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tv   Peru The New Cocaine Kingdom  Al Jazeera  September 25, 2017 9:00am-10:00am AST

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with. documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera. we should all be in doha with your top stories from al-jazeera the polls have opened for a controversial independence referendum in iraq's northern kurdish region about five million kurds are eligible to vote in the non-binding poll that's being fiercely opposed by iraq and its neighbors amid fears the outcome could further destabilize the region the kurdish president mustn't bassanio to just a short time ago the turkish foreign ministry has warned it will take all measures
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to protect its people if the referendum leads to instability that affects turkish national security as hoda abdel-hamid reports now from bill there's also tension within the kurdish region of iraq about this vote. after the vote i think everybody is expecting very tough negotiations whether it is with the central government in baghdad and also within the various political factions here in the kurdish region i mean everyone will tell you that the idea of a kurdistan state is one shared by all kurds but there have been some political disagreements of the various factions for example the second strongest party in the region was against holding this referendum now saying that they are other priorities at the moment for example the economy for example political unity among the kurdish factions military unity among the kurdish factions because you have to bear in mind that the kurdish region has traditionally been divided between two
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parties each having their strongholds. each having their political parties each having their military and their own intelligence so some people are a bit worried that they will be some tough negotiations between the two sides the german chancellor angela merkel has won a fourth term in office in the country's general election but she's admitted there will be tough negotiations before she can forge a new coalition a conservative party suffered its worst results in her twelve years in office following a surgeon's record for the far right a.f.d. pronto. well that's really what's annoying of course the f.o.c. huge task the a.f.d. entering parliament will carry out the found in masses the cause we want to win back the voters of the air by solving problems and listening to their lorry and sometimes that fares but above all good politics protesters have marched in cities across germany against the entry of the far right into the parliament this was the
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scene outside the group's headquarters in berlin following the projected results in frankfurt demonstrators help placards condemning the party and to michael policies donald trump has signed off on you travel restrictions for people from eight countries it replaces his original travel ban on people from six mainly muslim countries the executive order applies to north korea chad venezuela iran libya somalia syria and yemen sudan has been dropped from the original list mr trump has taken to twitter discussing his expanded travel ban saying making america safe is his top priority he says people who can't be safely vetted will not be admitted into the us his son in law has revealed he's used his personal e-mail account dozens of times to talk to colleagues within the administration who is an aide to the president and he the received or responded to he says fewer than one hundred e-mails from white house officials from his private account hillary clinton's use
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of a personal e-mail server when she was secretary of state was often criticized during last year's presidential campaign the u.s. has carried out air strikes on an eyesore desert camp in libya killing seventeen fighters it happened on friday two hundred forty kilometers southeast of sirte the coastal city had been isis form a stronghold in libya the strikes of the first by the u.s. in libya since donald trump took office as president in january. hundreds of people continue to make the border crossing into bangladesh one month since the start of the ranger crisis the u.n. says nearly four hundred thirty thousand range of refugees have escaped to bangladesh so far they've accused the military and me and mark of rape and ethnic cleansing. a mexican court has ruled search and rescue efforts must continue for another five days at a damaged apartment building in the capital there are still signs of hope there a dog was found alive under the rubble up next snow of the andes you're watching
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al-jazeera from doha our season. for over four decades has fought a war on drugs. with backing from the us tens of thousands of coca plants and hundreds of tons of cocaine have been destroyed. despite all these efforts they needed nations claims peru has become the most important
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producer of cocaine in the world. would this have come levels of violence and corruption that threaten the very fabric of the country. over the past year much of peru's drug battle has focused on the capital sport with criminal cartels fighting for control of the main exceed route for cocaine. i don't mean the border a funnel but whichever harper who is running over good old beloved you're going to one of the of the bonnet it means you. leave her you're missing a child over. undress not his real name used to be a dock worker at the port. for over a year but you know her going to get in there for
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a job year believe the individual you know they're living. well for the band i'm not going to go but i want one of the we have that. as a darker he was also part of a criminal mafia smuggling hundreds of kilos of cocaine out of peru. my friend over here. your people record per your government government records so money i don't know. really a middleman you know you're going to see a bit. i'll never put up my feet now by dr bill lloyd i know you told you want the one in a major there's a lot what i want to have. a stomach if we don't have. a lot of tough luck. this is a little it was a very little bow to frank so that. my little boy the look of on the look on the
