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tv   Omans Sailing Stars  Al Jazeera  September 25, 2017 4:00am-4:58am AST

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mute all this and over the. well just get out if you like trying. to off the honesty to you you are victims but a new force is that plain. female police officers are combative sexual assault and domestic abuse. but changing society is a challenge and so is life behind the badge for india's lady called. at this time. rob matheson and you know how the top stories and algis german chancellor angela merkel has won
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a fourth term in office in the country's general election but she's admitted there will be tough negotiations before she can forge a new recall election their conservative party has suffered its worst result in her twelve years in power following a surge in support for the far right a f d party. well that's really what's annoying of course we are facing a huge task the a.f.d. entering parliament will carry out a profound acis because we want to win back the voters of the air by solving problems and listening to their lorries and sometimes that's fair but above all through politics. u.s. president donald trump has signed off a new travel restrictions on citizens from eight countries it replaces his original travel ban on people from six mainly muslim countries the new order now applies to north korea chad venezuela iran libya somalia syria and yemen so dunn has been dropped from the original list the new restrictions are expected to come into effect on october the eighteenth president trump has tweeted about his expanded
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travel ban saying making america safe is his top priority he says people who cannot be safely vetted will not be admitted to the u.s. mike hanna is following developments from washington d.c. but this is very different from previous bands each of the countries is dealt with specifically in the proclamation conditions and requirements and restrictions vary from country to country iran for example there was a total ban on travel for iranian nationals now this has been eased although it remains on the list students and exchange visitors may be given visas from iran the u.s. has carried out air strikes on an eyesore desert camp in libya killing seventeen fighters it happened on friday two hundred forty kilometers southeast of sirte the coastal city was isolated far more stronghold in libya the strikes are the first by the u.s. in libya since president donald trump took office in january. the iraqi government
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is ramping up its efforts to stop a controversial referendum on kurdish independence on monday it's asked the autonomy kurdish region to hand over control of its international border posts and airports it's also calling on foreign countries to stop importing oil from the kurdish region and to deal with the baghdad government instead. of body ones the vote will have dire consequences. i want to speak clearly with our dear kurdish people most of the problems in your region are local and not coming from baghdad and the call of secession will only make the crisis of economic and financial difficulties get bigger resulting from the corruption and bad management i want to direct my verse of the kurdish people and ask those responsible where has the money from oil revenues gone but the president of iraq's kurdish regional government massoud barzani insists the vote will go ahead he says officials in baghdad have failed to live up to the promises they made to the kurds
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. they have been continuing threatening and him million people the state that we agreed on should have been a state based on citizenship federalism liberalism multiculturalism and democracy but unfortunately the state we have right now in iraq is a theocratic sectarian state mexican court has ruled search and rescue efforts must continue for another five days at a damaged a pop and block in the capital it was one of more than fifty buildings that collapsed in tuesday's seven point one magnitude quake that have been protests in mexico city after local media reports that some of the partially destroyed buildings would be demolished relatives have been calling for rescue efforts to continue more than three hundred people died in the quake there are still signs of hope in mexico city a dog has been found alive under rubble six days after the quake struck rescuers pulled the animal out from a collapsed apartment building on sunday. hundreds of people continue to make the border crossing into buying that dash one month since the start of the hinge
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a crisis and me i'm lost but how you state the u.n. says nearly four hundred thirty thousand the hinge of refugees have escaped to bangladesh so far have accused the me among military of rape murder and ethnic cleansing those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after all just your world life and.
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you're. going to a high p.s.a. . one hundred perhaps thank you haul. the whole thing you know in my ride but how. i would have. had a shot i always. does the head to. the death threats that tick. and that's when the test.
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she. just about i'm going to have. it up so you. must call. my number one because. i think. i'm going to. have you know if i'm going ahead. of him up a couple of bucks when i was in all. my days and about how to see that i yes. that's over and honest. and said we had another year just missed us and miss as if the one that was it had as. you had but not as it had in this time on an impact .
