people raping all women then yes there will be more attacks to come this is our land and we will fight back i mean mars responds to the group's attack is described by the un as textbook ethnic cleansing the group is ill equipped and has few weapons it is no match to me and morris military might but it has the support of many ranger refugees a people stateless and in limbo. who continue to suffer of unspeakable violence. nicholas hawke al-jazeera at the bangladesh me and more border. has offered humanitarian aid to cuba on sunday to help with the aftermath of hurricane but inside venezuela the government is facing its own humanitarian crisis more than sixty percent of its citizens are suffering from anemia as the country struggles with widespread food and medicine shortages and crippling inflation in america
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editor and the c n human reports. because in one way that is venezuela's oldest pediatric hospital the only facility which children can receive kidney dialysis in this ward. it's where judas and only son some well died not from his kidney disease but from the dialysis machine it was contaminated with a deadly bacteria that so far has killed five children to put things to me we feel tremendous pain seeing a child fight since birth to live just to die because the hospital didn't have the ended by addicks and because no one would take measures to fix the contamination problem that was public knowledge. for the hospital director dr o'neill this lena discreetly invites us to see what's become of a facility that was venezuela's pride and joy. today only two of the eight
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lifts work there the same two that go up with patients and come down with dead bodies the go up with food and go down with rubbish not a single norm of hygiene is met in this hospital. car doors are full of beds piled on top of each other crucial medical equipment lies idle and officers have five or six of these extremists none of them are working just down in dust. the mother of a boy diagnosed with lupus spends the night in this chair she says the hospital is unable to run the tests her son needs but you know the child and infant mortality have increased thirty percent in one year they're dying from illnesses that are preventable with vaccines and antibiotics and we have neither. and in the absence of both diseases like diptheria tuberculosis malaria and yellow fever are soaring this in an oil rich country where not only lifesaving medicine but also soap to
2:38 am
keep the hospital clean of victims of an economic crisis that's taking more lives by the day to see a new and got access and children continue to be some of the most vulnerable in venezuela in the next part of our look at the economic crisis gripping the country and it's in human needs aid agencies trying to feed the hungry that's monday on al-jazeera. ok let's return to our top story sunday's german election germany's constitution is designed to avoid any single party having too much power and other leaders are going to get straight down to the job of forming a coalition and there are lots of permutations colors and weird and wonderful names involved we already know that the grand coalition of the two biggest parties the center right c.d.u. and the center left s p d isn't going to happen most likely this time is the black yellow coalition between chancellor angela merkel's c.d.u.
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and the liberal d p this grouping ruled five times in the eighty's and ninety's now if there isn't strong enough the greens could be added making the so-called jamaica coalition that's called that because it's like the jamaican flag slightly more far fetched is this one the senegal coalition the greens the yellow of the f.t.p. and the red of the s.p.d. it's also called the traffic light coalition and the other option is the afghanistan coalition the s.p.d. the c.d.u. and the greens although that is unlikely at this stage charles litchfield is a european affairs analyst at the think tank you rate your group he's joining us live on skype from london a lot of acronyms a lot of different colors do we have any indication even at this early stage for the german government is actually going to look like. yes i see you had a lot of fun with hannity of colors but unfortunately it seems that there aren't
2:40 am
that many than this is merkel can use and i think the most likely outcome is in fact the jamaica coalition so that of course involves the lack of mrs merkel c.d.u. c.s.u. and also the liberals but the greens too because you mentioned the black yellow coalition which would be the party preference but they don't have the numbers and so i think the most likely outcome will be that to make coalition although that's difficult because as you of us might have guessed at this quite a distance between the liberal f.d.p. and the greens and therefore the coalition in the negotiations will that will last a long time and i wouldn't rule out that the s.p.d. actually reverses its policy of ruling out of the grand election especially if mr shultz doesn't survive a bad result in the local state elections in lower saxony three weeks time looking longer term what does this mean for angela merkel's power in germany in europe in particular when it comes to negotiating things like drags it and the greek debt for
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example and also in the world as well. well this is certainly a blow to mrs merkel and her personal power she was until recently the unassailable dominant figure in german policy and this is taken that down a notch although it is still impressive she's married many managed excuse me to win a fourth consecutive term i think that as far as germany is concerned she will certainly have to take into account the you the views on domestic policy of her coalition partners but it is a fairly consensual country on europe i think it does limit her the opportunity to negotiate with mr macro on the sort of relaunch of the euro zone although the party should be working without also procure inciting they're willing to consider some piecemeal policies and in the world i think she will still remain an important figures but want to turn to when they look for a sort of adult in the but it's also important to know that she was never particularly interested in this sort of title the leader of the free world sort of confirms that she is a domestic leader with her own domestic problems that she has to deal with one of
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the big stories of course is the rise of the f.t. party in this election and i'm going to market i said to have undermined her opponent martin short by assuming some of the socialist policies that were carried by his party do you think that she's going to have to take a similar tactic when dealing with the f.t. . well martin shultz was a sort of competitor whereas she'll see the a.f.d. as an enemy and there's someone as a party that she doesn't want to see in the german ever again after this at this period so i think that while she'll have to adapt her policies that her strategy when it comes to the f.t. will just be to ignore them and see what happens what will be interesting is whether the pressure and how are the changes they've accepted this sort of resolute centrism that she's had as you said stealing policies from the center left it will probably be the case that this will jockey for position to be her successor they'll move the party back further to the right although i think the real live there