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other. side of. the door just more of your will was a little. but it's ok that i could not think that now we know when you'll get well we've done it again he says you're getting a bit upset and i know you're going to over the past two decades the u.s. has concentrated on breaking the infamous colombian and mexican cartels. nothing and. as a result cocaine production has shifted to peru and i don't think it was going to rain. i don't think another day on the job for me is main drug prosecutor. for the last thirteen years sanju medina has struggled against the rising tide of drug trafficking and money
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laundering i mean. she's on her. way to interrogate a person accused of drug trafficking. the resealing the same control. they still must this bill because he does little good at it really that the bill dana. and one of the seal i guess the mother ever. done will see all mortal so mean this in any moment but. some must put a civil service one of them is a seal easy to make that hundred innocent at least know you've done this analysis. but always put. them in their home which of real will proceed under its does history and the silly. song. dig us a forgotten us a little bit as innocent as children in the but there are frequent but all our own silences was the most i knew of the which almost was called like that in stillness
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oh so this is the play my first lena from the usa. at that time was i want to. get that one i guess to tell her larry she's hearing. from i said. i didn't. miss it this is home home what does seem more fun to someone from the us but we will and will become good at this in the school assemblies he pushed didn't you say yeah you really get you know the only one really given to me to listen to said you were going to be a little and you know what you mean you were like never you believe me. medina is exploring inconsistencies in the suspect statements. at ground level drug gangs
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operate a small cells but she's hoping to trace his context. the wider organization behind . it is the police a little thing thank goodness is still a living so we'll see what they see from the live from the people in similar who knew it or just say so knowing the scene but the scene of those yes. it was so yeah the last and only view of it and they can see. we will go later there's and there is this president's face knowing just when they say oh he is one of them but it's very very risky to say that is. what he never puts up but i thought it's a little too late for them isn't all over the city and you know most of the. people who go to the owner of the number of coming. in if you have a nice i mean you know . going to be some mental commenters you know with a few nails so here with us and we
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a lot of us know you can buy the secret in sin city. but never. use since the one dollar million new economy i'm swallowing this a little at the end of the sleeper i would love in this a moment and i saw that della for a whole minute some for this and not for the seal on the sleeve the little or is it put. back in a yellow board and dresses still waiting the news about getting his old job back. he left when murders between rival gangs had intensified. yes. but you're living the life. they live in to push up his wish. just this enough to demand that you have
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a digital. demanded of me i was going to have visitors he. didn't do it yes i did there's a video to be done for the country to. determine if. the gentlemen talking. to. them is only a little. bit of something. to want to tell them how to build a new song tell me this is something they do this and this is something that i'm doing for little.
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the board has turned into a battleground with rival gangs disputing these final exit route for drugs. since april two thousand and fifteen more than thirty workers have been killed here . those who would have nothing to hide and he knows how i love the most simple even if the payment if any on the host and it went on the mafia think oh yeah. he made us a good deal suggested dolly make up we'll leave it in the saleslady in the house and the receipt she took and my city and i back at the heels went because money on the old us the help left. hand for the little. boy this is just a way to force it to the door. with you isn't about that's not. how i know. this is the system which obviously you don't want.
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in seem but in reality as i will see. you know we're mortals. one man will go just as was a technical operator at eight p.m. terminal and the port. list the plentiful camera of my record contain it again less carrot eschewing medical and medical grand. amberley that. your noir pins have a kid can meet what is that endless aster is they took out quickly. inopportune miraval sign yes a sound when i'm in a piece here so day. by your system i'd already see course i see him and his
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then me home a bit ago but still. you maybe who gave him a pitiful bad a kill my c.s. islam orders has he made. it up a place where i see a bill of mine yeah that one the one i know i'll go yes while they're out there you see values but what it will be so little bell but sick of yes only see that will be a devil may be going to say funniest little taxi this idiot but if you like to who i love if you don't get it from my writing a lot. this is a by having me call. me soon face. because he made it into. work in schools in a body. blow it on my ass i mean. conformal going for you or me or better me. ill is going to cause found the reminiscences there were for one of them you have been living here with me as he never did but he forgot his name so nobody in the is going to meet. the homey.