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in twenty eleven for young on many women decided to break the mold challenge stereotypes and learn to sail. it's a world that can be dominated by men but as john and see saddam and assad made up the crew of as. they are in their boat were named after a constellation of stars. i don't look at the top of the head i know both of them. but run over them with your god now i still have continued to carry i can't say hey i'm going to go hit the how to do my gun evidence in the car even i would have my. can if it bit i knew that i had been very different to how the mind can white coat it. with the head do look at us as a little. even i was
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a pet in the ice and. land in a. do that instead i was do that in this should. have been in the comedy show. her. head if not have. just been santa ana so i can. live and when i went. ahead with that assessment it will be full and out of that i
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mean to do so it is going to take any but. us from. the army and the battle hymn and all the stuff. and i mean no our. cottage on both teams for what i want to pot. in the mafia. i'm on sale is funded by the government and started in two thousand and eight its stated aim is to revive our months merry time heritage promote the country internationally and quote use the power of sport to contribute to the development of the all ninety people. they're calling it a death knell for lennon and he said i but my mind if they don't let it go and if
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you have based then. they're right. in my. view i love to look at them to know. well had been a woman didn't look at them to have a. need of them time i need to have. a william from a bank i can fly home collapse i mean i don't want out of that interview in a column w. often that.
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when i joined the company a year and a half ago those women would just starting to do some racing and it was just a one off opportunity but then they did so well and the idea was such a good one that it was decided we should we should let them continue they enjoyed it. it's hard work but they seem to like that. having. this point here we.
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want. constantly been my theme been my camp most about the subby about that about. men who've been out to look around and ok and get any ice the minute my. brain was just had to. make in fifty seven i was as the they had been there had been feeble drama. generally some within a week. sun and in bed. i would have. been i was just sort of bouncing back when. i thought.
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i would. but what does. come with you then. has a fox lived in a can and. has been a part of late and had i would not. the young woman had to pass an initial training stage in order to be accepted at home and say. well you have to. i cannot. let her come to look. just a. kid doesn't agree. with the guy getting all the. rage when you get. their way if
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you've got a good fantasy but at the end. with. a smile and you think and wife and i don't we're going. to be. far happier and can watch your video right now and. you. could see more typical. so we it's going to make. progress out at sea was unfortunately affected by an untimely illness but the company offered her a job on dry land in the education center now she teaches young children about the
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sea and tries to inspire other young our monies to get involved in sailing. i think it would be. one. of them. a man has over three thousand kilometers of coastline and so has always had a close relationship with the seat and not just through fishing. pearl diving goes back centuries before the common era and the ground stretched along the arabian gulf coast beyond the strait of hormuz that separates from.
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in one thousand nine hundred twenty the centuries pearls were among the most highly sought after and brought in considerable revenue. but pearl diving was an exclusively male domain. for me. and i. had the. stereotype is that men go to sea to fish and that women stayed home to keep house. but some parts of our money society have always challenged that common belief in
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them which demand they get. it would be you. know our money in the. other get. gulf countries to change is a question they wrestle with on an almost daily basis how to maintain traditions in the face of rapid growth and miners station and how to balance local values with outside influences. different countries
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adopt varying approaches as do individual families. and. so we. move on.
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other than you hey they live east you know one of these small one hundred was you know they find a lot of the numbers. and what. kind of herself was about a month or so and i thought at the moment. she had to build the landmark that it allows and giving what you get and charlotte you man and you have got a start up back in housing now and he says honey market so i'm going to serve a hell of a party now hello no my buggy got out of whack it down and i'm sure you know the how and yet it. there is a god and a lot that's what they are you know how they say because in the last one was here a charter i think i'm all good it was a good ten and i give you
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a year to have built your back which will with the help you call i am i lead you because i can love. it perhaps the best of you move a little one well if you little could tell you more you who are you are your nose in the mud of it but. you can it does your will as i know rupert. i think the reaction has been great because i think the most important thing that we've shown people with very very. women's program and that's not just the race team but all all the programmers you can be a very. good woman in a traditional sense you know you can you can be. a wife you can be a daughter you can be a mother but you can also have this adventure you can also learn to sail and teach other people than inspire people and i think because we've shown that you can do
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both. you can still you can still be. good i'm only a woman and also a very talented so going off around the world showing all showing everybody how how strong people are. the young women and their families had to think carefully about the effect their stanley would have on family life and whether it might affect their marriage prospects or responsibilities in the future. to let on. the click of a soul and then. as work with what i want to take. seven a man out of this was that it gave us to some part of what he. was. and could have been my having. got. a one.
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off. ahead. and when any within. a saw and saw what has happened and it got there richard. role models are important in sport especially for young people. the most successful sportswomen in a man has been the tennis player fatuma and the panny and then the kids and i to fuck man upon your endeavor. it's been a little within a human a human can within her mind even a normal reality rigby ac with me that's with. shaking the night when i had. forgotten the land i know i like living here you know so i thought i saw on there how i give are. so much good in how moss and if some fun.