2:43 am
remain a very sort of strong barrier between party and the f.d.a. they'll never be any talk of cooperation char's let's fill the universe european affairs analyst at the think tank eurasia group we appreciate your time thank you very much indeed. ok let me give you some breaking news we've just heard that the new order by u.s. president donald trump imposes at least partial entry bans on countries where governments have failed to meet u.s. demands for information sharing remember donald trump's previous ban on the mainly muslim countries was running out today he had to come up with a new option this is the new option there are several countries on that list let's go straight to mike hanna in washington d.c. mike are there any surprises any changes on this list. well this is very different to previous travel restrictions imposed by the transferred ministration and we're told by administration officials that these new restrictions follow
2:44 am
a global review of u.s. security countries around the globe were given fifty days to meet specific baseline requirements by the united states at the end of this period all countries had complied with the exception of eight so these are the countries that are now on the new travel restrictions chad iran libya north korea syria somalia but those who are and yemen now five of those countries were on the original ban which actually expired in the course of today a six country that was on that list sudan has now comply to says the u.s. with its requirements and has been taken off the travel restriction list also the implementation of release restrictions is being phased in in two ways. the original restriction that is back in force again the other countries the new countries that
2:45 am
have been added north korea and chad and then as well are there restrictions were will come into force on october the eighteenth but this is very very different beast to the previous arbitrary restrictions that were created by the trumpet ministration the future of the proclamation within the legal system while the supreme court was due to hold our all argument on the old ban on october the tenth but given this new proclamation this may well fall away very difficult to see any legal basis for a challenge against this particular proclamation given the fact that it is very specific tailored to each country iran for example still on the restriction list however there some of the risk. directions have been eased student visas will be issued still as will exchange visitor visas so each country has
2:46 am
a specific restriction a list stop restrictions based on the level to which they did not comply with the u.s. baseline requirements rob my friend i thank you very much indeed. tom and bin hamad all tiny is back home after meeting world leaders in europe and at the un general assembly in new york it was welcomed by thousands of people in doha after discussing the gulf crisis abroad. reports. a grand welcome for the emir of qatar. been hammered. surrounded by hundreds of people soon as his plane landed at the airport. and other waterfront indo has city center his people came out in the thousands to welcome a leader they have rallied around since the gulf crisis began a few months ago. he drove along doha's famous coney his motorcade
2:47 am
stopped several times along the way to greet those who have come to welcome him back. home what you saw was a national festival a nation united behind its leader i feel sad about what our neighbors did to us but we are proud of our emir. sunday's turnout is in stark contrast to what some regional media have reported about a khatami leadership that's out of touch with its population while the gulf dispute has posed economic challenges to qatar the country has managed to launch you shipping routes to prevent the flow of goods from being disrupted. and for many who showed this was their chance to passively thank the emir and show the world their resolve throughout the crisis and. that despite the blockade we showed the world we are united and with that resolve we can overcome all the crises
2:48 am
fashion and i mean you know american abby living here for eighteen years i feel i belong here this was the first time the emir left qatar since the crisis began. visit took him to. berlin and paris before landing in new york to address the united nations general assembly to wait and the u.s. have been trying to convince all the parties to negotiate an end to this dispute people here see no end in sight to the gulf crisis there's a strong feeling among qatari is that the allegations made by the. countries against qatar is just a pretext and that their ultimate goal is to impose their will on a sovereign state. doha the taliban has claimed responsibility for a suicide attack on a nato convoy in afghanistan's capital kabul security sources told al jazeera at least three people were killed and several others were injured they attack or
2:49 am
detonated a car bomb targeting a danish military convoy. french president emanuel party has taken a hit in the country's senate elections partial results show that conservatives are dominating the vote to renew half the seats it's seen as crucial to help pass his controversial labor reforms which have sparked mass protests by senators are being voted in by mayors and regional councils not by the general public we have some phenomenal images for you as seen from space these pictures of the overall were taken from the international space station the phenomenon occurs when the electrical charged particles in magnetic field collide with neutral atoms in the upper atmosphere now it's been a week of rising tensions over north korea's nuclear program marked by increasingly heated rhetoric from both prion yang and washington south korea and japan shared
2:50 am
a fear of being on the receiving end of north korea's threats bride went to a so-called friendship festival in tokyo to gauge the level of a lower. this is an annual event meant to celebrate the close cultural ties between south korea and japan in reality it is a relationship that is often troubled diplomatically but according to the governments of the two countries it has never been more important to be working closely together given the shared threat of north korea and the possibility that the standoff could turn into some kind of conflict people in japan know that given their proximity to the korean peninsula and also that close alliance with the united states it's almost inconceivable that they would be able to stay out of any conflict and people here do look with increasing alarm at the kind of personal rhetoric and war of words that's going on between kim jong un of north korea and
2:51 am
president trump of the us. as adults we should use peaceful means such as to pay missy to settle this matter. if you continue to provoke each other it's a problem that could escalate into something horrible what concerns people here especially is now talk by north korea setting off some sort of nuclear device over the pacific ocean a presumably being launched on a missile that would have to fly over the top of japan in recent weeks japan has already experienced two missiles being fired over its territory having a missile now carrying a nuclear warhead takes things to a whole new and very dangerous level still ahead on al-jazeera mark marquez opens up a sixteen point lead in the moto g.p. standings with only four weeks is left i was going to be here to tell you how this ends but.