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fix it on your time don't be in front of course and maybe it would seem is that of course are you going to play that it blocked or what not that is this when they believe that. for and this it's no secret why her son was murdered. because it was you know that parsec cynical person used to. the madonna going to get all of these are just a day out when the british are trying to make a way that will be more forceful than martha than mr bush if i believe that. i did not do enough for the mother somebody yes of course. she didn't see.
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this one to me most of this is. this is. an innocent man left. the authorities are struggling in the face of this war to control the border. for the past decade the us has financed this taskforce of customs agents and anti-drug police. but these people who are michael holmes will burst on the little bullies and that's not only a swipe at meteoric this woman this was a i doubt if any of that if he called him one of those yellow light or the sign yes most of us will dolly maior the big one in the old mill he looks at the muzzle on the mother what in the eyes of the not.
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a lot of us he them in the police and i don't know how most of got to be so young is that what also got. i'm sure now that there were no such good things you know so my lesson of war must be on a simple system except in the universe where better to meet them in that any of these places are none the on the nail it is even if he. is that he any more the same as the children the poor souls boilers must understand that on those on you and if you can move. out of the people around the sea or on dolls and you don't have any in the stands i see it then i'm already styles and thus will be more see the gun laws so see in those days if the needles. make deals or you really go saying that people are the same what is. it this is just when the meals are not seen on this earth but a separate person another is the nails the syrian that's my lip on the door if we don't know if they've been hit i thought it was a look at those. smugglers in the port regularly open the
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containers with shears. they then place the drugs inside and replace the security seals with clowns as if the container has never been touched. you know go out and put it in gun you or me. but i'm not just forced a lot i live for me so up was you know the second they see a bit less. of this now but it is. despite the efforts made by authorities it is estimated that over three hundred tons of cocaine get through every year. to the organization success is that each link in the chain of production on transport is split up.
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this cocaine chemist. work's not far from the port. you'll not see the muscle on the c.m. well yes of course until they go away so with all that i will buy you. i mean me and the office. i said the politicos in the lower little article go you know more and the love for them. one of the little the little man killers will bring that in the form of the woman of new things in the will of the storm will get along with my father will hold for a little while and i said will the bullock award people. the. the a mobile phone can see in a fever one month. because of glossy love. and muscles and for you feel.
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you must have a little easier for god. if this innocent fall at this and. i am. and once a long look at the. well hold my losses. at the thought of a deed or. thought i say that he was a reform enough upon. my home overgrowth even with him a little. more good thing. to live with a father who had been a. little
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older you'll have a whole. load of bunk. well based on what he's. going to do anything about i think you know. this is just west of us that little is about i think now with this evolving over. this is it is it's will be able to bestow that anymore. so you're the one where this will take a week when this was the beginning of the arch of those of us idea was that it was a little bit of that so it was about yes it was just it was all a. little. song because it was that with him and he. always believed the of that which of us a little bit of the level of the of the world oh of the. local the less people love oh you know lost a lot of thinking on it. but of course one of those is of those who put off.
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they get it out because if you took all. my little sister from the muddy up you know yawn that got a lot more. easily and a lot of these will be in the local you know the from. the style the. thing if you throw the love of the love of the. people if i kill a feeling. i got to live by the money of all i want while going to.
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be a celebrity well it's all my doing life is going to go lower. well you know where. it's always filmed one was on the floor of the eagle. eye on the go of it the only way to flip it over was. like oh well you know you you thought of the one so you know. the root disputes the u.n. claim that it now produces more cocaine than colombia. but whatever the truth sonia maybe not the prosecutor has to work under difficult conditions her unit is severely under financed. it still isn't the be the process eldest overnight but they're actually going to let me tell you this and you know so i don't. in the law and order would you know the never going to get a warrior's. someone or something and rehabilitate or not so there wouldn't go quite human to one wasn't very. yes very few seem.