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assure us enough of my on here. diamond. diamond. got away with the facade where. the heck couldn't come had run out of it. at the one of them. and the pennies are months number one tennis player she started playing at the age of forty and at her best in two thousand and ten was ranked three hundred sixty two in the world. she still plays in international tennis federation tournament and is a successful doubles player winning in las palmas in spain in august twenty seventh . for as she is a role model. well i. have a stake in the friends and the sick and the. head funny. and
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. feel. them and. public support from high profile figures like fatah men and the panel did not guarantee except in a by every sector of our money society. even the men's team sometimes the tracks opposition. and then i get him into the we were just in the model and on the minus side will have the union if a footman is in the mess and. leno. in
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the main. been done. to her but. my fish e. o. . is that an office of the kind with. the within the. apollo accept them and coffee the what going under. in a lot of on a shoot or how logic. in the comfort of them wednesday though with and with. not them at the what's ma home for them michael free to what could be a common what's. going on and how. you know mine are going on and. the girls come along and they work just as hard
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as the boys and if they lose to the boys then they say right tomorrow you know tomorrow we win so it's it's it's it's interesting all i see is someone who's driven someone who's committed and somebody wants to work so i find it very difficult to tell them apart to be honest. coming up in part two these are many women became about something more than just going out to sea in boats. when mum has been with them now when. i want. maybe not the sort i had wanted been right yet i'm a foreman in the not in the month and not in number four. and no thing for us in what i've been cannot talk to. you but i am a full manasseh. and the impact. when
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they took part in international competitions at the end of the regatta there with my old going up to go and saying to them ok respect you know well you know you have all respect i have been sailing for twenty five years you've been sailing for one year. and you've been. tensions are high little has changed and new village officials are struggling to demonstrate goodwill. among morial is trying for a comrade who sacrificed his life the political change. but willie event tonight on drive a wedge between the villages fractures part three of
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a six part series filmed over five years to plan china's democracy experiment at this time on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks many of the people here came to this camp with injuries and illnesses already with detailed coverage the border between china and north korea stretches for more than fourteen hundred kilometers unlike the demilitarized zone beyond this fear here is very relaxed from around the world the water that comes in the trucks they list water from the shallow holes in the earth is full of sediment and of course the high risk of disease. it was since i was a little boy in india my dream was to me what he would films so five years ago i decided i was finally going to do it one man's quest to realize a lifelong ambition the story i chose was of my one village and it's transformation going behind the lens that's going to missing brings his personal story to life.
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al-jazeera correspondent my own private bollywood at this time. al-jazeera. where ever you are. i'm about to send in doha the top stories on german chancellor angela merkel has
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won a fourth term in office in the country's general election but she's admitted there will be tough negotiations before she can forge a new coalition the conservative party suffered its worst result in her twelve years in power and follows a surge in support for the far right a.f.d. party when that's really. of course the huge task. and parliament will carry out a profound acis because we want to win back with. myself and probably i'm listening to that laurie and sometimes that. u.s. president donald trump has signed a proclamation a new travel restrictions on citizens from eight countries it replaces his original travel ban on people from six mainly muslim countries the new order now applies to north korea chad venezuela iran libya somalia syria and yemen so dunn has been dropped from the original list the new restrictions are expected to come into
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effect on october the eighteenth. the u.s. has carried out air strikes on an i sold desert camp in libya killing seventeen fighters it happened on friday two hundred forty kilometers southeast of sirte the coastal city was a former stronghold in the strikes of the first by the u.s. and libya since president donald trump took office in january they rocky government is ramping up its efforts to stop monday's controversial referendum on kurdish independence is calling on foreign countries to stop importing oil from the autonomy's kurdish region it's also asked the region to hand over control of its border posts and international airports. hundreds of people continue to make the crossing into bangladesh one month since the start of the one hundred crisis in myanmar state the u.n. says nearly four hundred thirty thousand refugees have escaped to bangladesh so far they've accused the me and more military of rape murder and ethnic cleansing a mexican court has ruled sargeant rescue efforts must continue for another five
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days at a damaged a popular blog in the capital it was one of more than fifty buildings that collapsed in tuesday's seven point one magnitude quake there are still signs of hope in mexico city a dog has been found alive under rubble six days after the quake struck those are the headlines the news continues here after world. for young women and i took part in a government initiative to widen their horizons and develop their skills by training to sail competitive. it was part of an ongoing national strategy to put our man on the global map open up opportunities for young on my knees even if it meant challenging some golf stereotypes. the crew and the boat took their name.