2:52 am
russian filmmaker andre necklace off explores happy joins russia impacts the very values of the nation the russians are famous for their cultural legacy but. tradition and conservative be the source of stagnation and authoritarian both why was i was the assimilated by the police but ukraine's homosexuality the significance of it put into the russian elite is that he's like a fake you who controls the cobra in such a putin's russia at this time on al-jazeera. you responding six continents across the globe. al-jazeera is correspondents live and bring the stories they tell. us. about the letters. were at the mercy of the russian camp for palestinian red
2:53 am
i'll just zero fluent in world news. it's time for this board here santa. thank you very much as you've been hearing a large group of n.f.l. players have knelt during a sunday's league action since controversial comments from the u.s. president donald trump these were the scenes at the wembley stadium as the baltimore ravens prepared to play the jacksonville jaguars on twenty to twenty five players and now to join the u.s. national anthem will trump a call for players to be fired if they make the gesture that's being used to protest racial inequality in the united states which calls an outrage among
2:54 am
athletes in different sports. and spoke to the host of the suit podcast and sports legal analyst exam a pope who says sports and politics have always mixed or it's macho i say rest in peace to that of sports has always been a little history of sport was a policy of the olympics you look at stadiums that have built all across the world across their financed by taxpayer dollars not all of the media of them are and they are requiring there are particular municipalities to root for them to buy jerseys to spend their money so i say that question sports is marketed as regional is right out it's on sport it's all part of the game and that's had said an owners donate a million dollars apiece over to donald trump and i ration here so you can take it out of sports when it's fully invested in players owners the findings of the league
2:55 am
would you separate. say the a pope a host of suit a podcast and a sports legal analyst thank you very much for that. kenya keeps a has won his second burling marathon the two thousand and sixteen olympic gold medalist it was targeting the marathon world record but fell thirty seven seconds short and whether he crossed the finish line in two hours three minutes and thirty four seconds. who was twelve seconds behind and in seconds or making the fastest mathen debut in history. team europe have won the inaugural laver cup beating the rest of the world team in prague roger federer was the man who secured the victory for the europeans federer defeated the new carriers in sunday to put europe and unsaleable lead the swiss was pushed by the australian until we
2:56 am
came out with a full six seven six to eleven to nine victory the two thousand and eighteen edition will be played in chicago. carl hours and yaquis has put a string of finals losses behind her to successfully defend her pan pacific open title going into the final in tokyo against anastasia. was the actual six finals this year but the dane made sure it would be a lucky number seven she needed just seventy five minutes to complete a straight sets rout of the russian and capture her first title of the year and her third at this event. it was therefore you know one that i really want to go into. my seventh. grade you know getting that last one was really important in cycling it was a day to remember for peace to say again who made history with the world title in a row the u.c.i. rolled world championships in bergen norway on sunday he slovakia has become the
2:57 am
first man to win three world titles in a row he was way down in eightieth position ahead of the final climb but at times he has moved to perfection the twenty seven year old snatch victory in two hundred sixty seven point five kilometer race in a dramatic sprint finish sagan winning in a photo finish. it is not easy you guys last five people i mean that as i said. it's already done it's gone after. yeah. guys just change in the front after i tried to go in the breakaway after tried to close and after in the end you just came for a sprain. zambelli of the. defending champion mark marquez has won the are gone and gone play to claim his fifth win of the season the champion rode his honda to victory after starting fist on the grid edging out than if you draw sand. is
2:58 am
fine and leads the world championship standings with sixteen points at the top nine time champion valentino rossi who suffered a double leg fracture only three weeks ago finished fifth on his yamaha. i was able to open that more advantage is that i mean more than though that years here. you know in front of all these five and it was amazing so just i want to say which are out there that are on and that's is far from we'll have more later on i'll be back in a moment with more of the day's news stay with us. the
2:59 am
nativist news as it breaks many of the people here came to this camp with injuries and illnesses already with detailed coverage the border between china and north korea stretches for more than fourteen hundred kilometers unlike the demilitarized zone the un his fear here is very relaxed from around the world the water that comes in the trucks relist water from the shallow holes it is full of sediment and
3:00 am
of course the high risk of disease. ever since i was a little boy in india my dream was to make bollywood films so five years ago i decided i was finally queen to do it one man's quest to realize a lifelong ambition the story i choose to lose my one and it stands for mission going behind the lens that's going to sing brings his personal story to life. al jazeera correspondent my own private bollywood at this time. a fourth term for german chancellor angela merkel but after sunday's.


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