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to notice any of them with them for the rest of the western. hearing to see i think a lot of them is. they left over here with their guilt about the fate. which in the media they had to feel it in my head. but it's i'm doing. it all as he was a burial meaning. to them and it all was an annoyance but you're going to lawyer up with joe but i've been there long. to begin you don't medina's fighting the billionaire drug cartels with an organization that this not even have its own permanent office is sort of a. superior for. the
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democrats. but again you get to simply go go see them ok we're really faced with them ok we're not one dollar of them something to look up. on doesn't say but it was some of the most was a force against noise we've got a poll up there when i. was the most of the other than the sort of unease. some was alluding when sort of any self no muss no menace . make you someone who on the. one don't we could be gone by us. at the port and they're still hopes his contacts will help him get his job back. occasionally hard workers and smuggling rings are caught but the rewards far outweigh the risks as peru continues to supply the world market.
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to little bit annoyed or slow but whether you call it the most of all your. other people doing the opposite of what. you want to travel on don't even go up with the top of the table so you're just a little below there's a little isabel just so the other gentle just a little. goes a little bit excited a decent look at your sister suddenly going by them or something. like that sonny boy. but do you know.
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a very talented going off around the world showing everybody how strong omani people al-jazeera world meets the first female same crew in the gulf sailing at this time on al-jazeera. the top stories on al-jazeera the polls have opened for a controversial independence referendum in iraq's northern kurdish region it is being fiercely opposed by iraq and its neighbors amid fears the outcome could further destabilize the region the region's president has voted just a short time ago while the turkish foreign ministry has want to take all measures to protect its people if the referendum leads to instability that effects turkish national security. reports now from bill there also tensions within the kurdish region of iraq about this poll. everyone would tell you that the idea of
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a kurdistan state is one shared by all kurds but there have been some political disagreements various factions for example the second strongest party in the region was holding this referendum now saying that there are other priorities at the moment for example the economy for example political unity among the kurdish military units the kurdish factions because you have to bear in mind that the kurdish region has traditionally been divided between two parties german chancellor angela merkel has won a fourth term in office in the country's general election but she has admitted there will be tough negotiations before she can forge a new coalition the conservative party suffered its worst results in her trailer finishes in power flowing a surge of support for the far right after party. the us president donald trump has signed off on the travel restrictions on people from eight countries he replaces
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his original travel on people from six mainly muslim countries sudan has been dropped from the original list. missed from son in law has revealed he's used his personal e-mail account dozens of times to talk to colleagues in the administration who as an aide to the president and the received all responded to he says fewer than one hundred e-mails from white house officials from that private account hillary clinton's use of a personal e-mails when she was secretary of state was often criticized during last year's election campaign hundreds of people continue to make the border crossing into bangladesh one month since the start of the ranger crisis in me and rakhine state the u.n. says nearly four hundred thirty thousand refugees have escaped to bangladesh those are the headlines up next as snow of the andes i will see you very soon.
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with around three hundred tons smuggled every year. the u.n. claims peru is the world's top cocaine producer. this has broad levels of corruption and violence rarely seen in the country before. drugs prosecutor sonia medina faces are going to say sions seeking to launder billions of dollars. today she is leading an operation in the city of the north of lima. but only. with the bellingham you know that. she's aiming to seize hundreds of market stalls and other property which years of investigation suggest a wronged by a local cartel. if this is the. ok then what if we go for
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a couple of months and i guess over the summer you're going to. get a new somebody who is the. faith that we're doing and what the little book is the most of it on the let me put up put it would you know we're going there live because. more than two hundred police officers are involved and the operation is one of the biggest this year. with so much at stake authorities must work quick things might turn violent anytime . you know back into the work in a holy place and a target on the content of what we know muslims like oh my goodness of community those who the hell they are to with the from the almost like going to be. somewhat less easy to live with here.
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it was just. a little secret thing when you're the first official who said this is using dating if you want to see that leads to. success you mean. it has taken medina a year or so to prove these market stalls are involved in the interim money for traffickers. now she's heading to another property what she claims is a front for drugs money. order for ever but i think the most you're not going to go but i know many have. been bailed to me of an opinion that i was a minister. at the buffet or. the.