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from a constellation of stars. and then i go. oh no. who is a midget. yeah. when crew took part in the muskets regatta in two thousand and eleven it was their first big race as a team. and
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i guess no one got a. good. sampling can be a sport for different shapes and sizes as with other sports mental resilience is just as if not more important than physical strength. not about sport for women because you don't have to be the strongest. if you're strong helps but there's positions on the boat where actually we need someone to be as small as possible we need the tallest we need the smallest we need someone strong we need someone very gentle the most important thing you need for sailing is
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you need a good mind if you've got a good mind and you can understand the game then then there's a position on the boat for you to comment seamus the ten men show the little e bay and it. will be it will be fleet. ten the lead going to any. teamwork makan head going to get the most. would idea and so we might add so we went to we have other that have had places that haven't been any i'm like any other but any of the anything i've said about. it does it does this about. the henman now that is at the head out of the fantasy for those at the head of the earth to live in the. cured in. your head the. i would also have to had to that women in sailing in general
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there is the perception that women are not as strong. and nor does dedicated and therefore they'll be they'll be easy to beat but we've had a wonderful some of this year with the girls of going round to europe on good racing and they competed in a world championship and there was at the end of the regatta there were male teams going up to the girls and saying to them ok respect you know well done you know you have all respect i have been sailing for twenty five years you've been sailing for one year. and you beat me and hopefully you know the goals realize that even though you're starting in a position where people don't believe that you will be a good competitor when you are they are so impressed that you have their respect for life.
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the my. god i wonder. and it's going to. let any one get out that they could have loved the didn't fit the foreign policy doctors say and you did have. arabia torte in two thousand and twelve started in. what passed. and the united arab emirates. and didn't how much. for i feared
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a women joined for professionals for the race to make a crew of eight. but
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off and out of inside a stimulus. from start to do you think the head of it and mike out of. my americas that i. don't know if you are bob and i want our sauce it's all our own. kind of. welcome and. or kind it's dick a father here. from one hundred. and i feel. to him. i don't adamson our family other than what i have. and it has a. lot
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of professionals. in. a sauce with up. the months going to. the most of what. i mean behind had i'm on. a but in jars been spotted in the i'll do a sausage for you. at the loo and the only thing. someone you know it had to have for the money well has to be any kind it will be fully a month and while the but the gifts are the cap on the right look i'm not going to . send you an inch and so what.
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you've been so when i send you just. within. and so we judge my own company's. gotten full aka. apart from gender driving motivation and the mix and chemistry of the team are all key factors in mold seen a successful crew accession the had dividend in an unknown shabab a common know. what the how much a woman took of the men sit. behind. the scenes where she father of the ship was sent home to lend them money for if another mom was going to dun want to have one also knocking about in the uk has seen in the uk each one is a little different. there over individual we have some girls
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who are very very quiet very calm under pressure but inside their own ways thinking when it goes badly for them we make a mistake we don't do very well you really see them getting upset we have other girls that always like to joke and always like to turn everything into a smile and laughter but when we start the race. everyone becomes very serious and everyone becomes very very driven on that as there's always an atmosphere of next time we do even better next time we do it better. as well as empowering these young armani women in ways they didn't imagine possible
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sandlin enabled them to develop as people. yeah. way to she i need that i have a teeny kid my nephew. can do much to my you oid this isn't a lot of anatomy and they are so how far can be any. good on the economy j.t. on a was a mean. and professional. so why not the. assessment
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and then officer welcome to what j.t. ward hundred the one of j. toward should not have one had to say when. someone. with broken heart to come to know the skin of a humming to them at the moment and bella hannah a dreadful bit milan agree so we. had a hand when it. did so sitting out when i saw. it was the first woman sailing team in the whole gulf region. they set out to change perceptions of women in the region by doing the same thing as the men in the same conditions. but it was about more than just yacht racing they wanted to move barriers to achieve something different. than what. well. you know. maybe not the
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sort i had to want to be. in there with a lot of. fear for us and what i've been kind of. in the december. for. how. well the. model. have been taken. on. at the. athens a lot of. that have see first sales competitive the in two thousand and twelve in july twenty thirty. in the eighty world competition and more say.