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ordering more of the meaning my billionaire lingo that's no good no one to steal. from never sit in plain sight. you know he's got. a refund since it's. been for. selling the ransom is more than half the. time and with a bigger uniform i think he's going to get. a lot of work among. the people of the political system here. for you to get legally that is if it is the only license. this in the hold i mean the sentiment. here things are not going as
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expected as so often the accused claim innocence and or preventing the speech or. the film. and then. i mean but i was. accompanied by a local police. arrives in another property. this time a restaurant just outside the city of the six hundred kilometers north of. here
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you know. i've. been the one they're going to me and that. after a long day preceded by months for peroration. not all the properties targeted have been seized. the obstacles are huge. billions of dollars are thought to be laundered every year and medina can only trace a tiny percentage. you know i must have thought of the idea that you can also i learned already know so
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many muslim men knows. all the levels to what it was and what they wanted. for four decades supported by the us who has concentrated on eradicating the growth of the coca plant it has done little to stop the supply of coca paste the main ingredient of cocaine. those of. us i lived through and all. your beliefs will help them but i'm also out of all of your. lewis hopefully will.
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be in the eye will you. be able to live in the. car and armor. for you go from your. scene where you remove. us is he almost flew off food although you know. i'm only single from people. who know so much thought i am often the one thing that i mean people do. when they were thought for a bomb. before the deal was off. most of them in the little. booth also is a little put away into the single new orleans. i'll sort all your thoughts in
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fortune for you go on the roof hopefully soon for waiting for the. season to say and i tell you what i am it's funny enough today all i know today is . very little police here good to see ya. you know full blown the more often the get this all blown off in the good people often done. only to follow the don't want to follow them political official home of all because of almost all of it all. i need to follow up with a more simple if you. offer to focus on the will of the will.
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welcome look again with a little inclusive but a lot of them are. faced by a seemingly unending supply of cocaine. the authorities are intensifying their efforts to control its export me as in you know this first is what is the only legal the only what i let out of the almost i say when i mean that of these young. but then what i'll name out of the cia's place you're not of. is going to. say. what the single sale saying goes if this had all see it then. it's them but. it
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doesn't all. the enemy is open again so i mean days which they will not explore with us here on. this theme of the meeting is the loss of but also cyclist you know it does nothing for us because you know you're. going to you know for young people to be a man even. i want out of a window for the most serious days and the less i mean. if this one but i seem to say would have been a sort of springfield moment us young in our levee system ok you're the one for facebook but if you don't know if it will be our song full of cows we will take it like. i'm not i don't. picture i say this to hold because in the whole of body i can but then that is how
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a nice. bit of a scene goes on this day my thirty other. federal daughter conus he said i love her name and those who think i think almost i was just on the i mean i don't want to nail this people not but if you go say out to dinner i mean many men as you know follow them but i know. this but i suspect you're not somebody has come and then they think i don't want a little meaningless. what what would you say a little bit of the. problem as it existed a man that you see stuff out of my office. has made six die so far is all that i see of my p.s.a.
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very much and i miss five and you know but i bet or in other phases of this that i thought if i placed his archival. one daughter there are four reality give my the variable is here again also the most on your status here of course and the. second part of your brain a single policy and the same i mean there is a lot of art in the process of the emporium i mean you might not. know. the tipoff was clearly wrong no drugs were found in this container of caring for it or. the control assessing only part of my song on the line i see the police and i said i was going to be asked but your spouse. dapat out of business because of gas money on the i.p.o. capital of the year as well if you know me i was seeing what i mean that's your
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face off now that's by days i better start here i thought about the same part of. the cartel spend huge sums bribing the port authorities to keep the drugs flowing. to the basics of it's a beer staples yeah the living example is of the goal is to do if you don't find a woman. in this this isn't the middle of the so when the civilian is at the cinema living two lives in a blender don't go. wrong most of us a boy's one brother though. this is our love oh ok well you see this is the one that was for this year so it's because they don't get all this thing in the year of the war not with what i say. but the over the wall will say well. this is almost like. a scene or something. but you know the most of the other day oh so
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live without. you know we don't want that a good deal of love on the one side. after more than a decade as a truck's prosecutor. sonia medina has found a balance between her job and her family life. yes i buy my mind that that's something. that's a yes i look at them to put it but i listen. to me but i just never thought i mean mother this is the left for me. i said he was a comic. cause us. not.
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me the opportunity we ended all the men. in the mass had been that of the mayor not. appropriate. to the community for me not going to see her. and the server or. tell us on the on a south facing a going away that when there is a whole game you don't see emails anywhere without all. the same with the guy but then they all sound are allowed to go you know what. is to see i was coming down. in the early
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morning. and. what. they don't get out of. getting to come to play. for the other was. you know. you're not. a bit over the air listo says you know what is the force. but i am. going to learn better going and. going to. buy this one this one don't get it over a minute join a bacillus. way . back at the port and this has been received the call he's been waiting for.