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a month later she became the first of many women to compete in the fastnet race and . send them. you send them and. because you're the big knicks even know how the car. kind of an aspiring i want to feel caught a. cot above must send them. a shot when you can't watch it from hanna had any welcome to. any model for what you do. see the. but how. about a. motivational. talk and so we would be fought hands
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and i know you cannot or before had come and gone in for you or sidney or for i seem kind of man and him didn't know i was the. moment to check on among them . done or. done and if in a pot to set him did not want to comment about what i. thought it might because i thought you were not a bit in the book at a lot of cover it comes to that. in two thousand and thirteen was the first time i had competed outside the.
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class size of. going to france was a major speech and development. the will come. at the risk of an so we could rebut that himself seebach shark it will elena. i have a horse. and sheriff a dolla. sheriff. and so and so was so so in just almost i went in just for the simple reason so we say and you know if he be not herself the one. who had a shot at. the war so and then the woman said if you're not friends that's good and
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but if you. and. your blood intend to get much out there much our value and it. and what we're. going to come back to american most only but when i can but i dunno if you can because he doesn't as and if you tell the child that much but how. should i when and how. hard it. i cannot. tell him. what i would really what i would really like. to do and if i if i leave him alone sile twenty years' time you know look back what i want the author writing to do is to show other people. women men via vision is
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a good adventure it's hard work but if you work hard you race against other people around the world and you earn the respect there is there is nothing better than that it is something really special to have people say well that you know you were impressive you really you know i respect your talent and that's what this team is about it's about hopefully some children looking at the team and think a woman maybe maybe that is for me maybe i should work hard enough that i can go to a world championship with your mom flag or you know on my back and show everybody how strong we can be. as today i gradually began to see themselves as role models and that they had a responsibility to send example to other young are many women who might follow in
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their footsteps in the future. and that is a console human am i want morrow money or the phone and the other to live. and get i thought that they landed in. my city but the big thing for all of us and that's the same for the girls is hopefully we don't want to be the only thing we want to show everybody that it's possible it's possible to be to be a good arab woman and to be a fantastic athlete as well they are both very possible so the more teams the more happy we are and shyla atlantic will feel they can be come in. for a common work well if there were a lot of via. in an a d in jazz mama kind of changes pretty cool out of. i don't beata.
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and foday yeah team represented on the for four years. the four women laid the ground for what's now called the on man women sailing team. it has new members who've picked up a thirty as baton like a. medal and face and. they took part in the twenty seventeen. arabia event sailing in this new car thirty class boat. there ready have track records and sports medal was an athlete and handball player. a mother comes from an equestrian background and played football volleyball and basketball. and twenty fifteen it di sam was invited by her
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british coach. to join the only all female crew at the volvo ocean race which covers over forty thousand nautical miles and nine months. she's part of the same class of graduates as and food and is one of the new generation of professional female sailors in the middle east. the team's goal is to represent a man in the international arena and add more offshore miles to their sailing careers. determined to live life to the full. to go to some i have very limited sight five percent but i can distinguish objects big and small and realize their ambitions lead. well i was hungry for but also afraid of it because i'm married. i still love
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the look today. follows for inspiring people in istanbul as they seek to prove that seeing isn't everything at this time. welcome to look at weather conditions across the americas now in north america plenty of features not just hurricane maria but this developing frontal system which has got quite a contrast in temperatures either side of it so we've got a woman coming up from the south so thirty one in chicago cold air coming down to the north eleven in winnipeg twelve in denver colorado and also maria is just
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flirting with the cape hatteras and the outer banks of carolinas and certainly the eastern side north carolina could see some heavy rain at times and so in the surf is going to be quite big all along the eastern seaboard so caution required if you're in that area little changes head on through and to choose a front pretty stationary out stage out across western areas following conditions with twenty nine the high in los angeles so down into the caribbean i need to do well too much on maria because it is moving away from the bahamas so a slow improvement in weather conditions here but we have got a lot of showers up through the isthmus to say looks as though you're pretty wet in many areas here a lot of rain affecting the pacific coast of mexico from a tropical storm system the caribbean islands still plenty of showers around but not as bad as it has been the saying goes ahead on three into would choose as maria begins to disappear from your area of interest for south america we've got a frontal system developing once again across parts of the south the region instantly wet and when it's aries.
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well i guess. this is our segment that. we only. stay there and we don't want to get inside. yes. because it does. raise a lot yes. some of that. that here you see those stole. they built some houses and. you know they were also the.


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