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so for now he can't return to work. i was told it was the last year for you know most of the sea and it. if you're all or. you know most of it what the yes go bust. will be that or you know we'll. as in the world was a lazy so i gave. it to others she took a huge warm. i'll tell you people there. what do you know that. they would say yes again a dildo i feel. that i am a last stand. of the world yes it was a save our at the boil this one yes this is a little. mysterious
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i go out and. many america. three months after the killing of a son authorities have finally made some arrests. but she doubts the people being held by police are the ones mastermind of the killing. and here who are fond of the death. and they will have a. higher level. of a war. for them our whole or all whole all her. and i will all.
9:52 am
have. come out of a coma. me. too much unknown. to me is. one of them. good.
9:53 am
good for the press. and. that's where. things will get in a lasting. tsunami massenet honest i. don't know. that all well ok must. contain wanna spend and singing. and i suspect a song. in the sun by his last boss has. less than two kilometers away. another queue of cocaine is almost ready. who moved the river with.
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no one thing off when all five to six feet. out of the room. at the home when a supply of. the sick on lake ill. guy lindelof anemia when we see. him a poor local from the earliest we are going to see on the mobile phone as he just will be on the. lot on the mantle of office and on.
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your feet pulling up on them. you know to. come with us. so i buy off if you know what i. get i want to haul. my father up a little for. the one tim will. be looking. things that he's going to go away with.
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you know i would love to have. well ok because of those who buy them. and for good looking for. all good food coke if you will you feel. you should be one of them wrong when the. seizures by authorities are estimated to accounts to less than ten percent of cocaine now but if so the ruin its main ally the united states will have to redouble efforts if they want to keep fighting a war that for many is already lost. in the official i'm under the i'm feeling better. than they were from oregon. from all good coming up will be going to follow up on the on the on the on the. all the you feel. the coca plant has long been
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a pillar of bolivia's traditions but it's using illegal drugs today is threatening the nation's culture not my idea most of dorothy's are involved because they received it back so while some have made fortunes many others have suffered at the hands of this multi-billion dollar industry me maddi my mother was strangled with the cable and brought to me come with a towel and it was a huge news crime who are the winners and losers of this illicit trade snow of the andes at this time. welcome back no changes at the moment across the levant and western asia we've got to highs of about thirty eight to forty degrees for kuwait wanted to showers on the southern side of the caspian sea i think tehran should probably get away with it dry heading on through into choosing sea temperatures probably coming up a little bit for kuwait city there forty four degrees to baghdad still it forty two at that stacey's inside the military and fine still wanted to show as possible over
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the caucuses in across parts of turkey but generally for beirut in lebanon lots of sunshine highs of twenty eight here in the arabian peninsula is also on the way in the gulf states well the humidity is maybe dropping fractionally i think over next a week or so the temperatures will ease a little bit but usually the humidity remains quite here high here until the first or second week of october on the other side of the peninsula the humidity isn't quite the same sort of issue if i said dry heat highs of forty one machine on monday and choose day record coming in at forty two so let's head across then into africa in southern areas is looking generally fine we have got this convergence zone still going the risk of some showers across eastern parts of south africa and certainly more in the way of cloud but as we head on through into choose day we should find that moving more toward seasonal definite risk of showers for durban but it should be dry in cape town.
9:59 am
the story breaks. the. blanket coverage follows experts and politicians offer platitudes and sound bites strong and stable leadership trying to play the media and shape the message in an age of simplistic narratives the listening post critiques the mainstream response today and the two hundredth day of this administration exposing the influences that drive the headlines at this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera where every. ever since i was a little boy in india my dream was to make bollywood films so five years ago i decided i was finally queen to do it one man's quest to realise a lifelong ambition the story i chose the laws of my one village and it's danceable
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mission going behind the lens has gone from saying brings his personal story to life. al jazeera correspondent my own private bollywood at this time. iraq's kurds voting right now in an independence referendum despite fierce opposition from labour's iraq turkey and iraq. hello i'm adrian for the the get.


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